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James Guthrie, Brechin, Chairman. 

William Thomson, Dundee. Thomas Maitland, Dundee. 

F. B. Sharp, Dundee. 

William Mackenzie, Dundee, Managing Director. 


W. D. Macdougall. 

Law Agents. 

Thos. Thornton, Son, & Co., Dundee. 
L. M. Mackenzie, W.S., Edinburgh. 


Moody Stuart & Robertson, C.A., Dundee. 
R. 0. Thomson & Murdoch, C.A., Dundee. 

Trustee for Debenture Holders. 

Capital authorised, - - - - - £2,000,000 

Capital issued, ..... 1,500,000 

Capital paid up- 
Ordinary Stock, ... £350,000 
Preference Stock— 

4i%, - - £700,000 

4%, - - 300,000 


75,000 New Shares of £2 each— 

To be fully paid on 15th June 1914, 150,000 


Reserve Fund, - - £780,000 

The Company is prepared to borrow sums of £100 and upivards on 
Debenture at Four per cent, in terms of Prospectus filed with 
the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies dated 18th April 191h. Further 
information may be obtained on application at the Company's Office, 
22 Meadowside, Dundee. 




Life Assurance Society 

Accumulated Funds 
2H Millions. 

Annual Revenue 
2J Millions. 



v year 

Claims Paid 
41* Millions. 

Policies in Force 
46 Millions. 

Outstanding Features of the Society 





Head Office: 9 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 


JOHN M. WATSON, 10 Panmure Street 

For personal use in the office or home 
nothing is more convenient than the 
low roll desk. 

It is made at such a height that you can easily see over it 
without strain. 

The Desk illustrated is made in Fumed Oak, and has automatic 
locking to all drawers. It is 4 feet wide and strongly built. 
The Price is only £6. 

Full range of Desks, in all sizes and qualities, to be seen in 
our showrooms. 

Thos. Justice & Sons, Ld. 

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, 

Whitehall Street. Dundee. 


The refinement of our Salons is consistent with 
the Quality of the Boots and Shoes we retail. 

Nowhere, outside the comfort of your own home, 
could you change your Shoes in more agreeable 

We have found it well to provide such really 
exceptional accommodation, and a score of con- 
trivances for the convenience of our Customers (of 
course, at the disposal equally of the lady who 
comes to buy an Outfit of Footwear, and of the 
lady who needs merely a Button Refitted or a 
New Shoe Lace). We realise that our Customers 
appreciate good taste, and expect us to be thorough 
in our claim to Quality. 

GENTLEMEN, and CHILDREN substantiate 
this claim. 


















Telephone No. 333. 


designing and SKCanu factoring 
Furs and Fur Garments 

under the 
Most Approved Scientific 'Principles. 








Exquisite Selection of (Exclusive 


3KC arm factoring Furrier, 

Telephone 1727. Telegrams: "FURS, DUNDEE." 





engines, SbaTtins, and Gearing, 

Sack Cutting, Sewing, and Printing Machines, 


CHAIN-STITCH (Union Special System), 




For Printing Machines. 




Sole Agent for 



ESTIMATES Furnished. 

Special machines 

Made for Inventors 
and others. 




Telegrams : 

Telephones : 
239 & 2123. 




Tblbphones: 239 and 2123. 

Telegrams: "Medalist," Dundee. 




Saint Roq ue's Garage, 

= 64 WARD ROAD. = 


RolIs=Royce, Benz, Talbot, 
Minerva, and Phoenix Cars. 

REPAIRS a Speciality. 

Special facilities have been provided whereby 
clients' cars can be garaged and maintained at 
an inclusive fee per annum, and expert drivers 
supplied when required. — 

First-Class Touring and Closed Cars 
for Hire. 

TELEPHONE No. 2123. 


Oxy-Acetylene and Electric Welding Specialists 



Worn Parts built up and finished equal to new. Broken 
Cast Iron Parts welded as strong as ever. 

We have the Largest Experience in this work, and are 
the Originators of this Process in Dundee. Our Operators 
are skilled and efficiently supervised. 


A Boiler Plate 1 in. thick and 2 ft. long can be cut in 
three minutes at an extremely low cost. Any Wrought 
Iron or Steel Articles can be cut. 


Welding and Cutting can be done on Customer's own 
premises. We have Three Portable Plants always ready. 


Many articles are more easily done by this method than 
by Acetylene, but we are the best judges, and have both 
processes at our command. 


We undertake any description of Light Machining, and 
can Finish most parts sent to be welded. We have a 
Well- Equipped Tool Room, and solicit inquiries for any 
Special Tools, such as Reamers and Milling Cutters, which 
are not sold as Standard. 


/^HE Splendid Steamships of the DUNDEE, PERTH, AND 
"PERTH," and "LONDON," or other of the Company's Vessels, 
will sail (weather, casualties, and strikes excepted) from DUNDEE 
and LONDON every Wednesday and Saturday. 

FARES— First Cabin, 22s 6d ; Return Tickets, available for 
TWELVE MONTHS, 35s; Second Cabin, 15s ; Return 
Tickets, 22s 6d ; Children, 3 to 14, Half-Fare. 

PASSENGERS can secure berths in London at the COMPANY'S CITY 
OFFICE, 105 Fenchurch Street; G. W. WHEATLEY & CO.'S Office, 194 
Piccadilly, W.; THOMAS COOK &, SONS' Booking Offices; and on 
application to JAMES MITCHELL, the Company's Agent, Dundee Wharf, 
Limehouse, E. 

Goods are received for Shipment on the terms and conditions exhibited on 
Sailing Bills, which constitute the sole contract of carriage between the parties. 

LIGHTERAGE and CARTAGE Orders arc received at the CITY 
OFFICE, and all inquiries attended to, there being direct Telephonic 
Communication with the Wharf, and the delivery or collection of Goods and 
Parcels will also be undertaken by Thos. Stones & Co., Carting Agents to the 
Company, 6 Upper East Smithfield ; G. W- Wheatley & Co., 194 Piccadilly, 
W. ; and Lavington' s, 69 Old Bailey. 

The Steamers arrive at and Sail from DUNDEE "WHARF, Limehouse, 
which is about 300 yards from Limehouse Station on the Blackwall Railway 
from Fenchurch Street, with trains every fifteen minutes. - 

The Wharf is very commodious, and fitted with all the latest improvements 
for quick despatch ; and is by Three Colt Street within 500 yards of Commercial 
Road, which leads direct to the City without obstruction. 
Postal Address: 

and for Telegrams— " MITCHELL, LIMEHOUSE, -LONDON." 

To ensure shipment, Goods should be alongside at least One Hour before 
the Advertised time of sailing. 

Further particulars can be obtained at the Company's Office, 5 Shore 
Terrace. Telegraphic Address — " Kidd, Dundee." 

JAMES W. KIDD, Manager. 

Fire Insurance Company Limited. 

Head Office: 5 Lothbury, London, e.c. 

DAVID M. LINLEY, General Manager. 



RESERVES, 273,000 







Chairman: R. Strathbrn, Esq., W.S. (Messrs Strathern & Blair, W.S.), Edinburgh. 
J. H. Jameson, Esq., W.S. (Messrs Boyd, Jameson, & Young, W.S.), Leith. 
David Lyell, Esq., W.S. (Messrs Home & Lyell, W.S.), Edinburgh. 
J. A. S. Millar, Esq.,M.V.O., W.S. (MessrsRussell&Dunlop,W.S.),Edinburgh. 
R. Cockburn Millar, Esq., C.A. (Messrs Barstow & Millar, C.A.), Edinburgh. 


Chairman : John Ogilvie, Esq., Solicitor (Messrs J. & J. Ogilvie, Solicitors), Dundee. 
Jas. A. Graham, Esq., Solicitor (Messrs J. A. & T. Graham, Solicitors), 

H. Victor Neill, Esq., Solicitor (Messrs Neill & Gibb, Solicitors), Arbroath. 


Jas. H. McRobert, a.c.i.i., District Secretary. 


Full Particulars of Terms and other Information may be obtained at the above 
Branch Office, or from 

Messrs J. & J. OGILVIE, Solicitors, 









H. W. FORSTER, Esq., M.P., Chairman. 

ARTHUR NEVILE LUBBOCK, Esq. (Director, Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.) 
FRANK RITCHIE, Esq. (a Managing Director of the P. & O. Steam Nav. Co.) 

Deputy Chairmen. 

The Hon. R. D. DENMAN, M.P., 

35 Campden Hill Road, W. 
Green & Co., London and Black wall). 


The Rt. Hon. Sir H. W. PRIMROSE, 
K.C.B., C.S.I., I.S.O. Gate Chairman of 
Board of Inland Revenue). 

(Messrs Radcliffes & Hood, London). 


Special attention is directed to the exceptional privileges 
attaching to the Society's Non-Forfeitable Whole Life and 
Endowment Assurances. 

Next Valuation for Bonus. 31st December 1914. 

For Prospectuses and every information apply to 

Messrs STURROCK & MORRISON, Agents, 


Telephone No. 1231. 

This Society does not insure Ships or Cargo, 




Head Offices, LIVERPOOL. 

NET PREMIUM INCOME, - Over £260,000. 

CLAIMS PAID, - - - - Exceed £1,800,000. 



Telephone No. 565. 


J. C. METHVEN, Esq., J.P. ( Messrs Cox Brothers, Ltd.), Chairman. 

DAVID JOHNSTON, Esq., Solicitor. 

Sir JAMES LOW, Bart. Ex-Lord Provost McGRADY, J.P. 

Resident Secretary, T. W. ROBERTSON, F.C.I. I. 

Chief Office for Scotland — 

Edinburgh Office, 5a YORK PLACE. 

Aberdeen Office, 220 UNION STREET. 



Loss of Profits (Fire), Burglary, 

Personal Accident and Sickness, 

Workmen's Compensation (including Domestic Servants), 

Third Party (Drivers' Accidents, Public Liability, 

Property Owners' Liability ; Lifts, Hoists, and Cranes) ; 

Motor Car, Fidelity Guarantee, Bond of Caution, 

Plate Glass, and Cycle Insurance at Low Rates. 






83rd YEAR. 

Life Assurance Fund, less all Depreciation, - £6,002,824 
Net Liability for Assurances and Annuities, - 5,505,617 

SURPLUS, - £497,207 

This Surplus of nearly HALF A MILLION sterling yielded to the Members 

£1, 10s per cent, per annum 

the actual Bonuses for Five Years ranging from £7 10s to upwards of £20 per 
cent, on the original sums assured. 

Bonuses are allowed, irrespective of duration, for every premium paid, 
and they vest immediately on declaration. 

An INTERMEDIATE BONUS is allowed at the full rate of 30s per cent, 
in the case of maturing Endowments, and at 25s per cent, in the case of 
Claims by death. 


may be obtained in this Society. 

Endowment Assurances, Death-duty Policies, Pension Assurances, Term 
Assurances with or without the option of Continuance, Option 
Policies for Children, and so forth. Endowments and Annuities 
are also granted. 


Are dealt with on a system specially advantageous to persons who desire 
to raise money. 

Head Office— 28 St Andrew Square, EDINBURGH. 

Manager and Actuary— GEORGE M. LOW. 

Secretary— J. J. M'LAUCHLAN. 


Telephone No. 798. RICHARD ROY, District Secretary. 

Funds over £6,000,000 | Claims paid, £14,500,000 


Cido Fine Schemes* 

Sickness Insurance 

for Professional and Business men was originated by 
the CENTURY, and the plan has no rival. £l to 
£ 1 5 per week insured ; Immediate Benefit ; each 
Policy is a Permanent Contract up to an agreed age. 
This plan does for the commercial classes what the 
National Insurance Act does for the worker. 

The "Golden Chain" 

Investment Policy 

is the last word in modern Investment Insurance. A 
page would be required to set out its merits. 






Head Office : 18 Charlotte Square, EDINBURGH. 

Dundee Office: 83 COMMERCIAL STREE 



QJ oJl^\tCXh^ ^cm^^w 


LwdU^L' QJ STL Oaj<. 4s^Vi SUU*^. 

Caxton House 



Writing Tablets 

Fountain Fens 

Loose-Leaf Ledgers 
and Note Books 

Letter Files 

Card Index 

and Filing Systems 


Business Books 

Rubber Staaps 

Fancy Leather 

The Latest Fashionable Sizes and Qualities. Demieres 
JVouoeautes Parisiennes en Cartes Correspond ance 
et Papiers a Lettres. Crests, Monograms, and 
Addresses stamped in most Modern Styles and 

Largest Stock in the District. All the Best Makes. All 
Grades of Points — therefore we can suit all styles of 
Handwriting. "Swan," "Waterman," "Onoto," 
" Waverley," "Caxton." All makes promptly repaired. 

Latest and most approved makes of Loose-Leaf Ledgers, 
simple to work and a pleasure to handle. Please give 
us a call before ordering your next Ledger. 

We make a speciality of all kinds of Files, for Letters, 
Invoices, Receipts, Price Lists, &c. , and are happy 
to advise as to best method of filing to suit require- 
ments. Bureau Cabinets, Card Index and Filing 

Articles suitable for Presents, in Brass, Nickel, and 
Oxidised Metals, including Blotters, Inkstands, Photo 
Frames, Letter Racks, Card Racks, Stationery Racks, 
Match Holders, Stamp Boxes, Ash Trays, &c. Pocket 
Knives, Colour Boxes, Mathematical Instruments, 
Playing Cards, Bridge Sets. 

In stock — Ledgers, Journals, Day Books, Cash Books — 
in all sizes, thicknesses, and rulings. 

The Empirk ! We are the Agents for this first-class 
Machine, and can guarantee it to give every satisfac- 
tion. The price is very moderate (from 12 Guineas) 
and the Machine is one of the best on the Market. 

We are specialists in all kinds of Rubber Stamps, Dating 
Stamps, Sign Markers, and Rubber Type Cabinets. 

Ladies' Fashionable Bags, Attache Cases, Dressing Cases, 
Writing Cases, Wallets, Letter Cases, Card Cases, 
Portsea and Tuck Purses, in New Leathers and New 

A Call will be appreciated. 

Our Saloon is really UNIQUE. 

Ja/aes P. Aathew & Co, 

Caxton House, Cowgate, Dundee. 

WITH a large staff of intelligent Assistants, a complete 
equipment of the most improved Machinery, and a 
perfect Workshop, we are in the best position to execute 
expeditiously and in best style all orders for 

Letterpress "Printing, Lithography, {Bookbinding, 
Taper "Ruling, T)ie Stamping, &c. 

We have specially good facilities for turning out large contracts 
in limited time. 















Specially prepared for the Work from Ordnance and actual Surveys, 
and Corrected to pt^esent date. 




Price 5s : Post Free 5s 4d. 


General Notice, 

List of Streets, Squares, Lanes, Entries, &c. 

Public Offices, Buildings, Parks, &c, ... 

Municipal Ward Boundaries, ... ... 

Municipal Lists, 

Judicial Lists, ... ... 

I Banking and Insurance Lists, 

j Property and Investment Companies, 

| Public Conveyances, 

i Ecclesiastical Lists, 

; Educational and Literary Institutions, 
| Charitable and Benevolent Institutions, 
! Miscellaneous Lists, 

Harbour and Shipping Lists, 

j Postal Directory, ... 

! Dundee General Directory, 

Street Directory, 

Trades and Professions Directory, 

Monifieth Directory, 

Carnoustie Directory, 

Newport and Wormit Directory, 

Tayport Directory, 

Rural District Directory, 



) •• • 

.. 19 

. 35 

. 45 

. 46 

. 60 

. 66 

. 71 

.. 72 

. 75 

. 92 

. 105 

. 118 

. 141 

. 146 

. 170 

. 554 

. 777 

. 850 

. 867 

. 890 

. 913 

. 926 

Index to Advertisements, 

Page 135 of Advertisements 

Plan of Greater Dundee (including Miniature 
Plan of Registration Districts), 



Newport and Wormit, 


Preceding Title 

Facing page 864 

„ „ 880 

„ „ 896 

„ 913 


Adult Free Breakfast Mission - 110 

Aero Club 124 

Aged Christian Friend Society - 113 

Seaman's Institution - 113 

Agricultural Co-operative Socy. 132 

Association, Angus 132 

Albert Institute Subscrip. Library 103 
Alliance Trust Co., Ltd. - - 71 
Ambulance Assoc, St Andrew's- 113 

Corps,Third Highland 139 

Amphibious Ancients - - 124 

Analyst, Public - - - 48 

Ancrum Road Gardens - - 119 
Angling Clubs - - - - 120 
Angus Agricultural Association - 132 

Angling Club - - - 120 

Club - - - - 118 

Animals, Prevention of Cruelty to 110 
Appeal, Court of - 60 

Apprenticeship Stamp Duty - 64 
Approved Societies - - - 56 
Architect, City - - - - 48 
Architects, Dundee Institute of - 104 
Armitstead Trust - - - 100 
Army Recruiting Office - - 139 

Service Corps - - - 138 

Art Association, Fine - - 103 

Bequest, Duncan - - 99 

Gallery - - - - 103 

School of - - - - 93 

Society - - - - 103 

Teachers' Association - 103 

Artillery Association, National - 139 

North Scottish R.G. - 138 

. Royal Field - - - 138 

Ashludie Sanatorium - - - 105 
Assessor - - - 48, 64 

Asylum, Royal Lunatic - - 106 
Athletic and Gymnastic Clubs - 122 
Auditors, City - - - - 48 

Bailie or Burgh Court - - 60 

Bailies 46 

Baldovan Institution - - - 106 

Industrial Schools - 107 

Orphanage - - - 107 

Balgay Industrial School 
Band of Hope Union 
Bands, Instrumental - 
Bank Holidays - 





- 107 

- 91 
133, 888 

- 117 
66, 169 

- 864 

- 924 

- Ill 

- 53 

- 124 

- 47 

- 54 

- 108 

- 120 

Bannatyne Home of Rest - 
Banns, Proclamation of 
Bathers, Open-air 
Baths Committee 


Beach Mission Sick Nursing 
Beekeepers' Association 
Benevolent Association, Trades - 130 

Society, Grocers' - 114 

Trust, Bro'ty Ferry - 108 

Bible Lands Missions Aid Socy. - 90 

Society (Dundee Auxiliary) 90 

Bill Stamps - - - - 64 
Blind, Dundee Institution for - 109 
Mission to the Out-Door 109 

National League of the 


- 910 

- 142 
124, 911, 912 

- 88 

- 121 

- 886 

- 864 

- 911 

- 911 

- 49 
Boxing Assoc. , Scottish Amateur 122 
Boy Scouts, Dundee Assoc, of - 140 

Monifieth - - 866 

Boys' and Girls' Religious Associat. 88 

Brigade .... 88 

Ch. of Scotland 


Old Boys' Union 

Blyth Halls 
Board of Trade Office 
Boating Clubs 
Bog Mission 
Bowling Clubs - 





-Greens (Public) 




British Canadian Trust Co. , Ltd. 





British Medical Association 
- Eed Cross Society - 
Women's Temp. Assoc. 


- 130 

- 113 

- 90 

- 131 

- 71 

- 60 

- 48 

Builders' Association 
Building Societies 
Burgh Court 

Engineer - 

Improv. Assoc, Monifieth 863 

Burial Board - - - - 49 

Grounds - 

Society, Dundee 

Burns Club 


• Society 


Business Training Colleges 

Butchers' Association 



Cab Regulations - - - 72 

Caledonian Property Invt. Co. , Ld. 71 

• Pipe Band - - 133 

Railway Company - 73 

Camperdown Curling Club - - 123 
Canine Club .... 121 
Carnoustie Directory - - 867 

Plan of - 880 

Carriage (Hackney) Regulations 72 
Carriers, Country - - - 74 

Railway - - - 74 

Carse of Gowrie Dairy Co. - 133 

Catholic Day Nursery - - 111 

Girls' Home - - 111 

Musical Society - - 133 

"Working Boys' Home - 111 

Young Men's Society - 102 

Cattle Companies - - - 71 
Cemeteries - - - 49 

Committee - - 47 

Cemetery Company - - - 127 

— : Forgan - - - 910 

Chamberlain, City - - - 48 
Chamber of Commerce - - 129 
Charitable Institutions - - 105 
Charity Organisation Society - 108 
Chemists' Associations - - 130 
Chess Club, Dundee - - - 124 
Children, Prevention of Cruelty to 110 
Children's Benefit League - - 110 

Court ... 60 

I Free Br'kfast Mission 111 

Gymnasia - - - 49 

Holiday Home - - 112 

• Home, Comerton - 110 

I (Invalid) H'day Home 112 

! Welfare Committee - 111 


- 105 

- 133 

- 89 

Cholera Hospital 

Choral Societies 

Christian Endeavour Union 

Church Officials - - - - 80 

— Office-Bearers' Assocns. - 79 

of Scotland Social Work 112 

Churches 75 

Carnoustie and Barry 


Newport and Wormit 


Circuit Courts 

Citizens' Association, Lochee 

Union - 

City Officials 
Civil Service Academies 
Clachnacuddin Association 
Clans, Association of the - 

- 866 

- 912 

- 925 

- 60 

- 136 

- 136 

- 48 

- 97 

- 104 

- 104 

Class Teachers' Assoc. (Scottish) 100 
Cleansing Department - - 50 
Clepington Gardens - - - 119 
Clergy and Places of Worship - 75 
Clerks' Association, Scottish - 130 
Closing Orders, Shops Act - - 58 
Clothing Society - - - 113 
Clubs, Aero - - - - 124 
Angling - - - - 120 

Angxis .... 118 

Athletic - - - - 122 

Boating - - - 124, 911 

Bowling - 121, 864, 886, 911 

Burns - - - 104, 886 

Canine ... - 121 

Chess - - - - 124 

Comedy - - - - 134 

Cosmopolitan - - - 118 

Cricket - - " - 120, 886 

Curling 123, 864, 886, 911, 924 

Domino - 
Eastern - 
Field - 
Football - 
Games - 

Labour - 

- 123, 911 

- 124 

- 118 

- 104 

- 103 

- 122 

- 123 
122, 865, 887, 925 

- 122 

- 136 

Lawn Tennis 123, 864, 886, 911 


Newport - 






- 911 

- 886 
122, 865, 911 
140, 865, 886 

- 124 



Clubs, Tay Submarine Miners 139 
■ Union, -Carnoustie - 886 


Western . - 

— "Women's 

— Yacht - 

— Yorkshire Terrier 

- 135 

- 118 

- 136 

- 124 

- 121 

- 132 

- 132 

Coal Merchants' Association 

Supply Association - 

Monifieth 865 

Coffee-houses, Working Men's - 127 

College, Teachers' Training 




Colleges, Business Training 
Colportage Mission 
Comedy Club 
Comerton Children's Home 
Commercial Travellers' Assoc 
Comunn Nam Fineachan - 
Conciliation Board 
Constable, Chief ... 48 
Constituencies, Par. and Municip. 46 
Consular Corps - - - 140 

Consuls and Vice-Consuls - - 140 
Consumption, Municip. Dispensary 49 

Sanatoriums for - 105 

Convalescent Home - - - 106 
Convent, Lawside - - 96, 112 
Cookery, School of - - - 97 
Co-operative Assoc, Carnoustie- 889 

Coal Association - 132 

Societies Agricultr'l 132 

Corbet Library - - - 103 

Corinthian Boating Club - - 124 
Corn Exchange - - - - 124 
Cosmopolitan Club - - - 118 
Council Officer - - - - 48 
Councillors - - - - 46 

Country Carriers - - - 74 
County Councillors, Carnoustie - 885 

Fife shire - 54 

Forfarshire - 54 

_ Monifieth 


— Perthshire 

— Tayport 


Craighall Cricket Club 

Cricket Clubs 

; Carnoustie - 

Cripple Children, School for 
Cruelty to Animals,Prevention of 110 

Children, Prevention of 110 

Curling Clubs - - - - 123 





Curling Clubs, Monifieth - 

: Newport 

Panmure - 

■ ■ Scotscraig - 

Curr. Night Refuge 
Customs and Excise - 

Harbour Officers - 

Petty, Collector - 

Cycling Clubs - - - 


Cyclists' Touring Club 
Union, Scottish - 

Dairy, Carse of Gowrie, Co. 
Dairymen's Assoc. 


Day Nurseries 



- 864 

- 911 

- 886 

- 924 

- 106 

- 64 

- 141 

- 48 

- 123 

- 911 

- 123 

- 123 

- 133 

- 132 

- 889 

- 110 

- Ill 

- 110 

- 109 

Deaf and Dumb Institution 

Mission to Adult 110 

School for the - 96 

Dean of Guild - 46, 53 

Dental Hospital - - - 109 

Dispensary, Tuberculosis - - 48 
Dock Masters .... 141 
Domestic Mission, Parish Church 112 
Domino Club, East End - - 124 
Dramatic, Victorian, Society - 134 
Dudhope Park Museum - - 103 
Duncan Art Bequest - - 99 

Dundee & Arbroath Joint Railway 73 

Newtyle Railway Co. 72 

Bro'ty Tramway Co. - 73 

East Coast Railway - 
Eastern Club 
Ecclesiastical Lists 




Economic Building Societies 
Edinburgh Medical Miss. Socy. 
Education (Secondary) Com. 
Educational Institute of Scotland 100 

Institutions - - 92 

Mortifications - - 98 

Scheme, Bro. Ferry 98 

Trust - 98 

Electrical Engineer - - - 48 
Electricity Committee - - 47 

Treasurer - - - 48 

Engineer - - - 48 

Engineer, City - - - -48 
Engineers, Institute of - - 104 

Royal (Fortress) - 138 

English Association - - - 104 



EquitableCo-operativeSocy. , Ltd. 889 
Esperanto Club - - - - 104 
Estate Duty - - - - 64 
Evangelistic Association - - 89 
Excise and Customs - - - 64 
Eye Institution - 109 

Fabian Society ... - 136 

Factors' Association - - - 131 
Factory Inspectors - - - 65 

Workers' Union - - 130 

Faculty of Procurators - - 63 
Fairs and Markets - - - 59 
Female Kescue Home - - 111 

Society - - - 113 

Ferries, Tay - - - - 73 
Ferrv-Port-on-Craig — See Tayport 
Festivals - 117 


Field Club, Working Men's 
Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 
Fifeshire County Council - 

— Insurance Committee - 

Sheriff-Officers - 

Fifth Angus Batt., Black Watch - 

B.W.R.H. Sergts.' Mess 

Fine Art Association - 


Fire Brigade - 

— Monifieth 

Fishermen, Shipwrecked, Society 113 
Fishmarket Superintendent 
Flax and Jute Warehouses 
Workers' Union 

Floorcloth and Linoleum Coy. 
Flowermarket Superintendent 
Flower Mission to Sick Poor 
Football Clubs - 
Foreign Languages Association 
Foresters, Order of - 



Irish National - 

Forfar and Fife Yeomanry 

Comity Police - 

Forfarshire Building Society 

County Council 

Cricket Club - 

Football Association 122 

Insurance Committee 57 

Justices of Peace - 62 

Lunacy Board - - 51 

Medical Association 130 

Quoiting Association 122 

Rifle Clubs,Miniature 140 


- 91 

- 130 

- 132 

- 48 

- 108 

- 122 

- 104 

- 126 

- 887 

- 925 

- 126 

- 137 

- 50 

- 71 

- 54 

- 120 


Forfarshire Unionist Organisation 887 
Fourth B.W.R.H. - - - 138 

■ Sergts.' Mess 139 

Free Breakfast Mission, Adult - 110 

Children's 111 

Libraries, ... - 103 

Friendly Approved Societies - 57 
Funeral Society, Lochee - - 127 
Furniture Manufacturers' Assoc. 131 

Gaelic Associations 
Musical Association 

Games Club, Broughty Ferry 
Gardens, Working Men's - 
Gardeners' Lodges 
Gardner Street Gardens 
Gas Committee - 

Engineer - 

Treasurer - 

Geographical Society - 

Gerard Cottage Hospital - 

Gilfillan Testimonial Fund - 

Girls' Homes 

Golf Clubs - - - - - 122 

Carnoustie - - 887 

Monifieth - - - 865 

Scotscraig - - 925 

CourseCommittee, Carnoustie 887 

Public - 49 


- 125 

- 119 

- 47 

- 48 

- 48 

- 104 

- 864 

- 100 
111, 112 

Links Management, Monifieth 864 

Good Templar Lodges - - 128 

Carnoustie 887 

Monifieth 865 

Gospel Temperance Union - - 90 
Grey Lodge Settlement - - 112 
Grocers' Association, Licensed - 130 

Unlicensed 131 










Benevolent Society 

Guild Court 




Guildry Incorporation 
Gymnasia for Children 
Gymnasium, Public - 
Gymnastic Societies - 

Hackney Carriages, Regulations for 72 
Hairdressers, National Federation 131 
Half Holiday, Shops Act - - 58 

Halls 35 

Harbour and Shipping Lists - 141 

Officials and Trustees - 141 

Harris Academy - - - 95 

Hawaiian Investment Co., Ltd. 71 


Head Teachers' Association 
Health Committee, Public - 

Insurance, National 

Medical Officers of - 

Hibernians Friendly Society- 
High School - 

= F.P.'s Cricket Club 

Highland Brigade, 2nd, R.F.A. 



- 101 

- 47 

- 55 

- 48 

- 126 

- 94 

Highlanders' Association, B.W. 

— Battalions 138, 888 

Historical Association - - 104 

Holidays 117 


Home, Bannatyne 
Boys' - 
Catholic Girls' 
Children's Holiday- 
Female Rescue 
Girls' - - - 111, 
for Incurables 

Invalid Children's Hol'day 112 

Mission Union 
Newport Children's 
Prison Gate Mission 
Sailors' - 

St Margaret's 
St Margaret's Cottage 
Salvation Army 
The ... 
"Working Boys' 
— — Catholic 



Homes, Nursing - - 106, 830 

Horse and Motor Men's Assoc. - 132 
Horticultural Society, Dundee - 119 

Bro'ty - 119 

Carnoustie 888 

Stirling Pk. 119 

Hospital, Dental - - - 109 

Gerard Cottage - - 864 

Kingscross - - - 105 

Master - - - 46 

Maternity - - - 105 

Parochial Sick - - 50 

— Eoyal Victoria - - 105 

Smallpox and Cholera - 105 

Women's - - - 106 

Hotels, Principal - - - 118 
Housing and Town Planning 

Committee - - - - 47 
Humane Society - - - 124 

Imbeciles, Baldovan Instn. for - 106 


Imbeciles, Home for - - - 106 

Victoria Hospital - 105 

I.O.G.T. — See Good Templar Lodges 
Independent Labour Party - 136 

Indigent Gentlewomen's Fund - 113 

Sick Society- - -113 

Industrial Schools Society - - 107 
Infirmary, Royal - - - 105 

(Valuation Dept. ) 65 

Instrumental Bands 133, 888 

Insurance Act, National - - 55 

Agents' Association - 130 

Approved Societies - 56 

Committee, Fif eshire - 57 

Forfarshire 57 

Perthshire 57 

Investment Companies, Property 71 
Irish League, United - - - 126 

Missions, Scottish Assoc, for 90 

Nationalist Foresters - - 126 

Institute - 

Lists - 

Medical Benefit Com. 

Medical Committee 

Pharmacists' Com. 


Joiners' Association, Master 
Joint Stock Co. - 
Journalists, Institute of 

National Union of 

Judges of Police Court 

Judicial Lists 

Justice of Peace Courts 

■ Officers 

Justices of the Peace - 61 



Monifieth - 

Newport - 

Perthshire - 


Justiciary, High Court of - 
Jute and Flax Warehouses 

Workers' Union - 

Importers' Association 

Sample Warehouse - 

Kingscross Hospital - 
Kinnaird Gardens 
Kirk Master 
























Labour Club - 136 
Exchange, Board of Trade 56 



Labour Home ... - 112 

Party, Independent - 136 

Representation Com'tee 136 

Ladies' Golf Clubs - 122, 865, 887 

Union - - - - 112 

Work Society - 113, 888 

Lady Jane Ogilvy Orpbanage - 107 
Landlords' and Factors' Assoc. - 131 
Lands Valuation - t - - 49 
Landward School Board' - - 101 

Laundries 816 

Laundry, Steam - - - 132 

Brought}- Ferry 132 

Carnoustie - 889 

Tayside - - 132 

Lawn Tennis Clubs 123, 861, 886, 911 
Lawside Convent - - 96, 112 
Leaders of Psalmody - - - 80 
Lease Duty - - - - 65 

Legacy Duty - - - - 65 
Leng Trust - - - - 100 

Liberal Association - - - 135 

Bro'ty Ferry 135 

Carnoustie - 887 

Forgan - 912 

Monifieth - 866 

Newport - 911 

Tayport - 925 

Women's 135,888, 


Library, Arthurstone terrace 


Central - 


Corbet - 

Lochee - 


St Roque's - 


Licensed Grocers' Association 
Licensing Court of Appeal 
Lieutenancy Officials 
Lifeboat Institution - 
Light Keepers, River Tay - 
Linoleum and Floorcloth Co. 
Literary Association, Lochee 
Livingstonia Mission - 
Lloyd's Surveyors 
Local Marine Board - 
Lodges — Foresters' 

Gardeners' - 

Good Templar 

Hibernians' - 

Irish Natl. Foresters 1 

- 912 

- 103 

- 103 

- 103 

- 103 

- 103 

- 103 

- 910 

- 103 

- 103 

- 130 

- 60 

- 48 

- 114 

- 141 

- 132 

- 103 

- 90 

- 70 

- 141 
- 126, 887, 925 

- 125 
128, 865, 887 

- 126 


Lodges — Loyal Orange - - 126 

Masonic - 126, 865, 887 

Oddfellows' - - - 125 

Rechabites' - - - 127 

Shepherds' - 125, 865, 887 

London College of Music - - 133 

Missionary Society - 90 

Lord Dean of Guild - - 46, 53 

Lieutenant - - 46, 48 

Provost - - - - 46 

Lunacy Board, Dundee District 52 

Forfar District - 51 

Lunatic Asylum, Royal - - 106 

M'All Mission (Dundee Auxiliary) 90 

Magicians, Society of - • 133 

Magistrates and Town Council - 46 

Carnoustie - - 885 

Monifieth - - 863 

Newport - - 909 

Tayport - - 924 

Maltmen Incorporation - - 54 

Manufacturers' Association - 129 

Marine Board, Local - - - 141 

Insurance Companies - 70 

Office, Mercantile - - 142 

Mariners' Benevolent Society - 1 13 

Markets and Fairs - - - 59 

Committee - - - 47 

Superintendent - - 48 

"Mars" Training Ship Institution 108 
Masonic Lodges - 126 

Carnoustie - 887 

Monifieth - - 865 

Temple (Dundee), Ltd. - 126 

Matador Land and Cattle Co., Ltd. 71 
Maternity Hospital - - - 105 
Mayfield Hostel- - - 97 

Meat Market Co., Ltd. - - 131 
Medical Association, British - 130 

Forfarshire 130 

Insurance Committee 130 

Missionary Society - 90 

-Officers of Health 

- — for Tuberculosis 

Members of Parliament 
Mercantile Marine Office - 
Merchants' Assoc, Carnoustie 
Messengers-at-Arms - 
Metropole, Salvation Army 
Midland Swimming Association 

Railway - - - 73 

Mill & Factory Operatives' Union 130 
Mills' Bequest - 925 

Miniature Rifle Clubs 140, 865, 886 









10 INDEX. 

- 118 

Miscellaneous Lists - 

Missionary Societies - - - 89 

Missions 86 

Monifieth Directory - - - 850 

■ Plan of - - -861 

Morals, Council of Public - - 111 
Morgan Academy - - - 95 

Trust .... 97 

Mortifications, Charit. 114, 888, 925 

Educational - 98 

Mothers', Nursing, Restaurants 40 

Union, Carnoustie - 888 

Motor Carriages, Regulations for 72 

-Men's Association 

Municipal Lists 

Officers' Guild - 

Voters List 

Museum - 

Dudhope Park 

Music, London College of - 
Musical Societies 



National Bible Society 

Health Insurance 

League of the Blind 

Lifeboat Institution 

Prohibition Party 


Service League - 

Union of Journalists 

Union of Women 

Workers - 
Naturalists' Society - 
Naval Volunteer Reserve - 
Navy League ... - 
Needlework Guild 

New Club 

Newport Directory ... 

Plan of 

Newspaper Press Fund 
Newspapers and Publications 
Night Refuge, Curr - 
Nine Incorporated Trades - 
No License Federation 
North British Railway Company 

of Scot. Reversionary Co. 

Scottish R.G. A. 

Northern American Trust Co. - 

Prop'ty & Revers'y Co. 

Notaries Public - 
Nurseries, Day - 

Catholic - 



























- 106,830 

Nursing Homes - 

Mothers' Restaurants 

Society, Sick Poor - 108 

Beach Mission 108 

Carnoustie - 888 

Monifieth- - 864 

Oddfellows, Order of - - - 125 
Office-bearers' Assocns., Church 79 
Officers' Training Corps - - 139 
Old Age Pensions - - - 59 

Boys' Union - - - 89 

Open-air Bathers - - - 124 
Operatic Society - - - 133 
Orange Lodge .... 126 
Orchestral Societies - - 133, 888 
Orphan Institution - - - 107 
Orphanage, Lady Jane Ogilvy - 107 
St Margaret's - - 112 

Panmure Club - 

Parcel Express Vans - 

Parish Church Choral Association 

Domestic Mission 



■ ■ Balmerino - 

Barry - 

Fowlis Easter 

Liff and Benvie - 

Longf organ 

— Lundie 

Mains and Strath- 

martine - 

Monifieth - 







Parks Committee 

Public .... 

Parliament, Dundee - 

Members of - 

Parliamentary Voters List 
Peace Society - 
Permissive Bill Assoc, Scottish 
Perthshire County Council 

Insurance Committee 

Justices of Peace 

Sheriff Officers - 

Petty Customs Collector - 
Pharmacists' Associations - 
Insur. Committee 





































Photographic Association - - 102 

Assoc, Carnoustie SS8 

Picture Gallery - - - - 103 

Theatres ... 40 

Pilotage and List of Pilots - 141 

Plasterers' Association - - 131 
Plumbers, Eegistration of - - 131 

Association, Master 131 

Polack Travelling Scholarship 100 
Police Commission — See Magistrates. 

Committee - - - 47 



- 60 

- 885 

- 49 

- 50 

- 133 

- 48 

- 48 

- 50 

- 50 

- 46 
146, 169 

- 889 

Establishment - 

Forfar County - 

Pipe Band 

Surgeon - 

Treasurer - 

Poorhouse Committee 


Population of Burgh - 

Post Offices 


Monineth - - 866 

Newport - - 912 

Savings Bank - - 169 

Tavport - - - 925 

• Wormit - - - 912 

Postal Directory — 

Blind Literature - - - 151 
Broughty Ferry P.O. - - 169 
Canadian Magazine Post - 154 

Cash on Delivery Service - 156 
Certificates of Posting - ■ 149 
Commercial Papers, Foreign - 152 
Deliveries, Town - - 167, 169 
Express Delivery - - - 149 
Halfpenny Packets, Inland - 147 
Inland Eevenue Stamps - - 162 
Insurances and Annuities - 169 
Letter Postage, Foreign - - 152 

Inland - - 146 

Mails, Arrivals &Depar. 155, 166,167 
Money Orders - 
Newspapers, Foreign 

Parcel Post, Despatches 



Pillar Letter-Boxes - 
Post Cards, Foreign 

Inland - 

Postal Orders 
Poste Eestante 
Prepayment of Postage 

- 151 

- 152 

- 147 
165, 169 
156, 157 

- 149 
168, 169 

- 152 

- 146 

- 151 

- 150 

- 149 

Printed Papers, Foreign 
Ee-direction - 
Eegistration, Compensation 

Samples, Foreign - 
Savings Bank - 
Spoilt Stamps 
Sub Offices - 

Collections from 

Telegrams, Inland - 

Foreign - 159, 160, 161 

Deferred - 161 



- 152 

- 162 

- 151 

154, 156 

- 153 

- 169 

- 154 

- 146 

- 164 

- 159 

Xidit Letter 







Telephones .... 
Poultry Association. Carnoustie - 
Presbyterial Guild, U.F. Church 
Presbyteries, Meetings of - 

Lists of - 

Printers' and Lithos' Association 131 
Prison Aid Society - - - 112 

Establishment - - 49 

Gate Mission Home - 112 

Visiting Committee - 112 

Probation Officers - - - 60 
Procurator-Fiscal - - 48, 60 
Procurators and Solicitors - 63 

Professors of College - - - 93 
Prohibition and Eeform Party - 90 

Party, Scottish - 90 

Property and Invest. Companies - 71 

Conveyance Duty - 64 

Public Buildings - - - 35 

Hall Association - - 124 

Parks - ... 49 


Quarter Days and Terms 


Quoiting Clubs 


- 834 

- 117 

- 60 

- 122 

- 865 

- 911 

Railway Carriers 




Readme: Rooms - 

- 74 

- 73 

- 90 

- 41 

- 103 

Royal Exchange 102 

— Tavnort - - 925 

Working Men's 127 

Rechabites, Independent Order of 127 
Recreation Grounds - - - 49 
Recruiting Office for Army - 139 

Red Cross Society, British - 113 




Red Cross Society, Tayport - 924 
Refuge, Curr Night - - - 106 
Registrars of Births, Banns 52, 53 

Barry- - 885 

" - 863 

- 910 

- 885 

- 924 

- 49 

- 60 

- Ill 

- 137 

■ Monifieth 

= : Newport 



Registration Districts 

of Voters Acts 


Rescue Home, Female 
Reserve, National 

• Royal Naval Volunteer 

Rifle Clubs - - - 140, 865, 886 
Royal Alfred Seamen's Institut. 113 

Army Medical Corps - 139 

Engineers, Fortress Coy. - 138 

Exchange Reading Room - 102 

Field Artillery - - 138 

Highlanders, B.W. 138, 888 

Infirmary - - - 105 

Lunatic Asylum - - 106 

National Lifeboat Inst. - 114 

Naval Volunteer Reserve 137 

Scots Grej^s' Association 138 

Scottish Geographical Socy. 104 

Tay Yacht Club - - 124 

Victoria Hospital - - 105 

Rural District Directory - - 926 

St Andrew's Ambulance Assoc. - 

Provincial Committee 

St Margaret's Old Brass Band - 

Cottage Home 

Home - 

St Mary's Rest - - . 
St Vincent's Hostel - 
Sabbath Forenoon Meetings 

School Teachers' Union 


Sailors' Families Association 

Help Society - 

Home - ... 

Salvation Army 

Metropole - 

Sanatorium, Ashludie 

Benefit Committee 

Sidlaw - 

Sanitary Association - 

Savings Bank 

— Monifieth 
— Post Office 
























School Board 


- 95 

- 101 

- 910 

- 886 

- 96 

- 910 

- 101 

- 101 


Balmerino - 

Barry - 

Broughty Ferry 


Fowlis Easter 

Landward - 


Longforgan - - 101 

Lundie - - 101 

Mains, Strathmtn. 101 

Monifieth - - 863 

Monikie - - 101 

Murroes - - 101 

Panbride - - 886 

Tayport - - 924 

Tealing - - 101 

Schools, Broughty Ferry - - 96 

Carnoustie and Barry - 886 

Civil Service - - 97 

Dundee School Board - 95 

Episcopal Church - 96 

Monifieth - - - 863 

Newport and Balmerino 910 

Private - 96 

Roman Catholic Church 96 

Tayport - - - 924 

Wireless - - - 97 

Scots Greys' Association - - 138 
Scottish Am. Gymnastic Assoc. 122 

American Trust Cos., Ld. 71 

Art Teachers' Assoc. - 103 

Assoc, for Irish Missions 90 

Canadian Trust Co. , Ltd. 71 

Class Teachers' Assoc. 100 

Clerks' Association - 130 

Council of Public Morals 111 

for Women's 

Trades - - 136 

Cyclists' Union - - 123 

Musical Society - - 133 

National Artil. Assoc. - 139 

Permissive Bill Associat. 90 

Prohibition Party - 90 

Property In vestment Co. 71 

Unionist Association - 135 

Scouts, Boy - - - - 140 

Monifieth - - 866 

Seal andWhale Fishing Companies 142 
Seamen's Friend Society - - 114 

Institution, Aged - 113 

Second Highland Brigade R.F. A. 138 

H.B.R.F.A.Sergts.'Mess 139 

Secondary Education Association 101 



Secondary Education Committee 98 
Select Choir - - - - 133 
Sergeants' Mess, 4th B. W.R.H. - 139 

5th B. W.R.H. 139 


Session Clerks 

Sheriff Court - 

Officers - 

Shipbrokers' and 

Shipping Agents 

Proclam. of Banns 53 





Shepherds, Order of - 




belonging to the Port 


Shipwrecked Fishermen Society- 
Shop Assistants' Union 
Shops Act, Closing Orders 
Shops, Inspector of - - -48 
Sick Hospital, Parochial - - 50 

Poor Flower Mission - - 108 

Nursing Society - 108 

B. Ferry - 108 

Carnoustie 888 

Monifieth 864 

Society, Indigent - - 113 

Sidlaw Sanatorium - - - 105 
Skating Ponds, Public - - 49 
Small Debt Courts - 61 

Smallpox Hospital - - - 105 
Social & Political Union, Women's 136 


Work, Ch. of Scotland 


Soldiers' Families Association 
Solicitors, Faculty of - 
Sons of Temperance - 
South American Missionary Union 90 
Spinners' and Manufrs'. Assoc. 129 
Spiritualists, Society of - - 139 
Stamps and Taxes - - - 64 
Steam Laundry Companies - 132 

Carnoustie - 889 

Stirling Park, Downfield, and 

Clepington Horticultural Soc. 119 
Stirling Park Gardens - - 119 
Stobswell Angling Club - - 120 
Stock Exchange Association - 137 
Streets, Squares, &c. - - 19 

Subscription Library - - 103 

Submarine Miners' Club - - 139 
Suffrage Society, Women's - 136 
Sunday Schools - - - 84 

Swimming Clubs - - - 124 

Tailors' Association 

Tariff Reform League 

Taxes, Assessor and Surveyor of 

Taxi-cabs, Regulations for - 

Tay Ferries - 

Oil and Paint Company 

Tayport Directory 

Plan of - 

Tayside Laundry Co., Ltd., 
Teachers' (Art) Association 

■ Association, Head 

(Class) Association 

Educational Institute 



- 131 

- 136 


(Secondary) Association 101 

Training College - - 97 

Technical College ... 93 
Telegraph Advisory Committee - 163 

Offices ... 43 

Telephone Advisory Committee 163 
Telephones and Call Offices - 163 

for Telegrams, &c. - 163 

Temperance Societies - 90, 128 

Temple, Masonic - - - 126 
Tent Mission - - - - 89 

Terms 117 

Terrier Club, Yorkshire - - 121 
Territorial Force Association - 137 

Theatres 40 

Theosophical Society - - - 139 
Third Highland R.A.M.C. - - 139 
Three United Trades - - - 54 
Town Clerk - - - - 48 

Council - - - - 46 

-Mission,UnitedPresbyterian I 

Planning Committee 

Tract Society 

Trades Approved Societies - 

Band, Dundee 

Benevolent Association 

Council, United 


1 — Societies - 

Training College, Teachers' 










• Ship ' ' Mars " Institution 108 



Tramway Company 

Broughty Ferry 

Engineer and Manager 

Tramways Committee - - 47 

Travellers' Association - - 130 

Trawling Companies - - - 142 

Trinity College, London - - 133 

House - - - - 142 

Tuberculosis Medical Officers - 48 

Typewriting Schools - - - 97 

Typographical Society - - 130 




Unemployment Insurance - - 58 
Union Club, Carnoustie - - 886 

Co., Ltd., Carnoustie 886 

Weavers, Ltd., Lochee - 124 

Unionist Associations - - 134 

: Forfarshire 887 

Scottish - 135 

-Women's 134, 887, 911 

- Club, Broughty Ferry - 135 
Newport - - 911 

U.F. Church Office-bearers' Union 79 

Presbyterial Guild 89 

United Irish League - - - 126 
U.P. Town Mission - 89 

University College - - - 92 
Unlicensed Grocers' Association 131 

Valuation Assessor - - 48, 64 

Dept., Inld. Revenue 65 

of the Burgh - - 47 

Veterans, Fund for Relief of - 113 
Veterinary Inspector - - - 48 
Victoria Art Galleries - - 103 

Cricket Club - - 120 

Hospital - - - 105 

Victorian Dramatic & Musical Soc. 134 
Visiting Com. for Dundee Prison 112 
Voters, Registration of - - 49 

Pari, and Municipal - 46 

Voting Paper Duty - - - 65 

Waldensian Missions Society - 90 
Waltonian Angling Club - - 120 
Ward Boundaries - - - 45 
Wards— Situation of Streets - 19 
Warehouses - - - - 91 
Wash-houses, Public - - - 55 
Watchmakers' & Jewellers' Assoc. 131 
Water Committee - - - 47 

Engineer and Treasurer - 48 

Weights & Measures, Inspector of 48 
Western and Hawaiian Invest. Co. 71 

Club - - - - 118 

Whale Fishing Companies - 142 

Whitehall Orchestral Society - 133 
Whitsunday Society, Tayport - 925 


- 131 

- 97 

- 136 

- 136 

- 136 

Wine and Spirit Trade Assoc 
Wireless School - 
Women Workers, Union of 
Women's Club - 

Freedom League - 

Guild, Carnoustie - 886 

Liberal Assn. 135, 888, 925 

Metropole - - - 112 

Hospital - - - 106 

Social and Political 

Union - - - 136 

Suffrage Society- - 136 

Temperance Assocn. - 90 

Trades, Scot. Council- 136 

- ; Unionist Assn. 134, 887, 911 

Wood Distillation Co., Ltd. - 132 
Workers' League - - - 866 
Working Boys' Home - - 107 
Catholic - 111 

-■* Girls' Boarding House 

Men's Coffee Rooms - 

Field Club 


Mothers' Restaurant • 

Wormit Directory 

Plan of - 

Wrestling Association, Scottish 



Yacht Club, Royal Tay - - 124 

Yearly Society, Monifieth - - 865 

Yeomanry, Fife and Forfar - 137 

Yorkshire Terrier Club - - 121 
Young Men's Society, Catholic - 102 

Y.M.C.A. - - ' - - - 101 

Angling Club - - 120 

Broughty Ferry - 101 

Carnoustie - - 886 

Monifieth - - - 864 

Young Scots Society - - - 136 

Y.W.C.A. 102 

Broughty Ferry - 102 

Home of Rest - - 111 

. Lochee - - - 102 

Monifieth - - 864 

Newport - - - 911 

Tayport - - - 924 



The year 1913 will be memorable in the annals of Dundee as that 
in which Broughty Ferry was annexed. After a long and keen 
contest before Committees of the House of Commons and the House 
of Lords, the Boundaries Bill was unanimously passed by both 
Houses of Parliament, and came into force on 4th November last. 
Greater Dundee has now an area of 5990 acres, exclusive of 
foreshore, and a population of 177,000. The valuation of the city 
shows a rental of £1,082,771. There are 34,656 Municipal and 
21,300 Parliamentary voters. The city is divided into eleven wards, 
each represented by three Councillors, and thus, with the Lord Dean 
of Guild, the Council now consists of thirty-four members. The 
Lord Provost and eight Magistrates administer justice. 

A rectification of the northern boundary, to include the Den of 
Mains and a narrow strip stretching to Downfield, has also been 
passed without opposition. This adds other 558 acres to the gross 
area. As a matter of sentiment the inclusion of the magnificent 
Caird Park was desirable ; and from a practical point of view it is 
highly commendable, as it places the supervision under the control 
of the City Police. 

Ashludie mansion-house, with forty-eight acres of ground, near 
Monifieth, has been acquired by the Town Council for a Sanatorium. 
The existing building is being equipped for administrative purposes, 
and sixty beds are to be provided, which, it is hoped, will suffice for 
incipient cases. This sanatorium will be opened shortly. At King's 
Cross Hospital there are to be eighty beds for advanced cases. The 
Central Tuberculosis Dispensary at 1 Tally Street is now staffed by 
Dr Burgess, an assistant, and three nurses. 

In Park Place a Dental Hospital has been opened, where treatment 
can be had free, or at a merely nominal charge. 

Mr F. B. Sharp has just gifted £10,000 to form the nucleus for a 
Hospital for Children's Diseases under the charge of the Directors of 
the Royal Infirmary. 

To combat the excessive infant mortality a Baby Clinic has been 
started in Tay Street, where mothers with ailing infants, and who 
are in straitened circumstances, can get advice free as to the proper 
nursing of their children. 

In accordance with the Temperance (Scotland) Act 1913, the hours 
of licensed premises are now restricted from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. 

It is gratifying to record that during last winter no names were 
enrolled by the officials of the Distress Committee, and that no relief 
work required to be provided. The Parish Council had considerably 
fewer applications for relief, and the number chargeable has been 
less than in former years — a state of matters largely due to good trade. 

The demand for electricity for power and light has been pheno- 
menal. The generating station at Carolina Port is being doubled, 
and further extension will in all probability be required. While 
electricity is displacing gas as an illuminant, the consumpt of the 


latter is nevertheless on the increase, owing to its application to 
cooking and heating purposes. To make the most of their by- 
products, the Gas Commissioners have secured ground at Carolina 
Port for a tar distillation plant. 

In connection with the Naval Base the Admiralty have leased 
several acres at Carolina Port for a hydroplane station, and already 
a number of powerful seaplanes are in the hangars. It is evident 
that aircraft is in the future to play an important part in the national 
scheme of defence. 

The Harbour Trustees have had a prosperous year financially, the 
revenue having exceeded all previous records. On the east side of 
Camperdown Dock they are engaged in making a deep-water wharf, 
named after King George V. This will have a frontage of 650 feet. 
It will be equipped with six electric cranes, two sheds 300 feet and 
240 feet long respectively, and a double line of rails to connect it with 
the railway systems. When finished the wharf will prove a valuable 
addition to the Harbour. To allow the Tay Ferries steamers to land 
at all states of the tide, the Craig Pier has been extended 200 feet 
further into the river. The work has been expeditiously done by the 
Harbour staff, and the improvement will be of great public service. 

The Tramway system becomes increasingly popular ; the number 
of passengers and the gross profits have both been satisfactory. The 
halfpenny stages have been increased in length, and children under 
five years of age are now carried free. The Blackness line has been 
extended to Glamis Road. The running of a trackless trolley car on 
the Clepington Road has been stopped on account of the damage it 
caused to the road and the dust it raised. 

Failing in its negotiations for property in the vicinity to enable it 
to enlarge Balfour Street School, the School Board has purchased a 
site for a school at Bellfield Street, between Hawkhill and Blackness 
Road. To extend the playgrounds of the Harris Academy and 
Glebelands School a large house and several tenements have been 
bought. The removal of these will greatly improve the amenities of 
both schools. Plans for the extension of the Harris Academy have 
at last been approved by the Education Department. Glebelands 
School is being rebuilt, a large extension of the Morgan Academy is 
in progress, and the erection of a new school at Balgray Road for 
cripple and invalid children has been begun. 

Sympathetic friends have bought a house near Auchterhouse 
Station, which it is intended to use as a Holiday Home where 
cripples may rusticate and recuperate. 

Plans for new buildings valued at £134,000 have been approved by 
the Town Council during the year. The new church at the foot of 
Blackness Avenue for St John's Cross congregation will be opened 
shortly. A large addition to the Nurses' Home at the Royal 
Infirmary, warehouses in Annfield Boad for Sir James K. Caird, offices 
in Dura Street for the Buist Spinning Company, an engine-house in 
Dundonald Street for Frank Stewart Sandeman & Sons, and calender 
works in Cowgate for Messrs Low & Bonar are all nearing completion. 
A new Savings Bank is in course of erection at the junction of 
Victoria Street and Princes Street ; and the old Albion House at the 


Our Beloved King and Queen. 




'cm?/ tell 

/to- <^J>/i/eiiai- ^o-l./e< &j /i&imv^l'ec/ /a feet. 


top of Union Street is being converted into a Bank for the British 
Linen Company. Immediately above the Bank, and entering from 
Union Street, is the handsome suite of offices occupied by the Burgh 
National Health Insurance Committee. As indicative of the trend 
of social life, numerous cinema theatres, picture palaces, and motor 
garages have been erected in different parts of the city. Several 
villas have been erected in Downfield, Dalgleish Road, and Pitkerro 
Road, but the building of tenement property is at a standstill. 

The Town Council have obtained Parliamentary powers to carry 
out the Central Improvement Scheme, and already old properties to 
the value of £114,861 have been purchased. 

Sir James K. Caird has again earned the gratitude of the citizens 
by the princely gift of £100,000 to build a new City Hall and Council 
Chambers within the great square formed by High Street, Castle 
Street, Shore Terrace, and Crichton Street. Plans have been prepared 
by the City Engineer under the donor's direction, and they show an 
open square behind the present Town House, which is to be retained. 
The new Hall, capable of accommodating 3500, wdl stand at the 
south side of the square, while business premises will occupy the east 
and west sides. The scheme, according to the terms of the gift, has 
to be carried out within three years. The cost of the site will be 
balanced by the rents of the business premises included in the design. 
The foundation-stone is to be laid by the King on the occasion of the 
Royal visit. This splendid send-off to the Central Improvement 
Scheme will work a wonderful transformation in the locality 
affected, and will, it is expected, cause a boom in the building 

The ideal which the Free Library Committee has been striving 
after for some years is now practically realised, and the Museums, 
Art Galleries, and Libraries are a credit to the city. That the public 
appreciate the boon is evident from the large numbers patronising 
the various departments. Over 37,000 visited the Art Gallery 
during the month in which the exhibition of Antarctic sketches 
and water-colours by the late Dr E. A. Wilson took place. The artist 
was with Captain Scott's British Antarctic Expedition, and died just 
after reaching the South Pole. 

The opening of an Engineering Laboratory in October last marks 
an important stage in the development of University College. 

The building of the Training College for Teachers in Park Place is 
well forward. In this town-planning age, when the width and 
symmetry of streets receives special consideration, it is distinctly 
disappointing to find this new building projecting so far beyond the 
line of the Harris Academy, and effectually blocking any widening of 
this narrow lane on the east side. 

The gift of the Caird Rest, Perth Road, has spurred on the 
authorities to improve its amenities. The widening of the street to 
the Queen's Hotel is a creditable piece of work The glimpses of the 
river on either side of the two buildings and the laying out of the 
ground are pleasing features. A further improvement would be the 
clearing away of the eastmost house altogether. The widening on the 
College side of the street is long overdue. 



A felt want at Ninewells is a comfortable shelter. Pedestrians 
enjoy the walk along the Esplanade and Perth Road, and it is highly 
desirable that such a convenience should be provided near the car 

By the death of Sir William Ogilvy Dalgleish, Bart., the city has 
lost a true friend. His name is written large on most of its 
institutions as a wise counsellor and a generous friend. Among the 
prominent citizens who have passed away during the year are two 
ladies who did much for the social well-being of the city — Mary L. 
Walker, of the Social Union, and Mrs J. H. Martin, of the British 
Women's Temperance Association and kindred agencies. We mourn 
the loss of ex-Bailie Speed ; G. W. Don, manufacturer ; Major John 
Nelson ; Stewart Donald, accountant ; William Millar, grocer ; A. 
P. Mathewson, manufacturer ; Hilary Agnew, secretary to Messrs 
James Keiller & Son, Ltd. ; James Johnston, chemist ; Rev. 
Archibald Bell, D D., Chapelshade Church ; Colonel James Rankin ; 
Alexander T. Lickley, house agent ; ex-Bailie Watt, telegraphist ; 
the Right Rev. Robert Fraser, Bishop of Dunkeld ; and ex-Bailie 
Scott, blacksmith. 

King George and Qfeen Mary, whose portraits we have pleasure 
in giving on another page, are assured of a right loyal welcome to the 
city on R'th July. Brief though their sojourn is to be, a comprehen- 
sive programme is arranged for the occasion. The Royal visit is 
another testimony to the cordial relations subsisting between Crown 
and People. Long live the King ! 

The publishers of the Directory have embraced the opportunity of 
the extension of the city boundaries to incorporate Lochee, Downfield, 
and Broughty Ferry with the Dundee section. Formerly these were 
separate units. The Street Directory therefore now includes the 
streets of these districts, and the Index to Streets on page 19, 
with its index letters giving the position of every street upon 
the plan, makes it an easy matter to find the exact situation of 
any locality. The various Trades Directories have also been care- 
fully amalgamated. The Plan of Dundee has been thoroughly revised 
to date, and now embraces the extended areas of the city. In the 
top left hand corner will be found a miniature sketch of the Registra- 
tion Districts with the several boundaries plainly shown, and by 
consulting this in conjuction with the addresses of the Registrars 
on page 52 any District Office can readily be located. The Publishers 
have the hope that the several changes will be found of considerable 
public service. 

10th June 1914. 

( 19 ) 


The italic letters at beginning of line denote the position of the street on Map. The 
numbers following- the definition of the locality denote the Parliamentary and Muni- 
cipal Ward, or Wards, in which each street is situated. The numbers and letters in 
brackets ( ) denote the Registration District, or Districts, in which each street is 
situated, the letter (A) signifying Mains and Strathmartine District, and the letter 
(B) the Monifieth West Registration District. For definition of Municipal Ward 
Boundaries* see page 45 ; and for definition of Registration Districts and addresses of 
Registrars see pas:e 52. 

The letters B.F. stand for Broughty Ferry. 

D c Abbotsford pi. , 74 Peddle st. 9 (1) 

Abercromby pi., 151-3Locheerd(2) 
b Abercromby st., Bro. Ferry, Dal 

liousie rd. to Strathmore st. 11(B) 
C c Aberlemnoter., 350 Perth rd. 2(1) 
JYa Abertay st., Bro. Ferry, Monifieth 

road to Strathmore street 11 (B) 
iV b Addison road, Broughty Ferry, 

Camphill road to N. 11 (B) 

E d Adelaide pi. ,N. of Adelaide ter. 7(2) 
E d Adelaide terrace, N. of and parallel 

to Albany terrace 7 (2) 

E b Airlie place, 7 Perth road 9 (1) 
E b Airlie terrace, top of Airlie pi. 9 (1) 
K b Albany road, Broughty Ferry, 

Grove road to W. 10 (4) 

E d Albany terrace, Drummond street 

to Inverary terrace 7 (2) 

Albert court, 37 Nethergate 2 (2) 

L b Albert road, Bro. Ferry, Claypots 

road to Victoria road 10 (4) 

E c Albert square, part of Meadowside 

between Reform street and Pan- 
mure street 6 (3) 
G d Albert street, continuation of 

Princes street to N. 4 (4) 

Albion place, Broughty Ferry, 

N. side of Castle street 
Albyn villas, 32 Forfar road (4) 
F d Alexander street, Hilltown to 

Dens road 5 (4) 

F c Allan street, 157 Seagate to East 

Dock street 1 (4) 

M a Alpha terrace, Bro. Ferry, corner 

Brook street and Castle st. 11 (B) 
L b Alton terrace, Broughty Ferry, 

East side of Grove road 10 (4) 
M a Ambrose street, Broughty Ferry, 

Fisher street to King st. 11 (B) 
E g American Muir road, Downfield, 

Strathmartine road to W. 7 (A) 
D c Anchor lane, 48 Henderson's West 

wynd (2) 

C d Ancrum road, Lochee, Logie 

street to Glamis road 3, 8 (5) 

Anderson's lane, Lochee, South 

road 3 (5) 

Angus st., Lochee, 39 Liff road 3 (5) 

F d Ann street, 113 Hilltown to Cot- 
ton road 4, 5, 6 (4) 
Annan ter. , 19 Wellington st. , 4 (4) 

D c Annfield road, 213 Hawkhill to 
164 Blackness road 9 (1) 

D d Annfield row, 82 Annfield rd. 9 (1) 

D c Annfield street, 92 Annfield rd. 9(1) 

H d Anstruther road, Pitkerro road to 
Haddon road 4 (4) 

G c Arbroath road, top Princes street 
to Balgillo road at Burgh bound- 
ary 1, 4, 10, 11 (4) (B) 

F b Arcade bldgs., 0b King st., King's 

rd. , and 93 Victoria rd. 4, 6 (4) 

Argyle buildings, B. F. , 329 King st. 

Argyle place, 15 Thomson st. 2 (1) 

G d Argyle street, 56 Forfar road to 
Mains loan and Clepingtonrd. 5(4) 

M a Argyle terrace, Broughty Ferry, 
Brook st. , near Castle st. 11(B) 

F d Arklay street, from Dens road to 
Clepington road 5 (4) 

B c Arnhall gardens, off Farington 
street 9 (1) 

E c Arthur street, top of Dallfield 
walk to Hedge road 6 (3) 

F c Arthurstone terrace, Dens road to 
Albert street 4 (4) 

E b Artillery lane, 38 S. Tay st. 2 (1) 

D c Ash lane, 104 Lochee road 8 (2) 

E c Ash st. ,Smellie's In. to Hop st. 8 (2) 
Athole place, Broughty Ferry, N. 

side of Camperdown street 
Athole terrace, Forfar road 5 (4) 

C e Atholl street, St Ann street to 
Balgay street 3 (5) 

E e Back street, Byron street to 341 
Loons road 7 (3) 

G c Baffin street, from 85 Arbroath 
road to Watson street 1 (4) 

G c Baffin street, South, 134 Ferry 
road to Watson street 1 (4) 


F c Bain square, 14 Cowgate and 5 G d Baxter Park terrace, Pitkerro 

Wellgate 6 (4)i road to Arbroath road 4 (4) 

Balbirnie ter, 121 Victoria rd. 4 (4)' D c Baxter street, 13 City road 8 (2) 

Eg Baldovan road, Downfield, Strath-I L b Bayfield road, Bro. Ferry, "West 
martine road to Baldovan 7 (A)' Queen street to Albert rd. 10 (4) 

G c Baldovan terrace, Pitkerro road: M a Beach crescent, Bro. Ferry, Gray 
to Park avenue 4 (4)' street to St Vincent st. 11 (B) 

D e Balfield road, Loons road 3, L b Beach lane, Broughty Ferry, 

D c Balfour street, 96 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

G c Balgay avenue, 273-295 Blackness 

road 8 

Dundee road to Boatsheds 10 (4) 

Beaconsfield place, 104 to 124 

Victoria road 4 (4) 

G c Balgay road, 295 Blackness road to B c Beechwoodter. , Westpark rd. 9 (1) 

Scott street 
Balgay street, Lochee, South Mid 

J b Belsize road, Craigie avenue to 
Margaret crescent 1 (4) 

street to Marshall street 3 (5V L a Bell's lane, Broughty 

Balgay terrace, Lochee, 70 Logie 
il/ 6 Balgillo crescent, Bro. Ferry 

Fisher street to N. 


3 (5) E c Bell street, 13 Constitution road to 

Baltic street 


Seafield road, from Fintry place E c Bell street, West, 13 Constitution 

to Balgillo road 10 (B) 

M c Balgillo rd., Bro. Ferry, Ax-broath 

road by E. and W. Balgillo to 

Arbroath road 10, 11 (B) 

M b Balgillo terrace, Broughty Ferry, 

Trail street to Fintry place 10 (B) 
Balgray place, 229 Clepington 

road to Balgray street 5 (A) 

E f Balgray road, Downfield, Strath 

martine road to W. 7 (A) 

F e Balgray street, Old Glamis road 

to Graham street 5, 7 (A) 

Balmore street, Albert street to 

Dura street 4 (4) 

O 6 Balmossie street, Broughty Ferry, 

from River up E. boundary to 

Barnhill farm 11(B) 

L b Balmyle road, Bro. Ferry, Dundee 

road to Albany road 10 (4) 

F c Baltic bldgs.,W.end Baltic st. 6(3) 
E c Baltic chambers, 9 Bell st. 6 (3) 
F c Baltic st. , 36 Wellgate to Meadow 

side 6 (3) 

E f Bank avenue, Downfield, Balgray 

road to School road 7 (A) 

E c Bank street, 36 Reform street to 

Barrack street 6 (3) 

C e Bank street, Lochee, High street 

to South road 3 (5) 

Barnhill, E. portion Bro. Fy. 11(B) 
E c Barrack road, continuation of Dud- 
hope street to Dudhope ter. 6 (2) 
E c Barrack street, 59 Overgate to 

Ward road 6 (2, 3) 

Barron's court, 1 Johnston's lane 

jlfaBath street, Broughty Ferry, 

Fisher street to King st. 11 (B) 

road west to Lochee road 6 (2) 
E c Bell Street lane, 15 Constitution 

road 6 (3) 

D b Bellefieldave., 47 Magdalen green 

to Seafield road 2 (1) 

Bellefield pi., 41-45 Seafield rd. 2(1) 
Bellevue place, B.F., 25 King st. 
D e Bellfield street, 167 Hawkhill to 

128 Blackness road 9 (1) 

Belmont pi. , 1 12-134 Hawkhill 9 (1 ) 

D c Benvie road, Fyffe street to Pitfour 

street 8 (2) 

D c Bernard street, 180 Hawkhill 9 (1) 
H d Bingham terrace, Dalkeith road to 

Old Craigie road 4 (4) 

D d Black street, Lochee road to Benvie 

road 8 (2) 

Blackheath pi. , 203 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

G c Blackness avenue, west end of 

Hawkhill to 314 Blacknessrd. 9(1) 
G c Blackness cres., 227 Perth rd. 9 (1) 
D c Blackness road, 68 Brook street 

to W. 8, 9 (2, 1) 

D c Blackness st., 190 Blacknessrd. 9(1) 
G c Blackness terrace, 237-245 Perth 

road 9 (1) 

F c Blackscroft, contin. of Seagate 

from St Roque's lane to E. 1 (4) 
E c Blinshall street, 47 Brook street 

to Lochee road 8 (2) 

D c Blyth place, 5 City road 8 (2) 

D c Blyth street, 3 City road to 

Fleuchar street 8 (2) 

Blythswoodpl., 121-9 Perth rd. 9(1) 

F g Bonny bank road, 90 Victoria road 

to Ann street 4 (4) 

Bothwell ter., B.F., Westfield rd. 

Ma Boyd place, Bro. Ferry, Monifieth 
road to Ramsay street 11 (B) 
E h Bradbury st., Downfield, Strath 
martine road to W. 7 (A) 

Braemar place, 114 to 118 Arklay 
st. and70to78Clepingtonrd. 5 (4) 
Breadalbane pi., 63 Lochee rd. 8 (2) 
Breadalbane terrace, 57-59 Lochee 
road 8 (2) 

Brewery lane, 1 Polepark road 8 (2) 
B c Briar wood terrace, Westpark road 
Briarwood villas, Broughty Ferry, 
S. side of Queen street 
a Bridge street, Bro. Ferry, Moni- 
fieth road to Esplanade 11 (B) 
i C e Bright street, Lochee, High street 
to Tofthill 3 (5) 

Brompton place, 121 Ha wkhill 9(1) 
E c Brook street, from Westport to 
Polepark road 2, 8, 9 (2, 1) 

Ma Brook street, B. Ferry, Clay pots 
road to Esplanade 10, 11 (4) (B) 
Brotchie place, B.F., 330 King st. 
Broughty Ferry road — see Ferry 
F c Brown Constable st., from Cres- 
cent street to Dura street 4 (4) 
E c Brown street, 37 Westport to 
Lochee road 8 (2) 

L a Brown street, Broughty Ferry. 
Brook street to S. 10 (B) 

Bruce's entry, 4 "VVellgate 6 (3) 
E d Bruce street, 73 Hospital wynd to 
Byron street (3) 

G d Buchanan street, Ogilvie street to 
North Erskine street 5 (4) 

Buckingham ter., 68 Forfar rd. 5(4)1 
iVaBughties road, Broughty Ferry, 
Camphill road to Reres rd. 11 (B) 
E g Burn street, Downfield, Baldovan 
road to E. 7 (A) 

B c Burnaby street, Esplanade road to 
Eildon street 2 (1) 

D e Burnett street, 112 Brook street to 
Blackness road 8 (2) 

C e Burnside st. , Lochee, off High st. 
B f Butter's loan, Lochee, W. end of 
Liff road 3 (5) 

E d Butterburn, top of Hilltown 7 (3) 
E d Byron st. , Derby st. to Leng st. 7 (3) 
L b Caenlochan road, Broughty Ferry, 
Strathern road to N. 10 (4) 

L b Caenlochan terrace, B.F., N. side 
Strathern rd. at Ellieslea rd. 10(4) 
L b Caenlochan villas, B.F., N. side of 
Strathern rd. at Ellieslea rd. 10(4)! 



F c Calcutta buildings, 16 to 30 Com- 
mercial street 1 (3) 

F d Caldrum street, 28 North George 

street to N. 5 (4) 

Camden place, 71 Perth road 9 (1) 

Cameron's close, 28 Murraygate (3) 

D d Campbell street, Lochee, off Cob- 
den st. 3 (2) 
Campbeltown place, 271 to 285 
Hawkhill 9 (1) 
Camperdown place, Bro. Ferry, 
S. side of Camperdown street 

E g Camperdown road, Downfield, 
Strathmartine road to "W". 7 (A) 

F c Camperdown street, N. side Vic- 
toria dock 1 (4) 

G c Camperdown street, East, Cam- 
perdown dock to E. 1 (4) 

M b Camperdown st., Broughty Ferry, 
Claypots rd. to Forthill rd. 10 (B) 

C e Camperdown st., Lochee, Burnside 
street to Methven street 3 (5) 

N b Campfield road, Broughty Ferry, 
Camphill road to N. 11 (B) 

M a Camphill road, Broughty Ferry, 
Queen st. to Abertay st. 11 (B) 

F c Candle lane, 81 Seagate to 63 Dock 
street 1 (3) 

E d Canning st. , from 93 Strathmartine 
rd. eastward to Moncur cres. 7 (3) 

G d Cardean street, 133 Albert street 
to Morgan street 4 (4) 

E d Carmichael street, 44 Hospital 
wynd to Stirling street 7 (3) 

F d Carnegie street, 80 Ann street to 

Church street 5 (4) 

Carolina port, E. Camperdown 

street (4) 

Castle court, 27 Castle street 2 (3) 

Castle lane, from Castle court to 

Greenmarket 2 (3) 

Ma Castle lane, Bro. Ferry, Castle 
street to Esplanade 11 (B) 

F b Castle street, 1 High street to Shore 
terrace 1, 2 {'6) 

M a Castle st., Broughty Ferry, Mill 
street to Panmure street 11 (B) 

G d Castle terrace, 73 Clepington road 
to Lammerton terrace 5 (A) 

M a Castle terrace, B. Ferry, Mill st. 

to Brook st., fronting River 11(B) 

Castlehill, 46 Commercial st. 1 (3) 

Ma Castleroy road, Broughty Ferry, 
Camphill road to N. 11 (B) 

G d Catherine street, Eliza street to 
Harriet street 5 (4) 


Cedar place, B.F., Stewart street 
M b Cedar road, Bro. Ferry, Forthill 

road to Fintry place 10 (B) 

G d Chalmers street, Madeira street to 

Walrond street 5 (4) 

L a Chapel lane, Broughty Ferry, 

Fisher street to N. 10 (B) 

Chapel st. , 9 Albert square 6 (3) 
Chapelshade, a district N. of Bell 

street to Dudhope street 6 (3) 
F c Charles lane, Charles street to 

Kirk entry 6 (4) 

F c Charles street, 51 Wellgate 6 (4) 

Charlotte place, 12 Rose st. (3) 

D c Cherryfield lane, 125 Blackness rd. 

to Walton street 8 (2) 

J b Christian road, Craigie avenue to 

Stirling road 1 (4) 

Church lane, 2 Tally street to High 

street 2 (3) 

E g Church road, Downfield, Haldane 

street to Duncan street 7 (A) 
F d Church street, continuation of 

Carnegie street to Main st. 5 (4) 
L a Church street, Bro. Ferry, Fisher 

st. to Camperdown st. 10 (4) (B) 
M a Churchill place, Broughty Ferry, 

Castle street to N. 11 (B) 

City chambers, 14J High st. (3) 

D d City road, continuation of Miln- 

bank road to Lochee 3, 8 (2) 

G c Clarendon terrace, 245-271 Perth 

road 9 (1) 

L b Claypots road, Bro. Ferry, Brook 

st. N. to Burgh boundary 10 (4) 
D d Cleghorn street, from 17 City 

road to Lochee road 8 (2) 

Clepington road, Pitkerro road to 

Coupar Angus rd. 3, 5, 7 (4, A) 
F d Clepington st., Dundonald street 

to N. 5 (4) 

G d Clive street, Argyle street to 

Clepington road 5 (4) 

E g Cloan road, Downfield, Strath- 

martine road to W. 7 (A) 

Clunie place, 45-9 Erskine st. 5 (4) 

D d Cobden street, Lochee, Lochee 

road to Loons road 3 (2) 

E c Cochrane street, 37 Lochee road 


E e Coldside, district W. of Strath- 

martine road at Paterson st. 7 (3) 
Coldside road, Hospital street to 

Strathmartine road (3) 

O a Collingwood street, Bro. Ferry, 

Bridge st. to Balmossie st. 11 (B) 


O a Collingwood terrace, Bro. Ferry, 
N. side of Collingwood st. 11 (B) 
Commercial court, 5 and 33 Com- 
mercial street 1 (3) 

F c Commercial st., 40 Dock street 

to 15 Albert square 1, 6 (3) 

Constable pi., Bro. Ferry, S. side 

Dundee road, opposite Grove rd. 

F c Constable street, from St Roque's 
lane to Wallace street 1 (4) 

E c Constitution road, Barrack street 
to N. 6, 7 (2, 3) 

E d Constitution st., from top of Con- 
stitution road to Hilltown 6, 7 (3) 

E d Constitution st. , Upper, contin. 
Constitution road to N. 7 (2, 3) 

E c Constitution terrace, top Constitu- 
tion road 6 (3) 

D c Corso street, 54 Peddie street 9(1) 

ilia Cottage place, Broughty Ferry, 
King street to Long lane 11 (B) 

F c Cotton road, from junction of Vic- 
toria rd. and Dens rd. to N. 4 (4) 
Coupar's alley, 12 Wellgate 6 (3) 

C f Coupar Angus road, Lochee, High 
street to N. 3 (5) 

D d Coupar street, Lochee, Logie street 

to Loons road 3 (5) 

Courier place, Albert square 6 (3) 

F d Court st. , Dundonald st. to N. 5 (4) 

E c Courthouse square, square front- 
ing Courthouse, W. Bell st. 6 (2) 

E b Couttie's wd. , 38 Neth'gate 2 (2, 3) 

F d Cowan street, Dens road to Brown 
Constable street 4 (4) 

F c Cowgate, 79 Murraygate to 
E. 1, 6 (3, 4) 

E h Cox street, Downfield, St Mary's 

road to Symers street 7 (A) 

Craig court, 7 Craig street (2) 

E b Craig pier, landing place of Tay 
ferries, S. end of S. Union st. 2 (2) 

E b Craig street, 29 West Dock street 

to Craig pier 2 (2) 

Craighall ores. , 32-48 Albert st. 4,4 

J b Craigie avenue, Broughty Ferry 
road at Stannergate to E. 1 (4) 

G c Craigie st. , 73 Albert st. to E. 4 (4) 

H c Craigie ter., 208-228 Ferry rd. 1(4) 
Craigiebank place, 2 to 12 Pitkerro 
road 5, 4 

Craigiebank terrace, 16 to 28 Pit- 
kerro road 5 (4) 

J c Craigiebarn rd., off Craigie avenue 

to N. 1 (4) 

Crescent lane, 18 Princes st. 4 (4) 


F c Crescent street, 8 Princes street to 

Victoria street 4 (4) 

E b Crichton street, 24 High street to 

G-reenmarket 2 (3) 

Crimondpl.,13,15Pitkerrord. (4) 
Cross row, Small's wynd to Park 

wynd (1) 

M a Cross street, Broughty Ferry, 

Brook street to N. 11 (B) 

M a Cumberland place, B.F., corner of 

Brook st. and Castle st. 11 (B) 
F c Cunningham street, Lyon street to 

Arthurstone terrace 4 (4) 

F b Customhouse buildings, E. side of 

King William dock 1 (3) 

Daisybank, 40 Forfar road 5 (4) 

H c Dalgleish road, Broughty Ferry 

road to Arbroath road 1 (4) 

Dalhousieplace, 61 Lochee rd. 8 (2) 

O a Dalhousie road, Broughty Ferry 

Abertay st. to Balmossie Bt. 11(B) 

G c Dalhousie ter. , 348 Perth rd. 2 (1) 

Dalhousie terrace, Bro. Ferry, 

East side of Balmyle road 
Dalhousie terrace, Bro. Ferry, 

S. side of Dalhousie road 
H c Dalkeith road, Arbroath road to 

Pitkerro road 4 (4) 

E c Dallfield terrace, 22 Dudhope st. 


E c Dallfield walk, 44 Dudhope st. 6 (3) 

D c Daniel street, 138 Brook street to 

Blackness road 8 (2) 

L a David lane, Bro. Ferry, David 

street to Bell's lane 11 (B) 

L a David street, Bro. Ferrv, Fisher 

street to N. 11 (B) 

M b Davidson street, Broughty Ferry 

Claypots rd. to Cedar rd. 10 (B) 
Dempster street, from Daniel st. 

to Burnett street 8 (2) 

F c Dens brae, 100 King street to 197 

Victoria road 4 (4) 

F d Dens road, E. end Victoria road to 

Moncur crescent 4, 5 (4) 

F c Dens street, 9 Princes street to 

Blackscroft 1 (4) 

M a Derby place, B.F., corner of 

Castle st. and Panmure st. 11 (B) 
E d Derby st., 9 Hill st. to N. 1 (3) 
Ma Dick street, Broughty Ferry, 

Camphill road to N.E. 11(B) 
F b Dock street, from South Union st 

to foot of Trades lane 1, 2 (2, 3) 
F c Dock street, East, from foot of 

Trades lane to E. 1 (4) 

ANES, ENTRIES, &c. 23 

F b Dock street, West, 6 Dock street 

to Protection wall 2 (2) 

Doig'ster., 190, 192 Lochee rd. 8(2) 

E d Don's road, 15 Kosebank road to 

Constitution street 6 (3) 

Donald's lane, Lochee, Pitalpin 

street 3 (5) 

B e Donald st., Lochee, South rd. 3(5) 

Douglas place, B.F., Bamsaypark 

E c Douglas street, from Dudhope 

crescent to Lower pleasance 8 (2) 
E d Douglas terrace, continuation of 

Panmure terrace to W. 7 (2) 

L a Douglas ter., B.F., Westfield rd. 

to Dundee rd. , River front 10 (4) 
Drummond place, Broughty Ferry, 

N. side of Castle street 
Drummond street, Somerville pi. 

to Adelaide place 7 (2) 

E c Dudhope Crescent road, Consti- 
tution rd. to Lochee rd. 6, 7 (2) 
Dudhope place, W. end of Dud- 
hope street, N. side 6 (3) 
E c Dudhope street, 6 Hilltown to 

Constitution road 6 (3) 

E d Dudhope terrace, top of Dudhope 

pk., Somerville pi. to W. 6, 7 (2) 
O d Duff street, Argyle street to 

Clepington road 5 (4) 

Duff terrace, 44 Main street (4) 

ilf« Dumbie's close, Broughty Ferry, 

Brook street to Long lane 11 (B) 
E g Duncan street, Downfield, Strath- 

martine rd. to Haldane st. 7 (A) 
Duncan's terrace, 172 and 174 

Lochee road 8 (2) 

L a Dundas street, Broughty Ferry, 

Fisher street to King st. 10 (B) 
K b Dundee road, B. Ferry, Margaret 

crescent to Claypots road 10 (4) 
F d Dundonald street, Arklay street 

to Stobswell road 5 (4) 

K b Dunella road, B. Ferry, Albany 

road to Strathern road 10 (4) 
il/«Dunira street, Broughty Ferry, 

Whinnybrae to W. 11 (B) 

L b Duntruneter.,Bro. Ferry, Strath- 
ern rd. to Claypots rd. 10 (4) 
Q a" Dura street, Dens road to Forfar 

road 4, 5 (4) 

F c Eadie's road, 70 Victoria rd. 6 (4) 

Eagle buildings, 65 Trades lane (3) 

C eEarl st., Lochee, Coupar Angus 

road to W. 3 (5) 

Earnbank place, 351 Clepington 

road 7 (A) 


Easson's angle, 31 Milnbank 

road S (2) 

il/ a Eastern lane, Broughty Ferry, 

Brook street to S. 11 (B) 

Eastwood place, 107 to 109 Clep- 

ington road 5 (A) 

Eastwood ter. , 105 Clep'gton rd. (A) 

G c Eden street, 97 Arbroath road to 

"Watson street 1 (4) 

Edenbain place, Broughty Ferry, 

S. side of King street 

Edengrove, 99 to 103 Arbroath rd. 

and 1 Eden street 1 (4) 

Edward place, Bro. Ferry, S. side 

of Camperdown street 

1) c Edward street, West end Brook 

street to 121 Blackness rd. 8 (2) 

L b Edward street, Broughty Ferry, 

Strathern road to N. 10 (4) 

iV&Edzell street, B.F., continuation 

of Abertay street to N. 11 (B) 

Eglintine place, B. Ferry, corner 

of Church street and Long lane 

Elder's lane, Lochee, South rd. 3(5) 

Ef Elgin street, off Park road 7 (A) 

G d Eliza street, Albert street to 

Molison street 4, 5 (4) 

F d Elizabeth street, 52 Ann street to 

North George street 5 (4) 

Ellagrove pi., 345-349 Clepington 

road 7 (A) 

Ellen place, 1 to 31 Lyon st. 4 (4) 

F c Ellen street, 8 S. George street to 

Ann street 4 (4) 

F c Ellen street, North, continuation 

Ellen st. to St Salvador st. 5 (4) 

K b Ellieslea road, Bro. Ferry, Dundee 

road to Strathern road 10 (4) 

B d Elliot road, Glamisrd. to E. 8 (5) 

Elm place, 121 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

Elmbank buildings, 323-327 Clep 

ington road (A) 

Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 6 (4) 

Errol ter , 90-94 Victoria rd. 4 (4) 

L a Erskine lane, Bro. Ferry, Brook 

street to Church street 10 (B) 

G c Erskine street, 37 Victoria street 

to Dura street 4 (4) 

Gd Erskine street, North, 28 Dura 

street to Dundonald street 5 (4) 

Erskine terrace, Gl to 93 Clepin 

ton road 5 (A) 

E b Esplanade, from Craig pier "W. to 

Ninewells, fronting River 2 (2, 1) 

N a Esplanade, Bro. Ferry, Mill st. to 

Bridge st., fronting River 11 (B) 


Esplanade road, Perth road to 
Ninewells junction (1) 

E c Euclid cres., top Reform st. to Bell 
st. by both sides High Sch'l 6 (3) 
E c Euclid street, E. side of Constitu- 
tion road, opposite Ward Chapel 
F b Exchange street, 50 Castle street 
to Commercial street 1 (3) 

F d Fairbairn street, Arklay street to 
Provost road 5 (4) 

Fairfield cottages, 339 Clepington 
road (A) 

Fairfield road, Strathmartine road 
to Old Glamis road (A) 

K b Fahfield road, Broughty Ferry, 
Dundee rd. to Arbroath rd. 10 (4) 
F e Fairfield street, Fairmuir street to 
Old Glamis road 7 (A) 

Fairley place, 243-257 Clepington 
road 7 (A) 

F e Fairmuir road, Old Glamis road to 
Fairmuir street 7 (A) 

Fairmuir street, 321 Clepington rd. 
to N. 7 (A) 

Falconhurst terrace, 5 to 9 Hynd- 
ford street 9 (1) 

B c Farington crescent, Farington st. 
to Westgrove avenue 9 (1) 

B c Farington street, Perth road to 
Westgrove avenue 9 (1) 

B c Farington terrace, Perth road to 
Farington crescent 9 (1) 

Fearnbank, 331-3 Clep'gton rd. (A) 
G g Ferguson st, 112 Princes st. 4 (4) 
G c Ferry road, continuation Blacks- 
croft to Broughty Feny 1 (4) 
E d Fingask street, Adelaide place to 
Kinghorne road 7 (2) 

Mb Fintry place, Bro. Ferxy, Seafield 
road to Forthill road 10 (B) 

Mb Fintry pi., West, Bro. Ferry, Sea- 
field road to Claypots road 10 (B) 
Firbank, 138, 140 Lochee rd. 8 (2) 
L a Fisher street, B.F., Church st. to 
Gray st., fronting River 10, 11 (B) 
D c Fleuchar street, Fyffe street to 
Blyth street ' 8 (2) 

Flight's lane, Lochee, 100 High st. 
D c Ford's lane, 300 Hawkhill to 163 
Perth road 9 (1) 

Ford's terrace, 54 to 60 Main st. (4) 
F c Forebank road, 86 Victoria rd. to 
Ann street 4, 6 (4) 

Forebank ter. ,22 Forebank rd. 6 (4) 

D c Forest Park road, 147 Blackness O b Gordon street, Bro. Ferry. 

road to 24 Milnbank road 8 (2) 

E c Forester street, Rattray street to 
Nicoll street 6 (2) 

G d Forfar road, continuation Albert 
street to N. 5 (4) (A) 

C c Fort street, Perth road to Rich- 
mond terrace 2 (1) 

Ma Fort street, Broughty Ferry, River 
to Carnperdown street 10, 11 (B) 

Mb Forthill avenue, B.F., Forthill rd. 
to E., to Recreation ground 11 (B) 

M b Forthill road, B.F., Carnperdown 
street to Balgillo road 10, 11 (B) 

F c Foundry lane, E. end of Sea- 
gate to E. 1 (4) 

E e Francis street, Strathmartine road 
to Quarry road 7 (3) 

E g Frederick street, Downfield, Carn- 
perdown road to Cloan rd. 7 (A) 

|P d Fullarton street, Lochee, Camp- 
bell street to Loons road 3 (2) 
Fyffe's lane, Lochee, South rd. 3(5) 

D c Fyffe st. , 66 Polepark rd. 8 (2) 

Gardner's lane, 57 Lochee road 


D d Gardner street, from top of 
Rankine street to Loons rd. 3 (2) 

E c Garland pl.,22 and 24 Constitution 

road, and 2 to 14 Barrack rd. 7 (2) 

Garland place, B.F., 360 Brook st. 

F c Gellatly street, 51 Dock street to 
Seagate 1 (3) 

F d George street, North,231 Hilltown 
to Church street 5 (4) 

F c George street, South, 15 Nelson 

street to 22 William street 4 (4) 

George st., Lochee, 93 Liff road 3(5) 

Gibb's lane, Lochee, 40 High st. 3(5) 

Gibson terrace, 41 Mains loan 5 (4) 

E f Gillburn road, Downfield, Strath- 
martine road to E. 7 (A) 
Gladstone pi., 32 Dudhope Cres.rd. 
Gladstone place, Broughty Ferry, 
E. end of Brook street, N. side 
Gladstone terrace, Bro'ty Ferry, 
439 to 467 Brook street 

Bd Glamisroad, Perth rd. to Northern 
Balgay approach 8, 9 (1) 

F d Glamis street, 16 St Salvador 
street to Main street 5 (4) 

G c Glebe st. , 32 Lilybank rd. to S. 1 (4) 

D c Glenagnes road, from 211 Black- 
ness road to Scott street 8 (2) 

b Godfrey street, Bro. Ferry, Pan- 
mure terrace to Gordon st. 11 (B) 



cromby st. to Godfrey 
D d Gordon street, Lochee, 
street to Cobden street 
Gowan's court, 21 North Tay 
street and 225 Overgate 6 (2) 
M b Gowan's lane, Broughty Ferry, 
Seafield road to E. 10 (B) 

Gowanbank, 167 Lochee road 8 (2) 
Gowrie pi., 289-299 Hawkhill 9(1) 
D c Gowrie street, 5 Blackness avenue 
G c Graham place, 171 Princes st. 1 (4) 
Graham street, 183 Clepington 
road to N. 5 (A) 

Grange terrace, Broughty Ferry, 
N. side of Monifieth road 
Grant well pi., 276-292 Perth rd. (1) 
Gray's lane, Lochee, 31 High 
street to Burnside street 3 (5) 
Ma Gray street, Broughty Ferry, 
River to Camphill road 11 (B) 
B e Gray street, Lochee, Liff road to 
South road 3 (5) 

2" c Greendykes road, Ferry road to 
East Haddon road 1 (4) 

D b Greenfield place, 156 Perth road 
to 17 Magdalen Yard road 2 (1) 
G reenlaw place, 195-201 Clepington 
road (A) 

F b GreenmarketjfootCrichtonst. 2(3) 
Grieve's ter.. 164 Lochee rd. 8 (2) 
C c Grosvenor rd., 295 Perth rd. 9 (1) 
Grosvenor ter. , 289 Perth rd. 9 (1) 
L b Grove road, Bro. Ferry, Dundee 
road to Strathern road 10 (4) 
G c Grove street, foot of Springhill 1 (4) 
Guthrie pi., top of Guthrie st. (2) 
E c Guthrie street, from top of N. Tay 
street W. to Brook street 8 (2) 
O a Guthrie ter., Bro. Ferry, Dalhousie 
road to Montague street 11 (B) 
H c Haddon road, East, Arbroath 
road to Greendykes road 1 (4) 
M aHaldane lane, Broughty Ferry, 
Brook street to N. 10 (B) 

E g Haldane street, Downfield, Strath- 
martine road to Church road 7(A) 
Ob Hamilton street, B.F., Abertay 
street to Montague street 11 (B) 
E d Harcourt street, 108 Strathmar- 
tine road 7 (3) 
D e Harefield road, Lochee, from 
Loons road to Tofthill 3 
E h Harestane rd., Downfield, Strath- 
martine road to E. 7 (A) 


ilf&Harley street, Broughty Ferry, 

Camperdown street to N. 10 (B) 
G d Harriet street, 42 Dura street 5 (4) 
Harris place, B.F., 315 King st. 
Hartington place, Bro. Ferry, E. 

end of Brook street, N. side 
Havelock place, 247 Hawkhill, and 

2 to 6 Peddie street 9 (1) 

Dc Hawkhill, from "Westport W. to 

Perth road 9 (1) 

Hawkhill place, 17 Perth road 9 (1) 

A d Hazel drive, Perth road to Black 

ness road 9 (1) 

E c Hean's lane, 24 Small's wynd 2(1) 
Hedge road, 14 Dudhope st. 6 (3) 
E c Henderson's wynd, East, 15 West- 
port 8 (2) 
E c Henderson's wynd, West,W. end of 

Guthrie street to Douglas st. 8 (2) 
Hepburn street, 175 Strathmar 

tine road to E. 7 (3) 

M-a Hermitage road, Broughty Ferry, 

Queen st. to Camphill rd. 11 (B) 
Ma Hermitage terrace, B.F., N. side 

Camphill Whinnybraell(B) 

Hermonhill, 21 to 27 Perth rd. 9 (1) 

Hermonhill ter., 27 Perth rd. 9 (1) 

G e Heron's lane, Lochee, South road 

E c High st. , the principal street or 

square in centre of city 1, 2, 6 (3) 
G e High street, Lochee, continuation 

Logiest. to Coupar Angus rd. 3(5) 

Mb Hill rd., B.F.,Hill st. to N. 11 (B) 

E d Hill street, 36 Strathmartine road 


JJ/aHill street, Broughty Ferry 

Forthill road to E. 11(B) 

M b Hill terrace, Broughty Ferry, N 

side of Hill street 11 (B) 

F d Hillbank, a district E. of Jamaica 

street to Dens road 5 (4) 

F d Hillbank road, from top of Cotton 

road to Dens road 4, 5 (4) 

G c Hillcrest road, Blackness avenue 

to Marchfield road (1) 

F d Hilltown (or Bonnethill), top of 

Wellgate to N. 5, 6, 7 (3, 4) 

N b Holly road, Bro. Ferry, Camphill 

road to Castleroy road 11 (B) 
L b Home street, Bro. Ferry, Dougl 

terrace to Dundee road 10 (4) 
L a Home street, East, Bro. Ferry 

Dundee rd. to Westfieldrd. 10 (4) 
L b Home ter., B.F., S. side Dundee 

road, near "VVestfield road 10 (4) 
D c Hop street, 116 Lochee road 8 (2) 


F c Horse wynd, 41 Murraygate to 52 

Seagate 1 (3) 

E c Horsewater wynd, 81 Brook st. 8 

Hospital park, N. of Hospital wd. 

E e Hospital street, Clepington road 

to 302 Loons road 3, 7 (3) 

E d Hospital wynd, 290 Hilltown to 

Kinghorne road 7 (3) 

Howie place, Broughty Ferry, 

Long lane at Gray street 
Hunter place, Broughty Ferry, 

S. side of Monifieth road 
E c Hunter street, 50 Brook street 

to 43 Hawkhill 2, 9 (1) 

MaTLutton pi., Bro. Ferry, Monifieth 

road to Ramsay street 11 (B) 
G c Hyndford street, 245 Perth road 

to Blackness road 9 (1) 

Hyndford terrace, Hyndford street 


F c Idvies street, 91 Victoria road 6 (4) 

E c India buildings, 86 Bell street and 

2 and 4 Victoria road 6 (3) 

D d Inverary terrace, continuation of 

Albany terrace to W. 3, 7, 8 (2) 
ZMInverlaw place, Dudhope terrace 

to Albany terrace 7, 8 (2) 

O a Invermark ter., Bro. Ferry, Aber- 

cromby st. to Guthrie ter. 11 (B) 

E c Ireland's lane, 24 Bell street 6 (3) 

Irvine's square, 38 Bell street (3) 

F d Isla st. , Main st. to Dens road 5 (4) 

i^cZIsla street, North, continuation 

of Isla street to N. 5 (4) 

Isles' lane, 115 Hawkhill (1) 

F d Jamaica street, 90 Ann street 5 (4) 

L a James pi. , Bro. Ferry, AVestfield 

road to Church street 10 (4) 

F d James street, 26 Ann street to 

North George street 5 (4) 

G d Janefield place, 26 Forfar road to 

Mains loan 5 (4) 

C d Jedburgh road, Blackness road to 

Glamis road 8 

M b Jessiman terrace, Broughty Ferry, 

E. side of Forthill road, near 

Recreation ground 11 (B) 

L a Jetty lane, Broughty Ferry, Fisher 

street to N. 11 (B) 

E c John st. , 12 Dudhope Cres. rd. 7 (2) 

Johnston's lane, 2 Brook st. (1) 

E c Johnston st. , top of N. Lindsay st. 

Jubilee place, Broughty Ferry, 

S. side of Castle street 
F e Kelvin street, Old Glamis road to 

Balgray street 7 (A) 


Q c Kemback street, 54 Arbroath road 

to M'Gill street 4 (4) 

Kenmore place, Brougbty Ferry, 

Monifietb road at Taymouth pi. 

Kerr's lane, Locbee, Lome st. 3 (5) 

b Kerrington crescent, Bro. Ferry, 

off Dalhousie road 11 (B) 

F d Kidd st., 3 North William st. 5 (4) 
D d Kilberry street, Locbee, Lawside 

road to Cobden street 3 (2) 

D c Kincardine street, 46 Blackness 

road to 97 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

F c King's road, 18 King street to 

Victoria road 4, 6 (4) 

F c King street, from Cowgate to 

Princes street 1, 4, 6 (4) 

Ma King street, Bro. Ferry, Westfield 

road to Mill street 10, 11 (4) (B) 
D e King's Cross road, 8 Loons road, 

Lochee, to north 3 

E d Kinghorne road, Hospital wynd 

to Lawside road 7 (2) 

Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

E d Kinloch street, 108 Rosebank 

street to Carmicbael street 7 (3) 
E d Kinnaird st. , 20 Hospital wynd to 

Stirling street 7 (3) 

Kirk entry, 21 Wellgate 6 (4) 

C e Kirkst.,Lochee,Lornest.,toS. 3(5) 

Kirkcaldy's court, 49 Dock st. (3) 

E g Kirkton road, Downfield, Stratk- 

martine road to E. 7 (A) 

Laburnst.,50DudhopeCres.rd. (2) 

Lady well pi., 5-21 Victoria rd. 6 (3) 

F d Laing street, 57 Cotton road 4 (4) 

E h Laird street, Downfield, Strath- 

martine road to W. 7 (A) 

E d Lawson place, 23 Constitution 

street to Stirling street 7 (3) 

Lebanon place, Brougbty Ferry, 

corner of King street and St 

E d Leng street, 67 Hill st. to N. 7 (3) 

If a Lethnot street, Brougbty Ferry, 
Abercromby street to W. 11 (B) 

C f Liff road, Lochee, Coupar Angus 
road to W. 3 (5) 

G c Lilybank road, 47 Arbroath road 
to Ferry road 1 (4) 

E d Lincoln st., Leng st. to Derby st. 

E c Lindsay street, North, 115 Over- 
gate to Ward road 6 (2) 

E b Lindsay street, South, 23 Nether- 
gate to 106 Overgate 2 (2) 
Links cottages, Brougbty Ferry, 
N. side of Castle street along 
side of railway 

ilf a Links place, Bro. Ferry, N. side of 

Castle street, between Churchill 

place and East Links st. 11 (B) 

Links pi. , East — see Links st. , East 

M a Links street, East, Bro'ty Ferry, 

Castle street to N. 11 (B) 

Lintrathen gardens, W. Cleping- 

ton road (A) 

Ee Lintrathen place, W. Clepington 
road 3 (A) 

Ee Lintrathen street, Lintrathen pi. 
to Soutar street 3 (A) 

Eg Little John st., John st. to W. 7 (2) 

Livingstone pi., 85 Locbee rd. 8 (2) 

Loch Moy pi., 15, 16 Baxter Park 

terrace and 38 Park avenue 4 (4) 

Loch Tay pi., 11-14 Baxter Pk. ter. 

Lamb's lane, 124 Victoria rd. 4(4) ! D c Lochee road, from top of N. Tay 

G e Lammerton terrace, Forfar road 

to Mains loan 

Langlands st. , 128 Albert st. 4 (4) 

Lansdowne place, 3 Constitution 

road 6 (3) 

D c Larch street, 140 Brook st. 8 (2) 

street to Logie st. 3, 6, 7, 8 (2) 

5 (A) | C d Logie street, Locbee, Cobden street 

to Bridge, Lochee station 3 (2, 5) 

Logiebank, 30 to 40 Rankine street 


Logiebank, 142-144B Lochee rd. 8 (2) 

E. side Constitution \M a Long lane, Bro'ty Ferry, West- 


field rd. to New rd. 10, 11 (4) (B) 

E e Laurelbank, 
Lauristonpl.,47,47AHospitalw'nd E b Long wynd, 75 Nethergate to 194 
Law steps, 169 Lochee road to 
Law street, Dudhope ter. toN. 7(2) 
D c Lawrence street, 13 Milnbank road D 
to Fyffe street 8 (2) 

Overgate 2 (2) 

(2) E d Longair street, M'Kinnon street 

to Hospital wynd 7 (3) 

Loons road, 150 Stratbmartine rd. 

to Logie street, Lochee 3, 7 (2, 3) 

L a Lawrence street, Brougbty Ferry, E e Lorimer street, 309 Loons rd. 7 (3) 

Brook street to King st. 10 (B) 
D d Lawside road, Albany terrace to 
Loons road 3, 7, 8 (2) 

e Lome street, Locbee, South road 
to Gray street 3 (5) 

orne terrace, Forfar road 5 (4) 



L b Louise terrace, Broughty Ferry, 

E. side of Grove road 10 (4) 

Lowden's alley, 157 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

M a Lyell place, Bro. Ferry, N. side of 

Long lane, near Gray st. 11 (B) 

G d Lynnewood pi., 5 Madeira st. 5 (4) 

Lyon's close, 61 Hawkhill (1) 

G c Lyon street, 28 Albert street to 

Dens road 4 (4) 

D c Lytton street, 21 Blackness avenue 

D f Macalpine road, Kingscross to 

American Muir 7 (A) 

E d Macaulay street, Upper Constitu- 
tion street to Longair street 7 (3) 
E c M'Donald street, 102 Hilltown 

to Arthur street 6 (3) 

G c M'Gill street, 101 Albert st. 4 (4) 
E d M'Kinnon street, Upper Consti- 
tution street to Longair st. 7 (3) 
E h M'Lean street, Downfield, Strath - 

martine road to W. 7 (A) 

M'Vicar's lane, 150 Perth rd. 2 (1) 

G d Madeira street, Forfar road to 

Pitkerro road 5 (4) 

D b Magdalen green, S. of Magdalen 

Yard rd. , fronting the river 2 (1) 
Magdalen pi., 43 Magdalen Yard rd. 
Magdalen terrace, 24 to 32 Shep- 
herd's loan 2 (1) 
D b Magdalen Yard road, 130 Perth 

road to Fort street 2 (1) 

F d Main street, from top of Hilltown 

E. to Dens road 5 (4) 

G d Mains loan, top Albert N.5 (4) 
F d Mains rd., top of Hilltown to Dens 

road 5,7(3,4) 

Maitland street, Dura street to 

Arthurstone terrace 4 (4) 

Malcolm's pend, Henderson's W. 

wvnd to Guthrie street (2) 

G d Malcolm st., 13 Ogilvie st. 5 (4) 

Malthouse close, 58 Nethergate (2) 

Manor pi., 189 to 223 Perth rd. 9 (1) 

If a Manor place, Bro. Ferry, King 

street to N. 11 (B) 

J b Margaret crescent, Christian road 

to Stirling road 1 (4) 

L a Margaret place, Broughty Ferry, 

W. end of King street 10 (4) 

F b Marine parade, S. of Victoria 

dock 1 (4) 

Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

Maritime bldgs., 26 E. Dockst. (4) 

G c Market street, E. Dock street to 

Ferry road 1 (4) 

L a Mars lane, Broughty Ferry, David 

lane to N. 11 (B) 

P a Marshall place, Broughty Ferry, 

S. end of Balmossie street 11 (B) 
O e Marshall street, Lochee, 56 High 

street to Balgay street 3 (5) 

Hd Martin street, 53 Clepington road 

to Nairn street and N. 5 (A) 

F c Mary Ann lane, East Dock street 

to Seagate 1 (4) 

9 (1) G e Marybank lane, Lochee, Lome 

street to Liff road 3 (5) 

G d Maryfield, a district N. of Albert 

street 5 (4) 

M a Maryfield road, Broughty Ferry, 

Camphill rd. to Hill st. 11 (B) 
G d Maryfield terrace, Forfar road to 

Mains loan 5 (4) 

Masonic place, 46 Dudhope Cres- 
cent road 7 (2) 
O a Maule street, Bro. Ferry, Dal- 

housie rd. to Navarre st. 11 (B) 

F d Maxwelltown,districtN.of Ann st. 

Mayfield place, Ferry road to 

Arbroath road 1 (4) 

F c Meadow entry, 18 Murraygate 6 (3) 
F c Meadow Place buildings, E. end 

Bell street 6 (3) 

F c Meadow street, 24 Wellgate to 

Meadowside 6 (3) 

E c Meadowside, from top of Barrack 

street to Victoria road 6 (3) 

Meal's close, 167 Overgate (2) 

Melbourne pi. , 49-55 Dens rd. 5 (4) 

Melrose terrace, Court street 5 (4) 

G c Melville lane, Ferry road to East 

Dock street 1 (4) 

G o Melville street, Blackness road to 

Anderson street 8 

Melville ter., Westpark road 9 (1) 

Mercantile build'gs, 46-56 Bell st. 

C e Methven st., Lochee, off High st. 3 

Mid Kirk style, from Tally street 

to South Lindsay street (2) 

F d Mid road, 29b Strathmartine road 

to Mains road 7 (3) 

E c Mid street,49 Constitution rd.6 (3) 

Mid street. South, Lochee, 28 Bank 

street 3 (5) 

D b Mid wynd, 77 Perth road to 

Hawkhill 9 (1) 

F b Middle street, 69 Princes street 

to 66 Blackscroft 1 (4) 

M a Mill street, Broughty Ferry, River 

to King street 11 (B) 

Millar 's lane, Lochee, South rd. 3 (5) 


Miller's pend, 17 Brook street (2) 

D b Miller's wynd, 51 Perth road to 

208 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

Miln's bldgs., 136 Netkergate 2 (2) 

Miln street, from Brown street to 

West Henderson's wynd 8 (2) 

D c Milnbank road, W. end Brook 

street to City road 8 (2) 

D c Milne's East wynd, 171 Brook 

street to Douglas street 8 (2) 

Milne's West wynd, 183 Brook 

street to Douglas street 8 (2) 

E d Milton street, Byron street to 

Back street 7 (3) 

C b Minto place, Bichmond terrace to 

Thorns crescent 2(1) 

D c Mitchell street, 130 Lochee road 

to Benvie road 8 (2)1 

Molison street, Mains loan to Eliza 

street 5 (4) 

E e Moncur crescent, from Dens road 

to 117 Strathmartine road 7(3) 

Na Monifieth road, Bro. Ferry, St 

Vincent st. to Abertay st. 11 (B; 

b Montague street, B.F., Panmure 

terrace to Strathmore st. 11 (B) 

Moray place, 101, 103 Magdalen 

green 2 (1) 

Morgan's buildings, 143 Nether 

gate 9 (1) 

G c Morgan street, Arbroath road to 

Pitkerro road 4 (4) 

G d Morgan ter. , 42-54 Forfar rd. 5(4) 

Morrison's court, 58 Wellgate 6 (3) 

Mortimer pi. , 12^ Mortimer st. (3) 

E d Mortimer street, from 91 Hospital 

wynd to Byron street 7 (3) 

Mountpleasant, 134 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

Moy villas, 38 Forfar road (4) 

E f Muirfield crescent, Strathmartine 

road at Fairmuir to N.W. 7(A) 

E f Muirfield road, Strathmartine rd 

to Balgray road 7 (A) 

E f Muirfield street, Muirfield cres 

cent to Strathmartine road 7 (A) 

Muirton road, Lochee, 124 Logie 

street to Ancrum road (5) 

Municipal buildings, 89 to 95 Com 

mercial street (3) 

Munro's pend, 16 Brook street (1) 

Murray street, Mayfield place to 

Dalgleish road 1 (4) 

F c Murray gate, from E. end of High 

street to the N.E. 1, 6 (3) 

Nairne place, 52-58 Seafield road 



b Navarre st., Bro. Ferry, Guthrie 

terrace to Balmossie street 11 (B) 
F d Neish street, Fairbairn street to 

Tannadice street (4) 

F c Nelson street, 94 Victoria road to 

Ann street 4 (4) 

Nelson ter. , west side Nelson st. (4) 
Ness street, 9 Ellen street to 42 

William street, Forebank 4 (4) 
E b Nethergate, from W. end of High 

street to Perth road 2(2,1,3) 
E f Nevill street, Strathmartine road 

to Muirfield crescent 7 (A) 

E c New Inn entry, 67 High st. 6 (3) 
Ma New road, Broughty Ferry, Brook 

street to King street 11 (B) 

ilffxNewington ter.,B.F., Brook st. to 

Panmure st., River front 11 (B) 
Nicoll's lane, Lochee, from High 

street to Tofthill 3 (5) 

E c Nicoll street, 7 Ward road 6 (2) 
L b Nicoll street, Broughty Ferry, 

Douglas terrace to W. 10 (4) 

A c Ninewells, 388 Perth road 2 

M a Norma ter., B.F.. S. side Camp- 
hill rd., at Hermitage rd. 11 (B) 
Normanview, 83-89 Magdalen grn. 
F c Norrie's pend, 64 Hilltown 6 (3) 
M a Norrie street, Broughty Ferry, 

Monifieth road to N. 11 (B) 

E d North street, 73 Strathmartine 

road 7 (3) 

B c Norwood crescent, from Norwood 

terrace to Blackness road 9 (1) 
B c Norwood ter., Westpark road 9(1) 
Ma Oakley place, Broughty Ferry, 

Queen street to N. 11 (B) 

Oakwoodter., Westpark road 9(1) 

Ogilvie's close, 28| High street (3) 

E d Ogilvie's rd., 7 Constitution st. 7(3) 

K b Ogilvie road, Bro. Ferry, Dundee 

road to Grassy beach 10 (4) 

F d Ogilvie street, Dura st. to N. 5 (4) 

Ogilvy place, Lochee, 16 Muirton 

road 3 (5) 

H d Old Craigie road, Arbroath road 

to Pitkerro road 4 (4) 

Old Glamis road, top of Provost 

road to N. (A) 

Old Muirton road, Lochee, 2 High 

street (5) 

Osborne place, 105 Magdalen green 

Osborne ter., 95 to 99 Magdalengn. 
Osborne terrace, Bro. Ferry, N. 
side of Camperdown street 


E c Overgate, from W. end of Higlil D d Pitfour street, 27 City road to 

street to Westport 2, 6 (2, 3) 
Panraure place, Bro. Ferry, E. side 
of Panmure street, at Esplanade 
F c Panmure street, from foot of Well- 
gate W. to the High School 6 (3) 
31 a Panmure street, Broughty Ferry, 
Esplanade to Camphill rd. 11 (B) 
E d Panmure terrace, N. of Dudhope 
terrace 7 (2) 

O b Panmure ter. , Bro. Ferry, Abertay 
street to Guthrie terrace 11 (B) 
Paradise lane, 17 Dudhope st. 6 (3) 
E c Paradise road, 20 Mid street to 
Dudhope street 6 (3) 

Parish Council buildings, 9 West 
Bell street 6 (2) 

G d Park avenue, from Albert street 
to Baxter park 4 (4) 

.flfaPark avenue, Bro'ty Ferry, Pan 
mure st. to Orchar park 11 (B) 
Park lane, 15 Temple lane 2 (1) 
E b Park place, 145 Nethergate 2 (1) 
Park place, 172 Clepington rd. (3) 
Park pi., Lochee, 91 Ancrum rd 
M a Park place, Broughty Ferry, 331 
and 335 King street 11(B) 

E f Park road, Strath martine road to 
Fairmuir street 7 (A) 

D c Park street, 112 Lochee road 9 (2) 
Park ter. ,259-71 Blackness rd. 8 (5) 
E c Park wynd, 70 Hawkhill 8 (1) 
E c Parker street, 26 Dudhope Cres 
cent road 6 (2) 

Parkview ter. , 8-14 Forfar rd. § (4) 
E e Patersonst.,124Strathmtnrd.7(3) 
D b Paton's lane, 240 Perth road to 57 
Magdalen green 2 (1) 

Pearl bldgs., 30 Meadowside 6 (3) 
D c Peddie st., 245 Hawkhill to Black 
ness road 9 (1) 

C e Pee]st.,Lnchee,16Marshallst.3(5) 
G c Peep-o'-day lane, 145 Blackscroft 
to East Dock street 1 (4) 

D b Pennycook lane, 141 Perth road 
to 288 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

C e Perrie street, Lochee, South road 
to Liff road 3 (5) 

D b Perth road, continuation of 
Nethergate from Small's wynd 
to West 2, 9 (1) 

F c Peter street, 61 Murraygate to 
70 Seagate 1 (3) 

Pillars, The, 12 to 17 High st. 2(3) 
Pine terrace, B.F., 15 Brook st. 
Pitalpin st., Lochee, Liff road 3 (5) 

Benvie road 8 (2) 

G d Pitkerro road, from east end of 
Dura street to E. 4, 5 (4, A) 

Playfair's entry, 10 Hawkhill (1) 
D c Pleasance, Lower, from W. end of 
Douglas street to Lochee rd. 8 (2) 
D c Pole street, 48 Polepark road 8 (2) 
D c Polepark road, a continuation of 
Brook street to Lochee road 8 (2) 
Powrie place, 23 Ann street 6 (4) 
Premier pi. , 165-201 Albert st. 4 (4) 
F c Princes street, continuation of 
King street to N.E. 1, 4 (4) 

Prospect pi., 71 Constitn. rd. 6 (3) 
M b Prospect terrace, Broughtv Ferry, 
N. side of Hill street : 11 (B) 
F e Provost road, Mains road to Clep- 
ington road 5, 7 (3, 4) 
Prudential Assurance buildings, 
31 Albert square 6 (3) 
Pullar's close, 62 Murraygate (3) 
Quarry entry, 82 Cowgate (4) 
Quarry In., Lochee, 120 Liff rd 3(5) 
Quarry road, Loons road to Cold- 
side road 7 (3) 
Queen's Hotel bdgs. ,160 Neth'gate 
F c Queen street, 138 Seagate to 75 
Cowgate 1 (4) 
Ma Queen street, B. Ferry, Ckypots 
rd. to Monifieth rd. 10, 11 (4) (B) 
L b Queen street, West, B.F., Clay- 
pots rd. to Bayfield rd. 10 (4) 
G c Raglan street, 41 Albert street to 
Kemback street 4 (4) 
J b Ralston road, Broughty Ferry, 
Dundee road to N. 10 (4) 
Ramsay's pend, 43 Brook st. (2) 
M a Ramsay place, Broughty Ferry, 
W. side of St Vincent st. 11 (B) 
Ramsay street, 23 Polepark rd. (2) 
M a Ramsay street, Broughty Ferry, 
Boyd place to Hutton pi. 11 (B) 
Na Ramsaypark, Broughty Ferry, S. 
side of Monifieth road V (B) 
Rankine's court, 79 High st. 6 (3) 
Rankine st. , 125 Lochee rd. 3, 8 (2) 
Rattray's entry, 78 Bell street (3) 
E c Rattray street, 13 Ward road 6 (2) 
E c Reform street, High st. to N. 6 (3) 
Reid's lane, Lochee, Pitalpin 
street 3 (5) 
Reid street, 8 Derby street 7 (3) 
Rennie's close, 120 Nethergate (2) 
L b Renny place, Bro. Ferry, W. side 
of Grove road 10 (4) 


JV a Reres road, Bro. Ferry, Monifieth 

road to Abertay street 11 (B) 

Reres terrace, Bronghty Ferry, 

S. side of Monifieth road 

jtf aRhona place, Broughty Ferry, N. 

side of Queen street 11 (B) 

C b Richmond terrace, Windsor street 

to Fort street 2 (1) 

Ritchie's lane, 187 Perth road 9 (1) 

Riverview place, 28-30 Clepington 

road (4) 

L a Robert's lane, Broughty Ferry, 

Church lane to E. 10 (B) 

G c Robertson street, 15 Arbroath road 

to Lilybank road 1 (4) 

G c Rockfield crescent, Grosvenor road 

to Hyndford street 9 (1) 

C c Rockfield street, 281 Perth road to 

Rockfield crescent 9 (1) 

Rockfield ter., Rockfield st. 9 (1) 

E e Rockwell place, Lorimer street 

to W. 7 (3) 

Roodyards road,103 Ferry rd. 1 (4) 

Rose lane, 37 Rosebank road 6 (3) 

E c Rose street, 15 Arthur street 6 (3) 

Roseangle ter., 72-82 Seafield rd 

E c Rosebank rd. , 26 Rosebank st. 6 (3) 

E d Rosebank street, 128 Hilltown to 

Hospital wynd 6, 7 (3) 

Rosebery street, Baxter street to 

City road, Lochee (2) 

D c Rosefield street, 193 Blackness 

road to Milnbank road 8 (2) 

Rosemount terrace, Upper Con 

stitution street to E. 5 (3) 

Rosewood ter., Westpark rd. 9(1) 

G d Roslin terrace, Court street 5 (4) 

Roslyn villas, Broughty Ferry, 

N. side of Castle street 

Rosslyn villas, 295-301 Clepington 

road (A) 

B c Roxburgh ter. , Westpark rd. 9 (1) 

Royal Exchange court, 39 Albert 

square (3) 

Royal Exchange lane, 30 Meadow 

side (3) 

F c RoyalExchangepl.,Panmurest.(3) 

Na Rugby terrace, Broughty Ferry, 

Esplanade to N. 11 (B) 

Russell lane, 8 Victoria road 6 (3) 

Ed Russell street, 58 Strathmartine 

road 7 (3) 

Rustic pi., 1 to 5 Dudhope st. and 

63 to 69a Constitution road 6 (3) 

M b Rustic place, Broughty Ferry. 

E. side of Seafield road 10 (B) 



D b Ryehill lane, 109 Perth road to 

262 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

F c St Andrew's street, 31 Cowgate to 

116 Seagate 1 (3, 4) 

St Ann street, Lochee, Marshall 

street to Balgay street 3 (5) 

St Clement's lane, 11 High st. 2 (3) 

St David's lane, 26 N. Tay st. (2) 

B c St Johnswood ter. , Westpark road 

E h St Luke's road, Downfield, Bal- 

dovan road to E. 7 (A) 

St Margaret's close, 36 Nethergate 

St Margaret's square, Broughty 

Ferry, 302 Brook street 
St Mary's lane, Lochee, 37 High 
street to Burnside street 3 (5) 
D c St Mary's place, top of St Mary st. 

St Mary's pi., B.F., 23 King st. 
E h St Mary's road, Downfield, Cox 
street to W. 7 (A) 

D c St Mary st., 81 Lochee road 8 (2) 
St Mary's ter. , top of St Mary st. 
G c St Matthew street, 68 Ferry road 
N. to Watson street 1 (4) 

D b St Peter street, 121 Perth road to 
270^ Hawkhill 9 (1) 

F c St Roque's lane, 210 Seagate to 
King street 1 (4) 

St Roque's place, Bro. Ferry, S. 
side of Dundee road 
F d St Salvador st., Church st. toE. 5(4) 
St Vincent place, Broughty Ferry, 
corner of St Vincent street and 
Long lane 
Ma St Vincent st., Bro. Ferry, Beach 
crescent to Monifieth rd. 11 (B) 
E c Salem st., 59 Constitution rd. (3) 
Salisbury place, 87-93 Arbroath 
road 1 (4) 

Salisbury place, Broughty Ferry, 
N. side of Castle street 
F d Sandeman street, Arklay street to 
Provost road 5 (4) 

E f School road, Downfield, Strath- 
martine road to W. 7 (A) 
B c Scotswood terrace, top Westpark 
road 9 (1) 
C d Scott street, 38 City road to Balgay 
approach 8 (5) 
Sea close, 63 Yeaman shore (2) 
E b Sea wynd, 128 Nethergate 2 (2) 
D b Seafield lane, 214a Perth road 2 (1) 
D b Seafield road, 210 Perth road to 
39 Magdalen Yard road 2 (1) 
M b Seafield road, Bro. Ferry, Camper- 
down street to Balgillo rd. 10 (B) 


M b Seafield terrace, Broughty Ferry, 

Seafield road to W. 10 (B) 

F c Seagate, from High street to St 

Roque's lane 1 (3, 4) 

Ma Sea view place, B.F., corner of 

Brook st. and Esplanade 11 (B) 
Ma Seaward place, B.F., between Sea- 
view pi. and Newington ter. 11 (B) 
E c Session street, 11 Brook street to 

Guthrie street 8 (2) 

Seymour place, 11 Dudhope street 

and Paradise road 6 (3) 

G c Seymour street, 233 Perth road to 

Blackness road 9 (1) 

Shaftesbury road, north of and 

parallel to Clarendon terrace 9 (1) 
G d Shamrock street, Madeira street 

to Mains loan 5 (4) 

Shandonpl., 205-215 Albert st. 4 (4) 

Sharp's In. , Lochee, South rd. 3 (5) 

C b Shepherd's loan, 324 Perth road 

to 99 Magdalen green 2 (1) 

Shepherd's square, 46 Hilltown (3) 

E f Sherbrook st., Downfield, Strath- 

martine road to E. 7 (A) 

M a Shiell street, B.F., Esplanade to 

Monifieth road 11 (B) 

F b Shore terrace, foot of Castle street 

to Grcenmarket 2 (3) 

F d Sibbald street, Dens road to Fair- 
bairn street 5 (4) 
G e Sinclair street, Lochee, 176 High 

street 3 (5) 

E b Small's lane, 38 Small's wynd 2(1) 
E b Small's wynd, 1 Perth road to 54 

Hawkhill -2, 9 (1) 

E c Smellie's lane, from Henderson's 

W. wynd to 84 Lochee road 8 (2) 
E e Smith street, 345 Clepington road 

to N. 7 (A) 

E d Smithfield, district top of Hill- 

town (3) 

E c Soapwork lane, Irvine's square to 

6 Victoria road 6 (3) 

E d Somerville place, top Constitution 

road 6, 7 (2) 

Somerville place, East, off Upper 

Constitution street 7 (3) 

E d Somerville place, North, off Upper 

Constitution street 7 (2) 

E d Somerville place, West, off Upper 

Constitution street 7 (2) 

E e Soutar street, Clepington road to 

Lintrathen street 3 (A) 

B e South road, Lochee, Bank street 

to W. 3 (5) 


Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 9 (1) 
Speedwell place, 260-272 Perth rd. 
D b Springfield, 27 Perth road 9 (1) 
G c Springhill, 180 Ferry road to Ar- 
broath road 1 (4) 
Stanley buildings, Lochee, 42 Cob- 
den street (5) 
Stanley place, 17 Step row 2 (1 ) 
M b Stanley road, Bro. Ferry, Seafield 
road to E. 10 (B) 
/ b Stannergate road, continuation of 
East Camperdown st. to E. 1 (4) 
Station lane, Lochee, 94 South 
road 3 (5) 
D b Step row, 258 Perth road to 61 
Magdalen green 2 (1) 
G e Stevenson street, Lochee, 19 Lift 
road 3 (5) 
Stewart's lane, Lochee, Pitalpin 
street 3 (5) 
G e Stewart street, Lochee, Lome 
street to Liff road (5) 
M b Stewart street, Bro. Ferry, Fort- 
hill road to Cedar road 10 (B) 
Stewart terrace, Bronghty Ferry, 
S. side of Dalhousie road 
J b Stirling road, Margaret crescent to 
Christian road 1 (4) 
E d Stirling street, 238 Hilltown to 
Carmichael street 7 (3) 
Stobswell road, 30 Dura street to 
Dundonald street 5 (4) 
K b Strathern rd. , B. Ferry, from E. of 
Victoria rd. to Craigie av. 10 (4) 
E e Strathmartine road, from top of 
Hilltown to Downfield 7 (3) (A) 
Strathmore road, 236 Blackness 
road to Corso street 9 (1) 
F d Strathmore street, Arklay street 
to Com*t street 5 (4) 
J¥b Strathmore st. , Bro. Ferry, Camp- 
field rd. to Balmossie st. 11 (B) 
Strathview terrace, 31 Forfar road 
5 (4) (A) 
C b Strawberrybank, 342 Perth road 
to 107 Magdalen green 2 (1) 
/ c Strips of Craigie road, 248 Ferry 
road to N. (4) 
Sturrock ter., 4,8 Elizabeth st. 5 (4) 
F c Sugarhouse wynd, 53 Cowgate to 
134 Seagate 1 (4) 
E h Symers street, Downfield, Strath- 
martine road to W. 7 (A) 
D c Tait's lane, 269 Hawkhill 9 (1) 
F d Tannadice street, Sandeman street 
to Court street 5 (4) 


E b Tally street, 54 Overgate to 

Nethergate 2 (2, 3) 

Tay square, 12 S. Tay street 2 (1) 

Ma Tay square, Broughty Ferry, Long 

lane, near Gray street 11 (B) 

E c Tay street, North, 249 Overgate 

to Lochee road 6, 8 (2) 

E b Tay street, South, 113 Nethergat 

to 242 Overgate 2 (1, 2) 

Tay St. In., 105a Nethergate 2(2) 

Tay ter., 50-60 Magdalen Yard rd. 

Ma Tay terrace, Broughty Ferry, W. 

side of Panmure street 11 (B) 

D b Taylor's lane, 300 Perth road to 

73 Magdalen green 2 (1) 

Taylor street, Lochee, from Liff 

road to Lome street 3 (5) 

Af« Taymouth place, Broughty Ferry, 

Monifieth road to S. 11 (B) 

Taymouth ter. , Bro. Ferry, Moni 

fieth road at Taymouth place 

Taypark place, Bro. Ferry, corner 

of Gray street and Long lane 

E c Temple lane, 30 Westport 2 (1) 

Temple place, 18 & 36a Westport 


F d Thistle st., 27 Mains rd. to E. 5 (4) 

D b Thomson street, 228 Perth road 

to 55 Magdalen green 2 (1) 

Thorn pi. ,219-57 Blackness rd. 8 (5) 

G c Thornbank street, 113 Arbroath 

road to S. 1 (4) 

Thornley terrace, Madeira st. 5 (4) 

Thorter row, 36 Overgate 2 (3) 

Tindal's wynd, 4^ High street to 

6 Shore terrace (3) 

Todburn lane, from "William lane 

to Dens brae 4 (4) 

Tofthill, Lochee, Bright st. 3 (5) 

F c Trades lane, from St Andrew's st. 

to Dock street 1 (3, 4) 

M b Traill street, Bro. Ferry, Seafield 

road to Forthill road 10 (B) 

Tullideph road, 200 Lochee road 

to Ancrum road (2) 

E c Tulloch crescent, from top of 

Dallfield wk. to Bosebank st. 6 (3) 

Unionbank, Lochee, Tofthill to 

North 3 (5) 

Union Bank bdgs., 2-6 Panmure st. 

Union court, 6 Thorter row (3) 

D b Union place, 278 Perth road 2 (1) 

Ma Union place, Bro. Ferry, 494, 500, 

and 502 Brook street 11 (B) 

E b Union street and S. Union street, 

42 Nethergate to Craig pier 2 (2) 



Ma Union street, Bro. Ferry, Brook 
street to King street 11 (B) 

E c Union terrace, E. side Con- 
stitution road 6 (3) 

D c Ure street, 181 Hawkhill to 136 
Blackness road 9 (1) 

D c Urquhart street, from 172 Brook 

street to Blackness road 8 (2) 

Vault, 17 High street 2 (3) 

F c Victoria chain., 10-14 Victoria rd. 
Victoria place, Bro. Ferry, S. side 
of West Queen street 

F c Victoria road, Bell street to Dens 
road 4, 6 (3, 4) 

L b Victoria road, Bro. Ferry, Dundee 

road to Claypots road 10 (4) 

Victoria sq. , 43 Nethergate 1 (2) 

F c Victoria street, top Princes street 
to Victoria road 4 (4) 

O a Victoria terrace, Bro. Ferry, N. 
side of Dalhousie road 11 (B) 

F d Viewbank terrace, Clepington 

road, at top of Provost road (A) 

Viewforth place, 1, 3 Blackness 

avenue 9 (1) 

Viewforth place, B.F., 5 Gray st. 

Ma Walker street, Broughty Ferry, 
Brook street to N. 11 (B) 

Wallace's pend, 24a Hawkhill (1) 
Wallace street, 141 Princes street 
to Blackscroft 1 (4) 

Walrond street, Forfar road to 
Chalmers street 5 (4) 

D c Walton street, 172 Brook street 
to Forest Park road 8 (2) 

E c Ward road, from foot of Consti- 
tution road to North Tay st. 6 (2) 

E c Ward road, South, top of Bar- 
rack street to N. Tay street 6 (2) 
Waterloo pi., 73 Annfield rd. (1) 

D c Watson's lane, 133 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

G c Watson street, Lilybank road to 
Springhill 1 (4) 

D c Watt street, 190 Hawkhill 9 (1) 

E e Wedderburn street, 153 Strath- 
martine road to E. 7 (3) 

Well road, 150 Hawkhill (1) 

Wellbank lane, Lochee, off Burn- 
side street 3 (5) 

B e Wellburn street, Lochee, South 
road to Wellgrove street 3 (5) 

F c Wellgate, from Murraygate to 
foot of Hilltown 6 (3, 4) 

B e Wellgrove st., Lochee, Gray st. 3 (5) 

F c Wellington street, 98 Victoria rd. 
to Ann street 4 (4) 


F d Wellington street, North, continu 

ation of Wellington st. to N. 5 (4) 
F b West Protection wall, from Craig 

harbour to Tide harbour 1 (3) 
E e West st., 2 Back st. toLorimer st. 
D b West wynd, 95 Perth rd. to 248 

Hawkhill 9 (1) 

D b Westfieldave., 172 Perth rd. 2 (1) 
D 6 Westfield lane, 188 Perth road 

to 35 Magdalen Yard road 2 (1) 
D b Westfield place, 186 Perth road 

to 33 Magdalen Yard road 2 (1) 

Westfield pi., B.F., Westfield rd. 

L a Westfield road, Broughty Ferry, 

River to Brook street 10 (4) 

B d Westgrove ave. , Perth rd. at Far- 

ingtonhall to Blackness rd. 9 (1) 
B c Westparkgard'ns,offWestparkrd. 
B c Westpark road, Perth road at 

Cemetery N. to Blacknessrd. 9 (1) 
E c Westport,W.endOvergate2,8(2,l) 
F c Whale lane, East, 187 Seagate to 

East Dock street 1 (4) 

F c Whale lane, West, 181 Seagate to 

East Dock street 1 (4) 

M a Whinny brae, B. Ferry, Monifieth 

road to Camphill road 11 (B) 

Whitehall chamb. , 11 Whitehall st. 

E b Whitehall crescent, Greenmarket 

to Union street 2 (2, 3) 

Whitehall place, Whitehall cres. 

E b Whitehall street, 6 Nethergate to 

Whitehall crescent 2 (3) 

Whitton's pend, 25 Hawkhill (1) 

F c Whitton street, King's road 4 (4) 

Whorterbank, Lochee, 1 Higl 

street 3 (5 

D c Wilkie's lane, 141 Hawkhill 9 (1) 
F c William lane, 62 King street 4 (4) 
F c William street, 104 Victoria road 
to Ann street 4 (4) 

F d William street, North, continua- 
tion of William street to N. 5 (4) 
E c Willison street, 44 Barrack street 
to N. Lindsay street 6 (2) 

Wilson street, Lochee, 54 South 
road 3 (5) 

Windsor place, 107 Magdalen green 


Windsor place, Broughty Ferry, 

301-305 King street 

C b Windsor street, from W. end of 

Magdalen green to Perth rd. 2(1) 

Windsor terrace, 229-33 Perth 

road 9 (1) 

Windsor terrace, B.F., 35 Brook 


F d Wolseley street, Dundonald street 

to N. 5 (4) 

H c Woodburne st., between Dalgleish 

road and East Haddon road 1 (4) 

Woodthorpe buildings, 317-321 

Clepington road 7 (A) 

Woodville place, Forfar road to 

Mains loan 5 (4) 

G d Wortley place, Pitkerro road to 

Dalkeith road 4 (4) 

Yeaman's alley, Lochee, Lome 

street 3 (5) 

Yeaman's lane, Lochee, South 

road (5) 

K b Yeaman shore, foot Union st. 2 (2) 

Na Yewbank avenue, Bro. Ferry, 

Monifieth road to S. 11 (B) 

( 35 ) 


The Rooms marked * are to let for Sales, Exhibitions, Meetings, &c. 

Air Station, Royal Naval, Carolina port 

* Albert Hall and Albert Institute Buildings, Albert square, top of Reform street 

Albert Square United Free Church, Chapel street, Albert square 

All Saints Mission Hall, 24 Cochrane street 

*Ancient Masonic Lodge Hall, 79 High street 

Ancrum Road Public School, Ancrum road, Lochee 

Ann Street Public School, 54 Cotton road and 163 Ann street 

*Argyle Hall, 1 Overgate 

Art Galleries, Albert Institute, Albert square 

Art, School of — Dundee Technical College, Bell street 

Arthurstone Branch Library and Reading Rooms, Arthurstone terrace 

Baldovan Institution for Imbecile Children, Baldovan 

Balfour Street Public School, Balfour street 

Balgay Established Church, corner of Lochee road and Tullideph road 

Balgay Industrial School for Girls, Blackness road 

Bank of Scotland, 34 Reform street ; Branch office, 1 Victoria street 

Baths (Public), West Protection "Wall at Harbour. District Baths — Guthrie 
st.; Caldrumst.; Constable st. ; Miller's wynd; and High st., Lochee 

Bathing Pond (Open Air), at Esplanade, near Magdalen Green Station 

Baxter Park U.F. Church and Hall, Arbroath road, west side of Baxter Park 

B.B. Picture Palace, 160 Nethergate 

*Beach Established Church and Hall, 5 Fort street, Broughty Ferry 

Bell Street U.F. Church, West Bell street 

*Benvie Road Hall, 31 Benvie road 

*Bethany Hall, Taylor's lane 

Blackness Branch Library and Reading Rooms, 225 Perth road 

*Blackness Hall, 37 Blackness road 

Blackness Public School, 161 and 163 Blackness road 

Blackscroft Branch Library and Reading Rooms, Blackscroft and Foundry lane 

Blackscroft Mission Hall (Dundee Parish Church), Peep-o'-day lane 

Blind, Institution for, 59 Magdalen green 

Blind, Dundee Mission to the Outdoor — Office, 23 Castle street 

Board of Trade Labour Exchange, 43 and 47 Overgate, and Meadowside 

Board of Trade Office, Customhouse buildings 

Bog Mission Hall, Kirk street, Lochee 

Bonnethill U.F. Church, 247J Hilltown 

Bowling Greens (Public), in Baxter Park, Dudhope Park, Fairmuir, Lochee 
Park, Magdalen Green, Orchar Park, and Victoria Park. Private 
Bowling Greens — Balgay, Westpark road ; Baxter Park ; Broughty, 
Albert road, West Ferry ; Broughty Castle, King street, Broughty 
Ferry ; Dudhope, Adelaide place ; Fairfield, Fairmuir road ; Hillcrest, 
Blackness road ; Lochee, Ancrum road, Lochee ; Maryfield, Madeira street 

Boys' Home, 2 Ellen street 

Boys' (Working) Home, 3 West Bell street 

British Linen Bank, 35 Murraygate, 39 Westport, 40 Nethergate, and 23 
Victoria road 

Broughty Ferry Baptist Church and Hall, St Vincent street, Broughty Ferry 

*Broughty Ferry Congregational Church and Hall, 89 Brook st. , Bro. Ferry 

Broughty Ferry Parish Church, 440 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

*Broughty Ferry Parish Church Hall, St Vincent street, Broughty Ferry 

Brown Street Public School, 15 Brown street 

Brown Street Mission Hall, north end of Brown street 


*Brown Street Hall, Brown street, Broughty Ferry 

Butterburn U.F. Church, foot of Hill street 

*Butterburn U.F. Church Hall, foot of Hill street 

Butterburn Public School, 95 Strathmartine road 

Caird Home for Nurses, 41 Magdalen Yard road 

Caird Maternity Hospital, Royal Infirmary grounds, Barrack road 

Caird Rest, Spring-grove, 172 Nethergate 

*Caledonia Hall, 52 Westport 

*Camperdown Hall, 22 Barrack street 

Castle Street Congregational Church, 24 Castle street 

Cathedral Church of St Paul, Castlehill, top of Seagate 

Catholic Apostolic Church, Dudhope Crescent road, Constitution road 

Catholic Herald Office, 82 Bell street 

Catholic Working Boys' Home, 7 North Lindsay street 

Cattle Market, East Dock street 

Cemeteries and Parks (see page 49) 

Chalmers U.F. Church, Hunter street 

Chamber of Commerce. Royal Exchange, Panmure street 

Chapelshade Established Church, 27 Constitution road 

Chapelshade U.F. Church, 9 Constitution road 

Charity Organisation Society — Office, 7 West Bell street 

Cheriyfield Mission Hall, 137 Blackness road 

Children's Free Breakfast Mission Hall, 17 Constitution road 

Children's Home, Comerton, Fife 

Children's, Invalid, Holiday Home (Dundee Social Union), Auchterhouse 

Children's Shelter, 1 Laurelbank 

Cholera and Smallpox Hospital, Kingscross, West Clepington road 

Cinematograph Theatres (see Picture Theatres) 

City Analyst's Office, 140 Perth road 

City Architect's Office, 91 Commercial street 

City Chambers, 14J High street ; City Officials' Offices (see page 48) 

City Churches — comprising St Mary's, or the Parish Church of Dundee ; St 

Paul's, or South Church ; and St Clement's, or Steeple Church, Nethergate 
City Engineer's Department— Engineer's Office, 91 Commercial street ; yard 

and stores, 1 Miln street 
City Picturedrome, Milnbank road 
Clepington Established Church, top of Isla street 
Clepington Public School, top of Melrose terrace 
Clepington United Free Church, Arklay street and Esk street 
Clydesdale Bank, east end of High street 

Coldside Branch Library and Reading Rooms, 150 Strathmartine road 
College, Teachers' Training, Small's wynd ; Mayfield Hostel, 206 Ferry road 
College, Technical, and School of Art, Bell street 
College, University, 149 Nethergate 
Commercial Bank, 85 Commercial street 

Consumptives, Municipal Sanatorium for, Ashludie, Monifieth 
Consumptives, Sidlaw Sanatorium for, Auchterhouse 
Convalescent Home, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 
Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Lawside, Gardner street 
Cosmopolitan Club, 7 Ward road 
County Police Office, Johnston street 
Courthouse Buildings, West Bell street 
Cowgate Public School, 56 Cowgate 

Cripple and Invalid Children's School, 14 Harcourt street 
Curling Ponds— Baldovan ; Broughty, Camphill rd. ; Camperdown ; Dundee, 

25a Forfar road ; West End, junction of Blackness road and Glamis road 


Curr Night Refuge, 5 West Bell street 

Customhouse, Dock street, east side of King William dock 

•Cutlers' Hall, 68 Murraygate 

Day Nurseries, 33 Isles' lane, 33 Lilybank road, 52 Cotton road, 26 North 

George street ; and at Flight's lane, Lochee 
Deaf and Dumb, Dundee Mission to Adult — Rooms, Dudhope Park 
Deaf and Dumb Institution, 165 Lochee road 
Deaf and Dumb, Public School for the, Dudhope Castle 
Dens Park Football Ground, Dens road 
Dens Road Public School, Dens road and North Isla street 
Dental Hospital, 6 Park place 
Dispensaries, District (see page 105) 
Dispensary, Municipal, for Tuberculosis, 1 Tally street 
Downfield Drainage Works, Haldane street, Downfield 
Downfield Parish Church, St Mary's road, Downfield 
*Downfield Public Hall, Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Downfield Public School, Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Downfield United Free Church, Haldane street, Downfield 
*Drill Hall, Parker square, West Bell street ; Dudhope Drill Hall, corner of 

Douglas street and Brown street 
Dudhope Castle, Park, Gymnasium, and Museum of Mechanics, Engineering, 

Physiography, Industries, and Archaeology, Barrack road 
Dudhope Drill Hall, corner of Douglas street and Brown street 
Dudhope Free Church, 45 Dudhope street 
Dudhope U.F. Church, Lochee road, opposite Polepark road 
Dudhope Public School, St Mary's place, St Mary street 
Dundee Advertiser Office, 7 to 25 Bank street 
Dundee Courier Office, Albert square 
Dundee Directory Office, Caxton house, 11 to 15 Cowgate 
Dundee, Perth, and London Shipping Company's Office, 5 Shore terrace 
Dundee Prices Current and Trade Report Office, 23 Panmure street 
East End Gospel Hall, 4 Malcolm street 
East U.F. Church, 370 Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
East U.F. Church, High street, Lochee 
Eastern Club, 3 Albert square 

Eastern Public School, Whinnybrae, Broughty Ferry 
Electric Theatre, 122 Nethergate 
Electrical Central Station, Dudhope Crescent road. Sub-Stations — Carolina 

port, Docks, Neish street, Larch street; Whorterbank, Lochee; Down- 
field ; Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Empire Theatre, 62 Rosebank street 
Evening Telegraph and Post Office, Albert square 
Excise Office, 31 Bank street 
Eye Institution, 104 Nethergate 
Factory Inspector's Office, 7 Ward road 

Fairmuir Parish Church, 329 Clepington road and Neishfield street 
*Faith Mission Hall, 8 Bank street 
Falcon Hall, 6 Johnston's lane 
Farrow's Bank, Limited, 11 High street 
Female Rescue Home, 18 Cobden street, Lochee 
Fire Engine Stations— Central, West Bell street ; Eastern, Brown street, 

Broughty Ferry ; Southern, Harbour, King William Dock ; Western, 

South road, Lochee 
Fish Market, Carolina port, East Camperdown street 
Football Grounds — Dens Park, Dens road ; Tannadice Park, Fairbairn street ; 

St Margaret's Park, Gardner street, Lochee 


*Foresters' Halls, Nicoll street and Rattray street 

*Forfar and Kincardine Masonic Lodge Hall, 13 Meadow street 

Forthill Cricket Ground, Fintry place, Forthill road, Broughty Ferry 

Free Church of Scotland, 45 Dudhope street 

*Friends' Institute and Meeting House, 11 Nethergate 

Fruit and Flower Market, Craig street 

Gaiety Theatre, 52 Victoria road 

Games Club Ground, Fintry place, Forthill road, Broughty Ferry 

*Gardeners' (Free) Hall, 1 Church lane 

Gardens, Working Men's — Ancrum road ; Clepington, Arklay street ; Gardner 

street ; Kinnaird, Carmichael street ; Stirling Park, Hospital wynd 
Gartlands Young Ladies' Seminary, Strathern road, West Ferry 
Gas Commissioners' Office, 89 Commercial street ; Branch Office, 44 Bell st.; 

Works, East Dock street ; Gas Appliance Showroom, 20 Barrack street ; 

Broughty Ferry Collector's Office, 150 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
*Gilfillan Memorial Church, Whitehall crescent 
Girls' Boarding House (Dundee Ladies' Union), Rose street 
Girls' Industrial School, Balgay, Blackness rd. ; and Kilchoan, Blackness rd. 
Girls' Weekly Office, Courier place, Albert square 

Girls', Working, Boarding House (Church of Scotland), 19 Seafield road 
Glasite Meeting House, 4 King street 

Glebe Lands Public School, 2 Glebe street ; temporary school, Morgan street 
Golf Course, Public, Barnhill Links, Broughty Ferry ; Downfield Golf 

Course, Baldovan 
Good Templar Hall, 2 Euclid crescent 
*Good Templar Hall, Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
*Gray's Assembly Rooms, 22 Perth road 
Grove Academy, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Guide Office, 246 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Guild Hall, Townhouse, High street 
Guild Clerk's Office, 20 Reform street 
*Guthrie Street Hall, top of Guthrie street 
*Gymnasium Hall, 159 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
•Gymnasium, Public, 14 Ward road 

Harbour Clerk's and Engineer's Offices, Customhouse buildings, Dock street 
Harbour Police Office, east side Customhouse 
Harris Academy, Park place 
Hawkhill Baptist Church, 98 Hawkhill 
Hawkhill Public School, 245 and 280 Hawkhill 
Hebrew Church, 62 Murraygate 
Her Majesty's Theatre and Opera House, 7 Seagate 
High School, top of Reform street ; High School for Girls, Euclid crescent ; 

High School Recreation Grounds, Arbroath road 
High U.F. Church, top of Hospital wynd 

Hill Street Public School, at junction of Hill street with Strathmartine road 
Hillbank Mission Hall, 57 Cotton road 
Hilltown Christian Mission Hall, 15 Hilltown 
Hilltown Mission Hall, 46 Hilltown 
Hilltown U,F. Church, North Wellington street 
Holy Trinity Mission, Well road 

Home, The, 35 Paton's lane ; Rescue Home, 18 Cobden street, Lochee 
Home, Ladies' Union Mission, 10 Westfield place 
Home Weekly Office, Courier place, Albert square 
Hydroplane Station, Carolina port 
Incurables, Home for, 12 King street 
Incurables, Royal Victoria Hospital for, Balgay house, off Blackness road 


"Independent Labour Party Hall, 161 Overgate 

Industrial Schools : Girls, Balgay, Blackness road ; and Kilchoan, Blackness 

road ; Boys, Baldovan 
Infectious Diseases Reception House, Polepark house, 3 Fleuchar street 
Infirmary, Royal, Barrack road 
Inland Revenue Offices, 29 and 31 Bank street 
Inland Revenue, Valuation Department, 31 Albert square 
Insurance, National Health and Unemployment —Inspector's Office, 49 Trades 

la. ; Local Clerk's Office, 2Unionst. ; Unemployment Fund Office, 430vergate 
Invalid Children's Holiday Home, Auchterhouse 
Invalid and Cripple Children's School, 14 Harcourt street 
Justices of the Peace Clerk's Office, 46 Reform street 
Justices of the Peace Clerk's Office (for Forfarshire), 4 High street 
*King's Road Hall, 15 King's road 

King's Theatre and Hippodrome, 27 Cowgate and St Andrew's street 
Kingscross Hospital, West Clepington road 
*Kinnaird Hall, 6 Bank street 
La Scala Picture Theatre, 30 Murraygate 
Labour Bureau, Dundee Free, 65 Trades lane 
*Labour Club and Hall, 48 Murraygate 
Labour Exchange (Board of Trade), 43 and 47 Overgate ; "Women and Girls' 

Department, 17 Albert square 
Labour Home for Men (Church of Scotland), 24 Milnbank road 
Ladies' Union Mission Home, 10 "Westfield place 
Lawn Tennis Grounds — Belmont, Hawkhill place ; Downfield, Camperdown 

road, Downfield ; Dudhope, Adelaide place ; Fairfield, Fairmuir road ; 

High School, Arbroath road ; Lochee, AYellburn street ; Stobsmuir, 

Forfar road ; "West End, Shaftesbury road 
Lawside Convent, Laundry and Young Ladies' School, Gardner street 
Liberal Association Rooms, 51 Reform street. Broughty Ferry Liberal 

Asssociation Rooms, 69 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
Library, Public, and Reading Room, Albert Institute, Albert square. 

Branches— Arthurstone, Arthurstone terrace ; Blackness, 225 Perth 

road ; Coldside, 150 Strathmartine road ; Lochee, High street, Lochee ; 

St Roque's, Blackscrof t. Central Reading Rooms, corner of Ward road 

and Barrack street 
Liff Road Public School, 1 Liff road, Lochee 

Lindsay Street Congregational Union Church, 31 North Lindsay street, 
Literary Association, Lochee, Reading Rooms, High street, Lochee 
Lloyd's Surveyor's Office, 26 East Dock street 
Lochee Baptist Church, Union street, Lochee 
Lochee Established Church, Methven street, Lochee 
Lochee Road U.F. Church, Logie street, Lochee 
Logie Established Church, Scott street, off City road 
*Logie Hall, 7 Scott street, off City road 
Lunatic Asylum, Westgreen, Liff 
M'Cheyne U.F. Church, 328 Perth road 

Mains and Strathmartine United Free Church, Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Manual Instruction Classrooms, Dudhope Castle, Constable Street, Liff Road 

School, Harris Academy, and Stobswell School 
Markets and Slaughterhouses, East Dock street 
Martyrs U.F. Church, Annfield road 
*Martyrs Hall, Annfield road 
Maryfield Established Church, Morgan street 
*Masonic Hall, 152 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
*Masonic Temple, Shore terrace 


Maternity Hospital, Royal Infirmary grounds, Barrack road 

Maxwelltown Baptist Church, 7 Jamaica street 

MayfieldHostel for Women Students (Teachers' Training College), 206Ferry rd. 

Mercantile Marine Office, Sailors' Home buildings, 63 Dock street 

Mitchell Street Public School, Mitchell street 

Morgan Academy, Forfar road, top of Albert street 

Morison Congregational Union Church, 27 Guthrie street 

Museum, Albert Institute buildings, Albert square ; Museum of Mechanics, 
Engineering, Industries, and Archaeology, Dudhope Castle 

My Weekly Office, 7 to 25 Bank street 

National Bank, 71 Reform street ; Branch, 115 Hilltown 

National Health Insurance Inspector's Office, 49 Trades lane ; Local Clerk's 
Office, 2 Union street ; Unemployment Fund Office, 43 to 47 Overgate 

Naval Base, east side King William Dock ; Hydroplane Station, Carolina port 

New Club, The, 29 Commercial street 

North of Scotland and Town and County Bank, Ltd., 24 High street ; 
branches, 5 Albert square ; 93 High street, Lochee ; Gray st., Bro. Ferry 

Nurses' Home (Sick Poor Nursing Society), 41 Magdalen Yard road 

Nursing Home and Women's Hospital, Elliot road, Blackness road 

Nursing Homes (Private), 6 Union terrace, 10 Union terrace, 16 Constitution 
terrace, and 6 Paradise road 

Nursing Mothers' Restaurants — 5 Hawkhill, 69 Blackscroft, 39 Carnegie 
street ; and at 3 Lome street, Lochee 

Ogilvie U.F. Church, top of Albert street 

Old Age Pension Office, 29 Bank street 

Operative Bakers' House of Call, 8 Crichton street 

*Operative Mason Lodge Hall, 43 Overgate 

*Operative Tailors' Hall, 51 Overgate 

Original Secession Church, Euclid crescent 

Orphan Institution, 133 Ferry road 

Our Lady of Good Counsel Roman Catholic Church, Westfield rd., Bro. Ferry 

Palace Theatre, 160 Nethergate 

Painters' Hall, 14 New Inn entry 

*Panmure Hall, 6 Bain square 

Panmure Street C.U. Church, Panmure street, at junction with Euclid crescent 

Parish Council Offices, West Bell street ; Monifieth Parish Council Offices, 
180 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Park U.F. Church, 16 Park avenue 

Park Wynd Mission Hall, 36 Park wynd 

Parks, Public (see page 49) 

Parochial Sick Hospital, Mains loan 

People's Friend and People's Journal Offices, 7 to 25 Bank street 

*Peter Street Hall, Peter street 

Picture Theatres — Balgay Street Picture Palace, Balgay street, Lochee ; 
Britannia Picturedrome, 39 Small's wynd; Cinema Theatre, Morgan 
street; City Picturedrome, Milnbank road ; Edenbank Picture House, 72 
Watson street ; Electric Theatre, 122 Nethergate ; Empire Theatre, 62 
Rosebank street ; Grand Theatre, King street, Broughty Ferry ; Magnet 
Picture and Variety Palace, 8 Well road ; Main Street Picture Palace, 
20 Main street ; New Hippodrome, 160 Hawkhill; Oxford Picture Hall, 
60 Logie street, Lochee ; Palace Theatre, 160 Nethergate ; Pavilion 
Picture Theatre, 67 Alexander street ; Queen's Cinema, Bellfield street ; 
La Scala, 30 Murraygate ; Stobswell Cinema Theatre, Morgan street ; 
Tivoli Theatre, Bonnybank road ; Universal Cinema (Uno), Lawrence 
street, Broughty Ferry ; Wellington Palace, 49 Nelson street ; West End 
Cinema, Shepherd's loan 


Piper o' Dundee Office, Fairmuir 

Plymouth Brethren Meeting Houses, Falcon Hall, 6 Johnston's lane ; and 
48 Wellgate 

Police Office, Jail, and Bridewell, "West Bell street. District stations — 194 
Brook street, 144 Princes street, 64 Carnegie street, Dock street ; South 
road, Lochee ; Brook street, Broughty Ferry. County Police Office 
at Johnston street, and at 445 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Police Treasurer and Collector's Office, 95 Commercial street ; Branch, 134 
Brook street, Brought}' Ferry 

Poor Houses : East — top of Eliza street ; West — 205 Blackness road ; Parochial 
Hospital, Mains loan 

Post Office, Meadowside ; Branch office, Customhouse buildings, Dock street ; 
Sub-Post Offices (see page 146) ; also, Sub-Office at Queen street, Broughty 
Ferry ; and Town Sub-Offices at West Ferry and Barnhill. Telephone 
Office, 13 Panmure street. P.O. Engineering Department, 2 Union street 

Princes Street Congregational Union Church, 157 Princes street 

*Princes Street Halls, 157 Princes street 

Prison Gate Mission Home, 10 Westfield place 

Procurator Fiscal's Office, Courthouse buildings, West Bell street 

*Progress Masonic Lodge Hall, 73 Murraygate 

Queen Street U.F. Church, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 

Queen Victoria Hall, The Parish Church, Nethergate 

Railway Stations: Caledonian— South Union st. and at Magdalen green; 
Lochee Station, Old Muirton rd., Lochee ; Downfield Station, Strathmar- 
tine rd., Downfield. Fairmuir and Maryfield Goods Stations — Clepington 
road. Dundee and Arbroath — East Dock street, and at Stannergate, West 
Ferry, Broughty Ferry, and Barnhill. North British — South Union 
street, and at Esplanade (west end) 

Eattray Street Baptist Church, 10 Rattray street, Ward road 

Reading Room and Public Library, Albert Institute, Albert square. 
Branches — Arthurstone, Arthurstone terrace; Blackness, 225 Perth 
road ; Coldside, 150 Strathmartine road ; Lochee, High street, Lochee ; 
St Roque's, Blackscroft. Central Reading Rooms, corner of Ward 
road and Barrack street 

Recruiting Office for Army and Militia, 29 Nethergate 

Red Letter Office, Albert square 

Registrars of Births. Deaths, and Marriages (see page 52) 

Rescue Home, 18 Cobden street, Lochee ; The Home, 35 Paton's lane 

Road Surveyor's Office (County), St Mary's road, Downfield 

Rosebank Established Church, Constitution street 

Rosebank Public School, Tulloch crescent 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 3 High st. Branch offices — 51 Murraygate, 36 West- 
port, 22 King street, 9 Strathmartine road, 260 Perth road ; 122 High 
street, Lochee ; 288 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Royal Exchange, Panmure street 

Royal Infirmary, Barrack road 

Royal Lunatic Asylum, Westgreen, Liff 

Royal Victoria Hospital, Balgay, off Blackness road 

Russell Congregational Union Church, 179 Hawkhill 

Ryehill U.F. Church, 79 Perth road 

St Andrew's Established Church, King street, opposite St Andrew's street 

St Andrew's Pro-Cathedral, 150 Nethergate ; Hall, 38 South Tay street 

St Andrew's Public School, 2 William street 

St Andrew's Roman Catholic Schools : Boys, 38 S. Tay st. ; Girls, 174 Overgate 

St Andrew's U.F. Church, Meadowside, opposite Baltic street 

*St Andrew's U.F. Church Halls, Meadow street 


St Clement's, or Steeple Church (Established), Nethergate, opposite Union st. i 

St David's Established Church, North Tay street 

*St David's Assembly Rooms, 86 Nethergate 

St David's-in-the-West U.F. Church, 276 Blackness road 

Sfc Enoch's Established Church, 79 Nethergate 

St John the Baptist Episcopal Church, 116 Albert street 

St John's, or Cross Church (Established), Blackness avenue 

St John's U.F. Church, 130 Perth road 

St Joseph's Convent, Gardner street 

St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Wilkie's lane, Blackness road 

St Joseph's Roman Catholic Schools — boys, 2 Larch st. ; girls, Blackness road 

St Luke's Episcopal Church, St Luke's road, Downfield 

St Luke's Established Church, High street, Lochee 

St Luke's U.F. Church j Victoria place, West Ferry 

St Margaret's Episcopal Church, Ancrum road, Lochee 

St Margaret's Established Church, Invermark terrace, Barnhill 

St Margaret's Hostel, Boarding House for Working Girls, 9 Wellington street 

St Margaret's House of Mercy and Convent, Gardner street 

St Margaret's School, Ancrum road, Lochee 

St Margaret's Young Ladies' Seminary, Viewbank, Hill street, Broughty Ferry 

St Mark's Established Church, Greenfield place, 158 Perth road 

St Martin's Episcopal (Mission) Church, Harcourt street 

St Martin's Episcopal School, 67 Derby street 

St Mary Magdalene's Episcopal Church, 11 Blinshall street 

St Mary Magdalene's Rectory and Halls, Well road 

St Mary's, or the Parish Church of Dundee, Nethergate, opposite Union street 

St Mary's Episcopal Church, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 

St Mary's Rest (Dundee Parish Church), 113, 115 Ferry road 

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church and Schools, 32 and 34 Forebank road 

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church and School, St Mary's lane, Lochee 

St Mary's Roman Catholic Reading Rooms, Burnside street, Lochee 

St Mary's Sisterhood, 10 King street 

St Matthew's Established Church, 78 Ferry road 

St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Arthurstone terrace 

St Patrick's Roman Catholic School, 59 Lilybank road 

St Paul's, or South Church (Established), Nethergate, opposite Union street 

St Paul's (South) Parish Church Mission Hall, 7 North Lindsay street 

St Paul's Cathedral Church and School, Castlehill, top of Seagate 

St Paul's U.F. Church, 116 Nethergate 

St Peter's U.F. Church, St Peter street 

St Roque's Branch Library and Reading Rooms, 1 Blackscroft 

St Roque's Mission Clmrch (St Paul's Episcopal), 57 Blackscroft 

St Salvador's Episcopal Church, top of St Salvador street 

*St Salvador's Halls, top of St Salvador street 

St Stephen's Established Church, Dundee road, West Ferry 

*St Stephen's Church Hall, Dundee road, West Ferry 

St Vincent's Hostel, 26 Magdalen Yard road 

Sailors' Home, 62 Dock street 

Sailors' Reading-room, east side of Customhouse 

Salem Chapel, Salem street, 59 Constitution road 

Salvation Army Halls — 42 Victoria road, Lindsay street, Constitution street, 

2 Well road ; King street, Broughty Ferry ; Marshall street, Lochee ; 

Working Women's Hotel and Industrial Home, Courthouse square 
Sanatoria for Consumptives, Auchterhouse, and Ashludie, Monifieth 
Sanitary Inspector's Office, Courthouse square and West Bell street 
Saturday Post Office, Albert square 


Savings Bank, 2 Euclid street. Branch Offices — 1 Stirling street, 9 
Arbroath road, 181 Hawkhill ; 84 Fort street, Broughty Ferry ; 55 High 
street, Lochee 

Scala Picture Theatre, 30 Murraygate 

School Board Offices, 5 Cowgate ; Broughty Ferry School Board Clerk's Office, 
134 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Scottish Prohibitionist Office, 48 Murraygate 

School Wynd U.F. Church, 6 South Lindsay street 

Sculpture Galleries, corner of Ward road and Barrack street 

Seafield House Preparatory School, Clay pots road, Broughty Ferry 

Seamen's Chapel, Candle lane 

Session Clerk's Office, 11 Whitehall street 

Sheriff Clerk's Office, Courthouse buildings, West Bell street 

Shipping Federation Office, 65 Trades lane 

Shipping Office, Sailors' Home buildings, Candle lane 

Shipping Porters' Offices — Harbour Porters, west side Victoria dock ; Ham- 
burg and Liverpool Porters, north side Victoria lockway 

Shore Dues Office, Customhouse buildings, Dock street 

Sick Poor Nursing Society — Caird Home for Nurses, 41 Magdalen Yard road 

Sidlaw Sanatorium, Auchterhouse 

Skating Ponds at Stobsmuir, Pitkerro road ; and at Claypots, Broughty 

Slaughterhouses, East Dock street 

Smallpox and Cholera Hospital, Kingscross, West Clepington road 

Social Union Hall, 39 Carnegie street 

South Road Public School, 77 South road, Lochee 

Southern Public School, Fisher street, Broughty Ferry 

Spring-grove House, 172 Nethergate 

Stamps and Taxes — Assessor and Surveyor's Office, 29 Bank street 

Stobswell Public School, Eliza street 

Stock Exchange, 1 Royal Exchange place 

Sunday Hours Office, 7 to 25 Bank street 

Tay Ferries Office and Station, Craig pier, South Union street 

Tay Square U.F. Church, Tay square, South Tay street 

Tay Street Public School, 46 South Tay street 

Teachers' Training College, Small's wynd ; Mayfield Hostel, 206 Ferry road 

Technical College and School of Art, Bell street 

Telegraph Offices — at General Post Office, Meadowside ; Branch Post Office, 
Customhouse buildings, Dock street ; at 125a Nethergate. 128 Hilltown, 
268 Perth road, 76 Hawkhill, Scouringburn (142 Brook st.), 169 Princes 
street, South Union street (10 Dock street), Caledonian West Station, 
Taybridge Station; 64 High street, Lochee; 415 Strathmartine road, 
Downfield ; Queen street, Broughty Ferry ; West Ferry ; Barnhill ; also 
at Fish Dock, open 8 a.m. till noon daily except Sunday 

Telephones, Post Office, 13 Panmure street 

Theatres and Music Halls — Her Majesty's Theatre and Opera House, Seagate ; 
Palace Theatre, 160 Nethergate; Empire Theatre, 62 Rosebank st.; Gaiety 
Theatre, 52 Victoria road; King's Theatre and Hippodrome, 27 Cowgate 

Theatres, Picture — see Picture Theatres 

"Thistle Hall, 21 Peter street 

Town Clerk's Office, City Chambers, 14£ High street 

*Trades' Hall, King's road 

Tramway Manager's Office, St Clement's lane 

Trinity Congregational Union Church and Hall, 74 Victoria road 

Tuberculosis, Municipal Dispensary for, 1 Tally street 

Unemployment Insurance — see National Health Insurance 


Union Bank, 2 Panmure street 

Union U.F. Church, 75 Fort street, Broughty Ferry 

*Union "Weavers' Hall, High street, Lochee 

Unionist Association — Offices, 34 Reform street ; Northern District Reading 

Rooms, 20 Rosebank street ; Headquarters, 51 Murraygate. Brought}! 

Ferry Unionist Club Rooms, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
Unitarian Christian Church, 53 Constitution road 
University College, 149 Nethergate 

Valuation Department, Inland Revenue, 31 Albert square 
"Victoria Art Galleries, Albert square 
* Victoria Hall, High street, Lochee 
Victoria Hospital, Royal, Balgay, off Blackness road 
Victoria Road Public School, King's road, Victoria road 

Victoria Street U.F. Church, Victoria st., at junction with Brown Constable st.' 1 
*Volunteer Halls, Drill Hall, Parker square ; Dudhope Drill Hall, corner of 

Douglas street and Brown street 
Volunteer Hall, 95 Church street, Broughty Ferry 

Wallacetown Established Church, Crescent street, opposite Ferguson street ! 
*Wallacetown Established Church Hall, Crescent street 
"Wallacetown Public School, Crescent street 

"Ward Chapel, Congregational Union Church, foot of Constitution road .. . 
Ward Road Baptist Church, south side of Ward road 
"Washhouses, Public — Bleaching Green, Constitution road; and in connection 

with Public Baths at Guthrie street, Caldrum street, Constable street,; 

Miller's wynd, and Lochee 
"Water Commissioners' Office, 95 Commercial street; Manager's Office, 93 

Commercial street ; Water "Works Office, "Ward road ; Broughty Ferry 

Collector's Office, 134 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
*"Weavers' Union Hall, 130 High street, Lochee 
"Weekly Companion Office, Courier place, Albert square 
"Weekly News Office and "Weekly Welcome Office, Albert square 
Weights and Measures — Inspector's Office, 156 Overgate 
Wellburn Roman Catholic Institution, Liff road, Lochee 
*Wellgate Hall, 59 Wellgate 

*West U.F. Church and Hall, 39 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
*West U.F. Church and Hall, High street and Nicoll's lane, Lochee 
Western Club, 1 New Inn entry, High street 
*Western Hall, 20 Taylor street, Lochee 
Western Public School, Dundee road, West Ferry 
Willison Mission Halls, Dudhope Crescent road 
Willison U.F. Church, 56 Barrack street 
Wishart U.F. Church, 61 King street 

Women's Hospital and Nursing Home, Elliot road, Blackness road 
Women's Social and Political Union, 77 Nethergate 
Women's Suffrage Society, 27 Bank street 

Working Girls' Boarding House (Church of Scotland), 19 Seafield road 
*Y.M.C.A. Rooms, 10 Constitution road; Broughty Ferry Y.M.C.A., 147 

Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
*Y.W.C.A. Institute, &c, 33 South Tay street ; Mill workers' Hall, 24 Long 

wynd ; Restaurants, 24 Long wynd and 40 Albert street. Broughty Ferry 

Y.W.C.A., 175 Brook street, Broughty Ferry. Lochee Y.W.C.A., 35 

High street, Lochee 

( 45 ) 


Ward First. — On east by the east boundary wall of the estate of Craigie ; 
on north by Arbroath road, Princes street, King street, Cowgate ; on west 
by Murraygate, High street, Castle street, through Royal Arch to river ; on 
south by river. 

Ward Second. — On west by burgh boundary ; on north and west hy Perth 
road, Small's wynd, Hunter street, Brook street, Westport, Overgate, High 
street ; on east by Castle street, through Royal Arch to river ; on south by 

Ward Third. — On north by Clepington road, burgh boundary; on west 
by burgh boundary ; on east and south by Hospital street, Loons road, 
Lawside road, Lawsteps, through lands of Balgay to Ancrum road, Ancrum 
road, farm road of Billhead farm to burgh boundary. 

Ward Fourth. — On east by the east boundary wall of the estate of 
Craigie ; on north by burgh boundary, Pitkerro road, Dura street, Laing 
street, Ann street ; on west by Forebank road, King's road ; on south by King 
street, Princes street, Arbroath road. 

Ward Fifth. — On north by burgh boundary ; on west by Hilltown, 
Mains road, Provost road, northwards through vacant land to burgh 
boundary ; on south and east by Ann street, Cotton road, Laing street, Dura 
street, Pitkerro road. 

Ward Sixth. — On east and north by King's road, Forebank road, Ann 
street, Hilltown, Constitution street, Dudhope terrace, north side of Dud- 
hope park ; on west by west side of Dudhope park, Lochee road, North Tay 
street ; on south by Overgate, High street, Murraygate, Cowgate, King st. 

Ward Seventh. — On east by Hilltown, Mains road, Provost road, north- 
wards through vacant land to and along burgh boundary ; on north, west, 
and south by burgh boundary, Clepington road, Hospital street, Loons road, 
Lawside road, Albany terrace, Inverlaw place, Dudhope terrace, Constitution 

Ward Eighth. — On west by burgh boundary ; on south by Blackness 
road, Brook street, Westport ; on east and north by North Tay street, 
Lochee road, west side of Dudhope park, north side of Dudhope park, 
Inverlaw place, Albany terrace, Lawside road, Lawsteps, through lands of 
Balgay to Ancrum road, Ancrum road, farm road at Hillhead farm to burgh 

Ward Ninth. — On west by burgh boundary ; on north by Blackness 
road, Brook street ; on east by Hunter street and Small's wynd ; on south 
by Perth road. 

Ward Tenth. — On south by river ; on west by east boundary wall of the 
i estate of Craigie ; on north by burgh boundary ; on east by Fort street and 
: Forthill road, Broughty Ferry, and thence northward through vacant land to 
j burgh boundary. 

Ward Eleventh. — On south by river ; on west by Fort street and Forthill 
j road, Broughty Ferry, and thence northward through vacant land to burgh 
boundary ; on north and east by burgh boundary. 

( 46 ) 


POPULATION. — According to the Census returns, the population of 
Dundee was in 1891, 154,118 ; in 1901, 161,173 ; in 1911, 165,002 ; and now 
through recent boundary extensions is estimated at 176,000. Parliamentary 
Constituency for 1913-1914, 21,300. Municipal Constituency— Males, 24,218 ; 
females, 10,438 ; total, 34,656. 

cluding the Municipal Voters in the Extended Burgh). 

Parliamentary. Municipal. Municipal. 



















































Total, 21,300 24,218 10,438 

Lord Provost, and Lord-Lieutenant of the County of the City of Dundee — 

James Urquhart, LL. D., 10 Reform street 
Lord Dean of Guild — Peter Strachan Nicoll, 65 Trades lane 
Treasurer — John MacArthur Soutar, 31 Reform street 
Hospital Master and Kirk Master — Alex. Robb Mechan, 17 South Tay street 

Alex. Weir Paton, 30 Reform street I William Don, 3 Douglas terrace 
Neil Macdonald, 69 Clepington road William High, 13 Windsor street 
David Neave, 14 Bright street, Lochee Robert Allan, 47 Rankine street 
JohnG. Kinmond, Duntruneter.,B.F. 1 Adam Malcolm, 35 Commercial st. 


Ward First. 
Alex. Weir Paton, 30 Reform street 
Robert Mudie Noble, 31 Reform street 
Wm. HuntleyBuist, 100 Commercial st. 

Ward Second. 
Adam Malcolm, 35 Commercial street 
Alexander Spence, 19 West Dock st. 
Wm. Nicoll, 3 Clepington road 

Ward Third. 
David Neave, 14 Bright street, Lochee 
William Don, 3 Douglas terrace 
James Perrie, Oaklea, Lochee 

Ward Fourth. 
Neil Macdonald, 69 Clepington road 
Alex. B. Crichton, 19 Argyle street 
Alex. Robb Median, 17 S. Tay street 

Ward Fifth. 
Edwin Scrymgeour, 92 Victoria road 
John M. Nairn, Elmslea, Perth road 
George Robertson, 278a Hilltown 

Ward Sixth. 
James Urquhart, 10 Reform street 
William High, 13 Windsor street 
William Forwell, Hillcrest, Monifieth 

Ward Seventh. 
Simon Geo. Fraser, 17 Hospital wynd 
Thomas B. Barnes, 30 Commercial st. 
George A. Johnston, 6 Adelaide ter. 

Ward Eighth. 
Robert Allan, 47 Rankine street 
Patrick Joseph Fletcher, 142 Overgate 
Peter Gillespie, 22 Rosefield street 

Ward Ninth. 
John M. Soutar, 31 Reform street 
Walker S. Melville, 4 Douglas terrace 
Peter M'Cabe, 11 Laurelbank 

Ward Tenth. 
John G. Kinmond, Duntrune ter. , B. F. 
Jas. H. Halley, Fairfield rd., WestFy. 
Jas. B. Archer, 40 King st., Bro. Ferry. 

Ward Eleventh. 

Clement T. Godfrey, Gynack, Bro. Fy. | Wm. Anderson, St Helens, Bro. Ferry 

Francis L. M 'Grady, Queen Victoria Works, 199 Brook street 


Standing Committees, &c — Works Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart ; 
Bailies Paton, Macdonald ; Lord Dean of Guild Nicoll ; Councillors Spence, 
Perrie, Scrymgeour, Forwell, Fraser, Gillespie, M'Cabe, Archer, Anderson. 
Councillor Spence, Convener. 

Public Health Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart; Bailies Paton, Mac- 
douald, Don, Malcolm; Lord Dean of Guild Nicoll; Councillors Fraser, 
Scrymgeour, Forwell, Gillespie, M'Cabe, Archer, Anderson. Councillor 
Fraser, Convener. 

Parks and Cemeteries Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart; Bailies Paton, 
Macdonald, Don, Malcolm ; Lord Dean of Guild Nicoll ; Councillors Forwell, 
Nairn, Fraser, Gillespie, M'Cabe, Archer, Anderson. Councillor Forwell, 

Tramways Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart: Bailies Neave, Kinmond, 
Allan, Malcolm ; Councillors Johnston, Buist, Crichton, Nairn, Melville, 
M 'Grady. Councillor Johnston, Convener. 

Electricity Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart ; Bailies Kinmond, Don, 
Allan ; Councillors Mechan, Nairn, Buist, Spence, Johnston, Melville, 
M 'Grady. Councillor Nairn, Convener. 

Police and Lighting Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart ; Bailies Neave, 
Kinmond, Allan ; Councillors Mechan, Melville, Buist, Nicoll, Bobertson, 
Johnston, M 'Grady. Councillor Melville, Convener. 

Housing and Toion Planning Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart ; Bailies 
Paton, High, Allan ; Councillors Buist, Spence, Crichton, Robertson, Fraser, 
Johnston, M'Cabe, Archer, Anderson. Councillor Buist, Convener. 

Cleansing Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart ; Bailies Paton, Macdonald, 
Don ; Councillors M'Cabe, Spence, Scrymgeour, Fraser, Gillespie, Archer, 
Anderson. Councillor M'Cabe, Convener. 

Water Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart ; Bailie High ; Treasurer 
Soutar ; Councillors Mechan, Perrie, Noble, Spence, Robertson, Barnes, 
Fletcher, Halley, Godfrey ; also member elected by Newport, viz. :— Provost 
Leitch (Newport). Councillor Perrie, Convener. 

Gas Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart ; Bailies Neave, High ; Councillors 
Soutar, Noble, Nicoll, Crichton, Robertson, Barnes, Fletcher, Halley, 
Godfrey. Councillor Noble, Convener. 

Markets and Baths Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart ; Bailie High ; 
Treasurer Soutar ; Councillors Crichton, Noble, Nicoll, Perrie, Robertson, 
Barnes, Fletcher, Halley, Godfrey. Councillor Nicoll, Convener. 

Law and Finance Committee — Lord Provost Urquhart ; Bailies Paton 
Macdonald, Neave, Kinmond, Don, High, Allan, Malcolm ; Treasurer Soutar '. 
Councillors Mechan, Spence, Fraser, Forwell, Johnston, Nairn, Melville,' 
Buist, M'Cabe, Perrie, Noble, Nicoll. Treasurer Soutar, Convener. 

Council Representatives at Meetings of Commissioners of Supply of Forfar- 
shire — Lord Provost Urquhart ; Bailies Macdonald, Neave ; Lord Dean of 
Guild Nicoll ; Treasurer Soutar ; Councillors Noble, Buist, Spence. 

VALUATION OF THE BURGH.— The Valuation of the Burgh (including 
Railwavs, &c.) for the year 1913-14 is £1,082,771 19s lOd, as against 
£1,015,028 6s, for 1912-1913. Increase, £67,743 13s lOd. The sum of 
£1,082,771 19s lOdincludes Broughty Feriy, which hasbeenadded to the Burgh. 

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT. — Burgh of Dundee — Right. Hon. 
Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (Liberal, 9240), First Lord of the Admir- 
alty, 33 Eccleston square, London, S.W., and House of Commons, London. 
Alexander Wilkie (Labour, 8957), Wilkie chambers, Eldon square, New- 
castle-on-Tyne, and House of Commons, London. County of Forfar — James 
Falconer (Liberal, 6449), 6 Belgrave crescent, Edinburgh, and House of 
Commons, London. 


Town Clerk — "William H. Blyth Martin, City chambers. 
Depute Town Clerks — James M 'Lagan and David Latto, City chambers. 
Police and "Water Treasurer — Alex. W. Stiven, C.A., 95 Commercial street ; 

branch office, 134 Brook street, Broughty Ferry. 
City Chamberlain, and Gas and Electricity Treasurer — "W. M. Burke, 

89 Commercial street ; branch office, 444 Brook street, Broughty Ferry. 
City Engineer and City Architect — James Thomson, C.E., 91 Commercial st. 
Water Works Engineer — George Baxter, M.I.C.E., 93 Commercial street. 
Gas Engineer and Manager, and Inspector of Lighting — Alexander Yuill, 

Gas Works, East Dock street. 
City Electrical Engineer and Tramways Consulting Engineer — H. Richardson, 

M.I.E.E., Electric Lighting Station, Dudhope Crescent road. 
City Tramways General Manager and Engineer — Peter Fisher, Town House 

Procurator-Fiscal for Police Court— David Dewar, Central Police chambers, 

West Bell street. 
Chief Constable— John Carmichael, Central Police chambers, "West Bell st. 
Deputy Chief Constable — David Davidson, Central Police chambers. 
Chief Inspector of Weights and Measures, &c. — Alex. M. Imrie, 156 Overgate. 
Superintendent of Parks and Cemeteries — Alex. Macrae, 93 Commercial st. 
Assessor — E. E. Gooch, 29 Bank street. 

City Analyst — George D. Macdougald, F.Inst.Chem., 140 Perth road. 
Medical Officer of Health and Police Surgeon — Charles Templeman, M.D., 

D.Sc, 17 West Bell street. 
Police Surgeon, Lochee — Robert Thornton, M.B., D.P.H., 3 Airlie place. 
Medical Officer of the Municipal Dispensary for Tuberculosis — William L. 

Burgess, M.B., Ch.B., M.D., D.P.H., D.T.M.&H., 1 Tally street. 
Assistant Tuberculosis Officer— John H. Hunter, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. 
Chief Sanitary Inspector and Shop Inspector — T. K. Roddan, 17 W. Bell st. 
"Veterinary Surgeon — Hugh Ferrier, M.R.C. V.S., 17 West Bell street. 
Superintendent of Cleansing — John Duncan, 28 East Dock street. 
Engineer and General Manager of Public Baths and Wash-houses — Walter 

M'Gregor, A.M.I.Mech.E., Central Baths, West Protection wall. 
Superintendent of Markets and Slaughterhouses — J. A. Baxter, A.R.S.I., 

Public Slaughterhouses, East Dock street. 
Superintendent of Fish Market, and Fruit and Flower Market, and Collector 

of Petty Customs — James Walker, Craig Street Market. 
Firemaster — James S. Weir, Central Fire Station, West Bell street. 
City Auditor — C. J. Marquis, Harcourt villa, West Newport. 
Police Auditor — Elmslie Tosh, C.A., 11 Reform street. 
Water Auditor— J. C. Robertson, C.A., 22 Meadowside. 
Gas and Electricity Auditor— T. H. B. Rorie, C.A., 13 Albert square. 
Lord Provost's Secretary — John A. Turnbull, City chambers. 
Council Officer — George D. Bedson, City chambers. 
Assistant Council Officer — George M. Henry, City chambers. 
Caretaker of City Chambers — Christopher S. Lowson, Townhouse buildings. 


Lord-Lieutenant, Lord Provost Urquhart; Deputy -Lieutenants, Lord Armit- 
stead, Sir G. W. Baxter, William Brownlee, Earl of Camperdown, William 
Doig, William Hunter, Sir James Low, Bart., Henry M 'Grady, Alexander 
Mathewson, Sir George Ritchie, John Sharp, D. C. Thomson, Earl of Strath 
more, Charles Barrie, Walker Saunders Melville, "William Longair, William 
Henderson, Colonel Howard Hill, Sheriff Ferguson ; Clerk of Lieutenancy, 
William H. Blyth Martin, Town Clerk. 



Assessor, E. E. Gooch, 29 Bank street ; Collector, A. W. Stiven, 95 Commercial 


PARKS AND CEMETERIES.— Office, 93 Commercial street— Alexander 
Macrae, Superintendent. Office open during the week from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m., 
and from 6 till 7 evening; and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. till 12 noon only. 
Offices at the Eastern Necropolis and "Western Necropolis open during the day. 

Public Parks. — Balgay Park, west end of Scott street and south end of 
Ancrum road ; Barnhill Links, south of railway at east end of city ; Baxter 
Park, north side of Arbroath road ; Bleaching Green, west side of Constitu- 
tion road ; Caird Park, Den of Mains ; Carolina Port ; Claypots Skating 
Pond, Claypots road at Arbroath road ; Downfield Public Park and Recrea- 
tion Ground, Strathmartine road, Downfield ; Dudhope Park, Barrack road ; 
Esplanade, fronting river ; Fairmuir, east side of Strathmartine road ; Grassy 
Beach, West Ferry; Law Hill, north of Albany terrace; Lochee Park, Ancrum 
road ; Magdalen Green, south side of Magdalen Yard road ; Morgan Street 
Recreation Ground, east side of Morgan street ; Orchar Park, south side of 
Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry ; Reres Hill Park, north side of Monifieth 
road, Broughty Ferry ; Stobsmuir, Fitkerro road and Clepington road; 
Victoria Park, off Blackness road and Balgay road. 

Public Bowling Greens in Baxter Park, Dudhope Park, Fairmuir, Lochee 
Park, Magdalen Green, Orchar Park, and Victoria Park. 

Public Golf Course at Barnhill Links, Broughty Ferry. 

Public Skating Ponds at Stobsmuir, Pitkerro road ; and at Claypots, 
Broughty Ferry. 

Gymnasia for Children in Dudhope Park, Lochee Park, Victoria Park, 
Baxter Park, Magdalen Green, Stobsmuir Recreation Ground ; Orchar Park 
and Grassy Beach, Broughty Ferry ; and in open spaces at Blackscroft, 
Lyon's close, Guthrie street, Logie street, Tannadice street, and Clepington 

Burial Grounds. — Constitution RoadBurying Ground; Eastern Necropolis, 
Arbroath road ; Howff, Meadowside ; Logie Burying Ground, Lochee road ; 
Old Cemetery, Dundas street, Broughty Ferry ; Parish Church Burying 
Ground, Broughty Ferry ; Roodyards, Ferry road ; St Andrew's, Cowgate ; 
St Peter's, Perth road; "Western Necropolis, Balgay hill. (The Lord Provost, 
Magistrates, and Council are the Parochial Board for burial ground purposes). 

Barnhill Cemetery, Strathmore street, Barnhill (under Monifieth Parish 
Council). — Superintendent, "William Simpson, Cemetery lodge, Barnhill. 

Western Cemetery, Perth road (under Dundee Cemetery Co., Ltd.). — 
Superintendent, H. Robertson, Western Cemetery, Perth road. 

Downfield Public Park and Recreation Grounds, Strathmartine road, 
Downfield. — Convener, William C. Lamb ; Treasurer, William Bruce ; 
Secretary, Alexander R. Low, Craigdarroch, 7 Bradbury street, Downfield. 

CITY POLICE ESTABLISHMENT.— Central Office, West Bell street 
(Telephone, Superintendent's Room, No. 351). District Stations — Broughty 
Ferry Office, Brook street, Broughty Ferry ; Eastern Office, 144 Princes street ; 
Harbour Office, Dock street ; Lochee Office, South road, Lochee ; Northern 
Office, 64 Carnegie street ; Western Office, 194 Brook street. John Carmichael, 
Chief Constable (Telephone No. 1522) ; David Dewar, Procurator-Fiscal. 

H.M. Prison, West Bell street. — James Crowe, Governor ; Professor 
Stalker, Medical Officer ; Rev. D. R. Robertson, Chaplain ; Rev. John 
Hampton Shepherd, Church of England Visiting Clergyman ; Rev. J. 
Doherty, R.C. Visiting Clergyman; Miss Hutton, Matron; two Head 
Warders, one First Class Warder, thirteen Second Class Warders, four 
Second Class Female Warders, and three Organists. 


Sanitary Department, "West Bell street. — Dr Templeman, Medical Officer 
of Health ; T. K. Roddan, Chief Sanitary Inspector ; Hugh Ferrier, Veterinary 
Surgeon ; one sanitary inspector, five practical inspectors, nine sanitary officers, 
three clerks, one van driver, two lady health visitors. 

Cleansing Department, 28 East Dock street. — John Duncan, supt. 

Fire Brigade. — Central Station, West Bell street ; J. S. Weir, Fire- 
master ; J. White, Deputy-Firemaster ; sixteen permanent firemen ; six 
auxiliary firemen. Eastern Station, Brown Street, Broughty Ferry — two 
permanent firemen, two auxiliary firemen. Southern Harbour Station, 
King William Dock — eight auxiliary firemen. Western Station, South road, 
Lochee — three auxiliary firemen. Total strength, eighteen permanent fire- 
men, nineteen auxiliary firemen. 

FORFAR COUNTY POLICE.— Chief Constable, Robert T. Birnie, 
County buildings, Forfar. Dundee Office, Johnston street ; Inspector John 
Alexander. Downfield Office, Sergeant George Suttie. Fintry Office, 
Pitkerro rd. ; Constable John Morrison. Birkhill Office, Constable Dav. Morris. 


First Ward. 
David Kinnear, 21 Princes street 
Henry Anderson, 39 Victoria street 
Mrs Agnes Mitchell, 13 Clepington rd. 

Second Ward. 
Elizabeth J. Scotland, 89 Magdalen grn. 
Robert Blackwood, 280 Perth road 
Canon Turner, 150 Nethergate 

Third Ward. 
Dan. Henderson,Ryl. Bank hse., Lochee 
David Mitchell, 21 Bank st., Lochee 
Andrew K. Caird, 131 High st., Lochee 

Fourth Ward. 
Robt. Patterson, 38 Baldovan terrace 
John Lindsay, 27 South George street 
John M'Gregor, 8 Wortley place 

Fifth Ward. 
Robert Hain, 14 Nelson street 

Sixth Ward. 

William Birrell, Wormit 

James Laburn, Camperdown house, 
Broughty Ferry 

Thomas Russell, 8 Nelson terrace 
Seventh Ward. 

T. H. Melville, Osborne villa, Down- 

Peter Gray, 36 Strathmartine road 

John W. M'Culloch, 4 Cleghorn street 

Eighth Ward. 
James Macintosh, 4 Hermonhill ter. 
David Duncan, Parkview, Balgayroad 
Mrs Kate Lumsden, Dalreoch, Black- 
ness road 

Ninth Ward. 
Wm. K. Shannon, 4 Easson's angle 
Agnes P. Grant, Cedar villa, Inver- 

John F. Shaw, 9 Aberlemno terrace 

Agnes Husband, 67 Murraygate 
James Gordon, 16 Forebank road 

Broughty Ferry and Dundee Landward Wards. 
Wm. Chalmers, Mabelbank, W. Ferry I James Keith, Drumgeith 
Alex. Tocher, Homemount, Bro. Ferry | T. H. B. Rorie, Drumgeith 

Council meets on first Wednesday of each month at 7.15 p.m., except when 
otherwise arranged — Robert Paterson, Chairman. 

Parish Council Offices, West Bell street.— Inspector and Clerk of 
Council, Robert Allan (Telephone Nos. 1666 and 1667) ; Assistant Inspector, 
John M. Smart. 

Poor Rates Office, West Bell st.— Collector of Poor and School Rates and 
Cashier, Wm. Scrimgeour (Telephone Nos. 1666 and 1667) ; Assistant Collector, 
Alexander Walker. 

East Poorhouse, Eliza street. — Governor, John Chisholm (Telephone 
No. 303; Hospital, 350); Matron. J. F. MacLellan ; Resident Medical 
Officer, Harry Stokes, L.R.C.P. &S.Ed. ; Head Nurse, Margaret Walker; 
Chaplain, Rev. John Campbell. 

West Poorhouse, Blackness road (Telephone No. 883). — Governor, Robert 
Grossart ; Matron, Mrs Grossart. 


MONIFIETH PARISH COUNCIL (including Broughty Ferry).— 

Monifieth East or Broughty Ferry. 
Alexander M'Leod, Dunvegan, B.F. 
James A. Roberts, Woodbauk, B.F. 
William Smith, Church street, B.F. 
Alexander Tocher, Homemount, B.F. 
Jn. R. Dryden, Abertay st., Barnhill 
David Galloway, Ramsay park, B.F. 
David Goodfellow, Gray street, B.F. 
Alex. R. Moonie, Guthrie ter., Barnhill 
Robert Taylor, 76 Gray street, B.F. 
John B. Sutherland, 85 Fort st., B.F. 

Monifieth West. 
Alex. Anderson, Rock villa, Monifieth 
David Johnston, Mayfield cottage, 

David Macrae, Vanburen, Monifieth 
A. BurnsPetrie, Balnabruach, Monifieth 

Landward District. 
R. B. Galloway, Woodlands, Wellbank 
John M. Wilson, Kingennie farm 
John Millar, Brookdale, Monifieth 

Clerk, Inspector, and Collector, William Moyes, 180 Brook street, Broughty 
Ferry ; Cemetery Superintendent, William Simpson, Cemetery lodge, Barn- 
hill ; Medical Officer, Dr James Gowans ; Registrars, William Moyes, 
Broughty Ferry, and William J. B. Hay, Monifieth. 

PARISH COUNCILS.— Rural Districts— 

Auchterhouse. — Herbert K. Ogilvy, Chairman ; William Cochrane, 
David M'Leod, P. D. Mitchell, Rev. John K. Cameron. Clerk and Inspector, 
William P. Ramsay, Auchterhouse. 

Fowlis Easter.— J. B. Young, Chairman; William Keith Murray, 
Andrew Yule, P. K. M. Smith. Clerk and Inspector, Thomas Steele, Fowlis 

Lipf and Benvie. — Joseph Murray, Chairman ; Thomas S. Thorns, James 
Johnston, James Robbie, James Picken. Inspector, James B. Dorward. 

Longforgan. — W. C. Lawson, Chairman; James B. Kilgour, William 
Smith, Wm. S. Mackie, Walter Scott, James Shepherd, Thos. Hay, W. B. 
Taton, John Prain. Clerk and Inspector, David M. Boyd, Longforgan. 

Lundie. — George Duncan, Chairman; Daniel Paul, Peter Smith, William 
Smith, Alex. Thomson. Inspector, Alex. Thomson, Lundie. 

Mains and Strathmartine. — A. F. Durkie, Chairman; Rev. R. Spencer 
Ritchie, John Grant, David B. Phillip, John Y. Rogers. Clerk and Inspector, 
Joseph Dickson, Elmbank, Downfield.. 

Monikie. — Peter MTntyre, Chairman; Thos. Smith, J. W. A. Wilson, 
Robert Henderson, John Nairn, William Elder, Alexander Murdoch. Clerk 
and Inspector, Alex. Cameron, Innervar, Monikie. 

Murroes. — John G. Soutar, Chairman; John Gordon Brown, David 
Johnston, Thomas Guthrie, William Nicoll. Clerk and Inspector, H. A. 
Forsyth, Murroes. 

Tealing. — Walter G. Duncan, Chairman ; William Bell, Rev. S. 
Macaulay, LL.D., George M'Naughton, James Stirton. Clerk and Inspector, 
P. M. M'Kenzie, Kirkton, Tealing. 


Wilkie, Kirriemuir, Chairman; Peter MTntyre, Denfind, Monikie; William 
Weir, Hillside, Montrose ; John Black, Cortachy ; J. G. Soutar, Balmossie ; 
Alexander Balfour, of Inchock, Arbroath; D. A. M 'Corquodale, Carnoustie ; 
William Smith, Balzeordie, Brechin ; Sir Thomas Burnett, Bart., of Leys, 
Crathes ; George Stephen, East Mathers, St Cyrus ; Edwin G. Gibb, Brae 
house, Johnshaven ; Arthur B. Nicolson, of Glenbervie, Fordoun ; William 
Peter, Brae cottage, Gourdon ; Ex-Bailie John Lamb, Forfar ; Provost 
Ferguson, Brechin ; Provost Thomson, Arbroath ; Dr Valentine Stone, 
Montrose. Clerk, R. Freer Myles, Forfar. 


Combination Parish Council ; Chairman, James Laburn ; Clerk and Treasurer, 
Robert Allan, Parish Council chambers, West Bell street ; Medical 
Superintendent, "William Tuach-Mackenzie, M.D., Westgreen house, Liff; 
Chaplain, Rev. George Dingwall ; Clerk and Storekeeper, Thomas R. Smart. 

Office of Board — Parish Council chambers, West Bell street. 


Registrations must be effected as follows, viz. : — Births within 21 days ; 
Deaths within 8 days ; Marriages within 3 days ; Vaccinations within 6 
months — unless certificate of postponement be granted by a qualified Medical 
Practitioner, or statutory declaration of conscientious objection provided. 
Parties registering births ought to produce proof of the marriage of the parents. 

Registkation Districts. — Where boundaries are described by roads and 
streets the centre lines thereof to be taken. To ascertain in what District 
any particular street or terrace may be situated, see List of Streets, page 
19, where the figures in brackets ( ) denote the various Registration 
Districts ; or consult the reduced plan of the Registration Districts which 
appears in a corner of the accompanying Plan of Dundee. 

1st or St Peter's District. — On west by burgh boundaiy ; on north by 
Blackness road, Brook street, Westport ; on east by South Tay street and 
imaginary line from west wall of St Andrew's Pro-Cathedral southwards to 
river ; on south by river. Office, 57 Perth road ; Thomas Yule Miller, 
Registrar. Hours, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12 noon ; 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

2nd or St Mary's District. — On west and north by Glenagnes lane to a 
point therein about 225 yards north of Blackness road, imaginary line north- 
eastwards to City road at its junction with Scott street, City road, Logie 
street, Cobden street, Loons road, to old Newtyle railway ; on east by old 
Newtyle railway to tunnel, North Constitution street, Upper Constitution 
street, Constitution road, Barrack street, Tally street, Couttie's wynd 
(including Mathers' hotel), West Dock street ; on south and west by river, 
imaginary line from river northwards to west wall of St Andrew's Pro- 
Cathedral, S. Tay st., Westport, Brook street, Blackness road, to Glenagnes 
lane. Office, 11 Ward road ; Thomas Meek, Registrar. Hours as above. 

3rd or St Clement's District. — On west by West Dock street (excluding 
Mathers' hotel), Couttie's wynd, Tally street, Barrack street, Constitution 
road, Upper Constitution street, North Constitution street, old Newtyle 
railway to Clepington road ; on north by Clepington road ; on east by 
Provost road, Mains road, Hilltown, Wellgate, Cowgate, St Andrew's street, 
Trades lane, road on east side of Customhouse buildings, road on south side 
of Victoria dock, road on east side of Patent Slip buildings ; on south by river. 
Office, 93 Commercial street ; Alex. Buchan, Registrar. Hours, as above. 

4th or St Andrew's District. — Dundee Portion — On west by road on east 
side of Patent Slip buildings, road on south side of Victoria dock, road on 
east side of Custom-house buildings, Trades lane, St Andrew's street, Cow- 
gate, Wellgate, Hilltown, Mains road, Provost road ; on north by Clepington 
road as far east as Forfar road, thence by a straight line to the junction of 
Old Craigie road and Pitkerro road, thence by Parliamentary burgh boundary 
for a distance of ninety-seven lineal yards or thereby, thence by Dundee 
Combination Parish boundary for a distance of two hundred and fort}' -three 
lineal yards or thereby, and thence by burgh boundary ; on east by Dundee 
Combination Parish boundary at Claypots road, Brook street, and Church 
street, Broughty Ferry ; on south by river. Portion outivith Dundee — All 
between burgh boundary and Dundee Combination Parish boundary. Office, 
16 King street ; James Murray, Registrar. Hours, as above. 


5th or Lochee District. — On west by burgh boundary ; on north by burgh 
boundary and Clepington road to old Newtyle railway ; on east and south by- 
old Newtyle railway to Loons road, Loons road, Cobden street, Logie street, 
City road to its junction with Scott street, imaginary line south-westwards to 
a point in Glenagnes road about 225 yards north of Blackness road, Glen- 
agnes road, Blackness road. Office, 64 High street, Lochee ; J. Robertson 
Nicoll, Registrar. Hours, as above. 

6th or Mains and Strathmartine District. — Dundee Portion — On north by 
burgh boundary between King's Cross at Clepington road and junction of old 
Craigie road with Pitkerro road ; on south and west by Clepington road sis 
far east as Forfar road, thence in a straight line to junction of Old Craigie 
road and Pitkerro road, thence by Parliamentary boundary for a distance of 
ninety -seven lineal yards or thereby, thence by Dundee Combination Parish 
boundary for a distance of two hundred and forty- three lineal yards or 
thereby. Landward Portion — All north of burgh boundary. Office, 468 
Strathmartine road, Downfield ; Joseph Dickson, Registrar. Hours— Mon- 
day, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. ; Monday, Friday, 7 p.m. 
to 8 p.m. ; Tuesday, Thursday, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

[ 7th or Monifieth West District. — Dundee Portion — On west by Monifieth 
Parish boundary at Church street, Brook street, and Claypots road, Broughty 
Ferry ; on north and east by burgh boundary ; on south by river. Land- 
ward Portion — Wellbank, Mattocks, and Linlathen. Office, 180 Brook street, 
Broughty Ferry ; William Moyes, Registrar. Hours — Monday, Thursday, 
9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. ; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 9.30 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. ; Saturdav, 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

SESSION CLERKS (Registrars for the Proclamation of Banns).— For the 
Parish of Dundee and quoad sacra Parishes of Balgay, Chapelshade, Cleping- 
ton, Fairmuir, Logie, Maryfield, Rosebank, St Andrew's, St Enoch's, St 
Matthew's, and Wallacetown — Charles Soutar, 11 Whitehall street (office 
hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon ; Monday, Tuesday, 
Thursday, 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.). For Parish of St Mark's — H. A. Pattullo, 1 
Bank street. For Broughty Ferry — Parish Church, Rev. James Wilson ; St 
Stephen's, D. S. Webster, 210 Brook street, Broughty Ferry ; St Margaret's, 
R. C. Thomson, Eastwood, Barnhill ; Beach, Rev. James Burgess. For 
Downfield, Rev. William Simpson. For Lochee, Rev. William Wright and 
Rev. William Ma v. 

GUILDRY INCORPORATION. — Lord Dean of Guild, P. S. Nicoll ; 
Assessors, William Hunter, Henry M 'Grady, John F. Shaw, Thomas Russell, 
John Dow, James Mollison, J. B. Hay, J. G. Sibbald, Wm. Foggie, David 
Dickie, Thomas Milne, James Nicoll, C. J. Bisset, Robert Steven, T. D. 
Smibert, A. F. Durkie, W. S. Nicoll ; Collector, David Don ; Clerk, Joseph 
Wilkie, 20 Reform street. 

NINE INCORPORATED TRADES.— Convener, Christopher J. Bisset; 
Boxmaster and Clerk, R. C. Walker, 2 Union street. 

Deacons. Assessors. 

Bakers, W. K. Lorimer. James Couttie. 

Shoemakers, John E. Mann. R. B. Mann. 

Glovers, W. C. F. Stewart. D. S. Mitchell. 

Tailors, R. R. Taylor. James Simpson. 

Bonnetmakers, .Thomas Russell. John E. Williams. 

Fleshers, John M. Findlay. J. A. Cordiner. 

Hammermen, John N. Bisset. George Cuthbert. 

Weavers, Norman C. Walker. Charles Ower. 

Dyers, James Stevenson. John L. Stevenson. 


MALTMEN INCORPORATION.— Deacon, W. H. Brown; Boxmaster, 
W. B. Ballingall ; Clerk, John M. Hendry, 39 Murraygate. 

THREE UNITED TRADES.— Convener, John Bruce ; Boxmaster, J. B. 
Shaw ; Clerk, Joseph Wilkie, 20 Reform street. 

Deacons. Boxmasters. 

Masons, Duncan H. Bruce. David P. Nicoll. 

Wrights, Alexander Lickely. J. Simmers Smith. 

Slaters, James M. Fyffe. R. W. Laburn. 


Dundee District. — Earl of Camperdown, Dundee ; W. D. Graham 
Menzies, Coupar Angus ; John Grant, Craigmills ; Robert B. Galloway, 
Wellbank ; David S. Swan, Grange of Monifieth ; Peter M'Intyre, Monikie ; 
John G. Soutar, Balmossie ; William Bell, Balnuith ; Alexander F. Durkie, 
Mill of Mains ; F. M. Batchelor, of Kellyfield ; Thomas H. B. Rorie, Dundee. 
Clerk and Treasurer, and Collector of Rates, H. A. Pattullo, 1 Bank street. 

Arbroath District.— D. A. M'Corquodale, Carnoustie; John Barr, East 
Seaton ; George Rodger, Waulkmills, Inverkeillor, Montrose ; William Binnie, 
Crofts, Carmyllie ; Alex, Lyell, Montrose ; Alex. Balfour of Inchock, Arbroath ; 
George M. Robertson, Millfield, Arbroath ; James Kydd, Scryne, Carnoustie ; 
D. D. Beaton, Friockheim; Francis H. MacConachie, East Maule street, 
Carnoustie; William F. Soutar, Annfield, Carnoustie; Clerk and Treasurer, 
and Collector of Rates, W. K. Macdonald, Arbroath. 

Ofpice-Bearers. — Convener, Earl of Camperdown ; Vice-Convener, Wm. 
Smith, Balzeordie, Brechin ; County Clerk and County Road Clerk, 
R. Freer Myles, Forfar ; County Treasurer and County Assessor, D. J. 
Carnegy, Forfar ; Medical Officer, Dr Sinclair, Forfar ; Sanitary Inspector, 
John Anderson, Montrose ; Inspector of Weights and Measures, Jas. Milne, 
Forfar ; County Auditor, William R. Kydd, Dundee ; County Analyst, G. 
D, Macdougald, Dundee; Chief Constable of County, Robert T. Birnie, 


Cupar District. — Members resident in or near Dundee — Major H. A. 
Bethune of Mountquhanie, Cupar ; William Low of Blebo ; David Lees of 
Easter Pitscottie, Cupar. 

St Andrew's District. — Robert T. Leitch, Fernbrae, West Newport ; 
Alexander S. Thomson, Gray street, Tayport. 

Office-Bearers. — Convener, Sir Ralph Anstruther, Bart, of Balcaskie, 
Pittenweem ; Clerk, William D. Patrick, Cupar ; Treasurer and Collector, 
David Osborne, Cupar ; Medical Officer, Dr T. Pratt Yule, Cupar ; Assistant 
Medical Officer, Dr A. D. Campbell ; Assistant Tuberculosis Officer, Dr B. S, 
Nicholson. Sanitary Inspectors — Cupar District, Marshall Gorrie ; St 
Andrews, John Macrae ; Kirkcaldy, James Low ; Dunfermline, Wm. Davison. 


Perth District. — Members resident in or near Dundee — Thomas Holling- 
worth, Newmains, Inchture ; W. S. Mackie of Waterybutts, Errol. 

Office-Bearers. — Convener, W. T. J. S. Steuart Fothringham ; Vice- 
Convener, Hon. Alexander D. Murray ; Clerk and Treasurer, David Marshall, 
County buildings, Perth ; Medical Officer, Dr John T. Graham, Perth ; 
Sanitary Inspector, Robert M'Nicoll, Perth. 

PUBLIC BATHS.— Swimming, Private (Salt and Fresh Water), also Turkish 
and Russian Baths, West Protection Wall.— The Baths are open daily in 
Summer from 6.30 a.m. till 10 p.m., and in Winter from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. 
Sundays, 6.30 a.m. till 9 a.m. 


Branch Establishments. — Baths and Washhouses at Guthrie street, 
Constable street, Caldrum street, Miller's wynd, and at High street, Lochee. 
Central Washhouses, Meadows (7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ; Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.). 

Superintendent of Baths and Washhouses— Walter M'Gregor. 

NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE.— Contribution cards for use in 
connection with the National Health Insurance scheme are issued free of 
charge at Post Offices. Pamphlets and leaflets regarding Health Insurance, 
and a list of Approved Societies, can also be had at Post Offices. 

Health Insurance Stamps are issued of the following values : — Id, lid, 2d, 
2£d, 3d, 3|d, 4d, 4|d, 5d, 5Jd, 6d, 7d, Is Od, Is 2d ; also representing 13 
weekly contributions at 7s 7d, 6s 6d, 5s 5d, 4s 10id. Unemployment Stamps. 
—2d, 4d, 5d. Rolls of Insurance Stamps.— 480 7d Health Stamps, £14 ; 480 
6d Health Stamps, £12 ; 480 5d Unemployment Stamps, £10. 

Eastern District Office, 49 Trades Lane (comprising counties of Forfar, 
Perth, Fife, Clackmannan, and Kinross). — District Inspector, William 
Leitch ; Assistant Inspectors, James Thomson, Miss Margaret M'Mann ; 
Health Insurance Officers, Thomas Burry, G. C. Fraser, Miss F. M. 
Walker ; Clerk, Miss J. S. Baxter. 

Insurance Acts). — Chairman, Lord Provost Urquhart ; Vice-Chairman, 
William Harvey ; Medical Adviser, Dr. Burgess. Office, 2 Union street ; 
David Duncan, Clerk and Treasurer (Telephone No. 637). Office hours, 
daily except Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. ; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ; also 
Monday and Friday evenings, 7 to 8. 

Appointed by Town Council — Lord Provost Urquhart ; William 
Forwell, Peter M'Cabe, A. W. Paton, R. M. Noble, S. G. Fraser, David 
Neave, Robert Allan, P. J. Fletcher, Edwin Scrymgeour, Mrs Wm. Kinnear, 
Dr R. C. Buist, Dr Young, Miss M. H. Mechan. 

Appointed by Scottish Insurance Commissioners — A. W. Anderson, James 
Cunningham (merchant), Miss A. Husband, Miss M. Kynoch, Mrs Gardner, 
Dr J. Mackie Whyte, Dr Peter Campbell, J. H. Thomson. 

Appointed by Local Medical Committee — Dr Kinnear, Dr G. F. Whyte. 

Appointed to Represent Insured Persons — R. D. Robertson, James Smith, 
William Harvey, William Bisset, Joseph Sherwood, William Bell, J. L. 
Beswick, E. H. Porter, Robert Stirton, David A. Cruden, Joseph Cassidy, 
James Ward, Alexander Ross, Nicholas Marra, James Cunningham, Peter 
Gillespie, James Hunter, David Smith, John D. Daly, J. E. Elliott, W. 
Gilroy, P. Mitchell, H. J. Mitchell, James Kinnear, Wm. Clark, Christopher 
Ward, Charles Soutar, Alexander Simpson, Alexander Ogilvie, George 
Scrymgeour, John Simpson, Miss E. S. Walker, Miss M. Malcolm, Mrs Young, 
Miss A . M. Galloway, Miss K. Coghill. 

Sanatorium Benefit Committee.— S. G. Fraser, Wm. Harvey, Robert 
Stirton, Alexander Ogilvie, Dr G. F. Whyte, Robert Allan, P. Mitchell, 
James Kinnear, Wm. Clark, Dr Kinnear, Mrs Young, Miss Galloway, George 
Scrymgeour ; Robert Stirton, Convener. 

Medical Benefit Committee.— Peter M'Cabe, William Bisset, David A. 
Cruden, Nicholas Marra, William Bell, R. D. Robertson, E. H. Porter, 
J. H. Thomson, Mrs Kinnear, Miss Husband, Dr R. C. Buist, Dr Young ; 
Dr R. C. Buist, Convener ; William Bisset, Vice-Convener. 

Finance Committee. — James Cunningham (merchant), William Forwell, 
A. W. Paton, A. W. Anderson, W. Gilroy, Miss Kynoch, William Bell; 
James Cunningham, Convener. 

For list of Doctors prepared to attend insured persons, and of Chemists 
and others undertaking the supply of drugs, medicines, and appliances, 
see Trades and Professions section of Directory. 


LABOUR EXCHANGE (Board of Trade).— Office, 43 and 47 Overgate; 
"Women and Girls' Department, 17 Albert sq. — Manager, Duncan Livingstone. 


undernoted are Societies represented by a Local Secretary ; for information as 
to other Societies which may have a membership in Dundee the complete Roll 
of Approved Societies should be consulted at the Post Office, or at the Clerk's 
office, 2 Union street. 

Name of Society. Local Secretary. 

Bakers and Confectioners, Oper., of Scot., N.F.U. James Doig, 40 North George street 
Blacksmiths' and Ironworkers' Society, Associated 
Boilermakers, Iron and Steel Shipbldrs., No. 1 Br. 

No. 2 Br. 

Bookbinders and Machine Rulers, Nat. Union of 
Boot and Shoe Operatives, National Union of 
Brass Founders' and Finishers' Society 
Brushmakers, United Society of 
Calender, Linoleum, and Dye Workers' Union 
Carpenters and Joiners, Amal. Society of, No. 1 Br. 

No. 2 Br. 
Clerks' Association, Scottish 
Coachmakers, United Kingdom Society of 
Curriers, United Society of Journeymen 
Dock Labourers, Scottish Union of 
Domestic Servants' Association, Scottish 
Drapery and Selected Trades Socy. , D'dee and Dist. 
Engineers, Amalgamated Society of, No. 1 Branch 
,, ,, No. 2 Branch 

,, ,, No. 3 Branch 

,, ,, No. 4 Branch 

„ „ Lochee Branch 

Farriers, Amalgamated Society of 
Furnishing Trades 
Gas and General Workers' Union 
Horse and Motormen's Association, N. of Scotland 
Horse and Motormen's Society, Scottish 
Iron, Steel, and Brass Dressers' Society 
Ironmoulders of Scotland, Associated 
Jute and Flax Workers, Dundee and Dist. Union 
Leatherworkers, Amalgamated Society of 
Lithographic Printers, Amalgamated Society of 
Machine Workers' Association, United 
Masons' Association of Scotland, Operative 
Mill and Factory Operatives, Dundee and District 
Musicians' Union, Amalgamated 
Painters' Society, Scottish 
Patternmakers' Association, United 
Plasterers' Federal Union, Scot. Nat. Operative 
Plumbers' and Domestic Engineers' Assoc, U.O. 
Printers' Assistants, Nat. Society of Operative 
Railwaymen, National Union of 
Seamen's and Firemen's Union, National 
Shipconstructors' and Shipwrights' Association 

,, ,, Drillers' Sec. 

Shop Assistants, Warehousemen, & Clerks, N. A.U. 
Slaters' Society of Scotland, Amalgamated 
Smiths and Strikers, U.K. Society of Amalgamated 
Steel Smelters, Mill, Iron, and Tinplate Workers 
Tailors' and Tailoresses' Society, Scottish Oper. 
Tailors' Society, National Amalgamated 
Tinplate Workers' Society 

Tramway and Vehicle Workers, Amal. Association 
Typographical Society, Scottish 
Woodcutting Machinists, Amalgamated Society of 

David M. Robertson, 8 Benvie road 
William Ogg, 7 Lyon street 
Peter Sydie, 9 Ogilvie street 
William F. M'Kenzie, 74 Arklay st. 
Alex. Brown, 41 Baldovan terrace 
G. G. Wanless, 13 Cardean street 
T. J. Stepto, Long lane, Bro. Ferry 
James Cunningham, 44 High street 
William Gold, 27 Provost road 
Robert Gilchrist, 7 Ellen street 
Charles Soutar, 11 Whitehall street 
James Galloway, 11 Forest Park rd. 
Chris. Gellatly, 10 Dallfield terrace 
David M'Donald, 29 Dock street 
Miss H. C. Bell, 51 South Tay street 
F. J. Robertson, 26 Castle street 
Thomas Petrie, 32DudhopeCres. rd. 
Geo. T. Stewart, 14a Fleuchar street 
John R. M. Strachan, 7a Ogilvie st. 
Wm. H. Mackay. 13 Ellen street 
P. M'Farlane, 1 Kilberry st. , Lochee 
David B. Paterson, 8 Baffin street 
Peter Thorns, 43 Hill street 
Alexander Wight, 61 Watson street 
Peter Gillespie, 19 High street 
A. S. Chalmers, 9 Stirling street 
James Ellis, 42 Scott street 
James P. Lindsay, 96 Hilltown 
Nicholas Marra, 31 Yeaman shore 
Duncan Crabb, 35 Victoria road 
Skelton M. Christie, 2 Forester st. 
Sturrock A. Ross, 4 Molison street 
Richard Scott, 3 Benvie road 
Miss E. S. Walker, 2 Ireland's lane 
Thomas Smith,42 Cobden st. , Lochee 
William W. Findlay, 7 Park terrace 
Alexander Ogilvie, 27 Park avenue 
Samuel Martin, 34 N. Wellington st. 
Harry Cumming, 18 Constitution st. 
D M. Robb, 36 Park avenue 
William Keir, 24 Baxter street 
Charles Kinnear, 14 Gellatly street 
Alex. D. Williams, 11 Park avenue 
Peter Paton, 8 Tannadice street 
Harry Rennie, 143 Victoria road 
Kenneth M'Leod, 6 Elizabeth street 
Peter Wilkinson, 2 St Matthew st. 
David P. M'Laren, 42 Lilybank road 
Thomas Macdonald, Rait, by Errol 
T. M'Burney, 5 Balfour street 
William Pul'lar, 33 Hilltown 
Charles Scott, 10 Ireland's lane 
James Ross, 1 Seafield road 
James F. Reilly, 17 Mortimer street 




Robt. Hain,41 Reform st. , Gen. Secy. 
W. J. Strachan, 4 Artillery lane 
Frank O'Hara, 22a Powrie place 
James Dolan, Blackness Hall 
Henry Cameron, 59 Lilybank road 

Catholic Insurance Society, Dunkeld Diocesan 

No. 1, St Andrew's 

No. 2, St Mary's 

No. 3, St Joseph's 

No. 4. St Patrick's 

No. 5, St Mary's, Lochee Joseph Cassidy,9Lintrathengardns. 
Dens Works Benefit Fund Society David Patterson, Dens Works 

Foresters, Ancient Order of Chas.Lindsay,lRattrayst.,Dis.Sec. 

(For Lodge Secretaries see p. 126. ) 
Foresters, Irish National Branch Wm. O'Brien \ j h Gribbi 39 Foreb ank road 
,, ,, Br. Our Lady of Victories J * ' 

Gardeners, British Order, Forfarshire District 

James Keillor, 18 Forebank road 
(For Lodge Secretaries see p. 125. ) 
D. Bell, 59 Logie street, Lochee 
James Warden, 13 Benvie road 
A. W. Mackie, 6 Gardner street 
C. Gordon M'Kenzie, 12 Molison st. 
C. J. M'AUister, 63 Constitution rd. 
A. Gibson, 89 Commercial street 
James Carmichael, 35 N. Ellen st. 
(For Lodge Secretaries see p. 125.) 

Gardeners Friendly Society, Lochee Free 
Gardeners, St Andrew's Order, Rose Lodge 

,, ,, Sons of Eden Lodge 

Good Templar Health Insurance Society 
Hibernians, Ancient Order of (Board of Erin) 
Nalgo Approved Society 
Oddfellows, Bolton Unity, Ancient Noble Order of 

United, Dundee District 
Oddfellows, Cal. Order of Unit. , Banks of Tav Lodge William Duncan, 32 Princes street 
Oddfellows,Man.Unity,BonAccord&ThistleLodge Thos. Gellatly, 32Dudhope Cres. rd. 
Rechabites, Independent Order of Wm. Bisset, 32 Bank st., Dist. Secy. 

(For Tent Secretaries see p. V17.) 
Rural Workers' Friendly Society, Scottish J. Anderson, 185 Clepington road 

Shepherds, Loyal Order of Ancient Jas. Smith, 8 Bank st. , Dist. Secy. 

(For Lodge Secretaries see p. 125. ) 
Temperance, Sons of , Tayside Division William Tasker, 139 Clepington road 

Women's Friendly Society, Associated Miss J. C. Nicoll, 40 Union street 

Women's Friendly Society of Scotland Miss H. Laurence, University Coll. 

Women's, North of Scotland, Insurance Society Miss Law, 44 High street 


City of Glasgow Approved Society 

Prudential Assurance Co. 

Reliance Benefit Society, Salvation Army 

Royal Liver Friendly Society 

Scottish Legal Health Assurance Society 

National Amalgamated Approved Society- 
Britannic Assurance Co. Section 
British Legal Assurance Co. Section 
Liverpool Victoria Legal Section 
Pearl Assurance Co. Section 

R Addison, 80 Hawkhill 
W.Gilroy and P. Mitchell,31 Albert sq 
Ensign Rayner, 123 Victoria road 
J. L. Beswick, 31 Murraygate 
Edward H. Porter, 2b King street 

David Smith, 23 Panmure street 
J. & D. Galloway, 19 King street 
G. E. Bryant,54 Commercial st. ,Insp. 
P. Timmins and T. N. Taylor, 30a 

J. D. Daly, 45 Commercial street 
E. C. Millar, 
T. F. Gray, 

Refuge Assurance Co. Section — District No. 1 

„ ,, ,, No. 2 

„ No. 3 

Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Section James Elliott, 74 Murraygate 

Provost Moffat, Forfar ; Vice-Chairman, Provost Thomson, Montrose ; Con- 
vener of Finance Sub-Committee, Provost Moffat ; Convener of Medical 
Benefit Sub-Committee, John F. Kidd, Montrose ; Convener of Sanatorium 
Benefit Sub-Committee, Councillor W. Ritchie, Forfar ; Convener of Deposit 
Contributors Sub-Committee, Provost Thomson, Montrose ; Clerk and Trea- 
surer, Thomas Hanick, Townhouse, Forfar. 

Herkless, St Andrews ; Medical Officer for Sanatorium Benefit, Dr Yule, 
Cupar ; Clerk, W. T. Duncan, Whyte's causeway, Kirkcaldy. 

Hodge, Blairgowrie ; Vice-Chairman, Brig. -General J. H. Campbell of Inver- 
ardoch, Doune ; Clerk, Thomas B. Marshall, County buildings, Perth. 


UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE— Court of Referees.— Chairman, James 
Allison ; Deputy-Chairman, F. E. Scott ; Appeals Officer, J. M. Denholm, 
Divisional Office, 13 Bath street, Glasgow ; Employers' Representatives, H. 
Drummond, G. Barclay, D. Low, W. B. Thompson, T. David, J. K. Anderson, 
W. Parker, J. Shanks (Arbroath), W. T. Robertson (Blairgowrie), W. Watson 
(Perth), D. Gorrie (Perth) ; Workmen's Representatives, R. Ferguson, W. 
Miller, M. Adamson, A. Powrie, W. Carstairs, W. Fernie, W. Coupar, J. 
Carnegie, H. Proctor, R. S. M'Kechnie (Arbroath), W. E. Lawson 
(Arbroath), A. F. Peters (Arbroath), James M'Nab (Blairgowrie), H. Hynd 
(Perth), Ed. Roscoe (Perth). 

Local Office, Labour Exchange, 43-47 Overgate. Manager, D. Livingstone. 

Court meets in Board-room, Labour Exchange, on Wednesday afternoons 
at 3 p.m. 

Local Agencies — Broughty Ferry and Monifieth, R. Henderson Smith, 
Brook street, Broughty Ferry ; Carnoustie, David Crowe, High street, 
Carnoustie ; Cupar, D. M. Rollo, Crossgates, Cupar ; St Andrews, J. Stewart, 
98 Market street, St Andrews ; Newport, Post Office, Newport. 

SHOPS ACT— CLOSING ORDERS.— All shops carrying on the retail 
trades or businesses aftermentioned in the City and Royal Burgh of Dundee 
shall be closed for serving customers throughout the year as under, viz. : — 

Mon., Tue., 
Thu., Fri. Wed. Sat. 

Butchers, 7 p.m.v 

Ironmongers, 8 , 

Watch and Clock Makers and Dealers, 8 ,. 

Jewellers, Opticians, Hatters, Tailors, 

Clothiers, Outfitters, 8 , 

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers, ... 8 , 
China, Crystal, Stoneware, Hardware, 
Fancy Goods, Toy, and Indiarubber 

Merchants, 8.30 ,. f 1 P- m - 10 p.m. 

Grocers, Tea and Provision Merchants, 8.30 ,, 

Drapers, Hosiers, Glovers, Milliners, 

Children's Outfitters, 8.30 , 

Barbers, Hairdressers, 8.30 , 

Pharmacists, Chemists, Druggists — 

except as regards the sale of medicines 

and medical and surgical appliances, 8.30 , 

All shops within the area consisting of Perth road, Nethergate, Union 

street, Whitehall crescent, High street, Murraygate, King street, Princes 

street, Albert street, Dura street, and Victoria road in which the retail trade 

or business of a Fruiterer and Florist is carried on shall be closed for the 

Weekly Half -Holiday on Wednesday at 2 p.m. throughout the year. 

Where the occupier of any shop elects to close for the Weekly Half -Holiday 
on Saturday instead of Wednesday, the closing hour on Wednesday shall be 
such as corresponds with the closing hour of an ordinary week-night, and on 
Saturday the closing hour shall be 1.30 p.m. 

Where any business other than the above-named is carried on in any shop 
to which the Order applies, such shop may be kept open after the closing 
hour for such' particular business alone provided that (a) there shall be 
exhibited on exterior and in interior of shop, notices in letters not less than 
2 inches in size, — "Shops Act, 1912. This shop is closed for to-day, except 

for the sale by retail of " ; (b) so far as practicable, no goods ordinarily 

forbidden to be sold at such time shall be exhibited. 


Customers may be served on any da} r after the closing hour with victuals 
or stores for a ship on her arrival at or immediately before her departure 
from the port. 

There are excepted from the above specified evening-closing hours the 
following periods, viz. : — Thursday and Friday in the week preceding the 
Dundee Annual Holiday Week, and the period from 18th to 31st December, 
and the day preceding a public holiday ; and as respects Barbers' and 
Hairdressers' Shops, the 1st and 2nd Januar}-. 

OLD AGE PENSIONS.— The statutory conditions for the receipt of an 
Old Age Pension are : — (1) Applicant must be over 70 years of age ; (2) 
must have been 20 years a British subject, and for 12 years out of the 20 
had his residence in the United Kingdom ; (3) yearly income must not exceed 
£31 10s, or 12s Id per week. 

Pension per Week, 
S. D. 

"Where the yearly means do not exceed £21 per annum ... 50 

Exceed £21, but do not exceed £23 12s 6d ... ... 4 

£2312s6d „ „ £26 5s0d 3 

„ £26 5s0d ,, „ £2817s6d 2 

„ £2817s6d ,, ,, £3110s0d 1 

The Dundee Local Pension Committee consists of all the members of the 
Town Council, and these have delegated their powers and duties to the 
following Sub-Committees : — Eastern Division, the representatives of "Wards 
I., IV., V., and Miss Mary H. J. Henderson; Western Division, the 
representatives of Wards II., VIII. , IX., and Miss A. P. Grant; Northern 
Division, the representatives of Wards VI., VII. ; Lochee Division, the 
representatives of Ward III., Lord Provost, and Lord Dean of Guild ; 
Broughty Ferry Division, the representatives of Wards X., XL 

Clerk to Local Pension Committee and to Western and Lochee Divisions 
Sub-Committees, W. H. Blyth Martin, City chambers ; Clerk to Eastern 
and Northern Divisions Sub-Committees, David Latto, City chambers ; Clerk 
to Broughty Ferry Sub-Committee, William Luke, 134 Brook street, Broughty 

Old Age Pension Offices, 29 Bank street, and Customhouse, Dock street. 


Stobb's Fair, for Cattle, Sheep, and Horses, is held at Fairmuir on the 
first Tuesday after the 11th of July. 

Dundee First Fair (Lady Mary Fair), for Cattle and Horses, is held at 
Fairmuir on 26th August, but if that day falls upon a Saturday, Sunday, or 
Monday, then on the first Tuesday thereafter. 

Lady Mary Fair commences on Friday, 21st August, and lasts for eight 
days, and is held at Shore Terrace. 

Dundee Latter Fair, for Cattle and Horses, is held at Fairmuir on the 
19th September — the same rule applying as with the First Fair. 

Bell's Fair — Feeing Market — is held in Shore terrace on the first Friday 
of October. 

" Flit-Fridays," or the Term Feeing Markets, are held on 28th May and 
28th November, if these dates fall on a Tuesday or Friday, failing which, on the 
first Tuesday or Friday thereafter. 

A Weekly Cattle and Sheep Market is held every Tuesday forenoon, at 
the Cattle Market, Carolina port. 

Market Days — Tuesday and Friday. 

( 60 ) 


REGISTRATION OF VOTERS COURT.— This Court, at which the 
Sheriff revises the Register of Voters, falls to be held between 25th September 
and 16th October in each year in the Sheriff Court House. 

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICIARY.— Courts for the trial of criminal cases 
in Forfarshire, and disposal of certain appeals from the Sheriff Court, are held 
within the Court House, Dundee, at such times as may be necessary. 

SHERIFF COURT— DUNDEE DISTRICT.— Court Rooms, Sheriff-Clerk's 
Office, and Procurator-Fiscal's Office, in the Court buildings, "West Bell 
street. Small Debt Court and Summary Removing Court held on Tuesdays, 
at 10.30 forenoon ; Ordinary Court on Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10.30, 
during the Session. Courts are held during the vacation, of which the dates 
are fixed before close of the Session. 

James Ferguson, K.C., Sheriff -Principal ; E. W. Neish, B.A., Advocate, 
Sheriff-Substitute; Christopher J. Bisset, Sheriff-Clerk; A. J. Findlay, 
A. G. Tait, and John Wilson Spence, Sheriff-Clerk Deputes ; A. J. Findlay, 
Auditor of Court ; W. F. Mackintosh, Procurator-Fiscal ; Charles Soutar, 
Depute Procurator-Fiscal ; J. J. Johnstone, Robert Smith, R. C. Walker, 
James Mitchell Gray, Henry A. Pattullo, J. C. Buist, Sir James Low, 
Bart., Robert Hendry, J. B. Ballingall, Hon. Sheriff-Substitutes; John R. 
Smith, Shorthand- Writer ; John Cruickshank, Bar-Officer. 

The Sheriff-Clerk's Office is open from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. every lawful day, 
except Saturdays, when it is closed at 1 p.m. 

BURGH OR BAILIE COURT.— Held in the Burgh Court Room, City 
chambers, for summary removals every Tuesday at 12 noon. The Bailies, 
Judges ; the Town Clerk, Assessor. Officers, John M'Keran, George Mitchell, 
P. C. Egan, Thos. Forbes, Alex. Forbes, Andrew Rumgay, W. J. Bond. 

POLICE COURT.— Held in Police Court Room, W. Bell st., every morning 
at 9.30. The Magistrates of the Burgh, Judges; David Dewar, Procurator- 
Fiscal ; William H. Blyth Martin, Assessor and Clerk of Court ; David 
Latto, James M 'Lagan, John A. Turnbull, Deputy Assessors ; J. M. Scott, 
Complaints Clerk; James M. M 'Walter, Agent for Prisoners; George 
Mason, Bar-Officer, Probation Officers— Malcolm Bailey, Miss Bessie Carr, 
Captain Kate E. Noble, Adjutant Sarah Alvey, Miss Milne. 

A Court is held in Municipal Buildings, Broughty Ferry, also at 9.30 a.m., 
when occasion arises, and is presided over by the Magistrate who presides in 
the Police Court, Dundee, on the preceding week. 

CHILDREN'S COURT, Court buildings, W. Bell street, at 10.30 a.m. 
on Tuesday and Friday. Magistrate presiding at Police Court presides at 
this Court. 

GUILD COURT.- Lord Dean of Guild Nicoll, Judge. Horatio T. Baxter, 
87 Commercial street, Interim-Fiscal. William Gouk, Officer. Joseph 
Wilkie, 20 Reform street, Assessor and Clerk of Court. 

QUARTER SESSIONS OF THE PEACE— For the County op the City 
OB 1 Dundee. — Statutory Meetings of the Justices in Quarter Sessions are 
held in the Court Room, City chambers, on first Tuesday of March, May, 
and August, and last Tuesday of October. 

first Tuesday of May and the second Tuesday of November in each year, in 
the Court Room, City chambers, at 11 a.m. Members of Court, the Lord 
Provost and Magistrates, and David Air, William Hunter, William Henderson, 
A. B. Crichton, R. B. Don, T. B. Taylor, Thomas D. Smibert, A. M. 
Strachan, J. C. Buist. Clerk, John L. Stevenson, 46 Reform street. 


I the City op Dundee. — The Acting Justices of the Peace for the County of 
I the City, Judges. Office, 46 Reform street — Clerk of the Peace, John L. 
I Stevenson ; Depute-Clerk, Peter R. Johnston. Edward Cowan, 4 Iligh 
I street, Fiscal. The Court is held in the Court Room, City chambers, each 
I alternate Monday, at 11 o'clock forenoon. 


District op the County op Forpar. — The Acting Justices of the Peace for 

Dundee District, Judges. Office, 4 High street— Edward Cowan, Clerk of 

I the Peace and Assessor ; John W. Lawson, Depute-Clerk. A. Burns Petrie, 84 

Commercial street, Fiscal. 

The Court is held in the Court Room, City chambers, each alternate Mon- 
day forenoon at 10.45. The Dundee District comprehends the Parishes of 
Dundee, Mains and Strathmartine, Liff and Benvie, Monikie, Monifieth, 
Murroes, Lundie, Auchterhouse, Tealing, Kettins, Newtyle, and Fowlis Easter. 

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE— For the County op the City op Dundee. 
— David Air, Alexander Anderson, James S. Anderson, "William F. Arthur, 
Charles Barrie, Charles C. Barrie, Sir George W. Baxter, George 
S. Baxter, James Beattie, James H. Bell, Christopher J. Bisset, John 
N. Bisset, William Blackwood, David M. Brown, Peter S. Brown, William 
Brownlee, John Bruce, David Bruce, T. W. Bruce, Alexander Buchan, 
Andrew Buist, J. C. Buist. William Burns, Rev. Peter L. Butti, Rev. 
D. B. Cameron, Dr Alex. Campbell, Walter Campbell (surgeon dentist), 
J. Smith Clark, William Clarke, James Combe, Thomas Couper. James 
Ernest Cox, A. B. Crichton, W. O. Cunningham, David Dewar, David 
Dickie, John G. Dickson, Wm. Doig, R. B. Don, Wm. Don, John Dow, Geo. 
Draffen, Alex. Duncan, A. B. Duncan, David Duncan, A. J. Ferguson, Peter 
Ferguson, R. A. Fergusson, Colonel Fergusson, D. H. Ferrier, J. W. Fleming, 
W. P. Fleming, Wm. Foggie, Wm. Forwell, Simon G. Fraser, Joseph Gibson, 
A. B. Gilroy, Peter Girrity, Andrew Goodfellow, Jas. Gordon. J. B. Grimond, 
James Guthrie, George Harvey, John B. Hay, Alex. S. Henderson, 
Daniel Henderson, Col. J. Lindsay Henderson, John G. Henderson, John 
Henderson, William Henderson, Col. Howard Hill, Rev. Joseph Holder, 
S. C. Hirst, Alex. Hutton, William Hunter, D. K. Hunter, W. B. Inglis, 
Alexander Johnston, G. A. Johnston, G. C. Keilier, William Kettles, 
J. W. Kidd, William Kidd, William Kidd (stationer), J. N. Kyd, 
J. C. Law, Michael Lawless, Daniel Lawson, W. C. Leng, Andrew Leitch, 
R. T. Leitch, W. G. Leggat, Dr Lennox, Finlay Lesslie, John Lindsay, 
John Lindsay (Glasgow), J. R. Lindsay, J. P. Longair, William Longair, 
Alex. Low, Sir James Low, Bart., John C. Low, Wm. Low. Neil Macdonald, 
John M'Erlain, Dr MacGillivray, E. F. Maitland, Thomas Maitland, George 
Malcolm, James Malloch, J. J. Mallov, Nicholas Marra, Alex. Mathewson, 
J. H. Martin, Sir T. Carlaw Martin, Wm. H. Blyth Martin, A. R. Mechan, 
W. S. Melville, A. H. Millar, John Miln, J. M. Hunter Mitchell, John 
Mitchell, John Mitchell (auctioneer), Dr Charles Moon, John Mudie, Peter 
M'Cabe, P. S. Mudie, William Mudie, Thomas Murdoch, Thomas 
M'Burney, James Macintosh, Prof. MacEwan, Principal Mackay, David 
Mackie, Henry M 'Grady, D. J. M'Kinnon, B. L. Nairn, G. N. Nairn, 
J. M. Nairn, David Neave, W. S. Nicoll, H. K. Ogilvy, C. B. Ovenstone, 
A. W. Paton, N. A. Pattullo, J. A. Peebles, James Perrie, William Philip, 
Joseph Philip, Rudolph Polack, William Pringle, John Prosser, Edward 
Quirk, Andrew Ralston, Peter Reid, William Rettie, Sir George Ritchie, 
George B. Ritchie, Jas. Robertson, John Robertson, John Robertson, 
F.S.A., John Earl Robertson, John P. Robertson, Robert Robertson, 
W. B. Robertson, Thomas Russell, F. D. Stewart Sandeman, David 


Scott, George Scott, John C. Scott, William Scott, George Scrymgeonr, 
Fred B. Sharp, John Sharp, Dr Sinclair, Thomas D. Smibert, 
D. S. Smith, G. K. Smith, James Smith, J. N. Smith, Mungo Smith, 
Fulton Spiers, Andrew Spalding, Alexander Spence, John Spence, 
Andrew Spreull, Prof. Stalker, Prof. Steggall, Frank Stevenson, Wm. 
Stewart, Robert Stirton, A. M. Strachan, J. L. Sturrock, John 
B. Taylor, Robert Taylor, T. B. Taylor, Dr Templeman, H. T. Temple- 
ton, Professor DArcy Thompson, J. Hannay Thompson, John Thomson, 
D. 0. Thomson, Frederick Thomson, James Thomson (West Newport), 
James Thomson, C.E., William Bruce Thomson, W. Gordon Thom- 
son, W. H. Turnbull, Major Vair, Colonel Harry Walker, William 
Watson, William Westwood, Dr Mackie Whyte, James Young, Charles 
Yule, and the Lord Provost and Bailies of the City for the time being, and 
Chairman of the Parish Council for the time being. Clerk of the Peace, 
John L. Stevenson, 46 Reform street. 

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE Connected with the Dundee District 
of the County of Forfar. — J. H. Alexander, Captain H. W. Bairnsfather, 
Charles Barrie, John Barrowman, F. M. Batchelor, Sir G. W. Baxter, Wm. 
Bell, C. J. Bisset, W. L. Boase, Charles Boyd, William Brownlee, 
David Bruce, J. C. Buist, Earl of Camperdown, W. D. Cargill, J. Carmichael, 
John R. Christie, J. W. Colville, D. S. Cowans, Arthur J. Cox, George M. 
Cox, Colonel Arch. C. D. Dick, R. B. Don, Alexander Duncan, D. C. Erskine, 
Colonel Fergusson, R. A. Fergusson, R. B. Galloway, Robert Geekie, George 
Gibson, Joseph Gibson, James Gillies, A. Gilroy, A. B. Gilroy, John Grant, 
John B. Hay, Adam Hunter, William Hunter, Alexander Hutton, George 
Honeyman, J. J. Johnston, Alexander Johnstone, James W. Kidd, William 
Lindsay (Broughty Ferry), William Longair, Sir James Low, Bart., S. M. 
Low, William Low, Henry M'Grady, Peter MTntyre, Alex. Mackay, Alex. 
M'Kay, William Mackenzie, Sir C. G. Macrae, E. F. Maitland, Thomas 
Maitland, W. H. Blyth Martin, Alex. Mathewson, W. D. Graham Menzies, 
J. C. Methven, William Millar, D. Moodie, Earl of Moray, R. A. Mudie, 
Joseph Murray, John Nicoll, Captain A. H. R. Ogilvy, H. K. Ogilvy, C. B. 
Ovenstone, H. A. Pattullo, James Perrie, John R. Pratt, William Rettie, 
David Ritchie, Sir George Ritchie, John Robertson (Carnoustie), William 
Robertson, William Brown Robertson, John Sharp, R. B. Sharp, Alexander 
Simpson, David Smith, John C. Smith, Robert Smith, J. G. Soutar, Robert 
Steven, David Stewart, David Swan, Robert Taylor, Thomas S. Thorns, 
D. C. Thomson, J. J. Watson, William Watson, Captain H. Wedderburn, 
Andrew Whitton, D. W. Wy brants ; Sheriff of the County and Sheriff - 
Substitutes for Dundee District; Lord Provost and Bailies of Dundee for 
time being ; Chairmen of Parish Councils and District Committees within 
Dundee District for time being ; Provost of Monifieth for time being. 

Clerk of the Peace of Forfarshire, Edward Cowan, 4 High street. 

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE (Carse Portion of the Perth District of 
the County of Perth). — Earl of Moray, Kinfauns Castle ; Col. E. Stewart- 
Richardson, Pitf our Castle ; Alfred W. Cox, Glendoick ; Captain Drummond 
of Megginch; Robert Clark of Taybank, Errol; George Bell, Inchmichael, 
Errol ; Thomas Greig of Glencarse ; Lieut. -Col. J. A. G. Drummond Hay of 
Seggieden ; Guy E. Broun Morrison of Finderlie and Murie, Errol ; C. J. G. 
Paterson of Castle Huntly ; Dr Robert Robertson, Errol ; A. M. Prain, 
Homelea, Errol ; John Prain, Inglewood, Invergowrie ; Lord Kinnaird, Rossie 
Priory ; P. L. Johnston, Longforgan ; James Kidd, Mains of Errol ; Captain 
W. Murray, Thriepland, Fingask ; George Mitchell, Knapp, Longforgan ; 
William B. Dickie, Whitehills, Inchture ; and the Chairman of each Parish 
Council. Clerk of the Peace for Perthshire, D. M. Mackay, Perth. 


(Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1820). — Robert Smith, Preses; John 
Scrimgeour, Vice-Preses ; Walter Baxter, 31 Murraygate, Secy, and Treas. 

Members of Faculty. Those marked * are Notaries Public, and are competent to act 
as Commissioners for taking affidavits to be used in English and Irish Courts. 

*Adam, Alexander Y., 10 "Whitehall st, 
Agnew, Thomas, 5 Bank street 

* Allison, James, 61 Reform street 
Batch elor, Alex., 41 Reform street 
*Baxter, Allan, Cromdale, Bro. Ferry 
*Baxter, H. T. , 87 Commercial street 
*Baxter, Walter, 31 Murraygate 
*Bell, Archibald, 54 Commercial street 
*Bisset, Chris. J., Courthouse bldgs 
Blackadder, D., 32 Castle street 
Buchan, James, 3 King's road 
Burden, D. M., 20 Whitehall street 
Burke, A. Fordyce, 68 Murraygate 
Calder, D. R., 27 Bank street 
Carlisle, A. W., 54 Commercial street 
Carmichael, George B. , 46 Reform st, 
Clarke, D., 31 Reform street 
*Cowan, Edward, 4 High street 
*Cumming, J. H., 1 Bank street 
*Dickie, W. B., 11 Whitehall street 
*Dickie, W. B., jun., 11 Whitehall st. 
*Donald, George R., 1 Bank street 
Douglas, Thomas K., 13 Albert square 
*Duncan, Charles C, 41 Reform street 
*Duncan, David, 41 Reform street 
Duncan, P. F., 41 Reform street 
Duncan, J. O., 27 Bank street 
Fenton, James, 39 Murraygate 
Fergusson, J. M., 20 Whitehall street 
Fergusson, Robert M., 20 Whitehall st. 
Fergusson, R.M., jun., 20 Whitehall st. 
Fettes, A. D. R., 31 Reform street 
French, William Forrest, 32 Castle st. 
*Glenny, Henry S., 34 Reform street 
*Graham, J. A., 104 Commercial street 
Graham, Thomas, 104 Commercial st 
Grant, James, 11 Barrack street 
*Gray, James M., 69 Reform street 
*Hendry, Andrew, 39 Murraygate 
*Hendry, John M., 39 Murraygate 
Husband, James, 15 Cowgate 
Husband, J. W., 15 Cowgate 
*Husband, Peter F., 15 Cowgate 
*Johnston, David, 34 Reform street 

* Johnston, Peter R., 46 Reform street 

* Johnstone, J. J., 87 Commercial st, 
*Kyd, James A., 1 Albert square 
Lawson, J. Grafton, 30 Reform street 
Little, T. G. S., 32 Castle street 
M'Crae, B. M., 11 Murraygate 

Macdougall, W. D., 22 Meadowside 
M'Gill, William, 4 High street 
M 'Grady, C. A., 18 Commercial street 
Mackintosh, W. F., Courthouse bldgs. 
Martin, W. H. Blyth, City chambers 
*Moncur, W. L., 9 Ward road 
Morrison, F. H, 10 Whitehall street 
*Ogilvie, John, 13 Albert square 
Patterson, David, 69 Reform street 
*Pattullo, Henry A., 1 Bank street 
Pearson, John, 7 Ward road 
*Petrie, A. B., 84 Commercial street 
Robertson, R. Lindsay, 69 Reform st. 
Rollo, James A., 62 Seagate 
Ross, Alexander, 11 Whitehall street 
Scarlett, W. C, 10 Reform street 
Scott, C. M., 20 Whitehall street 
*Scott, Francis Ernest, 11 Whitehall st. 
*Scrimgeour, James, 54 Seagate 
*Scrimgeour, John, 54 Seagate 
Shiell, James G. , 5 Bank street 
Simpson, George B. , 16 Bank street 
*Simpson, James, 12 Bank street 
*Simpson, John, 87 Commercial street 
Simpson, J. Gordon, 87 Commercial 

Slidders, Alfred A., 10 Whitehall st. 
Smith, Alfred, 6 Panmure street 
Smith, H. Craigie, 69 Reform street 
Smith, R. H., 293 Brook st., B. Ferry 
*Smith, Robert, 9 Ward road 
Soutar, Charles, 11 Whitehall street 
Soutar, John M. , 31 Reform street 
Steven, Robert, 62 Seagate 
Stevenson, John L., 46 Reform street 
Stewart, David, 61 Reform street 
Still, Robert, 15 Albert square 
Strachan, John R., 11 Murraygate 
*Thomson, James, 1 West Bell street 
*Thomson, John, 87 Commercial street 
*Thornton, John, 15 Albert square 
Thornton, George, 15 Albert square 
*Tullis, Alex. Clark, 32 Bank street 
*Tweedie, David J., 27 Bank street 
Urquhart, James, 10 Reform street 
Walker, John, 7 Ward road 
Walker, Norman C. , 2 Union street 
Walker, Robert C, 2 Union street 
Wilkie, Joseph, 20 Reform street 
Young, D. O., 62 Seagate 


JUSTICE OF PEACE OFFICERS.— Wm. John Bond, 25 S. Lindsay st. ; 
P. C. Egan, 14 Union st. ; Thos. Forbes, 45 Commercial st. ; M'Keran & Forbes, 8 
Bank st.; George Mitchell, 8 Bank st.: Andrew Rumgay, 23 Panmure st. 

SHERIFF OFFICERS.— William John Bond (1890), 25 South Lindsay 
street ; Peter Egan, 14 Union street ; Thomas Forbes, 45 Commercial street ; 
M'Keran & Forbes, 8 Bank street ; George Mitchell, 8 Bank street. 

Dundee. — Wm. J. Bond, 25 S. Lindsay st.; M'Keran & Forbes, 8 Bank st. 

Dundee. — M'Keran & Forbes, 8 Bank street.. 

MESSENGERS-AT- ARMS.— William John Bond (1892), 25 South Lindsay 
street ; M'Keran & Forbes, 8 Bank street. 

Bank street. Collector of Customs and Excise and Distributor of Stamps; 
P. M'L. Milne, Inland Revenue Minor Staff Officer; M. Dalton, Surveyor 
(Customs and Excise) ; A. W. Joyce, L. C. Hooper, Officers (Customs and 
Excise). Office — 31 Bank street. Hours — from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.; and on 
Saturdays, 10 a.m. till 12 noon. 

William Barrow, Surveyor, Dundee 1st district ; J. P. Wimpress, Surveyor, 
Dundee 2nd district ; Arthur Hugh Edwards, F. Aumonier, J. L. Anderson, 
J. W. Poynor, Officers ; F. E. Colmar, F. S. Perry, W. F. Lane, Officers 
(Custom House). Office — 29 Bank street ; 2nd Floor — Old Age Pension 
Office. Hours — 10 a.m. till 12 noon. 

E. E. Gooch and D. M'Donald, Surveyors of Taxes ; E. Prendergast, 
Assistant Surveyor ; E. E. Gooch, Assessor of Income Tax ; Office — 29 Bank 
street. David Buttar, 32 Bank street, Clerk to Commissioners of Income Tax. 


Agreement, or any Memorandum of an Agreement, ... ... 6d. 

Exemptions — Where the matter is not of the value of £5 ; Agreement for 
the hire of any labourer, artificer, manufacturer, or menial servant ; re- 
lating to the sale of any goods, wares, or merchandise ; between the 
master and mariners of any ship for wages on any voyage from port to 
port in the United Kingdom. 
Instrument op Apprenticeship, ... ... ... ... 2s 6d. 

Bill Stamps. — Bill of Exchange of any kind whatsoever (except a bank note) 
and Promissory Note of any kind whatsoever (except a bank note) — drawn, 
or expressed to be payable, or actually paid, or endorsed, or in any way 
negotiated in the United Kingdom, where the amount or value of the 
money for which the bill or note is drawn or made 

Does not exceed £5, ... ...Id 

Exceed £5, and not exceed £10,... 2d. 

„ 10, „ „ 25,. ..3d. 

„ 25, „ „ 50,. ..6d. 

Estate Duty. — When the net value (excludin 
property, real or personal, settled or not settled, 
Exceeds £100 and does not exceed £500, 

Exceed £50, and not exceed £75,... 9d. 

„ 75, „ „ 100,. ..Is. 

,, 100, for every £100, and 

for any fractional part of £100 ... Is. 

fractions of £100) of all 

£500 „ „ £1,000, 

£1,000 „ ,, £5,000, 

£5,000 „ ,, £10,000, 

£10,000 „ „ £20,000, 

£20,000 „ „ £40,000, 

£40,000 ,, „ £70,000, 

These duties are chargeable upon estates of all persons 
August 1894. Legacy duty, as shown below, payable in addition, except that 
if estate does not exceed £1000 net no legacy duty chargeable. 

Duty 1 

per cent. 

dying after 1st 

Duty per 







Duties on Legacies, &c. 

Brother or sister, or descendants, 

Uncle or aunt, or descendants, 

Granduncle or aunt, or descendants, 

All other relations or strangers, 

Receipt given for, or upon payment of, money amounting to £2 

or upwards, ... Id. 

Voting Paper. Any instrument for the purpose of voting by 

any person entitled to vote at any meeting, ... Id. 

Lease or Tack — (1.) For any definite term not exceeding a year : — 

Of any dwelling-house or tenement, or part thereof, at a rent not exceeding 
the rate of £10 per annum, ... ... ... ... Id. 

(2. ) For any definite term less than a year : — 

{a. ) Of any furnished dwelling-house or apartments where the rent for such 
term exceeds £25, .. . ... ... ... ... ... 5s. 

(6. ) Of any lands or heritable subjects except or otherwise than as aforesaid, 
the same duty as a lease for a year at the rent reserved for the definite 
(3.) For any other definite term or for any indefinite term, of any lands or 
heritable subjects, where the consideration or any part thereof consists of 
any money, stock, or seourity, in respect of such consideration, the same 
duty as a conveyance on a sale for the same consideration. 
"Where the consideration or any part thereof is yearly or otherwise, 
Term not ex- Above 35 but 
ceeding' 35 years not above Exceeding 

or indefinite. 100 years. 100 years. 

Rent not exceeding £5, ... £0 10 ... £0 6 ... £0 12 

Above £5, and not above £10, ... 2 ... 12 ... 14 
10, „ „ 15, ... 3 ... 18 ... 1 16 

15, „ „ 20, ... 4 ... 1 4 ... 2 8 

20, „ „ 25, ... 5 ... 1 10 ... 3 

25, „ „ 50, ... 10 ... 3 ... 6 

50, „ „ 75, ... 15 ... 4 10 ... 9 

75, „ „ 100, ... 1 ... 6 ... 12 

Where the same shall exceed 
£100, then for every £50,and 

for any fractional part of £50, 10 ... 300 ... 600 
(4.) Of any other kind whatsoever not hereinbefore described, £1 

Albert square. District Valuer, J. Lorimer Thomson, F.S I. ; Valuers, Blain 
C. Douglas, P.A.S.L, John Sim, Charles Mann, P.A.S.I., David Thomson, 
P.A.S.I., A. Balfour Craig, P.A.S.L, C. F. Anderson, J. M. Crawford, 
F.R.I.B.A. Hours — 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ; Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

H.M. INSPECTORS OF FACTORIES— District Office, 7 Ward road 
(comprising Counties of Forfar, Perth, Fife). — H.M. Inspector in charge (to 
whom all communications should be addressed), David F. Young, 7 Ward 
road. Staff — G. G. Sumner, H.M. Inspector of Factories ; George Dixon, 
H.M. Inspector's Assistant ; T. Kerr, Clerk. 

( 66 ) 



Bank of Scotland, 34 Reform street, 

„ 1 Victoria street, 

British Linen Bank, 35 Murraygate, 

W. G. Leggat 

W. H. Turnbull 

J. Gibson 

W. A. Elgood, Sub- Agent 

Peter Kerr 

J. A. Edward 

John Brough 

William Reid 

, , 40 Nethergate, 
, , 23 Victoria road, - 
,, 39 Westport, 
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. , High street, - 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 85 Com- 
mercial street, Samuel S. Goudie 

Farrow's Bank, Ltd. , 11 High street, - - Alexander Brown 
National Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 71 Reform st., John H. Alexander 

,, ,, J. Gilbert Fleming, Sub- Agent 

„ 115 Hilltown, David P. Scott 

North of Scotland and Town and County 

Bank, Ltd., 24 High street, 
, , 5 Albert square, 

,, 93 High street, Lochee, 

„ Gray street, Bro. Ferry, 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 3 High street, 
Branch 51 Murraygate, 
22 King street, 

Robert Murray 
James Low 
John C. Taylor 
William Mackie 
William Stewart 
James Cree 
William R. Scott 
James Stewart 
James Stewart 
John Macnab 
D. Henderson 

„ 36 Westport, 
,, 260 Perth road, - 
, , , , 9 Strathmar tine rd. . 

„ 122 High st., Lochee' 
,, 288 Brook st., B.F., George Elder 
Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 2Panmure st., James Shand 

Dundee Savings Bank. — Head Office, 2 Euclid street. Hours, 10 a.m. 
to 3 p.m. ; Monday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ; Monday 
and Saturday, for deposits only, 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. Branch Offices — 
1 Stirling street, and 55 High street, Lochee (10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; Saturday 
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ; Monday and Saturday, for deposits only, 6.30 p.m. to 
8.30 p.m.) ; 9 Arbroath road and 181 Hawkhill (10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; Saturday 
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ; Tuesday and Saturday, for deposits only, 6.30 p.m. to 
8.30 p.m.) ; 84 Fort street, Broughty Ferry (Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur- 
day, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., for deposits and payments). 

Robert B. Don, Chairman of the Committee of Management ; Alexander 
B. Gilroy, Deputy-Chairman; Arch. W. Sturrock, Actuary; Vaness C. 
Baird, Cashier ; John Dye, Accountant. 

Post Office Savings Bank.— See page 169. 


Abstainers and General 

Edwin Croll, 12 Whitehall crescent, 
District Inspector 
Alliance Assurance Co., Ld. 

Band & Why te, 23 Panmure st. , Dist. Agts. 

Joseph J. Barrie & Co., 10 Panmure sb. 

Shiell & Small, 5 Bank street 

J. 0. Smith & Co., 3 India buildings 

Atlas (Fire, Life, and Accident) 

6. C. Keiller, 9 Panmure st., Dist. Agent 
John Methven, 3Ryl. Exch. pi., Dist. Agt. 
Geo. dimming-, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Corrie, Mackie, & Co., 1 Royal Exchange 

A. Ogilvie & Co., 31 Albert square 
Rollo & Steven, 62 Seagate 




David Smith, 23 Panmure street, Supt. 
. Alex. M'Phail, 6 Afton place, Down- 
field, and George S. M 'Master, l 
Cunningham street, Assistant Supts. 
British Crown Assur. Corp., Ltd. 
Dundee Branch Office, 13 Panmure st. — 
Local Board of Directors, P. S. Brown 
(Chairman), A. Sinclair Henderson, 
David Wilkie ; Local Secretary, J. S. 
Braidwood, F.C.I. I. 
British Engine, Boiler, and Electrical 
P. D. Mitchell, Ltd., 4 High street 

British and Irish Plate Glass 
David Thomson, S Bank st., Dist. Agent 
A. Y. High, 10 Baxter Park terrace 
A. G. Scott, 20 Meadowside 
James Miller & Son, 9 Ward road 
Andrew Robertson, Tayport 
Guthrie & Maxwell, Anstruther 

British Law (Fire) 
J. & J. Ogilvie, 13 Albert square 
J. A. & T. Graham, 104 Commercial st. 
Neill & Gibb, Arbroath 

British Legal and United Provident 
J. Galloway and D. Galloway, 19 King 
street, District Managers 
Caledonian (Fire, Life, Accident, 
Office, 35 Albertsq. ; A.W.Kennedy, Sec. 

Car and General 
Local Office, 14 Barrack street; James 
Robertson, Inspector 
District Office, 51 Meadowside ; G. A. 
Edmunds, District Manager ; William 
Myles, Inspector 
Office, 83 Commercial street ; George 
Knowles, Resident Secretary 
City of Glasgow Friendly Society 
R. Addison, 80 Hawkhill,"l)istrict Agent 

City Life Assurance Co., Ltd. 
District Office, 19 High st. ; J. Thompson, 
District Superintendent 

Colonial Mutual (Life) 
R. D. Lawson Keith, 14 Barrack street, 
District Manager 
Commercial Union (Fire, Life, Acci- 
dent, Marine) 
Dundee Branch, 12 Victoria chambers ; 
J. Thobaven, Local Manager 

County (Fire) 
James Carver, 224 Lochee road 
Fleming & Haxton, 76 High street 
Arch. Galloway, 77 Albert street 
Gibson, Farquharson, & Co., 26 Com- 
mercial street 

John Kirk, 12 South Lindsay street 
Peter M'Naughton, 30 Reform street 
J. & J. Scrimgeour, 54 Seagate 
Shiell & Small, 5 Bank street 
Sturrock & Morrison, 10 Whitehall street 
Alex. Tosh & Son, 11 Reform street 

Dundee and District Mutual Glass 

C. M. Murdoch, 21 Dock street, Manager 
W. B. Dickie & Sons. 11 Whitehall street 
James Thomson. 1 West Bell street 

J. & J. Scrimgeour, 54 Seagate 
J. & J. Hunter, 69 Reform street 
John M'Nab, Royal Bank, 9 Strathmar- 
tine road 

D. Henderson, Royal Bank, Lochee 
George B. Carmichael, 46 Reform street 
J. A. & T. Graham, 104 Commercial st. 
Robertson & Taylor, 26 Castle street 
W. A. Martin, 21 Reform street 

A. & R. Lickley, 2a King street 
Alex. Neish & Sons, 31 Reform street 
A. B. M'Bain, 7 Bell street 
J. & E. Shepherd, 31 Panmure street 
Little & French, 32 Castle street 
A. Burns Petrie, 84 Commercial street 
J. Grafton Lawson & Co., 30 Reform st. 
D. N. Robertson, 5 Baxter Park terrace 
William M'Farlane, 15 Step row 
Smith & Moncur, 9 Ward road 
Eastern General 
R. G. Forbes, 20 Panmure street, 
Manager and Secretary 
Edinburgh (Life) 
Branch Office, 56 Commercial street ; 
W. Y. Darling, Inspector 
Employers' Liability 

W. C. Nairn, 33 Commercial st. , Dist. Mgr. 
English & Scottish Law (Life) 
Thomas Thornton, Son, & Co., 15 Albert 

James Logie & Co., 67 Reform street 
P. D. Mitchell, Ltd., 4 High street 
J. &H. Pattullo & Donald, 1 Bank street 
Rollo & Steven, 62 Seagate 
Fine Art and General(Fire and Ace.) 

W. C. Smith, 2 Baltic bdgs., Dist. Secy. 
General Accident (Fire and Life) 
E. H. Dick, 59 Reform street, Resident 

General, The (Life) 

B. L. Nairn & Co., 33 Commercial street 
Gresham (Life) 
Charles Scrymgeour, 30 Reform street, 
District Agent 
Branch Office, 18 York place, Edin- 
burgh ; H. Melville Grey, Resident 
Secretary. Dundee Sub-Branch, 4 
Panmure street ; William Watson, 
Resident Insptr. Principal Agents — 
H. T. Baxter, 87 Commercial street 


Berg & Son, 4 Panmure street 

Brodie & Buchan, 3 King's road 

A. S. Cameron, 31 Reform street 

H. Carlton, 11 Ward road 

James Fettes, 31 Reform street 

R. D. Lawson Keith, 14 Barrack street 

Scarlett & M' Walter, 10 Reform street 

J. Macnab, Royal Bank, 9 Strathmar- 

tine road 
Mackay, Irons, & Co., 22 Meadowside 
I. B. Murray & Son, 42 Barrack street 
Rollo & Steven, 62 Seagate 
A. C. Tullis, 32 Bank street 
Joseph Wiikie, 20 Reform street 
Little & French, 32 Castle street 

Imperial Accid., Live Stock, & Gen. 
George Rollo & Co., 3 Panmure street, 
District Agents 

Law Accident 

W. Lawson Clark, 2 India buildings, 
Branch Manager 

Law Union and Rock 
District Office, 4 India buildings ; David 

Goodall, District Secretary 
W. B. Dickie & Sons, 11 Whitehall st., 
District Managers 

Legal (Fire, Loss of Profits, Accident, 
Employers' Liability, Plate Glass, 
Motor Car, &c.) 
Robert M. Noble, 31 Reform street, 
Resident Secretary ; D. J. Robertson, 
Branch Manager 

Legal and General (Life) 
Robert M. Noble, 31 Reform street, 
District Agent 

Life Association of Scotland 

Branch Office, 5 Reform street ; G. W. B. 
Kerr, District Secretary 

Liverpool and London and Globe (Fire, 
Life, Marine, Annuities, Accident, 
and Profits) 
District Office, 51 Meadowside ; G. A. 
Edmunds, District Manager ; William 
Myles, Inspector. Local Board, Jas. 
Cunningham, Fred D. Stewart Sande- 
man, J. W. Shepherd 

Liverpool and London Plate Glass 
James Fettes, 31 Reform street, District 

Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly 
George E. Bryant, 54 Conmiercial street, 

London Assurance Corporation 
James Nicoll & Co. , 19 High street 

London Guarantee and Accident 
Branch Office, 2 Union street; J. Car- 
michael Dickson, District Manager 


London and Lancashire (Fire and 
Branch Office, 2 India buildings. Dun- 
dee Board of Directors— Jas. Car- 
michael, J. B. Grimond, W. F. Soutar; 
Resident Secretary, James Kinioch 

London and Lancashire (Life & Gen) 
A. T. Gordon, 30 Meadowside, Res. Inspr. 

London and North British Plate Glass 
J. R. Wilson, 20 Meadowside, Dist. Mgr 

Marine and General Mutual Life (Lon- 

Sturrock & Morrison, 10 Whitehall st. 
Andrew Robertson, 14 Victoria chambers 
George D. White, 9 Royal Exchange lane 
John B. White, 4 India buildings 

National Benefit Life and Property 
John S. Rumgay, 3 Seagate, Res. Secy. 

National Boiler 

G. C. Douglas & Co., 12 Bank street 

National Insurance Co. of Great 
Britain, Ltd. (Fire, Accident, 
Burglary, and Plate Glass) 
Dundee Branch Offices, 8 Panmure st. ; 
William Brownlee, Resident Director ; 
J. N. Grafton, Resident Secretary 

National Provincial Plate Glass 
J. A. Tombazis, 30 Meadowside, Manager 

North British and Mercantile (Fire, 
Burglary, Loss of Profit, Acci- 
dent, Marine, Life, Annuities, &c.) 
Branch Office, 13 Panmure street ; T. E. 
Suttie, Local Secretary 

North of Scotland Plate Glass 

R. D. Lawson Keith, 14 Barrack street, 
District Manager 

Northern Assurance (Fire, Life, and 
Head Office in Dundee, Northern 
Assurance buildings, 110 Commercial 
street. Dundee Board of Directors— 
J. W. Barty, J. Ernest Cox, Charles 
C. Duncan, John M. Hendry. Secre- 
tary — Wm, Pringle 

Northern Plate Glass 
J. S. Ritchie, 1 Commercial street, Dis- 
trict Manager 

Norwich Union Fire and Accident 
J. R. Wilson, 20 Meadowside, Dist. Mangr. | 

Norwich Union Life 
J. R. Wilson, 20 Meadowside, District 

Ocean Accident and Guarantee 

Dundee Office, 104 Commercial street ; 
J. T. Stewart, Branch Manager 



Pearl Life 
District Office, Pearl buildings, 30a 
Meadowside ; P. Hoepfner and P. 
Timmins, District Superintendents ; 
T. N. Taylor, N. Wallace, and A. Boyd, 
Assistant Superintendents 
District Office, 67 Reform street (Tele- 
phone No. 504, 2 lines ; Telegrams, 
"Logie"); James Logie & Co., Resi- 
dent Secretaries ; R. L. Miln, Resident 
James S. Ritchie, 1 Commercial street, 
Local Agent 
District Office, Prudential buildings, 
31 Albert square ; Win. Gilroy and P. 
Mitchell, Superintendents ; Assistant 
Superintendents — 
J. Brown, 2 Tullideph road 
W. G. Mann, 200 Blackness road 
R. C. Robertson, Brotchie pi., B. Ferry 
J. Cargill, 123 Victoria road 
W. Taylor, 35 Baldovan terrace 
J. Flynn, 18 Bellefield avenue 
A. D. Dow, 160 Albert street 
J. Urquhart, 14 Gardner street 
W. F. Wylie, 8 Nelson street 
G. J. Massie, 5 Dallfield terrace 
Railway Passengers 

T. E. Suttie, 13 Panmure St., Local Secy. 

J. D. Daly, 45 Commercial st., Supdt. 
Royal Insurance Co., Ltd. (Fire, Loss 
of Profits, Life, Marine, Accident, 
Property Owners' Liability, Bur- 
glary, Motor Car, Fidelity Guar- 
antee, Plate Glass, Live Stock, 
Engineering, &c.) 
Dundee Branch Offices, 97 and 99 Com- 
mercial street ; Local Board of Direc- 
tors — George A. Gilroy, Chairman ; 
George Methven Cox, J. J. Johnstone, 
W. K. Macdonald, James Wilkie. 
Resident Secretary— John Leslie 

Royal Exchange Assurance Corp. — 
Fire, Life, Sea, Accidents, Bur- 
glary, Employers' Liability (in- 
cluding accidents to Domestic 
Servants), Annuities, & Fidelity 
Guarantees, Motor Car, Plate 
Glass, Hoist, Lift, and Crane, 
Ptomaine Poisoning, Consequen- 
tial Loss through Fire, Combined 
Policies covering Fire, Burglary, 
and Domestic Servants. The 
Corporation will act as Executor 
of Wills, Trustee of Wills and 
J. A. Tombazis, Manager, 30 Meadowside 

Royal Liver Friendly Society 
J. L. Beswick, District Manager, 31 
Murray gate 

Royal London Insurance Offices 
James Elliott, 74 Murraygate, Supt. 

Royal Scottish 
Office, 37 Albert square ; Hugh A. R. 
MacLennan, Resident Secretary 

Scottish Boiler Insurance and Engine 
Inspection Company, Limited 
Willison & Forbes, 20 Panmure street, 
District Agents 

Scottish Equitable (Mutual) Life 
Office, 6 Panmure street. Dundee Board 
of Reference — W. Verden Anderson, 
John M. Fraser, John N. Kyd, George 
Mathewson, P. Spence Mudie. Richard 
Roy, District Secretary 

Scottish Insurance Corporation, Ltd. 

(Fire, Life, Accid., Motor Car, &c.) 

Office, 39 Albert square ; W. S. Whyte, 

Resident Secy. ; John R. Beveridge, 

Inspector of Agents 

Scottish Legal Life Assur. Society 
Office, 2b King st. ; E. H. Porter, District 
Manager ; James Kinnear, Inspector 

Scottish Life 
David Buttar, 32 Bank street. Resident 
Secy.; A. K. Davidson, Assist. Secy. 

Scottish National Key Registry and 
Assurance Association, Ltd. 
David Don, 2 Union street, Resident 

Scottish Plate Glass (with which is 
incorporated the Caledonian Plate 
Glass Insurance Co., Ltd.) 
J. Rattray & Sons, 50 Barrack street, 
District Managers 

Scottish Provident Institution (Life) 
Local Board of Referees — A. Gilroy, Pro- 
fessor Steggall, W. N. Walker, Principal 
Donaldson, Thomas Maitland, P. S. 
Brown, Wm. Low, D. M. Brown. J. W. 
Shepherd, Scottish Provident build- 
ings, 49 Meadowside, Resident Secy. ; 
P. Rosie, District Inspector 

Scottish Union and National (Fire, 
Life, Accident, Burglary, Fidelity, 
and Transit) 
Branch Office, 41 Albert square ; James 
W. Muir, Resident Secretary 
Scottish United Reform (Friendly) 

W. F. Ford, 44 Cobden st., Dist. Agent 
Scottish Widows' Fund (Life) 
Principal Agent — John M. Watson, 10 
Panmure street 



Standard (Life) 
Shiell & Small, 5 Bank street 
P. F. & J. Husband, 15 Cowgate 

Office, 10 Victoria chambers ; James 
Sturrock, Agent 

State (Fire and Accident) 
Branch Office, 10 Panmure street. 
Local Directors — J. C. Methven, Chair- 
man ; David Johnston, Sir James Low, 
Bart., Henry M 'Grady. Resident 
Secretary, T. W. Robertson, F.C.I. I. 

Sun Insurance Office 
Geo. F. Ronald, 33 Albert sq., Dist. Inspr. 
Brough & Brown, 7 Panmure street 
T. S. Pattullo & Co., 33 Albert square 

Union Assurance Society, Ltd. (Fire, 
Life, Accident, &c.) 
Branch Office, 27 Panmure street ; R. 
G. Tait, Local Secretary 

United Kingdom Provident Institu- 
tion (Temperance and General 
Sections). Head Office for Scot- 
land, 129 St Vincent street, Glas- 
gow. Principal Agents — 
H. T. Baxter, 87 Commercial street 
Scarlett & M 'Walter, 10 Reform street 

Moody Stuart & Robertson, 22 1 

Geo. Rollo & Co. , 3 Panmure street 
Ross & Soutar, 11 Whitehall street 
J. G. Gilchrist, 9a Ward road 
James Thomson, 1 West Bell street 
J. Miller & Son, 9 Ward road 
W. R. Scott, Royal Bank, 22 King street | 
Kenneth Mackenzie, 15 Balgray road, 


United National 
C. J. M'Allister, 63 Constitution road, 

University Life 
James Thomson, 1 West Bell street 

Vulcan Boiler and General 
George Rollo & Co., 3 Panmure street, 
District Agents 

Wesleyan and General 
Alex. M'Millan, 34 Wellington street, 
Resident Secretary 

West of Scotland (Fire and Burglary) 
J. S. Ritchie, 1 Commercial street, Dis- 
trict Manager 

Branch Office, 20 Meadowside; D. 
Grant/Rea, Resident Secretary 


British and Foreign Marine 

Robert Ritchie & Co., 33 Albert square 
G. A. M'Laren & Son, 3 India buildings 

Commercial Union 
John Thobaven, 12 Victoria chambers 

Lloyd's Marine Insurance 
Willison & Forbes, 20 Panmure street 

Lloyd's Surveyors, 2G East Dock st. 
James Carnaghan and M. Blackw r ood, 
Surveyors for district of Dundee, 
Montrose, St Andrews, Tayport, 
Arbroath, and Perth 

Mannheim Insurance Co., Ltd. 

James Logie & Co., 67 Reform stree 

The Marine Insurance Co. , Ltd. 

James Logie & Co., 67 Reform street 
Maritime Insurance Co., Ltd. 

James Logie & Co. , 67 Reform street 
Merchants Marine 

Robert Ritchie & Co. , 33 Albert square 
Royal Exchange Assurance Corp. 

J. A. Tombazis, 30 Meadowside 
Ulster Marine 

James Logie & Co., 67 Reform street 
Union Marine, of Liverpool 

James Logie & Co., 67 Reform street 

Marine Insurance Brokers 
George Rollo & Co., 3 Panmure street 

Whyte, 39 Albert square. 

( 71 ) 

THE ALLIANCE TRUST CO., Ltd.— Directors, James Guthrie, Thomas 
Maitland, William Thomson, F. B. Sharp ; Managing Director, William 
Mackenzie; Secretary, W. D. Macdougall, 22 Meadowside; Law Agents, 
Thomas Thornton, Son, & Co., and L. M. Mackenzie, W.S. (Edinburgh); 
Auditors, Moody Stuart & Robertson, C.A., andR. C. Thomson & Murdoch, C. A. 

BRITISH CANADIAN TRUST, Ltd.— Directors, William Rettie, 
A. B. Crichton, A. Sinclair Henderson, David Johnston, Sir George Ritchie, 
J. C. Robertson, John Tod ; Law Agents, Johnstone, Simpson, & Thomson, 
and Davidson & Syme, W.S. (Edinburgh); Auditors, Robertson & Taylor, 
C.A. ; Secretaries, Moody Stuart & Robertson, C.A., 22 Meadowside. 

— Head Office, 30 Reform street ; Directors, Alexander Banks (Chairman), 
A. H. Brown, Thomas Robb, David N. Milln, William Mitchell, James 
Lindsay, John Mudie, William T. M'Donald, William Oram; Bankers, The 
Bank of Scotland; Manager and Secretary, John E. M'Intyre, C.A., 30 
Reform street. 

Bankers, The Commercial Bank ; Solicitor, Hubert Carlton ; Surveyor, 
Charles G. Soutar ; Secretaries, James Cram & Son, C.A., 38 Whitehall st. 

DUNDEE JOLNT STOCK COMPANY.— Preses, James Thomson; Vice- 
Preses, John Yeaman ; Factor, Thomas G. Lawson, 25 Barrack street. 

William Black, William Ogilvie, John S. Buchan, W. A. Martin, Alexander 
Alexander, David Brown; Surveyor, John T. Maclaren ; Auditors, Robt, C. 
Thomson, Sam. A. Laing ; Bankers, The Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. ; Secretary 
and Treasurer, F. E. Scott, 11 Whitehall street. 

gistered Offices, 22 Meadowside. Directors, James H. Halley, Alexander 
Mackay, J. Nicoll Smith, Sir Francis Webster (Arbroath), David Wilkie 
(Kirriemuir); Secretaries, Mackay, Irons, & Co., C.A. 

Regd. Office, 15 Cowgate. Directors, Joseph Philip, Sir George Ritchie, James 
N. Smith ; Auditor, T. H. B. Rorie, C,A. ; Secretaries, P. F. & J. Husband. 

Directors, Alexander Gilroy (Chairman), Robert B. Don, J. Ernest Cox, 
Adam Hunter ; London Correspondents, Robert Fleming & Co. ; Secretary, 
William C. Lawson, 22 Meadowside. 

Limited. — Secretary, Lawrence Melville. Office — 61 Reform street. 

Alex. Gilroy (Chairman), Robert B. Don, J. Ernest Cox, Adam Hunter ; 
London Correspondents, Robert Fleming & Co. ; Secretary, William C. 
Lawson, 22 Meadowside. 

R. B. Sharp (Chairman), William Thomson, F. B. Sharp ; Secretary, Edward 
Shield, 22 Meadowside. 

Limited. — Office, 27 Bank street. Secretary, D. H. Littlejohn. 

Directors, Alex. Gilroy (Chairman), Wm. Thomson, Geo. S. Lamb; Secretary, 
• J. W. Shepherd. Office— Scottish Provident buildings, 49 Meadowside. 

( 72 ) 


Hackney Cakriages. — Fares— The fare shall be One Shilling within the 
following circuit wheresoever within such circuit the carriage may be engaged : 
namely, within a circuit commencing at the foot of Shepherd's loan (Magdalen 
green), and passing by Shepherd's loan to the junction of Hawkhill and Perth 
road, and thence by Hawkhill, and Annfield road, Cherryfield, and Scouring- 
burn, to the junction of Milnbank road and Polepark road, and thence to 
Dudhope Free Church at the junction of Lochee road and Polepark road, and 
proceeding by Dudhope house, Dudhope terrace, Somerville place, Constitu- 
tion street, Rosebank street, Ann street, Cotton road, Laing street, and Dura 
street to Brown Constable street, and thence by Lyon street, Raglan street, 
and Lower Lilybank to Broughty Ferry road, and terminating on said Ferry 
road at Springhill or Carolina port. Also from any place to any other place 
within five miles from the General Post Office of the burgh, if not more than 
a mile, One Shilling ; and for each additional half-mile, or any part of a half- 
mile, Sixpence additional. 

The foregoing fares to apply to cases where the number of passengers does 
not exceed four. If five passengers are carried, Sixpence extra, irrespective of 
mileage or distance, may be charged. In the case of children under twelve 
years of age, two are to be reckoned and charged for as one adult. 

When engaged by the hour in shopping or calls, the fares shall be, per hour 
Two Shillings ; and when engaged by the hour in pleasure or country driving, 
Two Shillings and Sixpence. 

When required to ply after eleven o'clock p.m. to twelve o'clock p.m., a fare 
and a-half to be charged ; after twelve o'clock p.m. to five o'clock a.m., double 
fares ; after five o'clock a.m. till six o'clock a.m. , a fare and a-half to be charged. 

Luggage not exceeding in weight 100 lbs. shall be taken free of charge ; above 
that weight it shall be liable to a charge of Sixpence extra. 

Half fares to be charged for returning by the same carriage (when not engaged 
by time), but the carriage not to be detained beyond fifteen minutes, unless by 

When a carriage is called, but not used, a charge of Sixpence will be allowed 
if the place to which it is called be under half a mile from the nearest stand, 
and One Shilling if beyond said distance. 

Taxi-Cabs. — Taxi-Cabs are subject to the Bye-Laws applicable to Hackney 
Carriages so far as these Bye-Laws are applicable to Motor Cabs or as such 
may be made adaptable to Motor Cabs, and on the following conditions as 
regards fares, &c, viz. : — (1) Not exceeding one mile for a party not exceeding 
four adult persons, Is ; (2) for each additional quarter of a mile or part 
thereof, 3d ; (3) when the Motor Cab is kept waiting, the fare shall be at the 
rate of 4s per hour, or at the rate of Is per quarter of an hour, or at the rate 
of 3d, 6d, 9d, and Is for each equal part of a quarter of an hour ; (4) ordinary 
fare to be charged between 6 a.m. and 12 midnight and double fare between 
12 midnight and 6 a.m. ; (5) the fare of a Taxi-Cab to be used in shopping or 
calls or pleasure or country driving to be according to agreement to be made 
between hirer and owner ; (6) no charge to be made for going from stance or 
garage to hirer's premises until the driver has intimated bis arrival to the 
hirer, when, if required to wait, the rate per hour stated in condition (3) 
commences ; and (7) luggage under one hundred pounds in weight to be 
carried free. 

Andrew Whitton, Couston (Chairman ) ; James Carmichael of Arthurstone ; 
Sir George Kinloch, Bart, of Kinloch,Meigle; Herbert K. Ogilvy; Treasurers, 
Nicholson & Marquis ; Secretary, Herbert K. Ogilvy, 5 Bank street. 


CALEDONIAN RAILWAY COMPANY.— Head Office, 302 Buchanan 
street, Glasgow.— D. A. Matheson, General Manager ; T. W. Pettigrew, 
General Superintendent; John Blackburn, Secretary; Duncan Cameron, 
Chief Goods Manager. 

Dundee. — West Station, South Union street— George Harvey, District 
Traffic Superintendent; J. D. Monteith, Goods Agent; William Salmond, 
Stationmaster. Magdalen Green Station — James Hill, Stationmaster. 
Lochee Station — David Pattie, Stationmaster. Lochee West Station — John 
Dykes, Stationmaster. Downfield Station — John R. Howie, Stationmaster. 

place, Edinburgh.— W. F. Jackson, General Manager; John Black, Super- 
intendent of the Line ; John Cathles, Secretary, Edinburgh ; William Andrew, 
Chief Goods Manager, Glasgow. 

Dundee. — Tay Bridge Station, South Union street — William Kettles, 
District Traffic Superintendent, Northern Division ; George Robertson, 
Stationmaster; Alexander Boyd, Goods Agent ; Joseph Cockburn, Passenger 
Agent. Esplanade Station — T. Hand, Stationmaster. 

Ferry, Broughty Ferry and Tayport.— Captain, P. Thomson. Steamer 
sails from Broughty Ferry at (6.15 summer) 7.15, 9.15, 10.50 a.m., 1.0, 2.50 
4.20, 5.20. 6.20 (8.0 summer) p.m.; and from Tayport at (6.0 summer) 7.0, 
8.35, 10.30 a.m., 12.35, 2.15, 4.0, 5.5, 6.0 (7.40 summer) p.m. (weekdays only). 

Geo. G. Hamilton, Secretary. Traffic Superintendents, George Harvey, 
Caledonian Railway, Dundee (West), and William Kettles, North British 
Railway, Dundee (Tay Bridge). 

Dundee. — East Station, East Dock street— James Robertson, Goods 
Superintendent ; William D. Mollison, Stationmaster. Stannergate Station 
— William Nicoll, Stationmaster. West Ferry Station — William Mackay, 

Stationmaster. Broughty Ferry Station Stationmaster. Barnhill 

Station (Forfar Direct Line) — John Cameron, Stationmaster. 

EAST COAST RAILWAY, Office, 15 South Union street.— J. Renwick, 
District Agent. 

MIDLAND RAILWAY, Offices, 57 Meadowside, and Tay Bridge Station.— 
W. Sutherland, District Agent. 

TAY FERRIES, Craig pier, South Union street.— Captain James Young, 

A Steamboat sails from Dundee not before 6, 7, 8, 8.50, 9.30, 10.10, 11a.m., 
12 noon, 12.45, 1.30, 2.15, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 7.50, 8.45, 9.45, 10.45, p.m. ; 
and from Newport not before 6.30, 7.30, 8.30, 9.10, 9.50, 10.30, 11.30 a.m., 
12.25, 1.5, 1.50, 2.40, 3.30, 4.30, 5.30, 6.30, 7.25, 8.15, 9.15, 10.15, 11.5 p.m. 

On Sundays the Steamboat sails from Dundee not before 9, 10 a.m., 
12.40, 1.15, 4.5, 5.15, 6.15*, and 8.15 p.m. ; and from Newport not before 9.30, 
10.30 a.m., 12.55, 1.45, 4.30, 5.45, 6.45*, 8.30 p.m. * This Boat will only be 
run from the first Sunday of April, until the last Sunday of September. 

Fares — Single, 2d ; Return, 3d. 

LTD. — Directors, William Brownlee (Chairman), D. W. Wybrants, D. Hynd, 
and George Balfour ; Manager and Engineer, Daniel Fisher, Milton depot, 
Monifieth ; Secretary, Edward Cowan, 4 High street. 

Directors, John S. Buchan, David Pirie, Alexander Croom ; Secretary and 
Manager, John Beveridge. 



Mutter, Howey, & Co., Esplanade buildings, Carting Agents for the N.B. 
Railway Co., Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway, and East Coast Railways, 
viz., North Eastern Railway Co. and Great Northern Railway Co. John 
M 'Cowan, Manager. ■ 

Wordie & Co., South Union st., Carting Agents for Caledonian, Dundee and 
Arbroath Joint, Great North of Scotland, and Highland Railway Companies. 
Forward and receive goods to and from all Stations in Scotland, England, 
and Ireland. H. Pollock, Manager. 

J. & P. Cameron, General Cartage Contractors and Agents for North 
British Railway, 17 and 18 South Union street and Tay Bridge Station. John 
Wallace, Manager. 

Sutton & Co., General Carriers to all parts of the world. Agents of the 
German and Indian Parcel Post. James Cant, 24 and 26 Greenmarket, Agent, 

Paterson's Express Co., General Carriers, and local Delivery Agents.— 
Agents for Crouch & Co., London; Burgess & Co., Manchester: Neale & 
Wilkinson, and Foster Express Co. Offices, 5 Thorter row and 41 Castle st. 

David Barrie, Ltd. , 3 Exchange street. Agent for Foster's Express, London, 
and National Express, Ltd. ; also for Globe Express, Ltd., Inland, Foreign, 
and General Carriers. 

Atlas Express Co., Ltd., 51 Gellatly street. Agents for Carter, Paterson, & 
Co., Ltd., London. • 

Dundee and Broughty Ferry Motor Parcel Express. — The Motor Yan leaves 
4 Hartington place, Brook street, Broughty Ferry, at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. ; and 
William Young's, 63 High street, Dundee, at 11 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. 
G. Mackie, Proprietor. 

Stewart's Broughty Ferry and Dundee Parcel Express. — The Yan leaves the 
office, Brook street, Broughty Ferry, at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. ; and 40 High 
street, Dundee, at 11.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. ; Saturday, 1 p.m. Duncan 
Stewart, Proprietor. 










J. & R. Bruce 

Royal Stables 

Tu. Fri. 



George Low 

38 Overgate 

Tu. Fri. 



Frank Hose 

Royal Stables 



Brought}' Ferry 

Geo. Longair 

J. Cowan & Sons, 14 Dock street 




G. Mackie 

63 High street 

Daily 11 & 



Duncan Stewart 

40 High street 

Daily 11 & 



Andrew Taylor 

Robertson, Ltd., Royal Stables 




A. & T. Hovell 

Exchange street 




Paterson's Exp. 

41 Castle street 



Fowlis Easter 

Andrew Yule 

18 Overgate 

Tu. Fri. 



George Clark 

Robertson Ltd. , Royal Stables 


12 n. 


Alex. Duncan 

18 Overgate 



Liff and Birkhill 

A. Burry 

Mid Kirk style and 18 Overgate 

Tu. Fri. 



John Findlay 

38 Overgate and 14 Dock street 



T. M. Baxter 

22 Commercial street 



Paterson's Exp. 

41 Castle street, Daily 12.30, 

3.30, and 



William Speed 
Alex. London 

G. P. Findlay, 38 Overgate 

Tu. Fri. 


. Do. 

38 Overgate and 24 Union street 

Tu. Fri. 


Lundie, Broomhill 

N. M'Farlane 

42 Murraygate 




Jas. Gibson 

14 Dock st. and 112 Seagate 

Daily 12n.& 


Muirhead and Liff 

Andrew Yule 

Kirk & Coutts, 18 Overgate 

Tu. Fri. 



Jas. Brown 

19 West Dock street 




David Grant 

J. Cowan & Sons, 14 Dock st. 



( 75 ) 


Presbytery of Dundee— Church of Scotland. 
Dundee— Clerk— Rev. D. B. Cameron, M.A., D.D., 5 Douglas terrace 

Balgay (Lochee road) "William Hall, M.A., 4 Albany terrace 

Beach (5 Fort street, Bro.Ferry) Jas. Burgess, Beach Manse, Seafield, B.F, 
BroughtyFerry(44Brookst.,B.F.) James Wilson, M. A., Queen St., Bro. Ferry 
Chapelshade (Constitution road) Stephen Forsyth, M.A., 44 Thomson st. 

Clepington (Isla street) David R. Robertson, D.D., 23 Albany ter. 

Downfield(StMary'srd.,D'field) Wm.Simpson,B.D.,llStMary'srd.,D'nfield 

Dundee Parish — 
St Mary's (Nethergate) 

St Paul's (Nethergate) 
St Clement's (Nethergate) ... 
St John's (Blackness avenue) 
St David's (North Tay street) 
Fairmuir (Clepington road) 
Lochee (Methven st., Lochee) 

Logie (Scott street) 

Mary field (Morgan street) 

Rosebank (Constitution street) 

St Andrew's (King street) 

St Enoch's (Nethergate) 

St Luke's (High St., Lochee) ... 

St Margaret's (Barnhill) 

St Mark's (Perth road) 

St Matthew's (Ferry road) 

StStephen's(Dundeerd., W. Fy.) 

Wallacetown (Crescent street)... 





Liff and Benvie 


St Columba's, Invergowrie 
Lundie and Fowlis... 
Mains and Strathmartine 

Glamis road, Mains) 








Tay port 


jA. W. Fergusson, B.D., Dalkeith road 

tColin Campbell, M.A., B.D., D.D. (Emer.) 
J. Boath Wood,M.A., B.D.. 10 Laurelbank 
James M. Benson, 5 Hermonhill terrace 
Marshall B. Lang, B.D.,11 Windsor street 
George M. Maclean, 18 Albanv terrace 
William Wright, Coupar Angus rd., Lochee 
Richard M. Clark, M.A., 152 City road. 
James Dowie, 37 Mains loan 
D. B. Cameron, M.A., D.D.,5 Douglas ter. 
Harcourt M. Davidson, 11 Albany terrace 
Hugh G. Watt, D.D., 1 Fort street 
Wm. May, M.A., Coupar Angus rd., Lochee 
James F. G. Orr, B.A., B.D., Barnhill 
Robert Prenter, M.A., 9 Airlie place 
Alexander JVlauchline, B.D., 4 Craigie ter. 
Jas.Leask,M.A.,D.D.,Lindenbank, B.F. 

( John Stewart Robertson, M.A., B.D., 75 

\ Clepington road 
W. Liston Milroy, M.A., Manse, Abernyte 
John K. Cameron, Manse, Auchterhouse 
J. A. Honey, M.A., Inchture 
John M. Anderson, B.D., Kinnaird 
George Dingwall, B.D., Liff 
Neil Kennedy Mackenzie, M.A., L'gforgan 
Donald Davidson, Invergowrie 
Charles Scott Burdon, Lundie 

•< R. Spenser Ritchie, Mains 

D. D. Maclaren, M.A., B.D., Monifieth 

... Andrew Armit, Monikie 

James Nicoll, Murroes 

S. JVlacaulay, LL.D., Tealing 

Suburban Districts not included in Presbytery of Dundee. 

John T. Arnot't, B.D., Balmerino 

John Heggie, Barry 

A. R. Gibson, Kinloch street, Carnoustie 

Thomas Munn, Forgan 

Henry Coulter, B. A., B.D., Manse, Newport 

John Caesar, M.A., Panbride 

Christopher Halliday, B.A., Tavport 

James Coutts, M.A., Ashtbrd, Woodhaven 



Presbytery of Dundee — United Free Church of Scotland. 
Dundee— Clerk— Rev, Crawford Smith, M.A., Monifieth. 

Albert Square (Meadowside) 
Baxter Park (Arbroath road) ... 

Bell Street 

Bonnethill (Hilltown) 

Butter burn (Hill street) 

Chalmers (Hunter street) 
Chapelshade (Constitution road) 
Clepington (Arklav street) 
Downtield (Haldane St., D'nfield) 
Dudhope (Lochee road) 
East (370 Queen St., Bro. Fy.)... 
East (High street, Lochee) 
High (Hospital wynd) 

Hilltown (Alexander street) ... 

Lochee Road (Logie street) 
M'Cheyne (328 Perth road) 

G. K. Macphail, M.A., 8 Union terrace 
James Fenton, M.A., 15 Maryfield terrace 
W. Graham Brown, M. A. 
A. S. Marshall, 280 Strathmartine road 

(Robt. A. Watson, D.D.,Abercraig,Newp'rt 

-{J. Henderson Edgar, M.A. (C. & S.), 

I 22 Rankine street 

Alex. Adamson, B.D., Magdalen place 
James Robbie, M.A., B.D., 64 Forfar road 
Wm. King, B.D., 5 Muirfield st, D'nfield 
Arthur C. Abel, 2 Ancrum road, Lochee 
Frank Cairns, Mansefield, Brought}' Ferry 
David Thorn, M.A., Harefield rd., Lochee 
J. Howitt Grant, M.A., 10 Adelaide place 

j John Macpherson (Emeritus), 32 Forfar rd. 

'Root. Mitchell, M A.,B.D.,35Tuliidephrd. 
And. N. Sutherland, M.A., 18 Lawside rd. 

Mains and Strathmartine (507 JtSKH 
Strathmartine rd.,Downfield) ^ John P??8K - M -A-, o05 Strath 

Martyrs (Annfield road) 
Ogilvie (Albert street) .. 

Park (Park avenue) 

( road. Downfield 
... A. H. Charlton, 150 City road 
... H. F. Henderson, D.D., 12 Constitution ter. 

(James George, Edinburgh 
"' IJ. Miller Graham (C.&S.)^ 26 l :)alkeithrd - 
Queen Street (Broughty Ferry) D. H. Lawrence, D.D.,8Hometer., B.Ferry 

Ryehill (Perth road) James Aitken, D.D., 2 Briarwood terrace 

St Andrew's (Meadow place) ... Charles Shaw, 12 Westfield place 

St David's- in- West (Seymour st.) A. Cameron Mackenzie, 1 Douglas terrace 

St John's (Perth road) John M'Connachie, M.A., 23 Windsor st. 

(William W. Peyton, Llandudno 
St Luke's (Victoria pl.,W. Ferry) ^ Lewis A. Muirhead, D.D. (C. & S.), 
( Elmslea, Seafield road, Broughty Ferry 
James Weatherhead, B. D., 13 Dudhope ter. 

St Paul's (Nethergate) 

St Peter's (St Peter street) 
School Wynd (Lindsay street) 

Tay Square 

Union (75 Fort St., Bro. Ferry) 

Victoria Street 

West (39 Brook st., Bro. Ferry) 
West (High street, Lochee) ... 
Willison (Barrack street) 
Wishart Memorial (King street) 




Monifieth— North 






Alexander White, 4 Briarwood terrace 

John Mansie, M.A., 2 Beechwood terrace 
Thomas F. Best, Albert rd., Broughty Ferry 
John A. Grahame, 5 Clepington road 
G. E. Troup, M.A., Brook st., Bro. Ferry 
Hugh D. Morton, 32 Albany terrace 
William Nelson, 2 Garland place 
W. A. Dunbar, 10 Airlie terrace 
Geo. Innes Smith, M.A., Abernyte,Inchture 
John Kenned}', M.A., Muirhead of Liff 
Adam Philip, M.A., Invergowrie 
Alexander Wiseman, M.A., Kingennie 
W. W. A. Bell, B. D., Nethanbank,Monifieth 
Crawford Smith, M.A., Monifieth 
Thomas S. Crichton, M.A., Monikie 
Neil Elder, M.A., Tealing 

Emeritus— Donald Cook, B.Sc, Edinburgh; George Smart, 4 Union terrace 



Carnoustie — Erskine 

St Stephen's 
Logie and Gauldry 
Newport — St Fillan's 

Trinity ... 

Tayport — Erskine 

Queen Street 


Districts not included in Presbytery of Dundee 

A. J. Campbell, M.A., Barry 

John F. Dempster, Thistle St., Carnoustie 

James Philip, Terrace road, Carnoustie 

T. Crichton, M.A., U.F. Manse, Gauldry 

... (Vacant) 

(James S. Scotland, Woodhaven, Wormit 

(Wm. Young, Bellevue terrace, E. Newport 

R. S. MacLauchlan, M.A., Panbride 

Alex. Home, Dougall street, Tayport 

Adam W. Burnet, M.A., Manse, Queen st. 

J. M. Richmond, M.A., Kinbank, Wormit 

Dundee— Free Church of Scotland. 

Dudhope (Dudhope street) ... (Vacant) 

Scottish Episcopal. 
Bishop of Brechin and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church — Most Rev. W. 

J. F. Robberds, D.D., Forbescourr, Dundee road, West Ferry 
Dundee— f Provost— Very Rev. F. C. Moir, M.A., 

Tbe Rectory, 7 Aitlie place 
Canons— Very Rev. W. C. Simons, M.A. 
(Dean of "Brechin), W.L.Christie,M.A., 
Stonehaven (Synod Clerk), G. M. 
Duncan, M.A. (Rector of S. Salva- 
dor's), J. H. Shepherd, M.A. (Rector 
of S. Mary Magdalene's) 
Assistant Clergy— H. M. Rankin, M.A., 
S. Paul's Clergyhouse, Castlehill ; J. 
D. Mowat, 11 Forebank road; G. 
Douglas, M. A., 104 Commercial street ; 
Rev. K. Mackenzie, 10 Airlie terrace 
Hugh C. R. Cunnynghame, M.A., 93 
Clepington road 
S. Luke's (Baldovan road, Down- (Win. C. Wood, B.A., 550 Strathmartine 

field) \ road, Downfield 

S. Margaret's (Ancrum road, (H. Burden, B. A., Rectory, 17 Ancrum road, 

Lochee) i Lochee 

S. Mary's (Queen St., Bro. Ferry) H. T. J. Waring, B.D., 6 Balgillo ter., B.F. 
Canon J. H. Shepherd, M.A., Rector, 
S. Mary Magdalene's Rectory, Well 
J. Stuart, 3 Gowrie place 
Percy Smither, L.Tb. 
Brother Bailey, 21 Pitfour street 
Canon G. M. Duncan, M. A., 14 William st. 
E D. Gregory, M.A., 7 South George st. 
J. B. Jobberns,M.A., Parsonage, Carnoustie 
Very Rev. W. C. Simons, M.A. (Dean of 

Brechin), The Rectorv, Invergowrie 
H. Crosland Bell, M.A.,Hill St., Monifieth 

Cathedral Church of S 


S. John Baptist (Albert street) 

S. Mary Magdalene's (Blinshall 

S. Salvador's (St Salvador st.) 

Carnoustie— Holy Rood ... 
Invergowrie — All Souls' ... 

Monifieth— Holy Trinity 

Newport— S. Mary's 

Diocese of St Andrews. 

... S. B. Hodson, Blyth street, E. Newport 



Dundee — 

Broughty Ferry(89 Brook st 
Castle Street 

Lindsay Street 

Morison (Guthrie street) 

Panmure Street 

Princes Street 

Russell Chapel (Hawkhill) ... 

Trinity (Victoria road) 

"Ward Chapel (Constitution rd.) 


Congregational Union. 

B.F. A. G.Mitchell,! Ye wbank ave., Bro. Fy. 
... R. T. Sivewright, M.A , 5 Windsor street 
... H. G. Jeffries, 17 Thomson street 
... James Hamilton, 91 Magdalen green 
... Thomas Templeton, M.A., 27 Perth road 
... Robert C. Richardson, 21 Janefield place 
... J. B. Allan, M.A., B.D., 31 Albany terrace 
... William Hamilton, M. A., 134 Arbroath rd. 
K. C. Anderson, D.D., 4 E. Somerville pi. 

Arthur Bunce, Woodbine ter., E. Newport 

Roman Catholic. 

Bishop of Dunkeld— (Vacant) 


Our Lady of Good Counsel ... (Robert Gordon Russell, Westfield house, 

(Westfield rd., Bro. Ferry) \ King street, Broughty Ferry 

„. . , , „ ~ ., , , (Very Rev. J. Canon Turner, 150 Nethergate 
St Andrew's Pro - Cathedral J j h J T w d 

(Nethergate) (Owen Lynch, do. 

(Right Rev. Monsignor Provost Holder, 

«* t 1.1 /T3i i a\ ) V.C., 42 Wilkie's lane 

St Joseph s (Blackness road) J PatrJck M . Daniel) 42 Wilkie , 8 lane 

( James Shine, do. 

Joseph's Convent^ (Gardner ( Joha Doherty> Rose bank, 2 Lawside road 

J' Very Rev. Michael Canon Lavelle, M.R., 
22 Powrie place 

William Flynn, do. 

Michael Fives, do. 

John M'Mahon, do. 

[John O'Neill, 41 High street, Lochee 
| Walter R. Stretch, do. 

(Very Rev. James V. Canon M'Donald, 


St Mary's (Forebank road) ... 

St Mary's (High street, Lochee) 
St Patrick's (Arthurstone ter.) 

■1 3 M ait land street 
I John Coogan, 3 Maitland street 

Very Rev. Thomas Canon Crumly, 120 

Liff road, Lochee 
John Roche, King street, Newport 

Wellburn (Liff road, Lochee) 

Newport— St Fillan's 

Catholic Apostolic. 
Dundee (Constitution road) ... David Alexander Cherry, 

E. Somerville pi. 


Broughty Ferry (St Vincent 

street, Broughty Ferry) 
Hawkhill (98 Hawkhill) 
Lochee (Bright street, Lochee) 
Maxwelltown (Jamaica street) 

Rattrav Street 

Ward Road 


,fc -[(Vacant) 

,.. Alex. Piggot, 1181 Hawkhill 

Wm. Poll ok Morison, 5 Union bank, Lochee 
Alex. Duffy, Rocknowe, 50 Dalkeith road 
Walter Richards, 13 Inverary terrace 
Arthur T. Walker, 36 Lammerton terrace 

Wesleyan Methodist. 

Dundee— Ward Road Richard W. Watson, 7 Albany terrace 

Victoria Road ..,. ... John Haslam, 96 Victoria road 


Original Secession. 
Dundee (Euclid crescent) ... Peter M'Vicar, 3 Adelaide terrace 
Carnoustie James Patrick, Dundee street, Carnoustie 

Christian Church. 

Falcon Hall, 6 Johnston's lane ... ... ... ... 

Gospel Hall, 48 Wellgate ... ... ... 

Church of Christ. 

Saiem Chapel, 59 Constitution rd., Secy.,DuncanLivingstone,Ferndene,Ramsay- 

park, Droughty Ferry 

Salvation Army. 
Brigadier Harry Rogers, Divisional Commander. 20 Castle street 
Major Winterburn, Young People's Secretary 
Staff-Captain Edith A. Roff, Helper 
Ensign William C. Williams, Supply Officer 
Dundee — 

Broughty Ferry — King street *Captain Ackerley 

Corps No. 1— Citadel, 42 Victoria rd... Captain Sankey 

,, ,, 2— Lindsay Street Hall Adjutant Bitchenor 

„ ,, 8 — Constitution St. Hall * Adjutant Hall, *Lieuteuant Angus 

,, „ 4 — Hawkhill (2 Well rd.) ...*Captain Boden, *Lieutenant Davis 

Lochee — Marshall street *Captain Roy, ^Lieutenant Douglas 

Women's Hotel —Ward road *Staff-Captain Alvey 

Tayport — Rose street *Captain Wilson, *Lieutenant Roy 

* Female Officers. 
Other Denominations. 
Christadelphian (Foresters' Hall) Secy.— David Young, 26 Baxter Park ter. 
Church of God (John Street Hall) Pastor Donald Morrison, 25 Blackness ave. 
Deaf and Dumb (Dudhope Park) R. Guy Walton, 63 Constitution road 
Faith Mission (8 Bank street) ... Supt. — Thos. Pottie, 15 Lintrathen grdns. 
Free Religious Movement (For- Rev. Henry Dawtre3 T , B.A. (Vict.), 25 

esters' Hall) Perth road 

Friends, Socy. of (11 Nethergate) Clerk — Jas. A. Braithwaite, 15 High st. 
German Evangelical (Y.M.C.A.) Pastor Deutschmann, 103 Magdalen Yd. rd. 
Gilfillan Memorial (Whitehall st.) William Paxton, Myrtlebank, 21 Perth rd. 

Glassite (4 King street) Secy.— John Sandeman, 2 Melville terrace 

Hebrew (6.2 Murraygate) ... Leib A. Falk, 1 Forebank terrace 

Poorhouses ... John Campbell, 17 Janefield pi. (Chaplain) 

Unitarian Christian (Constitu- Henry Williamson, 13 Coupar streer, 
tion road) ... ... ... Lochee 

The Dundee Presbytery meets in St Mary's Church Hall, Tally street, on 
the first Wednesday of each month, at 12 noon (March and June, on second 
Wednesdays ; January, July, and August, no meeting). Clerk — Rev. D. B. 
Cameron, M.A., D.D., 5 Douglas ter. Officer — Wm. M 'Hardy, 4 Forester st. 

The Dundee United Free Church Presbytery meets in the hall of Tay 
Square Church on the second Wednesday of each month (August excepted) 
at 2 p.m. Clerk, Eev. Crawford Smith, M.A., Monifieth ; Officer, Peter 
Yule, 6 Airlie terrace. 

TION. — President, A. B. Crichton ; Vice-President, Findlay Lesslie ; Trea- 
surer and Secretary, Charles Soutar, 11 Whitehall street. 

i President, James H. Martin ; Treasurer, Lewis F. Robertson ; Secretary, 
George A. Reid, 22 Meadowside. 




*3 t» 



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<i S S S P-i GO 

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C - O 73 

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d QQ O S m 

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Q 2 

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t-i a £ as in 

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|6 3iSOml3&; 



Under auspices 

Where held. 


Bro'ty Ferry 







Mains &Str'th- 

St Andrew's 

St Clement's 
St David's 
St Enoch's 
St John's 
St Luke's 
St Margaret's 
St Mark's 

St Mary's 

St Matthew's 
St Paul's 

St Stephen's 
United Free- 
Albert Square 
Baxter Park 
Bell Street 






East, B. Ferry 
East, Lochee 

Lochee Road 

Mains &Str'th 




Blackscroft Mis. 
Drumgeith ,, 



Rosebank Mis. 




Church hall 
Church and hall f 


Church hall 
Church hall 

Church hall 

Jamaica St. Mis. 
Hillbank Mission 
Rosebank ,, 


Church hall 

West wynd 
Church hall 
Peep-o'-day lane 
Drumgeith School 

Church hall 
Church and hall 

Church hall 

15 Hilltown 
Church hall 
17 Rosebank road 
Hall, Hill street 
Butterburn P. Sch 
Church hall 


Church and hall 
Church hall 

57 Cotton road 
20 Rosebank street 
Church hall 
Church halls 
Taylor's Lane Halls 
Church hall 




William Smeaton 

David Ferguson, 2 Francis street 

Alex. Low, 12 Melrose terrace 


P. Dobson, 3 Strathmartine road 

A. Spalding, Co. Angus rd., Lochee 

P. Moyes, 49 Milnbank road 

James M. Clark, Schoolhouse, 


T. B. Taylor, 25 Shamrock street 
J. S. Smith, 19 William street 
Mrs Davidson, 11 Albany terrace 
James Peter, 10 Forest Park rd. 
William Robertson, 3 Balmore st. 

James Low, 22 Paton's lane 

W. R. Davidson, 4 Lytton street 
David Harley, 61J Perth road 

M. Fergusson, 2 Hyndfordter. 
The Assistant Minister 
James Keith, Drumgeith 
John Pattison, 14 Balmore street 
Robert Peters, Constable place, 

West Ferry 
Richard Davidson, 133 Victoriard. 

Clement M. Scott, 4 Clive street 
S. R. Young, 2 Chalmers street 
David M'Ewen, 180 Lochee road 
James Baxter, 137 Clepington rd. 
John Forsyth, 43 Baldovan ter. 
John Drysdale, 6 Muirfield cres. 
William Reid, 3 Viewbank terrace 
Arch. Bruce, 79 Sandeman street 
James Valentine, 9 Kinnaird st. 
D. Williamson, 33 Old Craigie rd. 
J. Robertson, 17 Brown Constable 

A.Morrison, Gilburn ter., Do'nfield 
John Gordon. 397 Clepington road 
Adam Hunter, Ravenswood, B.F. 
James Watt, 13 Gibb's In. , Lochee 
Thos. Peattie, 347 Clepington road 
K.M'Kenzie,15 Balgrayrd., D'field 
Wm. Pickard, 113 Arbroath road 
W. R. Scott, 11 Clepington road 
W. Whiteside, 213 Hilltown 
Chas. M. Spence, 4a Airlie terrace 
W. Dempster, 6 Bellefield avenue 
Robert Petrie, 262 Blackness road 
John Graham, St Helen's, Down- 


Under auspices 


Where held. 


United Free— 



Church hall 

John Sinclair, 9 Westpark gardens 



W. S. Forbes, 13 Albert square 



Robert Melville, Dalkeith road 

Queen Street 



Alex. Innes, Camphillrd.,B. Ferry 



Church hall 

John Cape, Blackness avenue 


•• { 

William Scott, Dryburgh, Lochee 


G. Simpson, 17 Briarwood terrace 

St Andrew's 



David Kinnear, 21 Princes street 

St David's-in- 


W. Landsman, jun., 232 Black- 


ness road 

St John's 


Church and hall 

J. Mackie Smith, 6 Springfield 



Pai-k wynd 

John Munro, 51 Meadowside 

St Luke's 



Mrs Luke, Netherby, Bro. Ferry 

St Paul's 



R. S. Johnston, 63 Dens road 


145 Overgate 

A. B. Duncan, Rockfield crescent 

St Peter's 

Congregational Church hall 

George Gunn, 29 Step row 

School Wynd 



James Dallas, 5 Park terrace 

Tay Square 


Church hall 

George Jamieson, 20 Whitehall st. 



Artillery lane 

George Will, Muirfield crescent, 

Wm. Moyes, Linburn, Bro. Ferry 



Church hall 

Victoria Street 

,, Church 

A. S. Murray, 16 Baxter Park ter. 


Glebe Mission 

Hall, Grove street 

W. A. Watterston, 6 Duff street 

West, B. Ferry 


Church hall 

T. R. Murray, Atholepl., B. Ferry 

West, Lochee 


R. Allan, 47 Rankine street 




Thos. Watson ,Wellgrove pi. , L'hee 




Charles Wright, 6 Balgay avenue 



Dudhope Cres. rd. 

James Murdoch, 27 Albany ter. 

Wishart Meml. 


Church hall 

W. W. Halley, 2 Douglas terrace 


Cong'l Union — 

Bro'ty Ferry 



William Campbell, 9 Dalhousie 
terrace, Barnhill 

Castle Street 



Geo. Hardie, 22 Muirton rd. , Lhee 

Lindsay Street 



Alex. Swan, Helenslea, City road 



Church hall 

Jas. Dundas, jun., 157 Locheerd. 

Panmure St. 


Euclid crescent 




46 Hilltown 

R. Lickley, 2a King street 

Princes Street 



Frank Russell, 327 Clepington rd. 

Russell Chapel 



Wm. Kennedy, 14 Thomson st. 



Church hall 

Andrew M 'Kay, S3 Magdalen green 



Church and halls 

J. Lawson, Inverleigh, 2 Bingham 

Ward Chapel 


Nicoll street 

Charles Mollison, 87 Albert street 


S. JohnBapt.'s 

,, jChurch hall 

H. E. Holmes, 7 Baxter Park ter. 

S. Luke's 

,, | Church 

Rev. W. Charles Wood, Downfield 

S. Margaret's 

,, S. Margaret's Schl. 

Rev. H. Burdon, Rectory, Lochee 


S. Columba's |Perrie street 

P. Williams, Rectory, Lochee 

S. Mary 



Congregational (church hall 

The Clergy 


Holy Trin.Missn. Well road 

W. Clarke, 247 Blackness road 


All Saints' Missn. Cochrane street 

The Clergy 

S. Mary's 

Congregational Church hall 

Rev. H. T. Waring, 6 Balgillo ter- 
race, Broughty Ferry 

S. Paul's 

„ ! S. Paul's School 

Rev. G. Douglas 


S. Roque's Mis. S. Roque's Hall 

Curate in charge 

S. Salvador's ,Congregational JS. Salvador's Schl. 

Rev. E. D. Gregory, 7 S. George st. 


S. Martin's Ch. 

S. Martin's School 


Under auspices 

Mom. Catholic— 
St Andrew's 

St Joseph's 

Wesleyan Meth. 
Ward Road 
Victoria Road 

Bro. Ferry 
Rattray Street 

Ward Road 

Christian Ch. 
Gilfillan Memo'l 

Original Secess. 

Bog Mission 
Children's Free 
Breakfast Mis. 
Railway Missn. 

Socy. of Friends 

Men's Class 





Gilfillan Memor'l 



Y.M. Bible Class Y.M.C.A. Hall 

Where held. 

Tay street 
174 Overgate 
Church &schoolr'm 

Church hall 

52 Westport 
Church hall 

Johnston's lane 
Gilfillan Memorial 

Church and hall 
Church hall 

Kirk street, Lochee 
137 Blackness road 
17 Constitution rd. 

25 Dallfield walk 
Bethany Hall, 

Taylor's lane 
11 Nethergate 


Very Rev. Canon Turner 
Rev. John Warren 
The Clergy 

Thos. Mathers, Gibb's lane.Lochee 
Charles Dargie, 195 Albert street 

James Cairncross, Fort St., B.F. 


D. Robertson.Harefield rd. .Lochee 

Robert Conway, 28 Albany ter. 
William Allan, 42 St Mary's place 
Thos. Smith, 16Renny pi. , W. Ferry 

Thos. Taylor, Hillview.Fingask st. 
David Wilson, 14 Baxter Pk. ter. 

J. Lothian, Eden cot., Downfield 

G. C. M'Lean, 15 Gibb's lane, L'hee 
John Stewart, 22 Fleuchar street 
Edward Shepherd, Symbister 

Robert Crichton, 98Rosebank st. 
Thomas Collins, 2 Kilnburn place, 

East Newport 
D. L. Allan, HLouise ter., W.Ferry 

Wm. Stewart, 10 Clarendon ter. 

DUNDEE HOME MISSION UNION.— President, Lord Provost Urquhart; 
Vice-Presidents, Rev. C. M. Grant, Rev. D. R. Robertson, Sir Geo. W. 
Baxter, Alexander Mathewson ; Treasurer, James Thomson, 1 West Bell 
street ; Secretary, Rev. William Nelson, 2 Garland place. 


Under auspices 


Where held. 


St Clement's 
St Enoch's 
St Mark's 
St Mary's 

Parochial Mis. 

Blackscroft Mis. 
Drumgeith Mis. 

Church hall 

West wynd 
Peep-o'-day lane 

Miss Davidson , 2 Fairfield cottages 

James Peter, 10 Forest Park road 


Rev. E. Gall, B.D., 178 Perth rd. 

First Assistant Minister 

Second Assistant Minister 

United Free — 
Bell Street 

Bell St. Ch. Mis. 
Rosebank Mis. 

Rosebank Mis. 

15 Hilltown 

17 Rosebank road 

Church and halls 

Church hall 

20 Rosebank street 

James Baxter, 137 Clepington rd. 

J. Kennedy, 2Nevill st., Downfield 


R. Shepherd, 29 N. Wellington st. 

W. Whiteside, 213 Hilltown 

MISSIONS— Continued. 


Under auspices 

Where held. 


United Free — 


St Andrew's 

St John's 

St Luke's 
St Paul's 
St Peter's 
Tay Square 
Victoria Street 
West, B.Ferry 

Cong'l Union — 

Panmure St. 

Russell Chapel 

Episcopal — 
S. Margaret's 
S. Mary 


S. Paul's 
S. Salvador's 

Baptist — 
Rattray Street 
Ward Road 



Hillbank Mission 
Jamaica St. Mis. 
Taylor's Ln. Mis. 

Ryehill Institute 
St Andrew's U.F, 

Park Wynd Mis. 

Glebe Mission 

Hilltown Mis. 

S. Columba's 
Holy Trinity Mis 

All Saints' Mis. 
S. Roque's Mis. 


Cherryfield Hall 

Ad. F. Bkft. Mis. 
Bog Mission 

Campbell St. Mis. 
Charles St. Mis. 
Children's F.B. 
Railway Mission 

Seamen's Chapel 
Tent Mission 

Hillbank Hall 
Church hall 
Taylor's Lane 

Church hall 
9 Mid wynd 
19 Meadow street 

Park wynd 

Burnside cottages 
145 Overgate 
Church hall 
Artillery lane 
Hall, Grove street 
Dundas St. Hall 
Dudhope Cres. rd. 
Church hall 

Church hall 
46 Hilltown 
Church hall 

Perrie street 
Well road 

Cochrane street 
57 Blackscroft 
Harcourt street 

52 Westport 
109 Cowgate 

137 Blackness road 

Kirk st., Lochee 

Campbell st. , L'hee 
Charles lane 
17 Constitution rd. 
25 Dallfield walk 
225 Overgate 
Bethany Hall, 

Taylor's lane 
Candle lane 
Peter st. , and Tent 

James King, 4 Lynnewood place 
John Rattray, 51 Mains loan 
Rev. T. F. Gilmore, 5 Rosewood 


Missionary Committee 
William H. Reid, Coralyn, 

Balgray street 
Rev. W. D. Dunbar, 14 Bellefield 

Mrs Muirhead, Elmslea, B. Ferry 
Rev. R. J. Bain 
George Gunn, 29 Step row 

William Easson, 2 Buchanan st. 
John Dye, Briar cot., Bro. Ferry 
J. H. Martin, 7 Panmure terrace 

D. K. Smith, St Margarets, N'port 
R. Lickley, 2a King street 

P. Williams, Rectory, Lochee 
Assistant Clergy 

Curate in charge 

Robert Conway, 28 Albany ter. 

C. W. Scrimgeour, 338 Blackness 

James Combe, 2 Laurelbank 
Pres., Jas. Hutton, 37 Rankine st. 
Missionary, Jas. Irvine, 60 Liff rd. 
Pres., J. Gordon, 397 Clep'gtonrd 
Dav. Fisher, 46 Dudhope Cres. rd. 
Edward Shepherd, Symbister 
W. W. Halley, 2 Douglas terrace 
A. Harkins,25 Heron's lane.Lochee 
A. H. Stephen, 105 Magdalen green 

James N. Tait, 4 Airlie terrace 
Peter Will, 10 East Somerville pi. 

Wm. Hunter ; President, B. L. Nairn ; Vice-Presidents, David Brown, 
Colin Macdonald; Directors, P. Hunter, John Sinclair, "VV. M. Grant, 
J. Mackie Smith, Hugh Couper, Robert Reekie, A. J. Maltman, A. S. 
Murray, W. S. Forbes, Thomas Peattie, William Dempster, Alexander Ross, 
George Simpson, K. Mackenzie, Thomas Smith, T. B. Taylor, Miss J. Millar, 
Miss R. Duncanson, Miss H. Stuart, Miss Nairne Hutton ; Treasurer, Robert 
Wilson ; Secretary, T. J. M'Lean Laing, 30 Whitehall street. 


LOCHEE BOG MISSION, Kirk street, Lochee.— Trustees, James Ernest 
Cox, Andrew Spalding, Alexander Gray, David Mitchell, John Gordon, 
William Peebles ; President, James W. Hutton ; Vice-Presidents, Thomas 
Fyffe and John Harkins ; Treasurer, James W. Hutton ; Secretary, George 
M'Lean, 15 Gibb's lane, Lochee ; Missionary, James Irvine. 

DUNDEE PEACE SOCIETY.— President, A. H. Stephen ; Hon. Secy., f 
T. K. Braithwaite, The Pillars. 

dent, J. W. Shepherd; Vice-President, Alexander Murray; Secretary, E. W. 
Christie, 186 Lochee road ; Treasurer, John Rattray, 20 Reform street ; Secy, 
of Staff Meeting, W. C. Fleming, 23 Step row. 


Name of 

Annfield Street 

Bog Mission 
Caledonia Hall 
Campbell Street 
Children's F.B. 
Dallfield Walk 
Grove Street Mis. 
Hillbank Mission 
Jamaica Street 
Links Mission 
Logie Mission 
Muirhead of Lift* 
Park Wynd 

St Andrew's 
St Clement's 
St Paul's 
Taylor's Lane 
Tent Mission 
Victoria Street 

Under auspices of 

D.B. & G.R.A. 

Bog Mission 
Bonnethill U.F.Ch. 
But'rburn U.F Ch. 
Rattray St. Bap. Ch. 
D.B. & G.R.A. 
Lochee West U.F. 
D.B. & G.R.A. 
U.P. Town Mission 
Dudhope U.F.Ch 
Victoria St. U.F.Ch 
Hilltown U.F. Ch. 
Hilltown U.F. Ch. 
East U.F. Church 
D.B. & G.R.A. 
Liff Pres. Churches 
Ogilvie U.F. Ch 
St John's U.F. Ch. 
D.B. & G.R.A. 
St Andrew's U.F. 
St Clement's Estab 
St Paul's U.F. Ch. 
M'Cheyne U.F.Ch. 
Tent Mission 
VictoriaSt. U.F.Ch. 
Willison U.F. Ch. 
Wishart U.F. Ch. 

Where held. 

18 Annfield st. 

Kirk st., Lochee 
247a Hilltown 
Str'hmartine rd 
52 Westport 
22 Campbell st. 
137 Blackness rd. 
Bell street lane 
Dallfield walk 
113 Lochee road 
Grove street 
Laing street 
Jamaica street 
King st., B.Ferry 
Scott Street Hall 
Pitkerro road 
40 Park wynd 
6 Rosebank st. 

19 Meadow street 
Lindsay street 
145 Overg-ate 
Taylor's lane 
Peter street 
Victoria street 
Dud hope Cres.rd 
03 King street 


/ David Beattie, 1 Graham place 
\ W. M'Phee, 17 Clepington st. 
J. Irvine, 60 Liff road, Lochee 
A. Donaldson, 61 Wellgate 
William Pullar, 33 Hilltown 
J. Johnston, 21 Kinloch street 
John Gordon, 397 Clepington rd. 
J. M. Brown, Viewhill, Ancrum rd. 
Alexander Murray, 27 Perth road 
R. C. Campbell, 17 Madeira st. 
W. W. Halley, 2 Douglas terrace 
John Stewart, 22 Fleuchar street 
J. G. Menzies, 35 Springhill 
W. S. Bisset, 179 Victoria road 
J. Rattray, 51 Mains loan 
Alex. Bates, Seaviewpl., B. Ferry 
G. P. H. Aitken, 1 S. Baffin street 
John Yule, Liff 

G. Nicoll, 20 Baxter Park terrace 
R. J. Lawson, 126 City road 
W. Whiteside, 213 Hilltown 
W. H. Reid, Baly ray street 
James Peter, 10 P'orest Park rd. 
W. H. Whyment, 9 Airlie terrace 
G. R. Corner, 23 Tait's lane 
W. Williamson, 2 Dudhope place 
John J. Brown, 3 Forfar road 
J. H. Martin, 7 Pamnure terrace 
R. H. Lundie, 35 Reform street 

THE BOYS' BRIGADE. — Headquarters Office, 30 George square, 
Glasgow. Dundee Battalion. — Headquarters, 30 Whitehall street. Presi- 
dent, T. M. Davidson ; Vice-President, David Donald ; Secretary, C. Boyd 
Anderson, 30 Whitehall street ; Treasurer, Arthur E. Barry, 45 Magdalen gr'n. 

Dundee Companies, with their respective Captains. — 1st (St Paul's U.F. 
Mission), David Fairful, 53 Taylor's lane ; 2nd (Ward Chapel C.U.), 
James Hall, 182 Lochee road ; 3rd (Y.M.C.A), George Knowles, 83 Com- 
mercial street ; 4th (St Mark's Parish), Alexander J. Mitchell, 33 Cleghorn 
street ; 5th (Chalmers U.F.), James Miller, 50 Westport ; 6th (Lochee East 
U.F.), Robert G. Reid, 41 Kirk street, Lochee; 8th (Episcopal Church), 
Andrew Martin, 16 Stirling street ; 9th (M'Cheyne U.F.), David S. Pithie, 
3 Dalhousie terrace ; 1.0th (Wallacetown Parish), John Crighton, 4 Lammer- 
ton terrace ; 11th (St David's Parish), James Kidd, 35 Stirling street ; 
12th (High U.F.), W. J. Paton, 183 Clepington road; 13th (Clepington 


Parish), ; 14th (Bonnethill U.F.), H. W. Arnott, 106 Alexander 

street; 15th (Ogilvie U.F.), A. M 'Donald, 76 Arklay street ; 16th (Clepington 
U.F.), Charles Neilson, 45 Dens road; 18th (St Peter's U.F.), David 
Donald, Blossombank, Invergowrie ; 19th (Tay Square U.F.), Robert R. 
Smith, 3 Bell street; 20th (St John's U.F.), Arthur E. Barry, 45 Magdalen 
green; 21st (Monifieth Y.M.C.A.), R. J. Lindsay, Cyprusbank, Monifieth ; 
22nd (Trinity C.U.), A. B. Samson, 42 Court street; 23rd (St Andrew's 
U.F.), S. M. Mann, jun., 51 Erskine street. 

OLD BOYS' UNION, Dundee Battalion, The Boys' Brigade.— 
Secretary and Treasurer, George H. Smith, 19 Step row. 

BOYS' BRIGADE (Church of Scotland).— St Andrew's— Secretary, 
Robert Byars, 47 Albert street ; Blackscrof t Mission (Dundee Parish Church) 
— Captain, J. G. Lees, The Wyck, Ferry road. 

Chairman, "W. B. Irvine ; Vice-Chairman, John Ogilvie ; Hon. Treasurer, 
Geo. A. Reid ; Joint Hon. Secretaries, Miss Leitch, 2 Gladstone place, 
Broughty Ferry, and G. A. Edmunds, 51 Meadowside. 

MISSION. — President, Rev. John Macpherson ; Vice-President and Corres- 
ponding Secy., Peter Will, 10 E. Somerville pi.; Hon. Treasurer, Win. Nairn. 

President, Rev. James Hamilton ; Vice-Presidents, Rev. J. A. Grahame, Rev. 
Walter Richards, R. F. Conway ; Treasurer, George Shepherd ; Recording 
Secretary, Miss Mima Colville ; Corresponding Secretary, J. L. Shepherd, 31 
Panmure street, Local Societies and Secretaries : — 
Bell Street U.F. We'n'sday, 8.15 p.m. \ . chalmer , -, Le __ stree , 

Jun. Wednesday, 7 p.m. J A> Uialmera > L Len S street 
Bog Mission, Lochee Saturday, 8 p.m. Miss Ward, 48 Peel street, Lochee 

Cherryfield Mission Tuesday, 8 p.m. Miss V. Crabbe, 1 Mountpleasant 

,, Jun. Thursday, 7.30 p.m. Miss Murray, 10 Hermonhill 
GroveSt. Mis'n, Jun. Wednesday, 7.30p.m. Miss Don, 27 Albert street 
Hawkhill Baptist Sunday, 10 a.m. Rev. A. Piggot, 118^ Hawkhill 

Links Mission, B. Fy. Wednesday, 8 p.m. Miss Lawrence, Church st., B.Fy. 
Martyrs U.F. Sunday, 10 a.m. John Boyd, 14 Small's lane 

„ Jun. Wednesday, 7 p.m. Miss L. Chalmers, 15 Forest Pk.rd. 

Maxwellto'n Baptist Sunday, 9.45 a.m. Miss Bella Kidd, 6 Raglan street 

,, Jun. Thursday, 7.30 p.m. William Hazel, 63 Victoria street 

Morison C.U. Sundaj^, 10 a.m. MissEvelynSmith,2Abbotsfordpl. 

,, Jun. Wednesday, 7 p.m. Miss A. Ireland, 7 Mid wynd 

Rattray St. Baptist Sunday, 9.45 a.m. Miss Mima Colville, 6 Balgay ave. 
,, Jun. Monday, 7.30 p.m. James Ewen, 172 Clepington road 

St Paul's U.F. Sunday, 10 a.m. Miss I. Hutcheson, 12 Garland pi. 

Steeple Jun. Wednesday, 7 p.m. Miss Martin, 74 Clepington road 

Tay Square U.F. Sunday, 10 a.m. Miss C. Doig, 6 St Peter street 

Victoria Street U.F. Sunday, 10 a.m. S. Meakin, 11 Springhill 

,, Jun. Tuesday, 7.30 p.m. William Easson, 2 Buchanan st. 

Ward Road Baptist Monday, 8 p.m. Miss Florence MacMillan, Worrnit 

Willison U.F. Sunday, 9.45 a.m. Miss Hampton, 58 Barrack street 

Hunter; Vice-Presidents, W. S. Melville, James H. Smith; Treasurer, W. W. 
Halley ; Secretary, James K. Foggie, 162 City road ; Missionary, Robert 
Crichton. Mission Premises, Dallfleld walk. 

DUNDEE TRACT SOCIETY.— President, Wm. Hunter; Vice-President, 
J. H. Smith ; Treasurer, J. Aitchison ; Secretary, Mrs Stott, 50 Dalkeith rd. 


DUNDEE COLPOETAGE MISSION.— President, Charles Barrie ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, H. Craigie Smith, 69 Eeform street. 

—Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Alexander Ross, 11 Whitehall street. 

DUNDEE RAILWAY MISSION. — Hon. President, A. H. Stephen; 
Secretary, Edwin Abbot, jun., 28 Union place. Meets in Bethany Hall. 

President, David Air ; Vice-President, William Doig ; Treasurer, W. Gf. 
Leggat ; Secretary, J. W. Shepherd, 49 Meadowside. 

LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY, Dundee Auxiliary.— Chairman, 
John Lawson; Treasurer, William Bell; Secretary, Rev. J. B. Allan, 31 
Albany terrace. Juvenile Auxiliary. — President, James Mill ; Treasurer, 
Robert Beveridge ; Secretary, Robert Lickley, 2a King street. 

THE M'ALL MISSION IN FRANCE, Dundee Auxiliary.— Hon. Secy, 
and Treasurer, J. Dickson Dodds, St Fort, Wormit. 

Treasurer, J. Dickson Dodds, St Fort, Wormit. 

LIVINGSTONIA MISSION, Local Committee.— Chairman, W. B. Irvine, 
Convener, Rev. J. Mansie; Hon. Secy, and Treas., H. C. Smith, 69 Reform st. 

Hon. Treasurer, Dr Martin Smith, 324 Perth road. 

Secretary and Treasurer, J. Dickson Dodds, St Fort, Wormit. 

Miss B. W. Scott, Riversdale, and D. P. Thomson, 1 Hyndford terrace. 


Dundee Temperance Society and Gospel Temperance Union. — 
President, J. H. Martin ; Vice-Presidents, D. M. Brown, D. S. Smith, 
John A. Leng ; Hon. Secretary, J. B. Taylor, 13 Briarwood terrace ; Organ- 
ising Secretary, W. M. Cameron, Y.M.C.A., Constitution road. 

Scottish Permissive Bill and Temperance Association. — Midland 
District Superintendent, William Neill Moir, 41 Seafield road. 

Scottish Prohibition Party. —Chairman of Local Executive, William 
Munro ; Vice -Chairmen, A. M'Kinnes, George Robertson, D. M'Nicoll; 
Organising Secretary, Edwin Scrymgeour, 92 Victoria road ; Treasurer, 
C. C. Bell. 

National Prohibition and Reform Party. — Hon. Secretary, James 
Adams, 272 Strathmartine road ; Dundee Branch Secretary, Edward 
Douglas, 1 Baxter street ; Organiser, Robert Stewart, 19 Milnbank road. 

Dundee No Licence Federation. — Secretary, Henry W. Brown, 40 
Cleghorn street. 

British Women's Temperance Association— (Forfarshire District Union). 
— President, Mrs Watson Watt (Montrose) ; Treasurer, Mrs R. Lickley; Joint 
Secretaries, Miss J. A. Swanson, 6 Garland place, and Miss Leslie, 6 Garland 
place. Dundee Branches. — Dundee— President, Mrs Steel; Joint Secretaries, 
Miss Nettie Steel, 34 Bank street, and Mrs D. L. Allan, West Ferry. Brown 
Street Hall— President, Mrs Lumsden ; Secretary, Miss Duff, Balgay terrace. 
Central— President, Mrs H. B. Martin ; Joint Secretaries, Miss Swanson, 6 
Garland place, and Miss Law, 47 Hospital wynd. Cherryfield — President, 
Miss Scrimgeour ; Secretary, Miss C. Scrimgeour, 10 Richmond terrace. 
Easbern— President, Mrs J. Stott ; Secretary, Mrs D. B. Paterson, 8 Baffin 

street. Lochee — President, ; Secretary, Miss F. Robertson, Islabank, 

Ancrum road. Taylor's lane — President, Mrs Mill ; Secretary, Mrs Fairful, 
53 Taylor's lane. 



Dundee and District Band op Hope Union. — Hon. Presidents, 
C. W. Scrimgeour, Patrick Hunter ; President, W. H. Buist ; Vice-Presi- 
dents, David Miller, George Jamieson ; Treasurer, George G. Ritchie ; 
Secretary, H. C. Alexander, 110 Commercial street. Local Bands of Hope 
on Roll— 

Bell Street U.F.—Wm. Todd, 42 William st. 
Bonnethill— Geo. Lockhart, 28 N. George st. 
Butterburn— D.A.Crudeu,157Strathmn. rd 
Broughty Ferry Baptist — S. Ponsford, 

Newington terrace, Broughty Ferry 
CaledoniaHall — Jas. Johnston, 21Kinlochst 
Chapelshade U.F. — Alex. Adamson, 15 

Pitkerro road 
Cherryfield— Wm. C. Smart, 207 Perth rd. 
C.F.B. Mission— E. Shepherd, Symbister 
ClepingtonParish — S.M'Dowell,69 Dens rd. 
Dallfield Walk Mission— W. W. Halley, 2 

Douglas terrace 
Dudhope U.F. —John Gordon, 397 Cleping- 

ton road 
Excelsior — D. Hughes, 4 Earl st. , Lochee 
Friends — J. A. Braithwaite,15 High street 
Hope of Abertay— G. G. Ritchie, 2 Dick 

street, Monifieth 
Liff — Rev. J. Kennedy, Muirhead 
Links Mission — Alex. Bates, 14 Seaview 

place, Broughty Ferry 
Lochee Baptist — J. Patterson,16Gardner st. 
Lochee Bog Miss. — Jas. Irvine, 60 Liff road 
Lochee East U.F.— R. G. Reid, 41 Kirk st. 
Lochee Parish— R. C. Robertson, Lochee 
Lochee West U.F. — J. S. Robertson, 

Ancrum road, Lochee 
Logie and Gauldry— Rev. T. Crichton, 


Martyrs U.F.— R. C. Boyd, 14 Small's lane 

Newbigging and Wellbank — 

Park U.F.— Robt. Melville, Dalkeith rd. 

Park Wynd— R. S. Milne, Westfield, Car- 

Rossie Priory — William Prain, Inchture 

Seamen's Chapel— Jas. N. Tait, 4 Airlie ter. 

St Andrew's U.F. —Geo. Fernie, 4 Arklay st. 

St Clement's— Alex. Kidd, 19 Ogilvie st. 

St David's E.C.— William Robertson, 3 
Balmore street 

St Mark's E.C.— W. M. Grant, W. Newport 

St Paul's U.F.— W. M. Guthel, 2 Eliza st. 

St Peter's U.F. — A. Lawrence, 5 Gowrie pi. 

Sunbeam— Alex. Reid, 33 Lyon street 

Taylor's Lane Mission — H. W. Esplin, 57 
Strathmore road 

Union U.F. — A. H. M. Kippen, Lethnot 
cottage, Broughty Ferry 

Upward — P. Dobson, 3 Strathmartine road 

Victoria Road Methodist— John Slaymaker, 
189 Clepington road 

Victoria Street U.F.— W. S. Oswald, 17 
Nelson street 

Wallacetown — R. J. Sword, 14 West wynd 

Ward Chapel — R. A. Beveridge, 4 Tay ter. 

Ward Road Baptist— A. Macdonald.Wormit 

Ward Rd. Wesl.— W.N.Moir, 45 Seafield rd. 

Westport — MissJ.H.Cameron,lDallfieldtr. 

Willison U.F.— H. B. Martin, 55Mainsloan 



Trades lane 

Baltic Warehouse 
Eastern Wharf, and 
Blinshall street 
Camperdown street 
Commercial court 
Dock st. and Seagate 

East and West Whale 

lane and Allan st. 
Seagate, Horse v/ynd, 
Baltic st., Arcade, 
Corn court, Sea- 
gate, Foundry lane 
Mary Ann lane 
Victoria road 
West Whale lane 
East Whale lane 


Dundee Public Warehouses ; T. S. Ross & Co., managers 
Trades Lane Warehouse Co. ; Fleming, Douglas, & 

Co., managers 
Dundee Warehousing Co. ; W. F. Soutar & Co., 


Dundee Harbour Trustees 

Wordie & Co. , South Union street 

Dundee Dock Warehousing Co., Ltd. ; D. Pirie & 

Co., managers 
Dundee Jute and Flax Warehousing Co. , Ltd. ; Berg, 

Sons, & Co., managers 
Hill & Renny 

Mary Ann Lane W'houses ; T. S. Ross & Co., mngrs. 
Chamber of Commerce Jute Sample Warehouse 
Craigie Yd. Whouse Co. , Ltd. ; J. J. Barrie & Co. , mngrs. 
T. S. Ross & Co. 

(92 ) 


UNIVERSITY COLLEGE.— President— The Right Hon. the Earl of 
Camperdown, LL.D. Trustees — Lord Provost Urquhart, LL.D., Robert 
Vernon Harcourt, M.P., Right Hon. Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, 
M.P., Alexander Wilkie, M.P., Edward William Neish, B.A., Sheriff- 
Substitute, Dundee; Alexander Taylor, M.A., LL.B, Sheriff-Substitute, 
Forfar ; Lord Dean of Guild Peter S. Nicoll. 

Governors — Life: Earl of Camperdown, Earl of Dalhousie, Sir G. W. 
Baxter, LL.D., E. F. Maitland, Lord Armitstead, Sir Henrv E. Roscoe, 
LL.D., F.R.S., J. Martin White, R. B. Don, M.A., W. C. Leng, 
J. G. F. Lowson, Ph.D., James Smieton, M.A., B.Sc, Mrs M. H. 
Ogilvie, Mrs Eleanor Sharp, Mrs E. W. Wenley, Mrs B. Sharp, 
Mrs A. M'Kenzie, Mrs Ralph A. Wilson, William Carnelley, Principal 
Peterson, LL.D., C.M.G., H. Gourlay, Robert Fleming, D. C. Thomson, 
J. C. Buist, Mrs Andrew Low, W. G. Robertson, M.A., J. B. Don, M.A., 
Colonel Fergusson, Alexander Hutton, William Hunter, Lord Kinnaird, 
James N. Smith, R. Polack, LL.D., Sir W. S. M'Cormick, LL.D., William 
Mackenzie, J. C. Robertson, T. N. J. Bell, Charles Barrie, William 
Henderson, James Guthrie, Principal Mackay, M.D., LL.D., David Air, 
William Baliingall, P. S. Brown, W. W. Fairweather, Alexander Gilroy, 
Joseph Gibson, George S. Lamb, Sir James Low, Bart., William Low 
(Balmakewan), S. M. Low, Henry M 'Grady, A. P. Mathewson, Alexander 
Mathewson, Alexander Mackay, C. B. Ovenstone, Joseph Philip, AYilliam 
Rettie, Robert Sinclair, M.D., LL.D., Robert B. Sharp, Frederick B. Sharp, 
T. H. Smith, Andrew Spalding, David Smith, James Tawse, Frederick 
Thomson, William Thomson, Miss Wybrants, William Low (Blebo), David 
Halley, R. G. Kennedy, James C. Methven, W. O. Cunningham, G. A. 
Gilroy, A. Bruce Gilroy, John Gray, Sir James Key Caird, Bart., James B. 
Baliingall, M.A., LL.B., Lieutenant H. M. Baliingall, Fred. Baliingall. 
Annual Subscribers: G. K. Smith, M.A., Alexander Simpson. Ex-officio: 
Earl of Strathmore, Lord-Lieutenant of the County ; Earl of Camperdown, 
Convener of the County; James Falconer, W.S., M.P. for the County; 
Robert Vernon Harcourt, M.P. for Montrose Burghs ; James Ferguson, 
K.C., Sheriff of the County; Lord Dean of Guild Nicoll ; H. T. J. S. 
Steuart Fothringham, Convener of Commissioners of Supply of the County ; 
W. O. Cunningham, for the Chamber of Commerce ; Peter Reid, for 
the School Board; C. C. Duncan, for the High School; W. S. Melville, 
for the Free Library, and the members of the College Council for the time 

Council. — Elected by the Governors: Sir G. W. Baxter, LL.D. (Chair- 
man), Robert Sinclair, M.D., LL.D., R. B. Don, M.A, William Low, 
J. Ernest Cox, John C. Buist, James Guthrie, James Cunningham, M.A., 
Colonel Fergusson, Rudolph Polack, LL.D., William Mackenzie, Lieutenant- 
Colonel Harry Walker; Ex-officio: Lord Provost Urquhart, LL.D., Rt. 
Hon. W. L. S. Churchill, M.P., Alex. Wilkie, M.P., Sheriff Neish, Sheriff 
Taylor, Principal J. Yule Mackay, LL.D., G. K. Smith, President of the 
Chamber of Commerce ; Principal Sir James Donaldson, LL.D., St Andrews; 
Professor William Peddie, D Sc. (elected by the Professors) ; The Right Hon. 
the Earl of Camperdown, President of the College ; T. H. H. Walker, 
Chairman of Directors of Royal Infirmary ; Christopher J. Bisset, Chairman 
of the Dundee School Board. 


Professors— Prin cipal— J. Yule Mackay, M.D., LL.D. 

Mathematics J. E. A. Steggall, M.A. 

Physics (Harris Chair) William Peddie, D.Sc, F.R.S.E. 

Chemistry Alexander M'Kenzie, M.A., Ph.D. 

Engineering and Drawing A. H. Gibson, D.Sc, A.M.Inst. C.E. 

NaturalHistory(J.B.BaxterChair)D'Arcy W. Thompson, M.A., C.B. 

Botany (J. F. White Chair) Patrick Geddes, F.R.S.E. 

Anatomy (T. H. Cox Chair) J. Yule Mackay, M.D., LL.D. 

Physiology E. Waymouth Reid, B.A., M.B., Sc.D., 


Surgery David MacEwan, M.D. 

Medicine A. M. Stalker, M.A., M.D. 

Materia Medica C. R. Marshall, M.A., M.D. 

Pathology L. R. Sutherland, M.B., CM. 

Midwifery J. A. Campbell Kynoch, M.B., CM. 

Lecturers — Harbour Engineering (Special), J. Hannay Thompson, 
M.I.C.E. ; English, George Soutar, M.A., D.Litt. ; Logic and Metaphysics, 
David Morrison ; Education, Professor John Edgar, M.A. ; Classics and 
Ancient History, T. R. Mills, M.A. ; French Language and Literature, 
F. J. Tanquerey, L. es L., B.Sc, Officier d'Academie ; Medical Juris- 
prudence, Public Health, and Fevers, Dr Templeman ; Ophthalmology, 
Dr M'Gillivray ; Mental Diseases, Dr Tuach-Mackenzie ; Clinical Surgery, 
Mr D. M. Greig and Mr L. Turton Price ; Clinical Medicine, Professor 
Stalker and Dr Mackie Whyte ; Clinical Midwifery and Gjmsecology, 
Professor Kynoch and Dr Buist ; Diseases of Children, Mr D. M. Greig and 
Dr Rogers ; Diseases of Ear, Nose, and Throat, Dr Mathers ; Diseases of 
the Skin, Dr W. E. Foggie ; Clinical Pathology, F. M. Milne, M.A., B.Sc, 
M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. ; Clinical Medical Tutor, Charles Kerr, M.B., CM. ; 
Anaesthetist, Arthur Mills, M.D. ; Scots Law, James Allison, M.A., LL.B. ; 

Conveyancing, ; Geology, Thomas J. Jehu, M.D., M.A., F.G.S. ; 

Histology, Lie ut. -Colonel J. C Lamont, M.B., I.M.S. (retired). 

Assistant Lecturers and Demonstrators — Mathematics, R. Norrie, M.A., 
and Raymond K. Butchart, B.Sc; Physics, W. G. Robson, A.R.C.S., and 
R. A. Watson Watt, B.Sc; Chemistry, John K. Wood, D.Sc, and S. C 
Bate, B.Sc; Engineering, A. R. Fulton, B.Sc, A.M.I. C.E., and Ernest G. 
Ritchie, B.Sc; Zoology, Miss Doris L. Mackinnon, D.Sc; Botany, G. West; 

Physiology, John C Robertson, M.B., Ch.B.; Pathology, ; Surgery, 

L. Turton Price, M.B., Ch.B.; Medicine, George W. Miller, B.Sc, M.B., Ch.B.; 
Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Miss Gilchrist, B.Sc; Midwifery, A. Sydney 
Campbell, M.B., Ch.B., L.R.C.S., L.R.CP.E. ; Medical Jurisprudence and 
Public Health, R. Thornton, M.B., CM.; Geology, David Balsillie, B.Sc; 
Education, C W. Valentine, M.A., D.Phil. 

Librarian, James A. S. Barrett, M.A., F.S.A. (Scot.) ; Assistant Librarian, 
Jean Watterston; Instructor in Physical Culture, Fencing, &c, J. W. 
Kimber, P.O. 1st Class (Royal Naval Gymnasium, Portsmouth) ; Chemical 

Laboratory Steward, John Foggie, F.CS. ; Janitor, ; Secretary and 

Treasurer, W. Arnot Watterston. 

Trustees — Sir David Baxter's Testamentary Trustees — Edward A. Baxter, 
Sir Geo. W. Baxter, LL.D. Official Trustees — Lord Provost Urquhart, 
LL.D. ; Alex. Wilkie, M.P. ; Rt. Hon. W. L. S. Churchill, M.P. ; James 
Falconer, W.S., M.P. ; Sheriff Ferguson ; Sheriff Neish ; Lord Dean of Guild 
Nicoll ; Treasurer Soutar ; Christopher J. Bisset, Chairman of School Board ; 
Peter Reid, Vice-Chairman of School Board ; George K. Smith, President, 
Chamber of Commerce ; John Maclennan, M.A., Rector of High School. 


Committee of Management. — William Henderson (Chairman), W. S. 
Melville (Vice-Chairman) ; from Institute Trustees, Sir George Ritchie, John 
Maclennan, John Munro, William Henderson, James S. Creig, James Gordon, 
Fred. D. S. Sandeman ; from University College, Principal Mackay, Professor 
Gibson, Professor M'Kenzie, Professor Steggall, Geo. Scott ; from Town 
Council, Wm. Don, Wm. Forwell ; from School Board, Christopher J. Bisset, 
George Coulthard; from High School, J. M. Nairn; from Y.M.C.A., W. S. 
Melville, Charles Stewart ; from Trades Council, Chas. Murray, Jas. Mann ; 
from Amalgamated Society of Engineers, John Lindsay. 

Principal— John S. Lumsden, D.Sc, Ph.D. 

Teaching Staff. — Art and Architecture Classes. — T. Delgaty Dunn, Art 
Master ; J. Milne Purvis, G.S.A., Painting and Life ; Perry Hill, A. B.C. A., 
and Ernest Gill, A.B.C.A., Modelling and Arts and Crafts; P. H. Thorns, 
F.B.I.B.A., Architectural Design; W. Ryle Smith, Art Master, Perspective ; 
Edith Cheyne, Embroidery. 

Building Trades Classes. — Applied Geometry, Building Construction, and 
Mechanics of Building, George Malcolm, Art Master, and Assistant, John S. 
M'Nicoll; Woodworking, Thos. M. Pryde, Art Master, and Jas. Revel, Assis- 
tant ; Plumbers' Work, John Foggie, F.C.S., and Jas. Stirling, R.P. ; House 
Painters' Work, Wm. Anderson, and Assistants, Jas. Brown and Wm. Findlay. 

Mechanical Engineering Classes. — Engineering Drawing and Design, 
Robert Gibson, C.E., H. H. Simpson, B.Sc, W. Ryle Smith, Art Master, and 
Assistants ; Mechanics and Steam, John Y. Gray and Assistants; Mechanical 
and Heat Laboratories and Engine and Material Testing, H. H. Simpson, B.Sc, 
John Foggie, and Assistants. 

Electrical Engineering Classes. — Electricity and Electrical Engineering, 
Robt. D. Archibald, B.Sc, A.M.I.E.E., and Assistants; Telegraphy and 
Telephony, John D. Stewart, G.P.O. 

Textile Classes. — Jute and Flax Spinning, Peter Kilgour, and Assistants ; 
Jute and Linen Weaving and Textile Design, Thomas Woodhouse, and 
Assistant, James Ireland ; Textile Calculations, D. S. Fitchet. 

Surveying and Levelling, H. H. Simpson, B.Sc. ; Naval Architecture, Geo. 
M. Wears, Ship Designer ; Navigation, Captain Alex. Wood and Captain 
Thomas Johnston; Ambulance, G. B. Killoh, M.B., Ch.B. ; Marine 
Engineering, W. D. Martin ; Lithography, Arthur A. Dunbar : Mathematics, 
William E. Reid, William Pitkeathly, B.Sc, and Peter Lowson, M.A., B.Sc. ; 
Chemistry, Chas. W. Cochrane, B.Sc ; Botany, Jas. Aimer, Hon. Nat. Science. 
Watch and Clock Making, David Forret, Peter Duncan. 

Clerk and Treasurer, James Keay, jun. ; Caretaker, R. F. Batchelor. 

HIGH SCHOOL.— Directors— Ex ojficiis— Lord Provost Urquhart, LL.D., 
Rev. Dr Colin Campbell, Dean of Guild Nicoll ; from Town Council, 
T. B. Barnes, William Don, Walker S. Melville, A. W. Paton, R. M. Noble, 
A. R. Mechan ; from Subscribers, Prof. Stalker, Dr MacGillivray, Charles C. 
Duncan, J. W. Shepherd, William Hunter, Sir George Ritchie, A. B. Crichton ; 
elected under Act 1882, T. H. Smith, John M. Nairn, W. S. Nicoll, Robert 
Steven, George Malcolm. 

Rector, John Maclennan, M.A. Headmasters — English, Easton S. 
Valentine, M.A. ; Mathematics, John B. Meiklejohn, M.A. ; Classics, John 
Maclennan, M.A. ; Modern Languages, Hans S. Dennler, B. es L. (Berne) ; 
Handwriting, Book-keeping. Phonography, and Commercial Correspondence, 
Robert Mackenzie, M. A. ; Drawing and Painting, J. M. Smith; Science, 
Thomas S. Murray, D.Sc; Music, Alfred F. Milne, M.A. ; Needlework, 
Miss Matthew ; Calisthenics, Alex. Sturrock ; Workshop, James Adams. 
Janitor, Sergeant Woolaway. 

Treasurer, Alex. Mackay, 22 Meadowside ; Secretary, John L. Stevenson, 
4G Reform street. 


Christopher J. Bisset, 8 Richmond terrace, Chairman. 


Geo. Coulthard, 17 Strathmartine rd. 
John Gibson, 49 Forfar road 
Right Rev. Mgr. Holder, Wilkie's lane 
Miss Agnes Husband, 07 Murraygate 
Miss Minnie Kynoch, 8 Airlie place 
Rev. William Nelson, 2 Garland place 
W. S. Nicoll, Orwell vil. , Clepington rd. 
John Ogilvie, 34 Albert street 

Peter Reid, 4 Lawside road 
Wm. Rettie, Balcairn, Blackness rd. 
Rev. George Smart, 4 Union terrace 
Charles Stewart, 24 Shamrock street 
Very Rev. Canon Turner, 150 Nether- 
Rev. Henry "Williamson, 13 Coupar 
street, Lochee 

Offices, 5 Cowgate— John E. Williams, Clerk and Treasurer; Dr A. E. 
Kidd, Medical Officer ; Dr Alex. Thomson, Assist. Medical Officer ; James H. 
Langlands (31 Murraygate), Architect; John Robbie, Compulsory Officer. 


Harris Academy. — Rector, J. Barry Robb, M.A., B.Sc. ; Second Master 
and Mathematical Master, Hugh P. Holburn, B.Sc. ; Lady Superintendent, 
Miss Barbara J. Sutherland, L.L.A. ; Infant Mistress, Miss A. D. Morrison. 
Higher Grade Department — Classics, W. A. Taylor, M.A. ; English, John 
Muir, M.A. ; Modern Languages, John Munro, B.A.Lond; Science, A. B. 
Paterson, B.Sc. ; Drawing, Robert J. Plenderleith ; Singing, Nimmo Christie, 
A.R.C.O.; Phonography, A. W. Peters; Manual Training, James Shaw; 
Gymnastic Instructors, Miss Brown, Miss M'Dougall, and A. Burnett ; 
Pianoforte, Miss Alexander, Miss Scrymgeour, Miss Westwood, Miss Mac- 
donald ; Violin, H. E. Loseby ; Dancing, Miss Anderson ; Cookery, Miss 
Mucker sie ; Janitor, Thomas Brown. 

Morgan Academy. — Rector, Alex. Leighton, M.A., B.Sc. ; Second 
Master, Donald M'Leod, M.A. ; Lady Superintendent, Miss Isabella D. 
Skinner. Higher Grade Department — English Master, Jas. MTnroy, M.A. ; 
Classics, George Durno, M.A. ; French and German, Donald M'Leod, 
M.A. ; Mathematics, J. L. Peters, M.A. ; Science, John Dunn, B.Sc, 
F.C.S. ; Art, James Watson ; Phonography, Alexander W. Peters ; Superin- 
tendent of Manual Training, J. N. Malloch ; Pianoforte, Miss J. H. Roger 
and Miss Annie Bewick; Singing, Nimmo Christie, A.R.C.O. ; Physical 
Exercises, Miss Emily Brown and Alexander Burnett ; Teacher of Violin, 
H. E. Loseby ; Janitor, William Speedie. 

Public Elementary Schools. 

Ancrum Road, . 

Ann Street, 

Balfour Street, ... 

Blackness (161 Blackness road), 

Brown Street, ... 

Butterburn (95 Strathmartine road), 

Clepington (Melrose terrace), 


Dens Road, 

Downfield (School road, Downfield), 

Dudhope (St Mary street), 

Glebe Lands (Morgan st., temporary), 


Hill Street, 

Liff Road, Lochee, 

Mitchell Street, ... 

Rosebank (Tulloch crescent), 

South Road, Lochee, 

Stobswell (Eliza street), ... 

Robert Locke 

John W. Kippen 

Andrew L. Swinton 

George Simpson, M.A. 

John F. Macdiarmid 

James A. Anderson 

James Sword, M.A. 

Andrew Blackwood, B.A., B.Sc. 

Robert Loggie 

William Eckford 

Charles Wright, MA. 

Colin Sharp 

David Dawson 

George Ferguson 

R. W. Thornton, M.A. 

Charles Ramsay, M.A. 

Alexander Leighton 

John Poustie 

James Watt 


Tay Street, ... ... ... Evan H. Fraser 

Victoria Road, ... ... ... David Smart, M. A. 

Wallacetown (Crescent street), ... David Williamson 
Teacher of Singing— Niramo Christie. 

School foe the Deaf and Dumb, Dudhope Castle, Dudhope park.- 
Headmistress, Miss Mary Turnbull. 

School for Cripple and Invalid Children, 14 Harcourt street. - 
Headmistress, Miss Roy. 


Dr J. F. Sturroek, Arima, Brook street, Broughty Feriw, Chairman. 

A. L. Galloway, Hillter., B. Ferry 
JohnR. Christie, 3 Alpha ter., B. Ferry 
James Fleming, 8 Taymouth pi., B. Fy. 

John D. Ford, 8 Duntrune ter., B. Fy. 
Hugh R. M'Kean, 4 Links pi., B. Ferry 
Robt. Steven, 2 Invermark ter., B'hill 

Edv/ard Cowan, 4 High street, Clerk ; William Luke, 150 Brook street, 
Broughty Ferry, Treasurer ; Alexander Tevendale, Board Officer. 

Schools under the Board. 
Grove Academy, Church street, Broughty Ferry, ....A. H. Hutt, M.A. 

Southern Public School, Fisher st., Bro. Ferry, Miss Annie W. Scott 

Western Public School, West Ferry, John T. Thomson 

Eastern Public School, Whinny brae, Bro. Ferry, Robert Cameron 


S. Martin's, 67 Derby street. — Correspondent — Rev. Canon Duncan. 
Teacher— Miss Mary Gibb. 

S. Margaret's Mixed School, Ancrum road, Lochee. — Chairman of 
Managers — Rev. H. Burdon. Teacher — Miss Crichton. 


St Andrew's (Boys), Tay street. — Manager — Rev. Canon Turner. 
Teachers — The Marist Brothers. 

St Andrew's (Girls), 174 Overgate. — Manager — Rev. Canon Turner. 
Teachers — The Sisters of Mercy. 

St Joseph's (Boys), 2 Larch street. — Manager — Right Rev. Mgr. Provost 
Holder. Teachers — The Marist Brothers. 

St Joseph's (Girls), Blackness road. — Manager — Right Rev. Mgr. Provost 
Holder. Teachers — Sisters of Mercy. 

St Mary's (Boys), Forebank road. — Manager — Rev. Canon Lavelle. 
Teachers — (Boys), The Marist Brothers. (Girls), Powrie place ; (Infants), 
Forebank road — Teachers, Sisters of Mercy. 

St Mary's, Lochee. — Managers — Rev. John O'Neill, Rev. Provost Holder, 
Rev. Canon Turner. Teachers — Boys, M. Burke ; Girls, Miss L. Morgan ; 
Infants, Miss Hobin. 

St Patrick's (mixed), Lilybank road. — Manager — Rev. Canon M 'Donald. 
Teachers — Miss M'Erlain and Miss Scullion. 

Higher Grade School, Convent, Lawside. — Conducted by the Sisters of 
Mercy. Boarding school for young ladies. Junior students' Centre. 

private schools- 
bank Street Institution, 32 Bank street.— Teachers — Misses Milne. 
Constitution Road Private School, Oak lodge.— Principal — Miss Lloyd. 
Gartlands Young Ladies' Seminary, Strathern road, West Ferry. — 

Conducted by Miss Shiress. 
St Margaret's Young Ladies' Seminary, Viewbank, Hill street, Broughty 

Ferry. — Conducted by Misses Kydd & Simpson. 


Seapield House Preparatory School. Claypots road, Broughty Ferry. 
—Principal— L. G. W. Wilkinson, B.A., B.D., LL.B. 

Seymour Lodge School por Girls, 235 Perth road. — Conducted by 
Misses Gumming and Wallis. 

School op Cookery, 28 Ward road and 3 Constitution road (Telephone 
No. 22y3).— Teacher— Miss Brechin. 


Bruce's Business Training College and School op Shorthand, 
Typewriting, and Book-Keeping, 13 Albert square (Telephone No. 1865). 
—Principal— William Bruce, F.C.I., F.Inc.S.T. 

The De Bear Schools, Ltd., for Modern Business Training, 37 High st. 

International Correspondence Schools, Ltd., 31 Albert square. 

North British Wireless Schools, Ltd., 11 Nethergate.— Secretary, 
David Davidson. 

Paton's Dundee Commercial College, 30 Reform street. — Principal— 
A. W. Paton, (Honours) F.E.I.S. 

Remington College of Shorthand, Typewriting, and Book-keeping, 
37 Higb street. 

School of Languages (La Methode directe), 11 Nethergate. — Teachers — 
Louis Roulleux and W. Floerke. 

Skerry's College, Castlehill, 1 High street. 

Underwood Commercial College, for Shorthand, Typewriting, and 
Business Training, 84 Commercial street (Telephone No. 1898). — Manager — 
William B. Russell. 

OF TEACHERS. — Dundee Training College, Small's wynd. 
Chairman, Principal Mackay ; Vice-Chairman, Professor Herkless. 

Lecturers, &c. — Director of Studies, James Malloch, M.A., F.S.A. (Scot.). 
Teachers — English, William Bayne ; Mathematics, R. Norrie, M.A. ; Draw- 
ing, T. D. Dunn ; Needlework, Miss B. B. Porter ; Physical Exercises, J. W. 
Kimber, Miss M. H. Anderson, and Miss J. Dunbar ; Singing, W. J. Calder- 
wood; Hygiene, Dr Ash; Practice of Teaching, John Davidson, M. A., D.Phil., 
R. Jackson, M.A., Miss M'Haffle, M.A., and Miss Lowson, M A. ; Phonetics, 
R. Jackson, M.A. ; Nature Study, C. W. Cochrane, B.Sc, and James 
Aimer ; History, R. L. Mackie, M.A.; Geography, J. P. Day, B.A , F.R.G.S.; 
Experimental Psychology, &c, C. W. Valentine, M.A., D.Phil. ; Psychology, 
Logic, and Ethics, John Macdonald, M.A. ; Education, Robert R. Rusk, M.A., 
Ph.D. ; Household Management, Miss Esther Clerk ; Manual Occupations, 
Alfred H. Jenkins. Rural School Course — Principal Instructor, James 
Aimer ; Resident Gardener and Assistaut Demonstrator, Alexander Duncan. 
Warden, Miss Porter ; Clerk and Cashier, D. H. Brown ; Janitor, Alexander 

Mayfield Hostel for Women Students, 206 Ferry road. — Warden, 
Miss Phyllis C. Campbell, M.A. 

MORGAN TRUST— Governors.— From Town Council, Lord Provost 
Urquhart, James Perrie ; from Town Council of Forfar, Provost Moffat ; 
from Town Council of Arbroath, Provost Alexander ; from Town Council of 
Montrose, ex-Provost Stone ; from High School, Sir George Ritchie ; from 
Presbytery, Rev. D. B. Cameron ; from School Board, William Mudie ; from 
Nine Trades, W. S. Nicoll. Clerk and Factor, John M. Hendry, 39 



From School Board, G-. K. Smith, Christopher J. Bisset, George Coulthard, I 1 
W. B. Inglis, Rev. W. Nelson, W. S. Nicoll, Peter Reid; from Educa- I 
tional Trust, J. II. Martin ; from Morgan Trust, Rev. D. B. Cameron ; from 
High School, Charles C. Duncan, Thomas H. Smith; from Lawside St I 
Joseph's Convent Secondary School, Rev. Provost Holder ; from Technical : I 
College, Sir George Ritchie, James Gordon ; from Town Council, Lord Provost \\ 
Urquhart, William Don, John Mudie; additional members nominated by Com- 1 
mittee, Principal Mackay, Walker S. Melville, William Doig; Chairman, | 
Rev. D. B. Cameron; Assessors, J. Macpherson Wattie and George Andrew. 
Clerk and Treasurer, John Thornton. 

THE DUNDEE EDUCATIONAL TRUST.— For the administration of 
Educational Endowments. Governors — From Town Council, J. H. Martin, 
J. M. Nairn, John M. Soutar, Neil Macdonald ; from School Board, Rev. 
Mngr. Holder, W. S. Nicoll, J. A. Mackay ; from Kirk-Session, Rev. Adam 
W. Fergusson, Rev. James M. Benson, James Low ; from Chamber of Com- 
merce, W. S. Melville ; from Trades Council, James Gordon ; from High 
School, A. W. Paton ; from University College, Principal Mackay ; from 
Senatus of the University, Principal Stewart ; Clerk and Factor, James 
Urquhart, 10 Reform street. 

The ftmds are applied in providing bursaries for the children of parents who 
are not in the receipt of parochial aid, but in circumstances requiring aid for 
giving them higher education. The allocation is as follows, viz. : — 

1. To provide bursaries for education at $ie Harris and Morgan Academies 
for pupils in the higher grade department, tenable for two years, and of the 
value of £6 to £10 per annum according to class attended. AH awarded by 
public competition. Open to children attending any Board school in Dundee. 
Authorized sum £700. 

2. To provide bursaries (1) for education at the middle school of the High 
School for pupils attending a Board school in Dundee who have passed the 
qualifying examination, tenable not longer than three years, of the value of 
£10, £11, and £12 each year ; (2) for education at the Upper School of the 
High School. Open to High School pupils only. Tenable for three years. 
Authorized sum £500. 

3. To provide bursaries to be held at a University, University College, or 
approved technical school, tenable for three years, of the value of £25 
annually. Open to all who have attended a public or state-aided school in 
Dundee at least one year before examination. Authorized sum £300. 

4. To provide bursaries for pupils attending evening classes for higher or 
technical instruction, of the annual value of £1, £1 10s, and £2. Authorized 
sum £400. The Morgan Trust contributes £150 per annum of this sum. 

5. For the promotion of efficient evening classes for gratuitous practical 
instruction in domestic economy— £250. 

Schedules of Application can be had during the month of March in each 

Governors— -Dr J. F. Sturrock (Chairman), Robert Steven, John R. Christie, 
Hugh R. M'Kean, Alex. L. Galloway, James Fleming, J. D. Ford ; Treasurer, 
William Luke ; Clerk, Edward Cowan, 4 High street. 


Anderson Scholarship Fund.— The interest of £1,400 is applied for the 
endowment of two Scholarships at the University of St Andrews, for High 
School pupils. Patrons, the Directors of the High School. Secretary, John 
L. Stevenson, 46 Reform street. 


The Misses Baxter op Balgavies Scholarship Fund. — The sum of 
£2,500 was mortified for the endowment of two Engineering Scholarships of 
£40 each ; and the accumulations of income were consolidated for the founda- 
tion and endowment of three additional Bursaries of the value of £30 
each, at the University of Edinburgh, in connection with the High 
School. Patrons, the Directors of the High School. Secretary, John L. 
Stevenson, 46 Reform street. 

Bute Scholarship or Bursary in the University op St Andrews. 
—By deed dated loth September 1893, £1000 was mortified by the Marquis 
of Bute for the establishment of a Dundee Scholarship or Bursary in the 
University of St Andrews. The Bursary is in the gift of the Lord Provost of 
Dundee, and the Bursar receives the free revenue of the Endowment. 
Factor, W. M. Burke, City Chamberlain. 

James Duncan's Bequest.— The late James Duncan of Jordanstone and 
Drumfork bequeathed five of twenty-nine equal shares of the residue of his 
estate for the purpose of founding in Dundee a School of Industrial Art, to 
be named and known for all time to come as " The Duncan of Jordanstone 
Art School. " The funds available for this Bequest are expected to amount 
to about £80,000. The execution of the Bequest was committed by Mr 
Duncan to his Testamentary Trustees, but, after the Trustees have provided 
buildings and made arrangements for the due carrying out of the Bequest, 
its administration is to be in the hands of certain Official Trustees, viz. : — 
The Members of Parliament for the County of Forfar and the City of Dundee, 
the Sheriff of Forfarshire, the Sheriff-Substitute in Dundee, the Lord Provost 
of Dundee, the Chairman of the School Board, the President of the Chamber 
of Commerce, and the Rector of the High School. (It is understood Mr 
Duncan's Trustees will shortly be in a position to bring the Bequest into 
active operation. ) Agents, J. & H. Pattullo & Donald, 1 Bank street. 

Edward Bursary Fund. — The interest of £150 is applied for the education 
of one or more bursars at the Classical and Mathematical Departments of the 
High School. Patrons, the Directors of the High School. Secretary, John 
L. Stevenson, 46 Reform street. 

Alexander Edward's Educational Bequest. — The interest of £1,000 is 
applied for the education of bursars at the High School. Children of employees 
at Messrs A. & D. Edward & Company's Works have a preference. Patrons, 
the Directors of the High School. Secretary, John L. Stevenson, 46 Reform 

Dr "William Guild's— 1656. — The interest of a sum equal to £350 is applied 
to the maintenance of a bursar at the United College, St Andrews. Patrons, 
the Town Council. Factor, W. M. Burke, City Chamberlain. 

Lawson's. — Founded in 1728 to maintain Bursar of the name of Lawson or 
Gray at St Leonard's College, St Andrews. 2000 marks in the hands of said 
College. Factor, "W". M. Burke, City Chamberlain. 

Patrick A. Lowson Memorial Scholarship — 1873. — Capital Funds, 
£2,100. The Scholarship is tenable for two years, and is worth, subject to 
certain conditions, not less than £60 per annum, and is presently £70 per 
annum. Candidates must have attended three years, not necessarily con- 
I secutive, at a School or Schools in Dundee or Broughty Ferry, and may have 
attended, for not more than one academic year, any University or College in the 
United Kingdom. Trustees, the Parish Minister of Dundee, the Lord Provost 
of Dundee, the President of the Chamber of Commerce (ex-officioj, and 
"Wm. Lowson, J. G. F. Lowson, J. C. Buist, Robert B. Don, George K. 
Smith, Charles G. Gourlay, and Archibald W. Sturrock. Factor, Robert 
Morton, Savings Bank, 2 Euclid street. 


Mackenzie Scholarship.— Founded by Miss E. B. Mackenzie, Broughty 
Ferry, in memory of the Rev. John Mackenzie, Minister of the Parish of 
Kettins, of about £25 for an essay on a prescribed subject, is open to men 
studying for the ministry of the Church of Scotland in the Divinity Halls of 
the four Scottish Universities, or to any Probationer of the Church of Scot- 
land within a year after completion of studies. For regulations, subject 
prescribed, &c, apply to J. & J. Ogilvie, 13 Albert square. 

Charles O wee's Mafeking Gift. — Founded in 1900 by Charles Ower, 
A.M. I.C. E., F.S.A. (Scot.), who disponed to and in favour of the Lord 
Provost, Magistrates, and Town Councillors, for behoof of the Free Library 
Committee, Gas Annuities to the value of one hundred and forty guineas, 
yielding annual interest of five guineas, in commemoration of the British 
troops having entered Mafeking, South Africa, and relieved the siege of that 
town on 17th May, 1900. The interest to be spent in the purchase of high- 
class illustrated architectural books, or failing that, to be handed over to the 
Dundee Royal Infirmary, or failing that, to any poor person residing within 
the burgh of Dundee who may be in urgent need. Funds, £147. Factor, 
W. M. Burke, City Chamberlain. 

Gilfillan Testimonial Fund. — For the administration of the £1000 
testimonial presented to the late Rev. George Gilfillan in 1877. On the 
death of Mrs Gilfillan the fund was further augmented by the addition of 
£1240 from her estate. The fund is for the purpose of assisting educationally 
deserving youths, a preference being given to the sons or daughters of poor 
parents. The Trustees provide a bursary of £30 per annum for males tenable 
for three years at any University in Scotland, and three bursaries of £10 
each tenable for one year at either the High School of Dundee or the Harris 
or Morgan Academies in the tenth class. Trustees — Charles Barrie, Rev. "W". 
A. Dunbar, Charles C. Duncan, James Yule, and Edward W. Neish. Clerk 
and Factor — George R. Donald, 1 Bank street. 

Polack Travelling Scholarship.— For the advancement of Commercial 
Education, and particularly the study of modern foreign languages abroad. 
Value, about £80 per annum. Trustees and Committee — Rudolph Polack, 
LL.D. (Chairman), President, Vice-President, and ex-President of Dundee 
Chamber of Commerce, Principal of University College, Chairman of Dundee 
School Board, Rector of High School, William Mackenzie, G. C. Keiller, 
A. Josephy; Secretary, W. D. Macdougall, c/o The Alliance Trust Company, 
Ltd., 22 Meadowside. 

Leng Trust. — For the encouragement of literary and scientific pursuits, 
and to promote the teaching of the Songs of Scotland. Trustees — The Lord 
Provost, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the Principal and the 
Professor or Lecturer of English Literature in University College, the Chair- 
man of the Technical Institute, and John A. Leng. Secretaries — Sturrock 
& Morrison, 10 Whitehall street. 

Armistead Trust. — For the providing of educative lectures, principally 
for the artisan class. Trustees, Lord Armitstead, J. C. Buist, John Camp- 
bell Smith, Dr Sinclair, Sir T. Carlaw Martin, Wm. Henderson ; Secretary, 
Alex. Mackay, 22 Meadowside. 

President, David H. Pryde; Vice-Presidents, Miss I. Skinner, John Simpson; 
Organising Secretaries, D. Henderson, D. G. Ross; Secretary, John Brown, 
Blackness School. 

SCOTLAND. — President, Peter Grant; Treasurer, John Fergusson ; Joint 
Secretaries, Robt. Loggie, Dens Road School, andD. Dawson, Ha wkhill School. 


Andrews Branch. — President, John Strong ; Yice-President, Alexander 
Leighton; Treasurer, George S. Robertson; Secretary, J. M. Dawson, Bell 
Baxter School, Cupar. 

Blackwood ; Secretary, D. Williamson, Wallacetown Public School. 

DUNDEE (LANDWARD) SCHOOL BOARD.— Alex. Gilroy, Ballumbie, 
Chairman ; Thomas M. Dodds, Baldovie ; Andrew Greig, 3 Duntrune terrace, 
West Ferry ; F. M. Batchelor, Kellyfield. ; and Fergus Baxter, Baluniefield. 
Clerk and Treasurer, J. G. Shiell, 5 Bank street. 

SCHOOL BOARDS.— Rural District. 

Auchtbrhouse. — H. K. Ogilvy, Chairman ; Thomas M'Kay, W. Cochrane, 
D. O. Cargill, P. D. Mitchell. Clerk, Alex. Jamieson. Pitnappie, Newtyle. 

Fowlis Easter.— William Keith Murray (Ochtertyre, Crieff), Chairman ; 
Thomas Steele, J. B. Young, William White, J. E. Murray. Clerk, George 
Colston, Schoolhouse, Fowlis. 

Lipf, Ben vie, and Invergowrie. — Joseph Murray, Chairman ; Rev. 
John Kennedy, James Robbie, T. R. Smart, John Yule. Clerk, T. H. B. 
Rorie, 13 Albert square, Dundee. 

Longforgan.— Charles H. Watson, Chairman; William S. Mackie, 
William G. Walker, James B. Kilgour, Walter Scott. Clerk, D. M. Boyd, 

Lundie. — Joseph Murray (Dryburgh), Chairman ; Wm. Smith, David 
Bell, William Tarbet, James Forsyth. Clerk, Harry S. Keir, Dryburgh, Lochee. 

Mains and Strathmartine. — Rev. R. Spenser Ritchie, Chairman ; 
W. D. Cargill, A. F. Durkie, John Graham, James Grant, William Mudie, 
John Y. Rogers. Clerk, W. L. Moncur, 9 Ward road, Dundee. 

Monikie. — John W. A. Wilson, Chairman ; Mrs Neish, Thomas Smith, 
Alexander MTntyre, John Nairn. Clerk, Robert Steven, 62 Seagate, Dundee. 

Murroes. — Charles B. Ovenstone, Chairman ; John G. Brown, R. B. 
Galloway, David Johnston, James Cameron. Clerk, H. A. Forsyth, Murroes. 

Tealing. — William Bell, Chairman; Walter G. Duncan, Rev. S. Macaulay, 
James Stirton, George M'Naughton. Clerk, P. M. M'Kenzie, Kirkton, 

road. — President, Wm. Henderson; Yice-Presidents, C. W. Scrimgeour, 
Walker S. Melville, James Combe, Robert Gibson, J. C. Buist, David Air, 
John W. Shepherd, James H. Smith ; Directors, Stewart F. Anderson, 
John Aitchison, D. M. Brown, Andrew Buik, T. M. Davidson, James H. 
Fargie, David G. Henderson, A. W. Joyce, George Knowles, Allan A. Lorimer, 
Robert Malone, Frank T. Mudie, Alexander Murray, Charles Robbie, William 
Strachan ; Hon. Secretaries, Charles Stewart, Edward Shepherd ; Hon. 
Treasurers, James Low, B. L. Nairn ; General Secretary, William Stewart. 
Cricket, Football, Cycling, Gymnastic, Swimming, Angling, and Camera 
Clubs ; Register of Lodgings for Young Men. Young Men's Bible Class 
every Sunday at 5 p.m. 

Brook street, Broughty Ferry. — President, Adam Hunter ; Vice-Presidents, 
Rev. E. Heath, Rev. D. H. Lawrence, Rev. James Burgess, P. J. Duncan, 
W. D. Macdougall, John Tannahill ; Directors, William Harris, James 
Croll, Harley Kippen, Alex. Strachan, John M. T. Cairncross, James Slater, 
David Findlay, John Smith; Treasurer, John W. Duncan; Secretary, 
Thomas W. Halcro, Rock cottage, Barnhilt 



and Boarding House, Registry for Servants and Governesses, &c, 33 and 37 
South Taj street ; Millworkers' Branch, 24 Long wynd. 

Hon. President, Lady Kinnaird ; Acting Hon. President, Miss Jessiman, 
1 Beechwood terrace ; Hon. Vice-Presidents, Lady Ogilvy Dalgleish and Mrs 
Thomas Maitland ; Hon. Secretary, Miss Alice Scott, Riversdale ; Hon. 
Treasurer, Mrs Douglass ; Committee, Mrs Urquhart, Mrs James Carmichael, 
Miss E. C. Doddrell, Mrs Lennox, Miss Mary Lindsay, Mrs J. N. Kyd, 
Mrs Maitland Dougall, Mrs Anstruther Duncan, Mrs "W". L. Boase, Mrs 
Ebenezer Henderson, Miss Maitland Dougall; Trustees, Lady Kinnaird, 
Lady Ogilvy Dalgleish, Mrs Anstruther Duncan, Miss Jessiman, Sir James 
Low, Bart., James Carmichael, Harry Walker, A. H. Stephen, J. C. 
Buist, R. B. Don, F. B. Sharp. 

Domestic Economy Section— Joint Hon. Secretaries, Mrs Wm. Kinnear 
and Miss Holmes. Classes for Cookery, Dressmaking, Ladies' Tailoring, 
Millinery, Laundry, Sewing, Ambulance, Swedish Drill, House-management, 
&c. Restaurants, 24 Long wynd and 40 Albert street. Holiday Home and 
Boarding House, Viewmount, Abernethy — particulars apply Superintendent, 
Viewmount, Abernethy. 

TION, 175 Brook street, Broughty Ferry.— President, Mrs Stephen ; Vice- 
President, Mrs Mackay ; Committee, Mrs Mudie, Mrs Murdoch, Mrs Ower, 
Mrs Duncan, Mrs Newton, Miss Mackenzie, Miss Nicoll, Mrs Halley ; Hon. 
Treasurer, Miss Smail ; Hon. Secretary, Mrs Kyd, Rosendael, Broughty 

High street, Lochee.— President, Miss Maclean ; Vice-President, Miss Cox ; 
Secretary, Miss Spalding, Keld house, Coupar Angus road ; Treasurer, Miss 
Stewart ; Committee, Mrs William Cox, Mrs Wright, Mrs Spalding, Mrs 
Taylor, Mrs D. Henderson, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Duncan, Miss Stevenson, 
Miss Brough, Mrs May, Mrs James Stevenson, Mrs Murray, Mrs Peebles, 
Mrs Morton, Mrs R. C. Robertson, Mrs Ernest Cox, Mrs Abel, Mrs Wilkie, 
Mrs Kennedy ; Lady Superintendent, Miss Drysdale. 

St Andrew's Branch. — Rooms, Tay Street Hall. Chaplain, Rev. John 
Warren ; President, J. M'Lean ; Treasurer, P. Coleman : Secretary, P. Pullen, 
Tay Street Hall. Total Abstinence League. — Chaplain, Rev. John 
Warren ; President, Jas. Mulvey ; Secy, and Treas., M. Lea, Tay Street Hall. 
St Joseph's Branch. — Rooms, Blackness Hall, Blackness Road. President, 
James Dolan ; Vice-President, Patrick Boy Ian; Treasurer, John Kiernan; 
Chaplain, Rev. P. M 'Daniel; Assistant Secretary, J. Dolan, jun. ; Secretary, 
Robert Stuart, jun., 7 Park terrace. Temperance Section.— President, 
W. J. Traynor ; Vice-President, T. Marra ; Treasurer, J. M'Glone ; Secretary, 
G. Duncan, 15 City road. 

TION, Rooms, 39 High street.— President, Vaness C. Baird ; Vice-Presi- 
dents, J. Riley, D. W. Ferrier ; Librarian, M. G. Rae ; Portfolio Secretary, 
J. Eraser ; Secretary of Survey Section, D. W. Ferrier ; Treasurer, W. M. 
Ames; Secretary, James Slater, jun., Panmure villa lodge, Monifieth road, 
Broughty Ferry. 

ROYAL EXCHANGE READING-ROOM, Royal Exchange buildings.— 
Under the management of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce. 
David Ogilvy and John Allan, Waiters. 


DUNDEE WORKING MEN'S FIELD CLUB.— President, James Fulton ; 
Treasurer, J. S. Richmond ; Secretary, T. S. Murray, High School. 

mittee — Rev. Alfred Gardner (Chairman), William Bumter, S. G. Fraser, 
J. H. Martin, Walker S. Melville, Mrs T. C. Malcolm, Miss Stephen, Miss 
Low, Rev. A. W. Fergusson, Robert Murray, Geo. D. Rattray, H. J. M 'Grady ; 
Treasurer, James Shand ; Secretary, A. H. Miliar, LL.D., F.S.A.(Scot.). 

FINE ART GALLERIES, Albert Institute and Ward road ; also Lochee, 
Arthurstone, Blackness, Coldside, and St Roque's District Libraries, and 
Dudhope Museum, Dudhope Park. Committee — From Town Council, Lord 
Provost Urquhart, Chairman; Bailies Neave, Malcolm, Allan; Councillors 
Fraser, Nairn, Melville, Noble, Forwell, Crichton ; from Householders, 
T. B. Taylor, James A, Anderson, John Robertson, J. H. Martin, C. G. L. 
Phillips, Geo. D. Rattray, D. Galloway, Dr A. MacGillivray, E. Quirk. 
William Hunter, Convener. 

Chief Librarian and Curator, and Clerk to Board, A. H. Millar, 
LL.D., F.S.A.(Scot.) ; Sub-Librarian and Sub-Curator, Alex. S. Webster; 
Assistant Librarians at Central, J. D. Dundas, Alfred Ogilvie, L. Woodward, 
G. B. Robertson, Miss C. Learmonth, A. Small, A. Duncan, and boys. 
Assistants at Branches, D. Scott (Arthurstone), W. Walker (Blackness), 
AY Cameron (Lochee), S, Ross (Coldside), David Jack (St Roque's), A. 
Williamson. Assistants in Museums, James Dimcan, F.S. A. (Scot.), James 
B. Corr (Central), James Myles. 

Hours. — Central Library — Monday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. ; 
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. ; Thursday, 10 a.m. to 
2 p.m. Central Reference Library — 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. ; Thursday 10 a.m. to 

2 p.m. Central Reading Rooms, Ward road — 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. ; Sunday, 

3 to 8 p.m. Branch Libraries — 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., 5 to 9 p.m. ; Thursday, 
9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Branch Reading Rooms — 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central 
Museum — Monday, Tuesday, Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 7 to 9 p.m. ; 
Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. ; Thursday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ; Saturday, 
11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. ; Sunday, 3 to 8 p.m. Sculpture Galleries, Ward road 
— Monday and Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 5 p m., 7 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. ; Tuesday, 
Thursday, Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. ; Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. ; 
Sunday. 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Dudhope Museum — 11 a.m. to dusk ; Saturday 
to 9.30 p.m. ; Sunday, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. ; also by arrangement any evening 
for Mechanical, Science, Art, or Technical Classes. 

CORBET LIBRARY, Grove School, Broughty Ferry.— Under management 
of Broughty Ferry School Board. 

DUNDEE FINE ART ASSOCIATION. — Victoria Galleries, Albert 
square — Exhibition of Works of Living Artists. Chairman, David Dickie ; 
Vice-Chairnmn, T. S. Robertson ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, A. H. 
Millar, LL.D., F.S.A.(Scot.). 

DUNDEE ART SOCIETY.— Hon. Presidents, J. Martin White, Lord 
Provost Urquhart ; President, P. H. Thorns; Vice-President, James Watson ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, Edwin J. Smith, 2 Guthrie terrace, Barnhill. Club 
Rooms, 43 Nethergate. 

President, Robert Donn ; Vice-President, Miss Agnes Fleming (Perth) ; 
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, James Cadzow, High School. 

LOCHEE LITERARY ASSOCIATION.— President, James M'Gregor ; 
Vice-President, J. R. Wilkie ; Treasurer, J. Harris ; Secretary, James 
M'Intosh, 264 Blackness road. Library and Reading Rooms, 133 High street, 
Lochee — open daily from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. ; Saturdays, till 10.30 p.m. 


Young ; Vice-President, C. G. Soutar ; Council, Jas. Findlay, T. M. Cappom 
Robert Hardie, William Williamson; Hon. Treasurer, Charles Mann ; Hon. 
Secretary, Wm. Salmond, 6 High street. 

EXPERIMENTAL ENGINEERS.— Hon. President, Prof. Gibson; Hon. 
Vice-Presidents, T. G. Parsons, A. Alexander ; Hon. Librarian, Dr A. H. 
Millar ; President, J. C. Beat ; Vice-President, F. C. Bissell ; Hon. Secy, 
and Treasurer, W. D. Martin, 21 Blackness avenue. 

DUNDEE NATURALISTS' SOCIETY.— President, Alex. Hutcheson ; 
Vice-Presidents, Dr M'Gillivray, Dr A. H. Millar; Hon. Treasurer, Wm. 
Kennedy ; Hon. Secretaries, Alex. P. Stevenson, New Inn entry, and Miss 
Angus, 354 Blackness road. 

Committee, J. C. Buist ; Hon. Local Secretary, David Wylie, 38 Reform st. 

DUNDEE BURNS SOCIETY, Foresters' Hall.— President, Miss J. Low ; 
Vice-Presidents, W. S. Kelt, G. L. Harley ; Treasurer, A. J. Leslie ; 
Secretary, A. H. Rea, 19 Maryfield terrace. 

DUNDEE BURNS CLUB, 36 Nethergate.— President, W. G. Carruthers ; 
Treasurer, D. R. Roberts ; Secretary, George S. Middleton. 

Centre. — Hon. President, Sir George W. Baxter ; Convener, Prof. Stalker ; 
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Archibald Bell, 54 Commercial street. 

Branch. — Formed to promote interest in the study of history. President, 
Professor Herkless ; Vice-President, J. Strong; Committee, Dr A. H. Millar, 
Dr J. Maitland Anderson, Rev. H. F. Henderson, Dr MacGillivray, J. W. 
Broome, R. L. Mackie, J. D. Mackie, J. W. Williams; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Mary B. Brown, Dundee High School. 

DUNDEE ESPERANTO CLUB, 10 Whitehall street.— President, John 
Mitchell ; Vice-Presidents, Alfred A. Slidders, William Harvey ; Treasurer, 
Ellis Crapper ; Secretary, George Forbes, 10 Whitehall street. 

Ferdinand Heilbrunn ; Joint Secretaries and Treasurers, Miss M. Kynoch, 
8 Airlie place, and A. H. Hutt, 2 Hunter place, Broughty Ferry. 

DUNDEE HIGHLAND SOCIETY— Dundee Branch of An Comunn 
Gaidhealach (The Gaelic Society of Scotland). — Chief, Dr MacGillivray ; 
Chieftains, Neil Macdonald, M. C. MacLeod, Principal Mackay ; Treasurer, 
John Walker ; Secretary, Ronald Douglas, Idabank, West Ferry. 

Vice-President, Charles Donald ; Treasurer, Andrew Fraser ; Secretary, 
Alexander Johnson, 6 Smith street. 

COMUNN NAM FINEACHAN (Dundee Association of the Clans).— 
Hon. President, Dugald MacTaggart ; President, Donald Mackinnon ; Vice- 
Presidents, J. MacDonald, J. Mackenzie, Miss L. MacLennan ; Pipers, M. 
Mackinnon, H. Rattray; Treasurer, Norman E. M'Fie; Secretary, Miss M. 
Mackay, 132a Nethergate. 

( 105 ) 


ROYAL INFIRMAKY (including Maternity Hospital).— President, — ; 

Vice-Presidents, Lord Armitstead, Earl of Home ; Directors, J. C. Buist, 
W. G. Thomson, T. H. H. Walker, C. F. Henderson, T. Norman J. Bell, 
Michael Traynor, P. S. Brown, R. E. Corrie, James Guthrie, Principal 
Mackay, C. B. Ovenstone, Robert Still, C. C. Barrie, J. W. Fleming, F. H. 
Kennedy, W. G. Leggat, Prof. MacEwan, Bishop Robberds. 

Honorary Consulting Physician, Robert Sinclair, M.D. ; Honorary Con- 
sulting Surgeons, Alex. Campbell, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., Professor David 
MacEwan, CM., M.D. ; Honorary Consulting Aural Surgeon, Peter Campbell, 
M.B. ; Honorary Consulting Dental Surgeon, Walter Campbell, L.D.S.Eng. ; 
Visiting Physicians, Professor A. M. Stalker, M.D., J. Mackie Whyte, M.D., 
Professor C. R. Marshall, M.D- ; Physician for Children's Diseases, James S. 
Y. Rogers, M.B., CM. ; Physician for Diseases of Skin, W. E. Foggie, M.D. ; 
Visiting Surgeons, David M. Greig, CM., F.R.C.S.E., L. Turton Price, 
Ch.B., F.R.C.S.E., A. P. Low, M.B., CM. ; Aural Surgeon, Robert P. 
Mathers, M.D. ; Ophthalmic Surgeon, Angus MacGillivray, M.D., D.Sc. ; 
Obstetric Physicians and Gynaecologists, Professor J. A. Campbell Kynoch, 
M.B., KR.CP.Ed., F.R.CS.Ed., Robert C Buist, M.D., M. R. C.P.Ed. ; 
Medical Electricians, H. E. Fraser, M.D., George A. Pirie, M.D., G. H. S. 
Milln, M.B., Ch.B. ; Dental Surgeons, W. Graham Campbell, M.B., CM., 
L.D.S.Ed., James Bruce, L.D.S.Ed., D. L. Anderson, L.D.S.Ed. 

Medical Superintendent, H. E. Fraser, M.D. ; Matron, Miss F. G. Pegg ; 
Treasurer, R. C Thomson, 11 Reform street ; Secretary, George B, Brongh, 
Royal Infirmary ; Collector, George Anderson. 

Sidlaw Sanatorium, Auchterhouse (in connection with Royal Infirmary) — 
20 beds for phthisical patients and 34 beds for tuberculous children. Resident 
Medical Officer, William T. Munro, M.B., Ch.B. 

ASHLUDIE SANATORIUM, Monifieth.— Under management of Dundee 
Public Health Committee (p. 47); Simon G. Fraser, Convener. Medical 
Superintendent, Dr Burgess ; Administrative Officer of scheme for detection, 
prevention, and treatment of tuberculosis in the city, Dr Templeman ; 

Resident Medical Officer, . The Sanatorium (with 64 beds) will be 

ready for occupancy in October. 

ROYAL VICTORIA HOSPITAL, Balgay, Blackness road.— Trustees, 
Lord Provost, Members of Parliament, President of Chamber of Commerce, 
William Hunter, Alexander Gilroy, R. B. Sharp ; Committee of 
Management, Lord Provost Urcpihart (President), Alexander Mathewson 
and Dr Alex. Campbell (Vice-Presidents), William Longair, William Rettie, 
A. S. Henderson, R. B. Thomson, R. B. Sharp, William Hunter, H. A. 
Pattullo, A. B. Crichton, Sir George Ritchie, Edward W. Neish, Harry 

Hon. Consulting Physicians and Surgeons, Dr Sinclair, Dr Alex. Campbell, 
Prof. MacEwan, Prof. Stalker, Dr Templeman, Dr Sturroek ; Visiting 
Physician, Dr Foggie ; Visiting Surgeon, Mr Greig ; Medical Electrician, 
Dr Pirie. 

Hon. Secretary, Wm. H. Blyth Martin, City chambers ; Treasurer, W. L. 
Pattullo ; Matron, Miss Little. 

SMALLPOX AND CHOLERA HOSPITAL, Kingscross.— Medical Superin- 
dent, Dr Templeman. Porter, William Marr. 

KINGSCROSS HOSPITAL, Clepington road.— Medical Superintendent, 
Dr Templeman; Resident Medical Officer, G. M. M'Gillivray, M.B., Ch.B.; 


Matron, Miss M. A. Clark. The Hospital contains 176 beds— 30 for tuber- 
culosis (with accommodation for other 80 in course of construction), 40 for ; 
measles, 16 for diphtheria, 54 for scarlet fever, 18 for typhoid fever, 18 for 
typhus fever. 

DUNDEE CONVALESCENT HOME, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry.— The 
building is capable of accommodating 84 patients. The Management is 
in the hands of the Directors of the Dundee Royal Infirmary. Medical 
Officer, J. F. Sturrock, M.B. ; Matron, Miss Bowman. Admission can be 
obtained on presenting to the Medical Superintendent at the Infirmary a 
recommendation from a medical practitioner in Dundee. 

Blackness road. — President, Mrs Thomas Maitland ; Vice-Presidents, Mrs 
Anstruther Duncan, Mrs Mackenzie, Lady Christian Ogilvy, Mrs F. B. Sharp, 
Mrs A. Shepherd, Mrs Weinberg, Mrs J. Walker ; General Treasurers, Don 
& Stewart ; Treasurer to House Committee, Mrs E. A. Shepherd ; Secretary 
to House Committee, Miss Mackenzie, Craiglee, Broughty Ferry; Committee 
of Management, Miss Chalmers, Mr D. M. Greig, Mrs Longair, Mrs Low, Mrs 
J. S. Lumsden, W. Mackenzie, Mrs Mackenzie, Miss Mackinnon, Miss 
Mackenzie, Miss Oliphant, Mrs Polack, Mrs J. More Smieton, F. B. Sharp, 
Prof. Stalker, Dr Templeman, Dr E. C. Thomson, Prof. DArcy W. Thompson, 
Mrs Urquhart, Dr J. Mackie Whyte; Medical Officer, Dr Emily C. Thomson; 
Nurse-Matron, Miss Clark ; General Secretaries, J. & J. Ogilvie, 13 Albert sq. 

HOME FOR INCURABLES, King Street court.— This Institution has 
accommodation for 21 Females (five beds endowed), a ward of nine beds for 
children (two endowed). Applications for admission to be sent to the sister in 
charge of St Mary's, 10 King st., Treasurer. Rev. E. J. Crombie, Chaplain. 

ROYAL LUNATIC ASYLUM.— Extraordinary Directors, Earl of Strath- 
more, James Falconer, M.P., James Ferguson, K.C., Alex. Wilkie, M.P., 
Winston L. S. Churchill, M.P., the Moderator of Synod of Angus and Mearns; 
Directors for Life, Earl of Camperdown, Henry M' Grady, William Hunter; 
Ordinary Directors, Lord Provost Urquhart (Chairman), A. W. Paton, P. S. 
Nicoll, James Smith, W. G. Anderson, John B. Hay, John Bruce, Thomas 
Milne, J. G. Sibbald, William Foggie, W. H. Brown, Capt. F. J. R. Mills, 
Charles Gordon, John Robertson, G. I). Rattray, Rev. W. Wright, Rev. Dr 
Cameron, A. F. Durkie, Peter M'Intyre, T. H. B. Rorie, David S. Swan, Dr 
Alex. Campbell, Rev. Marshall B. Lang, A. B. Gilroy, Prof. MacEwan, G. S. 
Lamb, Rev. G. R. Macphail, Principal Mackay, J. W. Fleming ; Committee 
of Management, A. B. Gilroy (Chairman), Wm. Hunter, J. W. Fleming, Prof. 
MacEwan, Rev. Dr Cameron, John G. Sibbald, W. Foggie, Thomas Milne, 
John B. Hay; Treas., John E. MTntyre; Secy., Robt. C. Walker, 2 Union st. 

BALDOVAN INSTITUTION, For the treatment and education of the 
Feeble-minded. — Directors, Bishop of Brechin, Rev. R. Spenser Ritchie 
(Chairman), Very Rev. Provost Moir, Mr Greig, D. H. Littlejohn, Rev. 
Canon Mackness, Herbert K. Ogilvy, Rev. W. C. Wood, Rev. A. W. 
Fergusson, Rev. J. H. Shepherd, Rev. John Douglas, William Boyd. 

Medical Superintendent, Mr Greig; Secretaries and Treasurers, Don & 
Stewart, 2 Union street ; Matron, Miss A. O. Henry. 

CURR NIGHT REFUGE, 5 West Bell street.— President, William Doig; 
Vice-Presidents, Alex. Mathewson, J. W. Shepherd ; Directors, Wm, Hunter, 
John Henderson, A. H. Stephen, Frank Stevenson, Charles Morris, Andrew 
Spalding, J. W. Fleming, D. K. Hunter, Adam Hunter, F. B. Sharp, Sir 
George Eitchie, Walker S. Melville, David Air, jun. ; Hon. Treasurer, Alfred 
Smith, 6 Panmure street ; Hon. Secretary, James Combe, 2 Laurelbank ; 
Superintendent, George Rankine. 


road ; Boys, Baldovan. President, R. B. Don ; Vice-Presidents, Earl of Home, 
Lord Kinnaird, Lord Armitstead, Sir Gilchrist Ogilvy, Bart., David Air; 
Directors, David Air (Chairman), John Earl Robertson, David Moodie, 
William Doig, John Sharp, Alex. Hntton, J. H. Alexander, P. D. Mitchell, 
A. Sinclair Henderson, J. Henderson, G. K. Smith, J. Brebner, C. W. 
Scrimgeour, T. H. H. Walker, W. Gordon Thomson, Thomas Watson, 
W. Mackenzie, H. A. Pattullo, Leslie Ower ; Medical Officer, Mr Greig ; 
Treasurer, Robert C. Thomson ; Secretary, James Winchester, Baldovan 
Industrial Scbool. 

Ladies' Committee — Mrs D. M. Greig (President), Mrs Boase, Mrs 
Murdoch (Vice-Presidents), Mrs W. H. Fergusson, Miss Smith, Miss Berry, 
Mrs W. Mackenzie, Mrs Edward Cox, Mrs Weinberg, Mrs James Guthrie, 
Mrs James Carmichael, Mrs Fergusson, Mrs Gilroy, Mrs W. L. Pattullo, 
Mrs Graham Bruce, Mrs Peter Campbell, Mrs Marshall Lang, Mrs Rorison ; 
Hon. Secretary to Ladies' Committee, Miss Ethel Maitland, St Helens. 

Baldovan School (Boys) — Superintendent, Jas. Winchester ; Schoolmaster, 
R. Alexander ; Assistant Teachers, T. A. Guild and S. O. Davies ; Agent, 
David Richard, 2 Ellen street. 

Balgay School (Girls) — Matron, Miss M. Carphin ; Teacher, Miss A. G. 
Cruickshank ; Assistant, Miss Sinclair. Girls' Auxiliary Home, Kilchoan, 
Blackness road. 

Boys' Home, 2 Ellen st. — Supt., David Richard ; Matron, Mrs Richard. 

DUNDEE ORPHAN INSTITUTION, 133 Ferry road.— President, William 
Hunter ; Vice-Presidents, Charles Barrie, Wm. Longair ; Directors, Lord 
Provost, Parish Minister of Dundee, Lord Dean of Guild, Deacon of Maltmen, 
Convener of Nine Trades, Boxmaster of Seamen Fraternity, Preses of Faculty 
of Procurators and Solicitors, C. AV. Scrimgeour, J. H. Martin, William Mudie, 
William Doig, William Scott, John Miln, Alex. Gilroy, William Mackenzie, 
C. B. Ovenstone, Rudolph Polack, Rev. A. W. Fergusson, A. B. Crichton ; 
Governesses, Mrs R. Polack, Mrs William Hunter, Mrs G. B. Paul, Mrs 
Thomas Bell, Mrs William Scott, Mrs J. C. Methven, Mrs John M. Watson, 
Mrs D. M. Greig, Mrs James Mudie, Mrs J. S. Fairweather, Mrs A. M. 
Grimond, Mrs T. H. Smith, Mrs M'Connochie, Mrs Charles Barrie, Mrs 
William Gibson, Mrs Fergusson, MissReoch, Miss Mills, Miss Adie; Secretary, 
Mrs Wm. Longair, East Rockfield ; Physician, Mr Greig ; Ophthalmic 
Surgeon, Dr MacGillivray ; Treasurer, John M. Watson, 10 Panmure street ; 
Secretary, R. C. Walker, 2 Union street; Master, Thomas M. Davidson, 
M.A., B.Sc, F.E.I.S., F.R.G.S. ; Matron, Mrs Davidson, L.L.A. (St. And.)- 

orphans and destitute girls, in connection with Episcopal Church. Patroness, 
Miss Ogilvy (Italy) ; Directors, Bishop of Brechin, Dean of Brechin, Rev. 
Canon Mackness, John Sharp, Walter Shepherd, D. H. Littlejohn, R. B. 
Don, Mr Greig, Herbert K. Ogilvy, Very Rev. Provost Moir, Rev. W. C. 
Wood, Rev. J. H. Shepherd ; Medical Officer, Mr Greig ; Matron, Miss 
Piggot ; Agents, Shiell & Small, 5 Bank street. 

DUNDEE WORKING BOYS' HOME, 3 West Bell street, for orphan, 
destitute, and homeless lads. — President, William Doig ; Committee, W. S. 
Melville, J. W. Fleming, Charles Morris, James Combe ; Superintendent, 
George Ra,nkine ; Hon. Treasurer, Alfred Smith, 6 Panmure street ; Hon. 
Secretary, J. W. Shepherd, 49 Meadowside. 

ST MARGARET'S COTTAGE HOME, Barnhill.— Trustees {ex-officiis), 
The Parish Minister of St Margaret's, Clerk to Presb} T tery of Dundee, Clerk 
to Kirk-Session of St Margaret's, W. B. Dickie, A. B. Gilroy, Thomas 
Maitland ; Hon. Treasurer, Robert C. Thomson, Eastwood, Barnhill. 


W. Maitland Dougall, R.N. ; Trustees, David Bruce, James W. Kidd, 
William Thomson, W. N. Walker. Committee, Convener of County of 
Aberdeen and Chairman of Finance Committee ; Sheriffs-Substitute at Cupar 
Fife, Dundee, Forfar, Perth; Lord Provosts of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, 
Perth; Provosts of Arbroath, Brechin, Cupar Fife, Forfar, Montrose, St 
Andrews; W. T. J. S. Fotheringham of Murthly, Sir Kalph W. Anstruther 
of Balcaskie, Bart., David Air, F. M. Batchelor, Councillor Bathgate (Edin- 
burgh), David Bruce, J. C. Buist, Lord Dean of Guild Carter (Edinburgh), 
Colonel Fergusson, Joseph Gibson, C. G. Gourlay, James Guthrie, James H. 
Halley, Councillor Harkess (Edinburgh), A. Sinclair Henderson, J. W. Kidd, 
John A. Leng, Councillor M'Arthy (Edinburgh), T. H. B. Rorie, Lieut. -Col. 
H. Scryrrigeour-Wedderburn, F. B. Sharp, William Thomson, H. G. Walker, 
W. N. Walker. Executive Committee, James Guthrie (Chairman), the 
President {ex-officio), J. C. Buist, Col. Fergusson, Joseph Gibson, J. W. Kidd, 
James H. Halley, Lieut. -Col. H. Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, F. B. Sharp, 
William Thomson, H. Giles Walker ; also, the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, 
and Councillors Bathgate, Harkess, M'Arthy (all of Edinburgh). 

Captain-Superintendent, A. L. Scott, late Lieut. R.N. ; Surgeons, Drs 
Stewart and Bust, Newport ; Secretary and Treasurer, A. Mackay, 
22 Meadowside. 

SICK POOR NURSING SOCIETY, Caird Home for Nurses, 41 Mag- 
dalen Yard road. — Superintendent, Miss Milne ; Hon. President, The Earl of 
Strathmore ; Hon. Vice-President, Lord Kinnaird ; President, James H. 
Martin ; Vice-President, Alexander Mathewson ; Directors, Dr Alex. 
Campbell, Professor MacEwan, A. B. Duncan, R. B. Sharp, Prof. Stalker, 
Dr M'Farlane, Rev. Marshall B. Lang, Andrew Spalding, Harry Walker, 
William Rettie, Dr Templeman, John M. Hendry, Mrs Longair, Mrs James 
Guthrie, Mrs Godfrey Shepherd ; Treasurers, Mackay, Irons, & Co. ; 
Secretary, F. E. Scott, 11 Whitehall street. 

BROUGHTY FERRY BEACH MISSION (SickPoor Nursing).— Chairman, 
Bev. Dr Leask ; Secretary and Treasurer, George Elder, Royal Bank, 
Broughty Ferry ; Nurse, Mrs Watson, Linton place, Church street, Bro. Ferry. 

BROUGHTY FERRY BENEVOLENT TRUST, to assist in relieving 
cases of distress. — William Lindsay (Chairman), J. B. Archer, George 
D. Kidd, T. O. Thomson, John R. Christie, James Fleming, Peter Sim, 
Wm. Murray, W. M. Ritchie, Rev. T. F. Best, Rev. Dr Lawrence, Rev. Dr 
Leask, Rev. A. G. Mitchell, Alex. Bates, W. O. Cunningham, Rev. H. 
T. J. Waring, Alexander Dundas, David Galloway, Alexander Tocher, 
Rev. James Burgess, Mrs Catherine Archer, J. J. Watson ; Hon. Treasurer, 
William Luke ; Hon. Secretary, Edward Cowan, 4 High street. 

CHARITY ORGANISATION SOCIETY, 7 West Bell street.— President, 
Lord Provost Urquhart ; Vice-Presidents, Sir George W. Baxter, Thomas 
Murdoch, Prof. Steggall, Alex. Mathewson, Sir James Low, Bart., Henry 
M 'Grady, William Hunter, Charles Barrie, William Longair; Executive 
Council, A. M. Strachan (Chairman), Councillor Melville (Vice-Chairman), 
Sir George W. Baxter, Very Bev. Provost Moir, Thomas Murdoch, J. W. Kidd, 
Rev. W. A. Dunbar, B. L. Nairn, Edward Shepherd, Godfrey Shepherd, 
Rev. James Weatherhead, J. A. S." Barrett, Charles C. Barrie, Rev. A. W. 
Fergusson, G. A. Johnston, T. L. Miller, Prof. Steggall, Very Rev. Canon 
Turner, T. H. H. Walker ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, David Clarke, 
31 Reform street ; Investigating Agent, John Dunlop. 

Combe ; Hon. Treasurer, J. H. Martin ; Hon. Secretary, George Rankine, 3 
West Bell street. 

DUNDEE DENTAL HOSPITAL, 6 Park place.— Chairman, ¥m. Rettie; 
Vice-Chairmen, Principal Mackay, J. C. Buist, Thomas Murdoch ; Directors, 
Lord Provost Urquhart, Rev. A. W. Fergusson, Charles A. Air, Dr 
Graham Campbell, William Frain, J. C. Low, Dr MacGillivray, Alexander E. 
Mechan, Joseph Philip, E. A. Shepherd, J. Mackenzie Stewart, T. B. 
Taylor ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Elmslie Tosh, 11 Reform street. 
Hon. Dental Staff, D. L. Anderson, L.D.S., Norman Black, L.D.S., C. 
Every Brown, L.D.S., James Bruce, L.D.S., Walter Campbell, L.D.S., Wm. 
Graham Campbell, M.B., CM., D.D.S., H. Gordon Campbell, L.R.C. P.& S., 
L.D.S., John Cassaday, Ernest E. Cassaday, M.B., Ch.B., L.D.S., T. W. 

i Davie, L.D.S., W. M. Fisher, L.D.S., H. J. Gorrie, L.R.C.P.&S., L.D.S., 

I Peter Gorrie, L.D.S., W. Harvey Gowans, M.B., Ch.B., L.D.S., A. R. 

i Mechan, L.D.S., J. B. Milne, L.D.S., J. Mudie Petrie, L.D.S., David M. 
Small, L.D.S., Patrick S. Walker; Hon. Anaesthetists, Dr A. Sydney Camp- 

i bell, Dr Arthur Mills. 

DUNDEE EYE INSTITUTION, 104 Nethergate.— President, 

Vice-Presidents, Thomas Murdoch, Rev. C. M. Grant ; Ordinary Directors, 
Henry M'Grady, D. C. Thomson, J. C. Buist, T. H. Smith, R. B. Sharp, 
William Henderson, W. Gordon Thomson, W. O. Cunningham, D. L. Car- 
michael, Alex. Hutton, William Mackenzie, C. C. Barrie ; Hon. Secretaries 
and Treasurers, Bell & Henderson, 10 Whitehall street ; Surgeon, Dr Mac- 
Gillivray ; Assistant Surgeons, Dr A. Sydney Campbell, Dr W. H. Gowans, 
Dr Julia L. Pringle ; Dispenser, John Forsyth ; Attendant, Miss Georgina 

President, W. C. Leng ; Vice-Presidents, Thos. Murdoch, R. B. Sharp ; 
Directors, Sir James Low, Bart., Alexander Johnston, John C. Buist, Robert 
Murray, Alex. Guthrie, Wm. Henderson, William Mackenzie, B. L. Nairn, 
James Allison, J. L. Kidd, W. M. Ritchie, P. S. Brown, T. N. J. Bell ; 
Treasurers, W. & R. Ritchie, 6 Panmure street ; Secretaries, Bell & Hender- 
son ; Manager, Colin Macdonald. 

Boarding House. — Directors, &c, as above ; Ladies' Committee — Lady 
Ogilvy Dalgleish, President ; Miss Mary Reid, 10 Airlie terrace, Secretary. 

Lord Armitstead ; President, David Air ; Vice-President, Charles Barrie ; 
Directors, Charles Barrie, W. S. Melville, Alex. Gilroy, David Air, W. O. 
Cunningham, D. L. Carmichael, William Longair, William Henderson, J. C. 
Robertson ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Walker S. Melville, 46 Bell street ; 
Consulting Superintendent, John Gait ; Mission Superintendent, Andrew J. 
Maltman, 23 Castle street ; Assistant Missionary, Miss Sarah Sime. 

NATIONAL LEAGUE OF THE BLIND, Dundee Branch.— President, 
James Scott ; Vice-President, Alexander Buttars ; Treasurer, G. Moir ; 
Secretary, W. Gardiner, 46J Seafield road. 

AND DUMB, Dudhope Bank, 165 Lochee road. President, Lord Kinnaird ; 
Vice-Presidents, Lord Armitstead, John Miln ; Directors, Lord Provost of 
Dundee, Sheriff-Substitute of Dundee District, Lord Dean of Guild, Convener 
of Nine Trades, W. Hunter, W. B. Robertson, Alex. Simpson, James A. 
Fleming, William Doig, A. H. Stephen, John D. Mathew ; Headmaster, 
Robert Hansell ; Matron, Miss E. Creighton ; Secretary and Treasurer, David 
Don, 2 Union street. The Institution is open to visitors from 10 to 12 and 
from 2 to 4 o'clock every week-day except Saturday. 


Mission Hall, Dudhope Castle. — President, Sir James Low, Bart. ; Vice- 
President, John Miln; Directors, Lord Provost Urquhart (Convener), Joseph 
Philip (Chairman), Rev. A. W. Fergusson, Rev. G. R. Macphail, John Miln, 
William Henderson, B. L. Nairn, John D. Mathew, David Air, Rev. J. 
M'Connachie, Alex. Scott ; Hon. Treasurer, J. H. Alexander ; Hon. Account- 
ants, R. C. Thomson & Murdoch ; Missionary and Secretary, R. Guy Walton. 

ANIMALS. — Hon. President, Earl of Strathmore ; President, Lord Provost 
Urquhart; Vice-Presidents, Sir James Low, Bart., Sir George W. Baxter, 
Alexander Mathewson ; Treasurer, Charles Fettes, 6 Panmure street ; 
Secretary, Thomas P. Buist, 6 Panmure street. Inspectors — G. T. Walters, 
William street, East Newport, and J. A. Wallace, 9 Cardean street. 

CHILDREN, Office, 2 Dudhope place ; Children's Shelter, 1 Laurelbank.— 
President, Lord Provost Urquhart ; Vice-Presidents, Lord Kinnaird, Alex. 
Mathewson ; Committee, William Doig (Chairman), Alex. Hutton (Vice- 
Chairman), Col. Fergusson, John Earl Robertson, David Air, Thomas 
Murdoch, D. L. Carmichael, Robert Murray, Duncan Ritchie, H. B. Gilroy, 
David Air, jun., John Miln, James Brebner, W. B. Irvine, Archibald Downie, 
A. M. Strachan, John M'Culloch, John Mudie, John Gibson; Physician, Mr 
Greig ; Officers, William D. Williamson, 2 Dudhope place, and Wm. Brown 
(Constable), 10 Cleghorn street ; Matron of Children's Shelter, Mrs Nicoll ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, F. E. Scott, 11 Whitehall street. 

NEWPORT CHILDREN'S HOME, Comerton, by Leuchars, Fife.— Hon. 
President, William <J. Leu-; President, J. W. Shepherd ; Vice-Presidents, 
Rev. S. B. Hodson, John A. Leng, Wm. Thomson, Harry Walker ; Trustees, 
William Thomson, J. W. Shepherd; Committee, Miss Cunningham, Miss 
MacLeod, Mrs J. C. Low, Miss Moir, Miss Etta Johnston, Mrs Daniel Lawson, 
Mrs D. H. Robertson, Mrs R. C. Walker, Rev. Thomas Munn, J. J. Lowson, 
Daniel S, Smith, J. O. Adams, James Husband, John Ferguson, Wm. Bain ; 
Hon. Treasurer, F. E. Scott; Hon. Secretary, Sidney M. Falconer, 5 Tay ter., 
East Newport ; Matron, Miss Janet B. Corr ; Medical Referee, Dr Stewart. 

CHILDREN'S BENEFIT LEAGUE.— Patroness, Lady Baxter ; Patrons, 
Bishop of Brechin, Rev. A. W. Fergusson, Rev. G. R. Macphail, William 
Mackenzie ; Chairman, M. T. Hannigan ; Hon. Treasurer, Sidney M. 
Falconer ; Hon. Secretary, Dr A. E. Kidd, 10 Prospect place. 

DUNDEE DAY NURSERIES, 33 Isles J lane, 52 Cotton road, 33 Lily- 
bank road, and 26 North George st. — Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Robert 
C. Thomson; Hon. Physicians, Dr George Miller, Dr Low, Dr Corsar 
Anderson, Dr Rorie ; Ladies' Committee of Management, Miss E. N. Smith 
(President), Mrs Garriock, Miss Robertson, Miss Smith, Mrs Harry Walker, 
Mrs A. C. Halley, Mrs Gilroy, Mrs Ovenstone, Mrs Gibson ; Gentlemen's 
Committee, Dr Sinclair, Rev. John Mills, G. K. Smith, W. Gordon Thomson, 
William Henderson, W. O. Cunningham; Hon. Secretary, Miss Pollock, 
12 Albany terrace. 

LOCHEE DAY NURSERY, Flight's lane, Lochee.— President, Mrs Andrew 
Spalding ; Vice-Presidents, Mrs James Stevenson and Mrs Theo. G. Luis ; 
Matron, Mrs Taylor ; Secretary and Treasurer, D. Henderson, Royal Bank, 

Charles Barrie ; Chairman, James Combe ; Hon. Treasurer, A. H. Stephen ; 
Hon. Secretary, George Rankine, 3 West Bell street. 

E. F. Maitland, J. W. Shepherd, James Carmichael, G. K. Smith. Com- 
mittee of Management — J. W. Shepherd (Hon. President), Edward Shepherd 
(President), E. F. Maitland (Vice-President), E. S. Johnston, John Moncur, 
Alexander Soutar, John Lockhart, Charles Fyfe, Alexander Caird, jun., 
Mrs Edward Shepherd, Miss Janet Philip, Miss M. Thomson, Miss Sarah 
Sime, Miss C. C. Donald ; Secretary, R. C. Campbell ; Joint Treasurers, 
J. W. Shepherd, 49 Meadowside, and Adam Hunter, 22 Meadowside. 
Mission Halls, corner of Bell Street lane and Constitution road. 


Provost, Magistrates, Treasurer Soutar, Chief Constable, Procurator Fiscal ; 
School Beard, G. K. Smith, Very Rev. Provost Holder, J. E. Williams ; 
Parish Council, James Keith, David Duncan, Robert Allan ; Mars Training 
Ship, Commander Maitland Dougall, Captain Scott, Alexander Mackay ; 
Industrial Schools, David Air, R. B. Don, R. C. Thomson, James Winchester ; 
Children's Free Breakfast Mission, J. W. Shepherd, Edward Shepherd ; 
Cruelty to Children Society, James Brebner, Duncan Ritchie, F. E. Scott ; 
Lady Health Visitors, MissSwanson, Miss Andrew; Sheriff s Procurator Fiscal, 
W. F. Macintosh ; Salvation Army, Staff-Captain S. A. Alvey ; Dundee 
Social Union, Miss Barbour, R. J. Loggie, Miss Juliet Ogilvie. Henderson & 
Loggie ; St Vincent de Paul Society, William Mulrooney, Rev. J. Canon 
Turner ; Women's Freedom League, Mrs Allan ; other Members, Prof. 
D'Arcy Thompson, Rev. Dr Robertson, Michael T. Hannigan, George 
Rankine, Alexander Murray, William D. Williamson, I. B. Murray, George 
Scrymgeour. Clerk to Committee, David Latto, Town Clerk Depute, City 

mittee.— Chairman, Bishop Robberds ; Secretaries, Rev. Marshall B. Lang, 
11 Windsor street, and C. Boyd Anderson, 30 Whitehall street. 

BANNATYNE HOME OF REST, Newtyle.— President, Jas. H. Martin ; 
Directors, William Longair, William Doig, Dr Alex. Campbell, Prof. Kynoch, 
David Air, jun., Alex. Mathewson, Sir George Ritchie, A. B. Crichton, Fred 
B. Sharp. Hon. Treasurer, John Thornton ; Hon. Secretary, James Combe, 
2 Laurelbank. Matron — Miss Rachel How. 

Viewmount, Abernethy. — Available for all young women in need of rest or 
change. Apply Superintendent, Viewmount, Abernethy. 

THE HOME, 35 Paton's lane— For the Reformation of Females.— 
President of Ladies' Committee, Mrs J. J. Johnstone ; Committee, Miss 
Ogilvy (Baldovan), Mrs W. L. Boase, Mrs D. M. Greig, Mrs Robberds, Mrs 
Polack, Mrs H. B. Giltoy, Mrs Longair ; Treasurer and Secretary to Ladies' 
Committee, Mrs J. J. Johnstone, Newport ; General Treasurer, David Don, 
2 Union street : Physician, Mr Greig ; Superintendent, Mrs F. G. Pearne 
(Telephone No. 772). 

street, Lochee. — President, Miss Henderson; Vice-Presidents, Mrs Steggall 
and Mrs Fisher ; Secretary, Mrs Douglass, 22 Magdalen Yard road ; Hon. 
Treasurer, J. C. Taylor, North of Scotland and T. & C. Bank, Lochee ; 
Matron, Miss Murdoch. Laundry work done, for terms apply Matron. 

ST VINCENT'S HOSTEL, 26 Magdalen Yard road.— Home for respectable 
Catholic girls, under the care of the Sisters of Charity ; Day Nursery, 
14 Park place ; Girls' Social Club, with a Committee of Management (Mrs 
Douglas Dick, Pitkerro, Hon. President) ; Working Boys' Home, 7 North 
Lindsay street, Superintendent and Matron in charge. 


ST MARGARET'S HOME (for Domestic Servants), Lawside.— Under the 
care of the Sisters of Mercy. Also Orphanage for Girls. 


road. Warden, Staff- Captain Sarah Alvey. 

PRISON AID SOCIETY.— President, William Doig ; Vice-Presidents, 
Lord Provost Urquhart, John Campbell Smith ; Directors, J. C. Buist, 
William Hunter, D. L. Carmichael, C. W. Scrimgeour, J. B. Taylor, A. B. 
Crichton ; Secretary and Treasurer, F. E. Scott, 11 Whitehall street ; Agent, 
George Rankine, 3 West Bell street. 

Arbroath ; Rev. Henry C. Cargill, Brechin ; Councillor Brown, Cupar Fife ; 
Councillor Eraser, Cupar Fife ; Bailie Macdonald, Dundee ; Bailie Paton, 
Dundee ; Bailie Lamberfcon, Dunfermline ; Bailie MacLeod, Dysart ; Robert 
T. Leitch, West Newport ; Alex. S. Thomson, Tayport ; Provost Moffat, 
Forfar ; Bailie Hanick, Forfar ; William Bell, Balnuith, Tealing ; A. F. 
Durkie, Mill of Mains ; J. Herbert Paton, Lethangie, Kinross ; Bailie 
Wright, Kirkcaldy ; Provost Thomson, Montrose ; Councillor Reid, St 
Andrews. Lady Members — Mrs Urquhart, Dundee ; Mrs Greig, Dundee ; 
Mrs Troup, Broughty Ferry ; Lady Low, Cupar Fife. R. Still, 15 Albert 
square, Clerk. 

DUNDEE LADIES' UNION.— President, Mrs W. L. Boase ; Vice-Presi- 
dents, Mrs Troup, Mrs Longair, Mrs J. M. Hendry, Mrs Barrie ; Hon. 
Treasurers, Henderson & Loggie ; Hon. Secretary, Miss Reoch, Grenada, 

Girls' Boarding House (under charge of the Union).— Rose street. 

Prison Gate Mission Home, 10 W estfield place. — Mission Agent, Mrs Smith. 

DUNDEE SOCIAL UNION, 51 South Tay street.— President and 
Chairman of General Committee, A. Mackay ; Vice-Presidents, James 
Guthrie, Mrs R. B. Don, G. K. Smith, Dr Templeman, Professor D'Arcy 
Thompson ; Hon. Superintendent and Treasurer, Miss C. M. Barbour ; 
Executive Committees — Housing, John Ogilvie, Convener ; Invalid Children 
Aid, Mrs D. M. Greig, Convener ; Infant Visiting and Restaurant, Dr 
Templeman, Convener ; Country Holiday and Recreation, Prof. D'Arcy W. 
Thompson and David Williamson, Conveners ; Secretaries and Treasurers, 
Robertson & Taylor, 26 Castle street. 

Invalid Children's Holiday Home, Auchterhouse. — M. H. M. Swan, 

Children's Holiday Home, Tighan Truain, Pitlochry. — Mrs Fergusson, 
Baledmund, Pitlochry, Hon. Secretary. 

GREY LODGE SETTLEMENT, 9 Wellington street. — Warden, Miss 
C. M. Barbour. 

Thomas Nicoll, 22 Queen street, Edinburgh. 

Dundee Labour Home, 24 Milnbank road. — Chairman of Local Com- 
mittee, Rev. Dr Robertson ; Superintendent, William Beck. 

Working Girls' Boarding House, 17 Seafield road.— Matron, Miss M. 
E. Wood. 

A. W. Fergusson ; Vice-President, Mrs Sinclair ; Treasurer, Mrs T. H. 
Smith ; Assistant Secretary, Miss Brown Robertson ; Secretary, Miss J. C. 
M'Lean, Duncarse, Perth road. 

ST MARY'S REST (Dundee Parish Church), 113 Ferry road.— Mrs 
Cochrane, Matron. 

Auxiliary. — Vice-Presidents, David Air, William Hunter ; Local Directors, 
Alex. Mackay (Chairman), Rev. G. E. Troup (Vice-Chairman), Rev. H. M. 
Rankin, Rev. D. D. Maclaren, Rev. John Mansie, Rev. R. R. Prenter, Rev. 
J. B. Wood, A. H. Stephen, James H. Smith, G. C. Spence ; Ladies' 
Committee, Mrs David Air, Mrs John Couper, Mrs C. F. Henderson, Mrs 
Mackay, Mrs Thomas Maitland, Mrs Fred D. S. Sandeman, Mrs Wm. 
Stephen, Mrs Troup, Mrs T. H. H. Walker, Miss Barbour ; Hon. Secretary 
and Treasurer, J. Qfr Robertson, 22 Meadowside. 

FEMALE SOCIETY, for Visiting and Relieving Aged Females in Distressed 
Circumstances. — President, Mrs Hunter ; Treasurer, Miss Wilson ; Secre- 
tary, Miss Ogilvie, Tay lodge, Broughty Ferry. 

DUNDEE LADIES' WORK SOCIETY.— President, Mrs M'Grady ; Hon. 
Treasurer, Mrs Garriock ; Secretary, Miss Duncan, 10 Craigie terrace. 

DUNDEE CLOTHING SOCIETY.— Joint Secretaries, Mrs Leslie Ower, 
Rockfield crescent, and Miss C. Adie, Eastview, Dalkeith road ; Treasurer, 
William M. Ritchie, 6 Panmure street. 

DUNDEE NEEDLEWORK GUILD.— Secretary, Miss E. N. Smith, 
Ashwood, Broughty Ferry. 

DUNDEE INDIGENT SICK SOCIETY.— President, Wm. Doig ; Vice- 
President, James Perrie ; Directors, Sir George Ritchie, Alex. Mathewson, 
A. M. Strachan, James H. Martin, Patrick Hunter, Allan Mathewson ; Trea- 
surer, Robert Murray, 24 High street ; Secretary, J. L. Stevenson, 46 Reform 

LAND above 50 Years of Age and Unmarried. — Secretary and Cashier, 
James M'Kerrell Brown, 14 Rutland square, Edinburgh ; Treasurer in 
Dundee, J. Dickson Dodds, St Fort, Wormit. 

President, Earl of Strathmore ; Patroness of Women's Classes, Countess of 
Strathmore ; Vice-Presidents, Lord Provost, Chairman of Royal Infirmary, 
Principal Mackay, Prof. Steggall, Dr Alex. Campbell, Edward Cox, Dr 
Sinclair, A. B. Gilroy ; Committee, Grant Barclay, Colonel Harry Walker, 
Dr W. Kinnear, Peter Kerr, Dr Lennox, Col. W. Gordon Thomson, George G. 
Hamilton, W. Kettles, George Harvey ; Hon. Secretaries and Treasurers, 
Don & Stewart, 2 Union street. 

BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY, Dundee Branch.— President, Lord 
Provost Urquhart; Vice-Presidents, Lady Baxter, Mrs Longair, Dr Emily 
Thomson, Prof. MacEwan, Major D. M. Greig, William Longair; Treasurers, 
Don & Stewart, 2 Union street ; Hon. Organising Secretary, Col. Wm. 
Gordon Thomson, Taychreggan, Broughty Ferry. 

Branch. — President, Mrs P. S. Nicoll ; Honorary Secretary, Miss J. D. 
Holmes, 2 Richmond terrace. 

FUND FOR THE RELIEF OF VETERANS.— Committee, Lord Provost 
Urquhart, William Longair, C. J. Bisset, Col. Hill, Col. Walker, Thomas 
Russell ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Elmslie Tosh, 11 Reform street. 

LENT SOCIETY.— Local Hon. Agent, R. Lindsay Robertson, 69 Reform st. 

Local Hon. Agents, Robert Ritchie & Co., 33 Albert square. 


President, A. B. Gilroy ; Hon. Secretary, David Dempster, 69 Reform street ; 
Hon. Treasurer, Jas. Nicoll ; Captain Superintendent, J. M. Hunter Mitchell ; 
Coxswain and Caretaker of Boats and Apparatus, David Webster, 83 West 
Beach, Broughty Ferry. 

DUNDEE SAILORS' HOME, Dock street.— President, Charles Barrie ; 
Vice-Presidents, Lord Armitstead, J. W. Kidd ; Committee, J. P. Bruce, 
William Thomson, C. C. Barrie, John A. Leng, Joseph Gibson, Duncan 
Ritchie, B. L. Nairn, J. M. Hunter Mitchell, A. H. Stephen, James Nicoll, | 
Thomas Maitland ; Hon. Secretaries and Treasurers, Mackay, Irons, & Co., 
22 Meadowside; Matron, Mrs M'Lean. 

SEAMEN'S FRIEND SOCIETY, Chapel and Library, Sailors' Home 
buildings; Reading Room, Harbour Police Office, East Dock st. — President, 
Charles Barrie ; Vice-President, Joseph Gibson ; Committee, J. C. Buist, 
James W. Kidd, Thomas Farquharson, A. H. Stephen, Thomas Maitland, 

B. L. Nairn, Andrew Leitch ; Missionary, James N. Tait, 4 Airlie terrace ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, F. E. Scott, 11 Whitehall street. 


C. Stewart ; Vice-President, David T. Whyte ; Trustees, Alex. Mathewson, 
Joseph Philip, Henry M' Grady, William Scrimgeour, William Rettie ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, H. T. Baxter, 87 Commercial street. 


Charles Anderson's — 1820. — A number of old men receive 6s monthly, 
being half the free revenue of the fund. The other half is paid annually to the 
Indigent Sick Society. The capital is £2,490. Patrons, the Kirk-Session. 
Factor, Charles Soutar, 11 Whitehall street. 

Black Watch Regtmental Homes Fund (1909). — The income, about 
£30, is applied in payment of the rent of houses occupied by deserving soldiers 
of the regiment. Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Norman C. Walker, 
2 Union street. 

John Boyd Baxter Fund.— The interest of £8,000 applied for the benefit 
of elderly, deserving, respectable females, not less than fifty-five years of age, 
and natives of Dundee or neighbourhood, which includes any place in Forfar- 
shire within a radius of six miles from Town House of Dundee and the burgh 
of Newport in Fife or, if born elsewhere, who have been resident in Dundee 
or neighbourhood for at least ten years immediately preceding their admission. 
Pensioners must reside in Dundee or neighbourhood as above defined. 
Managers, the Lord Provost, First Bailie, Sheriff Substitute, the Parish 
Minister of Dundee, Lord Dean of Guild, Dean of Faculty of Procurators, 
President of Chamber of Commerce, Chief Magistrate of Newport. This 
Fund is intended for persons who have been in better circumstances. Factors, 
Robert C. Walker & Son, 2 Union street. 

George Brown's— 1695. — The annual income is derived from a ground 
annual of £80 secured over property in the Overgate. The free income of this 
Mortification is divided — one half is devoted to the maintenance of aged poor 
people of either sex — and the other is paid over to the Educational Trust for 
educational purposes. Each aged person receives £4 per annum. Patrons, 
Lord Provost, Bailies, Ministers of the Parish Church of Dundee and the South 
Church, and Kirk Treasurer. Factor, T. Gavin Steel Little, 32 Castle street. 

Alexander Cameron's Trust.— The funds amount to about £4,400. In- 
come applied for aliment of deserving old men and women (resident in the 
Parish of Dundee) not under 60 years of age, in sums, payable half-yearly, of 
(1) £6 per annum to relatives, and (2) £4 to others. Patrons, Lord Dean of 


Guild, Senior Bailie, and Convener of the Nine Trades, all for the time being, 
Minister of Dundee Parish, and Kev. George Smart. Factors, Andrew 
Hendry & Sons, 39 Murraygate. 

S.S. "Celerity" Fund.— For relief of dependants of the crew of the 
8.s. "Celerity," or of persons belonging to and resident in Dundee and 
district who may suffer loss or damage by shipwreck, storm, or other perils 
of the sea. Shipwrecked seamen and fishermen belonging to Dundee and 
district ma} r receive assistance from the fund, and the wives, families, 
parents and other dependants belonging to Dundee and district of persons 
who have lost their lives at sea or by shipping casualties of any kind may 
receive temporary relief or assistance. Trustees — The Lord Provost, First 
Bailie, Parish Minister, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of 
Local Marine Board, Harbourmaster, President of Seaman's Friend Society. 
Agents— J. & H. Pattullo & Donald, 1 Bank street. 

Mrs Gibson's — The interest of £114 applied for the preaching of a sermon 
yearly against Cruelty to Animals. Patrons, Lord Provost, Lord Dean of Guild, 
the Parish Minister of Dundee, and first Master of the Academy. Factor, 
W. M. Burke, City Chamberlain. 

John Grieve's— 1806.— The sum of £393, Is. 3d. , mortified for the mainten- 
ance of an indigent lunatic in the Dundee Asylum. Patrons, the Kirk-Session. 
Factor, Treasurer of the Dundee Royal Lunatic Asylum. 

Guthrie Davidson Mortifications.— For the benefit of The Home, 
Industrial Schools' Society, Deaf and Dumb Institution, Boyal Orphan 
Institution, and Royal Infirmary. Governors — Lord Provost of Dundee, 
Sheriff-Substitute of County of Forfar at Dundee, Parish Minister of 
Dundee, Bishop of Diocese of Brechin, Lord Dean of Guild, Convener of 
the Nine Trades, Rev. Hugh C. R. Cunnynghame, R. B. Don, J. L. 
Carmichael. Factors, Gray, Robertson, & Smith, 69 Reform street. 

Miss Elizabeth Halyburton's — 1826. — The interest of £1,355 is annually 
divided amongst three, four, or five maiden ladies. Patrons, the Town Council. 
Factor, W. M. Burke, City Chamberlain. 

The William Harris Institution.— William Harris, Esq., in 1874 created 
a Trust, which was afterwards supplemented by his sister, Miss Margaret 
Harris, for the assistance of persons (male or female), who from a better condi- 
tion in life have been reduced to necessitous circumstances (persons who have 
filled menial occupations are excluded). The annual income of this fund is 
about £600. Pensioners receive from £10 to £20 per annum. Trustees — 
The Parish Minister of Dundee ; one elected annually by the Town Council ; 
one elected annually by the Dundee Chamber of Commerce, and George K. 
Smith, William M. Ritchie, R. B. Sharp, Andrew Spalding, Charles 
Barrie, Rev. A. W. Fergusson, Rev. H. F. Henderson. Factor, John M. 
Watson, 10 Panmure street. 

Miss Janet Henderson's — 1848. — The Stock is £2,200. Seventeen old 
or indigent women each receive an annual allowance of £5 from the revenue. 
Menial servants are strictly prohibited, by the Mortifier's will, from sharing 
in the benefits of the trust. Patrons — John Henderson, jun., J. W. 
Shepherd, and Minister of Dundee Parish. Factors, Andrew Hendry & Sons, 
39 Murraygate. 

Hospital of Dundee and Johnston's Bequest. — These Mortifications 
are vested in, and administered by, the Lord Provost, Magistrates, and 
Councillors of Dundee under a special Act of Parliament, regulating and 
confirming the ancient Royal Charter and Foundation to the Burgh and the 
Mortifications for behoof of the ministers of the Town Churches (in supple- 


ment of the Common Good of the Burgh) and the poor of the Town, all as 
contained in the ancient Charters, Act of Parliament, and arrangements by 
the several bodies concerned thereby confirmed. The Magistrates and Council 
are vested in property and estate under the Act to the amount of £57,292 of 
the Hospital Trust and £34,541 of Johnston's Bequest. On the roll of the 
Hospital Fund from the portion of the Fund applicable to the poor there are 
223 pensioners, and on that of Johnston's Bequest 455 pensioners, each of 
whom receives 6s per month. Factor, W. M. Burke, City Chamberlain. 

Mrs Eupham Mann or Boger's— The Widows' Fund, 1665.— At present 
twenty-seven poor widows receive an annual payment of £3 12s. Patrons, the 
Kirk-Session. The amount of capital is £3,262. Factor, Charles Soutar, 
11 Whitehall street. 

George Marshall's Bequest.— The interest of £500 is divided half-yearly 
among five old seamen who have served in the Royal Navy. Patrons, tho 
Master and Committee of the Trinity House, Dundee. Factor, David 
Dempster, Secretary, Trinity House, 69 Beform street. 

Mrs Moncur Memorial Fund. — For the relief of deserving widows 
of any age and deserving females not under 60 years of age of respectable 
character who are natives and resident in the city of Dundee, or who have 
resided in the city for not less than 10 years. Trustees and Managers, Lord 
Provost, President of Chamber of Commerce, Moderator of U.F. Presbytery, 
Alex. Moncur, Henry Prain, Dr Alex. Campbell, J. C. Bobertson, Adam 
Hunter. Factors, Andrew Hendry & Sons, 39 Murraygate. 

The Ouchterlony Old Men's Indigent Society. — For relieving the 
necessities of deserving and indigent old men either born in Dundee or the 
neighbourhood thereof or connected with Dundee or the neighbourhood 
thereof. Trustees — Alex. E. Tulloch, John H. Buist, William A. Nucator. 

Lord Panmure's — 1840. — The interest of £1,000, given to the City by the 
late Lord Panmure, is paid annually to the Boyal Infirmary. 

Mrs Margaret Petrie or Morton's— 1827.— The interest of the bulk of 
her fortune, about £20,000, is destined for the maintenance of aged and 
indigent persons belonging to the town and parish of Dundee, those of the 
name of Petrie and Wighton having a preference, who each receives £6 per 
annum. There are about 120 pensioners on the roll. Patrons, John Earl 
Bobertson, Alexander Johnston, T. N. J. Bell, B. B. Sharp, and T. H. H. 
Walker. Factors, Bobert C. Walker & Son, 2 Union street. 

James Pullar's— 1804.— The sum of £3,000 affords annually £10 to the 
Infirmary, £5 to the poor of the Nine Trades, and £5 to the poor of the 
Parish, the one half of the remainder of the annual rent being paid to the 
Dundee Educational Trust, and the other half being paid to ten old men and 
women not under 60 years of age ; those who can trace their pedigree from 
JohnPullar, the Mortifier's father, preferred,/w\s£ ; second, persons of the name of 
Pullar ; and third, strangers. Patrons, the Minister of the Overgate district, 
twenty members of Kirk-Session, Convener and Deacons of the Nine Trades, and 
their immediate predecessors in office. Factor, B. C. Walker, 2 Union street. 

Bobson Curr Fund. — Founded in 1890 by the Trustees of the late 
Mrs Christina Curr, widow of William Curr, Merchant, Dundee, to which the 
Trustees of Miss Margaret Bobson, sister of Mrs Curr, made a contribution 
out of the residue of her estate. Purpose. — Aiding old persons of both sexes 
belonging to Dundee and neighbourhood. Trustees, J. W. Shepherd, David 
Low Carmichael, Harry Walker, John Henderson. Factors, Shiell & Small, 
5 Bank street. 


Symers' Fund for Indigent Females — 1878. — The interest of £11,000 
annually applied for the benefit of infirm and indigent females of respectable 
character, resident in the town and parish of Dundee, including Lochee and 
Broughty Ferry. Patrons, Lord Provost, Sheriff-Substitute of Forfarshire 
resident in Dundee, Lord Dean of Guild, and First and Second Bailies. 
Factors, Kobert C. Walker & Son, 2 Union street. 

Thomas Smith Thomson's. — A number of old men receive £5 yearly. 
The capital is £670. Patrons, the Kirk-Session. Factor, Charles Soutar, 11 
Whitehall street. 

Webster and Davidson Mortification for the Blind. — The interest 
of about £16,000 applied in annuities to blind men and women, and in 
educating blind boys and girls. Patrons, the Lord Provost, Sheriff Sub- 
stitute, Parish Minister of Dundee, Lord Dean of Guild, Convener of Nine 
Trades, President of Blind Institution, and three Governors elected annually. 
Factors, Robert C. Walker & Son, 2 Union street. 


Public Holidays. — New Year's Day, Second Mondaj T of April and First 
Monday of October, Victoria Day and King's Birthday (20th May) ; Summer 
Holidays, beginning fourth Monday of July. 

Bank Holidays.— New Year's Day, Good Friday (2nd April 1915), first 
Mondays in May and August, Christmas Day. 

Trades Holidays. — Engineers, second Saturday of June ; Builders, la3t 
Saturday of August. 

Quarterly Terms.— Candlemas, 2nd February ; Whitsunday, 15th May ; 
Lammas, 2nd August ; Martinmas, 11th November; removal terms, 28th May 
and 28th November. 

English Quarter Days.— Lady Day, 25th March ; Midsummer, 24th June ; 
Michaelmas, 29th September ; Christmas, 25th December. 

Shops Weekly Half-Holiday. — See page 59. 

Movable and Other Festivals, &c, for 1914-1915. — 

17 — Ash Wednesday 
17— St Patrick's Day 
28— Palm Sunday 
2— Good Friday 
4 — Easter Sunday 
19— Primrose Day 
13 — Ascension Day 
23 — Pentecost — Whitsunday 
24 — Empire Day 

S „ 6 — Epiphany „ 30— Trinity Sunday 

,, 31— Septuagesima Sunday June 3 — Corpus Christi 
Feb. 14-St Valentine's Day 



June 7— Trinity Sunday 


,, 11 — Corpus Christi 


July 1 — Dominion Day 


Oct. 31— Hallowe'en 


Nov. 29 — Advent Sunday 


„ 30— St Andrew's Day 

Dec. 25— Christmas Day 




Jan. 1— New Year's Day 


( 118 ) 



Browning's Hotel, - - -7 Crichton street, Mrs M. Browning 

Christie's Temperance Hotel, - Whitehall crescent, Mrs Christie 

City Hotel, - - - - 15 Tally street, - City Hotel, Ltd. 

Crown Hotel, - - * - 1 Shore terrace, - Miss M. R. Steel 

Eagle Inn, - - - -42 Murraygate, - James Brodie 

Jolly's Hotel, .... 51 Gray st., B.F., - William Smith 

Lamb's Temperance Hotel, - - 60 Reform street, - Lamb's Hotel, Ltd. 

Mathers' Temperance Hotel, - Whitehall place, - Mathers' Hotel, Ltd. 

Queen's Hotel, - 160 Nethergate, - Mrs J. B. M'Intyre 

Royal Hotel, - - - - 54 Nethergate, - Stephen Schneible 

Royal British Hotel, - - - 4 Castle street, - John Lichtscheidel 

Waverley Temperance Hotel, - 7 South Union st., - Mrs Brimner 

ANGUS CLUB, 6 Shore terrace.— Clubmaster, A. H. Merritt ; Secretary, 
Thomas Macpherson. 

COSMOPOLITAN CLUB, 7 Ward road— Secretary, F. B. Graham, 
61 Reform street. 

EASTERN CLUB, 3 Albert square. 

NEW CLUB, 29 Commercial street. 

WESTERN CLUB, 1 New Inn entry, High street.— Secretary, David H. 
Pryde ; Clubmaster, David C. Fairweather. 


Daily — Dundee Advektiser, 7 to 25 Bank street. — Id. 
„ — Dundee Courier, Courier place, Albert square. — |d. 
,, — Evening Telegraph and Post, Courier place, Albert square. — |d. 
Weekly— Broughty Ferry Guide and Carnoustie Gazette, 246 Brook | 
street, Broughty Ferry.— (Friday) ^d. 
,, — Dundee Catholic Herald, 82 Bell street. — (Friday) Id. 
,, — Dundee Prices Current and Trade Report, 23 Panmure street. 

— (Wednesday) £2 2s per annum. 
, , — Dundee Weekly News, Courier place, Albert square. — (Friday) Id. 
,, — Girls' Weekly, Courier place, Albert square. — (Tuesday) Id. 
,, — Home Weekly, Courier place, Albert square. — (Thursday) Id. 
„ —My Weekly, 7 to 25 Bank street.— (Tuesday) Id. 
,, — People's Friend, 7 to 25 Bank street. — (Friday) Id. 
,, —People's Journal, 7 to 25 Bank street. — (Saturday) Id. 
,, — Red Letter, Courier place, Albert square. — (Wednesday) Id. 
,, —Saturday Post, Courier place, Albert square. — Jd. 
„ — Scottish Prohibitionist, 48 Murraygate. — (Saturday) Jd. 
„ —Sunday Hours, 7 to 25 Bank street.— (Tuesday) Id. 
„ — Weekly Companion, Courier place, Albert square. — (Saturday) Id. 
,, — Weekly Welcome, Courier place, Albert square.— (Thursday) Id. 
Monthly — A.B.C. Railway Time Tables, Fairmuir. — Id. 
„ — Camera, 21 Dock street. — 2d. 

,, — Dundee Railway Time Tables, 31 Castle street. — Id. 
Quarterly— Good Templar Guide, 48 Murraygate. 
A nnually— Dundee Directory, 11 to 15 Cowgate.— (June) 5s. 

„ —Dundee Year Book, 7 to 25 Bank street.— (January) Is. 
„ — Pellow's Dundee Almanac, 48 Murraygate.— Id. 
At Intervals— Aunt Kate's and People's Handbooks, 7 to 25 Bank st.— Id. 
,, Leng's Sixpenny Series, 7 to 25 Bank street. — 6d. 


NATIONAL UNION OF JOURNALISTS, Dundee Branch.— President, 

John Joss (Arbroath) ; Vice-President, J. M. Borthwick ; Treasurer, Donald 

MacPherson ; Secretary, J. M. Hood, 10 Molison street. 
INSTITUTE OF JOURNALISTS, Local Office-bearers. — Chairman, 

Thomas Hunter (Perth) ; Hon. Secretary, D. L. Robertson ; Hon. Treasurer, 

Thomas Ogilvy, 27 Baldovan terrace. 

NEWSPAPER PRESS FUND.— Local Chairman, Frank Boyd; Hon. 
Secretary, H. T. Templeton, Courier office. 

Camperdown ; President, Walker S. Melville ; Vice-Presidents, Lord Provost 
Urquhart, J. Scott Gray, David Dickie, John M. Nairn, A. S. Henderson, 
D. P. Scott, William Watson; Committee — Gardeners — T. C. Brown, Balcairn ; 
George Scott, Seathwood ; Wm. Christison, Brackenbrae, West Ferry ; James 
Kinnear, Fernbrae ; Alex. Macrae, Parks Superintendent ; Jas. Reid, Dudhope 
house ; James Beats, Binrock lodge ; A. Duncan, Carbet castle, Broughty 
Ferry ; Alex. Crichton, Clement park, Lochee. Amateurs— W. Robertson, 
6 Bly th place ; James Ferguson, 14 Lorimer street ; David Halley, 22 Strath- 
martine road ; Sergeant-Major Curtis, Dalhousie Golf House, Carnoustie ; 
David Smith, 10 Cleghorn street ; R. Stewart, horticultural builder, 
Broughty Ferry ; John Denholm, 292 Blackness road ; A. Hutcheon, 13 
Court street ; James Clark, 38 Pennycook lane. Nurserymen — D. C. 
Hutcheson (D. & W. Croll) ; G. Laurie, Blackness Nursery ; W. P. Laird 
(W. P. Laird & Sinclair, Ltd.). Manager of Exhibition, William Steele, 
Kinnoul villa, Strathmartine road. Treasurer, J. S. Ritchie, 1 Commercial 
street. Secretary, W. F. Hill, 42 Barrack street. 


President, Fergus M. Baxter ; President, James Bethel ; Vice-Presidents, 
James Slater, Alexander Innes, Robert Wilson, William Christison ; Com- 
mittee, David Keillor, John Campbell, William Moir, R. Stewart, D. K. 
Meston, William Grant, William M'Lennan, George Reid, William Spark ; 
Treasurer, William Brown ; Secretary, George Masson, Aystree gardens, 
Broughty Ferry. 


Ancrum Road Garden Allotment Association. — President, James 
Butchart ; Vice-President, William Riley ; Secretary and Treasurer, William 
Keith, 8 Gray's lane, Lochee. 

Clepington Working Men's Gardens Association, Arklay street. — 
President, David Craig ; Treasurer, David Guild ; Secretary, G. Davidson, 
189 Clepington road. 

Gardner Street Garden Allotment Association. — President, John 
Campbell ; Vice-President, David H. M'Gregor ; Secretary and Treasurer, 
William L. Ferguson, 16 Gardner street. 

Kinnaird Garden Allotment Association, Carmichael street. — 
President, Alexander Aimer ; Vice-President, D. Doig ; Treasurer, William 
Hall ; Secretary, David Mather, 339 Loons road. 

Stirling Park, Downfield, Clepington, and District Horticultural 
Society. — President, Finlay Lesslie ; Vice-President, David Davidson ; 
Treasurer, John Dargie ; Secretary, Geo. Fearns, 3 Roslin terrace. 

Stirling Park Garden Allotment Association. — President, David 
Allan ; Vice-President, William B. Anderson ; Treasurer, Harry Adamson ; 
Ground Officer, David Justice ; Secretary, Thomas Smith, 4 Kinnaird street. 

Stirling Park Working Men's Horticultural Society, Hospital wynd. 
—President, W. S. Martin ; Vice-President, David Allan ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Finlay Lesslie, 138 Hilltown. 


of Council, William Munro ; Hon. Treasurer, James Paisley ; Hon. Secre- 
tary, Charles Nicol, 10 St Mary's road, Downfield. 


Baxter Park Cricket Pitches Association.— President, Joseph 
Campbell (Constable Works) ; Secretary and Treasurer, Walter Malcolm, 
Constable Works. 

Craighall — Ground, BalgrayPark. — Secy., Jas. Stratton,49 Dundonaldst. 

Dundee High School F. P. : s— Recreation Ground, Arbroath road.— Secre- 
tary, James Crighton, jun. , 3 Seagate. 

Dundee and District Cricket Union.— President, J. Deuchars (Wood- 
side); Vice-President, J. Clark (Elmwood) ; Secretary, W. Scott, Chatton 
place, Perth (Mayfield). 

Club Secretaries — Elmwood, G. Fleming, 32 Gardner street ; Woodside 
(Perth), D. Taylor, 13 Ballantine place, Perth ; Almond Valley, T. Clark, 
West Huntingtower, Perth ; Mayfield (Perth), W. Scott, Chattan place, 
Perth ; Red Cross, A. Lamond, 33 Cleghorn street. 

Dundee and District Senior Cricket Association. — President, Joseph 
Campbell (Constable Works) ; Vice-President, D. Storrier (Melbourne) ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, John M. Robb (Downfield), 2 Wedderburn street. 

Club Secretaries — Constable Works, W. Malcolm, Constable Works ; 
Craighall XI., Alex. Stratton, 2 Molison street; Downfield, E. Luke, 
Dunvegan, Downfield ; Fernhall, A. Milne, 33 Commercial street ; Hillside, 
M. Fleming, Hillside Works ; Melbourne, W. D. Robertson, 3 Laing street. 

Dundee Victoria — Ground, New Victoria Park, Strathmartine road. — 
President, John Carnegie; Vice-President, T. Himsworth; Captain, W. 
Laburn; Vice-Captain, A. Fraser; 1st XL Secretary, H. M. Lorimer, 
Hillcrest, Blackness avenue ; Treasurer, Geo. Robertson, 30 Peddie street ; 
2nd XI. Secretary, J. Longair, Lawmill cottage ; Professional, Harry Orr. 

Forfarshire. — Captain, W. R. Sharp ; Vice-Captain, A. Lindsay ; Hon. 
Treasurer, W. R. Sharp ; Hon. Secretary, B. Luhrs, 13 Panmure street, and 
The Elms, Broughty Ferry ; Hon. Secretary, ForthillXL, D. H. L. Stewart, 
Queeen Street cottage, Broughty Ferry. 


Angus.— President, G. M'Culloch ; Vice-President, R. Milne ; Treasurer 
and Secretary, Patrick Dobson, 3 Strathmartine road. 

Broughty Ferry. — President, James Kidd; Vice-President, A. Lowson ; 
Secy, and Treas., W. Campbell, Linton place, Church street, Bro. Ferry. 

Dundee. — President, James Murray ; Vice-President, D. M. Small ; 
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Geo. B. Black, Hermitage, Tayport. 

East End. — President, James Irvine; Vice-President, Keith Barnett; 
Treasurer, J. Boath ; Secretary, Allan Sandilands, 6 Tannadice street. 

North End. — President, Andrew Scott ; Vice-President, John Duncan ; 
Treasurer, John Williamson ; Secretary, Robert M'Nab, 60 Main street. 

Stobswell. — President, James E. Robertson ; Vice-President, John Ross ; 
Secretary, George M. Warden, 131 Albert street. 

Waltonian. — President, James Burnett ; Vice-President, S. M 'Donald ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, W. Gill, 249 Hawkhill. 

West End.— President, John Sinclair ; Vice-President, William Stewart ; 
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, P. Fisher, Tramway Office. 

Y.M.C.A. — President, William Purgavie ; Vice-President, W. Milne; 
Secretary and Treasurer, William Scott, 49 Hospital wynd. 



Balgay, Westpark road. — President, Thomas C. Ferguson ; Vice-President, 
Artlrur Barry ; Secretary and Treasurer, James Low, 5 Albert square ; Match 
Secretary, B. S. Marshall, 13 Blackness avenue. 

Barrack Park. — Secretary, Robert B. Myers, 30 "West Henderson's wynd. 

Baxter Park. — President, John Ross ; Vice-President, James Cooper ; 
Treasurer, A. Townsend ; Secretary, David R. Pattison, 6 Cardean street. 

Blackness, Victoria Park. — President, T. W. Bibb ; Vice-President, H. 
Deas ; Treasurer, W. Randall ; Secretary, George Smith, 13 Cleghorn street. 

Bowbridge Public, Fairmuir. — Secy., Sam. A. Jamieson, 15 Paterson st. 

Broughty, Albert road, West Ferry. — President, John Plenderleath ; 
Vice-President, John Grant ; Treasurer, John Philip ; Match Secretary. 
A. L. Galloway, 1 Hill ter. , B. Ferry ; Secy., Wm. Moyes, 180 Brook st., B. F'y. 

Broughty Castle, King street, Broughty Ferry. — President, James 
Nicoll ; Vice-President. John Johnstone ; Secretary and Treasurer, John 
Paul, Rait cottage, West Ferry. 

Camperdown, Lochee Park. — President, A. Macdonald ; Vice-President, 
J. C. Hunt ; Treasurer, J. Watson ; Secretary, Jas. Nicholson, 67 Logie st. 

Dudhope, Adelaide place. — President, R. M. Stewart ; Vice-President, 
James H. Ramsay ; Match Secretary, Wm. Bruce, 38 Albany terrace ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, David Dawson, 16 Strawberrybank. 

Fairfield, Fairmuir road. — President, T. B. Barnes ; Vice-President, 
D. Doig ; Treasurer, J. Dickson ; Match Secretary and Secretary, Will C. 
Smith, 2 Baltic buildings. 

HiLLCREST, Blackness road. — President, James Ross; Vice-President, 
David Walker ; Treasurer, Robert Baird ; Secretary, Robert Anderson, 
6 Forest Park road. 

Lochee, Ancrum road. — President, James Perrie ; Vice-President, Robert 
Allan; Treasurer, D. Henderson ; Secy., W. F. Ford, 44 Cobden st., Lochee. 

Marypield, Madeira street. — President, William G. Weir ; Vice-President, 
David Phillips ; Treasurer, R. G. Sparks ; Match Secretary, James B. 
Soutar ; Secretary, David Mathers, 17 Janefield place. 

Orchar Park. — President, William Anderson ; Vice-Presidents, F. L. 
M'Grady, James B. Archer, George Gray ; Secretary and Treasurer, David 
Mackie, 30 St Vincent place, Broughty Ferry. 

Panmure Brotherhood, Barrack Park.— President, George Steven; 
Vice-President, P. Grant ; Treasurer, William Moir ; Secretary, David 
Thorns, 11 Dudhope street. 

Plumbers. — President, K. Rennie ; Secretary and Treasurer, S. M'Gregor, 
17 School road, Downfield. 

West End, Magdalen green. — President, D. Milroy ; Vice-President, 
W. Gardiner ; Treasurer, R. Shaw ; Secretary, J. Graham, 10 Seafield road. 

Bowling Association (for the Counties of Forfar, Perth, and Fife). — 
President, William G. Fairweather ; Vice-President, Rollo S. Black ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, Charles Mollison, 87 Albert street. 

David Ramsay ; Vice-President, John M'Leod ; Treasurer, Alex. Auchter- 
lonie ; Secretary, John Ramsay, 463 Clepington road. 

DUNDEE CANINE CLUB.— President, W. B. Inglis ; Vice-President, 
D. S. Anderson ; Show Manager, D. Parker ; Assistant Managers, W. C. 
Buchan, G. Longair ; Joint Secretaries and Treasurers, W. B. D. Keith 
and J. C. Ramsay, 10 Whitehall street. 



Advertiser. — Captain, John Livingston ; Vice -Captain, W. M. Cromb ; 
Secy, and Treas., J. P. Inglis, Advertiser Office ; Assistant Secy., W. Forsyth. 

Baldovan. — Captain, James M. Clark ; Vice-Captain, W. C. Lamb ; 
Treasurer, A. M. Reid; Match Secretary, Norman M'Cann ; Secretary, D. 
Gibb Irons, Sunnybrae terrace, Downfield. 

Broughty Ladies.— President, Mrs A. Bell; Vice-President, Mrs J. 
Forbes; Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs Macdonald, 2 Castle terrace, Bro. Ferry. 

Courier and Electric. — Captain, S. M. Thorns ; Vice-Captain, W, 
Robertson ; Assistant Secretary, G. Whammond ; Secretary, G. R. Wilson, 
Postal Telegraphs. 

Dundee. — Captain, Harry B. Ward ; Vice-Captain, William Coventry ; 
Treasurer, G. E. Telfer ; Secretary, David M'Gregor, 65 Trades lane. 

Liberal Association.— Captain, C. H. Murray; Match Secretary, Andrew 
Keddie ; Secretary and Treasurer, William Smith, 51 Reform street. 


Bonnethill, Rosebank street. — President, Alexander Doig ; Captain, 
William Philip. 

Camperdown, Lochee.— Secretary, William Smith, Camperdown. 

Clepington. — President, John Lindsay ; Captain, Wm. Reid ; Treasurer, 
Alexander Wood ; Secretary, David Dear, 151 Victoria road. 

Craigmill, Downfield. — Secretary, James Ness, Craigmill. 

Forfarshire Quoiting League Association.— President, Wm. Smith ; 
Vice-President, Alex. Christie ; Secy, and Treas., D. Dear, 151 Victoria rd. 


Dundee Football Club, Limited. — Directors, A. Williamson (Chairman), 
J. R. Gow (Vice-Chairman), John Cameron, Wm. Lindsay, W. M'lntosh, 
P. T. Jackson, A. W. Birrell ; Manager and Secy., Wm. Wallace, 4 Bain sq. 

Forfarshire Football Association.— Secretary, George Cumming, 
Panmure street, Brechin. 

Forthill Athletic. — Hon. President, William Bruce; Vice-President, 
John Haldane ; Treasurer, James M. Crabb ; Secretary, D. L. Ellis, Broom- 
bank, Broughty Ferry. 

Hirernians. — Ground, Tannadice Park ; Secretary and Manager, P. 
Reilly, 55 Perth road. 

DUNDEE GYMNASIUM.— Trustees, William Hunter, Henry M'Grady, 
J. Martin White, W. Brown Robertson; Committee of Management, the 
Trustees, Alex. Mathewson, J. H. Bell, T. D. Smibert,Wm. Hunter (Convener) ; 
Medical Referee, Dr Lennox ; Superintendent, Alexander Sturrock ; Instructor, 
D. H. Kidd ; Secretary and Treasurer, A. Gibson, City Chamberlain's Office. 

Bell ; Vice-President, John Bell Milne ; Hon. Treasurer, W. R. Lamb ; Hon. 
Secretary, D. G. Adam, 31 Overgate. 

ASSOCIATION.— Local Representatives, Walter M'Gregor, President; C. S. 
M'Lean, 46 Hilltown, Hon. Gen. Secretary ; one from each Club ; Hon. Mid- 
land District Secretary, Wm. Paterson, 8 Park terrace. 

Dundee and District Clubs Affiliated, with their respective Secretaries — 
Dundee Public Baths Gymnasium, Walter M'Gregor, Public Baths ; Dundee 
and District Junior Gymnastic Association, Wm. A. Milne, 14 Wilkie's lane ; 
Panmure Gymnastic Club, C. S. M'Lean, 46 Hilltown ; Dundee Boxing and 
Wrestling Club, William Thomson, 16 Gardner's lane ; Dundee Amateur 
Gymnastic Society, D. G. Adam. 31 Overgate ; R.N.V.R. Boxing and 
Sporting Club, F. M. Flynn, H.M.S. "Unicorn." 



Baldo van.— President, D. Y. Preston ; Vice-President, John G. Sibbald ; 
Treas., Lachlan Brown ; Hon. Secy., Joseph Dickson, Elmbank, Downfield. 

Broughty, Camphill road. — President, D. C. E. Erskine; Vice-Presidents, 
J. S. Ogilvie, C. E. Gilroy ; Treasurer, B. C. Thomson ; Secretary, Thomas 
Buick, Gorsebank, Barnhill. 

Camperdown Estate, Camperdown. — President, Joseph Murray; Vice- 
President, Alexander Spence ; Secretary and Treasurer, Peter Fisher, Tram- 
way Office, Townhouse buildings. 

Dundee, Forfar road. — President, A. B. Gilroy; Vice-President, A. B. 
Crichton ; Treasurer, John L. Rea ; Secretary, James Boss, 32 North 
Lindsay street (Telephone No. 333 ; house, 1987). 

West End, Glamis road. — President, John Gibson; Vice-Presidents, G. 
K. Smith, William Scott ; Treasurer, W. L. Pattullo ; Secretary, Charles A. 
Air, Dunmore, Perth road. 


Name of Club. Captain. Secretary. 

Dundee, T. A. Whitton, Chas. Robertson, 3 Royal Exchange ct. 

Dundee Roads, . . . H . Gibb, Harry Gibb, 123 Victoria road 

Lochee, G. M. Beat, W. H. Crichton, 11a Bank street 

Scottish Cyclists' Union, Central District Council. — Chairman, Alex. 
Smith ; Treas., Wm. T. M'Donald ; Secy., Alex. Sutherland, 3 Dens road. 

Cyclists' Touring Club.— Representative Councillor for Scotland (North), 
and Chief Consul for Aberdeen, Forfar, Kincardine, and Perth shires, Prof. 
Steggall, Woodend, Perth road. 


Belmont Private, Hawkhill place.— Secretary, Miss Mackintosh, 33 Mag 
dalen Yard road. 

Downfield, Camperdown road, Downfield. — Hon. Secretary, P. F, 
Bruce, Rowan cottage, Downfield. 

Dudhope, Adelaide place. — President, Charles B. Ovenstone ; Vice-Presi 
dents, W. W. Halley, R. B. Laing ; Treasurer, James Henderson ; Secretary 
James C. Lee, 1 West Somerville place ; Lady Secretary, Miss Mabel Steven 
son, 15 Albany terrace. 

Fairfield, Fairmuir road.— President, A. MA. Walker ; Vice-President 
G. Sandeman ; Match Secretary, T. C. Mitchell, 337a Clepington road 
Secretary and Treasurer, D. T. Gordon, 27 Clepington road. 

Lochee, Wellburn street.— President, J. G. Moncrieff ; Vice-President. 
A. F. Stark ; Secretary and Treasurer, R. G. Laburn, Laburn street. 

Stobsmcir, Forfar road. — President, Neil Macdonald ; Vice-Presidents. 
Mrs M'Kenzie, C. Stewart; Treasurer, Miss Law; Secretary, Miss E. K 
Brown, 8 Baxter Park terrace. 

West End, Shaftesbury road. — President, William Mackechnie ; Vice 
President, Albert East ; Secretary and Treasurer, Alfred M. Burns, Roxdene 
Westpark road; Match Secretaries — Ladies, Miss Elgood, Cliftonbank 
Dalkeith road; Gentlemen (1st team), E. D. Nicoll, Pinegrove ; (2nd team 
J. T. Brown, 34 Thomson street. 

Midland Counties Lawn Tennis Club Association.— President, William 
Mackechnie; Hon. Secy, and Treas., F. Burns, Roxdene, Roxburgh terrace. 

BROUGHTY FERRY GAMES CLUB (Lawn Tennis, Croquet, Hockey), 
Grounds, Fin try place, Forthill road, Broughty Ferry. — Hon. Treasurer, 
John Ogilvie, 13 Albert square ; Joint Hon. Secretaries, John Ogilvie and 
N. J. Malcolm, Forthill house, Broughty Ferry. 


SWIMMING CLUBS with their respective Secretaries.— High School P. and 
F. Tupils, Thomas Lowson, High School ; Arnhall, W. A. Docherty, 
Avonmore, Downfield ; Whitehall, J. Lowden, 125 Perth road ; Belmont, 
W. L. Burnett, 12 Nelson street, and J. M'Kinley, 5 Whitehall street ; 
Belmont (Ladies' Section), Miss R. Langlands, 19 Wellington street ; Dundee 
Catholic, John Duncan, 23 Scott street; M.C.A.S.A., A. W. Joyce, c/o 
Y.M.C.A., and Alex. Gow, 20 Airlie place ; Lochee, Arthur Petrie, Dryburgh 
cottages, Lochee ; Wallace, E. S. W. Forwell, 26 Stirling street ; Victoria, 
John Coonie, 117 Ann street ; Boys' Brigade, W. C. Mitchell, 38 Baldovan 
terrace ; Post Office, J. S. Durward, G.P.O. ; City Police, Sergt. Croll, Police 
chambers ; Y.M.C.A., Jackson Nicoll, 3 Rosemount terrace ; Forfar, D. B. 
M 'Gibbons, 9 Couttie's wynd, Forfar; St Thomas, J. Christie, Cairnie street, 

Midland Counties Amateur Swimming Association. — President, W. 

F. Thomson ; Vice-Presidents, W. J. Lee, A. Powrie ; Assistant Secretary, A. 
A. Gow ; Secretary and Treasurer, Alfred W. Joyce, Y.M.C.A. 

West End Open-Air Bathers and Humane Society. — Secretary and 
Treasurer, George Gray, 22 Annfield road. 

Ye Amphibious Ancients, Bathing Association, Broughty Ferry.— Chief, 
John Barrowman ; Sub-chief, W. J. Miller ; Instructor, James Shaw ; Scribe, 
William Lindsay. 

Boatsheds, Esplanade. — President, W. Brown Robertson; Vice-Presidents, 
J. Davie, F. R. Blair ; Captain, James Wight ; Treasurer, J. Walkinshaw, 
Whitehall place ; Secretary, R. L. Hardie, 26 Commercial street. 

BROUGHTY FERRY BOATING CLUB.— Headquarters, Grassy Beach, 
West Ferry. — Hon. President, John H. Stewart ; Commodore, J. W. 
Goodwin ; Rear-Commodore, R. B. Hutton ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, 
J. Isles Moir, Ramsaypark, Broughty Feny. 

ROYAL TAY YACHT CLUB.— Commodore, George S. Lamb ; Vice- 
Commodore, Jas. Guthrie ; Rear-Commodore, A. S. Cameron, jun. ; Measurer, 
William Gauldie ; Secretary and Treasurer, Richard Brown, 5 Renny place, 
Broughty Ferry. 

DUNDEE AERO CLUB, Y.M.C.A., 10 Constitution road.— Hon. Secy, 
and Treasurer, William Powrie, jun., 4 Forester street. 

DUNDEE CHESS CLUB, Whitehall crescent.— President, Wm. N. Walker; 
Vice-President, R. E. Corrie ; Hon. Treasurer, D. Spankie, 92 Forfar road ; 
Hon. Secretary, E. Behrens, 84 Commercial street. 

DUNDEE EAST END DOMINO CLUB.— President, George Mitchell ; 
Vice-President, David Fenton ; Secretary, Alexander Slaven, 53 Albert st. 

Blyth Martin ; Vice-Presidents, George Baxter, W. M. Burke, Peter Fisher, 

G. D. Macdougald, Dr A. H. Millar, A. W. Stiven, Dr Charles Templeman, 
James Thomson, Alexander Yuill ; Treasurer, R. S. Johnston ; Assistant 
Secretary, James M. Scott; Secy., Andrew Gibson, City Chamberlain's office. 

Limited.— Directors, Lord Kinnaird (Chairman), Alex. Gilroy, Henry 
M'Grady, Herbert K. Ogilvy, Norman A. Pattullo ; Treasurers, Sturrock & 
Morrison ; Hallkeeper, James Millar ; Secretaries and Law Agents, Shiell 
& Small , 5 Bank street. 

LOCHEE UNION WEAVERS, LTD.— Registered office, 5 Taylor street, 
Lochee ; George L. Whitton, Secretary. 



Eden Lodge.— Thistle Hall, alt. Wednesday ; Allan Laird, North Lodge, 
i Eastern Necropolis, Secretary. 

Rose. — Ancient Masonic Hall, alt. Mon. ; James Warden, 13 Benvie road. 
Sons of Eden. — Labour Hall, alt. Mon. ; A. Mackie, 6 Gardner street. 


Forfarshire District, Dundee Centre.— James Keillor, 18 Forebank 
road, Secretary. Lodges and Secretaries — 

Pine Apple. — Free Gardener's Hall, alt. Wed. ; George Cameron, 32 Con- 
stitution street. 

Rose. — Broughty Ferry ; John N. Powrie, East Home st., Broughty Ferry. 

Rose of Lebanon. — Free Gardener's Hall, alt. Wed. ; W. R. M'Cash, 15 
City road. 

LOCHEE FREE GARDENERS.— Weavers' Hall, Lochee, alt. Monday ; 
David Bell, 59 Logie street, Lochee, Secretary. 


Loyal Bon- Accord and Thistle Lodge. — Cutlers' Hall, alt. Monday ; 
Thomas Gellatly, 32 Dudhope Crescent road, Secretary. 

Banks of Tay Lodge. — Operative Hall, alt. Thur. ; William Duncan, 32 
Princes street, Secretary. 


Dundee District. — James Carmichael, 35 North Ellen street, Secretary. 
Lodges and Secretaries — 

City of Dundee. — Operative Hall, alt. Mon.; James Carmichael, 35 North 
Ellen street. 

Elliot. — Union Hall, alt. Tues. ; James B. M'Leish, 14 Stevenson st., Lochee. 

Kinbrae. — Thistle Hall, alt. Thurs. ; Samuel D'All, 190a Strathmartine rd. 

Arch Chapter. — Robert Calvert, 34 James street. 


Dundee District. — Meets on second Saturdays of February, May, August, 
and November, at 3.30 p.m., in Y.M.C.A. David S. Masterton, Pro.C.S. ; 
William Cox, Treasurer ; James Smith, 8 Bank street, Secretary. Lodges 
and Secretaries — 

Abertay. — I.O.G.T. Hall, Carnoustie, alt. Mon.; Walter Jones, Dundee 
street, Carnoustie. 

Bonnie Dundee. — Ancient Masonic Hall, alt. Wed.; David Fisken, 9 Craig st. 

Crook and Plaid. — Ancient Masonic Hail, alt. Wed. ; W.Burns, 192 Lochee rd. 

Ettrick. — Hall, 46 Hilltown, alt. Mon. ; R. D. Robertson, 10 Panmure street. 

Heather Bell. — Foresters' Hall, alt. Tues. ; James Hunter, 11 Barrack st. 

Hilton.— Hall, 46 Hilltown, alt. Mon.; D. H. Meek, 25 Kinloch street. 

Lome. — Ancient Masonic Hall, alt. Mon.; Jas. G. Brown, 262 Blackness rd. 

Panmure. — U.F. Hall, Monifieth, alt. Mon.; E. Brown, Dalhousie street, 

Pride of the Tay.— I.O.G.T. Hall, Broughty Ferry, alt. Wed.; Alexander 
Low, 102 Gray street, Broughty Ferry. 

Robbie Burns. — Cutlers' Hall, alt. Mon.; James S. Gibb, 177 Albert street. 

Thistle. — Union Hall, alt. Mon.; David F. Wallace, 4 Corso street. 



Provincial Grand Lodge of Forfarshire. — David Stewart, Provincial 
Grand Master; J. Moffat, Substitute Provincial Grand Master; A. C. 
Anderson, Arbroath, Provincial Grand Secretary ; David Dundas, Arbroath, 
Provincial Grand Treasurer. Lodges and Secretaries — 

Albert. — Weavers' Hall, alt. Thurs.; Duncan H. Bruce, 30 South rd.,Lochee. 

Ancient. — Ancient Masonic Hall, Tues. ; Dav. R. Paton, 46 Constitution st. 

Broughty Castle. — Masonic Temple, Brook street, Broughty Ferry, alt. 
Thursday; John Livingston, Merle cottage, Long lane, B.F. 

Caledonian. — Masonic Temple, alt. Wed.; Robt. Rennie, 103 Strathmtn. rd. 

Camperdown. — Camperdown Hall, Monday; Jas. Smith, 174 Blackness rd. 

Forfar and Kincardine. — F. & K. Hall, Tuesday; C. G. Bayne, 24 Constitu- 
tion street. 

Operative. — Masonic Temple, Tuesday; John Ferguson, 62 Peddie street. 

Progress. — Progress Hall, Thursday; Henry W. Brown, 40 Cleghorn street. 

St David. — St David's Hall, alt. Tuesday; Jas. Grant, 11 Barrack street. 

Thistle Operative. — Thistle Hall, Tuesday; Wm. Watson, 7 Eden street. 

Camperdown Royal Arch Chapter. — Camperdown Hall, first Wednesday ; 
James Smith, 174 Blackness road. 

Eastern Star Chapter.— F. &K. Hall, alt. Mon.; Geo. Watt, 248 Clep'gtonrd. 

St David's Royal Arch Chapter.— St David's Rooms, third Thursday; Alex. 
F. Speed, 50 Seafield road. 

Union Royal Arch Chapter.— F. & K. Hall, Tuesday; C. G. Bayne, 24 
Constitution street. 

The Masonic Temple (Dundee), Limited. — Directors, David Stewart 
(Chairman), John R. Wilson, A. B. MacBain, James D. Durkie, W. R. 
Macdonald, W. L. Forrester, George Petrie, Thomas W. Bruce ; Secretary, 
James Grant, 11 Barrack street. Masonic Temple, Shore terrace. 

LOYAL ORANGE LODGE.— Meets in Masonic Hall, Rankine's court, 
first Monday of each month. Secretary, John Campbell, 108 Hilltown. 

Tuesday evenings. President, Joseph Creegan; Vice-President, A. Chalmers; 
Treasurer, John Tully ; Secretary, C. J. M Allister, 63 Constitution road. 

Progress Hall, alt. Sunday ; Bernard M'Laughlin, 14 Stirling street, Secy. 

Father Mathew.— St Mary's Hall, Lochee, Mon. ; P. Berry, 10 Elder's 
lane, Lochee, Secretary. 

William O'Brien. — Hall, 30 Forebank road, Tues. ; Joseph Gribbin, 39 Fore- 
bank road, Secretary. 

ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS, Dundee District.— Delegate Meet- 
ings on third Saturdays of April and October. David Bruce, D.C.R. ; Arthur 
Hamilton, D.S.C.R. ; D. A. Bridie, Treasurer; Charles B. Lindsay, 1 Rat- 
tray street, Secretary. Courts and Secretaries — 

Admiral Duncan.— Foresters' Hall, alt. Thurs. ; Wm. Sword, 18Benvierd. 

Dalhousie. — I.O.G.T. Hall, Carnoustie, alt. Monday; R. Thomson, Inch- 
capeview, Carnoustie. 

Dundee.— Foresters' Hall, alt. Thurs. ; J. G. Cruden, 22 Murraygate. 

Elmwood. — Union Hall, alt. Tues. ; John S. Grant, 22 Wellgrove st., Lochee. 

Mansfield.— Temp. Hall, Tayport, alt. Thurs.; P. Naugh ton, Nelson st.,T'port 

Robin Hood. — Foresters' Hall, alt. Tues.; Thomas Cathro, 120 Victoria rd. 

Royal Oak. —I.O.G.T. Hall, B.F.,alt.Wed.: J. C. Johnston, Cottage pi., B.F. 

Strathtay (Females).— Foresters' Hall, alt. Monday ; Miss J. S. Linton, 71 
Albert street. 

University. — Foresters' Hall, alt. Tues.; John S. Martin, 11 Rosebery street. 


Kobert J. Sword ; Treasurer, David Dickie ; Secretary, William Bisset, 122 
Hawkhill. Office, 32 Bank street. Tents and Secretaries — 

Abertay— South U.F. Hall, Monifieth, alt. Fri.; George G. Ritchie, 2 Dick 
street, Monifieth. 

Dudhope. — Hall, 32 Bank street, alt. Tues.; Win. R. Ogilvie, 31 Main st. 

Kinbrae. — Just's Hall, Newport, alt. Mon.; Robert Cuthbert, The Terrace, 
West Newport. 

Lawside. — Isla street Hall, alt. Mon.; Patrick Dobson, 3 Strathmartine rd. 

Lochee. — East U.F. Hall, Lochee, alt. Tues.; Peter Low, 65 Logie st. , L'hee. 

Maxwelltown. — Baptist Hall, Jamaica street, alt. Mon.; John Robertson, 
17 Brown Constable street. 

Onward. — Cherryfield Hall, alt. Mon. : William Allan, 42 St Mary's place. 

Reresmount. —I. O. G. T. Hall, B. Ferry, alt. Thurs. ; W. G illies, Oswald pi. , B. F. 

Scotia. — Cutlers' Hall, alt. Tues.; Alexander Reid, 33 Lyon street. 

Scotland's First. — Foresters' Hall, alt. Mon.; Robert Stirton, 82 Peddie st. 

Scotscraig. — Temp. Hall,Tayport, alt. Fri. ; M. W. Forbes, 12 Nelson st. T'port. 

Victoria. — Logie Hall, alt. Thur.; John Kerr, 52 Ann street. 

Woodlands.— Exchange Hall, Midmill, alt. Fri.; William H. Bower, Mid- 
mill, by Dundee. 

Juvenile Tents. — 

Brooklea. — Good Templar Hall, Broughty Ferry, alt. Thursday. 

Excelsior. — East U.F. Hall, Lochee, alt. Tuesday. 

Hope of Abertay. — South U.F. Church Hall, Monifieth, alt. Friday. 

Hope of Newport. — Just's Hall, West Newport, alt. Monday. 

Hope of Wallacetown. — Wallacetown Church Hall, alt. Thursday. 

Isla. — Logie Hall, alt. Thursday. 

Parkhead. — Parkhead Hall, Midmill, by Dundee, alt. Friday. 

Perseverance. — Cherryfield Hall, alt. Monday. 

Pride of Dundee. — Baptist Church Hall, Jamaica street, alt. Monday. 

Sunbeam. — Cutlers' Hall, 68 Murray gate, alt. Tuesday. 

Tayside. — Temperance Hall, Tayport, alt. Friday. 

Upward. — Isla Street Hall, alt. Monday. 

Welcome. — 32 Bank street, alt. Tuesday. 

The Dundee District also comprises Tents in Arbroath, Montrose, Ferry den, 
Brechin Kirriemuir. 

ROOMS ASSOCIATION.— Directors, David Bruce, John Nicoll, T. S. 
Robertson, Principal Mackay, William Brownlee, J. A. Kyd, John E. 
M'lntyre. Secretary and Treasurer, John E. M'Intyre, 30 Reform street. 

DUNDEE BURIAL SOCIETY— Office, 2 Bain square.— Trustees, Alex. 
Mathewson, Wm. Hunter, Sir George Ritchie ; President, John Welsh ; 
Secretary, R. Fulton, 48 Albert street ; Treasurer, Wm. Baxter ; Committee, 
Alexander Lindsay, James Jack, Thomas Braid, James Ross, And. Anderson, 
David Young, James S. Reid ; Collectors, James Reid, David Baxter, John 
Ramage, George Fulton, George Ramsay, David Neave, William Sorlie, 
James Willocks, William Martin, John Chaplain. 

LOCHEE FUNERAL SOCIETY.— President, Wm. Shepherd; Treasurer, 
George Sturrock ; Secretary, Alexander Reid, 176 South road, Lochee. 

DUNDEE CEMETERY CO., Ltd.— Directors, Henry A. Pattullo, David 
Pirie, F. J. Robertson, Norman A. Pattullo, Leslie Ower ; Superintendent, 
Secretary, and Treasurer, H. Robertson, Western Cemetery, Perth road. 

SONS OF TEMPERANCE.— Meets in Dundonald Street Hall, alternate 
Tuesday ; Wm. Tasker, 139 Clepington road, Secretary. 



— District Deputy, 0. G. M'Kenzie ; District Chief Templar, P. Anderson; 
District Secretary, William C. Crabb, 1 Mountpleasant. District Lodge 
meets third Friday of each month. 


Gilbert Archer, . . . 
Pioneer of Peace, 
Star of Broughty, 
Star of Hope, 
True Briton, 



Fisherman's Rescue, 
Home of Peace, . , . 

St John's, 

Star of Freedom, . . . 
Star of Hope, 

Temperance Home, 

Excelsior, ... 
Progress, ... 

A rk of Safety, 

Juvenile Lodges. - 
City Pioneer, . . . 
Hope of Future, 
Stephen Tindal, 
Broughty Ferry, 
Caledonian, . . . 
City of Dundee, 
Dawn of Scotscraig, 
Home of Peace, 
Lochee's Rising Star 
Perseverance, ... 


Commercial Hope, 
Pride of Lochee, 
Pride of Welcome, 
Temperance Home, 
Fear Not, 
Arlt of Safety, 


Gilfillan Hall ; Robert Blackwood, 280 Perth road 
Progress Hall ; James Thomson, 1 Roslin terrace 
Trinity Hall ; James Grady, 8 South Baffin street 
I.O.G.T. Hall, B.F. ; A. Dundas, Castle street, B.F. 
Wellbank ; G. S. Davidson, Denhead, Monikie 
; W. Batchelor, 23 Elizabeth street 


Operative Masonic Hall; A.B.Anderson, 27 Yeaman shore 
Camperdown Hall ; J. H. S. Grant, 60 Bell street 
I.O.G.T. Hall, B.F. ; Jas.Lowson, 46 South Brown st.,B.F. 
Princes Street Hall ; James Patterson, 31 Park avenue 
S. Salvador's Hall ; Sam M. Do well, 69 Dens road 
St Andrew's U. F. Church Hall ; Alex. Robertson, 72 Ure st. 
Victoria Hall ; William Bremer, 155 South road, Lochee 
TayportTemp. Hall ; Wm. M.Young, Castle ter.,Tay port 


Foresters' Hall ; J. P. Smith, 105a Nethergate 
Lochee Road U.F. Hall; C. Boyle, 6 Logie street, Lochee 
ParkU.F. Church Hall ; C. Ingram, 8 Lynnewood place 
Caledonia Hall ; G. W. Turner, 171 Perth road 


Mid Street Hall ; W. Smellie, 33 Castle street 
U.F. Church Hall ; Sis. Caithness, Dalhousiest., Monifieth 
St Salvador's Hall ; Fred S. Davidson, 123 Victoria road 
Dundonald Street Hall ; David R. Cunnison, 49 Dens rd. 


Camperdown Hall ; J. M. Herbert, 105b Nethergate 
Caledonian Hall ; William Watters, 4 Rosefield street 

Monday 7 p.m. 

Tuesday 7 p.m. 

„ 6.45 p.m. 
,, 7 p.m. 


„ 6.45 p.m. 
Thursday 7 P.M. 
,,6.50 p.m. 
Saturday ,, 

Trinity C.U. Ch. Hall, Victoria rd. 
Good Templar Hall, Euclid crescent 
Progress Hall, 73 Murraygate 
Templar Hall, Broughty Feny 
Operative Masonic Hall, 43 O vergate 
St Andrew's U.F. Church Hall 
Tayport Temperance Hall 
Princes Street Hall, 157 Princes st. 
Victoria Hall, Lochee 
S. Salvador's Hall, Church street 
Dundonald Street Hall 
Foresters' Hall, Rattray street 
Lochee Road U.F. Church Hall 
Caledonia Hall, 52 Westport 
U.F. Church Hall, Park avenue 
Mid Street Hall 

"South U.F. Ch. Hall, Monifieth 
Camperdown Hall, Barrack street 
Caledonian Hall, Murraygate 


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Royal Exchange, Panmure street.— Presi- 
dent, George K. Smith, ; Vice-President, J. B. Taylor ; ex-President, Harry 
Walker ; Directors, William Don, E. A. Shepherd, A. N. S. Sandeman, 
James Smart, Charles M. Boase, H. B. Gilroy, J. B. Grimond, William 
Low ; Secretary and Treasurer, George C. Keiller ; Auditors, Moody Stuart 
& Robertson ; Officers, David Ogilvy and John Allan. 

trict. — Elected by Chamber of Commerce, James Cunningham (Chairman), 
Sir George Baxter, Colonel Harry Walker, William Low ; elected by Trades 
Council, Nicholas Marra (Vice-Chairman), James Cunningham, James Mann, 
James Brown ; co-opted members, Lord Provost Urquhart, Christopher J. 
Bisset, John Lindsay, Robert Stirton ; Secretary, Christopher J. Bisset, 
Courthouse, West Bell street. 

ASSOCIATION.— Chairman, L. G. Macintyre ; Yice-Chairman, F. L. 
M'Grady ; Secretary, Frank S. Cathro, 1 Royal Exchange place. 

Limited.— Office, 9 Panmure street; Chairman, A. Sinclair Henderson ; 
Secretary, George C. Keiller. 

COUNCIL. — President, Nicholas Marra ; Vice-President, Alex. Webster ; 
Treasurer, Charles Murray ; Assistant Secretary, Sturrock A. Ross ; Organ- 
ising Secretary, Robert Myers ; Secretary, John Harra, 20 Park avenue. 

TRADES SOCIETIES.— Addresses op Secretaries:— 

Bakers — James Doig, 40 N. George street 
Blacksmiths— D. Robertson, 8 Benvie rd. 
Boilermakers— William Ogg, 7 Lyon street 
„ 2nd Bran.— P. Sydie, 9 Ogilvie street 
Bookbinders — Wm. M'Kenzie, 74 Arklay st. 
Bootmakers — Alex. Brown, 41 Baldovan ter. 
Brassf ders— Geo. G. Wanliss, 13 Cardean st. 
Brushmakers— T. J. Stepto, Lyell place, 

Broughty Ferry 
Calenderworkers — James Cunningham, 44 

High street 
Coachmakers — James Galloway, 11 Forest 

Park road 
Curriers -Chris. Gellatly, 10 Dallfield ter. 
Dockers— David M'Donald, 29 Dock street 
Engineers— T. Petrie, 32 Dudhope Cres. rd. 
,, 2nd Bran.— George T. Stewart, 14a 

Fleuchar street 
„ 3d Bran.— John R. M. Strachan, 7a 

Ogilvie street 
„ 4th Bran.— W. H. Mackay, 13 Ellen st. 
„ Lochee— Peter M'Farlane, 1 Kilberry 

street. Lochee 
Farriers(Amal.)— D. B. Paterson, 8 Baffin st. 
Furnishing Trades — Peter Thorns, 43 Hill st. 
Horse and Motor Men (North of Scotland) — 

Peter Gillespie, 19 High street 
Horse and Motor Men (Scottish)— A. S. 

Chalmers, 9 Stirling street 
Insurance Agents— T. S. Howie, 10 Brown 

Constable street 

Irondressers— James Ellis, 42 Scott street 

Ironmoulders— David Balfour, 55 Dura st. 

Joiners (Amal.)— Wm. Gold, 27 Provost rd. 

„ 2nd Bran.— R. Gilchrist, 7 Ellen street 

„ B. Fy. Bran.— W. F. Grewar, Monifieth 


Jute and Flax Workers — John F. Sime, 

31 Yeaman shore 
Leather workers— D. Crabb, 35 Victoria rd. 
Lithographers— Skelton M. Christie, 2 

Forester street 
Machineworkers— S. A. Ross, 4 Molison st. 
Masons — Richard Scott, 3 Benvie road 
Mill and Factory Operatives — Miss M. 

Smeaton, 2 Ireland's lane 
Musicians— T. Smith, 42 Cobden st., Lochee 
National League of the Blind — W. Gardiner, 

46J Seafield road 
Packingcasemakers — Stuart Prain, 65 

Milnbank road 
Painters— William Findlay, 7 Park terrace 
Patternmakers — Alexander Ogilvie, 27 

Park avenue 
Plasterers— S. Martin, 24 N. Wellington st. 
Plumbers — H.Cumming,18 Constitution st. 
Postmen's Federation — R. L. Myles, 31 

Crescent street 
Railwaymen— T. Stewart, 19 Step row 
Seamen and Firemen — Charles Kinnear, 

14 Gellatly street 
Shipwrig-hts — Alex. D. Williams, 11 Park av. 
Slaters — Kenneth M'Leod, 6 Elizabeth st. 
Smiths and Strikers — Peter Wilkinson, 2 

St Matthew street 
Tailors ( Amal. )— T. M'Burney, 5 Balfour st. 
„ (Scot.)— T. Macdonald, Rait, Errol 
Tenters — James Reid, 1 Balgay st., Lochee 
Tinplateworkers— Wm. Pullar, 33 Hilltown 
Tramwaymen — Chas. Scott, 10 Ireland's In. 
Typographical — James Ross, 1 Seafield rd. 
Woodcutting Machinists — James F. Reilly, 

17 Mortimer street 


TION. — President, Duncan Crabb; Vice-President, J. M. Herbert; Treasurer, 
Alexander Aimer ; Secretary, D. M. Reid, 29 Murraygate. 


— President, Nicholas Marra ; Vice-President, Miss Jennie Spence ; Secretary, 
John F. Sime ; Treasurer, Miss Jessie Cameron. Office — 31 Yeaman shore. 

UNION. — Hon. President, Rev. Henry "Williamson, 13 Coupar street, Lochee ; 
Secretary, Miss Smeaton. Office— 2 Ireland's lane. 

DUNDEE TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, Branch of the Scottish Typo- 
graphical Association. — President, John Henderson ; Vice-President, A. R. 
Johnston ; Treasurer, David Beedie ; Secretary, James Ross, 1 Seafield rd. 

SCOTTISH CLERKS' ASSOCIATION, Dundee Branch.— Chairman, D. 
S. Anderson ; Vice-Chairman, David Maule ; District Secretary, Charles 
Soutar, 11 Whitehall street. 

Branch. — President, Charles J. Lang ; Vice-President, George T. Kennedy ; 
Treasurer, Stewart Shephard ; Secretary, J. H. Brown, 160 Albert street. 

Vice-President, G. Ogilvie ; Secretary and Treasurer, William Johnston, 6 
Adelaide terrace. 

BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Dundee Branch.— President, Dr 
Gilruth (Arbroath); Hon. Treasurer, Mr Greig; Hon. Secretaries, Dr Buist, 
166 Nethergate, and Dr Martin Smith, 324 Perth road. 

(Bervie) ; Vice-Presidents, Dr Grant (Montrose), Dr Orr (Tayport) ; Treasurer 
Mr Price ; Reporting Secretary, Dr F. Milne ; General Secretary, Dr Charles 
Kerr, 10 William street. 

NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE, Local Medical and Panel Com 
mittee. — Dr C. S. Young (Chairman), Dr R. C. Buist, Dr Horace C. Colman, 
Dr Kerr, Dr Kinnear, Dr Laing, Dr Low, Dr M 'Vicar, Dr George Miller, Dr 
Rogers, Dr Martin Smith, Dr Emily Thomson, Dr Tulloch, Dr J. Mackie 
Why te ; Secretary, Dr G. F. Whyte, 12 Airlie place. 

CIATION. — President, Charles Stephen; Vice-Presidents, John Anderson. 
T. S. Peebles ; Treasurer, H. J. Hunt ; Secy., G. J. Lindsay, 111 Nethergate. 

National Health Insurance, Dundee Pharmaceutical Committee. — C 
Stephen (Chairman), J. H. Thomson, John Anderson, sen., L. P. Michie, 
Charles Young, J. R. Milne ; Hon. Secy., George J. Lindsay, 111 Nethergate 

CIATION. — President, Alex. Soutar; Vice-President, Alex. R. Buchanan 
Treasurer, Wm. Richardson ; Secretary, David Robertson, 37 High street. 

CIATION.— Local Secretary, Fred Smith, Baldovan. 

street. — Resident Engineer, George Tudhope; Local Secy., David Blackadder. 

GROCERS' ASSOCIATION.— President, James Lindsay ; Vice-President, 
J. K. Sim ; Secretary and Treasurer, Joseph Wilkie, 20 Reform street. 


TION. — President, J. A. Peebles; Treasurer, G. A. Johnston; Secretary, 
James Cuthbert, 154 Hilltown. 


ASSOCIATION.— President, Wm. Oram; Vice-President, Alfred Neave ; 
Treasurer, W. A. Croal ; Secretary, John Dawson ; Law Agent, Boyd 
M. M'Crae, 11 Murray gate (Telephone No. 1169). 

DUNDEE MEAT MARKET COMPANY, Ltd. —Directors, Allan M. 
Robertson (Chairman), John Gray, Jas. Maiden, Adam Piggot, John A. 
Cordiner, William Campbell, C. V. Mathiesen ; Secretary, A. W. Carlisle, 
54 Commercial street. 

President, David Herald ; Vice-President, Robert Fiddes ; Treasurer, Allan 
M. Robertson; Secretary and Law Agent, Boyd M. M'Crae, 11 Murraygate 
(Telephone No. 1169). 


Dundee and District. — President, A. Pellow ; Vice-President, W. Burns ; 
Secretary, Hubert Carlton, 11 Ward road. 

President, T. L. Fyffe ; Vice President, W. A. Nucator ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Joseph Wilkie, 20 Reform street. 

President, Lord Provost Urquhart ; Vice-Presidents, Peter M'Cabe, Dr 
Lennox; Secy., Treas., and Registrar, A. G. Strachan, Ripplebank, Wormit. 


President, J. B. Shaw; Vice-President, Alfred Bruce, jun. ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Joseph Wilkie, 20 Reform street. 


President, John Carnegie ; Vice-President, D. P. Nicoll ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Joseph Wilkie, 20 Reform street. 


— President, M. Lawless ; Vice-President, A. Ogilvie ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Joseph Wilkie, 20 Reform street. 


President, John G. Sibbald ; Vice-President, James Clark ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, A. Burns Petrie, 84 Commercial street. 

CIATION. — President, Alexander Tocher ; Vice-President, C. S. Morrison ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, A. Burns Petrie, 84 Commercial street. 

Dundee Branch. — President, W. S. Kelt ; Vice-Presidents, Geo. D. Rattray, 
W. Petrie ; Treasurer, David Harley ; Hon. Secretary, A. Burns Petrie, 84 
Commercial street. 

District Branch. — Secretary, D. Clarke, 31 Reform street. 

I Campbell; Vice-President, Alex.'S. Doig ; Treasurer, W. Kiddie; Secretary, 
T. E. Cairns, 308a Hawkhill. 


TION, 19 High street.— President, David Milne ; Vice-President, Ewan G. 
Carr ; Treasurer, Thomas Crockatt ; General Secretary, Peter Gillespie. 

Barnes ; Vice-Presidents, T. B. Taylor, E. A. "Watson, George Will ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, James D. Fergusson, 81 Ferry road. 

CIATION, Ltd. — President, John Rennie ; Secretary and Manager, Robert 
Martin ; Depots, Tay Bridge and Maryfield. Stations, and Burnside street, 
Lochee. Office — 13 South Union street. 

Works and Office, South, road, Lochee. — Directors, William Henderson 
(Chairman), Joseph Philip (Deputy-Chairman), D. M. Brown, P. S. Brown, 
John M. Nairn ; Managing Director and Secretary, Alfred P. Peat. 

Road. — Directors, D. J. Macdonald (Chairman), G. B. Croll ; Managing 
Director, James I. Mackenzie ; Secretary, Edward Cowan, 4 High street. 

Peter S. Swan (Chairman), R. H. Robertson, William F. Arthur, Friend 
Sykes ; Secretaries, Edward Cowan & Co., 4 High street ; Works, Graham 
street ; Manager, James M. Bruce. 

DUNDEE STEAM LAUNDRY COMPANY, Limited.— Office, 2 Union 
street ; Works, Tait's lane. Directors — William Hunter, Chairman ; John 
Miln, M. S. Carr, Alexander Simpson, George Brown. David Don, Secretary. 

PANY, Limited. — Office, 4 High street ; Works, Claypots, Broughty 
Ferry. Directors — Sir James Low, Bart. (Chairman), David Scott Cowans, 
James Smith Hood, Edward Cowan. Manageress, Miss Ballantyne ; Auditor, 
J. A. Murdoch ; Secretary, Edward Cowan. 

TAYSIDE LAUNDRY COMPANY, Limited.— Office, 10 Whitehall st.; 
Works, Northfield, Newport (Telephone No. 11 N.). Directors — William 
Cowley (Chairman), Simon Forrest, Daniel Lawson. Manageress, Miss 
Paterson ; Auditors, Alex. Tosh & Son ; Secretaries, Sturrock & Morrison. 

LIMITED.— President, E. M. Wedderburn ; Committee of Management, 
William Binnie, H. B. Ireland, Peter Stewart, E. M. Wedderburn, A. Fyffe, 
John B. Young, ex-Provost Wilkie, Thomas Hollingworth, Thomas Smith, 
John Graham, Alexander Hutcheson, Alexander Findlay, F. M. Watson ; 
Manager, William Barnett ; Office and Stores, 56 Dock street ; Secretary, 
Lawrence Melville, 61 Reform street. 

esk ; Vice-Presidents, Captain Stansfield, William Low, Captain Hew 
Blair-Imrie ; Committee, Joseph Murray, Dryburgh ; David S. Swan 
Grange ; Captain Hew Blair-Imrie of Lunan ; W. J. Reid, Fordhouse o 
Dun ; James A. Jarron, Rosehill ; J. H. Pattullo, Pitskelly ; John Gibson 
Cairnleith ; Archibald White, Inverquharity ; D. M. Graham, Pitreuchie 
(Chairman) ; William Nicoll, Carsebank ; David R. Arnot, Mains, Edzell ; 
James M'Laren, Nether Careston ; Secretary, John M. Fairlie, 49 Trades lane. 

Andrew Nicoll ; Vice-President, Alex. Kerr ; Treasurer, Alexander Pullar 
Secretary and Law Agent, Boyd M. M'Crae, 11 Murraygate. 


Directors, James Graham (Chairman), William Smith, Herbert K. Ogilvy, 
Thomas Pate. 


The Dundee Amateur Choral Union.— President, John C. Low ; 
j Hon. Treasurer, William Findlay; Conductor, Charles M. Cowe; Hon. 
i Secretary, W. F. Hill, 42 Barrack street. 

Dundee Catholic Musical Society.— President, N. M'Ginly ; Con- 
ductor, Ernest D. Jones ; Secretary, J. Urquhart, 22 Annfield row. 

Dundee Gaelic Musical Association. — President, Colin Macdonald ; 
Conductor, G. C. Jeffreyes ; Treasurer, Miss M. W. Anderson ; Assistant 
Secretary, John Matheson, Duntulm, Nevill street, Downfield ; Secretary, 
Clarence Stewart, 10 James place, Broughty Ferry. 

Dundee Operatic Society. — Conductor, S. C. Hirst. 

Dundee Orchestral Society. — Hon. Treasurer, William Findlay ; Con- 
ductor, A. M. Stoole ; Hon. Secretary, Alexander Ross, 11 Whitehall street. 

Dundee Parish Church Choral Assoc— Conductor, S. C. Hirst. 

Dundee Scottish Musical Society. — Conductor, W. Hartley ; President, 
William Scrimgeour ; Vice-President, Peter Fisher ; Hon. Secretary and 
Treasurer, R. Davis, 2 Wellgate. 

Dundee Select Choir. — Conductor, Henry Marshall; Secretary and 
Treasurer, W. S. Boyle, 2 Park terrace. 

Whitehall Orchestral Society. — Conductor, A. Whitelaw; Treasurer 
and Secretary, J. Gray, 199 Perth road. 


Caledonian Pipe Band.— Pipe -Major, John Howie; Secretary, David 
Greig, 46 Princes street. 

Dundee Highlanders (Old) Brass Band. — Bandmaster, John Allan, 
3 Glebe street. 

Dundee Police Pipe Band. — Pipe-Major, Thomas Mitchell, 333 Clepington 

Dundee Trades (late Instrumental) Band.— Bandmaster, A. J. Paterson, 
62 Seagate ; Secretary, D. Rollo, 13 Dallfield terrace. 

Fifth (Angus and Dundee) Battalion The Black Watch Royal 
Highlanders, Dundee Detachment, Pipe Band. — Pipe-Sergeant, Alex. 
Kay, 71 Crescent street. 

Royal Field Artillery Band.— Bandmaster, J. C. Johnstone, 83 Albert st. 

St Margaret's Old Brass Band. — Practice on Mondays and Thursdays, 
in U.F. Hall, Cobden street, Lochee. Bandmaster, William Yeaman ; 
Treasurer, W. Henderson ; Secretary, John Donaldson, 35 Guthrie street. 

3rd Highland Field Ambulance Royal Army Medical Corps Pipe 
Band. — Practice on Wednesday evenings at 8, in Cutlers' Hall, 68 Murray- 
gate. Pipe-Major, Donald Stewart, 7 Clepington street. 

TRINITY COLLEGE, LONDON, for Musical Education and Examination. 
—Local Committee, T. H. Smith (Chairman), S. C. Hirst, A. M. Stoole, J. 
Hinchliffe, F. W. Humphreys, Henry M'Grady, Wm. Hunter; Local 
Secretary, Nimmo Christie, 15 South Tay street. 

LONDON COLLEGE OF MUSIC— Local Representative, Mrs William 
Robertson, 58 Wellgate. 

DUNDEE SOCIETY OF MAGICIANS, Hay's Rooms, Murraygate.— 
President, David Smith ; Vice-President, William Hay ; Hon. Treasurer, 
J. C. H. Scott ; Hon. Secretary, A. R. Small, 59 Dura street. 


THE COMEDY CLUB.— Patroness, Miss Ellen Terry; President, Mrs 
J. C. Methven ; Vice-President, J. Mollison Kidd. 

Manager, D. Grant Rea ; Secretary and Treasurer, L. Thorburn, 54 Bell st. 

Countess of Strathmore ; President, Lady Baxter ; Vice-Presidents, Countess 
of Airlie, Lady Ogilvy Dalgleish, and many other ladies. Ward Secretaries 
—(1) Miss Wales, 15 Craigie terrace ; (2) Miss Mary Shepherd, 137 Nether- 
gate ; (3) Miss Wright, The Manse, Lochee ; (4) Mrs Hibberd, 87 Pitkerro 
road ; (5) Mrs Ramsay, 2 Muirfield street; (6) Miss Yeaman, 65Nethergate ; 
(7) Miss Bella Stewart, 11 Inverary terrace ; (8) Miss Rhoda Boase, 82 
Seafield Road ; (9) Miss Bisset, 5 Fort street. Executive Committee, Mrs 
Garriock, Miss Holmes, Mrs Andrew Hendry, Mrs J. M. Hendry, Mrs David 
Johnston, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Murray, Mrs Thomas Watson, Mrs Buist, Mrs 
William Lindsay Boase, Mrs Anderson, Mrs D. B. Cameron, Mrs Lees, Miss 
Jean Brown Robertson, Mrs J. B. Taylor, Mrs Russell ; Hon. Treasurer, Mrs 
Ramsay; Hon. Secy., Miss Agnes Brown Robertson. Office, 51 Murraygate. 

DUNDEE UNIONIST ASSOCIATION.— Hon. President, Earl of Cam- 

gerdown ; Chairman, Sir George W. Baxter, LL.D. ; Vice-Chairman, 
iolonel Fergusson ; Hon. Vice-Presidents, Charles A. Air, James Anderson, 
Norman Bell, James Binny, E. L. Boase, G. H. Lindsay Boase, R. J. 
Brough, William Brownlee, J. C. Buist, J. W. Carmichael, William 
Cleghorn, Alfred W. Cox, Arthur J. Cox, George M. Cox, A. B. 
Crichton, William Cummings, J. B, Don, R. B. Don, George R. Donald, 
R. A. Fergusson, C. E. Gilroy, Henry S. Glenny, John G. Grant, 
James S. Greig, A. Sinclair Henderson, John M. Hendry, J. J. H. Henry, 
William Hunter, W. G. Irving, James W. Kidd, John N. Kyd, J. Seymour 
Lloyd, William Longair, Henry M 'Grady, William Mackenzie, David Mackie, 
E. F. Maitland, C. H. Marshall, J. Cox Methven, George N. Nairn, P. S. 
Nicoll, C. B. Ovenstone, R. O. Parker, William Rettie, T. H. B. Rorie, 
James Scrimgeour, John Sharp, James G. Shiell, George K. Smith (Ardmere), 
H. K. Smith, W. F. Soutar, David Stewart, John Henderson Stewart, James 
Tawse, J. B. Taylor, Robert Taylor, T. B. Taylor, W. B. Thompson, David 
Thomson, D. C. Thomson, Fred Thomson, R. B. Thomson, William Thomson, 
Col. W. Gordon Thomson, Elmslie Tosh, Charles W. Walker, Col. Harry 
Walker, H. Giles Walker, Thomas H. H. Walker, W. N. Walker, R. L. 
Watson, Wm. Watson, David P. Whitton, Fred. S. Weinberg, George I. 
Weinberg, John Willison, Dr Charles S. Young. 

Hon. Secretary, Henry S. Glenny, 34 Reform street ; Hon. Treasurer, 
John L. Stevenson, 46 Reform street; Organising Secretary, R. D. Living- 
stone, 34 Reform street. Unionist Headquarters, 51 Murraygate — Hon. 
Treasurer, James G. Lees ; Hon. Secretary, J. Willison. 
Ward Office-bearers — 

Chairmen. Secretaries. 

1. James Mathieson, 9 King street. Archibald Bell, 54 Commercial street. 

2. John Wilson, 3 Royal Exchange crt. R. D. Livingstone, 34 Reform st.{Int.) 

3. A. Stevenson, Homefield, Lochee. C. Boyd Anderson, 30 Whitehall st. 

4. Alfred C. Anderson, 13 Morgan st. James Grant, 11 Barrack street. 

5. R. W. Gray, 164 Clepington road. A. D. R. Fettes, 31 Reform street. 

6. Findlay Lesslie, 138 Hilltown. T. J. M'LeanLaing, 30 Whitehall st. 

7. James Fettes, 381 Clepington rd. D.M'GrigorFleming,38 Whitehall st. 

8. James Binny, 356 Blackness rd. D. M. Burden, 20 Whitehall street. 

9. Edward Quirk, 32 Tait's lane. J. M. M 'Walter, 10 Reform street. 
Dundee Northern District Conservative Reading Rooms, Rosebank Hall, 20 

Rosebank street ; Secretary, H. Leonard, 15 Glamis street. 


SCOTTISH UNIONIST ASSOCIATION.— Representatives to Central 

Council, Sir G. W. Baxter, Col. W. H. Fergusson, R. B. Don, J. B. Taylor. 

Ferry. — President, Grant Barclay ; Vice-Presidents, A. T. Mackenzie, C. T. 
Godfrey ; Committee, J. 0. Bruce, John Taylor, D. H. L. Stewart, James 
M. Scott, Patrick Chambers, Charles Stewart, John T. Shield, George P. 
Melville, jun., George Mitchell, George Scott, Edwin Deas, John P. Bruce ; 
Steward, W. Mepham ; Secretary and Treasurer, Thomas Buick, Gorsebank, 


Hon. President, Mrs Winston S. Churchill ; Hon. Vice-Presidents, Mrs 
Asquith, Lady Low, Mrs James Falconer, Miss Robertson, Lady Leng ; 
President, Mrs R. A. Watson ; Vice-Presidents, Miss Linn, Mrs Mackay, 
Mrs G. K. Smith, Mrs A. M. Strachan ; Executive Committee, Mrs Andrew, 
Miss Christie, Mrs Collie, Mrs Duncan, Mrs Elder, Mrs Forwell, Miss 
Galloway, Miss Hill, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Lundie, Mrs Macintosh, Mrs Mudie, 
Mrs Peill, Mrs Ramsay, Lady Ritchie, Mrs D. S. Smith, Mrs William Smith, 
Mrs Steel, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Templeton, Mrs Turner; Hon. Treasurer, Miss 
Scotland ; Hon. Secretary, Miss Duncanson, 10 Milnbank road. 

Armitstead ; Hon. Vice-Presidents, Lord Pentland, Right Hon. Winston S. 
Churchill, M.P., Sir James Low, Bart., Alexander Mathewson, Charles 
Barrie, Dr Alex. Campbell, William Low, J. C. Robertson, A. Bethune 
Duncan, Alexander Mackay ; President, Sir George Ritchie ; Vice-Presidents, 
Joseph Philip, J. H. Martin, John Nairn, Frank Stevenson, David M'Gregor, 
D. M. Brown, A. M. Strachan, James Mill, David Ritchie, Professor 
Steggall, D. S. Smith, Robert Ross ; Hon. Secretary, G. B. Carmichael, 
46 Reform street ; Organising Secretary, William Smith, 51 Reform street. 

Ward Office-bearers — 

Chairmen. Secretaries. 

1. George K. Smith, 3 Murraygate. D. K. Smith, 21 Commercial street. 

2. William Kennedy, 14 Thomson st. P. M'Naughton, 30 Reform street. 

3. James Scott, Muirton rd. , Lochee. R.K.M'Kenzie,2Whorterbank, L'hee. 

4. Chas. Mollison, 87 Albert street. W. A. B. Elder, 95 Pitkerro road. 

5. Neil Macdonald, 69Clepingtonrd. J. I. Mackenzie, 28 Pitkerro road. 

6. Robert Lickley, 2a King street. P. Anderson, 42 Dudhope Crescent rd. 

7. S. G. Fraser, 17 Hospital wynd. George M. Davie, 236 Hilltown. 

8. David Duncan, 11 Balgay road. David Young, 85 Scott street. 

9. William Ames, Hazel drive. W. W. Wilson, 25 Blackness avenue. 
Removals and Out-voters Committee, James Mill, Traprain, Blackness 

road (Chairman). Representatives on Executive of Scottish Liberal Associ- 
ation. Sir George Ritchie and Joseph Philip. 
Dundee Liberal Association Rooms — 51 Reform st. , and 117 High st., Lochee. 


Rooms, 69 Gray street. — Hon. Presidents, Lord Pentland, James Falconer, 
M.P., Sir James Low, Bart., Thomas Maitland, Charles Barrie, Alexander 
Mackay, J. R. Christie ; President, David Ritchie ; Vice-Presidents, J. P. 
Crystal, John Grant, H. R. M'Kean, A. M. Strachan, John Dye, David 
Anderson; Delegates to Central Association, John Dye, Hugh R. M'Kean, 
John Grant, David Ritchie, Robert Steven, J. R. Christie, J. P. Crystal, 
A. M. Strachan, J. Fleming, Thomas S. Dick, David Goodfellow, and David 
Morton ; Hon. Treasurer, Hugh R. M'Kean ; Hon. Secretary, Robert Steven, 
62 Seagate. 


TARIFF REFORM LEAGUE (Local Branch).— Executive, Wm. Thomson 
(Chairman), Harry "Walker (Vice-Chairman), Col. Fergusson, "Wm. Hunter, 
John N. Kyd, Principal Mackay, J. Cox Methven, W. F. Soutar, David 
Stewart, J. B. Taylor, D. C. Thomson ; Secretary and Treasurer, James 
Scrimgeour, 54 Seagate. 

48Murraygate (Telephone No. 2032)— President, Wm.Pullar, Vice-Presidents, 
A. Scott, Ewen G, Carr ; Treasurer, D. M. Petrie; Hon. Secretary, TV. 
"Westwood, 48 Murraygate. 

Dundee Labour Club, Ltd., 48 Murraygate. — Chairman of Directors, 
George M'Nab ; Secretary, "Wm. Westwood ; Chairman of Club Management 
Committee, Robert Stirton. 

INDEPENDENT LABOUR PARTY, Hall, 161 Overgate.— President, 
Alexander Scott ; Vice-Presidents, James Hazel, "William Coupar ; Treasurer, 
David "Watt ; Secretary, Mrs Abernethy, 4 Cunningham street. 

DUNDEE FABIAN SOCIETY.— President, Joseph Lee ; Vice-Presidents, 
Miss Agnes Husband, John Carnegie ; Treasurer, "W. S. Greenshields ; 
Secretary, Robert M'Intosb, 6 Bellefield avenue. 

YOUNG SCOTS SOCIETY.— Hon. President, G. L. Wilson ; Hon. Vice- 
Presidents, L. Melville, William Kennedy, Thomas Ogilvie ; President, 
Garnet Wilson ; Hon. Secy, and Treas., Alexander Fairweather, 27 Park av. 

WOMEN'S FREEDOM LEAGUE. — Treasurer, Miss Helen Wilkie, 
280 Perth road ; Secretary, Mrs Mitchell, 13 Clepington road. 

Militant), 27 Bank street. — President, Miss E. Monro Miller; Vice- 
President, Mrs Wilson ; Hon. Secretary, Miss Henderson ; Hon. Treasurer, 
Miss Macintyre. 

Walton, 77 Nethergate. 

Thomson ; Vice-Presidents, Miss M. A. Macdonald, Mrs J. Hendry, Mrs 
Steggall ; Treasurer, Miss E. M. Miller ; Joint Secretaries, Miss Kynoch, 
8 Air lie place, and Miss Cunningham, The Hirsel, Perth road. 

Abolition of Sweating, Dundee Advisory Board. — Hon. President, Lord 
Provost Urquhart ; President, James Thomson ; Vice-President, Rev. A. C. 
Mackenzie ; Hon. Treasurer, J. Armstrong Barry ; Hon. Secretary, Mrs J. T. 
Thomson, 2 Pine terrace, Broughty Ferry. 

ASSOCIATED WOMEN'S CLUB, 40 Union street.— Treasurer, Miss 
M'Ewan ; Secretary, Miss Thomson. 

DUNDEE PARLIAMENT.— Speaker, Christopher J. Bisset ; Deputy- 
Speakers, J. J. H. Henry, J. P. Bruce ; Leader of Unionist Party, David 
Bisset ; Leader of Liberal Party, James Coutts ; Leader of Irish Party, W. 
J. Strachan ; Leader of Labour Party, J. Ogilvie ; Treasurer, Robert Clark ; 
Clerk of the House, E. G. French, 3 Cunningham street. 

DUNDEE CITIZENS' UNION.— Hon. Presidents, David Air, Sir George 
Ritchie, T. B. Taylor, Rev. H. F. Henderson ; President, A. M. Strachan ; 
Vice-President, B. L. Nairn ; Treasurers, Robertson & Taylor ; Secretaries, 
James Scrimgeour, 54 Seagate, and Archibald Bell, 54 Commercial street. 

LOCHEE CITIZENS' ASSOCIATION.— President, Alfred Stevenson; 
Secretary, James Watt, 13 Gibb's lane, Lochee. 


Watson; Vice-President, Jas. B. Falconer; Secy.,F. Airth Grant, 13 Albert sq. 

THE NAYY LEAGUE, Tay Branch. — Executive Committee, Lord 
Provost Urquhart, Sir George W. Baxter, Commander Maitland Dougall, 
Colonel Fergusson, R. B. Don, William Thomson, William Hunter. B. L. 
Nairn, James Scrimgeour, Alexander Spence, W. F. Soutar, Howard Hill, 
Grant Barclay; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Robert B. Laing, 33 Com- 
mercial street. 

Companies, Headquarters and Drill Ship, H.M.S. "Unicorn." — Lieutenant 
and Commander, Robert Still ; Lieutenant, Win. M. Smail ; Sub-Lieutenants, 
William F. Keay, Archibald Rettie, Norman H. Miller ; Midshipman, John 
H. Pringle ; Surgeon, George H. S. Milln ; Assistant Paymaster, John E. 
M'Intyre ; Hon. Chaplain, ; C.P.O. Instructors, J. A. Cree andF. M.Flynn. 

NATIONAL SERVICE LEAGUE, Local Branch.— Executive Committee, 
Lord Provost Urquhart (Chairman), Sir George W. Baxter, A. B. Crichton, 
Rev. A. W. Fergusson, Col. Howard Hill, Principal Mackay, Captain H. K. 
Smith, Prof. Steggall, Major Eimslie Tosh ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, 
James A. Murdoch, 11 Reform street. Organising Secretary for Forfarshire 
and Fifeshire, W. Anthony Morgan, Wintbank, St Andrews. 

Lindsay Henderson ; Acting Adjutant, Captain H. K. Smith ; Quarter- 
Master, Major J. Vair ; Sergeant-Major, G. Bedson. Strength on 28th March 
1914—800. Office, Albany Quarters, Drill Hall. 

Provost Urquhart (President) ; Col. Howard Hill (Chairman) ; Col. J. L. 
Henderson (Vice-Chairman) ; Captain C. H. Cochrane, Col. W. S. Foggie, 
Col. W. Kinnear, Col. D. Lennox, Col. R. A. Mudie, Major J. B. Muir, 
Major R. S. Nairn, Major P. S. Nicoll, Captain H. Richardson, Major E. Tosh, 
Col. H. Walker, W. S. Melville, Captain A. Malcolm, Sir G. W. Baxter, Col. 
W. G. Thomson, Col. T. G. Luis, A. B. Crichton, J. B. Hay, A. W. Anderson, 
Grant Barclay, W. Clarke, W. Clark; Treasurer, J. Gibson; Secretary, Major 
J. Vair, Albany Quarters, Drill Hall. 

Units administered by the Association — Yeomanry, Fife and Forfar 
(1 squadron) ; Royal Artillery, 2nd Highland Brigade R.F.A. (City of Dundee 
Battery), 2nd Highland Ammunition Column ; City of Dundee Fortress 
Engineers (1 works company) ; Black Watch Infantry Brigade ; Infantry, 
4th Batt. Royal Highlanders, 5th Batt. Royal Highlanders (2 companies) ; 
No. 4 Company Highland Division Army Service Corps ; 3rd Highland Field 
Ambulance ; Headquarters Highland Divisional Artillery ; Headquarters and 
3rd Company North Scottish Royal Garrison Artillery. 

Headquarters of Units— Royal Field Artillery and 3rd Highland Field 
Ambulance, Dudhope Drill Hall ; 4th Royal Highlanders, Det. 5th Royal 
Highlanders (Telephone No. 365), " C " Squadron Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, 
No. 4 Company Highland Division Army Service Corps (Telephone No. 1273), 
Drill Hall ; Royal Engineers Company, 52 Taylor's lane (Telephone No. 
2026) ; Territorial Army Office, Bell street, Drill Hall (Telephone No. 365 ; 
Telegraphic Address, "Defence ") ; Black Watch Brigade Office, Bell street, 
Drill Hall (Telephone No. 1273). 

FIFE AND FORFAR YEOMANRY, C. Squadron.— Major R. S. Nairn, 
Commanding; Adjutant, Captain M. E. Lindsay, 7th (P.R.) Dragoon Guards ; 
Veterinary-Captain, A. Spreull ; Lieutenants, D. D. Ogilvie, F. B. H. Cox ; 
Second Lieutenant, H. S. Sharp ; Squadron Sergeant-Major, A. Ogilvie ; 
Squadron Quartermaster-Sergeant, W. R. Cowley ; Instructor, Sergeant- 
Major C. E. Brown, Drill Hall, Bell street. 


ROYAL SCOTS GREYS' ASSOCIATION, Forfarshire Braneh.— Hon. 
President, Captain Stansf eld, Dunninald, Montrose ; Chairman, D. Chalmers ; 
Branch Secretary and Treasurer, G. M. Henry, 48 Bell street. 

Headquarters, Dundee; Office, Drill Hall, Douglas street. — Hon. Colonel, 
Col. G.J. The Lord Playfair, C.V.O., late R.A. ; Officer Commanding, Lieut. - 
Colonel D. Laing T.D. ; Adjutant, Capt. C. W. M. Ivens, R.F.A. ; Major, 
D. M. Greig, RA.M.C. (attached), p.; Surgeon, Lieut. L. Turton Price; 
Chaplains, Rev. H. M. Davidson and Rev. A. N. Sutherland ; Veterinary- 
Captain, J. Peddie, A.V.C., p. ; Brigade Sergeant-Major, F. G. Miles, 
R.F.A. ; Bandmaster, J. C. Johnstone. 

City of Dundee Battery R.F. A.— Major, Hon. Lieut. -Colonel R. A. Mudie, 
T.D., (Q) p.s. ; Captain, K. S. Malcolm, p. ; Lieutenant, J. G. Tawse ; 
Second Lieutenant, A. A. "Wighton ; Sergt. -Instructors, Sergeant R. Weeks, 
W. Thompson. 

Forfarshire Battery R.F.A, Arbroath.— Captains, S. H. Fraser, S. C. 
"Wilson; Lieutenant, A. R. Gibb ; Second Lieutenant, J. B. Meikle ; Sergt. - 
Instructors, B. S.-M. Bartrip, R.F.A., Sergt. J. Hunter. 

Fifeshire Battery R.F.A., Leven. — Major, W. Shepherd; Captain, 
W. K. O. Shepherd ; Lieutenants, J. O. Shepherd, S. O. Shepherd ; Second 
Lieut., B. S. Sandeman ; Chaplain, Rev. C. Durward ; Sergt. -Instructors, 
B.S.-M. H. Symonds, Sergeant P. Gallacher. 

Second Highland Ammunition Column R.F.A.— Captain, J. H. Jenkins ; 
Second Lieutenant, J. C. Duffus. 

NORTH SCOTTISH R.G.A.— Headquarters, Drill Hall, Br oughty Ferry ; 
3rd Company. — Lieut. -Colonel and Hon. Colonel, R. H. Adamson p.s. (A) ; 
Major, R. W. Low {H), {Q) ; Captain, T. S. Couper p.s. {A) ; Lieutenant, A. 
A. A. Longden, Second Lieut., W. R. Macdonald ; Permanent Staff — 
Captain T. Campbell, R.G.A., Adjutant ; Sergt. -Major J. Spivey, Instructor. 

quarters, 52 Taylor's lane. — Officer Commanding, Captain H. Richardson, 
p.s. ; Second Lieutenant, I. M. Luis; Instructor, Sergt. S. H. Oborne, R.E. ; 
Company Sergt. -Major, G. Marshall. Establishment, 115 all ranks. 

H.D.T. & S. Col., Drill Hall.— Officer Commanding, Captain C. W. 
Cochrane; Supply Officer, Captain D. Glass; Second Lieuts. — D. Black, 
J. Russell, A. C. M 'Fraser; Sergt. -Instructor, F. Charlton. Establishment, 
101 of all ranks. 

(ROYAL HIGHLANDERS), Headquarters, Albany Quarters. — Hon. 
Colonel, The Lord Provost of Dundee; Lieut. -Colonel Commanding, Harry 
Walker, T.D. p (Q) (H) ; Majors— E. Tosh, p(T), J. B. Muir, p (T) (H) ; Captains 
— E. L. Boase, p.s. (H) ; J. O. Duncan; N. C. Walker, p (H) ; Lieutenants — 
S. B. Gowans, F. W. Moon, C. M. Couper, R. W. M'Intyre, E. V. Camp- 
bell, O. S. Moodie, P. F. Duncan, J. L. Rettie ; Second Lieutenants — W. B. 
Gray, W. L. Robertson, I. Mack. Law, A. J. Stewart, B. H. Gladstone, 
K. L. Miller, J. W. H. Robertson; Adjutant— Capt. F. R. Tarleton; 
Quartermaster and Hon. Lieut., D. M'Lachlan; Col. Lennox, M.D., T.D., p 
(Lt.-Col., Hon. Surg.-Col.); Major, J. S. Y. Rogers, M.B., p; Major, G. F. 
Whyte, M.B., p; Captain, R. Thornton, M.B., p; Chaplains, Rev. A. W. 
Fergusson, Rev. J. M'Connachie; Sergeant-Ma jor, A. M'Nab ; Sergeant- 
Instructors, W. Charles, R. Scott ; Pipe-Major, A. Low. Establishment — 
8 Companies, 1028 men of all ranks. 



Dundee Detachment, Headquarters, Drill Hall. — Left Half Battalion Com- 
mander, Major P. S. Nicoll, T.D. ; Captains, A. Malcolm, W. L. Mitchell; 
Lieutenants, F. Coutts, N. R. Taylor ; Second Lieutenants, D. S. Pithie, 
H. R. M'Cabe ; Colour-Sergeant-Instructor, W. W. Milne. Establishment, 
234 of all ranks. Battalion Headquarters, Arbroath. 

CORPS, T.F., Headquarters, Dudhope Drill Hall, Brown street.— Colonel, 
W. Kinnear, V.D., M.D., p, Assistant Director of Medical Services, Highland 
Divisional Area, T.F. ; Lieut. -Col. Commanding, W. E. Foggie, M.D.,p; 
Captains, A. E. Kidd, M.B., p; G. W. Miller, M.B., p (T) ; Martin Smith, 
M.B., p.; J. H. Hunter, M.B., p ; Captain J. Tait, L.R.C.P., p; Captain, 
H. J. Gorrie, L.R.C.S. ; Lieutenant, W. L. Robertson, M.B., F.R.C.S.E. ; 
Quartermaster and Hon. Major, J. Dunn ft) ; Chaplain, Rev. M. B. 
Lang, B.D ; Instructor Sergeant-Major, H. Warsop, R.A.M.C. Establish- 
ment, officers 10, other ranks 286. 

— Local Members of Executive Committee, Lieutenant- Colonel J. Lindsay- 
Henderson ; Hon. Secretary, Lieut. -Colonel D. Lyell, 39 Castle st., Edinburgh. 

OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS, St Andrews University Contingent- 
Headquarters, The University, St Andrews. — Officer Commanding, 
Captain R. A. Robertson. "B" (Dundee) Company — Headquarters, 
University College. — Lieutenant, T. P. Buist. 

29 Nethergate.— Recruiting staff, R.O., Major M. L. Carnegie; R.M.O., 
Surgeon-Col. D. Lennox, M.D., R.A.M.C. (T); Col.-Sergt. A. M'Swain, Col.- 
Sergt. A. Harding, Sergt. J. Melville. 

Branch. — President, A. B. Anderson ; Vice-President, A. Bissett ; Treasurer, 
I. Mason ; Secretary, I. Kirk, 27 North Ellen street. 

GEANTS' MESS.— President, Sergt. -Major F. G. Miles; Secretary and Treas., 
B.Q.M.S. J. Forbes. 

FOURTH B.R.H. SERGEANTS' MESS, Albany Quarters.— President, 
Sergt. -Major A. M'Nab ; Vice-President, Quartermaster-Sergeant J. M 'Cowan ; 
Treasurer, Sergeant J. M. Laburn, 24 Garland place ; Secretary, Serjeant 
T. Bowman, 35 St Peter street. 

FIFTH B.R.H. SERGEANTS' MESS.— President, Col.-Sergt. Instructor 
W. W. Milne ; Vice-President, Col.-Sergt. Pont; Treasurer, Staff-Sergt. C. S. 

TAY SUBMARINE MINERS' CLUB, Beach crescent, Broughty Ferry.— 
Secretary, James A. Murdoch, Cedarlea, Cedar road, Broughty Ferry. 

THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, Dundee Lodge, 20 Whitehall street.— 
Meetings from October till April, Wednesday, 8 p.m. President, J. Lorimer 
Thomson ; Secretary, James C. Cramond, 10 Victoria chambers. 

Vice-Presidents, Dan. Urquhart, A. Blackwood; Librarians, Miss Moore, 
Messrs Blackwood and Buchan ; Treasurer, Dan. Urquhart ; Minute Secretary, 
James Watson; Lyceum Secretary, Miss M. Henderson ; Financial Secretary, 
Robert Buchan ; Corresponding Secretary and Conductor of Lyceum, James 
Murray, 195 Clepington road. 



RIFLE CLUBS.— President, Major J. Dunn; Vice-President, H. Officer; 

Hon. Treasurer, J. S. Matthew ; Hon. Secretary, H. L. Junks, Ancrum road, 


Affiliated Clubs. Secretaries. 

Advertiser A. Brown, 20 Forebank road 

Arbroath J. Eddie, 105 High street, Arbroath 

Barry Rev. J. Heggie, The Manse, Barry 

Black Watch D. M'Leod, 3 Mitchell street 

Broughty Ferry J. Moir, Gladstone cottage, Broughty Ferry 

Conservatives H. Leonard, 15 Glamis street 

Courier G. Whamond, 3 Main street 

Downfield P. F. Bruce, Rowan cottage, Downfield 

Dundee Wm. Blackwood, 99 Alexander street 

Ellengowan G. Ogilvie, Ellengowan, Ferry road 

Forfar D. Stewart, Queen street, Forfar 

Invergowrie D. C. Skinner, Invergowrie 

Maxwelltown W. Laird, 44 Main street 

Monifieth James C. Fraser, Albert street, Monifieth 

Montrose H. G. Bisset, 59 Mill street, Montrose 

N.B.R. (Taybridge) A. Grant, 11 Barrack street 

Park Wynd C. M. Fisher, 80 Hawkhill 

Police Supt. J. Rae, Central Police Office 

St Andrew's (Parish) A. Dargie, 1 Mortimer street 

St Paul's (South) D. Forsyth, 17 Bellefield avenue 

Tramway Harold Moody, 74 Clepington road 

"Wallace Foundry G. Nicoll, 42 Lily bank road 

Wallacetown Major Dunn, Springhill house 

Downfield Rifle Club, Symers street, Downfield. — Hon. Secretary, 
W. M. Dickson, Drummond lodge, Downfield. 

Lindsay Edwards, 244 Clepington road. 

America, U.S. of (Consul), ... E. Haldeman Dennison, 31 Albert sq. 

, , (Vice & Deputy Consul), Allan Baxter, 31 Albert square 

Argentine Republic (Vice-Consul), Thomas Murdoch, 62 St Andrew's st. 

Belgium (Vice-Consul), B. L. Nairn, 33 Commercial street 

Brazil (Vice-Consul), D. Small, jun., 31 Albert square 

Chili (Vice-Consul), Geo. C. Keiller, 9 Panmure street 

Colombia (Vice-Consul), J. B. Taylor, 11 Panmure street 

Denmark (Vice-Consul), B. L. Nairn, 33 Commercial street 

France (Consular Agent), James M. Gray, 69 Reform street 

German Empire (Consul), Siegmund Alexander, 17 King street 

Greece (Consular Agent), J. M. Hunter Mitchell, 39 Dock st. 

Italy (Consular Agent), Giuseppe Gonnella, 81 Nethergate 

Netherlands (Vice-Consul), ... Thos. Farquharson, 26 Commercial st. 

Norway (Vice-Consul), B. L. Nairn, 33 Commercial street 

Portugal (Vice-Consul), John Nicoll, 1 Royal Exchange court 

Russia (Vice-Consul), ; J. L. Kidd, 59 Dock street 

Spain (Vice-Consul), Fred. S. Weinberg, 2 India buildings 

Sweden (Vice-Consul), Simon Forrest, 26 East Dock street 

Uruguay (Consul), William Kinnear, 18 Commercial street 

DUNDEE CONSULAR CORPS.— President, Thos. Farquharson; Vice- 
President, E. Haldeman Dennison ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Simon 
Forrest, 26 East Dock street. 

( 141 ) 


HARBOUR TRUSTEES, General Manager and Engineer's Office, Harbour 
Clerk's Office, and Shore Dues Office, Customhouse buildings, Dock street. — 

From the Admiralty, Captain Edward H. Moubray, R.N. ; Town Council, 
Bailies Paton and Macdonald and Councillors William Forwell, A. R. Mechan, 
Simon G. Fraser, Clement T. Godfrey, Robert M. Noble, Wm. H. Buist ; 
Guildry, Nine Trades and Three Trades, Henry M 'Grady, Thomas B. Taylor ; 
County Council, A. F. Durkie, Peter M'Intyre, John G. Soutar, John Grant ; 
Chamber of Commerce, A. B. Gilroy, Col. W. H. Fergusson, J. C. Buist, 
W. F. Soutar, P. S. Brown, John Methven ; Shipowners, Andrew Leitch, 
John Plenderleath, Chas. C. Barrie, John M. Hunter Mitchell ; Ratepayers, 
Harry Giles Walker, William Low, William Kinnear, Alex. S. Henderson, 

B. L. Nairn, Jos. Philip; Municipal Electors, W. B. Thompson and A. M. Brown. 
Chairman of the Board, Andrew Leitch ; Deputy Chairman, J. C. Buist. 

Committees. — Chairman's — Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Joseph Philip, 
T. B. Taylor, A. R. Mechan, John Plenderleath, William Forwell, Henry 
M 'Grady, W. F. Soutar, Colonel Fergusson. Finance and Rights — All the 
Members of the Board ; Joseph Philip, Convener. Works — All the Members 
of the Board ; Thos. B. Taylor, Convener. Tay Ferries — All the Members 
of the Board; A. R. Mechan, Convener. Lighting, Buoying, and Pilotage — 
All the Members of the Board ; John Plenderleath, Convener. 

John Hannay Thompson, M. Sc. ,M. Inst. C. E. , F. R. S. E. , General Manager and 
Engineer ; John Malloch, Clerk; Captain Chas. Yule, Harbourmaster; J. D. 
Panton, C.A., Treasurer; Captain James Young, Superintendent of Tay 
Ferries; Wm. Lumsden, General Foreman; Jas. Lindsay, Traffic Supt.; 
Captain Robt. Leslie, Surveyor of Cargoes; David Lowson, Master of Camper- 
down and Victoria Docks ; William Greig, Master of King William Dock ; 
Charles Hill, Master of Earl Grey Dock; Wm. Adamson, Master at Eastern 
Wharves ; Methven Bell, Piermaster at Broughty Ferry. 

Pilot Cutters — "Tay" and "Day Dream." Masters of Cutters — John 
Reid and John Mill. Licensed Pilots — John Reid, John Mill, Thos. Cunning- 
ham, Alex. Craig, M'Donald Cameron, Wm. A. Ferrier, James F. Gall, Wm. 
Watson, David A. Ferrier, Thos. C. Knight, James Gall, and Wm. Lorimer. 

Light Keepers.— Lights of Tay— Buddonness— J. Cockerill, Principal 
Light Keeper; William Bishop, Assistant. Tayport — Wm. Linnes, Principal 
Light Keeper; James Lowson and Charles Linnes, Assistants. 

Light Ship "Abertay." — Master, Robert Swadel; Mate, Peter Lindsay. 

CUSTOMS AND EXCISE.— M. J. Cahill, R.N.R., Collector and Surveyor; 

C. J. Mills, William Foley, Surveyors : David Scott, John Bulloch, Clerks ; 
A. Adams, J. J. M'Gillivray, W. Anderson, J. R. Keillar, J. H. Fargie, J. L. 
Whyte, J. Begbie, A. Mackie, W. G. Smith, G. Watt, L. Johnston, W. F. 
Laing, E. A. Beattie, A. G. Kydd, R. R. Smith, J. C. MacPherson, C. Addison, 
Officers ; H. S. Oliver, M. J. J. Mackeown, Unattached Officers ; T. D. 
Macfadyen. J. A. Cassie, P. Stuart, Preventive Officers ; H. Creighton, J. C. 
Irving, S. P. Courts, J. Dakers, J. M'Cormack, W. O. D. Turner, T. Neenan, 
Preventive Men ; J. Maclean, Housekeeper. Broughty Ferry, Tayport, 

and St Andrews. Preventive Man in charge (stationed at Tayport). 

Arbroath. — David Graham, Principal Coast Officer. Montrose. — Chas. A. 
Dunn, Officer ; D. Robertson, Preventive Officer ; J. Whyte, Preventive Man. 

LOCAL MARINE BOARD, Offices, Sailors' Home buildings.— Members— 
The Lord Provost, ex officio ; Elected, Charles Barrie (Chairman), John P. 
Bruce, James W. Kidd,' John M. H. Mitchell, John Plenderleath, William 
Kinnear ; Nominees of the Board of Trade, James Young, David Greig, 
Frank Mills, Joseph Jack. Secretary, T. Samuel, R.N.R. 


MERCANTILE MARINE OFFICE, Board of Trade, 63 Dock street.— 
Supt., T. Samuel, R.N.R. ; Dep. Supt, A. P. Downie,R.N.R. ; Inspector, 3rd 
Class, Geo. Ritchie ; Examiner of Masters and Mates, &c, Jas. A. S. Chalmers. 

BOARD OF TRADE OFFICE, Customhouse Buildings.— Surveyor for the 
Board of Trade and Examiner of Engineers, J. Williams ; Ship Surveyor, 
J. Taylor ; Messenger, C. E. Heath. 

DUNDEE TRINITY HOUSE.— Box-Master, Frank I. R. Mills ; Deputy 
Box-Master, John Cumming ; Secy, and Factor, David Dempster, 69 Reform st. 

Barrie;Vice-Pres., B.L.Nairn; Secy, and Treas.,Wm.Paterson,49Meadowside. 


Dundee, Perth, and London Shipping Company, Ltd.— Office, 5 Shore 
terrace, Dundee. James W. Kidd, Manager. 

Dundee and London Trade. — Screw Steam-ships — London, 1705 tons, 460 
H.P., John Macrae, commander; Perth, 1692 tons, 450 H.P., Robert Hynd, 
commander; Dundee, 2187 tons, 500 H.P., William Chapman, commander. 
Agent in London — James Mitchell, Dundee Wharf, Limehouse. 

Dundee and Hull Trade. — Screw Steam-ship Gowrie, 1031 tons, 200 horse- 
power, George Boyd, commander. Agents in Hull — Allman k Co. 

M. Langlands & Sons, 39 Dock street. — Liverpool, Manchester, and 
British Channel direct steamers — Princess Royal, Princess Alberta, Princess 
Maud, Princess Victoria, Princess Beatrice, Princess Louise, Princess 
Dagmar, Princess Caroline, Princess Ena, Princess Olga, Princess Melita, 
Princess Thyra, Princess Helena — call at Leith, Kirkcaldy, Aberdeen, Strom - 
ness, Stornoway, Oban, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, and Swansea ; 
and occasionally at Plymouth, Portsmouth, Penzance, &c. 

Tay Whale Fishing Company.— Robert Kinnes, Whale lane, Manager. 

Private Owners — Screw Steam-ships Active, Morning, Scotia, St Hilda ; R. 
Kinnes, Manager. 

Dundee and Newcastle Steam Shipping Company, Limited.— Office, 
33 Dock street ; John Plenderleath, manager and secretary. Screw Steam- 
ship Tay and Tyne, 98 horse-power (David F. Urquhart, commander). Com- 
pany's Office in Newcastle, Quayside. Representative — William Feggetter. 

The Balaena Fishing Company, Limited, 39 Dock street.— Directors, 
Jas. Anton, Chas. Yule, William Hunter ; Secy. , John M. Hunter Mitchell. 

Dundee Steam Trawling Co., Ltd. — Managing Director, William High; 
Secretary, Fred Laycock, Fish Dock. 

Dundee Fishing Co., Limited, 31 Reform street. — Directors, Sir James 
Low, Bart., Wm. Low (Chairman), A. S. Cameron, A. Spreull ; Managers, 
Cameron & M'Farlane, Ltd., Fishmarket; Secretary, A. S. Cameron, jun. 

Dundee Sand and Lighterage Co., Ltd. — Directors, Wm. Hunter, A. B. 
Crichton, Jas. Laburn, W. S. Taylor ; Manager, C. M. Murdoch, 21 Dock st ; 
Secretaries, Mackay, Irons, & Co., 22 Meadowside. 

Allan Line op Royal Mail Steamers, 88 Commercial st. (Allan Bros. & Co. 
U.K., Ltd. , 25 Bothwell st. , Glasgow).— Weekly to United States, Canada, New 
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland. 

Antrim Line — Dundee to Belfast and Dublin. — B. L. Nairn & Co., 33 
Commercial street, Agents. 

Mercury Steamship Co., Ltd., 18 Dock street. — D. & J. Nicol, Managers. 

Anchor Line (Henderson Brothers), Limited, 52 Commercial street.— 
Steamers from Glasgow to New York, Bombay, Kurrachee, Calcutta, Medi- 
terranean ; Houston Line— Liverpool to River Plate ports ; Cunard Line 
Passenger Service. 


Village Steamship Co. , Ltd. , 26 E. Dock st. — R. A. & J. H. Mudie, Managers. 
Angus Shipping Co., Ltd. — Directors, Thomas Farquharson (Chairman), 

William Kidd, John S. Lawson, Robert Kinnes, D. S. Bryson ; Manager, 

J. P. Bruce, 87 Commercial street. 
The Tay (Steamboat) Co., Ltd. — Directors, William High 

(Chairman), John Todd, Alex. Patterson, Andrew M'Call, Robt. F. Sturrock ; 

Secretaries, Don & Stewart, 2 Union street. 


Alexander, David, & Sons, Limited, 17 King street, agents for James Currie 
& Co. ; Aug. Bolten; William Miller's Nfl. ; Union Castle Mail S.S. Co. ; 
Hamburg American Line ; Hamburg South American Steam Packet Co., &c. 

Allan Bros. & Co. U.K., Ltd., 4 India buildings, agents for The Union Castle 
Line Royal Mail steamers — to S. and E. Africa ; Hogarth's Line — Glasgow 
to Lisbon and Huelva ; Gulf Line — Glasgow and Liverpool to Chili, Peru, 
Ecuador ; monthly steamers Glasgow to Australia, New Zealand, China, and 
Puget Sound Ports ; Donaldson Line— to Monte Video, Buenos Ayres, Rosario. 

Anchor Line (Henderson Brothers, Limited), 52 Commercial st. — Steamers 
from Glasgow to New York, Bombay, Kurrachee, Calcutta, Mediterranean ; 
Agents for Houston Line to River Plate ; Cunard Line, passenger service. 

Anderson, James A., & Co., 29 Panmure street, agents for Cunard Line — 
Liverpool to United States, France and Mediterranean ; White Star Line — 
United States and Canada; Anchor Line — to United States, India and 
Mediterranean ; Allan Line — to United States and Canada ; American Line — 
to United States ; Dominion Line — to Canada ; Orient Line, Shaw, Savill, 
and Albion Co. — to Australia and New Zealand; Union-Castle Line — 
to South Africa. 

Barrie, C, & Sons, 49 Meadowside, agents for Ellerman Lines, Ltd. — 
City Line, Glasgow and Liverpool to Calcutta, Bombay, and Karachi ; Hall 
Line, Liverpool to Bombay, Karachi, Marmagoa, Malabar Coast, &c. ; Eller- 
man Line to Mediterranean ports ; Ellerman-Harrison Line (Joint Service), 
Glasgow and Liverpool to South African ports and Mauritius. 

Fleming & Haxton, 76 High street, agents for the following Lines — Cunard, 
White Star, American, Dominion, Anchor, Allan, Donaldson, Canadian Pacific 
Atlantic, Leyland, Orient, Royal Mail, Aberdeen, Federal, Houlder, Shire, 
Queensland, Gulf, P. & O., New Zealand Shipping Co., Shaw, Savill, & Albion 
Co., Union-Castle, Pacific, Norddeutscher Lloyd. 

Gibson, George, & Co., 17 Dock street, agents for steamers to Rotterdam, 
Amsterdam, Harlinger, Antwerp, Ghent, Dunkirk, Calais. 

Hodgkinson, F. A., & Co., 2 Commercial street, agents for principal lines 
to Brazils, River Plate, America, Canada, Mediterranean, Danube, Black 
Sea, Spain, Portugal, Bordeaux, Ghent, &c. 

Kinnear, William, & Co., 18 Commercial street, agents for Wilson Lines — 
Hull to Boston and New York, Baltic, Continental, Mediterranean, and East 
Indian Ports, &c. ; "Prince" Lines — to Mediterranean, &c. ; Holland S.S. 
Co. — Leith to Amsterdam ; Royal Hungarian Sea Navigation Co. ; " Adria," 
Ltd. — to Adriatic ports ; Manchester Liners — to Montreal, Philadelphia, &c. ; 
Thomson, Cunard Lines— to Montreal and Portland, Maine; A. Weir & Co. — 
to Middlesboro' and Boston. 

Langlands, M., & Sons, 39 Dock street, agents for Johnston Line to Black 
Sea and Baltimore ; Leyland & Harrison Lines to West Indies, &c. ; Pernam- 
buco, Natal, Mexico, &c, American Line to Philadelphia ; Larrinaga and 
Glynn Lines to Cuba ; Booth's Line to Marnaham, Parnahiba, Ceara, Para, 
Manaos; Ellerman, Papayanni, Moss, and Glynn Lines to Mediterranean ports. 


Mackay Brothers & Co. (Dundee), Ltd., 9 Whitehall crescent (Cable and 
Telegraphic address, " Travel " ; Telephone No. 490), official agents for 
following Lines : — Cunard, "White Star, American, Leyland, Norddeutscher 
Lloyd, Anchor, and Allan Lines to United States ; Allan, Canadian Pacific, 
Dominion, Donaldson, Cunard, and Boyal Lines to Canada ; Union Castle 
Line to South Africa ; Orient Boyal Mail, Federal-Houlder-Shire, P. & O. 
and P. & O. branch service, New Zealand Shipping Co., and Shaw, Savill, 
and Albion Lines to Australia and New Zealand ; Boyal Mail Steam Packet 
Co. to South American ports; bookings by Booth and Yeoward Lines to 
Portugal and Madeira ; and all other principal Lines. District Managers for 
the Polytechnic Touring Association, Ltd. 

Melville & Halley, 4G Bell street, agents for Atlantic Transport Line. 

Mitchell, James, & Sons, 39 Dock st., regular line to Baltic, Mediterranean, 
White Sea. 

Mitchell, John, 62 Murraygate, agent for Canadian Pacific Shipping Co. 

Morison, Pollexfen, & Blair, Ltd., 84 Commercial street, agents for Boyal 
Mail Steam Packet Co. — to Brazil, Biver Plate, Central America, West Indies ; 
Messageries Maritime de France — London to Marseilles and Mediterranean ; 
Donaldson Line — Glasgow to Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Baltimore ; P. & O. 
— London to Bombay ; Wilsons and Furness Leyland Line — London to Boston ; 
agents for Dundee, Southampton, and Treport steamers. 

Morrison, W. B., 10 Panmure street, agent for White Star Line. 

Nairn, B. L., & Co., 33 Commercial street, agents for Clan Line — Glasgow 
and Liverpool to Bombay, Kurrachee, Calcutta, Madras, South Africa ; Bar- 
ber Line — Dundee to New York ; Both Line — Dundee to Montreal ; New 
Zealand Shipping. Company ; Antrim Line — Dundee to Belfast and Dublin. 

Nicoll, James, & Co., 19 High street; agents for C.P.B., Anchor, Allan, 
Donaldson, and other Lines to Canada and United States ; Harrison — Bennie 
Line, Natal and East Africa ; Thompson, P. & O. Branch Service, &c, to 
Cape, Australia, and New Zealand; British India, Bibby, and P. & O., to 
India, Burmah, China, and Japan, Tours to Norway, Madeira, Mediterranean, 
Egypt, Palestine, &c. 

Nicoll, P. S., 65 Trades lane, agent for steamers from Granton and Grange- 
mouth to Norway and Sweden, Botterdam, Amsterdam, and Delfzyl. 
Begular steamers between Dundee and Botterdam, Amsterdam, Delfzyl. 

Bitchie, James Smith, 1 Commercial street. 

Bitchie, Bobert, & Co., 33 Albert square, agents for Pacific Steam Naviga- 
tion Co. — From Liverpool weekly and from Glasgow fortnightly to Brazil, 
River Plate, and West Coast of South America ; Cunard Steamship Co., Ltd. 
— regular sailings from Liverpool to New York and Boston, also to Gibraltar, 
Mediterranean, Levant, Adriatic, and Black Sea ports. 


Alice Taylor 







Owner or Agent. 
William Kinnear & Co 
Dundee Harbour Trustees 
B. Kinnes 

Robert Taylor & Sons, Ltd 
A. S. Cameron 
J. P. Bruce 

Dan. J. M'Kinnon & Son 
James Mitchell & Sons 
D'dee Stm.Trwlg. Co., Ld 












99 i 










Owner or Agent. 





Dundee Fishing Co., Ltd. 





Tay Steamboat Co., Ltd. 


Charles Barrie 



Dundee Harbour Trustees 


Day Dream 



Dundee Harbour Trustees 




DundeeSt'mTwlg. Co. Ltd. 


Den of Airlie 


Charles Barrie & Sons 


Den of Crombie 


Charles Barrie & Sons 


Den of Ewnie 


Charles Barrie & Sons 


Den of Glamis 


Charles Barrie & Sons 


Den of Kelly 


Charles Barrie & Sons 


Den of Ogil 


Charles Barrie & Sons 


Den of Ruthven 


Charles Barrie & Sons 




Thomson Line 





James Mitchell & Sons 





R. A. & J. H. Mudie 





Dundee Harbour Trustees 





D. P. & L. Shipping Co. 





D 'dee Sand Lighterage Co. 





James Mitchell & Sons 





Dundee Harbour Trustees 


Francis Molison 



"Mars" Tr. Ship Inst. 




Thomson Line 





Dundee Harbour Trustees 




James Mitchell & Sons 





D. P. & L. Shipping Co. 




Thomson Line 





D'dee Sand Lighterage Co. 




Thomson Line 




Thomson Line 





James Nicoll & Co. 





D. P. & L. Shipping Co. 


Marchion'ss of Bute p. s. 


D. & J. Nicol 




Dundee St'mTwlg.Co. Ld. 





D. & J. Nicol 




W. Adams 

R. Kinnes 





Dundee Harbour Trustees 





D. P. & L. Shipping Co. 





A. S. Cameron 





Dundee Fishing Co., Ltd. 


Princess Louise 



Dundee Harbour Trustees 


Queen Alexandra 



A. S. Cameron 




DundeeSt'mTwlg. Co. Ld. 


St Hilda 


R. Kinnes 





R. Kinnes 


Slieve Bearnagh 



D. & J. Nicol 





Dundee Fishing Co. , Ltd. 





J. P. Bruce 





Daniel J. M'Kinnon&Son 





Dundee Harbour Trustees 


Tay and Tyne 



Dun. & Newc'stle Sh. Co. 





"William Kinnear & Co. 





James Mitchell & Sons 




William High 





James Mitchell & Sons 





James Nicoll & Co. 




( 146 ) 


(For full information regarding Postal Affairs the official " Post Office Guide " 
should be consulted — published quarterly, price 6d.) 

Dundee Post-Office — Post-Office buildings, Meadowside : Branch Office 

— Dock street, Customhouse buildings. John Rose, Postmaster. 

On "Week Days the Office is open for Postal business (including Postal 
Orders) from 7.0 a.m. till 9 p.m. ; and for Money Order, Old Age Pension, 
Savings Bank, Life Insurance, and Annuity business, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., postage on inland letters, parcels, &c, may 
be prepaid at the Head Office in money instead of stamps, provided the 
amount paid be in no case less than £1. 

On Sunday the Office is open for Postal business from 12.15 p.m. till 1.15 
p.m. only, but the Letter-Box remains open as on other days. 

For Telegraph and Telephone business there is attendance continuously 
during the day and night, both on Week Days and Sundays. 

Sub-Offices. — Barnhill, 183 Blackness road, 28 Dundonald street, Downfield 
(415 Strathmartine road), Fairmuir (343 Clepington road), 12 Ferry road, 76 
Hawkhill, 128 Hilltown, 90 King street, 156 Lochee road, Lochee (62 High 
street), Logie (5 Cobden street), Maryfield (205 Albert street), 79 Murraygate, 
125a Nethergate, North Church street, 268 Perth road, 169 Princes street, 
Scouringburn (142 Brook street), South Union street (10 Dock street), 
27 Strathmartine road, 72 Victoria* road, West Ferry (Broughty Ferry). 
Country Sub-Offices — *Alyth, Ardler, *Auchterhouse, Baldovie, Barry, *Barry 
Camp, *Broughty Ferry (Queen street), *Carnoustie, Claverhouse, Craigton, 
*Dykends, *Eassie, *Five-Mile House, *Folda, Gauldry, *Glenisla, *Kilry, 
Kingennie, *Longforgan, Lundie, *Meigle, *Monifieth, Monikie, Muirdrum, 
*Invergowrie, Newbigging, *Newtyle, *Newport, Ruthven, Strathmartine, 
*Tayport, *Tealing, Wellbank, *Wormit. (* Telegraph Offices.) 

Broughty Ferry Sub-Post-Office (see page 169). 

Post Office Engineering Department, 2 Union street.— G. C. Jefferyes, 
Executive Engineer. 

Inland Rates of Postage — Letters. 

Inland letters are those which pass between places in the United Kingdom, 
including the Isle of Man, the Orkney, Shetland, and Channel Islands. 

The prepaid rate of postage is as follows:— Not exceeding 4 oz., Id. ; each 
additional 2 oz., Jd. 

No letter may be above 24 inches in length, 12 inches in width, or 12 inches in 
depth, unless it be sent to or from one of the Government Offices. 

Books containing eighteen Id stamps and twelve Jd stamps are issued, 
price 2s. Rolls of stamps are issued as follows: — 1000 Id stamps, £4 3s 6d; 
500 Id stamps, £2 Is 9d ; 1000 |d stamps, £2 Is lOd; 500 M stamps, £1 0s lid. 

Letter Cards bearing Id stamp are sold at Id each ; Is per packet of 12 ; 
10s per packet of 120. 

Embossed Envelopes bearing a penny stamp are sold at the following rates : — 
"A" size (4f in. by 3^ in.), 11 for Is; "Commercial" size (5^ in. by 3 J in.), 
23 for 2s. 

Inland Post Cards. 

The prepaid rate of postage on every Post Card is a halfpenny, and on 
every reply Post Card a penny. 

Cards used as Post Cards must be made of ordinary cardboard, not thicker 
than the material used for the thickest official Post Card, and not thinner 
than the material used for the thinnest. They may not exceed 5J by 3£ 
inches in size, or be less than 4 by 2| inches. Nothing may be attached, 


except stamps in payment of postage or stamp duty, a gummed label (not to 
exceed 2 inches by | inch) bearing the address at which the card is to be 
delivered, a similar label bearing the address of the sender, and engravings, 
drawings, photos, or printed matter on very thin paper completely adherent 
to the card ; nor may the card be folded, cut, or altered in such a way as to 
reduce the size below 4 by 2J inches. 

Post Cards are sold at the following prices : — Bearing Halfpenny Stamp — 
Stout (4| in. by3i in.) 11 for 6d, parcel of 110 Cards 5s ; Thin (5£ in. by 3^ 
in.) |d each, packet of 12 Cards 6d, 240 Cards 10s. Bearing Penny Stamp- 
Id each. 

Reply Post Cards bearing Halfpenny Stamp on each half — Stout (4J in. by 
3^ in.) 11 for Is, parcel of 55 Cards 5s ; Thin (5| in. by 3J in.) Id each, packet 
of 12 Cards Is, 120 Cards 10s. Bearing Penny Stamp on each half— 2d each. 

Inland Post — Newspapeks. 

The prepaid postage on every registered inland newspaper (including any 
supplement thereto) is one halfpenny, but a packet, containing two or more 
registered newspapers, is not liable to a higher rate than would be chargeable 
on an ordinary packet of printed matter of the same weight. 

A newspaper, if posted in a cover, must have such cover open at both ends, 
to admit of easy examination, and so folded that the title may be readily 
inspected. The cover must not bear anything except the name and address of 
sender and addressee, with index or reference numbers or letters, the words 
"with compliments," a request for return in case of non-delivery, the title of 
the newspaper, and a reference to any place in the newspaper to which the 
attention of the addressee is directed. 

A packet of newspapers must not weigh above 5 lbs. , or exceed two feet in 
length, one foot in width, or one in depth. 

Newspaper wrappers are sold at the following prices : — Bearing halfpenny 
stamp, at the rate of 11 for 6d or £1 per parcel of 440 ; bearing penny 
stamp, at the rate of 23 for 2s or 10s per parcel of 115. 

Inland Post — Halfpenny Packets. 
The Halfpenny Packet Post can be used only for packets not exceeding 
2 oz. in weight. 

Printed or written matter not in the nature of a letter, may be trans- 
mitted by the halfpenny post. The following documents may also be sent : — 
Commercial or business papers of a formal character, namely, invoices, 
orders for goods or for work, confirmations of orders, advice notes of 
the despatch or receipt of letters, documents, goods, or money (with or 
without instructions for their further treatment), waybills, bills of 
lading, receipts for goods or money, statements of account, price 
lists, prices current, market reports, delivery and shipping notes, tenders 
for goods or advertisements, quotations for goods, estimates for work, 
inquiries for quotations, contract notes, confirmations of contracts, 
share transfer notices, and such other similar documents as the 
Postmaster-General may from time to time prescribe. Notices of 
assessments and applications for payment of rates issued by officers 
employed in the collection of rates. Notices relating to registration of 
voters at parliamentary and local government elections. Notices, 
certificates, reports, and returns given or made to or by public officers 
and local authorities or other public bodies in discharge of their public 
duties. Lists and tabular statements. Conditions. — That the docu- 
ment consist of an appropriate printed form, and that any writing refer 
solely to its subject-matter, or consist of formulas of courtesy or of a 
conventional character not exceeding five words or initials. 


Deeds, agreements, proposals and policies of insurance, and formal 
papers necessarily incident to insurance, powers of attorney, proxy 
papers, licences, voting papers, and certificates. Conditions. — That 
nothing appear in the document in writing which does not form part 
of the document as a legal or formal instrument. 
Circulars (that is, printed notices and letters), printed visiting cards, 
Christmas, New Year, Easter, and birthday cards. Conditions. — That 
nothing appear in writing in the document except dates, hours, and 
particulars of times ; names, addresses, and descriptions of parties ; 
particulars of goods and of sums of money ; mode of consignment or 
delivery of goods or money ; terms of business ; index or reference 
numbers and letters ; corrections of errors in print ; place, character, 
and objects of meetings or appointments ; formulas of courtesy or of a 
conventional character not exceeding five words or initials. 
Manuscript for press and printed proofs (including information for 
insertion in directories and similar publications) with corrections and 
instructions. Conditions. — That any writing not forming part of the 
document itself refer solely to the arrangement or correction of the 
type or to the execution of the work. 
Educational exercises and examination papers, with comments, correc- 
tions, and instructions. Conditions. — That any writing not forming 
part of the document itself refer solely to the subject-matter of the 
exercise or to the questions put or the answers thereto. 
In the above definition expressions referring to print or printing shall 
be taken to refer to any species of typeprinting easy to recognize, and 
to include lithography, handstamping, or any mechanical process ; 
while the expression "writing" shall include typewriting and any 
process ordinarily used to produce a single document. Documents 
printed in characters resembling those of the type-writer, or produced 
from type-written originals, may only be sent by halfpenny packet 
post provided that they are handed in at the counter of the Post 
Office, that special attention is called to their nature, and that at least 
20 copies are posted at the same time. 
There may also be transmitted by halfpenny packet post : — 
Sketches, drawings, paintings, photographs, engravings, maps, plans, and 
charts on paper or similar substance (not brittle or fragile) ; blotting 
books and pads, and coloured papers attached to price lists and trade 
circulars ; the binding or mounting of any article sent by halfpenny 
post, provided it be of a kind ordinarily used for the purpose (not 
brittle or fragile), and be transmitted in the same packet ; anything 
necessary for the safe transmission of the above-mentioned articles. 
Paper money * is not transmissible in a halfpenny packet. 
Halfpenny packets should be posted either without covers, or in unfastened 
envelopes, or in covers which can be easily removed for the purposes of 
examination. The name and address of the sender should be printed or 
written outside. 
A book-packet must not exceed 2 feet in length or 1 foot in width or depth. 
Embossed Envelopes, bearing a halfpenny stamp, are sold at the following 
rates :— " N " size (5 r B T in. by 3£ in.), 11 f or 6d ; "I " size (8| in. by 5| in.) 

7 for 4d. 

*The term " paper muney " means bank notes, money orders, postal orders, unobli- 
terated postage or revenue stamps, exchequer bills, bank post bills, bills of exchange, 
promissory notes, cheques, credit notes which entitle the holder to money or goods, 
orders and authorities for payment of money, bonds, coupons, securities for money. 
But the following- are not excluded from the book post : — Stamped proxy papers, 
or a stamped and addressed post card, wrapper, or envelope enclosed for return to 
the sender or to some person designated by the sender. 


Prepayment op Correspondence in Money. 
Every kind of Inland Correspondence, other than Newspapers, may be pre- 
paid in money, provided that the articles are chargeable with a uniform rate 
of postage ; that the amount paid be in no case less than £1, and that 
the letters and packets be tied in bundles representing a postage of 5s each, 
with the addresses all arranged in the same direction. Hours of posting 
under this arrangement, 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. 

Express Delivery op Letters and Parcels. 

(1) By special messenger all the way. The Express fee (inclusive of charges 

for omnibus, tramcar, railway, &c), is : — For every mile or part of a 
mile, 3d ; and on each packet weighing more than 1 lb. a weight fee 
of 3d. (Ordinary postage is not charged). Every packet must be 
handed in over the counter, and must have the word "Express" 
boldly marked above address. If the sender desires, or it is otherwise 
necessary, that a special conveyance be used, the fare or cost of such 
must be paid in addition, but the weight fee is not charged in such a 
When several packets are tendered by one sender for delivery by the 
same messenger at different addresses, or to different persons at same 
address, the Express fee of 3d a mile will be charged for the full 
distance to be traversed by the messenger, and an additional fixed 
charge of Id for each article above one. 

(2) By special messenger after transmission by post. In addition to the full 

ordinary postage the Express fee is : — For every mile or part of a mile 
from office of delivery, 3d (weight fee is not charged). Letters may 
be posted like ordinary letters, but they must be marked " Express 
Delivery," and have a thick perpendicular line drawn on each side. 

(3) By special delivery in advance of the ordinary mail. Persons who 

desire at any time to receive their letters or parcels in advance of the 
ordinary delivery may have them delivered by speeial messenger on 
payment of the following fees, viz. : — The full Express fee of 3d a 
mile as for one packet, and Id for every 10, or less number of addi- 
tional packets. 

Inland Parcel Post. 
Parcels not exceeding 11 lbs. in tveight, 3 ft. 6 in. in length, or 6 ft. in length 
and girth combined, are received at any Post Office for transmission between 
places in the United Kingdom. The rates of postage are :— 

Exc. 7 lbs. and not exc. 8 lbs., 8d 

8 lbs. „ 9 lbs., 9d 

9 lbs, „ 10 lbs., JOd 
10 lbs. „ 11 lbs., lid 

Not exceeding 1 lb. in weight, 3d 
Exc. 1 lb. and not exc. 2 lbs., 4d 

„ 2 lbs. „ 3 lbs., 5d 

„ 3 lbs. „ 5 lbs., 6d 

„ 5 lbs. „ 7 lbs., 7d 

Parcels must not be posted in a letter-box, but must be taken into a Post 
Office and handed over the counter. A certificate of posting may be had on 
application. The name and address of the sender should appear on the out- 
side of every parcel. 

Parcels containing fish, game, meat, eggs, razors, scissors, knives, liquids, 
powders, live bees, &c, are not accepted unless securely packed so as to guard 
against risk of injury. 

Certificates of Posting of Unregistered Correspondence. 
Any person who desires proof that an unregistered letter, card, halfpenny 
packet, or newspaper has been duly posted should hand in the letter or 
other article at a Post Office and ask for a certificate of posting,— fee, |d. 



Correspondence of any kind to be called for is, as a rule, taken in at all 
Post Offices except Town Sub-Offices. The words "to be called for" or 
" Poste Restante " should appear in the address. The Poste Pestante is for 
accommodation of strangers and travellers, but they may not use it for more 
than three months. 

Parcels addressed to a Post Office to be called for, are kept three weeks, 
at the end of which period, if not called for, they are returned to the sender. 

Registration and Compensation — Inland. 

Correspondence of any kind (including parcels) can be registered. The 
ordinary registration fee is 2d, in addition to the postage. Registered Letter 
Envelopes (for Inland and Foreign Letters) bearing a 3d stamp embossed on 
the flap for registration fee 2d and postage Id, are sold as follows : — Size F 
(5J ins. x 3^ ins.), 3|d each ; G (6 ins. x 3| ins.), 3|d for one envelope, or at 
the rate of 3s 4d for 12 ; H (8 ins. x 5 ins.) and H2 (9 ins. x 4 ins.), 3jd each ; 
K (llf ins. x 6 ins. ), 4d each. 

Everything intended for registration must be handed to an officer of the Post 
Office, and a receipt obtained. The packet must be made up in a strong cover, 
fastened with gum or other adhesive, but this does not apply to post-cards, 
halfpenny packets, nor newspapers. If it be desired to secure compensation 
for damage to a packet (other than a parcel), it must bear the words "Fragile, 
with care." 

Packets for registration must be marked in the bottom left-hand corner 
with the word " Registered," and, when the fee exceeds 2d, with the amount 
of the fee proper to the value up to which the sender desires to secure com- 
pensation, thus, "Registered 3d," and so on. The sender of an Inland postal 
packet may obtain an acknowledgment of its due delivery by paying, at the 
time of posting, a fee of 2d in addition to the postage and registration fee. 

Inland postal packets containing coin, watches, or jewellery, if posted 
without registration, are subject to compulsory registration, and are charged 
on delivery with a fee of 4d, in addition to the ordinary postage. Letters 
containing uncrossed Postal Orders in which the name of the payee has not 
been inserted, uncrossed cheques or dividend warrants, bank notes, postage 
stamps, or any article (other than coin and jewellery) of a value exceeding 
10s, will, when found open in the post, or when opened in the Returned 
Letter Office, be subject to registration, and be chargeable with a registra- 
tion fee of 2d. Money of any kind must be enclosed in a Registered Letter 
Envelope and transmitted by Registered Letter Post. The compensation in 
respect of coin will in no case exceed £5. 

The Postmaster-General will (subject to certain rules) pay compensation 
for the loss or damage of Correspondence as follows : — 

(1) Registered Correspondence (including Parcels). — Fee 2d, Compensation 

£5 ; Fee 3d, Compensation £20 ; and so on at the rate of Id for every 
£20 up to £400. 

(2) Unregistered Parcels. — Limit of compensation, £2. No compensation is 

given in respect of money of any kind sent by Parcel Post, whether 
registered or not, or in respect of jewellery sent by Parcel Post un- 
registered. To secure compensation a certificate of posting should be 
obtained when a parcel is posted. 

(3) Express Correspondence. — Compensation according to the ordinary scale 

is paid in respect of Correspondence of the kinds specified in Sections 
(1) and (2), when sent by Express Service ; and up to £2 for Un- 
registered Packets (not money nor jewellery) conveyed by special 
messenger throughout their whole course. 


•'Blind Literature" Post. 
Literature impressed for the use of the blind may be sent by post at the fol- 
lowing rates: — 2 oz., j|d; 2 lbs., Id; 5 lbs., l^d; 6 lbs., 2Jd. The packet must 
not contain anything written or printed in ordinary type, except title and con- 
tents, key to the type, and a label for return of the packet. It must bear on 
the outside the words "Literature for the Blind," and address of sender, 
and ic must be posted either without a cover or in a cover open at both ends. 


Letters, halfpenny packets, post cards, and newspapers are not liable to addi- 
tional postage for re-direction, whether re-directed by an officer of the Post 
Office or by an agent of the addressee after delivery, provided in the latter case 
that the letters, &c, are re-posted not later than the day (Sundays and public 
holidays not being counted) after delivery, and that they do not appear to 
have been opened or tampered with. 

Parcels are, when re-directed, liable to additional postage at the prepaid 
rate for each re-direction, except where the original and corrected addresses 
are both within a delivery from the same Post Office. 

Registered letters, &c, when re-directed, must be taken back to the 
Post Office to be dealt with as registered. 

A Postmaster is not bound to re-direct letters for a person temporarily 
leaving home (unless the house be left uninhabited), nor to re-direct letters 
addressed to clubs, hotels, boarding-houses, or lodgings. 

Money Orders. 

The commission on Inland Money Orders is : — For sums not exceeding 
£1— 2d ; £3— 3d ; £10— 4d ; £20— 6d ; £30— 8d ; £40— lOd. 

The remitter of an Inland Order may dir ect at the time of issue, that the 
Order be crossed like a cheque thus, & Co., and thus be payable only through 
a Bank, or he may cross the Order after obtaining it. Payment may be 
deferred, if desired, for any period not exceeding 10 days. 

Money Orders for amounts not exceeding £40 are issued free of charge when 
required for the remittance of Beer Duty, Corporation Duty, Income Tax, 
Inhabited House Duty, Land Tax, Land Value Duties, Excise Duties, Legacy 
and Succession Duties, or Probate and Estate Duty. 

Money may be transmitted by Telegraph Money Order in the United King- 
dom. The commission is: — (1) The ordinary Money Order poundage as 
above ; (2) a charge at the ordinary Inland rate for the Official Telegram 
authorizing payment at the Office of Payment, the minimum being 6d ; and 
(3) a fee of 2d for each order. 

The Commission on Foreign Money Orders is : — For sums not exceeding 
£1— 3d ; £2— 6d ; £4— 9d ; £6— Is ; £8— Is 3d ; £10— Is 6d ; and so on (for 
some countries) up to £40— 5s 3d. 

Telegraph Money Orders may be sent to and from several Foreign 
Countries. The commission is : — Money Order poundage, charge for Tele- 
gram, and an extra fee of 6d. 

Postal Orders. 

The following are the amounts for which Postal Orders are issued : — 

For 6d, Is, Is 6d, 2s, 2s 6d, - - - - poundage, |d. 

For 3s, 3s 6d, and so on, rising by 6d up to 15s, - - ,, Id. 

For 15s 6d, 16s, „ ,, ,, 21s,- - „ Hd. 

The sender of a Postal Order may increase its value by an amount not 

exceeding 5d by affixing postage stamps not exceeding three in number to the 

face of the Order. Perforated stamps cannot be accepted for this purpose. 


If a Postal Order be crossed, payment will only be made through a Banker, 
and if the name of a Banker is added, payment will only be made through 
that Banker. 

British Postal Orders are also issued and paid in many British Possessions 
and Agencies abroad. 

Foreign and Colonial Letters. 

The prepaid rate of postage on letters for all Foreign Countries (except 
Egypt? United States, and British P.O. Agencies in China and Morocco) is 2^d 
for the first ounce, and l|d for each succeeding ounce ; to British Possessions 
generally and to Egypt, United States, and British P.O. Agencies in 
China and Morocco, the letter rate is Id per ounce. (See p. 155.) Dutiable 
articles must not be sent by Letter Post. 

No letter for a colony or foreign country may exceed 2 feet in length or 1 
foot in width or depth. Coupons exchangeable for stamps of the value of 25 
centimes (2|d) each (in many foreign countries) can be purchased at the 
Money Order Office at 3d each, for the prepaying of replies to letters. 

Foreign and Colonial Post Cards. 

Single Cards, Id each ; Reply Cards, 2d each. (Official Inland Post 
Cards are transmissible abroad if the additional postage is supplied by postage 
stamps being affixed. ) Cards used as Post Cards must be of similar substance 
to the official cards ; not exceeding 5J by 3J inches, and not less than 4 by 
2| inches. Reply -paid cards of private manufacture must display the title 
" Post Card " on the address side, but this is not obligatory for single cards 
of private manufacture. Reply halves of reply-paid cards must bear the 
words " Post Card— Great Britain and Ireland" and " Reply." 

The left-hand half of the address side of a Post Card, as well as the back, 
may be used for a written communication subject to the following restric- 
tions: — Nothing may be attached except stamps inpayment of postage, a 
gummed label not to exceed 2 by f inches bearing address of recipient, a 
similar label with address of sender, and illustrations and photos on very thin 
paper completely adherent to the card. 

Foreign and Colonial Printed Papers and Commercial Papers. 
The rate of postage on Printed Papers for all places abroad is |d per 2 oz., 
and on Commercial Papers 2£d for the first 10 oz. and Jd per 2 oz. thereafter. 

Commercial Papers comprise all papers or documents written 
or drawn wholly or partly by hand (except letters or communica- 
tions in the nature of letters, or other papers or documents having 
the character of an actual and personal correspondence), documents of 
legal procedure, Deeds drawn up by public functionaries, copies of or 
extracts from Deeds under private seal, written on stamped or 
unstamped paper, Way Bills, Bills of Lading, Invoices, and other 
documents of a mercantile character, documents of Insurance and 
other public companies, all kinds of manuscript music, manuscript of 
books and literary works, letters and post cards of old date which 
have already served their original purpose, pupils' exercises with cor- 
rections, but without comment, and other papers of a similar description. 

Printed Papers comprise impressions or copies obtained upon 
paper, parchment or card-board, by means of printing, lithography, 
engraving, photography, or any other mechanical process easy to recog- 
nize. This description includes newspapers, periodical works, books 
(stitched or bound), pamphlets, sheets of music, visiting cards, address 
cards, proofs of printing, plans, maps, catalogues, prospectuses, an- 
nouncements, circulars, notices, engravings, photographs, designs, 
manuscript for press (when sent with proofs of same), papers impressed 
for use of the blind, albums of photos, or card-board drawing models 


stamped in relief, and anything (not glass) usually appurtenant to the 
before-mentioned articles in the way of binding, mounting, or otherwise, 
and anything convenient for their safe transmission which shall be 
contained in the same packet. Postage stamps, obliterated or not, and 
all printed articles constituting the sign of a monetary value, are ex- 
cluded. The products of the copying press and the typewriter are not 
admitted, nor, as a rule, are printed papers which have been modified 
after printing, either by hand or by a mechanical process. But the 
following exceptions are allowed : — Printed circulars may be dated in 
manuscript or by a mechanical process, name and address of the sender 
and of the recipient, as well as his trade or profession, and his address 
may be added ; on printed visiting cards and Christmas cards the 
address of the sender, or formulas of courtesy in not more than five 
words may be written, and on printed circulars manuscript cor- 
rections and insertions may be made as to names of commercial travel- 
lers, dates of journey, dates of departure of ships, names of persons 
invited to meetings, and the place, date, and object of the meetings ; 
date of despatch may be inserted in advices of goods ; printers' proofs 
may be corrected and the manuscript enclosed, errors in other printed 
documents may be corrected, and figures may be inserted in prices 
current, stock and share lists, &c. ; books, music, photos, engravings, and 
Christmas cards may contain the invoice relating to them ; books may 
have a dedication inscribed on them ; in orders for books printed on cards, 
the works required or offered may be indicated in manuscript ; to cuttings 
from periodicals, the title and date of the publication may be added. 
Circulars printed or lithographed in characters resembling those of the 
typewriter, or produced from typewritten originals, will be 
admitted, provided that they are handed in at the counter of 
Post Office, that special attention is called to their nature, and that at 
least twenty copies are posted at the same time. 
Commercial Papers and Printed Papers may be posted either without a cover, 
or in an unfastened envelope, or in a cover easily removable for examination 
without breaking any seal or adhering surfaces. The packet may, however, 
be tied at the ends with string easy to unfasten. The name and address of 
the sender should be written or printed outside. 

The limit of size for British Colonies or Possessions or non-Union countries 
are 2 feet in length by 1 foot in width or depth ; but to Foreign Countries in 
the Postal Union the length is limited to 18 inches. If in the form of a roll the 
limits of size in either case are 30 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter. The 
limits of weight are from 4 lbs. to 5 lbs. according to destination. 

Foreign and Colonial Samples. 

The rate of postage on Sample Packets for all places abroad is Id for the 
first 4 oz., and ^d per 2 oz. thereafter. The Sample Post is restricted to 
samples of merchandise or scientific specimens. Articles liable to Custom 
Duties may be sent by Sample Post to certain countries only and under 
special regulations. 

Patterns or Samples, when practicable, must be sent in covers open at the 
ends, and in such a manner as to be easy of examination. But samples of 
seeds, drugs, and such like, may be posted enclosed in boxes or bags fastened 
in such a manner that they may be readily opened. 

There must be no writing or printing upon or in any Sample Packet for 
non-Union countries, except the address of the person for whom it is intended, 
the address of the sender, a trade mark or number, the price of the articles, 
the weight or size, and the quantity to be disposed of, or such as may be 
necessary to indicate the place of origin or the nature of the merchandise. A 


packet for a country in the Postal Union may contain Printed Papers, and if the 
rates for Commercial Papers be paid, it may also contain Commercial Papers. 

The limit of weight for British Colonies or Possessions or for non-Union 
countries is 5 lbs., but for Foreign Countries in Postal Union the limit is 12 oz. 

The limit of size for British Colonies or Possessions or for non-Union coun- 
tries is 2 feet in length by 1 foot in width or depth ; and for foreign places in 
the Postal Union 12 inches in length, 8 inches in width, or 4 inches in depth ; 
unless it be in the form of a roll, in which case the limit of size is 12 inches 
in length and 6 inches in diameter. 

Magazine Post for Canada and Newfoundland. 

British Newspapers, Magazines, and Trade Journals may be sent to Canada 
by direct Canadian packet, and to Newfoundland by direct packet or by 
Canada, at a rate of Id per lb. ; limit of weight, 5 lbs. ; limit of size, 2 feet in 
length by 1 foot in width or depth. They must be posted without a cover or 
in a cover open at both ends and easily removable. Neither cover nor 
contents may bear any superscription except title and reference to registration, 
address of sender and addressee, index or reference numbers and letters, 
the words " with compliments," a reference to any place in the publication, 
and a request for return in case of non-delivery. All inland registered News- 
papers are admissible ; and other Journals may be registered for Magazine 
Post under certain conditions. 

Spoilt Stamps. 

Applications for allowance on spoilt, or unused, postage stamps, embossed 
envelopes, post cards, or newspaper wrappers, which have not passed through 
the post, should be made at the Stamp Office. 

Registration and Insurance — Foreign. 

The fee for registration of letters, post cards, commercial and printed 
papers, and samples, addressed to places abroad, is 2d. Articles to be 
registered must be enclosed in a strong envelope, and given to an agent of 
the Post Office. To some countries it is forbidden to send coin, jewellery, 
or precious articles. (For prices of Registered Letter Envelopes, see page 150.) 

Letters and parcels may be insured (up to certain limits of value) 
to many foreign countries. Letters must be securely fastened and sealed 
with private seal, and presented at the counter of a Post Office Parcels 
must be substantially packed, and sealed with wax or lead. Seals must be 
placed over each join or loose flap of the covering, and at the ends of the 
string. The seals must all have distinct impressions of the same device, 
such device not consisting merely of straight or curved lines. Parcels con- 
taining coin, watches, or jewellery must be enclosed in strong boxes 
substantially fastened in wrappers of canvas or strong paper, duly sealed. 

Letters or parcels for insurance must bear the words " Insured for ," 

according to amount. The sums payable for insurance, including registra- 
tion, are as follows :— To secure compensation up to £12, a fee of 4d ; £24, 
6d ; and so on at the rate of 2d for every additional £12, up to £400, 5s lOd. 

For the insurance of parcels to the United States by the semi-official 
service, the sums payable are as follows: — For £12, a f ee of 6d ; £24, Is; 
and so on at the rate of 6d for every £12, up to £120, 5s. 

Articles of gold and silver, precious stones, and jewellery (but not current 
coin, letters, bank notes, or securities) may be sent in the letter mails to 
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Holland, 
Italy, Luxemburg, Montenegro, Norway, Portugal, Roumania, Switzerland, 
and certain Ottoman Post Offices in Turkey-in-Europe, as an "insured box." 
The box, strongly made of metal or wood, and having top and bottom 
covered with white paper, must be tied crosswise with a single strong string, 
sealed with private wax seal on the four sides. Limit of weight, 2 lbs. ; 
limits of size, 12 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches. 




Letter Postage, Id per oz. ; with exception of those places marked with an 

asterisk (*), to which the Letter Postage is 

2£d first oz., and lid each additional oz. 



Despatch from 

Arrival at 

Aden (includ. Perim) 

Via Brindisi 

Friday, 7.45 a.m. 



Via Brindisi 

Friday, 7.45 a.m. 


* Algeria 

Via Dover, F'lkestone 

Twice daily 


♦Argentine Republic 

Via Southampton 

Thursday, 4.30 p.m. 


Via Liverpool 

Alt. wks. from May 13 

Four times a month 


ViaB'ndisi or Taranto 

Fridays, 7.45 a.m. 


*Austria-Hungary . . 

Via Belgium, France, 
or Holland 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 


Via Southampton 

May 5 and alt. weeks 

May 12 and alt. weeks 

Via U.S.A. 

Same as U. S. A. 


(Letters must be spe 

cially subscribed to 

go by this route) 


Via Ostend or France 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 


Same as Argentine 



Via Belgium 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 


Tu. Wed. Th. & Ft. 

Three times a week 

Cape of Good Hope 

Same as South Africa 



ViaB'ndisi or Taranto 

Friday, 7.45 a.m. 



Same as Argentine 

*China (Brit. Agen- 

Via Siberia 

Three times a week 

Twice a week 

cies, Id per oz) 


Via Brindisi 

Friday, 7.45 a.m. 


♦Denmark . . 

Via Holland 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 

♦Dutch East Indies 

Via Brindisi 

Friday, 7.45 a.m. 


♦Dutch West Indies 

Via U.S.A. 

Wed. and Friday 



Three times a week 

Twice a week 

Falkland Islands . . 

Via Lisbon 

Ev. 4 wks. from May 1 

Ev. 4 wks. from May 10 


Twice daily 

Twice daily 


Twice daily 

Three times daily 


Via France 

Twice daily 


Gold Coast Colony. . 

Via Liverpool 

Every Tuesday 

Mon. and Thurs. 


Via Brindisi 


Four days a week 


Twice daily 

Three times daily 

Hong Kong 

Via Siberia 

Three times a week 

Twice weekly 

India . . 

Via Brindisi 

Friday, 7.45 a.m. 

Saturday or Sunday 


Via France 

Twice daily 

Three times daily 


Same as U.S.A. 

* Japan 

Via Siberia 

Same as China 

Malay Straits 

Same as Strait Set 



Via Italy or France 

Afternoon daily 

Daily except Sunday 


Same as U.S.A. 


Via L'pool or Canada 

Twice a week 


New Zealand 

ViaB'ndisi or Taranto 

Friday, 7.45 a.m. 



Twice a day 

Twice a day 

Orange Free State . . 

Same as South Africa 



Same as U.S.A. 


♦Philippine Islands 

Via Brindisi 

Friday, 7.45 a.m. 



Twice dailv 



Same as South Africa 



ViaBelg'm or Holland 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 


ViaBelg'm or Holland 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 


Via Belgium 

Twice daily 


South Africa (Brit.) 

Via Southampton 

Friday, 8.30 p.m. 

Every Tuesday 


Via France 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 

Strait Settlements . . 

Via Brindisi 

Same as India 


Twice daily 

Twice daily 


Via France 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 


Same as South Africa 



Twice daily 

Twice daily 

U.S. of America 

Via British Packet 

Wed. and Friday 

Three times a week 


Via British Packet 

Wed. and Fridaj' 



Compensation for Loss or Damage op Uninsured Parcels. 
The Postmaster-General will, subject to certain rules, give compensation for 
the loss or damage of uninsured parcels sent by Parcel Post to various Foreign 
Countries (to amounts not exceeding 12s and 20s) when such loss or damage 
takes place while the parcels are under his custody ; and in the case of parcels 
lost or damaged while under the control of the Post Offices of these countries, 
the Postmaster-General will endeavour to obtain compensation for the senders. 

Cash on Delivery Service. 

This arrangement for collecting from the recipient, for remittance to the 
sender, by Money Order or Postal Order, the value of articles sent by 
post, is in operation between Britain and the following countries : — 
Bahamas (Nassau only), Barbados, Bermuda, British Honduras, Cayman 
Islands, Cyprus, Egypt, Fiji, Gambia, Gibraltar, Grenada, Hong 
Kong, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, Malta, Morocco, Nigeria, Nyasaland, 
Rhodesia (Southern), St Lucia, St Vincent, Seychelles, Somaliland 
(British), Straits Settlements, Trinidad, Turkey (Beyrout, Constan- 
tinople, Salonica, Smyrna). The amount to be collected, or "Trade 
Charge," may not exceed £20. Articles may be sent as parcels, 
insured letters, or registered packets. The sender must (a) write, on cover 
of packet, his name and addiess, the amount in British currency of Trade 
Charge in figures and words, and name of office on which payment is to be 
drawn (no erasure or alteration allowed); (6) fill up a "Request Form"; 
(c) prepay a special fee by affixing 2d in stamps to Request Form. The 
ordinary postage and other charges must be prepaid in ordinary way. 

The packet must be handed in at a Post Office, where the sender must 
obtain a certificate of posting, which is to be given up when the Money Order 
or Postal Order is presented for payment. The amount of the Trade Charge 
will be remitted directly to the sender, after deduction of fee due to office of 
delivery, and commission on Money Order or Postal Order. The rates 
charged as fee and commission for the various countries may be ascertained 
at the Post Office. 

Foreign and Colonial Parcel Post— general regulations. 

A parcel must not be posted in a letter box, but must be presented at the 
counter of a Post Office. The sender is required to make a Customs declara- 
tion furnishing a statement of the contents and value, the date of posting, 
and other particulars. Arrangements have been made with many Foreign 
Countries whereby senders may take upon themselves the payment of the 
Customs charges if they so desire. 

On importation into Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Rhodesia, the Union 
of South Africa, and the Bechuanaland Protectorate, certain articles produced 
or manufactured in the United Kingdom are entitled, when accompanied by 
a suitable certificate or statement of origin, to preferential rates of Customs 
duty according to the tariff of the particular Colony. 

Postal parcels not containing merchandise for sale and not exceeding £10 
in value (£5 in the case of Canada), intended for importation into Australia, 
Southern Rhodesia, or Canada under the preferential tariffs, must be accom- 
panied by a certificate of origin. 

No letter whatever may be sent in a parcel addressed to any Foreign 
Country, or to many British possessions. Invoices in open envelopes may, 
however, be enclosed. Coin, jewellery, or any article of gold or silver, cannot 
be sent by Parcel Post to any Foreign Country or British Possession included 
in the insurance system, unless they are insured for at least part of their 
value, and packed according to special regulations. 

Parcels should be securely packed, and must, if for Foreign Countries, be so 
sealed that they cannot be opened without the seals being broken. 



Place of 


Rates of Postage. 

Dates of Despatch 


Parcels not exceed'g 

from Dundee. 

3 lb. | 7 lb. | 11 lb. 

S. D. 

S. D. 

S. D. 


P. &O. Line direct.. 




Every Tuesday night 

Via France & P. & 0. 

1 8 

2 8 

3 8 

Every Monday morning 

Argentine Republic 

Royal Mail Line 




Every Thursday morn. 


P.&0.& Orient Lines 

Notoverllb. is, for 
each addl. lb. up 
to 11 lbs., 6d 

Every Tuesday night 

Via France & thence 

Notoverllb. Is8d, 

Each alternate week 

by P. & 0. Line 

for each addl. lb. 
up to 11 lbs., 6d 

Via France and Italy 

Notoverllb. 2s, for 

Each alternate week 

and thence by 

each addl. lb. up 

Orient Line 

to 11 lbs. , 6d 

Austria Hungary . . 

Via Germany direct 

1 4 

1 8 



ViaOstend orFlush'g 

1 7 

1 11 

2 3 

Twice a day 


Belgian Mail Packet 


1 4 

1 9 

Twice a day 


Same as Argentine 

3 6 



6h lbs. 


Via Germany direct 

2 4 

2 8 



ViaOstend orFlush'g 

2 6 

2 10 

3 2 



By Direct Packet 




Two or three times per 

Cape of Good Hope 

See S. Africa (Brit.) 


P.&O. & Orient Lines 




Every Tuesday night 

Via France & P. & 0. 

1 S 

2 8 

3 8 

May 4 and alt. weeks 

Via France and Italy 




May 11 and alt. weeks 

and Orient Line 


P. & 0. Line direct 




May 12 and alt. weeks 

Via Italy 




May 5 and alt. weeks 

Siberian Route 

6 6 

6 6 

6 6 

Twice daily 


P.&O. Line to Egypt 




Every Tuesday night 


Via Harwich 


1 4 

1 7 

Sat., Tues.,Thur., Fri. 

Via Ostend or Flush'g 

1 7 

1 11 

2 3 

Twice daily 

Dutch East Indies . . 

P. & 0. from Thames 

2 6 

3 3 


May 12 and alt. weeks 

Via France 

3 2 

3 11 

4 8 

May 4 and alt. weeks 


P. & 0. Line direct 


1 9 

2 G 

Every Tuesday night 

Via France 

1 9 

2 3 

2 9 

Monday mornings 

Via France and Italy 


2 6 


Every Friday evening 
except Port Said 


Via Calais or Dieppe 

1 4 

1 9 

2 2 

Twice daily 


By Sea direct 


1 4 

1 7 


Via Ostend or Flush'g 

1 2 

1 6 

1 10 

Twice daily 


P. & 0. from Thames 




Every Tuesday night 

Gold Coast Colony.. 

African and British 
and African Lines 




Monday evenings 


Via Italy 

2 4 

2 8 


From Brindisi daily 
except Friday 


Netherlands Mail 
Pkts. via Flushing 


1 2 

1 6 

Twice daily 

Hong Kong 

P. & 0. Line direct 




May 12 and alt. weeks 

Via France & direct 

1 8 

2 8 

3 8 

Vf , May 4 and alt. weeks 


P. & 0. Line direct 




Tuesday nights 

Via France & P. & 0. 

1 8 

2 8 

3 8 

Monday mornings 


Via France 

1 6 

1 10 

2 2 

Twice daily 

Via Belgium, Ger- 

2 2 

2 6 

2 10 

Twice daily 

many, & Switzerl'd 


Harrison & Leyland 




Evening, May 6 and 
alternate weeks 


Via Canada 




May 14 and alt. weeks 

Via Russia 




Twice daily 



Place of 


Malay States 

Malta . . 


Natal . . 
New Zealand 


Orange Free State 

Philippine Islands 

Rhodesia (Southern 
and Northern 

Rhodesia— Southern 

Rhodesia— Northern 
Roumania . . 

Russia in Europe 


Sierra Leone . . 

South Africa (Brit.) 

Straits Settlements 


Switzerland . . 


U.S. of America 

(Official Service) 
(Semi - Official) 

U.S. of America 
(New York City, 
Brooklyn, Jersey 
City, Hoboken) 



(Cuidad, Bolivar) 

Via Belgium 
Union Castle Line 
P. & O. Line direct 
Via France & P. & O 
P. & O. from Thames 
Via France and Italy 
Harrison & Leyland 

SeeS. Africa (Brit.) 
New Zealand Ship- 
ping 1 and Shaw, 
Savill, & Albion 

Norwegian Mail and 

Wilson Lines 
See S. Africa (Brit.) 
Pacific SteamNa viga 

tion Line 
Royal Mail Line 
See U.S.A. Offi. Ser. 
Royal Mail Line 
Via France and Spain 
Via Cape Town 

Aberdeen Line from 


Via Germany direct 
Via Ostend or Flush'g 
Via Germany direct 
Via Ostendor Flush'g 
Via Sweden 
Via Germany direct 
Via Ostend or Flush'g 
African and British 

and African Lines 
Union Castle Line 
Via France 
P. & O Line 
Via France & thence 

3 above 
Thule& Wilson Lines 
Via Ostend or Flush'g 
Via France 
Via Belgi'm&Germ'y 
S. Africa (Brit. ) 
Cunard & White Star 



Rates of Postage. 

Parcels not exceed'g 
3 lb. | 7 lb. 1 11 lb. 














For Parcels not ex- 
ceed^ ft. length 
and girth com- 
bined, Is, 2s, 3s 

Parcels over 4 but 
and girth com- 
bined, 2s, 3s, 4s 



1 4 
1 11 

1 4 

1 7 

Dates of Despatch 
from Dundee. 

For each lb. or frac- 
tion thereof up to 
11 lbs., Is 9d 


3 6 

1 11 

2 2 

1 11 

2 2 
2 2 
1 9 
1 11 


7 6 
2 7 
2 10 
2 7 
2 10 

9d per lb.up to 11 lbs. 

Royal Mail Line 
Royal Mail Line to 
Trinadad, thence 
via River Orinoco 












1 11 











2 2 

2 6 



3 10 

Twice daily 
Friday morning 
May 12 and alt. weeks 
M, May 4 and alt. weeks 
Every Thurs. as a rule 
E v. Mon. Wed . Fr i . morn 
May 7 and alternate 

Mornings, May 12 and 
alternate weeks 

Mondays, Wednesdays, 
and Fridays 

May 13 and alt. weeks 

May 4 and alt. weeks 

Once a week from May 7 
Twice a day 
Friday afternoons 

For dates apply at 
Post Office 

Twice a day 

Twice a day 
Wed., Thurs., and Fri 

Twice a day 


Twice a day 

May 12 and alt. weeks 

Mornings May 4 and 

alternate weeks 
Wed. , Thur. , and Fri. 
Twice a day 
Twice a day 
Twice a day 

Tuesday and Friday 

Tuesday and Friday 
Tuesday and Friday 

May 4 and alternate 


Post Office Telegraphs.— Inland Telegrams. 

The charge for telegrams throughout the United Kingdom is 6d for the 
first 12 words, and ^d for every additional word. Addresses are charged for. 
Forms with embossed stamps can be obtained either singly or in books of 
20, interleaved, and with a sheet of carbonic paper, price 10s 2d each book. 

When the terminal office is a Head Post Office, the amount paid for 
transmission covers the cost of delivery within three miles or within the town 
postal delivery when that extends for more than three miles. But when it is 
not a Head Post Office, the message is delivered free within three miles only. 
I The porterage on messages for places beyond the limits of the free delivery 
I will be at the rate of 3d a mile or part of a mile, the charge being reckoned 
[ from the limit of the free delivery. 

I Copies of a telegram directed to more than one person in the same free 
delivery are delivered at a charge of twopence per copy, in addition to a half- 
; penny for each word in the address of the copy. Telegrams may be repeated, 
if the sender desires it, at one-half the ordinary tariff. 

Persons not wishing to send to a Telegraph Office may post a telegram in an 
envelope addressed "Telegram, Immediate" in a wall or pillar-box, or Sub- 
Post Office. Telegrams so posted are sent on by next collection to the 
! Telegraph Office for transmission free of extra charge, provided that the 
j proper amounts have been prepaid. 

No combination of words is counted as one, with the exception of those 
which are ordinarily written as one, or coupled by hyphens, as "mother -in - 
I law," "forty-seven." Certain exceptional names, such as O'Neil, MacDonald, 
i De la Rue, are charged for as single words. So, too, are names with the pre- 
| fix " St," as StPancras ; but double names of persons, like Smith-Payne, are 
j counted as two words. Abbreviations of words, "can't," "won't," "don't," 
are counted as single words. 

Figures are counted at the rate of five figures to a word. Fractions are 
\ counted according to the number of figures employed, one figure being added 
I for the mark of division. In groups of figures a stop is counted as a figure. 
', The symbols o/o, a/c, b/1, and c/o are each counted as one word. In ordinal 
i numbers the affix st, nd, rd, or th is counted as two figures — thus " 1st " 
counts as one word, " 1432nd " as two words. When figures are preceded or 
i followed by a letter (except in the case of ordinal numbers), the letter is 
counted as a word, but letters added to figures to denote the number of a 
house are counted as figures. Initial letters are each counted as one word, 
1 with the exception of the initials of the London Postal Districts, which are 
counted as one word for each group. Names of towns and villages in the 
l United Kingdom are counted as one word each, irrespective of the number of 
; words of which they are composed. When necessary to add name of town or 
county to the name of a place to distinguish from another of the same name, 
: the name of town or county is not charged. When words are underlined, or 
j in parenthesis or inverted commas, one extra word is charged. One word 
i each is charged for signs of punctuation. 

j Anyone may register an abbreviated address on payment of a guinea a year. 
j The cost of a reply, not exceeding forty-eight words, may be prepaid, and a 
| reply form will then be delivered to the addressee, who will be at liberty to 
j UBe it for any inland message, at any time within twelve months. 

Foreign Telegrams. 
I In telegrams written in plain language the length allowed for a word is 15 
letters. Additional letters are charged for at the rate of 15 letters to the word. 
Subject to the limit as to number of letters, ordinary compound words and 


names of persons and places, &c, written without break or interruption, are 
counted as single words. If joined by a hyphen, or separated by an apostrophe, 
they are counted as so many separate words. Compound numbers- written in 
words and without break are also counted as single words subject to the same 
limit as to the number of letters. The name of the office of destination in the 
address is charged for as one word whatever its length ; and when the name 
of the country, state, province, or district has to be added the whole expression 
is charged for as one word. Every separate letter or figure is charged for as 
one word. Groups of letters in cypher and groups of figures are counted at 
the rate of five to a word. Bars of division, decimal points, and stops used 
in the formation of numbers are counted as figures. Letters added to figures 
to form ordinal numbers are counted as figures. 

Telegrams in Code language are composed of words not forming compre- 
hensible phrases, or of pronounceable groups of letters having the appearance 
of real words. "Words of more than ten letters are not allowed. In Code 
telegrams English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, 
and Latin, may be employed. 

Cypher is composed of Arabic figures or letters having a secret meaning. 
Letter and figure cypher cannot be combined. 

The address of the sender is charged for, if transmitted; in any case 
it must be written at the foot of the form. 

If the sender desires to prepay a reply he must insert before the address of 

the receiver "R P ", which is charged for as one word. A less sum than 

10d cannot be accepted in prepayment of a reply. 

Books containing 25 forms, each bearing lOd stamp, interleaved, can be 
obtained, price 21s each. 

Night Telegraph Letter Service. 

Night Telegraph Letters may be sent between any two towns in which the 
Head Telegraph Offices are open always for delivery by the first post the next 
morning — including Sundays if there is a Sunday delivery. The rate is 6d 
for 36 words or less, and |d for every 3 words beyond 36. 

Night Telegraph Letters must be in plain language. They should be 
written on telegram forms and the charges prepaid in postage stamps. They 
may be handed in at or telephoned to the Head Office of the town before 
midnight, or posted in time to reach it by midnight, prepaid at the above rate, 
in an envelope marked simply "Telegraph Letter." They may not bear 
multiple addresses ; and registered telegraphic addresses will not be 


European Telegrams prom any Part 

of the United Kingdom. 

s. d. 

s. d. 

s. d. 

Algeria each word 2£ 



Roumania . . 


Austria .. .. 2£ 

Greek Islands 




Azores . . ■ . 9 





Belgium . . . . 2 





Bosnia— Herzegovina 3| 





Boukhara . . 4£ 





Bulgaria .. .. 3£ 





Canary Islands . . 5 



Tripoli (Africa) . 

. 7 

Crete .. .. 5J 





Denmark .. .. 2^ 

Morocco— Tangier 




Faroe Islands . . 4 

Spanish Possessions 3 

Turkish Islands . 


France .- .. 2 

Other places . . 


Vestman Islands . 


Germany . . . . 2 



West Africa — 

Gibraltar .. .. 3 



French Possessi 

ons 1 4| 




Telegrams in plain language are accepted at the "Deferred Rate" on condition that 
they may, if necessary, be^deferred during transmission for not more than 24 hours. 

Aden each word 

Argentine Republic 

Brazil— Pernambuco 
Amazon— 1st Zone 
2nd Zone 
Other places . . 
Canada — see page 162 
Cape of Good Hope 
Cape Verd Islands — 
St Vincent 
St Thiago 
Chili— Punta Arenas 

Other places . . 
China — Macao 

Other places . . 

Other places . . 
Costa Rica 

Dutch E. Indies . . 
East Africa— British 
Other places. . 
Zanzibar — Zanzibar 
Egypt — Alexandria 
Other places — 
1st Region . . 
2nd Region . . 
3rd Region . . 
Guiana, British . . 
French .. 
Honduras, British 
Independent . . 

Malay Peninsula . . 
Mexico — Mexico . . 
Vera Cruz 
Other places . . 

New Caledonia . . 
Newfoundland — See p. 16! 
New Zealand 
Norfolk Island . . 
Orange Free State 
Panama Republic — 
Other places . . 










i 2s. Od. 

Is. Od. 

Paraguay ... 



. 2 9 

1 41 


. 3 

1 6 


1 9 

. 1 7 


Other places . . 

1/6 to 2/1 

. 3/5to3/S 


Persian Gulf 

2/- to 2/3 

. 4/5to4/S 

2/2±- - 2/4 


2/9 & 4/£ 

1 4£ 

. 2/4 to 2/7 

1/2 - 1/3J 

Philippine Islands 
Rhodesia — 


. 2 6 

1 3 


2 11 

1 5J 


2 8 

1 4 

. 2 2 

1 1 

St Helena 

2 6 

1 3 

. 3 1 

1 6J 

St Pierre and Miquelon . 



. 2/6 to 2/9 



3/1 to 3/4 

. 2 9 

1 4* 

Seychelles Islands 

2 6 


. 3 9 

1 10£ 


3/- to 3/6 

. 3 6 

1 9 


2 6 


i 2 9 

United States— See p. 161 


. 3 5 


J 2/6 & 2/9 

i/3, im 

. 3 4 





3 7 

1 9J 
1 4 

West Africa 
British Possessions— 



3 2 

1 7 

2 9 

Gold Coast . . 



2 6 


Nigeria — 

2 8 


4 4 

2 2 




4 4 

2 2 

1 4 


Other places 

4 6 

2 3 

Sierra Leone 

3/2 & 3/4 

1/7 & 1/8 



Belgian Congo 

3/1 & 4/9 


1 1 


1 4 


West Indies- 

3/1 to 3/4 

Antigua . . ........ 

4 4 

2 2 

5 6 



7 2 

6 9 


4 9 


6 6 


7 2 

2 6 


3 4 


1 8 


1/10 to 2/ 


Other places 

1 10 


3 11 

1 llj 


6 9 

2 8 

1 4 


4 2 





4 8 

2 4 


1 5 


4 9 

2 6 

1 3 


4/4 & 6/5 






Les Saintes 

4 9 

1/9 to 2/4 

Marie Galante .. 

4 9 


2 6 



4 9 

3/5 to 3/8 

Porto Rico 
St Croix 

3 1 

5 3 

2/9 to 3/ 

1 6 

San Domingo 

4/3 to 4/4' 

1/7 to 6/6 

3/1 to 3/4 

St Kitts 

4 8 

2 4 



St Lucia 

4 6 

2 3 

2 6 

1 3 

St Thomas 



St Vincent 

4 7 

2 3£ 

3 1 


5 1 

2 6£ 

3 1 


5 1 

2 6* 

3 2 ' 

Turks Island 


1 6 




British Columbia .... . . , 

Cape Breton 


New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, 
Prince Edward Island, Quebec 




United States- 

Alabama, Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, 
Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mis- 
sissippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, 

Arkansas, Colorado, Dakota, Indian 
Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, 
Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, 
Texas, Wyoming; 

Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, 
Oregon, Utah, Washington Terr. 

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, 
New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Ver- 

Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Penn- 

Florida— Pensacola 

Key West 

Other places 

Louisiana— New Orleans 

Other places 

Minnesota— Duluth, Minneapolis, St 

Paul, Winona 

Other places 

Missouri— St Louis 

Other places 

New Jersey— Hoboken, Jersey City . . 
Other places 

New York— New York and vicinity . . 
Other places 

Ordinary Rate. 

each word. 

1/6 to 3/2 




2/9 to 3/2 













Deferred Rate. 

each word. 


1/2 to 2/10 





2/5 to 2/10 














each word 

7Jd to 1/5J 




1/3 to 1/5$ 












each word 


7d to 1/5 




1/2J to 1/5 









Radiotelegrams are accepted at any Telegraph Office for transmission from 
various Coast Stations (both in the United Kingdom and abroad) to certain 
ships equipped with wireless telegraph apparatus. Radiotelegrams from ships 
are also received at such stations, and are thence transmitted to their 
destination by wire. The usual charge for a radiotelegram sent through 
British Coast Station to an ocean liner is 10Jd a word. Lower rates of 
charge apply to vessels making short voyages. Particulars may be obtained 
at Post Office. 

Inland Revenue Stamps, &c. 
Inland Revenue Stamps of all kinds, Bill Stamps, Bankruptcy Stamps, 
Patent, Design, and Trade Mark Stamps and Forms, Dog, Gun, Motor, Game, 
and Private Brewers' Licenses, may be purchased at the Post Office. For list 
of Stamp Duties see page 64. 


Chamber of Commerce, G. K. Smith, J. B. Taylor, Col. Harry "Walker, 
William Rettie ; from Town Council, J. M. Soutar, A. W. Paton, W. S. 
Melville, W. H. Blyth Martin ; from Harbour Board, Andrew Leitch ; from 
Faculty of Procurators, John Scrimgeour ; from Stock Exchange Association, 
John M. Watson ; from Newspaper Proprietors, N. A. Pattullo, D. C. 
Thomson ; Secretary, George C. Keiller, 9 Panmure street. 

POST OFFICE TELEPHONES.— Secretary for Scotland, W. G. 
Kirkwood, Edinburgh. Exchanges in Dundee, Broughty Ferry, Monifieth, 
Newport, Wormit, Tayport, Cupar, St Andrews, Carnoustie, Downfield, 
Invergowrie, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Brechin, Edzell, Laurencekirk, Fettercairn, 
Perth, Arbroath, Montrose, Crieff, Comrie, Scone, Newburgh, Abernethy, 
Stanley, Methven, Bridge of Earn, &c. District Manager, William Brown, 
13 Panmure street ; Contract Manager, John Meikleham, 73 Murraygate. 

Call Offices. — Dundee — 50, 162, and 205 Albert street, 5 Arbroath road, 
18 Bell street, 47 and 218 Blackness road, 53 and 120 Brook street, 24 Car- 
michael street, Carolina Port, 19 City road, 162 Clepington road, 38 Com- 
mercial street, 25 Constitution road, 17 Cowgate, Craig Pier, Dalgleish road, 
Dens Park, 12 E. Dock street, 30 Dudhope street, 28 Dundonald street, 32 
and 42 Dura street, East Station, Eastern Wharf, Fish Dock, Ferry road 
(Tramway Shelter), 134 Ferry road, 34 Forfar road, 10 Gellatly street, 200 
Hawkhill, 26, 142, and 266 Hilltown, 8 King street, King's Cross Chemical 
Works, 23 Lilybank road, 120, 146, 160 Lochee road, Lochee road (Tramway 
Shelter), 58 Magdalen Yard road, 33 and 111 Nethergate, Ninewells, 76 Church 
street, 49 Overgate, 13 Panmure street, Park avenue, 197, 221, and 294 Perth 
road, 12 Peter street, 4 Polepark road, Post Office (Meadowside), 30 and 191 
Princes street, 12, 26, and 65 Reform street, 96 Rosebank street, 70, 124, and 187 
Strathmartine road, Tay Bridge Station, 19 Union street, 51, 179, and 132 
Victoria road, 48 Watson street, 3 Wellgate, Westpark road, West Station, 
20 Whitehall crescent. Lochee. — 26 Bank street, 131 High street, 107 Logie 
street, 143 South road. Invergowrie.— Mylnefield feus. Broughty Ferry.— 
Post Office, Baldovie, 179 and 331 Brook street, Barnhill Station, Broughty 
Ferry Station, and West Ferry Station, Castle street, 105 Church street, 136 
Gray street. Newport. — East Station, Pierhead buildings, Robertson place, 
Station road, Union street, West Station. Wormit. — Newburgh road. 
Tayport. — Post Office, Castle street, Queen street, Station. Downfield. — 
Aiton place, Neilson place, Scotia terrace, Car Terminus (Tramway Shelter). 
Monifieth. — Dalkeith place, 20, 49, and 67 High street, Station. Car- 
noustie. — Post Office, Brown street, Dundee street, High street, Carnoustie 
and Barry Stations, and Station road. 

The Use of Telephones for Sending Telegrams and Express Letters. 
—Any subscriber to a Telephone Exchange may telephone messages to many 
Post Offices, so that these messages may be dealt with as Telegrams or 
Express Letters or Ordinary Letters ; and Telegrams may be delivered by 
telephone instead of by messenger (if the subscriber has a registered telegraphic 
address). Telegrams may also be addressed to the telephonic addresses of 
Exchange subscribers for delivery by telephone. The address must comprise 
the subscriber's name, thus — "Jones, Midland 245, Birmingham," or "Jones, 
Hull 245." 

An Express Letter telephoned to a Post Office is delivered for the usual 
Express Delivery fee if it does not contain more than 30 words, including the 
address. If it exceeds that number, each additional 30 words, or part 
thereof, is charged for as a separate Express Letter. Any subscriber to a 
Telephone Exchange may obtain the services of an express messenger by 
telephoning to the nearest Post Office. 



© o 

I S 

a) I— 

Xfl 2 

H pq 


■a b 
pS S 

a O 
9 « 

.3 p 

I* 3 
o O 

• .o oioiaooioorapininoiaooiooo ooo 

C S M HH CO ■* CO -tf i-H rH i-H CO tJH CO 

Ci rH 00 00 00 C5 © 00 00 CO 00 CO O 00 00 CO 00 00 cooooo 


H^M-* ■* ■* CO tH CO-* -* "* 

00t-I>t>l>O0 00J^00t-I>I>00t-t~00fr-t- 

© in in © © in © in is o O io m o in 

I TH I -* ■* -* | «# CO "* T*( T* •* 

j> © ©*~t-COJ>© ©j>©©©©to 

S co 

Pi lO 

in oinoininino©ooino©©ino 
■* I CO rH co ■* ■* ■* co co co ■* co co ■* co 

m loioifliflioiotoioioiflioioiotoioio 

m © © 
•* co co 

OOioioiooomom iDOOiomioo 

K)T(HJI*'*lOlO't'*^ TJ< ^ •># ■* T* T* T* 



© m in © © in m m o © m © m m 

I ■* I ■* -* I rH 1 -# COrf -* t* 

•* co eo -# ■<# co co co ■* co co ** co co 

O © m © m © © m in in o© in in m in 
-*CO"tf ■* I ■># I •■# co -#•>*-<* t* 

CO >-H <N (N 5<! CO CO <N <N N CO N (N N IN N 

in in © 

** ■* CO 


pH ■<* -* rH ■* «d4 CO • 


© m©m©©in minmoomminm 

I ^ CO 1 * ^l | ^^^ CO tH tH Tfl tJ* 

IN ' i-H rH r-l <N IN r-l ' i-l i-H i-H (M rH rH r-l iH i-t 

m in©©mmin©m©©mminin mm© 

I ■* i ^1 Tfrl i— I Th CO rtl COTh^ThTh Ttl Tt* CO 



< 00 

00 00 00 © 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CC CO 00 00 00 00 00 ooooc 

IM ' O M (M IM M C-! Ol 5>1 « N N H IN M N W (N (M (N 

. a> « 
■ o w" 


J o 



! II I «-!« -S 
» «f oq 5j : «_g ; © Jg £ :o N " 

" H o 






Latest Time 

for Posting. 

Towns and Lines of Road. 



At Town 



Perth, Blairgowrie, Kirriemuir, 

9 p.m. 

7.30 p.m. 

3.40. a.m. 

Bro. Ferry, Monifieth, Carnoustie, Arbroath, 

9 „ 

7.30 „ 

5.15 ,, 

Tayport, Newport, Wormit}, and East of Fife, 

9 0,, 


5.10 „ 

Edinburgh, England, and West of Fife, 

9 0,, 

7.30 „ 

6.10 „ 

Kingennie, Monikie, Longfrgan, Inverg'wrie, 

9 0,, 

7.30 „ 

6.10 „ 

D'nfield, Auchterhouse, Tealing, Rural Posts, 

9 „ 

7.30 „ 

6.45 „ 

Monifieth, Carnoustie, Broughty Ferry, \ 
and Newport, / 

7.15 A.M. 

7.30 „ 

7.50 „ 

Tayport, Wormit, 

8.15 ,, 

7.30 „ 

8.35 „ 

Invergowrie, Longforgan, 

8.30 „ 

7.30 ., 

8.50 „ 

Glasgow, South- AVest of Scotland, 

9.15 „ 

8 a.m. 

9.35 „ 

Edinburgh and England, 

10.45 „ 

8 0,, 

11.20 „ 

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ireland, London, \ 
and England (Aberdeen 11.30), .. f 

11.45 „ 

10.45 ,, 

12 N. 

Brechin, Montrose, Forfar, 

1-2 On. 

10.45 „ 

12.20 p.m. 

Leven, Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Cupar,) 
Crieff, Glasgow, and Ireland, . . ) 

12.15 P.M. 

11.45 „ 

12.40 „ 

St Andrews, 

1.15 „ 

11.45 ,, 

1.30 „ 


1.30 „ 

11.45 „ 

1.50 ,, 

Inchture, Errol, Pitlochry, Inverness, 

2.15 „ 

11.45 „ 

2.30 „ 

Tayport, Carnoustie, Broughty Ferry, \ 
Monifieth, Newport, / 

2.30 „ 

1.45 P.M. 

2.50 „ 

Edinburgh, N.E. of England, London, 1 

Dunkeld, Glasgow, South-West and I 
North-West of Scotland, all Ireland, f 

2.45 „ 

1.45 „ 

3.15 „ 

Perth, Aberfeldy, J 

Aberd., N.E. of Scot., Montrose, Stonehaven, 

4 „ 

2.45 „ 

4.15 „ 

Blairgowrie, Brechin, CouparAngus,Forfar,\ 
Alyth, Meigle, Fifeshire, Kirriemuir, / 

3.30 , r 

2.45 „ 

3.50 „ 

Glasgow, S. of Scotland, London, Arbroath, \ 

Wormit, Inchture, Manchester, South > 

4.15 „ 

3.45 „ 

4.50 „ 

and West of England, .. .. J 

Wormit, Newtyle, London, St Andrews, 1 

Cupar, Edinburgh, / 

4.45 ,, 

3.45 ,, 

5.10 ,, 

Broughty Ferry, Newport, Monifieth, \ 
Tayport, Errol, and Carnoustie, Perth, J 

5.30 „ 

4.45 „ 

5.45 „ 

Kilmany, Aberdeen, and N.E. of Scotland,. . 

6 „ 

4.45 „ 

6.20 „ 

Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, Liverpool,) 
Manchester, and Ireland, . . . . ( 

6 „ 

5.30 „ 

6.45 „ 

Sheffield, Edinburgh, England (N.E. ), and) 
Dunfermline, / 

6.30 „ 

5.30 „ 

7.15 „ 

Aberdeen, Arbroath, 

7.30 „ 

6.45 „ 

7.55 „ 

Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham,^ 
Leicester, West of England, Glasgow, J- 
Perth, Stirling, and Ireland, Carlisle, J 

8 „ 

7.45 „ 

8.50 „ 

Late London Day Mail, London, E. of Eng-S 

land, Foreign, Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, j- 

8.15 „ 

7.45 „ 

9 5 „ 

Leeds, Newcastle, York, Sheffield, J 

Glasgow, South of Scotland, Montrose, \ 


Forfar, Perth, Inverness, the North, V 

9 „ 

7.45 „ 


Brechin, Aberdeen, J 


Parcels are delivered by Postmen at each of the Town Deliveries at 7.0, 8.15, 

and 10.45 a.m. ; 1.0, 4.30, and 7.0 p.m. ; and General Parcel Deliveries 

at 9.0 and 10.45 a.m. ; 1.0, 4.30, and 7.0 p.m. 




Arrivals from 

Hour of 

London Day Mail, England, Ireland, Edinburgh, Forfar, Fal- -i 
kirk, Glasgow, Perth, and South of Scotland, Highlands, / 

Aberdeen, Montrose, 


England, Continental, North of Ireland, Edinburgh, Glas-\ 

gow, South of Scotland, Brought}' Ferry, / 

London Night Mail, England, Ireland, Scotland generally, \ 

Inverness, Elgin, Perth, / 

Monifieth, Newport, Carnoustie, 

Aberdeen, Arbroath, Montrose, 

Alyth, Blairgowrie, Fife, Newtyle, 

London, Edinburgh, Forfar, [Kirriemuir, (Monday only)], . . 
London, (England— West Coast) Perth, Crieff, Tayport, \ 

South of Ireland, Wormit, / 

Carnoustie, Monifieth, Broughty Ferry, Edinburgh, Cupar,) 

St. Andrews, Newport, Newburgh, Dunfermline ) 

Edinbro, Glasgow, Crieff, Stirling, Perth, Arbroath, Aberd'n, \ 

Montrose, Brechin, Forfar, London during summer months, I 
Perth, St Andrews, Wormit, Tayport, Newport, Alyth, \ 

Broughty Ferry, Blairgowrie, Coupar- Angus, Meigle, Car- > 

noustie, Woodside, Monifieth, Invergowrie, Longforgan, . . / 
Kingennie, Monikie, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Brechin, 

Aberdeen, Arbroath, Montrose 

London, Newcastle, Continental, England (East & South ^ 

Coasts), Edinburgh, Cupar, Glasgow, Kirkcaldj% Leven, V 

Dunfermline, Tayport, Falkirk, St Andrews, and Newport, J 
Alyth, Blairgowrie, Coupar- Angus, Meigle, Broughty "l 

Ferry, Carnoustie, Monifieth J 

Broughty Ferry, Newport, Crieff, Glasgow, Perth, High-^ 

lands, Errol, Inchture, Stirling, Edinburgh, Longforgan, V 

Invergowrie, J 

Aberdeen, Arbroath, Montrose, 

Broughty Ferry, Carnoustie, Monifieth, 

Tayport, Edinburgh, Fife, Newcastle, Glasgow, Liverpool, \ 

Manchester, Birmingham, Wormit, ' 

Blairgowrie, Coupar-Angus, Meigle, Alyth, Stirling, Glasgow, \ 

Crieff, Perth, Aberdeen, Montrose, Arbroath, Nor. of Scot. / 
Brechin, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Broughty Ferry, Carnoustie, ) 

Monifieth, Cupar, / 

London, Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, Newport, Tayport, Wormit, 
Newport, Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, St Andrews, Broughty \ 

Ferry, Carnoustie, Monifieth, Anstruther / 

Aberdeen, Arbroath, Montrose, Leven, 

Kirkcaldy, Cupar, Glasgow, Arbroath, Edinburgh, Dunierm- "1 

line, Newcastle, / 


1 15 

2 11 

3 45 

6 45 


8 8 

8 43 

9 26 

9 50 


12 30 

3 30 
3 25 

4 2 

5 30 

6 8 

6 30 

7 30 


8 30 







Latest Time 
for Posting. 

Errol and Inchture, Perthshire, Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh, Forfar,' 

Kirriemuir, Meigle, Brechin, Blairgowrie, Co. -Angus, Aberdeen and 

North, Highlands, 
Arbroath, Montrose, Carnoustie, Monifieth, Broughty Ferry, Newport, 

Tayport, Wormit, East of Fife, . . . . 

England generally, London, E.C., Edinburgh, West of Fife, Long- 

f organ, Mylnefield, 
Rural Posts, 

Monikie, Kingennie, Broughty Ferry, Wormit, 
Broughty Ferry, Carnoustie, Monifieth, Newport, 
Glasgow, London, and the Continent, 
Tayport and Wormit, Kilmany, 
Perth, Longf organ, In vergowrie (Aberdeen 8.45), 
Edinburgh and Glasgow, 
tEdinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow, Crewe, 
Aberdeen, Blairgowrie, and Auchterhouse, 
t London, N.-E. of England, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle-on- 


Forfar, Brechin, Montrose, 

Cupar, Kirkcaldy, Leven, Edinburgh, Crieff, Dunfermline, Perth, 

St Andrews, 


Pitlochry, Inchture, and Errol, 

Tayport, Newport, Broughty Ferry, Monifieth, Carnoustie, . . 

*Perth, Scotland S., London Night, Aberfeldy, Dunkeld, England, 

Ireland, Edinburgh, Glasgow (U.S.A. and Canada, Wednesday), 
Fifeshire, Edinburgh, Meigle, Brechin, Forfar, Alyth, Coupar 

Angus, Blairgowrie, Kirriemuir, Kingennie, Monikie, 
Aberdeen and Montrose, Stonehaven, 
Arbroath, Inchture, London Night— Supplementary, N.-W. of Eng- ) 

land, Ireland, Glasgow, Wormit(In vergowrie, Longforgan, 3. 30 Sat.) | 
tLondon, York, N.-E. of England, Edin., Cupar, Newtyle, and St Andrews, 
Broughty Ferry, Monifieth, Carnoustie, Newport, Tayport, Perth, Errol, 
t Aberdeen and N.-E. of Scotland, 
|| Up Day Mail— England generally, Irish, Glasgow, Stirling, and \ 

South- West of Scotland, .. .. .. .. .. J 

IIBirmingham, Sheffield, London, Foreign, Edin., Dunfermline, Leeds, . . 
Aberdeen, Arbroath, .. .. 

tWest Coast Late Day Mail — Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, 

Leicester, Carlisle, Ireland, Perth, Stirling, Glasgow, Callander 

and Oban, S.W. of Scotland, and U.S.A. and Canada, Friday 8.15 p, 
IILeeds, Sheffield, Hull, York, Bradford, London Late Day Mail- 
Abroad, England (E. Coast), Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, 
Glasgow, South and West of Scotland, 
Perth, Inverness, Blairgowrie, Coupar-Angus, Montrose, Forfar, 

Kirriemuir, Brechin, Aberdeen, and North - East (not on 

Stirling, Crieff, 


ier, V 


3 10 A.M. 

4 45 „ 

5 45 „ 



7 15 

7 45 

8 15 

8 30 

9 15 
11 30 

11 45 

12 15 

1 15 

1 30 

2 15 
2 30 

2 50 

3 30 

4 30 

4 55 

5 30 


6 15 

6 45 

7 30 



11 45 

* Late fee (£d extra), 15 mins. longer, t Late fee, 10 mins. longer. || 25 mins. longer. 

Deliveries by Town Postmen.— Box Closes at 6.45, 8.0, 10.30 a.m., 12.45, 4.15, 6.45 p.m. 
Delivery Commences at 7.0, 8.15, 10.45 a.m., 1.0, 4.30, 7.0 P.M. 
No 4.30 delivery on Saturday. 
SUNDAY.— All parts South, . . Box closes 6.30 a.m. ; Despatched 6.50 A.M. 

Aberdeen, Perth, Highland Rail- \ 7 , r 

way, and North, .. ../" '- i0 » » 

Arbroath, Carnoustie, and New- \ c Qn 

port, .. .. • • J 

All parts South, .. . . „ 5.0 p.m.; ,, 

Stirling, „ 11.45 „ 

Letters Registered from 12.15 till 1.15 p.m. 

7.45 „ 

8.45 „ 

5.15 P.M. 
11.50 „ 




Ann Street, 150, . . 
Ancrum Road, 
Arklay Street (Top), 
Blackness Rd., 314.. 
Carolina Pt. (Spghll), 
Constitution Rd., top 
Constitution Rd., 61, 
Coupar Angus Road, 
Cowgate, 18, . . 
Cox St., Downfield 
Craigie Terrace, 
Dalkeith Road, 
Dock Street, 17, 
Downfield Road, 
Dudhope Church, 
East Station, 
Erskine Terrace, Road, 
Hawkhill, 123, 
Hawkhill, 190, 
High Street, Lochee, 
High Street, Pillars, 
Hilltown (Foot), ... 
Inverary Terrace, . . 
Kinnaird Street, 2, . . 
Kirk Street, Lochee, 
Law Street, . . 
Liff Road, Lochee, . . 
Lindsay St., North . . 
Lintrathen Gardens, 
Magdalen Yd. Rd., 31 
Magdalen Green, 53, 
Mains Road, . . 
Milnbank Road, 93, 
Moncur Crescent 
Muirfield Street, 
Nethergate, 63, 
Newport Boat, 
Osborne Place, 
Park Avenue, 
Perth Road, 188, 
Perth Road, 287, 
Pitalpin St., Lochee 
Pitkerro Road 
Provost Road (Top) 
Royal Exchange, 
Shamrock Street, 
South Road, Lochee 
Tay Bridge Station 
Tay Street, North, 
Victoria Road, 100, 
Westgrove Avenue 
Westpark Road, 
Windsor Street, 26 




12 30 

8 30 

10 45 


8 15 



8 30 


12 30 

8 30 

10 30 

12 30 

8 30 

10 45 

12 30 


10 45 

12 45 

8 30 


12 45 

8 30 





12 45 

8 15 



8 15 


12 15 

7 15 


12 15 

8 30 

10 45 





8 45 


12 15 

8 30 

10 45 





8 30 

10 30 

12 30 

7 30 

12 45 

8 30 

10 45 

12 45 

8 30 

10 45 


8 15 


12 15 

8 15 

10 45 

12 30 

8 45 


12 30 

8 30 

10 45 

12 30 

8 30 

10 45 




12 45 

8 15 






8 45 



8 45 


12 15 

8 30 

10 30 


8 30 

10 30 

12 30 

8 45 

10 45 

12 15 

8 30 

10 45 

12 15 

8 30 

10 30 

8 45 




8 45 

10 30 


6 45 

10 45 

12 15 

8 30 

10 45 

12 15 

8 30 10 45 

12 45 

8 30 

10 45 

12 45 

8 30 


8 30 


12 15 


9 15 


8 30 

12 45 

8 45 


12 45 

8 15 



8 30 

10 30 





7 30 




10 45 


8 45 



8 30 

10 30 

12 30 

7 30 


12 30 


12 15 

8 30 

10 45 

11 45 
11 45 
11 15 
11 30 
11 45 

11 45 





11 45 

11 30 
11 45 
11 45 
11 30 

11 45 

11 45 
11 45 

11 30 


11 30 

11 30 
11 30 
11 45 
11 45 
11 30 

11 30 
11 45 
11 45 
11 45 
11 45 
11 15 
11 15 

11 30 

11 30 
11 30 

11 45 

11 30 


11 45 


1 45 


1 45 

1 45 




1 45 

2 15 
1 45 
1 45 

1 15 

1 45 

1 45 
1 30 

1 15 

2 15 

1 45 

1 30 
1 45 
1 45 
1 30 


4 30 
4 45 

4 45 



3 45 





4 45 



5 15 
5 15 
5 15 

5 30 
5 30 

5 45 
5 45 
5 45 

5 30 
5 45 

5 30 
5 45 

5 45 
5 30 
5 30 

5 45 
5 45 
5 30 
5 30 
5 45 
5 45 



4 15 
4 30 

4 45 
4 45 
4 30 

5 30 
5 15 
7 30 
5 30 
5 45 
5 15 

4 45 5 SO 
4 45 6 
5 45 

3 45 

4 30 

5 45 


5 45 

- 5c0 
45 4 45 

5 5 45 
304 30 5 30 

- — 5 45 
45 5 5 45 
30 4 45'5 30 

6 45 

7 45 
7 30 
7 30 

7 45 

7 45 

7 15 
7 30 

I Sun. 

P.M. A.M. 

3 4512 30 
3 15 ! 12 

— Il2 
8 30 12 30 
8 45 12 30 
8 4512 30 

12 45 
12 45 

— 12 
12 15 


— 12 15 
7 45 12 15 



7 45 
7 45 


8 45 



8 45 

8 30 

8 45 


- 8 
7 15 8 
7 15 
7 45 
7 45 

7 30 
7 45 
7 15 


8 30 

8 45 


7 45J8 45 
8 45 
7 45 
7 45 

7 30 

7 15 

7 45 

i|7 30 

7 45 

— 7 45 

17 30 8 45 


8 45 



12 15 
12 30 
12 45 
12 45 
12 15 
12 30 
12 30 

8 45112 30 

12 45 

12 30 
12 15 
12 15 

11 30 


12 15 
12 15 
12 45 
12 45 

12 45 
12 45 


12 30 
12 30 
12 15 

Delivery in Dundee 

A.M. A.M. 
7 10 45 

4 30 c 





c Not on Saturdays. 

s Saturdays only. 


BROUGHTY FERRY POST OFFICE, Queen street, Broughty Ferry.— 
Postmaster, "William Smeaton. Mails — Despatches — Box closes for Dundee, 
| Fife, and South at 5 a.m.; for Dundee, 8.40 a.m., 10.30 a.m. ; for Dundee 
and South, 1.30 p.m., 3.35 p.m., 5.40 p.m., 7.45 p.m. ; for Dundee, North, and 
[South, 8.15 p.m. General parcels for same despatches accepted, 8.40 a.m., 
!l0.30 a.m., 1.30 p.m., 3.35 p.m., 7.45 p.m., 8 p.m. Deliveries — 7 a.m., 
|9 a.M., 3.45 p.m. (Saturdays excepted), 6.45 p.m. Sunday Despatch 
! 3.45 p.m. ; Arrival — 8 a.m. ; Delivery to Callers, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. 

! On Week-days, the Office is open for Postal business from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m., 
land for Telegraph business from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. Money Orders are issued 
land paid, and Savings Bank business transacted, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. On 
i Sunday the Office is open for Postal and Telegraph business from 9 till 
10 a.m., but on that day the Money Order and Savings Bank business is 
wholly suspended. 



Abertav Street, . . 
Barnhill P.O., 
Camperdown Street, 
Castle Street, 
Duntrune Terrace, 
Ellieslea Road, 
Forthill Road, 
Harecraig 1 , 
King Street, 
Monifieth Road, . . 
Railway Station, . . 
St Vincent Street, 

West Ferry P.O., .. 
Westfield Road, . . 






3 45 


12 15 

4 15 

5 45 

3 45 


12 15 

4 15 

5 45 

4 15 

9 30 

12 45 

4 45 

6 15 

3 45 


12 15 

4 15 

5 45 

3 45 

9 15 

12 30 

4 30 


4 15 

9 45 



6 10 

4 15 

9 45 



6 10 

4 15 

9 30 

12 45 

4 45 

6 10 

4 15 

9 45 



6 30 

4 15 

9 45 

1 15 

5 15 

6 45 

3 45 

9 15 

12 30 

4 30 


3 45 

9 15 

12 30 

4 30 


3 45 

9 15 

12 30 

4 30 


4 15 

9 30 

12 45 

4 45 

6 15 

4 15 


1 15 

5 15 

6 45 

4 15 


1 15 

5 15 

6 45 


6 45 

6 45 

7 15 
6 45 

Government Insurances and Annuities. 
! Insurances may be effected for amounts not less than £5 and not more than 
£100 to persons between 14 and 65 years of age ; and Annuities may be 
purchased for amounts not less than £1 and not more than £100 on one life. 
Children between 8 and 14 years of age can be insured for £5. Forms of 
proposals may be obtained at the Post Office. 

Post Office Savings Bank. 
j Deposits of one shilling, or of any number of shillings, may be made by 
l any person at the Post Office Savings Banks to the extent of £50 in one year 
ending 31st December, and £200 in all, including interest. 
| Any person desirous of saving one shilling by means of penny contributions, 
S for deposit in the Post Office Savings Bank, may do so by purchasing with 
1 every penny so saved a penny Stamp, and affixing it to a form to be obtained 
at any Post Office. Instructions as to this form are printed thereon. 
For list of Sub-Offices transacting Savings Bank business, see page 164. 


( 170 ) 

Abbot, Edward, jun. , railway ticket collector, 28 Union place 

Abbot, E. Mackie, blouse and underclothing manufacturer, 19 Bain sq. 

Abbot, George, joiner, 1 Gowrie place 

Abbot, George, blacksmith, 8 Alexander street 

Abbot, James, tinsmith, 15 Lorimer street 

Abbot, J. Mackie, clerk, Gas Commission ; h. 2 Cloan road, Downfield 

Abbot, Peter, enginedriver, 29 Wilkie's lane 

Abbot, Peter H. , accountant, Craigielea, 8 Roxburgh terrace 

Abbot, Thomas, 2 Corso street 

Abbot, Thomas, coal salesman, 24 Baxter street 

Abbot, William, tenter, 45 Peddie street 

Abbot, William, cabinetmaker, 351 Clepington road 

Abbot, William, yardsman, 28 Union place 

Abbot, W., mechanic, 18 Arthurstone terrace 

Abbot, Mrs Alexander, 16 Elizabeth street 

Abbot, Mrs Jane, 17 Ellen street 

Abbot, Mrs R., stationer, 283 Hawkhill 

Abbot, Miss Mary, 20 Cowgate 

Abbott & Glass, dentistry, 93 Nethergate 

Abbott, Norman F. , of Abbott & Glass, Auburn terrace, Invergowrie 

Abel, Rev. Arthur C.,DudhopeU.F.Ch. ; h. Leylodge,2Ancrumrd.,L'hee 

Aberdeen Fish Mart, 180 Alexander street 

Aberdeenshire Meat Co. , butchers, 20 Wellgate 

Aberdein, Mrs James, apartments, 24 Garland place 

Abernethy, Henry, 61 Lochee road 

Adam, Alexander Y. , of Bell & Henderson, 99 Magdalen green 

Adam, David, of John Adam & Sons, 4 Park place 

Adam, Frank, gardener, Reres lodge, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Adam, George, messenger, Commercial Bank, and church-officer, St 

Enoch's Church; h. 87 Commercial street 
Adam, George, dairykeeper, 25a Park avenue 
Adam, George, shipwright, 35 Victoria road 
Adam, James, mechanic, 25 Baxter Park terrace 
Adam, James, fishing-reel maker, 7 Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Adam, James F., joiner, 234 Blackness road 
Adam, John, of Halket & Adam, Magdalen place 

Adam, John, caretaker, Butterburn Public School, 95 Strathmartine rd. 
Adam, John, & Sons, plasterers, 15 Park lane (Telephone No. 1432) 
Adam, Robert, ironmonger and locksmith, 31 Overgate (Telephone No. 

1y2) ; h. Comelybank, Tayport 
Adam, Robert, confectioner, 78 Victoria road 
Adam, Thomas, grocer's assistant, 341 Clepington road 
Adam, William, shipmaster, 22 Nelson street 
Adam, William, of John Adam & Sons, 10 Shepherd's loan 
Adam, William, 11 Camperdown road, Downfield 
Adam, William Spence, jun., plasterer, 10 Shepherd's loan 
Adam, Mrs A., nurse, 46 High street, Lochee 
Adam, Mrs David, 160 Hilltown 
Adam, Mrs James, 98 Forfar road 


Adam, Mrs John, 109 Lochee road 

Adam, Miss B., stationer, 68^ Strathmartine road ; h. 11 Camperdown 
road, Downfield 

Adam, Miss Jane G., 37 Rosebank street 

Adams, Alexander, fireman, 8 Charles street 

Adams, Alexander, H.M. Customs, 11 Chalmers street 

Adams, A. E., of H. B. Ireland & Co., 3 Carlogie terrace, Carnoustie 

Adams, D. B. , grocer, wine merch. , 9 Constitution st. ; h. 4 Adelaide ter. 

Adams, George, basketmaker, 19 Step row- 
Adams, George, engineer, 24 Park avenue 

Adams, Geo., clerk, Harbour chams. ; h. 23 Louise ter. , Grove rd.,W. Ferry- 
Adams, George, contractor, 18 Small's wynd ; h. 4 Hean's lane 

Adams, George, weigh clerk, 99 Peddie street 

Adams, George Rough, of Henry Adams & Son, 6 Richmond terrace 

Adams, George Rough, jun., glover and hosier, Ingleside, Wormit 

Adams, Henry, & Son, glove manufacturers, hosiers, and shirtmakers, 
5 and 6 High street (Telephone No. 775) 

Adams, Hugh, tailor, 12 St Mary's place 

Adams, James, 55 Lochee road 

Adams, James, caretaker, Dens Road Public School, Dens road 

Adams, James, police constable, 19 Lan glands street 

Adams, James, teacher, High School ; h. Blinkbonny, 272 Strathmar- 
tine road, Downfield 

Adams, James 0., manager, Dundee Calender; h. Abbotsford, Wormit 

Adams, John, enginedriver, 2 Annfield street 

Adams, John, policeman, 335 Loons road 

Adams, John, clerk, 19 Step row 

Adams, J. W., tea and coffee rooms, 73 King street, Broughty Ferry 

Adams. Robert, clerk, 26 Forfar road 

Adams, Thomas, ironmonger, 193 Overgate 

Adams, Thomas, collector, 4 Gray's lane, Lochee 

Adams, William, stevedore, 76 Watson street 

Adams, William, sawyer, 29 Isles' lane 

Adams, William, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Bell st. ; h. 58 Seafield rd. 

Adams, Mrs Catherine, 50 Magdalen Yard road 

| Adams, Mrs David, 10 Stevenson street, Lochee 

| Adams, Mrs John, 13 Arklay street 

Adams, Miss, milliner, 158 Albert street ; h. 2 Baxter Park terrace 

i Adams, Miss, 2 Baxter Park terrace 

j Adamson, Rev. Alex., B.D., ChapelshadeU.F. Ch. ; h. Magdalen place 

Adamson, Andrew, slater, plasterer, and cement worker, Windsor ter- 
race, Church street, Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 2x) ; h. 
Windsor cottage, 69 Church street, Broughty Ferry 

Adamson, Charles Dickie, of D. M. Meldrum & Co. , 6 Shore terrace 

Adamson, David G. , wireworker, bellhanger, 49Nethergate; h. 6 Shore ter. 

Adamson, David R. , grocer, 23 Church street 
Adamson, George, postman, 244 Blackness road 
Adamson, George, upholsterer, 18 Wolseley street 
Adamson, George M., ship joiner, 1 Thornbank street 
Adamson, Hay, plumber, 20 Forebank road 
Adamson, James, packer, 61 Peddie street 


Adamson, James, teacher of singing, 132a Nethergate; h. Tayville, 

West Newport 
Adamson, James K., commercial teacher, 11 Baxter Park terrace 
Adamson, John, joiner, 3 Pitkerro road 
Adamson, Murray, joiner, 81 Albert street 
Adamson, Peter M., patternmaker, 5 Baxter Park terrace 
Adamson, Ralph, engineer, 5 Stobswell road 
Adamson, Robert, bootmaker, 4 Harriet street 
Adamson, Robert B., of R. B. Adamson & Co., 105a Nethergate 
Adamson, Robert Hay, of Don Bros., Buist, & Co., Ltd., Broomfield, 

57 Magdalen green 
Adamson, Robert W., sorting clerk, St Margarets, 274 Strathmartine 

road, Downfield 
Adamson, R. B., & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 30 and 31 Dock street 
Adamson, Thomas, ironturner, 5 Ellen street 
Adamson, Wm., wirework manufacturer and bellhanger, 49 Nethergate 

(Telephone No. 1983) ; h. 6 Shore terrace 
Adamson, William, dockgateman, 60 Watson street 
Adamson, William, joiner, 3 Stobswell road 
Adamson, William, hairdresser, 149 Victoria road 
Adamson, William, jobbing mason, 15 Stirling street 
Adamson, William, labourer, 42 North George street 
Adamson, Mrs A., 4 North Somerville place 
Adamson, Mrs James, 11 Mountpleasant 
Adamson, Mrs John, Ava lodge, Magdalen green 
Adamson, Mrs T. N., Cedarbank, Panmure terrace, Barnhill 
Adamson, Mrs, 29 Camperdown street, Lochee 
Adamson, Miss, 370 Loons road 

Addison, Alex., van and lorry builder, blacksmith, 15 Main st. h. 2Hillst. 
Addison, Robert, joiner, 30 Wolseley street 
Addison, Robert, insurance agent, 80 Hawkhill 
Addison, Mrs, Strathmore street, Barnhill 

Adie, Andw. H., manager, Rockwell Works; h. Rockwell hse., Coldside 
Adie, David, mechanic, 2 Hepburn street 
Adie, Misses, Eastview, 24 Dalkeith road 
Adie, Misses, 3 Cedar villas, Cedar road, Broughty Ferry 
Affleck, David, wheelwright, 10 Park avenue 
Agnew, Thomas, of Shiell & Small, 42 Bingham terrace 
Aiken, John, compositor, 57 Cleghorn street 

Aiken, Wm., chief clerk, Water Engineer's office ; h. Violetbank, Wormit 
Aiken, Miss Charlotte, draper, 25a Cleghorn street 
Aimer, George, of George C. Aimer & Son, 40 Scott street 
AIMER, GEORGE C, & SON, joiners, shopfltters, showcase makers, and 

cabinetmakers, 31 Nethergate (Telephone No. 1749). See Adv. p. 120 
Aimer, James, science teacher, 1 Wellington street 
Aimer, James, wholesale coffee and spice merchant, 64 and 66 Cowgate 

h. Baroda, 32 Bingham terrace 
Aimer, Mrs James D., 492 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Air, Charles A., of David Air & Co., Dunmore, Perth road 
Air, David, of David Air & Co., Dunmore, Perth road (TelephoneNo. 1622) 
Air, David, jun., of David Air & Co., Dunmore, Perth road 


Air, David, & Co., merchants, 2 Meadow Place buildings 

Air, Mrs A , emigration and insurance agent, glass and china merchant, 

and servants' registry office, 285 Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
Air, Miss, 161a High street, Lochee 

Airth, Maggie, dairy, 85 Victoria road ; h. 16 Wellington street 
Airth, William, gardener, 143 King street, Broughty Ferry 
Aitchison, John, bank cashier, 8 Garland place 
Aitken, Alexander Y. , draper's assistant, 3 Gibb's lane, Lochee 
Aitken, Charles, 5 Old Muirton road, Lochee 
Aitken, George, marine engineer, 18 Peddie street 

Aitken, George D. , grocer and wine merchant, 305 Hilltown ; h. 2 Mid rd. 
Aitken, Harry, grocer and wine merchant, 68 and 70 Blackscroft 
Aitken, James, wine merchant, 21 Perth road 
Aitken, James, grocer and wine merchant, 75 Caldrum street and 45 

Main street ; h. The Beeches, 15 Park road, Downfield 
Aitken, Rev. James, D.D., RyehillU.F. Ch. ; h. Linden, 2 Briarwood ter. 
Aitken, James, lithographer, 12 Peddie street 
Aitken, James C, labourer, 13 Muirton road, Lochee 
Aitken, James, & Son, grocers and wine merchants, 53 Perth road 

(Telephone No. 997) 
Aitken, John, of James Aitken & Son, 21 Perth road 
Aitken, John, fitter, 8 Arbroath road 
Aitken, John, retired customs officer, 92 Victoria road 
Aitken, John, ironmonger, millf urnisher, tinsmith, and grocers' outfitter, 

17 Union street ; h. Wormit 
Aitken, Patrick K., F.C.R.A., corporate accountant, 41 Reform street 

(Telephone No. 1350) 
Aitken, Richard, calender worker, 51 Small's wynd 
Aitken, Thomas D., 25 Strawberry bank 
Aitken, Walter, ironmonger and seedsman, 14 and 16 Bankstreet, Lochee ; 

h. 2 Yeaman's lane 
Aitken, William, ironmonger, 135 High street, Lochee (Telephone 

No. 31y4) ; h. 15 Gibb's lane 
Aitken, Mrs Henry M.; Quarry bank, 62 Gray street, Lochee 
Aitken, Mrs H.,confectr., 41 Overgate; h. Burnetta, Ferry rd. , Monifieth 
Aitken, Misses, milliners, 16 South road, Lochee; h. 5 Old Muirton road 
Albert Mill, Arklay street ; William Cleghorn, Ltd., manufacturers 
Albion Dairy Co., 112 Princes street 

Albion Foundry, 28 Hill street (Telep. No. 412) ; Beath & Keay, ironfndrs. 
Albion Record Co., Ld., gramophone and record dealers, 18 S. Lindsay st. 
Alcorn, John, storekeeper, 4 Stewart street, Lochee 
Alexander, Alex. , managing director, David Boswell, Ltd. ; h. 4 Argyle st. 
Alexander, Alexander, joiner, 109 Albert street 
Alexander, Alexander, car conductor, 24 Kinloch street 
Alexander, Charles, dining-rooms, 16 St Clement's lane 
Alexander, Chas., church-officer, Wallacetown Par. Ch. ; h. 26 Victoria st. 
Alexander,Dav. , firelighter manuf. , ISAPatersonst. ; h. Golf st. , Carnoustie 
Alexander, David, frenchpolisher, 2 Francis street 
Alexander, David, stationer and tobacconist, 261 Hawkhill 
Alexander, David C, butcher, 201 Hawkhill ; h. 250 Blackness road 
Alexander, David Phillips, baker, 317 Clepington road 


Alexander, David, & Sons, Ltd., merchts. and shipping agts. , 17 Kingst. 
Alexander, E., confectioner and baker, 106 Victoria road 
Alexander, George, carpenter, 33 Baldovan terrace 
Alexander, George, tinsmith and ironmonger, 98 Dura street 
Alexander, Hugh C., 3 Windsor terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry- 
Alexander, James, joiner, 14 Kinnaird street 
Alexander, James, dairyman, 34a Forfar road 

Alexander, James, market gardener, Gowrie cot., Abertay st., Barnhill 
Alexander, Jas., & Sons, brassfnders, plumbers, gasfitters, 164 Overgate 
Alexander, John, bootmaker, 87 Alexander street 
Alexander, John, of James Alexander & Sons, 7 Thorter row 
Alexander, John, inspector of County Police ; office, Johnston street 
Alexander, John, frenchpolisher, 2 Middle street 
Alexander, John H., agent, National Bank; h. Edwinton, Strathern 

road, West Ferry 
Alexander, Kate, fruiterer, 118 Victoria road 
Alexander, M., bootmaker, 295 Brook street, Broughty Ferry; h. 1 

Douglas place, Ramsay park, B.F. 
Alexander, Robt., nurseryman, 61 Links cottages, Castle st. , Bro. Ferry 
Alexander, Robert, schoolmaster, Industrial School, Downfield 
Alexander, Siegmund, of David Alexander & Sons, Ltd. , Canisbay lodge, 

ALEXANDER, WILLIAM, frenchpolisher, 21 King's road (Telephone 

No. 85) ; h. 53 Dens road. See Adv. p. 34 
Alexander, William, photographer, 29 Union street 
Alexander, William, draper, 53 Main street 
Alexander, Wm., millmanager, Caldrum Works; h. Ellesmere, 249 

Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Alexander, William, tailor, 23 Arthur street 

Alexander, Wm., coal mer., Rose villa, 349 Strathmartine rd., Downfield 
Alexander, Wm. P., of Alexander, Pringle, & Co., Roseangle, Gordon 

street, Barnhill 
Alexander, W. P., Pringle, & Co., oil refiners and grease manufac- 
turers, 19 Douglas street 
Alexander, Mrs George, Merrimac cottage, 94 Forfar road 
Alexander, Mrs Isabella, St Margaret's, Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 
Alexander, Mrs Isabella, fruiterer and confectioner, 23 Albert street 
Alexander, Mrs Janet, house proprietrix, 2 Rankine street 
Alexander, Mrs J. R., 246 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Alexander, Mrs, 1 Douglas place, Ramsaypark, Broughty Ferry 
Alexander, Mrs, 133 Hilltown 
Alexander, Miss, 4 Windsor place 
Alison, Geo. Lloyd, family wine and spirit merchant, 14 Panmure 

street (Telephone No. 157) 
Alison, Mrs M. A., seaman's outfitter, 38 Dock street; h. 65 Trades lane 
ALL-FOOD STORE, THE, 25 Crichton street. See Adv. p. 20 
Allam, Mrs Alexander, 138 Perth road 
ALLAN, ALEXANDER, motor tyre and tube vulcanizator, 107 Victoria 

road ; h. Holly cottages, West Newport. See Adv. p. 92 
Allan, Alexander, tenter, hallkeeper, F. and K. Hall ; h. 13 Meadow st. 
Allan, Andrew, 151 Victoria road 


Allan, Andrew, teacher, 47 Rankine street 

Allan, Andrew, insurance agent, 28 Forest Park road 

Allan, Andrew, clerk, 94 Lome street, Lochee 

Allan, A., West Coast traffic agent, West Station ; h. 21 Airlie place 

Allan Brothers & Co. U.K, Ltd., ship brokers, passenger and shipping 

agents, Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers, 88 Commercial st. (Teleph. 

No. 38 ; Telegrams, " Dnnallan ") ; and 25 Bothwell st., Glasgow 
Allan, Charles, St Mary's place, King street, Broughty Ferry 
Allan, C. H., manager, 54 Commercial st. ; h. 13 Castle ter., Bro. Ferry 
Allan, David, plumber, 32 Dudhope street 
Allan, David, mason, 5 South George street 
Allan, David, seaman, 33 Wellington street 
Allan, David, timekeeper, 16 Baffin street 
Allan, David, 19 Loons road, Lochee 

Allan, David A., engineer, Leebank, Balmyle road, West Ferry 
Allan, Dav. L., of Leslie Ower& Allan, 11 Louise ter., Grove rd., W.Ferry 
Allan, David M., wine merchant and Italian warehouseman, 47 Reform 

street (Telephone No. 114) ; h. 1 Aberlemno terrace 
Allan, Douglas, clerk, 71 Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Allan, Edward, ironturner, 28 Balfour street 
Allan, George, gardener, 36 Baldovau terrace 
Allan, George, joiner, 168 Lochee road 
Allan, George, draughtsman, 31 Ancrum road, Lochee 
Allan, George, platelayer, 580 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Allan, Henry, printer, 144 Lochee road 
Allan, Henry, plumber, 47 Logie street, Lochee 
Allan, James, linen and woollen merchant, 80, 82, and 84 Albert street; 

h. Quarryknowe, 20 Bingham terrace 
Allan, James, turner, 34 Carmichael street 
Allan, James, woodturner, 30 Hunter street 
| Allan, James, grocer, 568 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Allan, James M., of Allan & Rae, 318 Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
ALLAN, JAMES, & SON, Ltd., bootmakers, 33 Reform street (Telephone 

No. 1034). See Adv. p. 9 
Allan, John, inspector of works, City Engineer's Office ; h. Dingleybank, 

Woodburne street 
Allan, John, manager, 465 Clepington road 
Allan, John, commercial traveller, 8 Westfield place 
Allan, John, caretaker, Royal Exchange ; h. 4 Royal Exchange place 
Allan, John, moulder, 450 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Allan, Johnston R., coal merchant, 4 Crescent lane (Telephone No. 8x5) ; 

h. 195 Albert street 
Allan, Joseph, & Sons, coal mers. and colliery agents, 60 Foundry lane 
Allan, Rev. J. B., M.A., B.D., Russell Chapel ; h. 31 Albany terrace 
Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers, 88 Commercial street 
Allan Line, 9 Whitehall crescent 
Allan, Peter, woodturner, 27 Milnbank road 
Allan & Rae, motor car hirers, 318 Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
Allan, Robert, inspector and clerk, Dundee Combination Parish Council ; 

clerk and treasurer, Dundee District Board of Lunacy ; office, 

West Bell street (Tel. No. 1666) ; h. 6 Prospect place (Tel. No. 1472) 


Allan, Robert, The Planetrees, 47 Rankine street 

Allan, Robert, baker, 51 Milnbank road 

Allan, Robert, 10 Whitehall street 

Allan, R. M., coal, coke, and firewood merchant; store, 60 Foundry- 
lane; office, 100 Dura st.; h. Invermark, 11 Balgray rd., Downfield 

Allan, Samuel, painter, 43 Main street 

Allan, Stewart, engineer, 7 Morgan street 

Allan, Stewart, joiner, 27 West street 

Allan, Thomas, engineer, 10 Rosefield street 

Allan, Thomas, birddealer, 37 St Peter street ; h. 6 

Allan, Thomas, painter, 3 Kilberry street, Lochee 

Allan, William, mechanic, 42 St Mary's place 

Allan, William, blacksmith, 111 Hawkhill 

Allan, William, woodturner, 270 Blackness road 

Allan, William, woodturner, 21 Rosefield street 

Allan, William, butcher, 103 Victoria road (Telephone No. 23y2); h. 18 
Forebank road 

Allan, William, baker, 6 Forest Park road 

Allan, William, carpenter, 3 Glebe street 

Allan, William R., insur. inspec, 5 Balgillo cres., Seafieldrd., B. Ferry 

Allan, W. D., trimming merchant, 86 Nethergate ; h. 1 Rustic place 

Allan, Mrs Stewart, 109 Strathmartine road 

Allan, Mrs W., wine and spirit merchant, 193 and 195 Hilltown; h. 278 
Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Allan, Miss, 4 Garland place 

Allardice, Andrew, riveter, 24 Springhill 

Allardice, Wm. D., account., The Grange, 317 Strathmartine rd., D'field 

Allardyce, Charles, surgical instrument maker, 91 Nethergate ; h. 93 

Allday, H. G., mantle manufacturer, milliner, and furrier, 79 Murray- 
gate ; h. Victoria place, Queen street, West Ferry 

Allen, Charles B., of Allen, Mill, & Co., 7 Linden avenue, East Newport 

Allen, Charles J., of Allen, Mill, & Co., Craignish, West Newport 

Allen, David, & Sons, Billposting, Ltd., billposters, 28 Willison street ; 
also at Glasgow, Greenock, Belfast 

Allen, Mill, & Co., manufacturers and merchants, 9a Ward road 

Allen, Mrs Leonard, 7 Ellen street 

Allen, Mrs, apartments, 46 Castle street 

Allen, Miss Alice, tobacconist and newsagent, 207 Hilltown ; h 7 Ellen 

Allen, Miss M., teacher, 9 Airlie terrace 

Allerdice, James, mason, 44 Polepark road 

Allerton, Edgar, carpetweaver, 469 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

ALLIANCE ASSURANCE CO., Limited, 23 Panmure street ; Band & Whyte, 
district agents. See Adv. p. 97 

ALLIANCE TRUST CO., Limited, 22 Meadowside (Telephone No. 271 ; 
Telegrams, "Mackenzie"); W. D. Macdougall, secretary. *_ See 
Ad v. on page facing front board 

Allison, James, M.A., LL.B., solicitor and notary public, searcher of 
burgh register of sasines, 61 Reform street ; clerk and treasurer to 
Forgan School Board ; h. Taymount, East Newport 

Allison, James, of James Allison & Sons, The Briars, West Newport 


Allison, James, & Sons, rope, sail, tent, and cover makers, shipchandlers, 
oil and bonded and free ship store merchants, 47 and 48 Dock 
street (Telephone No. 1195; Telegrams, "Allison") 
Allison, John M., of James Allison & Sons, Carlonan, West Newport 
Alloa Coal Co., Ltd., The, 65 Trades lane ; P. S. Nicoll, agent 
Allsopp, S., & Sons, Ltd., brewers, Burton-on-Trent ; offices and 

stores, Caledonian Railway Station ; William Swan, agent 
Alsen's Portland Cement Works; sole representative for Scotland, Wil- 
liam H. Turcan ; head office, 52 St Enoch square, Glasgow ; branch, 
20 Exchange street 
Alston, Mrs William, 2 Craigie terrace 

Alvey, Staff-Capt. , Salvation Army Home, Ward rd. (Teleph. No. 1148) 
Ambrose, Elizabeth S., 22 Ambrose street, Broughty Ferry 
America, United States of — consul, E. Haldeman Dennison ; vice and 
deputy consul, Allan Baxter ; consulate, 31 Albert square (Tele- 
phone No. 170) 
American Line, 9 Whitehall crescent 
American Studio, The, 4c King street 
Ames, Ernest, consulting electrical engineer, 12 Whitehall crescent 

(Telephone No. 21) 
Ames, William, general dealer, 34a James street; h. 201 Hilltown 
Ames, William M., clerk, Hazel drive 
Anchor and Allan Line Emigration Office, 5 Bank street, Lochee ; John 

Johnstone, agent 
Anchor Boot and Shoe Stores, 25 Barrack street 
Anchor Line, 9 Whitehall crescent 

Anchor Line (Henderson Brothers) Limited, 52 Commercial street 
Anchor Stores Co., provision merchants, 67 Victoria road 
Ancrum Works, South rd., Lochee ; George Stevenson & Co., Ld., mnfrs. 
Anderson, Alexander, coal salesman, 80 Hawkhill 
Anderson, Alexander, grocer's manager, 78 Watson street 
Anderson, Alexander, warehouseman, 5 Baffin street 
Anderson, Alexander, B.Sc, teacher, 192 Lochee road 
Anderson, Alexander, contractor, 12 Carmichael street 
Anderson, Alexander, foreman painter, 80 Ferry road 
Anderson, Alexander, mechanic, 86 South road, Lochee 
Anderson, Alexander, confectioner, 3a Tannadice street 
Anderson, Alex. Blair, coal mer., 35 Yeaman shore (Tele. No. 818); h. 27 
Anderson, Alfred C, bricklayer, 13 Morgan street 
Anderson, Andrew, clerk, 13 Union place 
Anderson, Andrew, painter, 65 Arbroath road 
Anderson, Andrew, blacksmith, 30 King's road 
Anderson, Andrew, engineer, 3 Baffin street 
Anderson, Andrew, engineer, 213 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Anderson, A. W., Blackness Foundry; h. 6 Oakwood terrace (Tele- 
phone No. 1390) 
Anderson, Benjamin F., clerk, Benmar, 51 Old Craigie road 
Anderson, Charles, telephone inspector, 22 Morgan street 
Anderson, Charles, confectioner, 10 Overgate ; h. 82 Victoria road 
Anderson, C. Boyd, solicitor, 30 Whitehall street ; h, Glenlea, 12 Bank 
avenue, Downfield 


Anderson, David, police constable, 32 Benvie road 

Anderson, David, joiner, 40 Church street 

Anderson, David, mechanic, 20 Baxter street 

Anderson, David, enginedriver, 29 Union place 

Anderson, David, church-officer, Willison U.F. Church; h. 9 Parker st. 

Anderson, David, shippainter, 6 Small's lane 

Anderson, David, foreman mechanic, 256 Blackness road 

Anderson, David, fireman, 25 Hill street 

Anderson, David, calenderworker, 38 Caldrum street 

Anderson, David R., compositor, 2 Ford's lane 

Anderson, David S., foreman woodmoulder, 84 Ferry road 

Anderson, David S., commercial traveller, Park cottage, 7 Lamb's lane 

Anderson, D. H., wine and spirit merchant, 6 Gellatly street; h. Lin- 
wood, Long lane, Broughty Ferry 

Anderson, D. Lindsay, L.D.S., R.C.S. Ed. , dental surgeon, 140Nethergate 

Anderson, D. L., engraver, 71 High street; h. Granville house, Carnoustie 

Anderson, D. S., traveller, Dundee Flour Mills ; h. 195 Albert street 

Anderson, Elliott L., of William Anderson & Son, 2 Garland place, 
Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Anderson, Francis, harbour porter, 6 Eden street 

Anderson, F. M., coal mer., 9 and 11 Annfield st.; h. 246 Blackness rd. 

Anderson, Gardner, Hepburn, & Co., solicitors, 7 Ward road 

Anderson, George, mason, 6 Rosefield. street 

Anderson, George, cabinetmaker, 28 Kincardine street 

Anderson, George, of P. Anderson & Sons, Sidlawview, Graham street 

Anderson, George, baker, 17 Morgan street 

Anderson, George, nightwatchman, 62 Caldrum street 

Anderson, George, ironmonger, 37 Baldovan terrace 

Anderson, George, 25 Scott street 

Anderson, George G., mechanic, 9 Commercial street 

Anderson, George J., clerk, Douglas cottage, Westfield road, W. Ferry 

Anderson, George N. , coml. traveller, Carlehill, Seafield rd. , B. Ferry 

Anderson & Glass, spinners and manufacturers, Ladybank Mill (Mid 
street) and Wellington Street Factory ; office, 14 Victoria chambers 

Anderson, Henry, dairyman, 53 Erskine street 

Anderson, Henry, railway servant, 13 Benvie road 

Anderson, Henry, metallic packing agent, 2 Salisbury pi. , Castle st., B.F. 

Anderson, James, cook, 35 Dundonald street 

ANDERSON, JAMES, chemist and druggist, The Dundee Drug Store, 70, 
72, 74 Commercial street, and 4 Polepark road ; h. Craigbank, 10 
Dudhope place, and Strawberrybank, Tay street, Carnoustie. See 
Adv. p. 17 

Anderson, James, police constable, 194 Brook street 

Anderson, James, engineer, 13 South Ellen street 

Anderson, James, woodturner, 11 Strath mar tine road 

Anderson, James, plumber, 14 Arthurstone terrace 

Anderson, James, car conductor, 206 Blackness road 

Anderson, James, vanman, 15 Stirling street 

Anderson, James, fish merchant, 257 Hawkhill ; h. 2 Ryehill lane 

Anderson, James, hatter, hosier, 41 and 43 Wellgate ; h. 1 Forebank ter. 

Anderson, James, blacksmith, 124 Hilltown 


Anderson, James, late agric. implement maker, Braemore, 4 Rankine st. 
Anderson, James, clerk, 185 Clepington road 

Anderson, James, plumber, 3 Links place, Castle street, Bro. Ferry 
Anderson, James, clerk, Victoria cottage, 5 Burn street, Downfield 
Anderson. James, gardener, Craigmore lodge, Fairfield road, W. Ferry- 
Anderson, James A., headmaster, Butterburn Public School; h. 5 Lin- 

trathen gardens 
Anderson, James A., & Co., merchants, shipping and insurance agents, 

29 Panmure street (Telephone No. 1010) 
Anderson, James D., baker, 14 Union street 
Anderson, James J., assistant inspector, 47 Hospital wynd 
Anderson, James K. engineer, Elmbank, Claypots road, Broughty 

Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 356) 
Anderson, James R., 4 Morgan street 

Anderson, Jane, grocer and confectioner, 81 Arbroath road ; h. 95 
Anderson, Jane, teacher, Tay Street Public School ; h. 1 Lytton street 
Anderson, Jane, confectioner, 39 Victoria street 

Anderson, Jane G., lady principal, High School ; h. 5 Hawkhiil place 
Anderson, John, lodgekeeper, 44 Scott street 
Anderson, John, late railway inspector, 13 Bellefield avenue 
Anderson, John, patternmaker, 19 Baxter Park terrace 
Anderson, John, clerk, 3 Baxter Park terrace 
Anderson, John, bleacher, 16 Strathmartine road 

Anderson, John,clerk, B.L. Bank,Murraygate; h. Strathview, Inv'gowrie 
Anderson, John, railway guard, 33 Rosefield street 
Anderson, John, chemist and druggist, 14 Strathmartine road ; h. 

6 Gillburn road, Downfield 
Anderson, John, moulder, 2 Hillbank road 

Anderson, John, chemist and druggist, 87a Arbroath rd. ;k. 221 Albert st. 
Anderson, John, mattressmaker, 64 Alexander street 
Anderson, John, shipcaulker, 28 Springhill 
Anderson, John, coppersmith, 46 Kemback street 
Anderson, John, newsagent, 17 North Ellen street 
Anderson, John, slater, Roslin place, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Anderson, John, carter, 3 South road, Lochee 
Anderson, John Douglas, postman, 80 Peddie street 
Anderson, John D., sanitary officer, 16 Arthurstone terrace 
Anderson, JohnL., newsagent, confectioner, 95 Perth rd.; h. 62 Peddie st. 
Anderson, John 0., teacher, Wilmot cottage, Castle street, Bro. Ferry 
Anderson, John P., sawmaker and cutler, 53 Gellatly st. ; h. 84 Ferry rd, 
Anderson, John S., patternmaker, 43 Milnbank road 
Anderson, John S., calenderworker, 56 Main street 
Anderson, Joseph E., grocer's mngr. , Strathview, 6 Burn st., Downfield 
Anderson, J., M.B., Ch.B., surgeon, 10 Airlie place 
Anderson, J., engineer, Oakbank, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Anderson, J. L., customs and excise officer, 29 Bank street; h. 7 Castle 

terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Anderson, J. S., baker, 8 Bingham terrace 

Anderson, Rev. K. C, D.D., Ward Chapel ; h. 4 East Somerville place 
Anderson, Lawrence, mechanic, 42 Cleghorn street 
Anderson, Leslie, grocer and confectioner, 20 Rosebank street ; h. 14 


Anderson, Lyall, telegraphist, 13 Bellefield avenue 

Anderson, Mary E., 4 James place, Broughty Ferry 

Anderson, M. F., M.B., CM., medical practitioner, 161 Princes street 

Anderson's Patent Noiseless Cisterns, East end Esplanade 

Anderson, Peter, mechanic, 8 Balmore street 

Anderson, Peter, 32 Dudhope Crescent road 

Anderson, Peter, of Peter Anderson & Sons, 29 Morgan street 

Anderson, Peter, carter, 3 Sinclair street, Lochee 

ANDERSON, PETER, & SONS, plumbers, 9, 11, and 13 James street 

(Telephone No. 1482) ; branch, Castle street, Broughty Ferry 

(Telephone No. B.F. 268). See Adv. p. 69 
Anderson, Robert, of Anderson & Glass, Kilgask, East Newport 
Anderson, Robt., caretaker, Liberal Assoc. Rooms, 117 Highst., Lochee 
Anderson, Robert, collector, 6 Forest Park road 

Anderson, Robert, grocer & spirit mer., 33 Nelson st. ; h. 264 Hilltown 
Anderson, Robert, overseer, 21 Forebank road 
Anderson, Robert, enginedriver, 58 Strathmore road 
Anderson, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 304 and 306 Brook street, 

Broughty Ferry (Teleph. No. B.F. 105) ; h. 1 Victoria ter. , Barnhill 
Anderson, Robert R., engineer, 33 Stirling street 
ANDERSON, R. J., & SONS, aerated water manufacturers, 11 Annfield 

street (Telephone No. 1896). See Adv. p. 87 
Anderson, Thomas, plumber, 1 Mountpleasant 
Anderson, Thomas, hairdresser, 46 Cleghorn street 
Anderson, Thomas, baker, 47 Logie street, Lochee 
ANDERSON & WILKIE, joiners & builders, 20 Forebank rd. See Adv. p. 34 
Anderson, William, lorryman, Bridge cottage, 250 Ferry road 
Anderson, Wm., seaman instructor, "Mars" T.S. ; h. 15 Caldrum st. 
Anderson, William, engineer, Gray cottage, 28 Balgray street 
Anderson, William, hammerman, 5 Canning street 
Anderson, Wm. , stockbroker, 3 Royal Exchange pi. (Telephone No. 36 ; 

Telegrams, " Exchange ) ; h. St Helens, CamphiJl rd., Bro. Ferry 
Anderson, William, shoemaker, 39 King street 
Anderson, William, clerk, 27 Baxter Park terrace 
Anderson, William, quarrier, 1 Gibb's lane, Lochee 
Anderson, William, of Anderson & Wilkie, 27 Albert street 
Anderson, William, foreman painter, 105 Hawkhill 
Anderson, William, cabinetmaker, 14 North Ellen street 
Anderson, Wm., hatter and hosier, 29 Reform st.; h. 32 Shepherd's loan 
Anderson, William, cabinetmaker, 98 Victoria road 
Anderson, William, painter and decorator, 45 Albert st. ; h. 5 Eden st. 
Anderson, William, 2 Lytton street 

Anderson, William, jun., shoemaker, 143 Princes st. ; h. 151 
Anderson, William, oil, colour, and wholesale wallpaper merchant, 

pictureframer, and moulding merch't, 229 Overgate ; h. 23 Perth rd. 
Anderson, Wm. A., clerk, National Bank, Reform st. ; h. 50Seafield rd. 
Anderson, William Corsar, M.B., CM., 15 King street 
Anderson, Wm. C . , millmgr. , N. DudhopeWks. ; h. Oakbank, 27 Rankine st. 
Anderson, William F., journalist, 7 Windsor street 
Anderson, William G., of John F. White, Ltd., 3 Gladstone place, 

Brook street, Broughty Ferry 


Anderson, William H., butcher, 16 Polepark road ; h. 14 Garland place 
Anderson, William R., clerk, B.L. Bank, Murray gate ; h. 5 Gladstone 

terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Anderson, William, & Son, bootmakers, 178 Brook st., Broughty Ferry 
Anderson, W. R., H.M. Customs and Excise; h. Glandore, Newport 
Anderson, Mr and Miss, teachers of dancing, Stanley Hall, 29 Union 

st. (Tel. No. 605) ; h. Woodbine cot,, 508 Strathmartine rd., D'field. 
Anderson, Mrs A. B., 60 Forfar road 
Anderson, Mrs Charles, 95 Arbroath road 
Anderson, Mrs Christina, 168 Lochee road 
Anderson, Mrs David, 1 North William street 
Anderson, Mrs David, 5 Hawkhill place 
Anderson, Mrs D., 6 Collingwood terrace, Barnhill 
Anderson, Mrs James, 32 Isles' lane 
Anderson, Mrs James, 10 West Dock street 
Anderson, Mrs John, 43 Todburn lane 

Anderson, Mrs Margaret, furniture dealer, 33 Hunter st. ; h, 6 Bly th st. 
Anderson, Mrs Margaret, 12 Benvie road 

Anderson, Mrs Mary, fancy goods merchant, 125 Albert street; h. 123 
Anderson, Mrs R. W., apartments, 124 Seagate 

Anderson, Mrs Wm., market gardnr., 29 Polepark rd. ; h. E. Mylnefield 
Anderson, Mrs William, 8 Park terrace 

Anderson, Mrs William, Douglas cottage, Westfield road, West Ferry 
Anderson,MrsW.M.,newsagt., tobac'nist, 89 Lochee rd.; A. 13 Pitfour st. 
Anderson, Mrs, certificated ladies' nurse, 3 Ann street 
Anderson, Mrs, 20 Benvie road 
Anderson, Mrs, 23 Scott street 

Anderson, Mrs, grocer, 120 King street, Broughty Ferry 
Anderson, Miss Maggie, 6 High street 
Anderson, Miss M., 31 Dallfield terrace 

Anderson, Miss M. A., stationer, 128 Albert st. ; h. 1 Langlands street 
Anderson, Miss M. D., midwife, 168 Lochee road 
Anderson, Miss S., milliner, 50 Magdalen Yard road 
Anderson, Miss, woollen and fancy goods, 124 King street, Bro. Ferry 
Anderson, Misses Jane and Rose, 5 Dalhousie ter., Dalhousie rd., Barnhill 
Andrew, Charles, mechanic, 333 Loons road 

Andrew, Geo., H.M. insp. of schools, Balwherrie, Strathernrd., W. Fy. 
Andrew, Jas. M., of Jas. M.Andre w& Co., Helenslea, 10Bankav.,D'nfield 
Andrew, James M., & Co., drapers, clothiers, shirtmakers, floorcloth and 

bedding warehousemen, 4 Hilltown ; tailoring dept., 20 Victoria rd. 
Andrew, Jane, apartments, 4 Garland place 
Andrew, William, draper, Briarlea, 17 Clepington road 
Andrew, W. G., restaurateur, 2 East Dock st. ; h. 37 Constitution street 
Andrew, Mrs James, 2 Dudhope Crescent road 
Andrews, Alexander, manager, 8 Graham place 
Andrews, James, collector, 339 Loons road 
Andrews, Mrs E., 87 Magdalen green 

Angerer, F. I. , confectioner, 331 King street, Broughty Ferry 
Anglo-American Telegraph Co., Ld., 1 Panmure st. (Telephone No. 1351) ; 

William Fleming, supt. 
Angus Agricultural Association, 49 Trades lane 


Angus, Alexander, coachpainter, 140 Lochee road 

Angus, Andrew, inspector, 15 Springhill 

Angus Club, The, 6 Shore terrace ; secretary, Thomas Macpherson ; 

clubmaster, A. H. Merritt 
Angus, Elsie S., fruiterer, 120 Albert st. ; h. Clifton villa, 8 Clepington rd. 
Angus, George, water inspector, 93 Commercial st. ; h. Lawton reservoir 
Angus,Geo.,wareh'seman, caretaker, Cherryfield Hall; h. 8 Cherryfield In. 
ANGUS, GEORGE, & CO., Ltd., belting manufacturers (Neweastle-on- 

Tyne), 35 Cowgate; Thomas Ferguson & Co., agents. See Adv. p. 5 
Angus, James, 2 Argyle place, Thomson street 
Angus, James, clerk, 25 Blackness avenue 
Angus, John, hairdresser, 10 Exchange street 
Angus, John, compositor, 4 Lawson place 

Angus, John, poulterer, 271 Brook st., Bro Ferry ; h. 69 Gray st., B.F. 
Angus Jute Works, Fairbairn street ; Thomson Brothers, Dundee, Ltd., 

spinners and manufacturers 
Angus, Peter, engineer, 3 Glebe street 
Angus Property Investment Company, Ltd., 11 Barrack street ; 

Frederick John M'Kenzie, secretary 
Angus, Robert, joiner and funeral undertaker, 33 Liff road, Lochee 
Angus, Robert G. , lithographic artist, 3 Union place 
Angus, Roderick J., clerk, 15 Springhill 

Angus Shipping Co., Ltd., 87 Commercial street ; J. P. Bruce, manager 
Angus, Thomas, draper, Harris place, King street, Broughty Ferry 
Angus, William, millmanager, 9 Aberlemno terrace 
Angus, William, mechanic, 33 Church street 
Angus, William, mason, 44 Caldrum street 
Angus, Mrs A. , 63 Kirk street, Lochee 
Angus, Miss Mary, Immeriach, 354 Blackness road 
Anker, George, fish and poultry merchant, 221 Overgate ; h. Port-na- 

craig, Dalhousie street, Monifieth 
Ann Street Works, 2 North William st. ; Dvd. Low & Co., jute spinners 
Annal, Mrs John, 63 Kirk street, Lochee 

Annan, Robt., millmanager, Miln Street Mill; h. Ochil villa, 136 City rd. 
Annan, Robert W., millmanager, Camperdown Jute Works ; h. Heath 

cottage, 17 Bright street, Lochee 
Annan, Mrs D. Y., 50 Seafield road 
Annan, Miss, 19 Wellington street 
Annand, James M., hosiery maker, 27 Mains road 
Annandale Dairy Co., 163 Hawkhill, 36 Union street, 300 Perth road ; 

office, 29 Tait's lane (Telephone No. 959) ; John Telfer, manager 
Anthony, William, frenchpolisher, 76 Clepington road 
Anton, David Nicoll, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., Rosemount, 10 Bright street, 

Lochee (Telephone No. 2149) 
Anton, Geo. , wine & spt. mer., 4 & 6 Ferry rd. ; h. Errolbank, Dalgleish rd. 
Anton, James, wine merchant, 127 and 129 Perth rd.; h. 10 Windsor ter. 
Anton, John, cardriver, 99 Peddie street 
Anton, J. M, butcher, 138a Hawkhill, 170 Blackness road, and 80 

Alexander street ; h. 13 Blackness avenue 
Anton, William, mason, 27 Campbell street, Lochee 
Anton, Mrs Annie, Rosemount, 10 Bright street, Lochee 


Anton, Mrs James, 4 Windsor terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Anton, Miss L., 27 Baxter Park terrace 

Archer D. D. , engine and boiler inspector, 5 Baxter Park terrace 

Archer, Frank, engineer, 7 Balgray road, Downfield 

Archer, Harry, fireman, Central Fire Station ; h. 80 Ward road 

Archer, James, engineer, 28 Baldovan terrace 

Archer, Jas. B., builder and contractor, 40 King st., Bro. Ferry ; h. 114 

Archer, John, joiner, 150 Ferry road 

Archer, J. Wallace, architect, 23 Panmure st. ; h. Haliburton, Carnoustie 

Archer, William, marine engineer, 319 Clepington road 

Archibald, Alexander W., gas collector, 35 Constitution road 

Archibald, William, goods guard, 48 Seafield road 

Argentine Republic, Vice-Consul for — Thos. Murdoch, 62 St Andrew's st. 

Argylls, Ltd. , motor car manufacturers, 17 Reform street ; repair works 

and garage, 26 Ward road 
Arkison, William, painter and decorator, 7 Hawkhill; h. 3 Dens road 
Arklay, Jas. T., patternmaker, officer, ChapelshadeU.F. Ch. ; h. 20 Bell st. 
Arklay, Joseph, moulder, 28 Kincardine street 
Arklie, Ebenezer, ironturner, 176 Lochee road 
Arklie, James, mechanic, 5 Park avenue 
Arklie, John M., compositor, 98 Logie street, Lochee 
Armitstead, Lord, of Castlehill, 4 Panmure street ; and 4 Cleveland 

square, St James', London, S.W. 
Armour, William, teacher, 29 Morgan street 
Armstrong, Charles, shipplater, 89 Arbroath road 
Armstrong, John, provision merchant, 1 Dalhousie terrace, Barnhill ; h. 

Bridge street, Barnhill 
Armstrong, Miss E. , wine and spirit merchant, 5 New Inn entry ; h, 

Craigard, Wormit 
Arnot, David, engineer, 252 Blackness road 

Arnot, Mrs David, stationer and tobacconist, 215 Blackness road ; h. 252 
Arnot, Miss Anna M. , 40 Farington street 
Arthur, Alexander, compositor, 10 Fleuchar street 
Arthur & Co. , Ltd. , warehousemen and manufacturers, 4 India buildings 
Arthur, John, manager, Seabraes Mill ; h. 13 Seymour street 
Arthur, William F., retired sack manufacturer, 1 Craigie terrace 

(Telephone No. 586) 
Arthurson, Alexander, cab proprietor, 25 Tait's lane 
Artillery, Royal Field — 2nd Highland Brigade and 3rd Highland 

R.A.M.C., Dundee Drill Hall, 11 Douglas street and 60 Brown st. 
Asbestos fire-resisting slates and sheets ; William H. Turcan, 52 St 

Enoch square, Glasgow ; branch, 20 Exchange street 
Ashford, John, tailor, 4 Molison street 
Ashford, William S., grocer, 33 Scott street 
Ashton, Agnes & Maggie, dressmakers, 27 Morgan street 
ASHTON, JAMES, joiner and builder, 6 Crescent lane and 13 Crescent 

street (Telephone No. 2y1); h. 63 Crescent street. See Adv. p. 70 
Ashton Works, 195 Hawkhill ; Sir James Key Caird, Baronet, jute 

spinning and weaving 
Astbury, R. Wilson, manager, Valentine & Co., Ltd. ; h. 31 Dalhousie 

street, Monifieth 


Atkins, Francis, telegraph and electrical engineer, 4 Baxter Park ter. 

Atkinson, Andrew, clerk, 7 Roslin terrace 

Atkinson, Frank H., electrician, 5 Smith street 

ATLAS ASSURANCE CO. (Fire and Life). District agents—John Methven, 

3 Royal Exchange pi. j G. C. Keiller, 9 Panmure st. See Adv. p. 108 
Atlas Express Co., Ltd., general carriers and contractors, agents for 

Carter Paterson & Co., 51 Gellatly street 
Auchterlonie, Alexander, milloverseer, 287 Hilltown 
Auchterlonie, Thomas, brassmoulder, 54 Main street 
Auchterlonie, Thomas, joiner, 2 Park avenue 
Auchterlonie, William, cabinetmaker, 97 Blackscroft ; h. 99 
Auld, William K., assistant manager, 3 Sinclair street, Lochee 
Auldjo, Misses, Auld Hame, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Aumonier, F., customs and excise officer, 29 Bank st. ; h. 4 James pl.,W.F. 
Avery, W. & T. , Ltd. , manufacturers of all sizes of weighing apparatus for 

railways, collieries, engineers, and mills ; special patterns for 

textile trades ; estimates given for repair and upkeep of weighing 

machines ; repair depot, 9 Barrack street 
Ayre, Margaret, tobacconist, 18 St Andrew's street ; h. 11 Whitehall st. 

Bache, Mrs, teacher of music, 71 Church street, Broughty Ferry 

Badenoch, John T., law clerk, 8 Molison street 

Baggesen, Geo. 0., of Yeaman & Baggesen, The Terrace, West Newport 

Bailey, Malcolm, lay reader, 21 Pitfour street 

Bailie, Richard, warehouseman, 11 Clepington street 

Baillie, Alexander F., harbour porter, 185 Princes street 

Baillie, John, woodturner, 39 Strathmartine road 

Baillie, John, grocer and teaman, 219 Hilltown ; h. 31 Provost road 

Baillie, William, factory overseer, 31 Provost road 

Baillie, Miss, Suvabank, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 

Bain, David, cabinetmaker and undertaker, 42 Dura street (Telephone 

No. 2191) ; h. 207 Albert street 
Bain, Franklin C, clerk, 1 Sydney place, Monifieth road, Bro. Ferry 
Bain, Henry, Aroslea, 89 Pitkerro road 
Bain, James, powerloom tenter, 71 Dens road 
Bain, John W. , 47 Hospital wynd 
Bain, William, tailor, Ivy cottage, 7 Lintrathen street 
Bain, Mrs Donald, 5 Ramsay place, St Vincent street, Broughty Ferry 
Bain, Mrs D., stationer and tobacconist, 4 Perth road ; h. 6 
Bain, Mrs William G., Victoria villa, 85 Clepington road 
Baird, Adam, & Co., whisky merchants, 20 Reform st., and at Liverpool 
Baird, Alexander, traveller, 30 Springhill 
Baird, David, moulder, 317 Clepington road 

Baird, Edward C, mercantile clerk, 7 Home ter., Dundee rd., W. Ferry 
Baird, James, milloverseer, 1 Rustic place 
Baird, James, baker, 22 Miller's wynd 
Baird, James, postman, 58 Peddie street 
Baird, James, butcher, 42 Polepark road ; h. 46 Scott street 
Baird, Marjory S., late teacher, 6 Park terrace 

Baird, Richard, houseagent, 94 Brook street ; h. 1 Blackness avenue 
Baird, Robert, mill mechanic, 3 Smith street 


Baird, Robert, butcher, 16 Hawkhill, and 106 High street, Lochee ; h. 
42 High street, Lochee 

Baird, Robert C, clerk, 31 Seymour street 

Baird, Thomas S., mason, 14 Wilkie's lane 

Baird, Vaness C, cashier, Dundee Savings Bank; h. Gowanbrae, Seafield 
road, Broughty Ferry 

Baird, Mrs John, apartments, 67 Seagate 

Baird, Mrs Mary, 97 Arbroath road 

Baird, Mrs Peter, draper, 24 Constitution road 

Bairner, Thomas, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Cox street, Down- 
field ; h. Craigiebank, 536 Strathmartine road 

Baker, John W. , shipmaster, Hazelbank, Camphill road, Bro. Ferry 

Bakers and Confectioners of Scotland, N.F.U., house of call, 8 Crichton 
street (Tele. No. 1866); John Chalmers, keeper; James Doig, secy. 

Balbirnie, Miss, Langlands, Gordon street, Barnhill 

Bald, James C, of John Bald & Son, 5 Duntrune terrace, West Ferry 

Bald, John, of John Bald & Son, Cairneymount, Grove rd., West Ferry 

Bald, John, & Son, linen warehousemen, 1a High street 

Balfour, Alexander, joiner, 12 Raglan street 

Balfour, David, wholesale and retail grocer and wine merchant, 125 and 
127 Hawkhill (Telephone No. 849; Telegrams, "Enterprise"); h. 
1 Aberlemno terrace 

Balfour, David, moulder, 55 Dura street 

Balfour, David B., grocer's assistant, 6 Whitehall crescent 

Balfour, James, restaurateur, Straton's Restaurant, 18 Reform street 

Balfour, John, foreman carter, 11 Pitfour street 

Balfour, John, motorman, 44 Court street 

Balfour, R. H., clerk, 2 American Muir road, Downfield 

Balfour, William, gardener, Rockfield lodge, Shaftesbury road 

Balfour, William, mechanic, 60 Provost road 

Balfour, Mrs Elizabeth, 21 Mortimer street 

Balfour, Mrs, 207 Albert street 

Balgay Works, Lower pleasance ; Wm. Nairn, spinner and manufacturer 

Balharrie, Alexander, grocer, 36 Back street 

Balharrie, David, engineer, 160 Albert street 

Balharry, Fraser, & Co., Ltd., wholesale drapery warehousemen, 73 
Murraygate (Telephone No. 2182) 

Balharry, Richard, of Balharry, Fraser, & Co., Ltd., Ardis, Gordon 
street, Barnhill 

Ballantine, Jas. , spirit mercht. , 34 Dens rd. ; h. Eversley, 29 Clepington rd. 

Ballantine, Mrs James, 12 Lammerton terrace 

Ballantyne, Peter, caretaker, 248 Blackness road 

Ballantyne, William, joiner, 9 Ellen street 

Ballantyne, Miss, manageress, Steam Laundry, Claypots, West Ferry 

Ballentine, William, clerk, 11 Janefield place 

Ballingal, David, insurance agent, 7 Kinnaird street 

Ballingall, David, street porter, 16 Park place 

^ Ballingall, David, warehouseman, 71 Dens road 

Ballingall & Son, Ltd., brewers, maltsters, and hop merchants, Park 
and Pleasance Breweries, Lochee road ; office, 6 Ash street (Tele- 
phone No. 877; Telegrams, "Ballingall") 


Ballingall, William, of Ballingall & Son, Ltd., 9 Dudhope terrace 

(Telephone No. 479) 
Ballingall, William B., wine and spirit merchant, 16 Dock street and 

16 Shore terrace ; h. 8 St Mary's road, Downfield 
Balmain, James, joiner, 2 Perrie street, Lochee 
Balmer, Mrs Mary, dairykeeper, 99 Princes street 
Balsillie, David, B.Sc, assistant lecturer and demonstrator of geology, 

University College ; h. St Andrews 
Baltic Linen Works, 28 Annfield road ; Hardie & Smith, manufacturers 
Band, David, of Band & Whyte, Bellgray, 11 Ferry road, Monifieth 
Band, Henry, draughtsman, 1 Dalhousie terrace 
Band, James, of Thomas Hay & Sons, Ninewells 
Band, James C. S., wine merchant, 192 Hawkhill 
Band & Whyte, merchants, 23 Panmure street (Telephone No. 295 ; 

Telegrams, "Contract") 
Band, Mrs C. S., 2 Blackness crescent 

Bank Mill Works, 40 Milnbank road ; P. Spence Mudie, manufacturer 
Bank of Scotland — 34 Reform street, William G. Leggat, agent ; 

1 Victoria street, W. H. Turnbull, agent 
Banks, Alexander, Carselea, Blackness road 
Banks, Ernest, M.B., Ch.B., Annfield house, 5 Annfield street 
Banks & Nicoll, chartered accountants, 31 Albert square 
Banks, Mrs Alexander M. , 8 Albany terrace 
Banks, Mrs William, 4 Blackness crescent 
Banks, Mrs William, 3 Hyndford terrace 
Bannerman, James, stoker, 2 Forebank terrace 

Bannerman, John, com. traveller, 1 Caenlochan villas, Strathern rd. ,B. Fy. 
Barber, Robert, general dealer, 162 Overgate ; h. 225 
Barbieri, Stephen, fish restaurant, 155 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Lowden's alley 
Barbour, Alexander M., cashier, 195 Albert street 
Barbour, Colin, insurance agent, 314 Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
Barbour, James, calenderworker, 3 Lowden's alley 
Barbour, William, carpetweaver, 75 Sandeman street 
Barclay, Alex., fish merch., 23 Constitution rd. ; h. 68 Strathmartine rd. 
Barclay, Andrew V., baker, 134 Princes street; h. 3 Arbroath road 
Barclay, Colin, surfaceman, 20 Ellen street 
Barclay, David, 159 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Barclay, George L. , of J. H. F. Henderson, Ltd. , 6 Martin street 
Barclay, Grant, shipbuilder, Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. , 

Ltd.; h. Cambus lodge, Camperdown st., B.Ferry(Teleph.No.B.F.140) 
Barclay, James, tenter, 13 Peel street, Lochee 
Barclay, John, cardriver, 197 Lochee road 
Barclay, John, clerk, 12 Molison street 

Barclay, Wm., of Boyack, Barclay, & Co. , Mossburn, 363 King st. , B.Ferry 
Barker, Andrew, fireman, 16 Baffin street 

Barlas, John, chauffeur, Tircarra North lodge, Abertay street, Barnhill 
Barlow, James, coal merchant, 58 Gellatly street ; h. 32 Castle street 
Barn, John, compositor, 6 Cardean street 

Barnes, James, newsagent, stationer, tobacconist, 128 Hilltown ; h. 197 
BARNES, T. B., coal, lime, and gravel merchant, 30 Commercial street; 

h. Muirton villa, 237 Strathmartine road, Downfield. See Adv. p. 34 


Barnes, Mra James, 197 Hilltown 
Barnet, Charles, engineer, 3 Blackness avenue 
Barnet, James, joiner, 4 William street 
Barnet, James, collector, 62 Peddie street 
Barnet, Keith, blacksmith, 25 Clepington street 
Barnet, Stewart M., clerk, 63 Dens road 
Barnet, Mrs James W., 3 Woodville place 
Barnett, David, police sergeant, 333 Clepington road 
: Barnett, James, tenter, 103 Hospital wynd 
! Barnett, James, chauffeur, Binrock lodge, Perth road 
I Barnett & Philip, confectioners, 15 Mains road ; h. 29 Provost road 
| Barnett, R., insurance agent, 13 Dudhope street 
i Barnett, Mrs Annie, 35 Stirling street 
I Barr, Alexander, butcher, 13 Arklay street 
! Barr, John, superintendent of dredging, 24 Baxter Park terrace 
Barr, N., boot repairer, 19 Hawkhill 
Barr, Robert W., M.A., teacher, classical department, High School; 

h. 28 Maryfield terrace 
Barrett, James A. S., M.A., F.S.A.(Scot.), librarian, University College 

Library, 5 Perth road ; h. 4 Melville terrace 
j Barrett, Patrick, caretaker, 21 Forebank road 
J Barrie, Alexander R., gardener, 24 Park avenue 
I Barrie, Alexander Y., chemist, 135 Nethergate 
Barrie, Catherine M., greengrocer, 162 Strathmartine road ; h. 8 School 

road, Downfield 
Barrie, Charles, of Charles Barrie & Sons, Airlie Park, Dundee road, West 

Barrie, Charles C. , of Charles Barrie & Sons, Airlie Park, Dundee road, 

West Ferry 
Barrie, Chas., & Sons, shipowners, ship and insur. brokers, 49Meadowside 
Barrie, David, of David Barrie, Ltd., 10 Exchange street 
I Barrie, David, Ltd. , carting contractors, 3 Exchange st. (Teleph. No. 93) 
j Barrie, D. L., coml. traveller, 12 Gladstone ter., Brook st., Bro. Ferry 
i Barrie, George, of G. & P. Barrie, Ltd., 49 Mains loan 
Barrie, G. M. , wine mer., 80 Lome st., L'hee ; h. The Cedars, 29 Ancrumrd. 
1 BARBIE, G. & P. , Ltd. , manufacturers of aerated waters, unf ermented fruit 
wines and cordials, and non-intoxicating hop bitter beer and stout, 
191 and 193 Albert street (Telephone No. 389). See Adv. p. 60 
Barrie, James, 9 Home terrace, Dundee road, West Ferry 
! Barrie, James, 8 School road, Downfield 
Barrie, Jas. M. S., teacher, Ann St. Public School ; h. 24 Park avenue 
j Barrie, John, fireman, 7 Ellen street 

Barrie, Joseph J., of Chas. Barrie & Sons, Airlie Park, Dundee rd., W.Fy. 
Barrie, Joseph J., & Co., merchants, commission and insurance agents, 
10 Panmure street (Telephone No. 286 ; Telegrams, "Barrie") 
J Barrie, Peter, of G. & P. Barrie, Ltd., Dunloan, 31 Shamrock street 
I Barrie, Robert, calenderer, 8 Arbroath road 

Barrie, Roberts., stationer, printer, 16 Panmure st. ; h. 8 Osborne pi. 
A Barrie, William, saddler, 67 Ure street 

Barrie, Mrs John, babylinen warehouse, 264 Perth rd. ; h. 1 Blackness av. 
oj! Barrie, Miss, The Vine, 43 Magdalen Yard road 


Barron & Co., of Belfast, Ltd., merchants, 18 Cowgate (Telephone 

No. 209; Telegrams, "Barronco"); D. Gibson, agent; and at 

Boyne Bridge Works, Belfast 
Barron, David, 9 Balgay avenue 
Barron, George, cashier, 22a Strathmartine road 
Barron, John, clerk, 12 Balgay avenue 
Barrow, William A., surveyor, H.M. Excise, 29 Bank street; h. 6 

Bothwell terrace, Westfield road, West Ferry 
Barry, Arthur, 7 Fort street 

Barry, Arthur E. , of Douglas & Barry, 45 Magdalen green 
Barry, John Armstrong, solicitor, 30 Whitehall st. ; h. 7 Fort street 
Bar tie, Mary, dressmaker, 105 a High street, Lochee 
Barton, George, chief officer, 57 Logie street, Lochee 
Barton, Mrs, wine & spirit merchant, 45Caldrum st. ; h. 93Pitkerro rd. 
Batchelor, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 89 Arbroath road 
Batchelor, Alexander, of David Duncan & Son, Winyates, Fairfield rd. , 

West Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 19) 
Batchelor, Alexander, painter and decorator, 19 Morgan street 
Batchelor, Andrew, millioreman, 151 Lochee road 
Batchelor, Benj., of F. M.&G. Batchelor, Dunglass, Arbroath rd. , W.Fy. 
Batchelor, Chas., of Charles Batchelor & Co., Craigmount, Strathmartine 
Batchelor, Chas. , & Co. , iron, steel, and metal mercts. , 5 Royal Exchange 

court (Telephone No. 575 ; Telegrams, "Batchelor, Iron Merchant") 
Batchelor, David, 37 St Andrew's street 
Batchelor, David, engineer, 9 Duntrune terrace, West Ferry 
Batchelor, D. P., Cairnie cottage, Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 
Batchelor, Francis Malcolm, of F. M. &G. Batchelor, Kelly field, by Dundee 
Batchelor, F. M. & G., farmers, Craigie Home farm (Telephone No. 

298), and Gotterstone farm, Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 69) 
Batchelor, F. S., hairdresser, 17 Albert street 
Batchelor, George, patternmaker, 31 North street 
Batchelor, George, warping overseer, 9 Hawkhill 
Batchelor, James, plumber, 9 Ure street 
Batchelor, John J., coppersmith, sheet brass, iron, and tinplate worker, 

Victoria Copper Works, west end Victoria dock 
Batchelor, J. A. Guthrie, of F. M. & G. Batchelor, Craigie Home farm 
Batchelor, Martin, blacksmith, 8 Elizabeth street 
Batchelor, Peter, warper, 49 Hospital wynd 
Batchelor, Robert, potato merchant, Craig harbour, West Dock street 

(Telephone No. 833) ; h. Crawford lodge, Perth road 
Batchelor, Robt. F., caretaker, Technical Coll., Bell st.; h. 48 Bell street 
Batchelor, William, mechanic, 17 Clepington street 
Batchelor, William, joiner, 25 Seafield. road 
Batchelor, William, watchman, 23 Elizabeth street 
Batchelor, Mrs F. , Dunglass, Arbroath road, West Ferry 
Batchelor, Mrs James, 105a High street, Lochee 
Batchelor, Mrs J. , 9 Ogilvie street 
Batchelor, Miss E. , 8 Garland place 

Batchelor, Miss Isabella F. , music teacher, 105a High street, Lochee 
Batchelor, Miss, Bridgend cottage, Douglas terrace, West Ferry 
Bateman, Duncan, landscape gardener, 45 Peddie street 


Bates, Alexander, 14 Seaview place, Esplanade, Broughty Ferry 

Bates, James, commission agent, 1 Commercial street (Telephone No. 
22x ; Telegrams, "Bates ") ; h. 27 Perth road 

Bates, William, harbour porter, 4 South Baffin street 

Bates, William, warehouseman, 10 Blinshall street 

Bathie, Adeline, 8 Tannadice street 

Bathie, David, labourer, 15 Arklay street 

Bathie, George, dairyman, 6 Shepherd's loan 

Bathie, James, ironmoulder, 8 Forfar road 

Bathie, James, dairyman, 216 Strathmartine road 

Bathie, John M. , spirit merchant, 29 West Dock street and 1 Craig street ; 
h. Scroggieside, Wormit 

Bathie, William, salesman, 16 Baxter Park terrace 

Battes, James, yarnbundler, 28 Dura street 

Battes, James K., grocer and wine merchant, 193 and 195Lochee road; 
57 Cobden street, Lochee ; h. Oakbank, 88 Logie street 

Battes, John M. , grocer and wine merchant, 242 Blackness road ; 
h. Oakbank, 88 Logie street, Lochee 

Battes, Mrs E., licensed grocer, 118 Lome st., Lochee ; h. 16 Ancrum rd. 

Baxter, Allan, American vice and deputy consul, 31 Albert square ; 
h. Cromdale, Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 

Baxter Brothers & Co., Limited, spinners and manufacturers, Dens 
Works, 13 Princes street (Telephone No. 216) ; office, 7 King street 
(Telephone No. 212 ; Telegrams, " Baxter") 

Baxter & Co. , merchants, Baltic buildings (Telephone No. 386 ; Tele- 
grams, "Baltic") 

Baxter, C. R., & Co., Ltd., Scotch whisky merchants, 35 St Andrew's 
street (Telephone No. 77 ; Telegrams, "Barleybree") 

Baxter, David, collector, 38 Park avenue 

Baxter,D. W. , Lie. R. I. B. A. , of Johnston & Baxter, Moy villas, 38 Forfar rd. 

Baxter, D. W., & Son, manufacturers, Verdant Works, 23 Miln street 
(Telephone No. 943 ; Telegrams, "Temple") 

Baxter, Edward A., of Baxter & Co., Kincaldrum, Forfar 

Baxter, Fergus M., of M'Intyre Brothers, Ltd., Baluniefield, Arbroath 
road, Broughty Ferry 

Baxter, George, mechanic, 1 Springhill 

Baxter, George, butcher, 120 High street, Lochee; h. 18 Marshall street 

Baxter, George S., M.Inst.C.E., civil engineer and manager, Water Com- 
mission; office, 93 Commercial st. ; h. Ashbank; 27 Forfar road 

Baxter, Sir George W., LL.D., of Baxter Brothers & Co., Ltd., 
Invereighty, near Forfar 

Baxter, Horatio T., solicitor and notary, 87 Commercial street (Tele- 
phone No. 1105) ; h. St Clare, Tayport 

Baxter, Isaac, insurance agent, 13 Baxter Park terrace 

Baxter, James, hacklemaker, 24 Ogilvie's road 

Baxter, James, butcher, 39 Peddie street 

Baxter, James, fireman, 256 Ferry road 

Baxter, James, night watchman, 17 Glamis street 

Baxter, James A., Assoc. Ryl. San. Inst., superintendent of markets and 
slaughterhouses, E. Dock st. (Telephone No. 561) ; h. 1 Market st. 

Baxter, James B., compositor, 45 Erskine street 


Baxter, James E., manager and secretary, Ice and Cold Storage Co., 

Ltd. ; h. Tor wood, East Haddon road 
Baxter, James M., school-bag cutter, 9 Park avenue 
Baxter, James S., of D. W. Baxter & Son, 9 Douglas ter., West Ferry 
Baxter, John, draughtsman, 42 Baldovan terrace 
Baxter, John, mechanic, 2 Kinnaird street 
Baxter, John S. , Lilyoak cottage, 27 South road, Lochee 
Baxter, Nurse J. C. , Ferncrof t, Panmure terrace, Barnhill 
Baxter, Lewis, spirit merchant's assistant, 37 Baldovan terrace 
Baxter, Margaret, dressmaker, Lilyoak cottage, 27 South road, Lochee 
Baxter, Peter, millworker, 97 Princes street 
Baxter, Richard L., of R. L. Baxter & Co., Craigruagh, Tayport 
Baxter, Richard L., & Co., merchants, 31 Murray gate (Telephone No. 

83; Telegrams, "Farina") 
Baxter, Robert, traveller, 35 Provost road 

Baxter, Robert, house proprietor, 5 Douglas terrace, West Ferry 
Baxter, Robert, & Co., sack and twine manufacturers, wholesale paper 

merchants, agents for Price's Co. , Ltd. ; rope works, Fairmuir ; 

office and warehouse, 64 and 66 Bell street 
Baxter, R. & S., mica merchants, 31 Murraygate ; works, Commercial ct. 
Baxter, Stephen L., of R. L. Baxter & Co,, Fonab, Tayport 
Baxter, T. M., Lochee and Dundee carrier and contractor, 56 and 58 

Kirk street, Lochee (Telephone No. 2154) ; h. 29 
Baxter, Walter, solicitor and notary ; secretary and treasurer, Faculty 

of Procurators ; legal assessor to Local Marine Board, 31 Murraygate 
Baxter, William, late cashier, 1 Dalhousie terrace 
Baxter, William G., teacher of music, 172 South road, Lochee 
Baxter, W. J. , shipagent, 33 Dock street ; h. 2 Lynnewood place 
Baxter, Mrs Alexander, 137 Clepington road 
Baxter, Mrs Helen, apartments, 94 Commercial street 
Baxter, Mrs James, 15 Baxter Park terrace 
Baxter, Mrs Norman, Redholm, Craigie avenue, West Ferry 
Baxter, Mrs Robert, Yewbank avenue, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
Baxter, Mrs Wm., wine merch. , 79, 81 South road, Lochee ; h. 29 Kirk st. 
Baxter, Mrs, 3 King's road 

Baxter, Mrs, Cairnmuir cottage, 379 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Baxter, Miss, missionary, 42 Provost road 
Baxter, Miss, masseuse, Gordon street, Barnhill 
Bayliss, Henry, fireman, 38 Carmichael street 
Bayne, Alexander, vanman, 139 Perth road 

Bayne, C. Grahame, of William Bayne & Son, 24 Constitution street 
Bayne, David C. , wholesale stationer and smallware merchant, 82 Ward 

road ; h. 1 Mid street 
Bayne, William, of William Bayne & Son, 17 Constitution street 
Bayne, Eev. William, lecturer in English and in religious knowledge, 

Dundee Training College ; h. 284 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
BAYNE, WILLIAM, & SON, house and insurance agents, 14 Union street 

(Telephone No. 2200) ; joiners, 11 \ Ann street. See Adv. p. 124 
Beat, Charles, fishdealer, 42 Hawkhill ; h. 7 Balfour street 
Beat, George M., cycle agent, 169 High street, Lochee ; h. 6 Bright st. 
Beat, James, railway servant, 31 Rose street 


Beat, Mrs John, 4 Baxter Park terrace 

Beath, David, commercial traveller (Low & Duff, Ltd., Monifieth), 95 
Beach crescent, Broughty Ferry 

Beath, Harry W. (engineer, Monifieth), 4 Rhona pi., Queen st., B. Ferry 

BEATH & KEAY, engineers and ironfounders, Albion Foundry, 28 Hill 
street (Telephone No. 412). See Adv. p. 17 

Beath, Robert W. (engineer, Monifieth), 2 Windsor ter., Brook st.,B. Fy. 

Beath, William W., of Low & Duff, Ltd., Ardmere, Monifieth (Tele- 
phone No. M. 3) 

Beaton, Alexander D., telegraphist, Edradour, 21 East Haddon road 

Beaton, Archibald, butcher, 86 Ferry road 

Beaton, Daniel, church-officer, Ryehill U.F. Church; h. 9 Mid wynd 

Beaton, Frank, seaman-instructor, "Mars" T.S.; h. 7 King's road 

Beaton, John, retired stationmaster, Harvey cottage, Seafield rd., B.F. 

Beaton, William, frenchpolisher, 150 Hilltown 

Beaton, Miss, 150 Hilltown 

Beats, Alexander, slater, 164 Overgate ; h. 27 Constitution road 

Beats, David, gardener, Arnhall, Perth road 

Beats, James, joiner, 84 Ferry road 

Beats, James, gardener, West lodge, Binrock, Perth road 

Beats, Thomas, stableman, 91 Milnbank road 

Beatson, Thomas, shoemaker, 11 Watson street ; h. 49 Victoria street 

Beatson, Mrs E. , dairy produce dealer, 56 Blackness road ; h. 68£ 

Beatt, Richard W. , clerk, 45 Seafield road 

Beatt, Robert, fish merchant, 90 Ann street; A. 71 

Beattie, Charles, cutter, 12 Whitehall crescent 

Beattie, David, caretaker, South Ward road 

Beattie, David, jun. , clerk, 65 Dens road 

Beattie, George, confectioner and pastry baker, 71 Overgate; h. 62 Seagate 

Beattie, Geo., water insp., 93 Commercial street; h. 83Highst., Carnoustie 

Beattie, James (A. & S. Henry & Co., Ltd.), Kilrymont, St Andrews 

Beattie, James, grocer and wine merchant, 50 and 52 Brook street 

Beattie, James, 92 Victoria road 

Beattie, James B., chemist, 4 Wellgate ; h. 33 Commercial street 

Beattie, John A., pastrybaker and confectioner, 45 Victoria road and 
22 Cowgate ; h. 92 Victoria road 

Beattie, Joseph R., of Wm. Beattie & Co., 24 Muirfield cres., Downfield 

Beattie, Robert, confectioner, 43 Dock street ; h. 8 Baxter Park terrace 

Beattie, William, joiner, 3 Church street 

BEATTIE, WILLIAM, & CO., brush manufacturers, 52 and 54 Barrack 
street (Telephone No. 1633). See Adv. p. 35 

Beattie, W. F., pastrybaker, 96 Dura street ; h. 20 Baldovan terrace 

Beattie, W. F., baker and confectioner, 66 Blackscroft 

Beattie, William R., of William Beattie & Co., 20 Peddie street 

Beattie, Miss Mary, lodgings, 99 Alexander street 

Beatts, William, of Smith & Beatts, 79 Church street, Broughty Ferry 

i Beaty, Archibald, traveller, 45 Seafield road 

| Beaumont, Mrs Robina, 21 Airlie place 

Beck, William, superintendent, Labour Home for Men, 24 Milnbank rd. 

Beckett, Thomas, joiner, 6 Eden street 

Beckett, Mrs J., 95 Beach crescent, Broughty Ferry 


Bedson, George D., Council officer, City chambers ; h. 98a Arbroath rd. 

Beedie, Alexander, overseer, 98 Logie street, Lochee 

Beedie, Alexander, lodgekeeper, 29 South George street 

Beedie, David, printer, 31 Cleghorn street 

Beedie, D. S., of John Beedie & Son, 2 Nelson street 

Beedie, John, of John Beedie & Son, 1 Osborne ter., Camperdown st., B.F. 

Beedie, John M., clerk, Dunsinane, 10 Hillcrest road 

BEEDIE, JOHN, & SON, woodturners, 16 Ward rd. (Telephone No. 1281 ; 

Telegrams, "Beedie, Turner"). See Adv. p. 35 
Beedie, William, clerk, 1 Sibbald street 
Beedie, Mrs William, 8 Nelson street 
Begbie, James, joiner, 25 Park avenue 
Begbie, John, 5 Rustic place 
Begbie, John, clerk, 46 Provost road 

Begbie, J., customs officer, Rustic place, Seafield road, Broughty Ferry 
Begbie, William F., commercial traveller, 46 Castle street 
Begg, Arthur, patternmaker, 150 Albert street 
Begg, Frank M., compositor, 27 Scott street 
Begg, George G., dairyman, 17 Fairfield road 
Begg, Helen, dairykeeper, 127 Albert street ; h. 3 Cardean street 
Begg, William, late police constable, 1 Heron's lane, Lochee 
Begg, Mrs J. S. , 4 Dock street 
Begg, Miss, 5 Adelaide place 

Belford, James, Tarfside, Camperdown street, Broughty Ferry 
Belford, James G., of Charles Norrie & Sons, Tayside, Wormit 
Belgium, Vice-consul for — B. L. Nairn, 33 Commercial street 
Bell, Alexander, sawmiller, 91 Milnbank road 
Bell, Alexander, moulder, 49 Erskine street 
Bell, Alexander, of William Bell & Son, Glencairn, Wormit 
Bell, Alexander, clerk, 5 Park terrace 
Bell, Alex. H., merchant, 12 Panmure st. ; h. Fairfield, Colinsburgh, Fife 
Bell, Allan (Dundee Advertiser office), 4 Norma terrace, Camphill road, 

Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 345) 
Bell, Annie, 5 Blackness avenue 
Bell, Arch. , solicitor and notary, 54 Commercial street ; h. Ashton villa 

13 Shamrock street 
Bell, Archibald C. , Royal Victoria Hospital lodge, Blackness road 
Bell, Catherine F. , 34 Argyle street 
Bell, Charles, waiter, 166 Lochee road 
Bell, Charles C, wholesale tea merchant, 14 and 16 St Andrew's street 

h. 9 Renny place, Grove road, West Ferry 
Bell, Charles Hope, Belmont, 15 Perth road 
Bell, Daniel, Idabank cottage, Davidson street, Broughty Ferry ^ 
Bell, David, waiter, 32 Gardner street 
Bell, David, joiner, 59 Logie street, Lochee 
Bell, David, currier, 109 American Muir road, Downfield 
Bell, David, gardener, Kingscross Hospital, Clepington road 
Bell, David, gardener, The Cottage, Coupar Angus road, Lochee 
Bell, Francis, draper's traveller, 8 American Muir road, Downfield 
Bell, Frederick, mechanical manager, Camperdown Jute Works ; h. 

Woodbine cottage, 17 Bright street, Lochee 




Bell, George, pastrybaker, 20 Pennycook lane and 254 Hawkhill; h. 19 

Milnbank road 
Bell, George B., M.A., teacher, 317 Clepington road 
Bell, George W., ship's officer, 7 Bonnybank road 
Bell & Henderson, solicitors and notaries public, 10 Whitehall street 

(Telephone No. 422) 
Bell, James, ironturner, 74 Arklay street 
Bell, James, blacksmith, 5 Roslin terrace 
Bell, James, commission agent, 9 Pitkerro road 
j Bell, James, mason, 7 Arklay street 
I Bell, James, ironturner, 4 Ferguson street 
'Bell, James, yarndresser, 13 Chiirch street 
Bell, James Harriott, Belmont, 15 Perth road 

; Bell, James M., merchant, 2 India buildings ; h. Greystane, Invergowrie 
: Bell, John, 17 Cleghorn street 
Bell, John, fruiterer, 76 James street 

Bell, John, superintendent, Telegraph Office ; h. 4 Baxter Park terrace 
Bell, John, carver, 51 Overgate 

Bell, John, at A.J. Kirkpatrick & Co., 13 Albert sq. ; h. 101 Magdalen gr'n 
; Bell, John R., draper, 205 Brook street, Broughty Ferry ; h. St Agnes, 

Montague street, Barnhill 
i Bell, Mary K., 166 Liff road, Lochee 

Bell, Methven, harbourmaster, Bro. Ferry ; h. Lyell pi., Long lane, B.F. 
Bell, M., dressmaker, Barometer cottage, 115 Fisher street, Bro. Ferry 
; Bell, Patrick P. , electric car driver, 140 Lochee road 
: Bell, Peter, patternmaker, 23 Tait's lane 

Bell, Peter, clerk, Camperdown Jute Works; h. 19 Loons road, Lochee 
Bell, Robert, stereotyper, 166 Lochee road 
! Bell, Robert, joiner, 30 Pitfour street 
< Bell, Robert, mechanic, 34 Baldovan terrace 

; Bell, Robert, of Bell & Sime, Ltd. , Pinemount, Norwood crescent 
i Bell, Robert L., boiler inspector, 45 Baldovan terrace 
Bell & Sime, Ltd., timber merchants, Marine parade (Telephone Nos. 

55, 56 ; Telegrams, " Belsim ") 
Bell, Thomas, patternmaker, 40 Baldovan terrace 
Bell, Thos. P. , district manager, International Correspondence Schools, 

Limited, 31 Albert square 
I Bell, Thomas, & Sons, of Dundee, Limited, merchants, spinners, and 
manufacturers, Belmont Works (Telephone No. 807 ; Telegrams, 
"Belmont"); and Heathfield Works (Telephone No. 835); 
registered office, 118c Hawkhill 
i Bell, T. N. J. , manufacturer, Belmont Works ; h. Hazel wood, Ellieslea 

road, West Ferry 
j Bell, William, dresser, 18 King's road 

Bell, Wm., fish and fruit dealer, 19 North George st. ; h. 82 James st. 
I Bell, William, Ardmore, 65 Clepington road 
i Bell, William, bleacher, 13 Stirling street 

! Bell, William M., agent for Combe-Barbour branch of Fairbairn, 
Lawson, Combe, Barbour, Ltd. , Baltic buildings ; h. Bellgray villa, 
Ferry road, Monifieth 
Bell, William, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 10 High street 


Bell, Mrs A. K., Daisybank, 40 Forfar road 

Bell, Mrs A. Rattray, 356 Perth road 

Bell, Mrs C, draper and dressmaker, 99 South road, Lochee ; h. 42 

High street, Lochee 
Bell, Mrs James, Pinemount, 2 Norwood crescent 
Bell, Mrs Mary, confectioner, 256 Perth road 
Bell, Mrs Thomas, Hazelwood, Ellieslea road, West Ferry 
Bell, Mrs William, 3 South Tay street 
Bell, Mrs W. A., Osborne villa, Magdalen green 
Bell, Mrs, 24 Pitkerro road 

Bell, Mrs, Grovelynn, Ramsay park, Broughty Ferry 
Bell, Miss B. C. , Links villa, 403 King street, Broughty Ferry 
Bell, Miss E. G., dairykeeper, 184 Ann street 
Bell, Miss Jessie, tobacconist, 113 Princes street ; h. 31 Wellgate 
Bell, Miss Lizzie, grocer, 45 Larch street ; h. 26 Cherryfield lane 
Bell, Miss, 156 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Bell, Misses, 15 Rosewood terrace 

Bell, Misses, Taycliff, Harecraig, Dundee road, West Ferry 
Belmont Works, 118c Hawkhill; Thomas Bell & Sons, of Dundee, Ltd., 

merchants, spinners, and manufacturers 
Bennet, Alexander, mechanic, 1 Meadow entry 
Bennet, Charles M. , cartwright, 3 Park terrace 
BENNET, DAVID, cart, van, and lorry builder and blacksmith, 20 Temple 

lane (Tele. No. 11y2), and 5 Park lane; h. 8 Park pi. See Adv. p. 122 
Bennet, David, ironmonger, St Margarets, 67 Pitkerro road 
Bennet, Hector, shipwright, 68 St Andrew's street 
Bennet, William, builder and contractor, 15 Castle street ; yard, 

Laburn street ; h. 93 Arbroath road 
Bennet, William, gasworker, 48 Crescent lane 
Bennet, Mrs George, 101 Magdalen green 
Bennett, James, cabinetmaker, 6 Logie street, Lochee 
Bennett, Thomas, boot, shoe, and clog manufacturer, 99 and 101 

Overgate ; h. 308 Blackness road 
Bennie, Mrs Helen, tobacconist, 264b Hilltown ; h. 264a 
Benson, Rev. James M. , St Clement's Est. Church ; h. 5 Hermonhill ter. 
Benvie, James, railway stoker, 34 Ure street 
Benvie, Robert, fireman, 125 Rosebery street, Lochee 
Benvie, Thomas, packer, 38 Kemback street 
Benvie, Thomas, enginedriver, 87 Peddie street 
Benvie, Mrs William, stationer, 207 Lochee road 
Beocher, John, cabinetmaker, 137 Lochee road 

Berg, E. P., merchant, 4 Panmure st. ; h. 11 Douglas ter., West Ferry 
Berg, R. J., merchant, 4 Panmure st. ; h. Reamsholme, 12 Duntrune 

terrace, West Ferry 
Berg & Son, flax and wood merchants, 4 Panmure street (Telephone 

No. 288; Telegrams, "Dundonian ") 
Berry, Agnes, dairy produce dealer, 115 Ann street ; h. 11 Morgan st. 
Berry, David F., electrician, Harefield road, Lochee 
Berry, George, railway signalman, 46 Peddie street 
Berry, John, enginedriver, 40 Seafield road 
Berrv, J. Leslie, mer. and manufr., 3 Panmure st.; h. Colliston, Arbroath 


Bertie, Alexander, coaldealer, 151 Victoria road 
Bertie, John, boilermaker, 24 Crichton street 
Bertie, William, 11 Springfield 
Bertram, Charles, general dealer, 60 William street 
Bertram, Charles, newsagent, 139 Ann street ; h. 60 William street 
Best, Rev. Thos. F., Union U.F. Church, B. Ferry; A. Albert rd., W. Fy. 
Beswick, J. L., district manager, Royal Liver Friendly Society, 

31 Murraygate ; h. 201 Albert street 
Bethune, David, joiner, 49 Victoria road 
Bett, Miss, 5 Blackness avenue 
Beveridge, Andrew, waiter, 54 Blackness road 
Beveridge, Andrew, waiter, 8 Brown street 
Beveridge, George, sanitary inspector, 90 Victoria road 
Beveridge, George, jun., sanitary officer, 90 Victoria road 
Beveridge, John, pianist, 14 Lawrence street 
Beveridge, John, secretary and manager, Dundee Tramway and Carriage 

Co., Ltd., 188 Perth rd. ; h. Westfield house, 25 Magdalen Yard rd. 
Beveridge, John R., Scottish Insurance Corporation, Ltd., 39 Albert 

square ; h. The Poplars, Kingskettle, Fife 
Beveridge, Robert A., cabinetmaker, 56 Magdalen Yard road 
Beveridge, S., constable, 5 Morgan street 
Beveridge, W., plumber, 32 Dudhope street 
Beveridge, Mrs, Marguerite cottage, Lintrathen place 
Bewick, Martin, calenderworker, 1 Blackheath place 
Bewick, Miss Annie, teacher of music, 4 Bellefield avenue 
Bews, George, collector, 47 Benvie road 
Bews, John, coal merchant, 43 Peddie street 
Bibb, Thomas William, factory overseer, 48 Seafield road 
Bingham, William, carpetweaver, 2 Peddie street 
Binnie, Alexander, collector, 51 Crescent street 
Binnie, Mrs, licensed broker, 6 Walton street ; h. 8 Daniel street 
Binny, James, of James Binny & Co. , Riverview, Blackness road 
Binny, James, & Co., builders, 28 Rosefield street (Telephone No. 2219) 
Bird, John, engineer, 35a Clepington road 

BIRD, THOMAS, pianoforte tuner, 2 Dalhousie terrace. See Adv. p. 69 
Bird, Miss, pianist and music teacher, 2 Dalhousie terrace 
Birkenshaw, Edwin, engineer, 10 Airlie terrace 
Birmingham, Bridget, 11 Reform street 
Birnie, Alex. , optician and photographic instrument maker, 4 S. Lindsay 

street ; h. 25 Nethergate 
Birnie, Miss E. , Erigmore, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 
Birrell, Alexander T., joiner, 1 Meadow entry 

Birrell, Andrew, of And w. Birrell & Sons, Roseville, Gordon st., Barnhill 
Birrell, Andrew, & Sons, bootmakers, 107 to 113 Overgate (Tel. No. 1602) 
Birrell, Francis, goods guard, 121 Hawkhill 
BIRRELL, JAMES, painter and decorator, 189 Princes street (Telephone 

No. 707); workshop, 8 Crescent lane; h. Raigmore, Newbigging, 

Kingennie. See Adv. p. 84 
Birrell, James, of Andrew Birrell & Sons, Kintyrie, Wormit 
Birrell, John, of Andrew Birrell & Sons, Darroch villa, Monifieth 
Birrell, John, joiner, 450 Strathmartine road, Downfield 


Birrell, J. W., commission agent, 57 Strathmore road 

Birrell, William, of Andrew Birrell & Sons, Cragside, Wormit 

Birrell, William D. , clerk, 1 1 Renny place, Grove road, West Ferry 

Birrell, Mrs, dairykeeper, 100 Rosebank street ; h. 104 

Birrell, Miss L., confectioner, 45 Wellgate; h. 1 Meadow entry 

Birrell, Miss Mary F. , draper, 251 Blackness road ; h. 57 Strathmore road 

Birse, David B., funeral undertaker, 31 Ann street 

Birse, George C., marine engineer, 1 Windsor ter., Brook st., B. Ferry 

BIRSE, JAMES K., baker, 30 Princes street; restaurateur, Crown 

Restaurant, 49 High street ; h. 32^ King street. See Adv. p. 129 
Birse, John, tailor and clothier, 16 Annfield street 
Birse, John, gardener, Dudhope East lodge, Inverlaw place 
Birse, J. Stuart, teacher of dancing, 110 Victoria road 
Birse, Robert, cabinetmaker, 28 Carmichael street 
Birse, William, clerk, 135 Clepington road 
Birse, William, insurance agent, 63 Gellatly street 
Birse, W., confectioner, 101 Nethergate 
Birse, Mrs George, 25 Bonnybank road 

Bissell, Fred. C. , manager, Dundee Canister Co. , Ltd. ; h. 2 Forebank ter. 
Bisset, Christopher J., sheriff-clerk of Forfarshire, Courthouse, West 

Bell street ; h. 8 Richmond terrace 
Bisset, David, outdoor inspector of poor, 3 Gibson terrace 
Bisset, David, managing director, Francis East & Co., Ltd.; h. 5 Fort st. 
Bisset, David, commission agent, Beach cottage, Beach cres., Bro. Ferry 
Bisset, Francis, beltmaker, 8 Annfield street 
Bisset, George J., dairyman, Holly road, Broughty Ferry 
Bisset, James, sheriff-officer, J.P. constable, and burgh officer, 14 Union 

street (Telephone No. 1747) 
Bisset, James, mason, 25 Heron's lane, Lochee 
Bisset, James, gravedigger, 34 Fleuchar street 
Bisset, John, jute broker, insurance and oil agent, 4 India buildings ; 

h. Westerton, Wormit 
Bisset, John N. , of William Bisset & Son, 1 Adelaide place 
Bisset, Peter P., factory manager, 19 Peel street, Lochee 
Bisset, Robert C, grocer and wine mer., 71, 73 Princes st. ; h. 5 Fort st. 
Bisset, Thomas, joiner, 3 Balgay avenue 
Bisset, William, cabinetmaker, 25 Rosebery street 
Bisset, William, district secretary, Independent Order of Rechabites, 32 

Bank street ; h. 122 Hawkhill 
Bisset, William, joiner, 43 Balgay street, Lochee 
BISSET, WILLIAM, & SON, saddlers, harness, trunk, and portmanteau 

makers, 57 Reform street. See Adv. p. 55 
Bisset, William S., tailor and clothier, 179 Victoria road (Telephone 

No. 1949) ; h. 1 Wortley place 
Bisset, Mrs Thomas, Willowpark, 7 American Muir road, Downfield 
Bisset, Miss W. M. , dressmaker, 7 Rosefield street 
Bisset, Miss, Ashbank, 12 East Somerville place 
Bissett, Alexander, storekeeper, 202a Hawkhill 
Bissland, John, bootmaker, Ia Wolseley street; h. 1 
Bitchenor, Frederick, adjutant, Salvation Army, 24 Garland place 
Black, Adam R., caretaker, Tay Street School, South Tay street 


Black. Andrew, traveller, 1 Bellefielcl avenue 
Black, CharlesG. (Johnstons, Ltd.), 242 Clepington road 
Black, David, moulder, 12 Benvie road 
Black, David G., M.A., teacher, 2 Victoria crescent 
Black, George, manager, Belmont Works ; h. 9 Mountpleasant 
Black, George, butcher, 10 Stewart street, Lochee 
Black, George, teacher, 8 James place, Broughty Ferry 
Black, George B., merchant, Queen Victoria Works ; h. Hermitage, Tay port 

(Telephone No. T. 46) 
Black, Geo. B.,jun., manager, Queen Victoria Wks. ; h. 360 Blackness rd. 
Black, Hugh F., agent, produce merchant, wholesale grocer, and corn 

merchant, 6' and 8 Horse wynd ; h. 19 Blackness avenue 
Black, H. B., commercial traveller, 3 Murray street 
Black, James, draper, 114 Princes st. ; h. Daisy cot., 14 Shamrock at. 
Black, John, grocer, 193 Perth road 
Black, John H. , mechanic, 87 Strathmartine road 

Black, John R., butcher, 124 Logie st., Lochee ; h. 46 High st,, Lochee 
Black, Norman, L.D.S., R.C.S.Eng., dental surgeon, Bellevue, 361 

Brook street, Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F.lftx) 
Black, Peter, mechanic, 21 Rosefield street 

Black, Richard, painter, 107 Logie st. ; h. Laurelgrove, 8 Ancrum road 
Black, Robert, factory overseer, 14 Garland place 
Black, William, coal merchant, 185 Strathmartine road 
Black, William, ironmonger, plumber, tinsmith, engraver, and stamp- 
cutter, 48 Murraygate ; h. 313 Clepington road 
Black, William, baker, 119J Hilltown 
Black, William C, joiner, 41 Seafield road 
Black, William C, porter, 110 Logie street, Lochee 
Black, Mrs David, 8 Bellefield avenue 
Black, Mrs David, 76 Lochee road 
Black, Mrs James, 182 Lochee road 

Black, Mrs James, greengrocer, 197 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Blackheath place 
Black, Mrs John A. , wine and spirit merch't, 204 Perth rd. ; h. 7 Airlie ter. 
Black, Miss C. A., milliner, 16 Princes street; h. 10 Stewart st., Lochee 
Black, Miss Helen, 313 Clepington road 
Black, Miss Marion, dressmaker, 182 Lochee road 
Blackadder, David, solicitor, 32 Castle st. ; h. 37 Clepington road 
Blackie, John, cardriver, 58 Main street 
Blacklaws, Mrs, apartments, 32 Castle street 
Blacklock, David, plumber, 81 Victoria road 

Blackness Foundry, Larch st. ; Urquhart, Lindsay, & Co. , Ltd. , engineers 
Blackwood, Alex., working jeweller and electro gilder and plater, 14 

New Inn entry ; h. 13 Union place 
Blackwood, Andrew, woodturner, 2 Perrie street, Lochee 
Blackwood, And., B.A.,B.Sc, hdmstr. , Cowgate Sch. ; h. 21 Westfieldpl. 
Blackwood, A. G., 19 Muirfielcl road, Downfield 

Blackwood, George, 3 Camperdown place, Camperdown st. , Bro. Ferry 
Blackwood, M., surveyor to Lloyd's Register, 26 East Dock street; 

h. Broomknowe, Wormit 
Blackwood, Robert, lithographer, 21 North Tay street (Telephone No. 

1291); h. 280 Perth road 


Blackwood, William, 85 Beach crescent, Broughty Ferry 

Blair, Alex., wine mercht., 174, 176 Hawkhill; h. Victoria ter. , Tayport 

Blair, Alexander, insurance agent, 30 Meadowside 

Blair, Andrew, hairdresser, 6 Cotton road 

Blair, David, guard, 106 Annfield road 

Blair, Duncan, riveter, 28 Ferry road 

Blair, D. D., cashier, 45 Commercial street 

Blair, Frank, ironturner, 105 Princes street 

Blair, James Reid, solicitor, 21 Airlie place 

Blair, Robert, factory overseer, 18 Arbroath road 

Blair, Robert, grocer, 321 Clepington road 

Blair, Thomas H., 1 Collingwood terrace, Barnhill 

Blair, Thomas Peters, shipmaster, 48 Albert street 

Blair, William, frenchpolisher, 1 Graham place 

Blair, William F. , plumber, church- officer, Broughty Ferry Baptist 

Church ; h. Hilda place, 37 Lawrence street, B.F. 
Blair, W. C. , grocer and spirit mer. , 1 Church st. ; h. 3 Victoria ter. , Tayport 
Blair, Mrs Margaret, Glassite Church, 4 King street 
Blair, Miss M. F., 32 Dudhope Crescent road 
Blair, Miss, Airlie cottage, 339 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Blairford, James, waiter, 3 Blinshall street 
Blaney, A. P., Lindore. 21 Strawberrybank 
Blemrid Manufacturing Co., 15 Castle street 
Blue Coupon Co., Ltd., The, 34 Wellgate 
Blue Funnel Line Passenger Steamers to Australia ; agents, Anchor 

Line, 52 Commercial street 
Blumenreich, Mrs W. H., Alwin villa, 9Muirfield road, Downfield 
Blyth, Alexander, powerloom tenter, 6 Cleghorn street 
Blyth, Charles, hacklemaker, 22 St Mary's place 
Blyth, David, gas stoker, 63 Constable street 
Blyth, George, stationer and tobacconist, 173 Brook street 
Blyth, James, joiner, 10 Brown Constable street 
Blyth, James, shore porter, 90 Dens road 
Blyth, John, engineer, 26 Springhill 
Blyth, John S., fireman, 101 Rosebery street, Lochee 
Blyth, William, church -officer, 132 Perth road 
Blyth, William C, 12 Park road, Downfield 
Blyth, Mrs R. , grocer, 65 Ure street 

Boa, John, church-officer, St Matthew's Parish Church ; h. 86 Ferry road 
Boak, Mrs, 105 Strathmartine road 

Boase, Charles M., of Boase & Co., Ltd., Claverhouse, Mains 
Boase & Co., Ltd., yarn bleachers and yarn millers, Claverhouse, Mains 
Boase, G. H. Lindsay, manufr., 39 St Andrew's st.; h. Binrock, Perth rd. 
Boase, Henry, & Co., Ltd., jute spinners, Wellfield Works, Kemback 

st. (Exchange Box No. 36; Telephone No. 289; Telegrams, "Boase") 
Boase, Philip M., manufr., 39 St Andrew's st. ; h. Law Park, St Andrews 
Boase Spinning Company, Limited, The, flax and hemp spinners, 

merchants and manufacturers, twine spinners, waterproof cover 

makers, Rockwell Works ; offices, 39 St. Andrew's street 
Boase, William Norman, manufacturer, 39 St Andrew's street ; h. The 

White House, St Andrews 


Boase, Mrs Henry S., 82 Seafield road 

Boase, Mrs William Lindsay, Binrock, Perth road 

Boase, Miss C. A., 16 Windsor street 
i Boase, Miss, 7 Rosewood terrace 

Boath, Allan, painter and decorator, 141 and 143 Nethergate (Telephone 
No. 638) ; h. 171 Perth road 

Boath, And., laboratory assistant, University College; h. 55 Parkwynd 

Boath, Andrew, coal, hay, and grain merchant, 5 Kirk street, Lochee 
1 Boath, Charles, postman, 8 Gardner street 

Boath, David, jun., mason, 88 Strathmartine road 

Boath, David, mason and contractor, 37 Derby street ; h. 15 Paterson st. 

Boath, David, slater and chimneysweep, 43 Strathmartine road 
i Boath, David, late sanitary officer, 4 School road, Downfield 

Boath, Jas., butcher, 158 Lochee rd. ; h. Sidlawview, 14 Wellgrove st.,L'he. 

Boath, Richmond, woodturner, 76 Clepington road 

Boath, William, warping overseer, 19 Strathmartine road 

Boath, William, shoemaker, 10 Victoria street 

Boath, Mrs William, 28 Shamrock street 
i Boath, Misses, dressmakers, 86 Dura street 

I Bodega Co., Ltd., Spanish wine cellars, shippers and importers, 23 Cow- 
gate (Tel. No. 1947 ; Telegrams, "Bodega ") ; D. B. Laing, manager 

Boe, Charles H., wine and spirit merchant, 66 King street 

Boettcher, Hermann, 7 Aberlemno terrace 

| Bogue, Rebecca, broker, 2 St Salvador street ; h. 18 Caldrum street 
| Bogue, Mrs John, 8 Aberlemno terrace 

Bogue, Miss Mary B., 288 Perth road 

Bonar, Charles, clerk, 109 Clepington road 
> Bonar, David, grocer, 48 Lilybank road 

Bonar, Geo., of Low & Bonar, Ltd., Dunruadh, Perth rd. (Tel. No. 2265) 

Bonar, James, boatbuilder, 6 Lamb's lane 

Bonar, James, jute batcher, 129 Hawkhill 

; Bonar, Thomas, & Co., Ltd., jute and linen merchants, 19 King street 
i Bonar, T. H. D., Akrona, 12 Bingham terrace 

Bonar, Mrs, Laurel villas, Ramsaypark, Broughty Ferry 

Bonar, Miss, 1 Duff street 

Bond, Tom, commercial traveller, Richmondlea, 59 Clepington road 
(Telephone No. 554) 

Bond, William John, messenger-at-arms, sheriff-officer, and burgh 
officer, 25 South Lindsay street 

Bonded Warehouse No. 1, 28 Dock st. ; George Morton, Ltd., proprietors 

Bonded Warehouse, No. 2, 81 Seagate; D. C. Henderson, superintendt. 
i Bonded Warehouse, No. 4, 99, 101 Seagate; Jas. Watson & Co., Ld., proprs. 
! Bonded Warehouse, No. 5, 2 Candle lane ; John Robertson & Son, 

Limited, proprietors 
! Bone, James, clerk, 114 Arklay street 

Bone, Robert B., clerk, 23 Muirfield road, Downfield 

Booth, A. P., joiner, 58 Mains road 

Booth, John, tailor, 32 James street 

Booth, Richard, ironturner, 23 Scott street 

Booth Steamship Co., Ltd., steamers to Marnaham, Parnahiba, Ceara, 
Para, and Manaos ; M. Langlands & Sons, agents, 39 Dock street 


Booth, William L. , traveller, Aldersyde, 73 Ancrum road, Lochee 

Booth, Mrs Jas., wine and spirit mer., 96 High street, Lochee; h. 29 

Boots Pure Drug Co., cash chemists, 14 Reform street 

Borrie, David, joiner, 29 Step row 

Borrie, James, 3 Eliza street 

Borrie, William, joiner, 19 Black street 

Boss, William, warehouseman, Stanmore, 23 East Haddon road 

Boswell, David, of David Boswell, Ltd., 28 Arbroath road 

BOSWELL, DAVID, Ltd., brassfounders, Tay Brass Works, East Dock 

street (Telephone No. 562). See Adv. p. 18 
Boswell, James, enginedriver, 1 Seafield road 
Boswell, John, enginedriver, 248 Blackness road 
Bottler, Ralph, hairdresser, 55 Strathmore road 
Bottoms, Henry, porter, 42 Westport 

Bowbridge Works, Mains rd. and Thistle st. ; J. & A. D. Grimond, Ltd. 
Bowden, David, butcher, 36 Constitution street ; h. 1 Rustic place 
Bowden, Fred., grocer and wine merchant, 97 Hawkhill; h. 1 Fingask st. 
Bowden, John, egg merchant, 20 Gellatly street ; h. 1 Rustic place 
Bowden, Mrs Isabella, 153 Lochee road 

Bower Mill, Douglas street ; John Sharp & Sons, Ltd., spinners 
Bowes, Charles, joiner, 19 Black street 
Bowes, George, 42 St Mary's place 

Bowes, Miss A. S., grocer, spt. mer., 100 Blackness rd. ; h. 40StMary'spl. 
Bowick, Elizabeth S., teacher, 11 Baxter Park terrace 
Bowie, George, chemist's assistant, Bellevue pi. , King st. , Bro. Ferry 
Bowie, John, draper, 181 and 183 Lochee road ; h. 33 Seymour street 
Bowie, Robert S., warehouseman, 84 Commercial street; h. 1 Union pi. 
Bowman, Alexander, bookseller, stationer, printer, and newsagent, 

emigration and insurance agent, 228 and 230 Brook st. , Bro. Ferry 
Bowman, Charles, cowfeeder, 7 teaman's lane, Lochee 
Bowman, Charles R., warehouseman, 18 Arthurstone terrace 
Bowman, Dennis, 28 Symers street, Downfield 
Bowman, Hugh, builder and contractor, 260 Hilltown 
Bowman, James, tenter, 7 Cardean street 
Bowman, James, ship plater, 45 Lilybank road 

Bowman, James, of Alexander Bowman, 224 Brook street, Bro. Ferry 
Bowman, James, car conductor, 17 School road, Downfield 
Bowman, John, plumber and heating engineer, 110 Victoria road 
Bowman, John G., grocer and spirit merchant, 117 Strathmartine road 

(Telephone No. 20x2) ; h. Ellgladya, 9 Elgin street, Downfield 
Bowman, Robert, painter, 6 Lawrence street 
Bowman, Thomas, timekeeper, 35 St Peter street 
Bowman, William, railway fireman, 33 Watson street 
Bowman, Miss, matron, Convalescent Home, Strathmore street, Barnhill 
Boyack, Alexander, collector, 8 Rosefield street 

Boyack, Alexander J., Links villas, 403 King street, Broughty Ferry 
Boyack, Barclay, &Co., merchants and manufacturers, 30Meadowside 
Boyack, Frank, currier, 32 Dudhope Crescent road 
Boyack, Lizzie, fruiterer, 122a Hilltown ; h. 32 Dudhope Crescent road 
Boyack, Peter, mechanic, 57 Mains road 
Boyack, Richard, furniture dealer, 11 Ann street 


! 3oyack, Mrs A., draper, 163^ Hawkhill ; h. 26 Forest Park road 
| Boyd, Alexander, enginefitter, 9 Roslin terrace 

3oyd, Alexander, goods agent, Tay Bridge Station ; h. 1 Bellefield ave. 
; 3oyd, David, ropespinner, 20 Hill street 

3oyd, Frank, journalist, Logiebank, 542 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

3oyd, George, foreman, 4 Eden street 

3oyd, George, shipmaster, Allan villa, 241 Strathmartine rd., Downfield 

3oyd, Harry, tinsmith, 6 Lawrence street 

Boyd, Hugh, street porter, 56 Dudhope street 

3oyd, James, of James G. Boyd & Son, 45 Annfield road 

3oyd, James G. , of James G. Boyd & Son, 5 Gowrie place 

3oyd, James G., & Son, marble cutters and monumental sculptors, 222a 

Perth road (Telephone No. 1468) and 1 Balgay road 
i 3oyd, John, hairdresser and wigmaker, 10 and. 12 Thorter row; h. 7 
■ Boyd, Robert C, colporteur missionary, Martyrs Church ; h. 14 Small's In. 

Boyd, William, managing director, James Keiller & Son, Ltd. ; h. Clare- 
mont, Strathern road, West Ferry 

Boyd, William, postman, 12 Balmore street 
j Boyd, William B., clerk, 143 Clepington road 

3oyd, Mrs James, 87 Perth road 

3oyd, Mrs, apartments, 29 Morgan street 
' Boyd, Mrs, 165 Strathmartine road 

Boyle, Charles, insurance agent, 6 Logie street, Lochee 

3oyle, Hugh, carter, 9 Middle street 

Boyle, James, Beverley, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 

Boyle, John, feather dyer and cleaner, 240 Lochee road 

Boyle, John, watchmaker, Kamarhatty cottages, Ramsaypark, Bro. Ferry 
| Boyle, Robert S. , paper-ruler, 2 Park terrace 

Boyle, William S., lithographer, 2 Park terrace 

Boyle, Miss Jessie, 63 Crescent street 

Boyter, Alexander, clerk, 6 Craigie street 

Boyter, Miss, 146 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Bradford, George, carpenter, 197 Princes street 

Bradford, James M., merchant and manufacturer, Hazelwood, 14 Dud- 
hope terrace (Telephone No. 247) 

Bradford, John S., & Co., waste merchants, Burnside Works ; office, 
Milne's West wynd (Telephone No. 8 ; Telegrams, "Bradford") 

Bradford, Thomas M., Prudential Assurance agent, 11 Dudhope street 

Bradford, Mrs John S., 2 Albany terrace (Telephone No. 2167) 

Bradley, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 129 and 131 Princes street ; 
h. 54 Marshall street, Lochee 

Bradley, James, houseagent, 119 Nethergate 
! Bradley, Miss E. C. , grocer, 77 Wilkie's lane 

1 Brady, Alfred, grocer and spirit mercht. , 13 Hunter st. ; h. 172 Lochee rd. 
i Brady, Edward, assurance agent, 13 Ellen street 

j Brady, James, music teacher ; conductor, St Mary's R.C. Church ; 
h. 8 Forest Park road 

Brady, Owen, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 68 Hawkhill 

Brady, Patrick, grocer and wine merchant, 4 Brook street ; h 31 

Brady, W. J. T., 22 Forest Park road 

Brady, Mrs P., grocer and confectioner, 168 and 170 Alexander street 


Braid, Charles D., oil, paint, colour, and wallpaper merchant, varnish 
manufacturer, tar, pitch, rosin, lamp glass importer, shipchandler, 
32 and 34 Commercial street (Telephone No. 66 ; Telegrams, 
" Vaults ") ; h. Whinbrae, Tayport 

Braid, David, mechanic, 21 Pitfour street 

Braid, George, mechanic, 11 Pitfour street 

Braid, George, traveller, 9 Janefield place 

Braid, John, gardener, Tircarra lodge, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Braid, John F. , cashier, 4 Aberlemno terrace 

Braid, Thomas, coachbuilder, 29 St Peter street 

Braidwood, J. S., F.C.I.I., local secretary, British Crown Assur. Corpn., 
Ltd., 13 Panmure st; h. Bordland, Yewbank av., Monifieth rd., B.F. 

Braithwaite, James Allan, tea merchant and coffee roaster, 15 High 
street and 10 St Clement's lane (Telephone No. 1y5 ; Telegrams, 
"Braithwaite, Pillars"); h. Sunnybank cottage, Bridge st., Barnhill 

Brand, Alexander, enginedriver, 32 Dudhope Crescent road 

BRAND, CHARLES, slater, builders' merchant, machinery merchant, and 
dealer in all kinds of new and second-hand building material, build- 
ings demolished, 146 Overgate (Telephone No. 1014); wood merchant, 
Lochee Saw Mills, 15 Donald street, Lochee ; h. Abertay, 20a 
Magdalen Yard road. See Adv. p. 57 

Brand, Frank, bookkeeper, 101 Hospital wynd 

Brand, James, ship carpenter, 36 Park avenue 

Brand, James, contractor's canvasser, 36 Cotton road 

Brand, James, enginedriver, 43 Peddie street 

Brand, Joshua, organist, 86 Nethergate 

Brand, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 93 Strathmartine road 

Brand, Robert G., compositor, 27 Provost road 

BRAND, WILLIAM, & SON, slaters and cement workers, 164 St Vincent 
street, Broughty Ferry. See Adv. p. 63 

Brand, Miss Mary, laundress, 155 Princes street 

Brand, Miss, dressmaker, 56 and 58 Polepark road ; h. 134 Lochee road 

Brander, George, tailor, 63 Gellatly street 

Brannen, Edward, wine and spirit merchant, 47 Union street and 27 
Yeaman shore ; h. 51 Yeaman shore 

Brannigan, Patrick, baker, 59 Provost road 

Brazil, Vice-consul for — David Small, jun., 31 Albert square 

Breathwood, A. W., joiner, 37 Provost road 

Brebner, James, M.A., F.B.S.E., Spurriemuir, 2 Scotswood terrace 

Brechin, William, cashier, Ythan villa, 15 Bradbury street, Downfield 

BRECHIN, MISS, teacher, School of Cookery, 28 Ward road and 
3 Constitution road. See Adv. p. 65 

Breckenridge, John, baker, 8 Lamb's lane 

Bremer, William, stower, 155 South road, Lochee 

Bremner, David, cooper, 16 Forebank road 

Bremner, George, gardener, Glamis house, Perth road 

Bremner, George, Fiunary, 433 King street, Broughty Ferry 

Bremner, Mrs, 22 Airlie place 

Brewin, Frederick, of Surgenor & Brewin, 8 Baxter Park terrace 

Brewster, David, clerk, 3 Sinclair street, Lochee 

Brewster, William, blacksmith, 30 Coupar street, Lochee 


Briarty, Mrs T. J. , spirit merchant, 26, 28 Brook street ; h. Drumard, 

288 Blackness road 
Bridie, David A., blacksmith, 94 Ferry road 

Brierley, Wm., cattleman, Craigie Home Farm cottages, 210 Arbroath rd. 
Briggs, Arch. S., of Wm. Briggs & Sons, Ltd., Astleylea, Carnoustie 
Briggs, James A., of William Briggs & Sons, Ltd., Moraig, Farington 

street (Telephone No. 1118) 
Briggs, James M'Intosh, traveller, 339 Loons road 
Briggs, William, coalagent, 16 Arthurstone terrace 
BRIGGS, WILLIAM, & SONS, Ltd., chemical and asphalte manufacturers and 

contractors, 2 Meadow Place buildings (Telegrams, "Cement"; 

Telephone Nos. 1767, 1768) ; works, Elliot Junction and Ladybank. 

See Adv. p. 54 
Brimner, Mrs, Waverley Temperance Hotel, 7 South Union street 
Bristow, Joseph, chairmaker, 59 Main street 
Bristow, Mrs, fruiterer, 51 Main street ; h. 59 
British Canadian Trust, Limited, 22 Meadowside ; Moody Stuart & 

Robertson, C.A., secretaries 

(Telephone No. 670; Telegrams, "Fealty"); J. S. Braidwood, 

local secretary. See Adv. p. 9S 
British Engine Boiler, and Electric Insurance Co., 4 High street; 

P. D. Mitchell, Ltd., agents 
British and Foreign Metaline Co. , makers of metaline, metaline bushes, 

and metaline engine packing, 62 Murraygate 

Thomson, 8 Bank st., district agt. (Teleph. No. 1141). See Ad v. p. 112 
BRITISH LAW FIRE INSURANCE CO., LTD., 34 Queen street, Edinburgh. 

See Adv. on coloured page preceding title 
British Legal and United Provident Assurance Co., Ltd., 19 King street 

(Telephone No. 1313) ; J. & D. Galloway, district managers 
British Linen Bank — 35 Murraygate, J. Gibson, agent ; W. A. Elgood, 

sub-agent. 39 Westport, John Brough, agent. 40 Nethergate, 

Peter Kerr, agent. 23 Victoria road, J. A. Edward, agent 
Britnell, George, chairmaker, 72 Clepington road 

Brock, H. W., teller, Commercial Bank ; h. Dalhousie street, Monifieth 
Brockley, Mrs Robert, 6 Home terrace, Dundee road, West Ferry 
Brodie & Buchan, solicitors, Bank buildings, 3 King's road (Telephone 

No. 1263) 
Brodie, Frank, waiter, 338 Loons road 
Brodie, George, blacksmith, 52 Kemback street 

Brodie, James, boot and shoe maker, 19 Church street; h. 32 Main street 
BRODIE, JAMES, Eagle Hotel and Garage, 42 Murraygate and 29 Albert 

square (Telephone No. 1864). See Adv. p. 35 
Brodie, Peter, draper, 8 Court street and 28 Watson street 
Brodie, Peter R., tenter, 40 Kemback street 

Brodie, Robt., wine & spirit mer., 11,13 Hawkhill; h. 9 Forest Park rd. 
Brodie, Robt. M., of Brodie & Buchan, 4Grangeter., Monifieth rd., B. Ferry 
Brodie, William, clerk, 12 Cobden street, Lochee 
Brodie, Mrs J. C. , 544 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Brodie, Mrs Maggie, dairykeeper, 69 Ann street 


Brogan, Francis, warehouseman, 1 Argyle place 

Brooks, Charles, hairdresser, 41b Hawkhill ; h. 30 Hunter street 

Brooks, Thomas, calenderworker, 6 Lowden's alley 

Brough, A. J. , & Co. , spinners and manuf . , Taybank Wks. , Arbroath rd. 

Brough & Brown, merchants, 7 Panmure street 

Brough, George B., secretary, Dundee Royal Infirmary; h. Salem street 

Brough, James, of James Brough & Son, 39 Dock street 

Brough, Jas. , & Son, whsale. fruit mers. , 37 Dock st. and 4 Commercial at, 

Brough, John, agent, British Linen Bank, 39 Westport ; h. 9 Rosewood ter. 

Brough, John, harbour porter, 9 Eden street 

Brough, John, printer's pressman, 25 Crescent street 

Brough, Peter, coal merch., Lochee Station ; h. 11 Park pi., Ancrum rd. 

Brough, R. J., of A. J. Brough & Co., 4 Grosvenor terrace 

Brough, William, glazier, 24 Hunter street 

Brough, William, painter, 13 Muirton road, Lochee 

Brough, Miss Jane, 69 High street, Lochee 

Broughty Ferry and District Economic Building Society, 210 Brook 

street, Broughty Ferry ; D. S. Webster, secretary 
Broughty Ferry and District Steam Laundry Company, Limited, Clay- 

pots road, West Ferry ; Miss Ballantyne, manageress 
Broughty Ferry Guide and Carnoustie Gazette, 248 Brook street, 

Bro. Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 343) ; James Simpson, publisher 
Broughty Ferry Liberal Association, clubrooms, 69 Gray st., Bro. Ferry 
Brown, Abraham T., ropespinner, 19 Wellington street 
Brown, Alexander, enginefitter, 43 Baldovan terrace 
Brown, Alexander, waiter, 60 Kemback street 
Brown, Alexander, gardener, 195 Albert street 
Brown, Alexander, traveller, 41 Baldovan terrace 

Brown, Alexander, watchmaker and jeweller, 22 Westport; h. 16 Cityrd. 
Brown, Alexander, manual instructor, 201 Strathmartine road 
Brown, Alexander, engineer, 126 Princes street 
Brown, Alexander, manager, Farrow's Bank, Ltd., 11 High street; h. 

Fernbrae, Grove road, West Ferry 
Brown, Alexander, grocer's manager, 9 Easson's angle 
Brown, Alexander, blacksmith, 42 Baldovan terrace 
Brown, Alexander H. , millmanager, Dens Works ; h. 24 Baldovan terrace 
Brown, Alfred, milloverseer, 82 Victoria road 
Brown, Alfred W. , Roslin place, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Brown, Andrew, taxidriver, 78 Peddie street 

Brown, Andrew, nightwatchman, 453 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Brown, Arthur Granger, manager and superintendent, La Scala Picture 

Theatre, 30 Murraygate ; h. 93 Nethergate 
Brown, A., M.A., LL.B., solicitor and notary public, 30 Reform street; 

h. May field, St Andrews 
Brown, A. E., of Alex. Moncur & Son, Viewpark, Albert cres., E. N'port 
Brown, A. M., shiprigger, 1 Kerr's lane, Lochee (Telephone No. 2294) 
Brown, Betsy, dairy keeper, 159 Victoria road; ft. 11 Arklay street 
Brown, Charles, blacksmith, 56 Watson street 
Brown, Charles, of Charles Brown & Co., Dunoon villa, Carnoustie 

(Telephone No. C. 32) 
Brown, Charles, mason, 1 James place, Broughty Ferry 


Brown, Charles, & Co., timber importers, 6 Whitehall crescent. (Tele- 
phone No. 1500; Telegrams, "Teak") 
Brown, Colin, riveter, 11 Glebe street 
Brown, Colin, baker, 22 Temple lane 
Brown Cycle Co., Ltd., 18 Union street 
Brown, C. Every, L.D.S., R.C.S., Eng., dental surgeon, 27 South Tay 

street ; h. Rosemount, Blairgowrie 
Brown, C. E., squadron sergt. -major, Yeomanry, Drill Hall, West Bell 

street ; h. 3 Parker street 
Brown, Daniel, tanner, 61 Hawkhill 
Brown, David, draper, 2 Langlands street 
BROWN, DAVID, plumber, brassfounder, gasfitter, 59 South Tay street 

and 222 Overgate. See Adv. p. 18 
Brown, David, confectioner, 25 City road ; h. 23 

Brown, David, secretary, James Scott & Sons, Ltd. ; h. 16 Seafield road 
Brown, David, butcher, 302 Perth road (Telephone No. 992); h. 

Hawthorndene, 29 Strawberrybank 
Brown, David, stableman, 15 Baffin street 
Brown, David, irondresser, 46 Kincardine street 
Brown, David, lorryman, 66 Logie street, Lochee 
Brown, David, Viewhill, 20 Park place, Ancrum road, Lochee 
Brown, David J., of David Brown (plumber), 27 Scott street 
Brown, D. & A. , Scotch whisky merchants, 40 Seagate 
BROWN, D. M., The Arcade, High street and Commercial street 

(Telephone No 722, 5 lines) ; wholesale warehouseman, Rankine's 

court; h. Tortola, Westpark rd. (Tele. No. 451). See Adv. p. 65 
Brown, D. M., butcher, 154Strathmartineroad(Teleph.No.20Y4); h, 163 
Brown, Eliza Margaret, 6 Bellefield avenue 
Brown, Emily K., certificated teacher of Swedish gymnastics, supt. 

of physical training under School Board; h. 8 Baxter Park terrace 
Brown, George, secretary, 12 Whitehall crescent 
Brown, George, warehouseman, 42 Strathmartine road 
Brown, George, tenter, 3 Bruce street 
Brown, George, foreman moulder, 59 Lochee road 
Brown, George, of Grant & Brown, 20 Forebank road 
Brown, George, 7 King street ; h. Tay cottage, East Newport 
Brown, George, police sergeant, 16 Stirling street 

Brown, Geo., jeweller and watchmaker, 34 Barrack st. ; h. 14 Jedburgh rd. 
Brown, George, bellhanger, 11 South Union street 
Brown, George, ironturner, 27 Milnbank road 
BROWN & GOW, house painters and decorators, 31 and 33 Cowgate and 

2 St Andrew's street (Telephone No. 291). See Adv. p. 19 
Brown, G. R. L., F.C.L, F.Inc.S.T., commercial teacher, 37 High 

street ; h. 11 Wellington street 
Brown, Harry, blacksmith, 27 Scott street 
Brown, Henry W., 40 Cleghorn street 
Brown, James, ironturner, 11 Arklay street 
Brown, James, blacksmith, 9 Eden street 
Brown, James, 34 Tait's lane 

Brown, James, of David Brown (plumber), 184 Lochee road 
Brown, James, milloverseer, 62 Caldrum street 


Brown, James, Apostolic Church ; h. 69 Constitution road 

Brown, James, jobbing gardener, 38 Seafield road 

Brown, James, carting foreman to J. & P. Cameron ; h. 39 High street 

Brown, James, painter, 136 Princes street 

Brown, James, painter, 37 Nethergate 

Brown, James, gardener, 342 Perth road 

Brown, James, factory overseer, 6 North George street 

Brown, James, police constable, 19 St Vincent pi. , Long lane, Bro. Ferry 

Brown, James, gardener, Cambustay, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 

Brown, James, hosepipeweaver, 26 Kinloch street 

Brown, James G., compositor, 262 Blackness road 

Brown, James H., commercial traveller, 160 Albert street 

Brown, James I. , manager, Pansy cottage, 47 Coupar street, Lochee 

Brown, James J., engineering draughtsman, 11 Baxter Park terrace 

Brown, James M., teacher, 27 Loons road, Lochee 

Brown, James S., shipwright, 5 Bonnybank road 

Brown, Jessie M., teacher, 125 Ferry road 

Brown, Jessie Scott, confectioner, 10 Derby pi., Castle st., Bro. Ferry 

Brown, John, riveter, 56 Lilybank road 

Brown, John, 84 Strathmartine road 

Brown, John, millwright, 168 Lochee road 

Brown, John, rope and twine merchant, 14 and 16 Mortimer street ; h. 12$ 

Brown, John, cabinetmaker, 35 Edward street 

Brown, John, of Brown & Gow, 31 Wellgate 

Brown, John, mason, 1 Morgan street 

Brown, John, foreman mechanic, 304 Perth road 

Brown, John, cardriver, 105 Hawkhill 

Brown, John, licensed grocer, 65 Hill street; A. 181 Strathmartine road 

Brown, John, teacher, Craigower, 26 Bank avenue, Downfield 

Brown, Joseph, assist, supt., Prudential Assur. Co. ; h. 2 Tullideph rd. 

Brown, J. D., grocer, 132 Victoria road, 187 Strathmartine road, 254 

Clepington road, and 9 Dura street ; h. Bright cottage. 3 Forfar rd. 
Brown, Lachlan, furniture-polish and oil-blacking manufr., King's Cross 

Chemical Works (Tele. No. 1950) ; h. Catlaw cot., Lintrathen st. 
Brown, Lawrence, ironmoulder, 182 Strathmartine road 
Brown, Leslie, confectioner, 16 Kinnaird street 
Brown, Peter, railway servant, 30 Isles' lane 
Brown, Peter, grocer, 28 Dundonald street ; h. 15 Pitkerro road 
Brown, P. S., of Brown & Tawse, Craigmount, Albany rd., West Ferry 
Brown, Robert, ironturner, 3 Parker street 
Brown, Robert, tanner, 17 Morgan street 
Brown, Robert, baker, 4 Molison street 
Brown, Robert, late ironmoulder, 59 Provost road 
Brown, Robert, foreman plumber, 22 Baldovan terrace 
Brown, Robert, warehouseman, 119 Lochee road 
Brown, Robert, fruiterer, 115 Victoria road 
Brown, Robert, flourmiller, 46 Lilybank road 
Brown, Robert, postman, 6 Blackness street 
Brown, Robert B., mechanic, 10 American Muir road, Downfield 
Brown, Robert, Ltd., agents for Henry Thomson & Co., Newry; Horace 

B. Harley, agent, 26 Commercial street (Telephone No. 1342) 


Brown, Robert Gk, commercial traveller, 42 Strathmartine road 

Brown, Robert J., draper, 32 Albert st.; h. 25 Tayside st., Carnoustie 

Brown & Tawse, iron and steel merchants, 49 Meadowside ; warehouse, 

16, 18 Exchange street (Tele. No. 802 ; Telegrams, "Mercator") 
| Brown, Thomas, clerk, 168 Albert street 
' Brown, Thomas, janitor, Harris Academy, Park place 
, Brown, Thomas, caretaker, 3 Millar's lane, Lochee 
I Brown, Thomas H., butcher, 5 Tannadice street ; h. 22 Wolseley street 
| Brown, Thomas, & Son, painters and decorators, 47 and 49 Perth road 
i Brown, William, coal merchant, 22 Barrack street (Telephone No. 679) ; 
h. 6 Whitehall crescent 

Brown,Wm. , agent for Fairbairn Macpherson,10 Panmure st. ; h.2 DufFst. 
I Brown, William, foreman of cleansing, 46 Arthurstone terrace 
j Brown, William, engineer, 114 Hawkhill 

Brown, William, caretaker, 91 Commercial street 

Brown, William, enginedriver, 22 Rosefield street 

BROWN, WILLIAM, window-cleaner, 27 Nelson street. See Adv. p. 49 

Brown, William, cloth inspector, 6 Fleuchar street 

Brown, William, manager, Edenbank Picture House, Watson street; h. 
6 North Wellington street 

Brown, William, police constable, 9 Pitfour street 

Brown, William, carpenter, 6 Baldovan terrace 

Brown, William, 8 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 

Brown, William, district manager, Post Office Telephones, 13 Panmure 

street ; h. Avondale, West Newport 
j Brown, William, grocer's assistant, 307 Hilltown 

Brown, William, jun., 3 Greenfield place 

Brown, William, collector, 62 Church street 

! Brown, William, builder, 48 Peel street and Ancrum road, Lochee 
1 Brown, William, joiner, 21 American Muir road, Downfield 
I Brown, William, & Co. , whisky merchants, 40 Seagate 
I Brown, William T., grocer, 45 Lyon street 

Brown, William T. , postman, 3 Easson's angle 

Brown, Rev. W. Graham, M.A., Bell Street U.F. Church 

Brown, W. H., brewer and maltster, Craigie Brewery, Lyon street, and 
28 Albert st. (Tele. No. 221); h. Cuba cottage, Dundee rd., W. Ferry 

Brown, W. J., secretary, 195 Albert street 

Brown, W. R., clerk, 47 Coupar street, Lochee 

Brown, Mrs Alexander, house proprietrix, 41 Baldovan terrace 

Brown, Mrs Alexander, 14 Stirling street 

Brown, Mrs Alexander, confectioner, 22 South road, Lochee 
[ Brown, Mrs Alfred, Roslin place, Church street, Broughty Ferry 

Brown, Mrs A. , 6 Garland place 

; Brown, Mrs Catherine, laundress, 42 Dudhope Crescent road 
| Brown, Mrs C. , Roslyn villa, Castle street, Broughty Ferry 
j Brown, Mrs David, draper, Gillburn cot., 323 Strathm'tne rd., D'nfield 
i Brown, Mrs David D. , 5 Stewart terrace, Barnhill 

j Brown, Mrs Elizabeth, 4 Eden street 

! Brown, Mrs Irvine, ladies' and children's outfitter, 229 Brook street, 
Broughty Ferry ; h. 213 

Brown, Mrs Isabella, 3 Stewart terrace, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 


Brown, Mrs John, 34 Thomson street 
Brown, Mrs John, 96 Dens road 
Brown, Mrs John, 4 Albert street 
Brown, Mrs John, 7 Kirkton road, Downfield 
Brown, Mrs R. H., Unionbank cottage, 8 Tofthill, Lochee 
Brown, Mrs, 204 Lochee road 
Brown, Mrs, 24 Forest Park road 
Brown, Mrs, apartments, 3 Cunningham street 
Brown, Mrs, 5 Renny place, Grove road, West Ferry- 
Brown, Mrs, 23 Wellgrove street, Lochee 
Brown, Miss Alice, fruiterer, 74 Albert street 
Brown, Miss Jean S., 5 Stewart terrace, Barnhill 
Brown, Miss W., milliner, 81 Hawkhill 
Brown, Miss, 2 Grosvenor terrace 
Brown, Miss, 8 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
Brown, Miss, The Grove, Dundee road, West Ferry 
Brown, Miss, Lynedoch, Strathern road, West Ferry 
Brown, Misses H. & A., drapers, 141 Victoria rd. ; h. 3Bonnybank rd 
Brown, Misses, 13 Osborne place 

Browne, D. J., of Browne & M'Lean, Glenlea, Seafield rd., Bro'ty Ferr^ 
Browne & M'Lean, merchants, Craig Pier, Esplanade 
Browning, Mrs Margt. , hotelkeeper, Browning Hotel, 7 Crichton street 
Brownlee, George, butcher, 140 Ferry road 
Brownlee, James, labourer, 21 Stirling street 
Brownlee, William, 9 Clarendon terrace 

Brownlee, W. & R., builders and manufacturing joiners, 52 Small's wynd 
Broxburn Oil Co., 4 High street ; P. D. Mitchell, Ltd., agents 
Bruce, Adam, tailor, 204 Lochee road 

Bruce, Albert, clerk, Gowrie cottage, Hamilton street, Barnhill 
Bruce, Alexander, of Alex. Bruce & Son, Glendruid, 17 Argyle street 
Bruce, Alexander, seaman, 1 Leng street 
Bruce, Alexander, baker, 54 Main street 
Bruce, Alexander, & Son, Victoria Joinery Works, 129 Clepington road 
Bruce, Alfred, of Alexander Bruce & Son, Duncraggan, 15 Argyle street 
Bruce, Alfred, tinsmith, 75 Albert street 
Bruce, Annie, greengrocer, 30 Dudhope Crescent road 
Bruce, Archibald, joiner, 79 Sandeman street 
Bruce Brothers & Co. , Scotch whisky merchants, 40 Seagate 
Bruce, David, confectioner, 7 William street 
Bruce, David, ironturner, 4 Yeaman's alley, Lochee 
Bruce, David C, clerk, 30 Maryjfield terrace 
Bruce, David P., vanman, 43 Erskine street 
Bruce, Duncan, mason, 30 South road, Lochee 
Bruce, Edward, draper, 114 Ann street ; h. 27 Ellen street 
Bruce, George, painter, 8 Balfour street 
Bruce, George, grocer and sub -postmaster, 27 Strathmartine road ;, h.Q5 
Bruce, George, mason, 24 South road, Lochee 
Bruce, James, joiner, 87 Strathmartine road 
Bruce, James, painter, 28 Polepark road 

Bruce, James, confectioner, 13 High street (Telephone No. 2236) ; 
h. Seabank, East Newport 


Bruce, James, L.D.S., R.C.S., Edin., dental surgeon, 146 Nethergate ; 

h. 9 South Tay street 
Bruce, James, waiter, 106 Hawkhill 
Bruce, James, ironturner, 7 Peel street, Lochee 
Bruce, James, porter, 43 Loons road, Lochee 
Bruce, James C, clerk, 22 Maryfield terrace 
Bruce, James P., of John Bruce & Son, Highfield, Carnoustie 
Bruce, John, baker, 110 Princes street 
Bruce, John, blacksmith, 13 Morgan street 
Bruce, John, dairyman, 503a Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Bruce, John, builder, 5 Helenbank, 28 Sharp's lane, Lochee 
Bruce, John B., grocer, 98 Liff road, Lochee ; h. Perrie street 
Bruce, John P., clerk, 2 Windsor terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Bruce, John P., ship manager, 87 Commercial street ; h. Rowan cottage, 

395 Strathmartine road, Downfield (Telephone No. D. 26) 
Bruce, John, & Son, architects, 10 Whitehall street 
Bruce, John, & Sons, builders, 54 South road, Lochee ; h. Helenbank, 

Sharp's lane 
Bruce, Joseph, police constable, 3 Baltic street 
Bruce, J., gardener, 24 North Erskine street 
Bruce, J. C, painter, 136 North Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
Bruce, J. Govan, of Stewart Brothers, 2 Farington street 
Bruce, Laurence, foreman, 5 Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 
Bruce, M. , grocer, 24 Balfour street 

Bruce, P. , & Co. , electrical engineers, 42 Barrack st. ; h. 49 Caldrum st. 
Bruce, Robert, hairdresser, tobacconist, 18 Crichton street 
Bruce, Robert, baker, 108b Princes street; h. 110 
Bruce, Robert, police constable, 46 Scott street 

Bruce, Robt, M. , tailor, clothier, 94 Gray st. , B. Ferry; h, 216 King st.,B.F. 
Bruce, R. S., 17 Dock street 
Bruce & Sturrock, brattice cloth manufacturers and merchants, Regent 

Works, 16 Milne's East wynd 
Bruce, Thomas, calender manager, 49 Lyon street 
Bruce, Thomas W., plumber, 23 Strathmartine road ; h. 25 
Bruce, Walter G., gas meter inspector, 35 Constitution road 
Bruce, William, of W. G. Grant & Co., Ltd., 33 Albany terrace 

(Telephone No. 2036) 
Bruce, William, manager, 34 Lammerton terrace 
BRUCE, WILLIAM, F.C.I. , F.Inc, S.T., of Bruce's Business Training 

College, Fairmuir villa, 290 Strathmartine road, Downfield. See 

Adv. p. 126 
Bruce, William, storekeeper, 53 Milnbank road 
Bruce, William, mechanic, 33 Dundonald street 

Bruce, William, coachman, The Lodge, Camperdown street, Bro. Ferry 
Bruce, Wm., family grocer, 55 Lome st., Lochee ; h. 2 Yeaman's alley 
Bruce, William N., grocer, 24 Forest Park road 
JE>ruce, Mrs David, wine and spirit merchant and house proprietrix, 57 

"to 59a Lochee road; h. Helensville, 4 Dudhope terrace 
Bruce, Mrs David, Ivanhoe, 13 Balgray road, Downfield 
Bruce, Mrs David A., 213 Albert street 
Bruce, Mrs Elizabeth Fairnie, 25 Strathmartine road 


Bruce, Mrs Graham, Braeknowe, Blackness road 

Bruce, Mrs Marion, 2 Kenmore place, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry- 
Bruce, Mrs Robert, 5 Bonnybank road 
Bruce, Mrs R., 7 Wellburn street, Lochee 
Bruce, Mrs William, 8 Laurelbank 
Bruce, Miss B. M., dressmaker, 37 Union street 
Bruce, Miss M., dairykeeper, 10 Brook street ; h. 31 
Bruce, Miss, 3 Richmond terrace 

Bruce, Misses M. A. & L., dressmakers, ladies' tailors, 101, 103 Hawkhill 
BRUCE'S BUSINESS TRAINING COLLEGE, teachers of shorthand, type- 
writing, bookkeeping, &c, 13 Albert square. See Adv. p. 126 
Brunton, William, tailor, 40 Dallfield terrace 
Brush, John W., 2 Adelaide terrace 

Brush, Samuel, of Marshall & Brush, Muircote, 51 Clepington road 
Brush, Sam. C, M.B., CM., Helenbank, 292 Strathmartine rd., D'field 
Bryan, David, calenderworker, 185 Strathmartine road 
Bryan, G. E., pianotuner, 2 Alpha terrace, Brook street, Bro. Ferry 
Bryan, Thomas, mason, 15 Blackness street 
Bryant, L. (from James Valentine, Ltd.), dealer in fine art goods, 

British and Foreign fancy goods, 34 to 36 High street (Telephone 

No. 501) ; h. 8 Airlie terrace 
Bryce, Alexander N., teacher, 36 Muirfield crescent, Downfield 
Bryce, Charles, shoemaker, 28 Victoria street 
Bryce, James, telegraphist, 325 Clepington road 
Bryce, William, joiner, 4 Stirling street 
Bryden, John, & Sons, electric and mechanical bellfitters, electric light 

and telephone engineers, and window blind manufacturers, 32 

Bell street (Telephone No. 791) 
Brydie, David, draper and milliner, 107 High street, Lochee ; h. Mount 

Devon, 12 Ancrum road 
Brymer, Sinclair, cooper, 260 Hilltown 

Brymer, Miss M., Baxter Park Dairy, 83 Arbroath rd. ; h. 19 Baldovan ter. 
BRYSON, DAVID S., oil merchant, importer, and refiner, Victoria oil, 

paint, and varnish stores, 43-47 Trades lane ; h. Sydenham villa, 

37 Forfar road. See Adv. p. 84 
Bryson, Geo., millforeman, Camperdown Works ; hAl Loons rd., Lochee 
Bryson, John, Rose villa, 45 Mains loan 
Bryson, John M., clerk, 4 Arklay street 
Bryson, Robert, gardener, 81 Fort street, Broughty Ferry 
Bryson, William, mason, 43 Loons road, Lochee 

Bryson, Mrs John, wine and spirit mer., 155 King st., Bro. Ferry ; h. 157 
Buchan, Alexander, registrar, 93 Commercial st. ; h. 15 Blackness avenue 
Buchan, Andrew, butcher, 27 Dundonald street ; h. 78 Dalkeith road 
Buchan, David S. , 12 Springfield 

Buchan, James, of Brodie & Buchan, 4 Laurelbank (Teleph. No. 1412) 
Buchan, James, chauffeur, 318 Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
Buchan, James, sub-editor, Evening Telegraph ; h. 87 Magdalen green 
Buchan, John S., of T. & J. Buchan, Willowdene, 12 Strawberrybank, 

and Balhousie, by Largo, Fife 
Buchan, John T., of Connel & Buchan, 15 Speed's terrace, Tait'slane 
Buchan, Mungo, insurance agent, 22 Kinloch street 


Buchan, Peter, boot repairer, 55 Peddie street ; h. 13 Blackheath place 
Buchan, Peter, gardener, Balnacraig lodge, Dundee road, West Ferry 
Buchan, T. & J., auctioneers and valuators, 17 to 21 Barrack street 

(Telephone No. 714) 
Buchan, Wm. C. , bird and dog dealer, 5 Castle lane ; h. Ash cottage, 

155 Blackness road 
Buchan, Mrs David, 152a Lochee road 
Buchan, Mrs David C, 23 Castle street 
Buchan, Mrs William, 8 Westpark gardens 
Buchan, Misses, Linfield, Blackness avenue 
Buchanan, Charles, machineman, 56 Ure street 

Buchanan, David M., wine and spirit merchant, 144 High street, Lochee 
BUCHANAN, JAMES E., proprietor, Westfield Steam Laundry, 13 

Westfield lane. See Adv. p. 49 
Buchanan, Robert, clerk, 26 Forfar road 
Buchanan, Robert, confectioner, 1 Eden street 
Buchanan, Robert, M.B., CM., M.A., B.Sc, D.P.H., Easterby, Oakley 

place, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
Buchanan, Thomas, gardener, Lyndhurst, Coupar Angus road, Lochee 
Buchanan, Mrs David, 93 Arbroath road 

Buchanan, Miss J. A., dairy prod, dlr., 23 N. Lindsay st.; h. 93 Arbroathrd. 
Bucklish, Henry, butcher, 7 Victoria street 
Buglass, A. H., solicitor, 62 Seagate; h. 23 Janefield place 
Buglass, John F., electrical engineer, 23 Janefield place 
Buglass, Mrs D. B. , 23 Janefield place 
Buick, Thomas, solicitor and notary public, 15 Castle street ; h. Gorse- 

bank, 1 East Kerrington crescent, Barnhill 
Buik, Andrew, clerk, 97 Arbroath road 

Buik, Charles W., of W. & H. Buik, Braeknowe, West Newport 
; Buik, David C. , foreman bookbinder, 20 Peddie street 
j Buik, W. & H. , rope and twine manufacturers, 23 Dock street 
j Buik, Mrs G. , 49 Peddie street 
i Buik, Mrs M., confectioner, 14 Dundonald street 
Buik, Mrs, 2 Blackness crescent 

Buist, Alex. B., sheriff-officer, Poor Rates office, Bell st. ; h. 12 Garland pi. 
Buist, Andrew, houseagent, 17 Barrack street ; h. 42 William street 
Buist, Andrew, managing director, The Buist Spinning Co., Ltd. ; h. 

5 Roxburgh terrace 
Juist, George, of George Buist & Co., 7 Roxburgh terrace 
>uist, George, & Co., jute and yarn merchants, 27 Albert square 
taist, Henry, 22 Lammerton terrace 
! Juist, Henry, M.B., Ch.B., Edin., 3 Springfield 
! >uist, John, compositor, 4 Wellington street 
' >uist, John H, cabinetmaker, 16 Castle street; h. Drummond villa, 

Hill street, Broughty Ferry 
hrist, J. C, of Don Bros., Buist, & Co., Ltd., Balgillo house, Claypots 

road, Broughty Ferry 
uist, Richard, & Sons, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 100 and 108 
Commercial street (Telephone Nos. 1089, 1090) ; works, 15 Bell st. 
uist, Robt. Cochrane, M.A.,M.D.,C.M.,M.R.C.P.(Ed.),166Nethergate 
uist, Robert N., M.A., teacher, 34 Baldovan terrace 


Buist Spinning Co., Ltd., The, jutespinners, Stobswell Works, 28£Dura 

street (Telephone No. 1202 ; Exchange Box 34) 
Buist, Thomas P., secretary, D.S.P.C.A., 6 Panmure street; 

Guthrie terrace, Barnhill 
Buist, William B., milloverseer, 1 Morgan street 
Buist, William Huntly, of Richard Buist & Sons, 9 Tally street 
Buist, Mrs John, 26 Logie street, Lochee 

Buist, Miss Lizzie, butcher, 231 Lochee road ; h. 26 Logie street 
Bulloch, Archibald, late customs officer, Brainzit, Edward rd., W. Ferry 
Bulloch, John, H.M. Customs and Excise, Customhouse ; h. Rosedale, 

Long lane, Broughty Ferry 
Buntin, Robert, seaman, 249*Blackness road 
Burden, Duncan Macnab, M.A. (Edin.), LL.B. (Edin.), solicitor, 2( 

Whitehall street ; h. 2 Windsor terrace 
Burden, Wm. , watchmaker, j eweller, 20 Bank st. , L'hee; h. 15 Wellgrove st 
Burden, Mrs James, 2 Windsor terrace 
Burdon, Rev. H., B.A., rector, S. Margaret's Episcopal Church 

Lochee ; h. S. Margaret's Rectory, 17 Ancrum road 
Burgess & Co., general carriers, 5 Thorter row ; head office, Manchestei 
Burgess, James, clerk, 252 Blackness road 
Burgess, Rev. James, Beach Church, Broughty Ferry ; h. Beach manse 

Seafield road, B.F. 
Burgess, Thomas, mechanic, 77 Sandeman street 
Burgess, William, overseer, 12 Rose street 
Burgess, W. L., M.D., D.P.H., chief tuberculosis officer, 1 Tally stree 
Burgess, Miss Jean, dressmaker, 180 Lochee road 
Burke, A. Fordyce, solicitor, 68 Murraygate (Telephone No. 263) 

Avoca, 28 Bingham terrace (Telephone No. 1415) 
Burke, Michael, headmaster, St Mary's R.C. School, Lochee; 1 

High street, Lochee 
Burke, Thomas, coaldealer, 7 St Mary street ; h. 33 Scott street 
Burke, W. M., city chamberlain and gas and electricity treasurer, 8! 

Commercial st. ; h. Avondale, 30 Bingham ter. (Teleph. No. 1182 
Burke, Mrs M. , organist, St Mary 's R. C. Ch. , Lochee ; h. 42 High st. , Loche 
Burness, Archibald, mason, 3 Scott street 
Burness, David, jutestower, 17 Rosefield street 
Burness, George, draper, 18 Gardner street 
Burness, Helen, stationer and tobacconist, 4 Liff road, Lochee 
Burnet, Miss Janet, 22 Pitkerro road 
Burnett, Alexander, saddler, 46 Seafield road 
Burnett, Alexander, clerk, 31 Scott street 

Burnett, Alexander B., telegraph clerk, 5 Park pi., Ancrum rd., Loche 
Burnett, Andrew, baker and confectioner, 11 and 13 Bank street, Lochee 

h. 188 Lochee road 
Burnett, Alex. D. , physical instr. , DundeeSchoolBoard; h. 23 Baxter Pk. ter 
Burnett Brothers, merchants, 26 Commercial street 
Burnett & Co. , drapers, 28 and 30 Wellgate 
Burnett, David, of John Burnett & Sons, 288 Perth road 
Burnett, D., cabinetmaker, Bellevue place, King street, Broughty Ferr 
BURNETT GEORGE, property and insurance agent, 155 Victoria roa< 

(Telephone No. 1860) ; h. 12 Nelson street. See Adv. p. 125 


I Jurnett, James, saddler, 2 Westfield place 
I Jurnett, James, labourer, 1 Park avenue 
I Jurnett. John, detective officer, 37 Stirling street 
[Jurnett, John, saddler, 17 Mains road 

I Jurnett, John, of John Burnett & Sons, 300 Blackness road 
J Jurnett, John, gardener, Nelson place, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
B Jurnett, John, & Sons, bakers, 11 Brook st. , 1 19 Overgate, & 25 Lochee rd. 
I Jurnett, Robert, baker and confec, 117 Hilltown, 4 Strathmartine rd., 
33a Dundonaldst. , and 100 King st. ; h. Hillcrest house, Kinghorne rd. 
j Jurnett, S. G., compositor, 16 Bellefield avenue 
[Jurnett, Mrs, 3 South Baffin street 
|Jurns, David, compositor, 67 Ure street 
[Burns, Frank R. H., waiter, 4 Idvies street 

purns & Harris, booksellers, manufacturing stationers, printers, litho- 
graphers, bookbinders, 112 Nethergate (Tel. No, 108), and Tayside 
Works, Long wynd (Telephone No. 2099 ; Telegrams, " Tayside") 

Burns, James, moulder, 161 Strathmartine road 

Burns, James, joiner, 29 Rosefield street 

Burns, James, shoemaker, 178 High street, Lochee 

Burns, John, pastrybaker, 19 School road, Downfield 

Burns, Margaret, manglekeeper, 7 Middle street 

Burns, Samuel, painter, 27 Kirk street, Lochee 

Burns, Thomas, manager, 8 Constitution terrace 

Burns, William, clerk, 192 Lochee road 

Burns, William, of Burns & Harris, Roxdene, 2 Roxburgh terrace 
(Telephone No. 1686) ■ 

Burns, William, milloverseer, 37 Rosefield street 

Burns, William, mechanic, 13 Hospital wynd 

Sums, Mrs Alexander B., wine and spirit merchant, 119 Victoria road; 
h. 1 Lamb's lane, and Estler cottage, 21 Ireland street, Carnoustie 

Burns, Mrs Mary, apartments, 25 North William street 

Burns, Mrs Patrick, 4 Bromor, Old Muirton road, Lochee 

Burns, Mrs William, 3 Peter street 

Burnside, John, 1 Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
j Burnside Works, Milne's West wynd ; J. S. Bradford & Co., waste mer. 

Burrell, Robert J., stereotyper, 14 Brown Constable street 
[Burrows, John, A.L.C.M., pianotuner, organist of Tay Square Church; 

h. 30 Whitehall street 
; Burrows, Miss Violet C, soprano vocalist, music teacher, 30 Whitehall st. 
j Burry, Peter, greengrocer and confectioner, 29 Ogilvie street ; h. 27 
[Burry, William M., warehouseman, 10 Molison street 
[Burry, William M., postman, 141 Clepington road 
jBurt, James D., assurance agent, 1 Sandeman street 

Burt, John, linendraper, 278a Hilltown; h. 31 Wellgate 
j Burt, John G., police constable, 9 Loons road, Lochee 
j Burton, Mrs Charles, 40 Cobden street, Lochee 

Butchart, Alexander 3 2 Springfield 

1 Butchart, Alex., grocer, wine merch., 46, 48 Polepark rd. ; h 40 Scott st. 
I Butchart, Alex., grocer and spiritdealer, 92 High street, Lochee ; h. The 

Cedars, 27 Ancrum road 
i Butchart, Alex. , milk salesman, Floral cot. , 351 Strathmartine rd. , D'field 



Butchart, Alexander M., clerk, 105 Hawkhill 

Butehart, Andrew, tailor and draper, 186 Strathmartine road 

Butchart, David, piermaster, Broughty Ferry ; h. Tay sq., Long lane, B.F. 

Butchart, David M., telegraphist, 13 Bellefield avenue 

Butchart, Henry, overseer, 1 Stobswell road 

Butchart, James, millforeman, 14 Cleghorn street 

Butchart, James, engineer, 4 Eden street 

Butchart, James H., grocer and wine merchant, 15 Milnbank road; 

h. 190 Lochee road 
Butchart, R. K., B.Sc, assistant lecturer in mathematics, University 

College, house proprietor, 8 Martin street 
Butchart, Thomas, gardener, Braeknowe lodge, Blackness road 
Butchart, William, hairdresser and umbrella maker, 96 King street, 

Broughty Ferry ; h. 94 
Butchart, William, fireman, 5 Benvie road 
Butchart, Mrs Ann, 4 Mortimer place 

Butchart, Mrs David S., fancy goods agent, 38 King street 
Butchart, Mrs William, draper, 94 King street, Broughty Ferry 
Butchart, Mrs, general dealer, 72^ Church street ; h. 287 Hilltown 
Butchart, Miss A. F. , teacher, 6 Park terrace 

Butchart, Miss Jessie, dairykeeper, 29 Lilybank road ; h. 88 Princes st. 
Butchart, Miss Mary, 88 Princes street 

Butchart, Miss M. , stationer and tobacconist, 225 Albert street 
Butchart, Miss, dressmaker, 197 Princes street 
Butt, Edwin, confectioner, 30 Forfar road 

Buttar, Andw., slater & slate merchant, 31 Hawkhill (TelephoneNo. 611) 
Buttar, David, solicitor, 32 Bank street (Telephone No. 1642) ; h. 

Highcliffe, Farington street (Telephone No. 1567) 
Buttar, David, chauffeur, Dryburgh house, Coupar Angus road, Lochee 
Buttar, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 37 Logie street, Lochee 
Buttar, John, factory tenter, 199 Clepington road 
Buttar, Robert, ironturner, 4 Park terrace 
Butter, Alexander, clerk, 9 Easson's angle 
Butter, Christina, 11 Bellefield avenue 
Butter, George G., cashier, 21 Baldovan terrace 

Butter, Mrs John S., Tigh-an-Lighiche, 56 Frederick street, Downfield] 
Buttercup Dairy Co., 44 and 121 Albert street, 152 Lochee road, 211 

Perth road ; and 203 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Butterfield, William, calenderworker, 27 Campbell street, Lochee 
Butters, Alexander, basketmaker, 21 Step row 

Butters, Oliver J., bootmkr., 229 Lochee rd.; h. 14 Symers st., Downfield 
Byer, George F., grocer, 8 Molison street 
Byer, William, butcher, 79 Blackscroft 
Byers, David, draughtsman, 30 Clepington road 
Byers, John, joiner and houseagent, 20 Forfar road 
Byers, J. Stewart, 61 Cowgate; h. Ivybank, Shepherd's loan 
Byres, John, tailor, 29 Bank street 

Cable & Son, joiners and funeral undertakers, 50 Albert street ; work- 
shop, 63 Albert street ; h. 8 Craigie street 
Cadden, John, irondresser, 24 Ogilvie's road 


Cadenhead, John, mechanic, 14 Wilkie's lane 

Cadenhead, William, clerk, D. & A. Joint Railway; h. 32 Baldovan ter. 

Caesar & Young, solicitors, 62 Seagate 

Cafferata & Co., plaster manufacturers, Newark-on-Trent ; agents, 
Johnstons Limited, 29 Dock st. ; stores and yard, King William dock 

Cahill, M. J., collector of customs and excise, Customhouse ; h. 5 Grange 
terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Caird, Alex., & Sons, tailors, hosiers, hatters, 46 Union street (Tele- 
phone No. 1159) ; h. 9 Lynnewood place 

Caird, Andrew K., plumber, gasfitter, and tinsmith, 131 High st. , Lochee 
(Telephone No. 1375) ; h. Victoria place, High street, Lochee 

Caird, George, late teacher, 20 Springfield 

Caird, James, builder and monumental worker, Union street, Broughty 
Ferry ; h. 236 King street, B.F. 

Caird, James B., cashier, Panmure Shipyard ; h. 15 Thomson street 

Caird, Sir James Key, Baronet, jute spinner and weaver, Ashton Works, 
195 Hawkhill (Telephone No. 1738), and Craigie Works, Robertson 
street (Telephone No. 296) ; h. 8 Roseangle 

Caird, William, draper, UN. Wellington st.; h. India cott., Monifieth 

Caird, Mrs Alexander, newsagent, 138 King street, Broughty Ferry 

Caird, Mrs Thomas, 204 Lochee road 

Cairncross, Arthur F., late surveyor, Livonia cot., Campfield rd., B. F. 

Cairncross, Catherine, stationer and tobacconist, 67 Victoria street 

Cairncross, James, confectioner, 255 Clepington road 

Cairncross, John, water inspector, 375 Clepington road 

Cairncross, Robert, sailmaker, 2 Cunningham street 

Cairncross, Mrs, grocer, 18 Fort street, Broughty Ferry ; h. 39 

Cairney, John, painter and decorator, 258 King street, Broughty Ferry 

Cairnie, Charles, stationer and tobacconist, 81 Milnbank road; h. 55 

Cairnie, James, mechanic, 18 Benvie road 

Cairnie, James, mechanic, 47 Logie street, Lochee 

Cairnie, Kate, draper, 31 Lochee road ; h. 55 Milnbank road 

Cairnie, Peter, mechanic, 11 Pitfour street 

Cairns, Rev. Frank, East United Free Church, Broughty Ferry; h 
Mansefield, Camphill road, B.F. 

Cairns, Henry, billiardroom-keeper, 24 Bank street ; h. 81 Victoria rd. 

Cairns, Martin, insurance inspector, 9 Janefield place 

Cairns, Thomas, hairdresser, 308a Hawkhill ; h. 14 Ford's lane 

Cairns Mrs Arthur, 2 Haldane street, Downfield 

Cairns, Mrs, 2 Old Muirton road, Lochee 

Caithness, George, dresser, 10 Rosefield street 

Caithness, J., & Co., booksellers, 26 Barrack st. ; h. 10 Rosefield st. 

Caithness, J. Ogilvie, house proprietor, 4 Ogilvie's road ; h. 2 

Caithness, Mrs D., 49 Dens road 

Caithness, Mrs Francis, 8 Gladstone terrace, Brook street, Bro'ty Ferry 

Calder, Alex., wine & spirit mer., 267Hilltown; h. 19Strathmartinerd. 

Calder, Alexander, mechanic, 105 Clepington road 

Calder, Alexander, jun., house proprietor, Albert villa, 15Inverary ter- 

Calder, Daniel, collector, Water Commission ; h. 114 Hawkhill 

Calder, David, mason, 10 Lorimer street 


Calder, David R., solicitor, 27 Bank street (Telephone No. 1391); h. 

210 Strathmartine road 
Calder, John, engineer, 120 Nethergate 
Calder, John B. , confectioner, 1 Fyffe street ; h. 3 
Calder, John B., grocer, wine mer.,277 Hilltown; h. 208 Strathmartine rd. 
Calder, Mrs Alexander, house proprietrix, 273 Hilltown 
Calder, Mrs John, 210 Strathmartine road 
Calder, Mrs J. G., 20 Airlie place 

Calderwood, Matthew, irongrinder, 10 Stevenson street, Lochee 
Calderwood, William J. , teacher of music, 10 Whitehall street ; h. 

Primrosebank, West Newport 
Caldrum Works, St Salvador st. ; Harry Walker & Sons, Ltd., manufrs. 
Caldwell, Alexander, rag, jute, flax waste, waste paper, and metal mer., 

5 and 7 East Henderson's wynd ; h. 6 Garland place 
Caldwell, George F. F., waste and rag merchant, 29 Scott street 
Caldwell, James, lithographer, 1 Union place 
Caldwell, Robert D. F., clerk, 11 Bellefield avenue 
Caldwell, Mrs I., dressmaker, 21 Ogilvie street 
Caledon, The, Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., Lily bank Engine 

Works (head office), and Caledon Shipyard (Telephone Nos. 270 and 

558 ; Telegrams, " Caledon ") 
CALEDONIAN INSURANCE CO., 35 Albert square ; A. W. Kennedy, 

secretary (Telephone No. 579; Telegrams, "Caledonian Insurance"). 

See Adv. p. facing back board 
Caledonian Railway Station and Goods Office, South Union street 
Caledonian Works, Anderson's lane, Lochee; Spalding & Valentine, Ltd. 
Calenderworker, Linoleum, and Dyeworkers' Union, 44 High street 

(Telephone No. 848) ; James Cunningham, organiser 
CALLAGHAN & CO., saw and edge tool makers, and cutlers, 10 Whitehall 

crescent. See Adv. page 74 
Callaghan, John W., of Callaghan & Co., Scroggieside, Wormit 
Calligan, Peter, carpet weaver, 36 Penny cook lane 
Callighan, John, market gardener, 184 Perth road 
Caiman, James Powrie, insurance agent and house proprietor, Mary's 

cottage, 32 High street, Lochee 
Calvert, Arthur, draper, 57, 73, and 75 Wellgate and 108 Hawkhill ; h. 

Downie villa, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
Calvert, Arthur, baker, 11 Glamis street 
Calvert, Charles, shop porter, 7 King's road 
Calvert, Ernest E., 60 Magdalen Yard road 
Calvert, John W., compositor, 10 Albert street 
Calvert, Robert, 34 James street 

Camera, The, 21 Dock street ; Campbell & Meldrum, publishers 
Cameron, Alex., coachman, Cliftonbank, 429 Strathmartine rd., D'field 
Cameron, And. Carter, of Cameron & M'Farlane, Ltd., 4 Baxter Pk. ter. 
Cameron, Angus, compositor, 244 Clepington road 
Cameron, A.S., of A.S. Cameron & Son, Bay house, Dundee rd., W. Ferry 
Cameron, A. S., jun., secretary, Dundee Fishing Co., Ltd., 31 Reform 

street; h. Brightside, Stirling road, Stannergate 
Cameron, A. S., & Son, housefactors and valuators, 31 Reform street 
Cameron, Charles, turner, 16 Strathmartine road 


Cameron, Charles D., traveller, 18 Baxter Park terrace 
Cameron, Charles R., commercial traveller, 2 American Muir rd. , D'field 
Cameron, Daniel, butcher, 121 High street, Lochee (Telephone No. 952); 

h. 12 Coupar Angus road 
Cameron, Daniel, labourer, 4 Anderson's lane, Lochee 
Cameron, Donald, tailor, 2 Haldane street, Downfield 
Cameron, Rev. D.B.,M. A., D.D.,Rosebank Parish Church; ^.5Douglaster. 
Cameron, George, machinefitter, 74 Church street 
Cameron, George, blacksmith, 22 Stewart street, Lochee 
Cameron, Hugh, park-keeper, Lochee Park, Ancrum road, Lochee 
Cameron, James, 2 Dallfield terrace 
Cameron, James, milk salesman, East Clepington farm 
Cameron, James G., bootmaker, 43 Murraygate 
Cameron, James S., 21 Pitalpin street, Lochee 
Cameron, John, enginedriver, 22 Park avenue 

Cameron, John, collector, Water Commission; h. Moy villas, 38 Forfar rd. 
Cameron, John, joiner, 6 Lawson place 
Cameron, John, grain merchant, 38 Hunter street ; h. 30 
Cameron, John M., grocer, 26 Lorimer street; h. 28 
Cameron, John, stationmaster, Barnhill Station ; h. Stationhouse, 

Guthrie terrace, Barnhill 
Cameron, John, cardriver, 1 Gibb's lane, Lochee 
Cameron, J., wool and cloth factor, 10 Bellefield avenue 
Cameron, J. D., dental surgery, 37 Union street ; h. 1 Blackness crescent 
CAMERON, J. & P., carting agents for N.B. Railway, Tay Bridge Station 
(Telephone No. 185) ; office, 17 and 18 South Union street (Tele- 
phone No. 147) ; John Wallace, manager. See Adv. p. 36 
Cameron, Lewis, teacher, 32 Raglan street 

Cameron, M'Donald, shipmaster and pilot, 13 West Dock street 
Cameron & M' Far lane, Limited, fishsalesmen, auctioneers, and steam 

trawler owners, Fish dock 
Cameron, Margaret, feuar, 3 West street 

Cameron, Pat., warehouseman, 6 Commercial st. ; h. 10 Bellefield ave. 
Cameron, Robert, headmaster, Eastern Public School, Broughty Ferry ; 

h. 4 Rugby terrace, Esplanade, B. F. 
Cameron, Samuel S., confectioner, 19 Dock st.; h. 57 N. Wellington st. 
Cameron, Thomas, coaldealer, 22 Church sti'eet ; h. 24 
Cameron, William, painter, 35 Wilkie's lane 
Cameron, William, repairer of sewing machines, 10 Ireland's lane 
Cameron, William, police constable, 15 Peel street, Lochee 
Cameron, William, factory overseer, 8 Stewart street, Lochee 
Cameron, William, coaldealer, 16 Charles street ; h. 211 Clepington rd. 
Cameron, William S., mason, 65 Logie street, Lochee 
Cameron, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 5 Balfour street 
Cameron, Mrs Peter, 44 Lilybank road 
CAMERONS (Cameron & M'Farlane, Ltd.), fishmongers, 38 Whitehall 

crescent (Telephone No. 2215). See Adv. p. 89 
Cammell, Laird, & Co., Ltd. (Cyclops Steel and File Works, Sheffield), 

35 and 37 Exchange street ; G. M. Crichton, agent 
I Campbell, Alexander, gardener, Airlie lodge, Reres road, Bro'ty Ferry 
Campbell, Alexander, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 1 Clarendon terrace 


Campbell, Alfred, clerk, 74 Clepington road 

Campbell, Andrew, enginedriver, 30 Union place 

Campbell, Arch. , of Campbell & Meldrum, Ltd. , 8 Dalhousie ter. , Barnhill 

Campbell, Rev. Archibald, U.F. retired minister, 6 Windsor terrace 

Campbell, A. Sydney, M.B., Ch.B., L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.(Edin), 6 South 

Tay street (Telephone No. 841) 
Campbell, Colin, shipfitter, 37 Lyon street 
Campbell & Co., drapers, 219 Hawkhill 
Campbell, David H., foreman baker, 21 Lorimer street 
Campbell, Donald, railway porter, 159 Hilltown 
Campbell, Donald, grocer, 57 Peddie street 
Campbell, D. S., manager, 28 King street 

Campbell, George S., of F. J. M'Kenzie & Campbell, 44 Main street 
Campbell, Hugh, general blacksmith, 45 Derby street ; h. 2 Hill street 
Campbell, H. Gordon, L. R. C. P. , L. R. C. S. E. , L. D. S. , R. C. S. Edin. , dental 

surgeon, 27 South Tay street ; h. Drumalis, Woodhaven, Wormit 
Campbell, James, & Sons, contractors, 61 Trades lane and 62 Constable st. 
Campbell, James, plumber inspector, 11 Westfield lane 
Campbell, James, 161a High street, Lochee 
Campbell, James N., clerk, 80 Ferry road 
Campbell, John, 2 Airlie terrace 
Campbell, John, clerk, 33 Provost road 
Campbell, John, blockcutter, 18 Gardner street 
Campbell, John, factoryworker, 1 Sandeman street 
Campbell, John, insurance agent, 45 Foundry lane 
Campbell, Rev. John, chaplain of East Poorhouse ; h. 17 Janefield place 
Campbell, John, landscape and jobbing gardener, 1 St Peter street 
Campbell, Joseph, storekeeper, 13 Dura street 

Campbell, J., tobacconist, 19 Whitehall crescent ; h. 43 Cleghorn street 
Campbell, J. D., of Ralli Bros. Agency, Charlesfield, Gask, Auchterarder 
Campbell, K. H. , dressmaker and milliner, 44 High street, Lochee ; h. 14 

Stevenson street 
Campbell & Meldrum, Ltd. , wholesale stationers, printers, lithographers, 

bookbinders and paper-rulers, business systems specialists, and 

publishers of the Dundee ABC Time Table, Fairmuir Works 

(Telephone No. 1726) ; town office, 21 Dock street 
Campbell, Peter, late superintendent of police, 3 Bank avenue, Downfield 
Campbell, Peter, M.B., L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.Edin., 29 Springfield 
Campbell, P. & P., Limited, dyers and cleaners, Perth Dye Works ; 

receiving office, 33 Nethergate (Telephone No. 1052) 
Campbell, Robert, assur. agent, 10 Rugby ter., Esplanade, Bro. Ferry 
Campbell, Robert, machineman, 66 Walton street 
Campbell, Robert, baker, 44 Peel street, Lochee 
Campbell, R. C, accountant, Scottish Provident buildings, 49 

Meadowside ; h. 17 Madeira street 
Campbell, Samuel, foreman, 7 Clepington street 

Campbell, Thomas Wallace, hairdresser, 69 Seagate; h. 16 Forebank rd. 
Campbell, Walter, L.D.S.,R.C.S.Eng., dental surgeon, 27 South Tay st.; 

h. 14 Constitution terrace 
Campbell, Walter, & Son, furniture dealers and general merchants, 206 

Hilltown ; h. 99 Alexander street 


CJampbell, William, butcher and gamedealer, 191 Perth road; h. 312 
Campbell, William, blacksmith, 26 Gardner street 
Campbell, William, police inspector, 252 Blackness road 
Campbell, William, foreman plater, 80 Ferry road 
Campbell, William, manager, 9 Dalhousie ter. , Dalhousie rd. , Barnhill 
Campbell, William Graham, M.B., C.M.Edin., L.D.S., R.C.S.Edin., 

D.D.S., dental surgeon, 27 South Tay street 
Campbell, William R., clerk, Linton place, Church st., Broughty Ferry 
"ampbell, William W., bank clerk, 420a Strathmartine rd., Downfield 

ampbell, Mrs Annie, 40 Carmichael street 

ampbell, Mrs David, 8 Dura street 

ampbell, Mrs Jane, Willowbank, Dundee road, West Ferry 

ampbell, Mrs John, 55 Logie street, Lochee 

ampbell, Mrs John, 48 Albert street 

ampbell, Mrs Robert, Eddlestone, 286 Blackness road 

ampbell, Mrs R. H., apartments, 17 Airlie place 

ampbell, Mrs, baby linen warehouse, 160 Strathmartine road 
: 'ampbell, Mrs, general dealer, 181 Brook street 
| ampbell, Mrs, confectioner, 43 Cobden street, Lochee 
I ^ampbell, Mrs, Roslin place, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
j ampbell, Miss Phyllis C, M.A., warden, Mayfield Hostel for Women 

Students, Mayfield, 206 Ferry road 
I ampbell, Miss R., of Campbell & Co., 1 Easson's angle 

ampbell, Miss, 2 Gowrie place 

j ampbell, Miss, 1 Benvie road 

jamperdown Trust Co. , Ld., Meadow PI. bldgs. ; Robt. J. A. Pride, secy. 

amperdown Works, Methven st., Lochee ; Cox Brothers, Ltd., manfrs. 

impone, M., confectioner, 84 Dura street 
j impsie, David C, millmanager, Gray St.Wks.; h. 309 South rd., Lochee 
. inada North- Western Investment Co. , Ltd., 11 Reform street 
[ inadian Pacific Line, 19 High street 

inadian Pacific Line, 9 Whitehall crescent 

jine, Mrs John, 46 Logie street, Lochee 
| mt, Geo. , gardener's labourer, Beech wood lodge, Harefield rd. , Lochee 
s mt, Jas., bookseller; agt., Sutton & Co., 24 Greenmkt.; h. 169 Hilltown 

mt, James, M.A., 27 Heron's lane, Lochee 
d tnt, John, joiner, 1 Springhill 

■<nt, Ralph, goods guard, 86 Peddie street 
,, lint, Robert P., draughtsman, 103 Arbroath road 
' Unt, William, joiner, 27 Heron's lane, Lochee 
„ ,nt, Miss B. , 103 Logie street, Lochee 

: .nt, Miss, machine-knitter, 44 Annfield row 

ntrell, Mrs, fish merchant, 17 Whitehall crescent; h. 17 Springfield 
49 pe, Gavin B. , draper, 4 Airlie terrace 

ipe, Mrs W. B., Ardcairn, Blackness avenue 
ppon, T. Martin, F.R.I.B.A., architect and valuator, 32 Bank street; 

h. The Shieling, 6 Norwood crescent 
Street ; James Robertson, agency inspector. See Adv. p. 114 
^Iraway, John, confectioner, 152 Brook street ; h. 154 

"rd, Robert Dick, of Robertson & Card, 188 Strathmartine road 


Cardean, Mrs E., 3 Fort street 

Carden, John, range warden, City of Dundee Terr. Assoc., 5 Baffin stree 

Cardno, James, horseshoer, 7 Baffin street 

Cardwell, James, machineman, 25 Robertson street 

Cardwell, Mrs Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 285 Brook street 

Broughty Ferry ; h. Victoria buildings, Gray street, B.F. 
Carey, David R., insurance agent, 52 Provost road 
Carey, Jas., cabinetmkr., 65Nethergate ; h. Dunnichen villa, Inverg'ri' 
Cargill, Alexander, postman, 3 Dens road 
Cargill & Co., Ltd., bleachers and yarn merchants, Dundee Bleacl 

Works, Pitkerro road; office, 24 Cowgate (Telephone No. 1128 

Telegrams, ' ' Cargill ' ' ) 
Cargill, David, harbour porter, 4 Eden street 
Cargill, James, warehouseman, Bent house, Panmure street, Bro. Ferr 
Cargill, James, assistant supt., Prudential Assur. Co. ; h. 123 Victoria rdw 
Cargill, James, foreman, 41 Arbroath road 
Cargill, John, merchant, 32 Cowgate (Telephone No. 225 ; Telegrams 

" Philgate ") ; h. 25 Lammerton terrace 
Cargill, William, of William Cargill & Co. , 9 Victoria road 
Cargill, William, &, Co., electricians, 98 Dudhope street 
Cargill, Wm. D., of Cargill & Co., Ltd., Woodlands, Albany rd.,W. Ferr; 
Cargill, Mrs Isabella, confectioner, 40 Polepark rd. ; h. 55 Milnbank re 
Cargill, Mrs J. , confectioner, 29 Princes street 
Carle, Alexander George, woodturner, 20 Gardner street 
Carlisle, Alf.W. , solicitor, 54 Commercial st. ; h. 4 Youngsdalepl. ,E. N'poi 
Carlton, Hubert, solicitor, 11 Ward road (Telephone No. 1106); i 

Balgay terrace, 80 Logie street, Lochee ¥ 

Carmichael, A. D., of Baxter Bros. & Co., Ltd., Stirling house, Craigi lr 
Carmichael, Daniel, painter, 5 Parker street 

Carmichael's, Dundee, Ld., 18, 22 St Clement's lane; Thos. M'Kee, sec^J F 
Carmichael, D. W. (yarn bleacher, Baldovanfield), Roineach Mhdr, 5c f 

Strathmartine road, Downfield m 

Carmichael, Edward, of James Carmichael & Co., Ltd., Taymount, Albei f 

road, West Ferry f n 

Carmichael, George B. , solicitor, hon. secretary, Dundee Liberal AssociiJ P 

tion, 46 Reform street ; k. 35 Albany terrace 
Carmichael, James, of Baxter Brothers & Co., Ltd., Arthurston* : 

Meigle, Perthshire j !ri 

Carmichael, James, of James Carmichael & Sons, 39 Magdalen Yard r<: *t 
Carmichael, James, mercantile clerk, 490 Strathmartine rd. , Downfiel: p 
Carmichael, James, & Co., Limited, engineers, millwrights, and boile P, 

makers, Ward Foundry, Guthrie street (Telephone No. 363; Tel ^1 

grams, " Corliss ") 1 

Carmichael, James L., 1 South Tay street fa 

Carmichael, James, & Sons, tanners, curriers, leather merchants, leath pi 

belt and boot and shoe manufacturers, 9 to 15 North Tay street ; ar] H 

Burnside Tan Works, Cupar Fife «ri 

Carmichael, John, of James Carmichael & Sons, 2 Windsor street ! ; ar ri 
Carmichael, John, chief constable, Central Police Chambers, West Be! pii 

street ; h. 20 Windsor street (Telephone No. 401) ! «ii 

Carmichael, John, butcher, 22 Baldovan terrace 


Uarmichael, J. W., engineer, Ward Foundry; h. Fintry cottage, Fintry 

place, Broughty Ferry 
Uarmichael, Stewart, artist, 65 Nethergate 
Uarmichael, Thomas, fireman, 3 Blyth place, City road 
Darmichael, William C. , butcher, 8 Eden street 
parmichael, Mrs Duncan, apartments, 94 Commercial street 
I Parmichael, Mrs, 2 Stewart terrace, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 
,|)armyllie, Robt., of Kidd & Carmy Hie, Victoria cott., 195 King st., B.F. 
3arnaghan, James, surveyor to Lloyd's Register, 26 East Dock street ; 

h. Duneaves, Woodhaven, Wormit 
Darnegie, David, engineer, 103 Strathmartine road 
Carnegie, David, late postman, Craigton, 47 East Haddon road 
JARNEGIE, GEORGE, sculptor, Ladywell place, Victoria road ; h. Aviemore, 

Philip street, Carnoustie. See Adv. p. 36 
Carnegie, James, engineer, 142 Lochee road 
Carnegie, John, bricklayer and chimney restorer, 35 Seafield road 

(Telephone No. 1434; Telegrams, " Spires") ; h. The Nook, Barry 
Carnegie, John C, ironmoulder, 63 Lochee road 
Carnegie, M. L., major, recruiting officer, 29 Nethergate ; h. 45 Magdalen 

Yard road 
Carnegie, Robert, moulder, 31 Wellgate 

Carnegie, Wm. , rag and waste mer. , 12 Jamaica st. ; h. 6 Elizabeth st. 
Carnegie, William M., postman, 14 Cleghorn street 
Sarnie, John, wine and spirit merchant, 58 James st. ; h. 9 Ellen st. 
Sarnie, Robert, manure merchant, 17 Annfield row 
3arnochan, John, 26 Pitkerro road 

^arphin, Miss, matron, Girls' Industrial School, Blackness road 
3arr, Alexander, china merchant, 115 Nethergate and 2, 4 South Tay st. ; 

h. Roseangle cot. , 13 Magdalen Yard road 
3arr, A. L., boot and shoe maker, 102 Overgate 
Jarr, Benjamin, tenter, 9 Cochrane street 
Jarr & Co., warehousemen, Argyle house, 5 Tally street 
Jarr, Ewan Geddes, newsagt. , tobac'nist, 176a Hilltown ; h. 34Lawson pi. 
!Jarr, James, chimneysweeper, 140 King street, Broughty Ferry 
3arr, James E., Fernbank, 4 Nelson terrace 
3arr, John, teller, B.L. Bank, Victoria rd.; h. 4 Salisbury place, Castle 

street, Broughty Ferry 
3arr, John, labourer, 14 Cotton road 
3arr, John N., clerk, 42 High street, Lochee 
yarr, Robert, currier, 3 Wolseley street 

)arr, Robert D., painter, 45a Arbroath road (Telephone No. 35 y3) ; h. 45 
ARR, R. T., tinsmith, coppersmith, and plumber, 59 Cotton road (Tele- 
phone No. 1210) ; h. 46 Arthurstone terrace. See Adv. p. 36 
!arr, Miss Annie, dressmaker, 25 Forebank road 
Carrie, Charles, flax inspector, 16 Annfield street 
Carrie, David, gateman, Tay Ferries, 12 Raglan street 
Carrie, George, watchmaker and jeweller, 44 High st. ; h. 2 Hepburn st. 
Carrie, George, mason, 22 Union place 
Jarrie, John, musician, 2 Smith street 
Jarrie, John, joiner, 87 Watson street 
)arrie, Joseph, gardener, Balgay Industrial School lodge, Blackness rd. 


Carrie, Peter, joiner and cartwright, 50 City road 

Carroll, Joseph, calenderworker, 49 Ure street 

Carroll, Maggie Allison, teacher, 3 Airlie terrace 

Carroll, Mrs Hampton, 3 Airlie terrace 

Carron Company (incorporated by Royal Charter 1773), pig iron and 

coal department, 4 India buildings ; D. Blue, agent 
Carruthers, Mrs, furniture dealer, 143 Overgate; h. 16 South Lindsay st, 
Carse of Gowrie Dairy Co., Ltd., dairy produce merchants, 68 and 7( 

Ward road (Telephone No. 371); shop, 68 Ward road 
Carse of Gowrie Farmers' Club ; secretary, James Graham. Mains o] 

Baldovan, by Dundee ; place of call,Tues. and Fri. , 12 St Clement's In, 
Carse, Robert, porter, 6 Blackness street 
Carson, Nellie, dressmkr., milliner, 113 Logie st., L'hee; h. 84Comm'rc'lst, 
Carson, Mrs, apartments, 84 Commercial street 
Carstairs, David, warehouseman, 1 Arthurstone terrace 
Carstairs, John, mechanic, 36 North Ellen street 
Carstairs, John, ironturner, 9 Bruce street 
Carstairs, Thomas, yarndresser, 19 Annfield street 
Carstairs, William, School Board officer, 256 Blackness road 
Carswell, Andrew, commercial traveller, Finella, Whinnybrae, B. Ferry 
Carswell, David, & Sons, wholesale grocers, 9 to 19 Commercial street 
Carswell, Helen, teacher, 31 Seymour street 
Carswell, Thomas, bootmaker, 171 Hilltown ; h. 34 James street 
Carswell, William, of D. Carswell & Sons, Linden avenue, E. Newport 
Carswell, Mrs D., 59 West Lyon street 
Carswell, Miss Helen, teacher, 31 Seymour street 
Carswell, Misses, 5 Shamrock street 
Cartmill, John, hairdresser, 6 Hill street ; h. 61 
Cartmill, Mrs, confectioner, 63 Hill street 

Carver, G. , greengrocer and dairy produce dealer, 226 Lochee road 
Carver, James, warehouseman, 224 Lochee road 
Carver, James, coachman, 84 Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Carver, Wm. C., painter, 174 High street, Lochee; h. 224 Lochee road 
Carver, Miss, 89 Magdalen green 
Cash Drapery Warehouse, 132 and 134 Hilltown 
Cassaday, Ernest E.,M.B.,Ch.B. Ed., L.D.S.,R.C.S.Ed., dental surgeon, 

Elgina, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Cassaday, John, surgeon dentist, 43 Murraygate ; h. Elgina, Brook st. ,B. F. 
Cassiday, John, general dealer, 3 Thorter row 
Cassidy, James, Ogilvie's road 

Cassidy, Joseph, School Board officer, 9 Lintrathen gardens 
Cassidy, Patrick, gasworker, 40 Princes street 
Cassie, James A. , customs officer, 7 PitkeiTo road 
Cassie, James H., sorting clerk, 7 Gillburn road, Downfield 
Cassie, William, stereotyper, 258 Blackness road 
Cathcart, George, vanman, 47 Annfield road 
Cathcart, Miss G., dressmaker, 91 Milnbank road 
Cathro, Alex., grocer and spirit merchant, 144 Hilltown ; h. Crammond 

villa, 3 Kinghorne road 
Cathro, Charles, clerk, 2 Airlie terrace 
Cathro, Charles, ironturner, 22 Muirton road, Lochee 


Cathro, David, cardriver, 11 Craigie street 

Cathro, David, wh'sale small ware mer. , 3 Ireland's lane ; h. 26 Victoria st. 
Cathro, Frank S., secy., Dundee and District Spinners and Manufac- 
turers Association, 1 Royal Exchange place ; h. Whalley range, 3 

East Kerrington crescent, Barnhill 
Cathro, George, 11 Strathmartine road 
Cathro, George M., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 238Hilltown and 

2 Stirling street (Telephone No. 14y5) ; h. 319 Clepington road 
Cathro, Isabella, stationer, 10 Strathmartine rd.; h. 319 Hilltown 
Cathro, James M., draper, 12 Stirling street ; h. 55 Dens road 
Cathro, James W., tailor, 13 Hospital wynd 
Cathro, William, bath attendant, 35 Guthrie street 
Cathro, William E., messenger, National Bank ; li. 1 Albert square 
Cathro, William T., clerk, 8 Renny place, Grove road, West Ferry 
Cathro, Mrs D., spirit mer., 133 Hawkhill; h. Hermonhill cots., Well rd. 
Cathro, Miss H., dressmaker, 4 Gowrie place 
Cattanach, P. H., coachman, St Helens, Perth road 
Caution, John, caretaker, 3 Seagate 
Cavanagh, Michael J. , postman, 41 Loons road 
Cavanah, Henry C. , chartered accountant and theatrical manager, Gaiety 

Theatre ; h. 6 Shore terrace 
Caw, Archibald C, grocer, 176 Lochee road 
Caw, Charles, spiritdealer's assistant, 18 Rosefield street 
Caw's Restaurant, 25 Panmure street (Telephone No. 537) ; h. 23 
Cawood, S. D., telegraph engineer, 2 Union street (Telephone No. 1115); 

h. 34 Bingham terrace 
CAXTON HOUSE — James P. Mathew & Co., printers, lithographers, 

bookbinders, and stationers, Caxton house, 11 to 15 Cowgate 

(Telephone No. 272). See Adv. on leaf preceding title 
Cemeteries Office, 93 Commercial st. ; Alexander Macrae, superintendt. 
Cemetery Office, Western Cemetery; H. Robertson, supt., secy., treas. 
Central Billiard Rooms, 1 New Inn entry; Thomas Mill, proprietor; h. 234 

Blackness road 
Central Insurance Co., Ltd., 51 Meadowside (Telephone No. 1746); 

G. A. Edmunds, district manager 
CENTURY INSURANCE CO., LIMITED, 83 Commercial street (Telephone 

No. 2228) ; George Knowles, resident secretary. See Adv. on 

coloured page preceding title 
Chadwick, John S. (repres. , Cadbury Bros. ), Rannoch, Camphill rd., B.F. 
Chalmers, Alexander, shoemaker, 13 Cochrane street 
Chalmers, Alexander, sawyer, 216 Perth road 
Chalmers, Alexander, lithographer, 69 Crescent street 
Chalmers, Alfred, pastrybaker, 5 Glebe street 

Chalmers, Chas., butcher, 75 Perth rd. (Tele. No. 10x2) ; h. 11 Westfield pi. 
Chalmers, Charles, foreman mechanic, 250 Blackness road 
Chalmers, Charles D., timekeeper, 1 Arthurstone terrace 
Chalmers, David, mechanic, 58 Barrack street 
Chalmers, David, tailor, 15 Forest Park road 
Chalmers, David, joiner, 25 Wellgrove street, Lochee 
Chalmers, David F. , millfurnisher and machine merchant, Temple Mills, 

35 North Tay street ; h. 1 Aberlemno terrace 


Chalmers, George, dairykeeper, 71 Ann street 

Chalmers, George, contractor, Mary Ann lane (Telephone No. 1218) 

Chalmers, G. K., of William Chalmers & Son, Mabelbank, Craigna- 

brattan terrace, Strathern road, West Ferry 
Chalmers, Harry, millmanager, 4 Constitution terrace 
Chalmers, Helen, 22 Stewart street, Lochee 
Chalmers, James, joiner, 3 Roslin terrace 

Chalmers, James, flax salesman, Brook villa, 415 Brook st., Bro. Ferry 
Chalmers, James, collector, 24 Baldovan terrace 
Chalmers, James, calenderworker, 7 Forest Park road 
Chalmers, James, foreman printer, 41 Seafield road 
Chalmers, James, 4 North Wellington street 
Chalmers, James Alford, examiner of masters and mates, 62 Dock 

street ; h. Garron, Duntrune terrace, West Ferry 
Chalmers, John, rope and twine maker, 266 Blackness road 
Chalmers, John, tailor, 41 Hawkhill 

Chalmers, John, keeper, Operative Bakers' house, 8 Crichton street 
Chalmers, John, grocer, ironmonger, hardware and general merchant. 

143 and 145 South road, Lochee (Telephone No. 1243) ; h. 137 
Chalmers, Joseph, mason, 24 Forest Park road 
Chalmers, Peter, carter, 53 North street 

Chalmers, P. , caretaker, North Clepington School ; h. Sandeman street 
Chalmers, Thomas, painter, 34 Dallfield walk 
Chalmers, Walter, grocer, 23 Wellgrove street, Lochee 
Chalmers & White, merchants, 9 Royal Exchange lane 
Chalmers, William, ropespinner, 18 Forest Park road 
Chalmers, William, butcher, 233 Hawkhill ; h. 2 Bellfield street 



Chalmers, William, of William Chalmers & Son, Mabelbank, Craigna 

brattan terrace, Strathern road, West Ferry 
Chalmers, William, general dealer, 6a Hunter street 
Chalmers, William F., of Chalmers & White, 4 Kilnburn ter., Newport 
Chalmers, William L., mechanic, 8 Brown Constable street 
Chalmers, William, & Son, bootmakers, 40 High street (Teleph. No. 1186 
Chalmers, W. M., clerk, Carlowrie, Cedar road, Broughty Ferry 
Chalmers, Mrs A., 160 Hilltown 
Chalmers, Mrs Frank, 4 Wellington street 
Chalmers, Mrs Henry, 27 Step row 
Chalmers, Mrs Isabella, 17 Bank avenue, Downfield 
Chalmers, Mrs Stewart, 25 North Lindsay street 

Chalmers, Mrs, Kamarhatty cottages, Ramsaypark, Broughty Ferry j CI 
Chalmers, Mrs, laundrykeeper, 12 Marshall street, Lochee ; h. 14 
Chalmers, Misses, Helenbank, 28 Sharp's lane, Lochee ! fl 

Chambers, Mary, 57 Cleghorn street 
Chandler, William, gardener, 21 Stirling street 
Chapelton, Joseph, draper, 161 Hilltown ; h. 169 
Chaplain, Robert, mason, 35 Wilkie's lane 
Chaplain, William, mason, 14 Gardner street 
Chaplin, A., & Co., proprs., City Electric Laundry, 41-45 Small's wyn< 
Chaplin, David, 11 Cochrane street 
Chaplin, John, collector, 1 Union place 
Chaplin, William, shore porter, 61 Ferrv road Chi* 



CHAPMAN, ALEXANDER, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 5 Queen's Hotel 

buildings, Nethergate (Telephone No. 1016); h. 11 Castle street, 

Broughty Ferry. See Adv. p. 37 
Chapman, C. W., cashier, 17 Baxter Park terrace 

Chapman, George, church-officer, St Paul's Est. Ch. ; h. 23 High street 
Chapman, George, upholsterer, 48 Links cottages, Castle st. , Bro. Ferry 
I I Chapman, James, coffeehouse-keeper, 1 William street; h. 7 
, Chapman, L. , grocer and confectioner, 27 Wilkie's lane ; h. 6 
j Chapman, William, shipmaster, 7 Abeiiemno terrace 
I Chapman, Mrs David, 56 Magdalen Yard road 
[Chapman, Mrs John, 13 Seaview place, Esplanade, Broughty Ferry 
k Chapman, Mrs William, 3 Balfour street 
| Chapman, Mrs, Nagama, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
Chapman, Miss A. M. , lady principal, Central Nursing Home, 6 Union 

terrace (Telephone No. 2041) 
Chapman, Miss H. , matron, Day Nursery, 24 North George street 
Chapman, Miss, Bridge house, St Vincent street, Broughty Ferry 
Charles, Alexander, police superintendent, Courthouse buildings; h. 7 

Fairfield cottages, 339 Clepington road 
Charles, Alexander, labourer, 58 Watson street 
Charles, George, ironturner, 16 South George street 
Charlton, Rev. A. H. f Martyrs U.F. Church ; h. 150 City road 
Charlton, F., sergt.-inst., A.S.C., Drill Hall, Bell st. ; h. 21 Cotton rd. 
Charlton, George D., artist, Dunelm, 2 East Kerrington cres., Barnhill 
Charlwood, J. W., musician, 14 Peddie street 
Charvill, Mrs, apartments, 31 Exchange street 
CHATWOOD'S PATENT SAFE and LOCK CO., Ltd., 129 Trongate, Glasgow. 

See Adv. p. 15 
Cheape, William R. , baker, 20 Constitution street 
ijChemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron, bleaching powder and chemical 

manufacturers (Frankfort); agent, Harry Inglis, 33 Gellatly street 
1 Cherry, David A., 8 East Somerville place 
ilChesson, Rev. Wm. Henry, 52 Seafield road 
Cheyne, Herbert D. M., clothier's buyer, 10 Arthurstone terrace 
Cheyne, Robert, foreman machinist, 22 North street 
Children's Free Breakfast and City Mission, Bell Street lane 
.■Children's Shelter, 1 Laurelbank (Telephone No. 1517) ; Mrs M. S. 

Nicoll, matron 
l Chili, Vice-Consul for — Geo. C. Keiller, 9 Panmure street 
Chisholm, C. D., draper's assistant, 22 Rosefield street 
Chisholm, Duncan, commission merchant, 10 Panmure street ; h. 

Beaufort, 10 Muirfield crescent, Downfield 
Chisholm, George, postman, 79 Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Chisholm, Hugh, fencing contractor, 11 Baffin street 
Chisholm, James, cork manufacturer, 2 Crescent lane 
Chisholm, John, railway clerk, 63 Dens road 
Ohisholm, John, governor, Combination East Poorhouse and Parochial 

Sick Hospital, 1 Molison street (Telephone No. 303) ; h. Molison 

house, 20 Mains loan 
Ohisholm, Samuel, sanitary officer, 114 Hawkhill 
Chisholm, Samuel, confectioner, 28 Constitution street ; h, 24 


Chittick, James, porter, 23 Church street 

Chivers, Miss M., grocer, 78 Blackness road ; h. 24 Peddie street 

Chodorovsky, S., lace and fancy goods merchant, South Union street 

Christie, Alexander, 4 Gowrie street 

Christie, Alexander, cashier, 3 Gibson terrace 

Christie, Alexander, calenderworker, 6 Malcolm street 

Christie, Andrew, engineman, 1 M'Vicar's lane 

Christie, Annie, draper, 125 Ann street ; h. 309 Clepington road 

Christie, Charles, fireman, 27 North Ellen street 

Christie, Charles, 42 Cobden street, Lochee 

Christie, Charles $., joiner, 189 Clepington road 

Christie, David, bleacher, 526 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Christie, David, jun., wholesale and retail fish and poultry sales- 
man, 81 King street (Telephone No. 28y4 ; Telegrams, "Halibut"); 
h. 79 ; branches, Kincardine and Anstruther 

Christie, David, tenter, 28 Dura street 

Christie, David A., teacher of music, organist and choirmaster, New- 
port Parish Church ; h. 18 Baxter Park terrace 

Christie, E. W., clerk, 186 Lochee road 

Christie, George, joiner, 4 Benvie road 

Christie, George, brassfinisher, 19 School road, Downfield 

Christie, G. J., organist, 48 Constitution street 

Christie, Harry, blacksmith, 80 Watson street 

Christie, Henry, late customhouse officer, Burmah cot., New rd., B. Ferry 

Christie, James, dairykeeper, 17 Crescent lane ; h. 19 

Christie, James, cabinetmaker, 113 Strathmartine road 

Christie, James, mechanic, 41 Lyon street 

Christie, James S., millmanager, 433 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Christie, James W., tailor and costumier, 79 Hawkhill ; h. 27 Seymour st. 

Christie, John, lorry man, 13 Cochrane street 

Christie, John, market porter, 4 Isles' lane 

Christie, John, caretaker, Coldside Library ; h. 2 Francis street 

Christie, John A., jun., calenderer, 80 Victoria road; h. 3 Alpha terrace, 
Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Christie, John R. , of Forbes & Christie, 3 Alpha ter. , Brook st. , Bro. Ferry 

Christie, John W. , teacher, 4 Tullideph road 

Christie, Joseph, calenderworker, 4 Bellfield street 

Christie, J., & Co., warehousemen, 22 Bell street ; h. 5 Rustic place 

Christie, Myles, 13 North Ellen street 

Christie, Nimmo, A.R.C.O., organist and music teacher, 15 South Tay 
street ; h. Darthula, 15 Hillcrest road 

Christie, Peter, blacksmith, 98 Dens road 

Christie, Robert, shoemaker, 185 Perth road 

Christie, Robert, bootmaker, 40 Cotton road 

Christie, Skelton M., lithographer, 2 Forester street 

Christie's Temperance Hotel, 7 Whitehall crescent 

Christie, William, railway guard, 20 Baxter street 

Christie, William, enginedriver, 51 Taylor's lane 

Christie, Mrs David, 74 Dalkeith road 

Christie, Mrs Elizabeth, 5 Dalhousie terrace, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 

Christie, Mrs Margaret, 10 Rosebery street 


Christie, Mrs Peter, furniture dealer, 41 King street 

Christie, Mrs Thomas, grocer, 8 Dallfield walk 

Christie, Mrs William, 6 Baxter Park terrace 

Christie, Mrs William, 24 Dallfield walk 

Christie, Mrs, grocer, 52 Hilltown ; h. 74 Watson street 

Christie, Miss A. , Friartonlea, Farington terrace 

Christie, Miss N., music teacher, 3 Alpha ter,, Brook st., Bro. Ferry 

Christie, Miss, Deemount, Oakley place, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 

Christie, Miss, 12 Westpark gardens 

Christie, Miss, 1 Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 

Christison, David, storekeeper, 12 Arthur street 

Christison, G. L., manager, Manfield & Sons ; h. 28 Cleghorn street 

Christison, Hugh, joiner, 10 Forest Park road 

Chrystal, William S. , clerk, 8 Airlie terrace 

Chudleigh, Andrew J. , pensioned gunnery instructor, 2 Dalhousie ter. 

CHURCH OF SCOTLAND Social Work Labour Home, 24 Milnbank road 
(Telephone No. 53x) ; Working Girls' Boarding House, 19 Seafield 
road. See Adv. p. 64 

City of Dundee Co-operative Society, Ltd., general merchants; office, 8 
S. Lindsay st. (Telephone No. 122); grocery shops, 49 William st., 
115 Hawkhill, 38 Albert st., 27i Benvie rd., 41 Strathmartiue rd., 
102 Princes st.; 29 Gray st., Broughty Ferry ; 161 High st., Lochee; 
fleshing shops, 134 Hawkhill, 37a Strathmartine road, 4 Arthur- 
stone terrace; 111 High st., Lochee; bakery, Stirling st. ; drapery 
and boot shop, 10 South Lindsay street 

City of Dundee Territorial Force Association, Drill Hall ; Major 
John Vair, secretary ; h. Reduit, Durham street, Monifieth 

City Electric Laundry, 41 to 45 Small's wynd 

City Floorcloth and Linoleum Co., 76 Overgate 

City Hotel (Dundee) Ltd., 15 Tally street (Telephone No. 1477) 

City Window Cleaning Co., 14 Peter street (Telephone No. 2x5) ; 
J. L. Small, manager 

Clacher, John, joiner, 77 Overgate 

Clapperton, Robert, dairyman, Hallacre dairy, 15 Glenagnes road 

Clare, Herbert, musician, 76 Lochee road 

Clark, Adam, compositor, 2 Peddie street 

Clark, Alexander, tenter, 246 Perth road 

Clark, Alexander, of Alexander Clark & Co., 17 Wellgrove st., Lochee 

Clark, Alexander, newsagent, 205 Perth road ; h. 153a 

Clark, Alexander, engineer, 17 Craigie street 

Clark, Alexander, engineer, 14 Muirfield crescent, Downfield 

Clark, Alexander, enginedriver, 25 Union place 

Clark, Alexander, shoemaker, 19 and 25 Hospital wynd 

Clark, Alexander, lorryman, 53 Erskine street 

Clark, Alexander, & Co., cabinetmakers, Wellgrove Cabinet Works, 
21 Wellgrove street, Lochee 

Clark, Alexander S., nurseryman and florist, Queen Street Nursery, 
Broughty Ferry ; h. 11 Beach crescent, B.F. 

Clark, Alexandrina, midwife, 287 Hilltown 

Clark, Alfred, black and white artist, 79 Arbroath road 

Clark, Ann, dressmaker, 152a Lochee road 


Clark, Arthur G. , confectioner, 19 Baxter street ; h. 60 Strathmore road 

Clark, A., cabinetmaker, 156 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Clark, A. Earl, teacher of music, 10 Exchange street 

Clark, A. G., clerk, 2 Gowrie place 

Clark, Barclay, insurance agent, 7 Blackness street 

Clai'k, Charles, confectioner, 39 Stirling street 

Clark, Charles, insurance agent, 13 William street 

Clark, Charles, stationer, tobacconist, and gent.'s outfitter, 274 to 278 

Hilltown ; h. 56 Provost road 
Clark, Charles, fruiterer, 16 Logie street, Lochee 
Clark, David, ironturner, 49 Victoria street 
Clark, David, dairyman, 20 North street 

Clark, Dvd., book-keeper, Burnside cottage, 21 Frederick st., Downfield 
Clark, David, mason, 31 Seafield road 

Clark, David, photographic operator, 5 Blyth place, City road 
Clark, David, bookkeeper, 93 Commercial st. ; h. Burnside cot., D'nfield 
Clark, David, compositor, 2 Tullideph road 
Clark, David, litho. artist, 2 Brown street 
Clark, David C, engineer, 51 Watson street 

Clark, David G. , watchmaker, 79 Victoria road ; h. 79 Arbroath road 
Clark, D., fireman, 16 Annfield row 

Clark, D., boot repairer, 298 Hawkhill ; h. 10 Peddie street 
Clark, D. R., & Son, printers and stationers, 31 Castle street 
Clark, Euphemia, 9 Peel street, Lochee 
Clark, Frederick Cecil, manager, 27 Seymour street 
Clark, George, warehouseman, 5 Cunningham street 
Clark, George, constable, 5 Morgan street 
Clark, George, tenter, 1 Tofthill, Lochee 
Clark, George, jun., tenter, 25 Wellgrove street, Lochee 
Clark, Hugh, warehouseman, 73 Blackscroft 
Clark, James, tailor, 49 Erskine street 
Clark, James, mechanic, 17 Cleghorn street 
Clark, James, clerk, 10 Cleghorn street 
Clark, James, vanman, 23 Stirling street 
Clark, James, tailor, 4 South George street 
Clark, James, coal merchant, 13 Jamaica street 
Clark, James, confectioner, 19 Kinnaird street 
Clark, James, nightwatchman, 14 Baxter street 

Clark, James, joiner, Edward place, Camperdown street, Bro'ty Ferry 
Clark, James, waiter, 12 Carmichael street 
Clark, James M., milloverseer, Barrybank, 23 Rankine street 
Clark, Jas. M., teacher, Mains Public School ; h. 195 Strathmartine rd. 
Clark, John, butcher, 34 Strathmartine road ; h. 75b 
Clark, John, clerk, 4 Bellefield avenue 
Clark, John, blacksmith, 12 Cleghorn street 
Clark, John, tobacconist and stationer, 40 Hawkhill ; h. 24 
Clark, John, compositor, 24 Rosebank road 

Clark, John, grocer and wine merchant, 58 High street, Lochee ; h. 46 
Clark, John, joiner, 176 South road, Lochee 

Clark, John, mason, 6 Derby place, Castle street, Broughty Ferry 
Clark, John A., joiner, 63 Watson street 


Clark, John B., traveller, 75b Strathmartine road 

Clark, John B., Balmy le, Balmy le road, West Ferry 

Clark, John C, mechanic, 200 Blackness road 

Clark, John L., teacher, 19 Loons road, Lochee 

Clark, Jonathan, salesman, 77 Overgate 

Clark, Jule, chimneysweeper and soot merchant, 1 Ure street 

Clark, J. Wallace, of Esplin & Clark, Dunira, Reform street, Tayport 

Clark, Patrick D., 1 Blackness crescent 

Clark, Rev. Richard M.,M. A., Logie Established Church; h. 152 City rd. 

Clark, Robert, ironturner, 22 Park avenue 

Clark, Robert, insurance agent, 141 Clepington road 

Clark, Robert, compositor, 185 Albert street 

Clark, Robert, dyer, 22 Carmichael street 

Clark, Robert, accountant, North of Scotland and Town and County 

Bank, Ltd., Lochee ; h. 4 Garland place 
Clark, Robt.,assist.manger,Scottish Co-Op. Who. Soc; h. 4 Tullideph rd. 
Clark, Robert, dairyman, 105 American Muir road, Downfield 
Clark, Robert G. , butcher, 4 Gardner's lane 

Clark, Robert H. K., journalist, Advertiser office; h. 17 Bellefield avenue 
Clark & Sinclair, fruit merchants, 9 and 1 1 West Dock street (Telephone 

No. 1151; Telegrams, "Pippin") 
Clark, Susan, confectioner, 64 Ann street ; h. 75 
Clark, William, printer, 304 Perth road 
Clark, William, tenter, 12 Annfield street 
Clark, William, ironturner, 247 Blackness road 
Clark, William, tailor, 3 Baxter street 
Clark, William, Neva cottage, 5 Chalmers street 
Clark, William, foreman painter, 111 Rosebank street 
CLARK, WILLIAM, wholesale confectioner, 41 Blackness road ; h. 21 

Stirling street. See Adv. p. 92 
Clark, William, taxicab-driver, 2 Peter street 

Clark, William, joiner, St Mary's place, King street, Broughty Ferry 
Clark, William, joiner, 24 South road, Lochee 
Clark, William, stonedresser, 5 Sinclair street, Lochee 
Clark, William A., of Clark & Sinclair, Ingleside, 238 Ferry road 
Clark, William J., secretary, Skerry's College ; h. 6 Adelaide place 
Clark, Wm. Lawson, accountant, branch manager, Law Accidt. Insur 

Socy.,Ltd.,&c, 2 India bdgs. ; h. 2 Home ter., Dundee rd.,W. Ferry 
Clark, Mrs A., house proprietrix, Noran cottage, 66 Kirk street, Lochee 
Clark, Mrs Chisholm, 24 Maryfield terrace 
Clark, Mrs David D., 7 Ward road 
Clark, Mrs D., apartments, 20 Whitehall street 
Clark, Mrs Elizabeth, 26 Springhill 
Clark, Mrs Jacob, 4 Park terrace 
Clark, Mrs Jane, confectioner, 43 Nelson street 
Clark, Mrs J., tobacconist and stationer, 153 South road, Lochee 
Clark, Mrs Robert, apartments, 1 Rustic place 
Clark, Mrs William, 9 James place, Broughty Ferry 
Clark, Miss Jessie, confectioner, 13 Elizabeth street 
Clark, Miss, matron, Kingscross Hospital 
Clark, Miss, Downfield terrace, 359 Strathmartine road, Downfield 


Clark, Miss, 163 Strathmartine road 

Clarke, Alexander, builder and sculptor, 24 Willison street 
Clarke, Allan, builder, 28 Marshall street, Lochee 
Clarke & Co., maileart, mangle, wringer, sewing-mach. dealers, 26 Union st. 
Clarke, David, solicitor, 31 Reform st.; h. St Martin's, Queeust.,B. Ferry- 
Clarke, Davidson, cashier and bookkeeper, 29 Scott street 
Clarke, Jas., gymnastic instructor, "Mars"T.S. ; h. 64 Alexander st. 
Clarke, James, yarnbleacher, 22 Urquhart street 
Clarke, John, cabinetmaker, 33 Rosefield street 
Clarke, John G., gardener, Elmslea, Perth road 
Clarke, J. P., traveller, Daisy bank, 40 Forfar road 
Clarke, Robert B., cabinetmaker, 281 Hawkhill 
Clarke, Mrs David W. , Forebank terrace 
Clarke, Mrs Owen, apartments, 26 Union street 
Clayton, Charles, joiner, 13 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 
Cleary, M., late grocer, 56 William street 
Clegg, John, church-officer, St Luke's U.F. Church, Broughty Ferry ; 

h. Logan place, King street, B.F. 
Cleghorn, Jas., of Wm. Cleghorn, Ltd., Bayfield, Dundee road,W. Ferry 
Cleghorn, John, calenderer, 27 Victoria road 
Cleghorn, John, 20 Meadowside ; h. Clifton, Alyth 
Cleghorn, Wm., of Wm. Cleghorn, Ltd., Bayfield, Dundee rd., W. Ferry 
Cleghorn, William, Ltd., merchants and spinners, Albert Mill and 

Clepington Works, Arklay street (Telephone No. 324 ; Telegrams, 

" Horn" ; Exchange Box No. 27) 
Cleland, James, merchant, 4 Royal Exchange place; h. 16 Craigie terrace 
Clement, Wm. , & Son, agents for Dunragit Creamery, Ltd. , 30Taylor's lane 
Clements, Ben., officer, Wesleyan Church, Ward road; h. 7 Mid street 
Clements, David, milloverseer, 22 West wynd 

Clepington Works, Arklay street ; William Cleghorn, Ltd. , manufacturers 
Clevelly, Joseph, labourer, 37 Cotton road 
Clunas, Mrs Hugh, 1 Blackness crescent 
Clunie, George, tenter, 85 Cobden street, Lochee 
Clunie, George K. , late farmer, Westfield, 31a Magdalen Yard road 
Clunie, John, joiner, Richmond place, 15 Kirkton road, Downfield 
Clunie, P., 4 Duntrune terrace, West Ferry 
Clydesdale Bank, Limited, High street ; William Reid, agent 
Coan, Michael, monumental sculptor, 88 Arbroath rd. ; h. 49 Victoria rd. 
Cobban, Alexander, signalman, 1 Peter street 

Coburn, William, coal merchant, 8 Campbell street, Lochee ; h. 10 
Cochran, Mrs, draper, 126 Alexander street ; h. 36 North Ellen street 
Cochrane, Alexander, dairyman, 21 Back street 
Cochrane, Alexander, M.R.C.V.S., 69 Constitution road 
Cochrane, Alexander L., Alderbrae, 53 Forfar road 
Cochrane, Charles W., teacher, Technical College ; h. 242 Ferry road 
Cochrane, James D. , telegraphist, 30 Muirfield crescent, Downfield 
Cochrane, Peter, clerk, 6 Baxter Park terrace 

Cochrane, Thos., coal merchant, 32 Glenagnes rd.; h. 262 Blackness rd. 
Cochrane, Thomas, tailor's cutter, 502 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Cochrane, William, blacksmith, 168 Lochee road 
Cochrane, Wm. C, accountant, RoyalBank, Murray gate ; h. 51 Forfar rd. 


Cochrane, Mrs William, 2 Nelson street 
Cochrane, Mrs William, 9 Fyffe's lane, Lochee 
Cochrane, Mrs, grocer and spiritdealer, 137 Victoria road ; h. Seafield 

cottage, Fox street, Carnoustie 
Cochrane, Mrs, 47 Magdalen green 
Cochrane, Mrs, matron, St Mary's Rest, 113 Ferry road 
Cockburn, Alexander, telegraphist, 79 Blackscroft 
Cockburn, George, mechanic, 30 Raglan street 
Cockburn, James, mechanic, 34 Fleuchar street 

Cockburn, John G., art master, Harris Academy ; h. 2 Bellefield avenue 
Cockburn, Joseph, passenger agent, N.B. Ry. ; h. 125 Perth road 
Cockburn, Peter B., hairdresser and perfumer, 131a Perth road; h. 

45 Magdalen green 
Cockburn, Thomas R., warehouseman, 18 Arbroath road 
Cockburn, William, machineman, 20 North Ellen street 
Cockburn, Mrs M., hairdresser, 45 Magdalen green 
Cockerill, William, postman, 51 Links cottages, Castle st., Bro. Ferry 
Coghill, George, motorman, 56 Watson street 

Coghill, Miss Kate, deaconess, Willison U.F. Church ; h. 6 Lawson place 
Cohen, Arnold, & Co., merchants, 14 Victoria chambers 
Cohen, J. Herbert, optician and jeweller, 15 Overgate ; h. 143 Nethergate 
Cold well, John A., house and insur. agt., Maryville, 162 Liff rd., Lochee 
Cole, Hugh, of Nicoll & Son, Carlsj^de, Carnoustie 
Cole, J. E., collector, 111 Strathmartine road 

Coleman, John, licensed broker, 33 and 33i Carnegie st. ; h. 73 Church st. 
Coleman, Patrick, wholesale and retail fruiterer and florist, 204 Black- 
ness road ; h. 2 Rosefield street 
Collie, Hugh A., church-officer, High U.F. Church; h. 51 Hospital wynd 
Collie, Robert, gardener, Strathmore street, Barnhill 
Collie, William, mason, 25 West street 
Collier, Austin, photographer, 4 Bellefield avenue 
Collier, Mrs W. E., Tighvonie, Hill street, Broughty Ferry 
Collier, Miss E. F. , typewriting office, 33 Albert square ; h. Tighvonie, 

Hill street, Broughty Ferry 
Collins, Alexander, spirit merchant, 52 Gray st. , Broughty Ferry ; h. 48 
Collins, Isaac John, tailor and clothier, 12 Whitehall street; h. Shaftesbury 

house, Hyndford street 
Collins, James, moulder, 35 Hawkhill 
Collins, James, insurance agent, 41 Rosebank street 
Colman, Horace C, M.D.Edin., Falcon lodge, Queen st., West Ferry 
Colman, Robt., sorting clerk, telegraphist, Corona, 18 Symersst.,D'nfield 
Colman, Thomas, postal overseer, Dunelm, 1 Bradbury st., Downfield 
Colmar, Fred E., customs and excise officer, 367 Strathmartine road, 

Colombia, Vice-Consul for — J. B. Taylor, 11 Panmure street 
Colville, David, engineman, 123 Blackness road 

Colville, David, tea merch. , 6 Coupar's alley ; h. Viewfirth, Monifieth 
Colville, James, grain, hay, cake, and feeding stuffs merchant, 13 to 17 

Exchange street ; h. Bracken Bruach, Downfield 
Colville, John G. , watchmaker, 29 Hilltown ; h. 94 Victoria road 
Colville, Wm. F., manager, Forebank Carpet Works ; h. 29 Morgan st. 


Colville, Mrs William, 1 Ford's lane 

Colville, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 132ANethergate ; h. 6Balgayave. 

Colville, Miss, 76 Coupar street, Lochee 

Comb, David A., joiner, 6 Gray's lane, Lochee 

Comb, Robert A., of William Comb & Son, 4 Gray's lane, Lochee 

Comb, William, of William Comb & Son, 4 Gray's lane, Lochee 

Comb, William, & Son, joiners, 4 Whorterbank, Lochee 

COMBE-B ARBOUR, branch of Fairbairn, Lawson, Combe, Barbour, Ltd., 

machinists, millwrights, and engineers, Belfast; agent for Scotland, 

W. M. Bell, Baltic buildings. See Adv. p. 12 
Combe, James, wholesale grocer, 165 Seagate ; h. 2 Laurelbank 
Combs, Christian Victor, manager, Star Boot Co., Ltd. ; h. 10 Arthur- 
stone terrace 
Commercial Bank of Scot., Ltd., 85 Commercial st. ; Sam. S. Goudie, agt. 
COMMERCIAL Union Assurance Co., Ltd., 12 Victoria chambers ; 

J. Thobaven, local manager (Telephone No. 492 ; Telegrams, 

"Cuaco"). See Adv. p. 96 
Conacher, Ernest, of Watson & Conacher, 66 Fort st., Broughty Ferry 
Conacher, John, plumber, 40 Cleghorn street 
Condie, Thomas, tailor, 223 Hilltown 
Conlin, William M., tilelayer, 2 Wilkie's lane 
Conn, William, constable, 14 Malcolm street 
Connall, John, grocer, 42 Constitution street 
Connel & Buchan, joiners and contractors, 2 Union place 
Connel, Robert L. , of Connel & Buchan, 1 Lytton street 
Connel, William, 8 Baxter Park terrace 
Connel, Mrs James, 56 Magdalen Yard road 
Connell, John M., of J. M. Connell& Son, Hill terrace, Wormit 
Connell, J. M., jun., of J. M. Connell & Son, Hill terrace, Wormit 
Connell, J. M., & Son, bootmakers, 62 Nethergate 
Connell, Thomas, fireman, 18 Blyth street 
Connelly, Andrew, grocer and wine merchant, 45 Constitution road; h. 

46 Constitution street 
Connelly, John, railway surfaceman, 119£ Hilltown 
Connelly, Mrs Ann, broker, 66 Blackness roadj; h. 68|- 
Connelly, Mrs James, grocer, 76 Brook street ; h. 7 Park terrace 
Connelly, Miss A., confectioner, 171 Hawkhill 
Connelly, Miss Margaret, grocer, 24 James street 
Connoly, Catherine, confectioner, 43 Gellatly street 
Connor, Patrick, shoemaker, 40 Dudhope street 
Connor, Miss Mary, fruiterer, 30 Ann street 
Conrad, W. B., & Co., merchants, 2a King street, and New York 
Constable, James, 3 Rustic place 

Constable, Robert, late engineer, 12 Arthurstone terrace 
Constable Works, Dura street; Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co., Ltd., manufs. 
Constable, Miss Mary, 2 Westpark gardens 

Conway, James, commercial traveller, 2 Haldane street, Downfield 
Conway, John, carter, 14 Barrack street 
Conway, Mathew, weaver, 21 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 
Conway, R. F., dental anaesthetist, Sinclair house, 75 Nethergate 

(Telephone No. 420) ; h. Ravenscourt, 28 Albany terrace 


Conway, William, tenter, 101 Peddie street 
Conway, William F., dairyman, 24 Dundonald street ; h. Edengrove, 

20 Bank avenue, Downfield 
Conway, Mrs, 5 Rustic place 

Conway, Mrs, dairykeeper, 10 Temple lane ; h. 14 Barrack street 
Coogan, John, 12 Forest Park road 

Coogan, Rev. John, St. Patrick's R.C. Church ; h. 3 Maitland street 
Cook, Catherine, broker, 86 Blackness road 
Cook, David, contractor, 13 Ogilvie's road 
Cook, James, hosepipe -weaver, 107 Rosebery street, Lochee 
Cook, James R., engineer, 1 Athole place, Camperdown street, B. Ferry 
Cook, James S., goods guard, 2 Bright street, Lochee 
Cook, John, overseer, 68 South road, Lochee 

Cook, J. J., clerk, Scott's buildings, Forthill road, Broughty Ferry 
Cook, Robert, fish salesman and steam trawl agent, Fish dock (Tele- 
phone No. 1165; Telegrams, "Cook"); h. Chestnut cottage, 

417 King street, Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 216) 
Cook, William, gardener, Duncraig lodge, Glamis road 
Cook, William, wholesale grocer's porter, 30 Long wynd 
Cook, Mrs Agnes, tearooms and confectioner, 61 Gellatly street ; h. 49 
Cook, Mrs A., 5 Cunningham street 
Cook, Mrs James, Craigbank, 21 Rankine street 
Cook, Mrs Robert, fish merchant, 20 and 22 Crichton street (Telephone 

No. 733) ; h. 69 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
Cook, Miss, stationer and tobacconist, 8 Polepark rd. ; h. 21 Milnbank road 
COOKERY, SCHOOL OF, 28 Ward road and 3 Constitution road ; Miss 

Brechin, teacher (Telephone No. 22y3) ; h. 3 Constitution road. 

See Adv. p. 65 
Cooney, John, confectioner, 6 Cherryfield lane ; h. 6 Polepark road 
Cooney, Owen, coaldealer, 1 Bellfield street ; h. 4 
Cooney, Thomas, insurance agent, 85 Liff road, Lochee 
Cooper, Arthur W., of Cooper & Greig, 2 Westfield place, Westfield 

road, West Ferry (Telephone No. 103) 
Cooper, Albert, 1 Windsor terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
COOPER BROTHERS, cabinetmakers, funeral undertakers, antique 

and modern furniture dealers, 18, 20 Ireland's lane (Telephone No. 

1286) ; the Tabernacle Stores, Euclid crescent ; and the Bargain 

Hall, 31 Mid street. See Adv. p. 54 
Cooper & Co., tea merchants and grocers, 40 Whitehall street (Telephone 

No. 729), 120 Hawkhill, and 291 Hilltown 
Cooper, David F., insurance agent, 341 Clepington road 
Cooper, George, consulting engineer and marine surveyor, 33 Dock 

street ; h. 1 Alton terrace, Grove road, West Ferry 
COOPER, GEORGE, furrier, 43 Reform street (Telephone No. 1727) ; 

h. Ruthvenbank, Errol road, Invergowrie. See Adv. on coloured 

page preceding title 
Cooper & Greig, engineers and boilermakers, Britannia Works, E. Dock 

street (Telephone No. 566; Telegrams, "Condenser") 
Cooper, Helen, confectioner, 49 Baldovan terrace ; h. 27 Morgan street 
Cooper, James, railway harbour foreman, 89 Arbroath road 
Cooper, James, watchman, 77 Hilltown 



Cooper, James M., of Cooper Brothers, 2 Paradise road 

Cooper, John, market gar dener„ Margaret pi., Strathmore st., Barnhill 

Cooper, John, & Sons, millfurnishers, 52 to 56 Bell street ; h. Ivybank, 7 

Madeira street 
Cooper, J. Y. T. , sheetmetal worker, 27 Benvie road 
Cooper, Robert, draper, 12 Balmore street 

Cooper, Robert, gent.'s outfitter, 126 High street, Lochee ; h. 70 
Cooper, Thomas B., of Cooper & Greig, 1 Murray street 
Cooper, Vincent N., lieutenant and commander, R.N., 2 Balgillo terrace, 

Seafield road, Broughty Ferry 
Cooper, William, joiner, 84 Ferry road 
Cooper, William, of Cooper Brothers, 3 Paradise road 
Cooper, William, painter, 21 Glamis street 
Cooper, Mrs William, 180 Strathmartine road 
Cooper, Miss A., 6 Victoria place, Queen street, West Ferry 
Cooper, Miss, 1 Pine terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Copland, Robert, carting contractor, 59 Trades lane ; h. 23 Dundonald st. 
Copland, Mrs, confectioner, 23 Dundonald street 
Cord and Moleskin Warehouse, 212 Overgate ; Herbert Stocks, manager ; 

h. 2 Tullideph road 
Cordiner, John A. , butcher, 90 Rosebank street ; h. 4 Stirling street 
Cordiner, KeithM., butcher, 222 Strathmartine rd. ; h. 327 Clepington rd. 
Cormie, James, engineer, 16 Forest Park road 
Cornfoot, Alexander, 19 Union place 
Corr, James B., teacher, 5 Gowrie place 
Corr, Mrs W. T. , 7 Aberlemno terrace 

Corrie, J. H. , of Corrie, Mackie, & Co. , Seafield ter. , Seafield rd. ,B. Ferry 
Corrie, Mackie, & Co. , flax merchants, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Corrie, R. E., of Corrie, Mackie, & Co., 1 Royal Exchange place 
Corrigan, Bernard, barman, 268 Blackness road 

Corsane, R. G. , bookseller, upholsterer, stationer, 108 Princes st.; h. 106 
Cosgrove, David, milloverseer, 21 Lorimer street 
Cosgrove, James, jun., coal merchant, 25 and 31 Ryehill lane 
Cosmopolitan Club, 7 Ward road ; F. B. Graham, secy., 61 Reform st. 
Costello, James, & Co., steeplejacks and slaters, 167 Victoria road ; h. 

46 Hilltown 
Costello, James, slater, cement worker, 447 Strathmartine road, D'field 
Cotton, Robert, grocer, 62 Overgate 
Cotton, Robert J., grocer, 42 Ann street 
COULLIE, D. & W., joiners, cabinetmakers, and funeral undertakers, 401 

Brook street, Broughty Ferry (Teleph. No. B.F. 10v). See Adv. p. 93 
Coullie, Walter N., of D. & W. Coullie, Inverleith,Whinnybrae,B. Ferry 
Coullie, Mrs David, Inverleith, Whinnybrae, Broughty Ferry 
Coulter, Thomas, lithographer, 268 Blackness road 
Coulthard, Geo., of Coulthard & Lyall,281 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Coulthard & Lyall, drapers, milliners, dressmakers, and furriers, 17 

Strathmartine road 
Countess of Kellie, S.S., Sand and Lighterage Co., 39 Dock street; R. 

Ross, manager 
COUNTY GARAGE, 31 Gellatly street (Telephone No. 1960); Jas. Strachan, 

proprietor ; and at High street, Carnoustie. See Adv. p. 89 


Coupar, David, engineer, 1 Arthurstone terrace 

Coupar, David, labourer, 33 Todburn lane 

Coupar, E. C, nurse, 5 Paradise road 

Coupar, Frank B., cattledealer, 1 Smith street 

Coupar, George, lithographer, 24 Lyon street 

Coupar, George A. , engineer, 82 Logie street, Lochee 

Coupar, James, engineer, 186 High street, Lochee 

Coupar, James M., grocer, spirit mer., 169 Hawkhill; h. 2 Lawrence st. 

Coupar, John, confectioner, 58 Murraygate ; h. 26 Commercial street 

Coupar, Walter, ironturner, 11 Craigie street 

COUPAR & WILKIE, joiners and builders, 7 Miller's wynd. See Adv. p. 95 

Coupar, William, tinsmith, 6 Forfar road 

Coupar, William, clerk, 13 Morgan street 

Coupar, William, & Co., family bakers, 51 Perth road (Telephone No. 

853; Telegrams, "Shortbread") 
Coupar, William M., of Coupar & Wilkie, 7 Bellefield avenue 
Coupar, Mrs David, 9 Balgay street, Lochee 
Coupar, Mrs George, 16 Forebank road 
Coupar, Miss, 39 Murraygate 
Couper, Charles H. , Carseview, Blackness avenue 
Couper, Hugh, carpetweaver, 11 Arklay street 

Couper, James, wine and spirit merchant, 38 City road ; h. 42 Scott st. 
Couper, James, commercial traveller, 6 Viewbank terrace 
Couper, Robert T. , Brussels carpet weaver, 42 Provost road 
Couper, Thomas, of James Paterson & Co., Duncraig, Glamis road 
Couper, Mrs John, Westdene, Perth road 
Couper, Mrs, nurse, 42 High street, Lochee 
Couper, Miss H., 8 Clarendon terrace 
Courtney, Ellen, confectioner, 88 Blackness road 
Courts, Sidney P., H.M. Customs and Excise, Camperdown dock ; 

h. 47 Magdalen Yard road 
Cousin, Mrs James, apartments, 104 Commercial street 
Couttie, James, of James Couttie & Sons, Cardrona, 61 Clepington road 
Couttie, James, & Sons, wholesale confectioners, chocolate and biscuit 

manufacturers, Morgan Works, 92 Albert street (Telephone No. 

281; Telegrams, "Couttie") 
Coutts, David, painter, 166 Ferry road 
Coutts, George, glazier, 51 Blackness road 
Coutts, James, of Kirk & Coutts, Clifton, Wormit 
Coutts, James, late stationmaster, Morven, Montague street, Barnhill 
Coutts, John, packingcase maker, 177 Blackness road 
Coutts, John T. A., ironmonger, 18 King's road 
Coutts, Joseph, tenter, 53 Lyon street 
Coutts, Thomas, 58 Seafield road 
Coutts, Mrs, confectioner, 20 King's road 
Coutts, Miss, 56 Magdalen Yard road 
Coutts, Miss, Coilabank, 5 Bradbury street, Downfield 
Coventry, Andrew, dairyman, Long lane, Broughty Ferry 
Coventry, Charles, warehouseman, 47 Erskine street 
Coventry, Harry, painter, Hilda place, Lawrence st. , Broughty Ferry 
Coventry, William, spiritdealer, 21 Wellgate; h. 20 Park avenue 


Coventry, William, N.B.R. inspector, 8 Bellefield avenue 

Cowan, Charles, blacksmith, 3 Kincardine street 

Cowan, Edward, of Edward Cowan & Co., Rowanlea, Panmure terrace, 

Cowan, Edward, & Co. , solicitors and notaries public, 4 High street 

COWAN, JAMES, & SONS, salt, china clay, whiting and chalk merchants, 
agents for D.C.L. yeast and malt extract, Globe polish, 
Weighhouse, 14 Dock street (Telephone No. 128). See Adv. p. 37 

Cowan, R. Watt, 19 Airlie place 

Cowan, Thomas, dyer, 48 Constitution street 

Cowan, Miss, Woodford villa, Davidson street, Broughty Ferry 

Cowe, Charles Macnaughton, teacher of music, 15 S. Tay st., organist 
and choirmaster, S. Paul's Cathedral Church ; h. 7 Richmond ter. 

Cowell, William, joiner, 43 Dundonald street 

Cowie, John, mason, 22 Gardner street 

Cowie, John, waiter, 25 Clepington street 

Cowie, John, collector, 9 Pitkerro road 

Cowie, John, labourer, 13 Cochrane street 

Cowley, Andrew, baker, 17 North George street 

Cowley, John, jun., stationer, 32 Dura st. (Telephone No. 1871); h. 51 

Cowley, John, ironturner, 51 Dura street 

Cowley, William, calenderer and sack manufacturer, Cowgate Calender, 
46 Cowgate (Telephone No. 219; Telegrams, "Cowley"); A.River- 
side, Wormit 

Cownie, David, engineer, 2 Bright street, Lochee 

Cownie, John, sorting clerk and telegraphist, 5 Cardean street 

Cowper, Andrew, enginedriver, 3 Gowrie place 

Cowper, David M., cropping overseer, 8 Cardean street 

Cowper, John, clerk, 5 Baxter Park terrace 

Cowper, William, clerk, 317 Clepington road 

Cowper, Mrs W. W. , bonesetter, 22 and 24 Bellfield street 

Cowperthwaite, Robert S., shipwright, 1 Thornbank street 

Cox, Alfred W., of Henry Boase & Co., Limited, Glendoick, Glencarse 

Cox, Arthur J., of Cox Brothers, Limited, Foggy ley, Harefield road, 
Lochee ; and Glenmarkie, Alyth, Forfarshire 

Cox Brothers, Limited, merchants, jute, flax and hemp spinners, manufac- 
turers of all kinds of such fabrics, bleachers, printers, dyers and 
calenderers, jute carpet manufacturers, rope and twine makers, Cam- 
perdown Jute, Flax, and Hemp Works; head offices, Meadow Place 
buildings, Dundee (Telephones — Dundee, 92 and 1505; Lochee, 905; 
Telegrams, "Cox, Dundee") ; agencies, King's house, 36, 37 King 
st., Cheapside, London, E.C. ; 23a Portland st., Manchester; 5 
St Vincent place, Glasgow; 115 Mill st., Kidderminster; 22 
William st., Dublin; and Royal Insurance buildings, Dalhousie 
square, Calcutta 

Cox, Frank B. H., of Cox Bros., Ltd., Beech wood, Harefield rd., Lochee 

Cox, Geoffrey W. , of Cox Bros., Ltd., Foggyley, Harefield rd., Lochee 

Cox, George M., of Cox Bros., Ltd., Beech wood, Harefield rd., Lochee 

Cox, Henry, cabinetmaker, 10 Stirling street 

Cox, John, enginedriver, 40 Perth road 

Cox, J. Ernest, of Cox Bros. , Ltd. , Lyndhurst, Coupar Angus rd. , Lochee 


Cox, M'Euen, & Co., jute and linen merchants, 9 Meadow Place buildings 

(Teleph. No. 1672; Telegrams, "Comprar"); John L. Rea, agent 
Cox, William, of Harley & Cox, 2 Renny place, Grove rd. , West Ferry 
Cox, Miss, Clement Park, Harefield road, Lochee 
Coxon, Anderson C, auctioneer and meat salesman, Meatinarket ; h. 

18 Baxter Park terrace 
Coxon, Robert William, wine and spirit merchant, 105 Logie street, 

Lochee ; h. 12 Wellgrove street, Lochee 
Coyle, John, general dealer, 7 Elizabeth street 
Coyle, Joseph M., wine and spirit merchant, 31 High street, Lochee; 

h. Bellevue terrace, East Newport 
Coyle, Michael, wine and spirit merchant, 21 and 23 Hawkhill ; 

h. Bellevue terrace, East Newport 
Coyle, Patrick, dresser, 18 Forest Park road 
Coyle, Mrs J. , 4 Corso street 
Coyle, Mrs, 60 Bell street 

Crabb, Alexander, grocery salesman, 16 Bellefield avenue 
Crabb, Duncan, leatherworker, 35 Victoria road 
Crabb, Duncan, police constable, 15 Kirkton road, Downfield 
Crabb, James, Hartington place, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Crabb, William, boilermaker, 59 Blackscroft 

Crabb, William, colliery agent, Windsor place, King street, Bro. Ferry 
Crabb, William C, compositor, 1 Mountpleasant 
Crabb, Mrs William, provision merchant, 27 Lilybank road 
Crabb, Miss Helen, dressmaker, 13 North Wellington street 
| Crabb, Miss, 15 Tannadice street 
| Crabbe, David, tinsmith, 53 Dens road 
Crabbe, David J, watchmaker & jeweller, 26 King st. ; h. 12 Dalgleish rd. 
Crabbe, Fred, waiter, 25 Kinloch street 

Crabbe, George B. , shipping agent, 84 Commercial st. ; h. 31 Clepington rd. 
Crabbe, John C, auctioneer and valuator, 26 Commercial street; 

h. 6 Whitehall crescent 
Crabbe, Joseph C, clerk, 103 Arbroath road 
Crabbe, William, merchant, 14 Rosewood terrace 
Crabbe, William M., commercial traveller, 11 Janefield place 
Crabbe, Mrs A. S., 21 Springfield 

Crabbe, MrsD. S., grocer, spirit mer., 127 Blackness rd. ; h. 7 Airlie ter 
Craig, Alexander, joiner, 33 Baldovan terrace 
Craig, Alexander, milloverseer, 13 Park avenue 
Craig, Charles, cloth inspector, 2 Park avenue 
Craig, Charles, calenderworker, 3 Hilltown 
Craig, Charles N., shop assistant, 19 Black street 
Craig, David A., hosier and glover, 18 Wellgate 

Craig, Dav. F., statnr. & fey. goods mer., 80 Hilltown ; h. 10 Lawrence st. 
Craig, Edward, machine foreman, 27 Campbell street, Lochee 
Craig, George, mechanic, 30 Pitfour street 
Craig, George, engineer, 27 Park wynd 
Craig, James, enginedriver, 111 Hawkhill 
Craig, James, railway servant, 36 Ure street 
Craig, James, tenter, 22 Muirton road, Lochee 
Craig, James, butcher, 44 Peddie street 


Craig, James Hunter, M. A. , H.M. sub-inspector of schools, Ashley grove, 

Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
Craig, John, Cliftonbank, 435 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Craig, Robert E., postman, 249 Hilltown 

Craig, Thos., & Co., builders, 4 Kirkton rd., Downfield (Tel. No. D. 28) 
Craig, Mrs Binnie, 7 St Mary's road, Downfield 
Craig, Mrs Margaret, newsagent, Tramway stall, 117 Lochee road 
Craig, Mrs M., confectioner, 19 Kincardine street 
Craig, Miss Isabella, 59 Lochee road 
Craig, Miss L. , dairykeeper, 9 Wolseley street 
Craighead, Robert, dresser, 96 Strathmartine road 
Craighill Dairy, 273 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Craigie, William, calenderworker, 24 Temple lane 
Craigie Works, Robertson street ; Sir James Key Caird, Baronet, jute 

spinning and weaving 
Craigie Yard Warehouse Co., Limited, The; Joseph J. Barrie & Co., 

managers, 10 Panmure street 
Craigs, William F., marine engineer, 12 Baxter Park terrace 
Craik, David, joiner, 35 Edward street 

Craik, David, traveller, Violet cot., 503 Strathmartine rd., Downfield 
Craik, George, stableman, 6 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 
Craik, John, aerated water manufacturer, 344 Loons road 
Craik, Miss, 10 Flight's lane, Lochee 
Cram, James, & Son, chartered accountants, 38 Whitehall street; h. 3 

Prospect terrace, East Newport 
Cramb, Alexander, engineer, 131 Clepington road 
Cramb, James, cabinetmaker, 193 Blackness road 
Cramb, Robert, compositor, 9 St Mary's terrace 
Crammond, Charles, coachman, 59 Lochee road 
Cramond, James C, commercial traveller, 10 Victoria chambers 
Cramond, Mary, 70 High street, Lochee 

Cran, Alex., cashier, Tay Oilcake Works ; h. 183 Brook st., Bro. Ferry 
Cran, Mrs A. , grocer, wine mer. , 19 Forest Pk. rd. ; h. Bay view, Ninewells 
Cranmer, Isabella, draper. 54 Dura street ; h. 56 
Cranmer, William, ironplaner, 6 Park avenue 
Crapper, Ellis, clerk, 111 Arbroath road 
Crawford, David, hammerman, 26 Pitfour street 
Crawford, John, potato merchant, 28 South Tay street 
Crawford, John, harbour porter, 9 Eden street 

Crawford, John, M.B., CM., 9 Wellington st. and 15 South George st. 
Crawford, J. M., F.R.I.B.A., valuer, 31 Alberts^.; h. 24 Maryfield ter. 
Crawford, Richard, detective, 8 Forest Park road 
Crawford, Robert, colliery agent, 40 Perth road 
Crawford, Thomas, upholsterer, 8 Forfar road 
Crawford, Thomas, spirit merchant's manager, 13 Dura street 
Crawford, William, fruit and potato merchant, 66 Overgate ; h. 77 
Crawford, William, late police constable, 95 Peddie street 
Crawford, Miss M., dairykeeper, 129 Victoria rd.; h. 7 William street 
Creagh, Mrs James, confectioner, 243 Lochee road ; h. 245 
Crear, James, telegraphist, 13 Camperdown road, Downfield 
Cree, James, plumber and tinsmith, 251 Hawkhill; h. 275 


Cree, James, agent, Royal Bank of Scotland, 53 Murray gate ; h. 
Woodriffe terrace, East Newport 

Cree, Jas. Alfred, C.P.O. instructor, R.N.V.R., H.M.S. "Unicorn" 

Cree, John, mason, 38a Locheerd. ; k. 105a Nethergate (Tele. No. 1465) 
| Cree, John Murrie, clerk, Inchyra, 100 Forfar road 
I Cree, Nathan, jeweller, 30 North Lindsay street 

Cree, Robert, coal salesman, 184 Hilltown 

Cree, William, butcher, 10 Cobclen street, Lochee ; h. 105a Nethergate 
I Cree, Miss Bella, dairy keeper, 39 Victoria road 
iCreegan, Joseph, coaldealer, 35 North Ellen street 
■ Crerar, Daniel, of Crerar & Son, 1 Dalhousie terrace 
ICrerar, Robert, coachman, Tayside cottage, East Home st., West Ferry 
! Crerar & Son, pianotuners, 1 Dalhousie terrace 
j Crerar, Wm. J., painter and decorator, 5 Rosefield st. ; h. 20 Black st. 

Crichton, Alexander, gardener, Clement Park, Harefielcl road, Lochee 

Crichton, A. B., of A. B. Crichton & Co., Ltd., Abercraigie, 19 Argyle 
street (Telephone No. 1127) 

Crichton, A. B., & Co., Ltd., school bag manufacturers, Wallace Works, 
Dens road (Telephone No. 626 ; Telegrams, "Criton") 

Crichton, David, butcher, 7 South Baffin street 

Crichton, David, harbour porter, 61 Watson street 

Crichton, David, water inspector, 186 High street, Lochee 

Crichton, David, L.R.C.S.E., L.R.C.P.E., 1 Park road, Downfield 
(Telephone No. D. 46) 

Crichton, Edward, calenderer, 136 Lochee road 

Crichton, George, coal and firewood merchant, 92 Dura street ; h 59 

Crichton, George M., iron and steel merchant, boiler- coverer and manu- 
facturer's agent, 35 and 37 Exchange street ; h. 4 Argyle place 

Crichton, James, Woodbine cottage, 14 Janefield place 

Crichton, James, foreman, 3 Mi In street 

Crichton, John, landscape gardener, 330 Queen street, Broughty Ferry 

Crichton, John M., stationer's assistant, 210 Strathmartine road 

Crichton, Louis S., fruiterer, 85 Strathmartine road 

Crichton, Robert, colporteur, 98 Rosebank street 

Crichton, Robert, confectioner, 55 Main street ; h. 53 

Crichton, William, waiter, 2 William lane 

Crichton, W. H., traveller, 11a Bank street, Lochee 

Crichton, Mrs John, fruiterer, 334 Queen street, Broughty Ferry 

Crieghton, Henry, preventive officer, 5 Roslin terrace 

Brighton, Andrew, manager, Mid Wynd Works ; h. 30 Thomson street 

Brighton, A. B. F., accountant, 9 Step row 

jCrighton, David, watchman, 120 Nethergate 

Brighton, David D., wine and spirit merchant, 24 High street, Lochee ; 
h. 13 Gibb's lane 

Brighton, George W., labourer, 5 Morgan street 

Brighton, James, plumber and tinsmith, Whitton street; h. 3 King's rd. 

Brighton, James, engineer, 17 Union place 

Brighton, James, commission agent, 3 Seagate; h. Willowgrove, Dundee 
road, West Ferry 

Brighton, James, motor mechanic, Central Fire Station, West Bell street 

prighton, John, calender worker, 3 Lowden's alley 


Crighton, John, of John Crighton & Sons, 4 Lammerton terrace 

Crighton, John, riveter, 16 Baffin street 

CRIGHTON, JOHN, & SONS, plumbers and gasfitters, 105 Cowgate (Tele- 
phone No. 1031). See Adv. p. 19 

Crighton, William, of John Crighton & Sons, 3 Wellington street 

Crighton, William N, ironturner, 1 Gowrie street 

Crighton, Mrs Isabella, 111 Arbroath] road 

Crighton, Mrs, wine and spirit merchant, 116 Cowgate and 14 St 
Roque's lane ; h. 87 King street 

Crighton, Mrs, tearooms, 130 North Gray street, Broughty Ferry 

Crighton, Miss J. N., grocer, confectnr., 50 Watson st. ; h. 16 Baffin st. 

Crighton, Miss Lily, teacher of piano, Willowgrove, Dundee rd.,W. Ferry 

Crighton, Miss M., dress and mantle maker, 134 Albert street 

CROAL, JAMES F., grocer and teaman, 26 Crichton street (Telephone 
No 17x5), 112 Seagate, 14 Westport, 81a Blackscroft, 1 Tulloch 
crescent, and 14 Church street ; All-Food Store, 25 Crichton st ; 
h. Braeside, 6 Lawside road. See Adv. p. 20 

Croall, Charles, slater, 164 St Vincent street, Broughty Ferry 

Croall, John, shore porter, 2 South Baffin street 

Croall, Wm. A., wine and spirit mer., 59 Princes st. ; h. 18 Arbroath rd. 

Crockart, W., sack manuf. and mer., 61 Reform st. ; h. 6 Wellington st. 

Crockatt, Andrew, ironturner, 42 William street 

Crockatt, Peter, joiner, 181 Strathmartine road 

Crockatt, Mrs, 159 Hilltown 

Crockett, Alexander, gateman, 526 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Crockett, Alexander D., clerk, Harbour chambers ; h. 22 Airlie place 

Crockett, Charles, joiner, 149 Seagate 

Crockett, George L., clerk, 2 Buchanan street 

Croft, James, fruiterer, 51 Ann street 

Crofts, Geo. M.,bootmkr., 77Highst.,L'hee; h. Primrose cot., 19 Bright st. 

Croll, Alexander, sergeant of police, 21 Scott street 

Croll, Charles, joiner, 10 Rosefield street 

Croll, David, St Roque's place, Dundee road, West Ferry 

Croll, D. & W. , nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, 63 Commercial street 
(Teleph. No. 191), and Dalhousie Nursery, Strathmore st., Barnhill 
(Teleph.No. B.F. 17) 

Croll, Edwin, district inspector, Abstainers and General Insurance Co. , 
Limited, 12 Whitehall crescent ; h. Garvock, 4 Nevill street 

Croll, George, of Lee, Croll, & Co., 10 Duntrune terrace, West Ferry 

Croll, Geo. B. , manager, 62 Ward rd. ; h. Dilkusha, 19 East Clepington rd. 

Croll, James, of D. & W. Croll, Ashleygrove, Monifieth road, B. Ferry 

Croll, James, draper's assistant, 1 Links. place, Castle st., Bro'ty Ferry 

Croll, John, boilermaker, 156 Ferry road 

Croll, John, seed merchant, 12 St Clement's lane ; h. Craigruach, 
Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Croll, Mrs David, Ashleygrove, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Croll, Mrs, 19 Morgan street 

Croll, Miss, draper, 223 Albert street 

Croll & Inverdale, Misses, costumiers, 44 High street 

Cromar, John, printer, 34 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 

Crombie, Andrew, casemaker, 45 Nelson street 


Crombie, Rev. Ernest J., 12 King street 
Crombie, P. R., agent, National Cash Register Co. Ltd., 15 Barrack 

street ; h. 14 Lintrathen gardens 
Crombie, Thomas, & Son, coopers and cask merchants, 36 Candle lane 
Crook, Alexander, tobacconist, 190 Strathmartine road ; h. 194 
Crook, Malcolm, insurance agent, 10 Clepington street 
Crooks, James, plumber, tinsmith, and gashtter, 89 King street (Tele- 
phone No. 238) ; h. 2 Forester street 
Croom, Alex., of Pirie & Croom, Cransley cot., Dalhousie st., Monifieth 
Crosland, Luther A., traveller, 313 South road, Lochee 
Cross, David D., tobacconist, 178 Hawkhill ; h. 13 Union place 
Cross, Ethel M., private teacher, 38 Park avenue 
Cross, George, waiter, 25 Rosefield street 

Crossley, Misses, private teachers, The Grove, Dundee road, West Ferry 
Croudace, Mrs, Netherby, Albany road, West Ferry 
Crow, Agnes, confectioner, 16 Wolseley street 

Crow, Jas. , gamedealer, 27 Union st. (Telephone No. 794) ; A.Birkhill feus 
Crow, Miss, 48 Albert street 

Crowe, Findlay, harbour porter, 40 Kemback street 
Crowe, James, governor, H.M. Prison ; h. 6 Dudhope place 
Crowe, William C, barman, 76 Watson street 
Crowley, Mrs C, confectioner, 32 Hunter street 
Crowlie Brothers, agents, 2 Coupar's alley 
Crown Hotel, 1 Shore terrace ; Miss M. R. Steel, proprietrix 
CROWN RESTAURANT, 49 High st. ; Jas. K. Birse, propr. See Adv. p. 129 
Cruden, David A., meat salesman, 157 Strathmartine road 
Cruden, James, enginedriver, 249 Hawkhill 

Cruden, Jas. G. , whlsle. and mf r. furrier, 22 Murraygate ; h. 238 Perth rd. 
Cruickshank, Alexander, plumber, 41 Erskine street 
Cruickshank, Alexander, cabinetmaker and joiner, 224 Lochee road 
Cruickshank, Alexander, spirit merchant, 47 Castle st. ; h. 1 Pitf our st. 
Cruickshank, Andrew, teacher, Grove Academy, Broughty Ferry ; 

A. 19 Louise terrace, Grove road, West Ferry 
Cruickshank, Annie G., head teacher, Girls' Industrial Sch., Blackness rd. 
Cruickshank, Ben, pastrybaker, 13 Blackheath place 
Cruickshank, Charles L. , waste merchant, 6 Park st. ; h. 26 Albany ter. 
Cruickshank, David, tenter, 25 Park avenue 
Cruickshank, George, waste merchant, 6 Park street 
Cruickshank, James, postal overseer, 317 Clepington road 
Cruickshank, James G., traveller, 86 Nethergate 
Cruickshank, John, builder, 3 Pitfour street 
Cruickshank, John, of John Cruickshank & Co., 7 Ward road 
Cruickshank, John, bar officer and Courthouse keeper, West Bell street 
Cruickshank, John, & Co., insurance surveyors and assessors of fire 
losses, 7 Ward road (Telephone No. 1265 ; Telegrams, " Losses") ; 
60 Princes street, Edinburgh ; and 160 Union street, Aberdeen 
Cruickshank, William, coal merchant, 47 Old Craigie road 
Cruickshank, William, gardener, 13 Dudhope street 
Cruickshank, Wm. T. , assistant supt. , Grove cot. , New rd. , Bro. Ferry 
Cruickshanks, W., postman, 21 Fort street, Broughty Ferry 
I Cruickshanks, Miss Mary, dairykeeper, 30 Rosefield street 


Cruiks, George, engineer, 2 Tullideph road 

Crumley, Robert W. , professional football player, 63 High street, Lochee 

Crumly, Thomas Canon, Wellburn, 120 Liff road, Lochee 

Crystal, J. P., of Robert Baxter & Co., Dalhousie cot., Grove rd.,W. Fy. 

Crystal, Mrs J. A., 2 Lytton street 

Crystal, Miss Jessie A. , 2 Stewart terrace, Barnhill 

Cuba Steamers Larrinaga Co., and John Glynn & Son ; M. Langlands 

& Sons, agents, 39 Dock street 
Cullen, Peter, shoemaker, 1 Forest Park road ; h. 206 Blackness road 
Culross, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 
Culross, Mrs Alexander, smallwares, 30 Small's wynd 
Cumming, Arthur, clerk, 3 Churchill place, Castle st. , Broughty Ferry 
Cumming, A. W., & Son, solicitors and notaries public, 1 Bank street 
Cumming, David, general dealer, 10 Blackscroft 

Cumming,D. A., M. A. , teacher, Grove Academy, B.F. ; h. 1 Grove rd. , W.F. 
Cumming, George, merchant, 1 Royal Exchange place ; h. 23 Shamrock st. 
Cumming, Harry, plumber, 18 Constitution street 
Cumming, Henry, boilermaker, 42 Step row 
Cumming, James, commissionaire, 174 Seagate 
Cumming, James L., clerk, Briarmount, 16 Wortley place 
Cumming, J. Hunter, of A. W. Cumming & Son, Brewhead house, 

Cumming, Peter L., watchmaker, 99 Ann street ; h. 71 
Cumming, Sarah, confectioner, 78 High street, Lochee 
Cumming, Wm. , wholesale tea mer. , 9 Exchange st. ; h. 197 Brook st. , B.F. 
Cumming, William, carpetprinter, 21 Hill street 
Cumming, Mrs, Nairobi, 16 Wortley place 

Cumming, Miss Mary, Ellenbank, 369 King street, Broughty Ferry 
Cumming, Miss V., dressmaker, 3 Cox street, Downfield 
Cumming, Miss, principal, Seymour Lodge Girls' School, 235 Perth road 
Cummings Brothers, chemists and druggists, 49 Reform street 
Cummings, Charles, of Cummings Brothers, 20 Airlie place 
Cummings, William, of Cummings Brothers, 20 Airlie place 
Cunard Line, 9 Whitehall crescent 
Cunard Line Passenger Agency, 52 Commercial street 
Cunard Steam Ship Co., Ltd., 33 Albert square 
Cunningham, Allan, cashier, 488 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Cunningham, Bells, bookseller and stationer, 10 St Andrew's street 
Cunningham, James, of Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co., Ltd., Argyl lodge, 

St Andrews 
Cunningham, James, organiser, Calender, Linoleum, and Dyeworkers' 

Union, 44 High street ; h. 26 Bell street 
Cunningham, James, stationer, 1 Commercial street 
Cunningham, John, church-officer, St Mary's R.C. Ch. ; h. 24 Powrie pi. 
Cunningham, John, railway weigher, 27 Tait's lane 
Cunningham, John, ticket collector, St Roque's pi. , Dundee rd. , W. Ferry 
Cunningham, Joseph, baker, 7 Burnside street, Lochee 
Cunningham, J. & J., Ltd., cake and manure merchants, seed crushers 
and oil refiners, manfacturers and importers of chemical manures 
and feeding stuffs, 26 East Dock street (Telephone No. 1112; Tele- 
grams, "Oilcake") 


Cunningham, Thos., shipmaster, Tay pilotage service; h. 2 Seafield rd. 
Cunningham, William, millwright, 2 Rosefield street 
Cunningliam, William, mechanical engineer, 3 Norwood terrace 
Cunningham, William 0., of Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co., Ltd., Hillside, 

Hill street, Broughty Ferry 
Cunningham, William S., blacksmith, 32 Baldovan terrace 
Cunningham, Mrs John, fruiterer, 50 Victoria rd. ; h. 260 Blackness rd. 
Cunningham, Mrs Mary, 21 Airlie place 
Cunningham, Mrs Peter, 488 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Cunningham, Mrs, 27 Baxter Park terrace 
Cunningham, Mrs, professional cook, 73 Murraygate 
Cunningham, Misses, The Hirsel, Perth road (Telephone No. 11y) 
Cunninghame, Misses, 1 Blackness crescent 
Cunnison, Charles, Normanbank, 45 Rankine street 
Cunnison, David R., blacksmith, 49 Dens road 

Cunnynghame, Rev. Hugh C. R., St John's Epis. Ch. ; h. 93 Clepington rd. 
Cura, G., fish restaurant, 54 Hawkhill ; h. 8 Small's wynd 
jCurr, John, seaman, 51 Erskine street 

Curr, John G., licensed grocer, 84 Hawkhill ; h. 4 Peddie street 
Curr, John M., baker, 2 North George street 

ICurr Night Refuge, 5 West Bell street ; George Rankine, superintendent 
iCurr, Robert, of Robert Curr & Dewar, 71 Clepington road 
| CURR, ROBERT, & DEWAR, auctioneers and valuators, Dundee Auction 

Rooms, 4 Ward road (Telephone No. 385). See Adv. p. 37 
ICurr, Thomas, dental surgery, 22a Strathmartine road ; h 11 
Curr, Mrs, newsagent, tobac'nist, 141 Hilltown; h. 157 Strathmartine rd. 
purr, Mrs, confectioner, 55 Cleghorn street 
3urren, Hugh, spinning overseer, 164 Alexander street 
3URRIE & CO., Ltd., building trade and metal merchants, coal masters 
and lime burners, Eagle buildings, Dock street and Trades lane 
(Telephone No. 1319; Telegrams, ''Eagle, Dundee"). Cement, 
plaster, lime, crushed granite, sand, bricks, asphalte, slates, fire 
clay goods, sanitary and plumbers' goods, szerelmey stone liquid 
Depot, East Station. Registered office — Eagle buildings, Edin 
burgh. Also at Leith, Glasgow, Greenock, Perth, Kirkcaldy, Dun 
fermline, Stirling, Alloa, Falkirk, Grangemouth. See Adv. p. 144 
Jurrie, Henry, telegraphist, 161a High street, Lochee 
jurrie, William, hairdresser, 154 Albert street; h. 70 Hilltown 
Ourrie, W. H., 8 Janefield place 

Curtis, James, restaurateur, 9 Hilltown; h. 27 Victoria road 
"urzon, Arthur John, artist, 2 Westfield place 
!)ussick, Bernard, spirit merchant, 104 Victoria road ; h. George Tower 

cottage, 5 Lintrathen place 
"uthbert, Alexander, compositor, 54 Magdalen Yard road 
^uthbert, Alexander, grocer, 35 South road, Lochee ; h. 22 Muirton rd. 
^uthbert, Andrew, late sub-editor, 242 Clepington road 
'uthbert, David, grocer, spirit merchant 109 Perth rd ; h. 6 Balfour st. 
i 'uthbert, Duncan, compositor, 170 Lochee road 
■uthbert, Duncan, compositor, 258 Blackness road 
uthbert, George, spiritdealer, 16 Liff road, Lochee; k. 37 Tullideph rd. 
uthbert, George, 13 Albany terrace 


Cuthbert, H. Vaughan, solicitor, 23 Blackness avenue 

Cuthbert, James, engineer, 260 Blackness road 

Cuthbert, James, meat salesman, 5 Eden street 

Cuthbert, James, 23 Blackness avenue 

Cuthbert, James, railway servant, 20 Thomson street 

Cuthbert, James, grocer and provision merchant, 154 Hilltown; h. 119| 

Cuthbert, John, shoemaker, officer, St David's Par. Ch. ; h. 35 Hawkhill 

Cuthbert, Robert, late ironmoulder, 5 Parker street 

Cuthbert, Robert, compositor, 23 Rosefield street 

Cuthbert, Robert, clerk, Sunny cottage, Dundee road, West Ferry 

Cuthbert, Samuel, mechanic, 458 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

CUTHBERT, THOMAS, & SON, carriage and motor works, and motor 

agents, Ward road and 49 North Lindsay street (Telephone No. 

1344). See Adv. p. 60 
Cuthbert, William, engineer, 35 American Muir road, Downfield 
Cuthbert, W. A., engineer, 46 Cleghorn street 
Cuthbert, W. P., grocer and wine merchant, 70 Strathmartine road; 

h. 492 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Cuthbert, Mrs, 23 Blackness avenue 

Cuthbertson, Mrs James, Jessiman terrace, Forthill road, Bro. Ferry 
Cuthill, D. G., grocer and spirit merchant, 18 Dallfield walk (Telephone 

No. 14x2) ; h. Drumkilbo, 235 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Cuthill, E. R., 10 East Kerrington crescent, Barnhill 
Cuthill, James, carpenter, 21 Ellen street 
Cuthill, William, secretary, 4 Lytton street 
Cutler, H. J., pianoforte assistant, 9 Bellefield avenue 
Cutty, Edward, engineer, 73 Blackscroft 

Dailly, C, wine merchant, 182 Hilltown ; h. 184 

Dailly, John, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Lochee road ; h. 78 

Dailly, Mathew, shipmaster, 35 Provost road 

Dair, David, shipjoiner, 25 Robertson street 

Dair, John, gardener, 26 Gardner street 

Dakers, James, customs officer, 3 Glebe street 

Dakers, Mrs J. B. , 27 Clepington road 

Dakers, Miss Agnes, 7 Dalhousie terrace, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 

Dalbeattie Creamery Co. , 2 North Lindsay st. ; Finlay Murchie, agent 

Dale, James F., postman, 20 St Andrew's street 

Dale, John C, telegraphist, 19 Baxter Park terrace 

Dalgairns & Co., blenders, wholesale whisky merchants and exporters, 

7 and 8 Shore terrace 
Dalgarno, Mrs Alexander, 24 Todburn lane 

Dalgety Brothers, horsedealers, 15 Park place (Telephone No. 636) 
Dalgety, Charles, of Dalgety Brothers, Wardheads, Errol 
Dalgety, Henry, late police constable, 57a Hilltown 
Dalgety, William, of Dalgety Brothers, Wardheads, Errol 
Dalgity, George W., weaving overseer, 63 High street, Lochee 
Dalgleish, James, enginefitter, 24 Gardner street 
Dalgleish, Penman, & Co., antiquarian booksellers, 4 Ryehill lane 
Dall, George, 50 Dallfield walk 
Dall, George M. , engineer, 72 Clepington road 


Dall, John, 69 Caldrum street 
D'All, Samuel, collector, 190a Strathmartine road 
Dallas, Alexander, joiner, 7 Lilybank road 
Dallas, James, draper, 11 Barrack street ; h. 5 Park terrace 
Dallas, William, insurance agent, 79 King street 

Dallas, MrsAlex., grocer and small wares, 7 Tannadicest. ; h. 27Wolseleyst. 
Dallas, Miss Emily, stationer, 72 Victoria road ; h. 19 Cotton road 
Dalrymple, Alexander, police constable, 30 Pitfour street 
Dalton, Michael, surveyor of customs and excise, 31 Bank street; 

h. Woodside, East Newport 
Daly, J. D., Refuge Insurance supt., 45 Commercial st. ; h. 19 Airlie pi. 
Dalziel, William, manager, Rosslyn villas, 301 Clepington road 
Danby, Clement J., Taypark, Dundee road, West Ferry 
Dand, Charles, draper's assistant, 97 Arbroath road 
Dand, Charles, late warehouseman, 5 Bellefield avenue 
Dand, Mary, dressmaker, 70 Liff road, Lochee 

Dand, William, plasterer, 18 Main st. (Tel. No. 21x) ; h. 12 Melrose ter. 
Dand, Mrs William, 5 Melrose terrace 
Daniel, John, bank messenger, 2 Panmure street 
Danskin, William, enginedriver, 8 Paton's lane 

Dargie, Alexander, general merchant, 41 Fort street, Broughty Ferry 
Dargie, Andrew, gardener, 1 Mortimer street 
DARGIE, CHARLES, & SON, tailors and clothiers, 6 King street A. 195 

Albert street. See Adv. p. 131 
Dargie, David, gardener, Foggyley, Harefiekl road, Lochee 
Dargie, George, blacksmith, 23 Scott street 
Dargie, James, inspector of works, 58 Main street 
Dargie, James, dairyman, 127 Liff road, Lochee 
Dargie, John, blacksmith, 51 Milnbank road 
Dargie, John, 339 Loons road 

Dargie, Robert, of Dargie & Son, 8 Baxter Park terrace 
Dargie, William, blacksmith, 11 St Mary's terrace 
Dargie, William, boilermaker, 47 Milnbank road 
Dargie, William, machineman, 7 Lilybank road 
Dargie, William, builder, 459 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Dargie, W., market gardener, Gordon place, Church street, Bro. Ferry 
Dargie, Miss, 330 King street, Broughty Ferry 

Darling, W. Y. , inspector, Edinburgh Life Assur. ; h. 45 Commercial st 
Darroch, Daniel, storekeeper, 6 Tulloch crescent 
Darroch, John, grocer, 15 Forest Park road 
Darrock, John, calenderworker, 18 Hunter street 
David & Co. , boot and shoe makers, 26 Westport 
David, George C, A.M.LMech.E., representative engineer, Tangye 

Ltd. ; h. 43 Albany terrace 
David, James, Stellagrove, 102 Forfar road 
David, John, yarn merchant, 77 Clepington road 
David, Minnie L., teacher of music, 1 Baxter Park terrace 
David, Peter, calenderer, 10 North Ellen street 
David, Robert, reader, 52 Dudhope street 

David, Thomas, secy., James Carmichael & Co., Ld. ; h. 43 Albany ter. 
David, Win,, watchmaker and jeweller, 48 Ann street; h, ION. Ellen st. 


Davids, Mrs M. J., artist and teacher of painting, 5 Park terrace 

Davidson, Alexander, dresser, 35 Edward street 

Davidson, Alexander, plumber, 2 Lawrence street 

Davidson, Alexander, caretaker, 26 East Dock street 

Davidson, Alexander, insurance agent, 159 Hilltown 

Davidson, Alex., teacher, Dudhope Public School ; h. 15 Baxter Park ter. 

Davidson, Alexander M., grocer's assistant, 2 Hepburn street 

Davidson, Andrew, broker, 23 Balgay street, Lochee ; h. 1 Flight's lane 

Davidson, Andrew, jun., joiner, 5 Flight's lane, Lochee; funeral office, 

76 High street, Lochee (Telephone No. 41x5) 
Davidson, Balfour, skinner, 1 Easson's angle 

Davidson, Chas., church- officer, Ward Rd. Baptist Ch. ; h. 4 Forester st. 
Davidson, Colin, coachman, Central Fire Station ; h. 73 North Tay st. 
Davidson & Co., bootmakers, 146 Hilltown 
Davidson & Co., blacksmiths and horseshoers, 370 Brook street, 

Broughty Ferry ; h. 22 St Vincent place, St. Vincent street, B. F. 
Davidson, David, clerk, 4 Lintrathen gardens 
Davidson, David, waiter, 26 Cotton road 
Davidson, David, moulder, 1 1 St Salvador street 
Davidson, David, warehouseman, 204 Lochee road 

Davidson, David, painter and decorator, 120 Lochee rd. ; h. ULawsiderd. 
Davidson, David S., deputy chief constable, Central Police chambers, 

West Bell street ; h. Burman house, 10 Baldovan road, Downfield 
Davidson, David R., painter, 4 King street 
Davidson, George, tenter, .14 Wilkie's lane 

Davidson, George, watchmaker and jeweller, 58 Bell street ; h. 54 
Davidson, George, police sergeant, 189 Clepington road 
Davidson, George, ironturner, 3 Gibb's lane, Lochee 
Davidson, George A., postman, 6 Garland place, Brook st., Bro. Ferry 
DAVIDSON & GRAY, chemists (wholesale and retail), 128a Nethergate 

(Telephone Nos. 2133, 2134). See Adv. p. 74 
Davidson, Rev. H. M., St Andrew's Parish Church ; h. 11 Albany ter. 
Davidson, H. P. , commission agent, 8 Garland place 
Davidson, Isabella, dressmaker and costumier, 132a Nethergate ; h. 

Ingleside, Jubilee place, Castle street, Broughty Ferry 
Davidson, James, tenter, 333 Clepington road 
Davidson, James, machineman, 29 Lyon street 
Davidson, James, carpenter, 7 Lyon street 
Davidson, James, jeweller, 150 Albert street 
Davidson, James, tailor, 79 Cobden street, Lochee 
Davidson, James, railway guard, 29 Rosefield street 
Davidson, James Johnston, dental prosthetic, 94 High street, Lochee 

(Telephone No. 32y4) ; h. Myrtlebank, 29 Rankine street 
Davidson, James P., housepainter and decorator, 83 Peddie street 

(Telephone No. 34x3) ; h. 19 Annfield street 
Davidson, John, joiner, 10 Garland place 
Davidson, John, gardener, 25 Benvie road 
Davidson, John, carter, 295 Hilltown 
Davidson, John, foreman, 8 Alexander street 
Davidson, John, waiter, 1 Gibb's lane, Lochee 
Davidson, John, blacksmith, 198 High street, Lochee 


Davidson, John B., clothier, 182 Lochee road 
Davidson, J. M., 50 Seafield road 

Davidson, Mary Ann, broker, 7a St Ann street, Lochee 
Davidson, Richard, 133 Victoria road 
Davidson, Robert, grocer, 143 Lochee road 

Davidson, Robt., stationer, tobacconist,52Blacknessrd. ; h. lOLawrencest. 
Davidson, Thomas, lorryman, 35 Watson street 
Davidson, Thomas, confectioner, 123 Victoria road 
Davidson, Thos., of S. C. Thomson & Co., 9 E. Kerrington ores., Barnhill 
Davidson, Thomas M., M.A., B.Sc, master, Royal Orphan Institution, 

133 Ferry road 
Davidson, William, ironmonger, plumber, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 36 

Polepark road (Telephone No. 33x3) ; h. Camphill, Broughty Ferry 
Davidson, William, engineer, 3 Scott street 
Davidson, William, plumber, 42 Cleghorn street 
Davidson, William, mason, 17 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 
Davidson, William, storekeeper, 2 Main street 
Davidson, William, 20 Mains road 

Davidson, William, calenderworker, 176 South road, Lochee 
Davidson, William, teacher, Rustic cottage, 35 Ancrum road, Lochee 
Davidson, Wm. Douglas, bandmaster, teacher of music, 54 Seafield road 
Davidson, William Lumgair, dairyman, 52 Cotton road 
DAVIDSON, W. (late Laird & Alexander), indiarubber and waterproof goods 

manufacturer and millfurnisher, 8 and 10 Reform st. (Telephone No. 

727) ; h. 4 Hillpark terrace, Wormit. See Adv. p. 2 
DAVIDSON, W. R., registered plumber and sanitary engineer, 55 South 

Tay street and 3 Annfield road (Telephone No. 1690); h. 4 

Lytton street. See Adv. p. 57 
Davidson, Mrs Alexander, 12 Stevenson street, Lochee 
Davidson, Mrs Archibald, 32 North street 
Davidson, Mrs A., 262 Perth road 
Davidson, Mrs J. S. , 50 Seafield road 
Davidson, Mrs Robert, 22 Airlie place 
Davidson, Mrs Robert, 178 Perth road 
Davidson, Mrs William, 3 Old Muirton road, Lochee 
Davidson, Mrs William, Stirling cottage, Camphill rd., Broughty Ferry 
Davidson, Mrs, apartments, 67 Seagate 
Davidson, Mrs, 59 Pitkerro road 

Davidson, Miss Barbara, Lawview villa, 41 Albany terrace 
Davidson, Miss Maggie, dressmaker, 168 Albert street 
Davidson, Miss, 8 Kinloch street 
Davidson, Miss, 11 Bonnybank road 
Davie, Alexander C, of P. & A. Davie, Woodbine, 506 Strathmartine 

road, Downfield 
Davie, Andrew, dentistry, 26 South Tay street (Telephone No. 1901) 
Davie, Christina, grocer, 62 Liff road, Lochee 

Davie, George M., M.P.S., pharmacist, 236 Hilltown; h. lOLawsiderd. 
Davie, James, painter, 21 William street 
Davie, John, slater, 45 Commercial street 
Davie, Joseph, Harefield, Harefield road, Lochee 
Davie, J. H., solicitor, 15 Castle street; h. Highcliffe, 18 Bingham ter. 


Davie, J. R., mechanical dentist, 2 North George street 

Davie, Peter, of P. & A. Davie, Beechwood cottage, Barry 

Davie, Peter, jun., painter, 14 Victoria chambers 

Davie, Peter & Alex. , house painters and decorators, 44 & 46 Victoria rd. 

Davie, Robert, provision merchant, 29 Strathmartine road ; h. 301 

Davie, Thomas Wm., L.D.S., R. C.S.Ed., dental surgeon, 146Nethergate; 

h. Abbotsford, Monifieth 
Davie, William, lathsplitter, 79 Sandeman street 
Davie, Mrs George, 14 North street 
Davie, Mrs J. , apartments, 45 Commercial street 
Davie, Miss M. M., 14 Forfar road 

Davies, Stephen 0., teacher, Baldovan Industrial School, Downfield 
Davis, Andrew, joiner, 16 Annfield street 

Davis, James J., of Small's Western Cycle Depot, 14 Ford's lane 
Davis, Robert, clothier and outfitter, 2 Wellgate, and 20, 22 Panmure 

street ; h. Norbay, East Newport 
Dawson Bros. & Co., yarn, sack, bag, and cloth merchants, 12 Victoria 

chambers (Telephone No. 748 ; Telegrams, "Cotton") 
Dawson, David, headmaster, Hawkhill Pub. Sch.; h. 16 Strawberrybank 
Dawson, Henry, baker, 200 Blackness road 

Dawson, John, commission agent, 11 Crichton street ; h. 2 Air lie terrace 
Dawson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Rose street; h. 3 Bamsay 

place, St Vincent street, Broughty Ferry 
Dawson, J. T. , of Dawson Brothers & Co. , Hillpark, Leuchars 
Dawson, Oswald, coachman, Beechwood, Harefield road, Lochee 
Dawson, Samuel, machineman, 32 Hilltown 
Dawson, William, grocer and wine merchant 112 Victoria road ; h. 3 

Ramsay place, St Vincent street, Broughty Ferry 
Dawson, W. F., of Dawson Brothers & Co., Hillpark, Leuchars 
Dawson, Miss, lady supt., Boarding-house for the Blind, 43 Paton's lane 
Dawtrey, Rev. H. , B. A. (Vict. ), Free Religious Movement ; h. 25 Perth rd. 
Day, John Percival, lecturer, Teachers' Training Col. ; h. 78 Seafield rd. 
Day Nurseries, 33 Isles' lane — Mrs J. W. C. Lindsay, matron; 52 Cotton 

road — Miss F. Clarkson, matron ; 33 Lilybank road — Miss Hall, 

matron ; 24 and 26 N. George st. — Miss H. Chapman, matron. 

Lochee Day Nursery, 7 Flight's lane — Mrs Taylor, matron 
Dear, James G. , yarn and waste merchant, Nelson Works, 47 Nelson st. 
Dear, Richard, 23 Castle street 
Dear, Miss Eliza, 3 Tannadice street 
Deas, Henry, enginefitter, 7 Small's wynd 
Deas, Jas., tailor and clothier, 38 and 40 Commercial street ; h. Seaview 

cottage, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 
Deas, John, coachbuilder, 66 Walton street 

Deas, John, assist, clothier, 38 Commercial st. ; h. 6 Invermark ter. , Barnhill 
Deas, Thomas, joiner, 62 Seagate 
Deas, Miss, 1 Mid street 

De Bear Schools, Ltd. , The, for modern business training, 37 High st. 
Delgaty, George, 70 Dalkeith road 

Dellaquaglia, Alexander, confectioner, 21 Constitution road 
Delnevo, D., & Co., restaurant, 4 South Mid street, Lochee 
Dempster, Alexander, hairdresser, 158 Strathmartine road 




Dempster, David, shoemaker, 6 Park terrace 
Dempster, George, joiner, 5 Gowrie place 
Dempster, G. B., painter, 15 Rosefield street 
Dempster, William, cashier, 6 Bellefield avenue 

Dempster, Miss M. J., dairykeeper, 201 Perth road ; h. 6 Park terrace 
Denham, Annie, confectioner, 30 Dura street 
Denham, John, overseer, 76 Arklay street 
Denholm, George, compositor, 145 Clepington road 
Denholm, Miss M., dressmaker, 292 Blackness road 
I Denley, William Scott, 93 Nethergate 

I Denmark, Vice-Consul for — B. L. Nairn, 33 Commercial street 
; Dennison, E. Haldeman, American consul, 31 Albert square ; h. Linton, 

Strathern road, West Ferry 
! Denoon, William, police constable, County Police Office, Johnston st. 
', Denovan, William A., Catholic Apostolic Church ; h. 5 Rustic place 
I Densfield Works, North Isla st. ; J. C. Duffus & Nephew, jutespinners 
i Dens Works, 13 Princes st.; Baxter Brothers & Co., Ltd., manufacturers 
i Derrick, Daniel, salesman, 34 Kincardine street 
j Derrick, Thomas, painter, 23 Caldrum street 
I Deuchar, James, moulder, 176 Ferry road 
I Deuchars, Peter, clerk, 107 Pitkerro road 
I Deuchars, Robert, clerk, 14 Ford's lane 

j Deuchars, Mrs, 4 Windsor terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
j DEUCHARS, Mrs DAVID, lace and curtain cleaner, Wormit. See Adv p. 77 
Deutschmann, Gerhard, pastor, German Evangelical Church ; h. 103 

Magdalen Yard road 
Devanagh, James, hairdresser, 149 Princes street ; h. 78 
Devlin, Edward, bootmaker, 76 Ann street ; h. 26 Powrie place 
Devlin, James, bootmaker, 2 Raglan street ; h. 8 Arthurstone terrace 
Devlin, John, woodturner, 22 Wolseley street 
Devonshire Dairy Co., 185 Victoria road 
Dewar, Alexander, gravedigger, 5 Blyth street 
Dewar, David, procurator-tiscal, Central Police chambers, West Bell 

street ; h. 5 Windsor terrace 
I Dewar, David T. , of David T. Dewar, Ltd. , 295 Clepington road 
Dewar, DavidT.,Ltd.,hacklemakers, D'ndee Hackle Wks., Old Glamisrd. 
Dewar, James, compositor, 167 Albert street 
Dewar, John, stationer, 34 Hilltown ; h. 3 
Dewar, John, dockgateman, 7 Graham place 

i Dewar, John, gardener, North lodge, Western Cemetery, Perth road 
Dewar, Mary, dairykeeper, 43 North Wellington street ; h. 41 
Dewar, Peter, ironturner, 29 Union place 
Dewar, Peter, blacksmith, 87 Cobden street, Lochee 
)EWAR, TOM M., plumber and gasfitter, 41 Constitution road (Tele- 
phone No. 1995) ; h. Durham street, Monifieth. See Adv p. 89 
)ewar, William, of David T. Dewar, Ltd., 295 Clepington road 
)ewar, William, mechanic, 60 Provost road 
)ewar, William, of Robert Curr & Dewar, 103 Magdalen green 
War, William James, grocer, 63 Milnbank road ; h. 192 Lochee road 
>ewar, William J., 15 Seymour street 
►ewar, William M. F., cashier, 341 Clepington road 


Dewar, Mrs Alfred E., Islacraig, 13 Balgray street 

Dewar, Mrs James, 168 Lochee road 

Dewar, Mrs James W., 11 Barrack street 

Dewar, Mrs, grocer, 22 Caldrum street ; h. 41 

Dewar, Mrs, 17 School road, Downfield 

Dewar, Miss Maggie, dressmaker, 8 Kinloch street 

Diack, Arthur J., teller, Royal Bank, 3 High st. ; h. Elmbank, Wormit 

Dibbs, Mrs, 21 Loons road, Lochee 

Dick, A., tobacconist, 118 Overgate ; h. 14 Small's lane 

Dick, David, assurance agent, 207 Perth road 

Dick, David, cashier, 99 Arbroath road 

Dick, E. H., resident secretary, General Accident Fire and Life Assur. 

Corp. , Ltd. , 59 Reform st. ; h. Laurelgrove, Camphill rd. , B. Ferry 
Dick, Henry, butcher, 120^ Hilltown & 102 Rosebank st. ; h. 5 Paradise rd. 
Dick, James, watchmkr. and jeweller, 189 Victoria rd. ; h. 11 Morgan st. 
Dick, James, 6 Park terrace 

Dick, Jas., ironmonger, Cedar cottage, 405 Strathmartine rd., Downfield 
Dick, Jessie, 113 Arbroath road 
Dick, John, 1 Crescent lane 

Dick, John, 11 Gladstone terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Dick, Joseph, police constable, 24 Baxter street 
Dick, Joseph, gardener, Strathmore street, Barnhill 
Dick, Peter F. , stationer, 66 Princes street ; h. 8 Wallace street 
Dick, Thomas B., bookkeeper, 31 Seymour street 
Dick, Thomas H., clerk, 13 Janefield place 
Dick, Thomas S . , builder and contractor, 30 G uthrie street ; h. Laurelgrove 

Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 
Dick, William, butcher, 48 Rosebank street 
Dick, William R., draper, 275 Hawkhill 
Dick, W. B., builder, 58 Strathmore road 
Dick, Mrs Barbara, 69 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
Dick, Mrs George P., 72 Lochee road 
Dick, Mrs P. F. , china merchant, 64 Princes street 
Dick, Mrs Thomas, 20 South George street 

Dick, Mrs William, Cedar cottage, 405 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Dick, Mrs, confectioner, 282 Perth road 
Dick, Miss J. A., dressmaker, 159 Hilltown 
Dickie, Archibald P., of W. B. Dickie & Sons, Cambustay, Dalhousie: 

road, Barnhill 
Dickie, David, clerk, 9 Bell street 
Dickie, David, & Son, wholesale builders' ironmongers and engravers, 23 

Commercial street (Telephone No. 1071) ; h. Ballochmyle, 3 Norwood 

crescent (Telephone No. 1301) 
Dickie, D. Douglas, ironmonger, 2 Rosewood terrace 
Dickie, George E., teacher, 17 Seymour street 
Dickie, James, Ythanbank, 5 Lynnewood place 
DICKIE, JAMES A., wireworker and bellhanger, 14, 18, and 22 Barrack 

street (Telephone No. llxl) ; workshops, Barrack street ; h. Rowan| 

cottage, Invergowrie. See Adv. p. 38 
Dickie, W. B., of W. B. Dickie & Sons, Cambustay, Dalhousie road,} 

Barnhill (Telephone No. B.F. 50), and Whitehills, Inchture 


Dickie, W B., jun., of W. B. Dickie & Sons, Carsegray, Blackness rd. 
Dickie, W. B., & Sons, solicitors, 11 Whitehall street (Telephone No. 

101; Telegrams, "Legal") 
Dickinson, William, traveller, 16 Gardner street 
Dickson, Alexander, enginedriver, 31 Scott street 
Dickson, Charles, compositor, 57 Cleghorn street 

' Dickson, David, of David Dickson & Co., 18 Kilnburn pi., E. Newport 
Dickson, David, head gardener, Castleroy, Panmure st., Broughty Ferry 
■ Dickson, David, 383 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
I Dickson, David, & Co., manufacturers and merchants, 11 King street 
''■ Dickson, Frank, park ranger, 29 Dundonald street 
> i Dickson, Frank, bootmaker, 27 Ogilvie street 
yi Dickson, George, millforeman, 3 Kerr's lane, Lochee 
[, I Dickson, James, railway guard, 41 Seafield road 
[Dickson, James, confectioner, 306 Hawkhill ; h. 17 Ford's lane 

Dickson, James, manager, 13 Janefield place 
[J Dickson, James F., clothier's assistant, 67 Dens road 
Dickson, John, calenderworker, 27 Isles' lane 

Dickson, John, engineer, Greenbay cot. , 361 Strathmartine rd. , Downfield 

Dickson, Joseph, inspector of poor, collector of rates, clerk to the Parish 

Council of Mains and Strathmartine, registrar for the Parish of 

Mains and Strathmartine, Elmbank, 468 Strathmartine rd. , Downfield 

|Dickson, J. Carmichael, London Guarantee and Accident Co., Ltd., 2 

Union st. (Telephone No. 105); h. Drummond lodge, 6 St Mary's 

road, Downfield 

v6 iDickson, Mathew, cellarman, 18 Hunter street 

'pickson, Norman B. , account. , Drummond lodge, 6 St Mary's rd. , D'nfield 
Dickson, Peter, 2 West Somerville place 

pickson, Richard L., assistant supt., G.P.O. ; h. 51 Taylor's lane 
Dickson & Ross, bootmakers, 10 Tannadice street 
Dickson, R. Cecil, M.B., Ch.B., 29b Strathmartine road; h. 42 
Dickson, W. M., coal agt., Drummond lodge, 6 St Mary's rd., Downfield 
Dickson, Mrs William, 4 Gardner's lane 

lj)ickson, Mrs William, 17 Louise terrace, Grove road, West Ferry 
c jj Hckson, Mrs W. M., Drummond lodge, 6 St Mary's road, Downfield 
!)ickson, Mrs, fishdealer, 182 Blackness road ; h. 27 Milnbank road 
^ingwall, John, ship steward, 7 Thistle street 
.„,j e )ingwall, William, clerk, 69 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
' jHngwall, Mrs, Woodford, Davidson street, Broughty Ferry 

)ippie, Thomas, carter, 4 Wallace street 
nj Hppie, William, head gardener, Beechwood, Harefield road, Lochee 
'"■■►irect Spanish Telegraph Co., Ltd., 50 Bell street 
'ixon, H. G., & Son, hardwaremen, cutlers, sawmakers, and athletic 

goods merchants, 41 High street ; h. Braeside, Wormit 
'ixon, Peter Fraser, fruit merchant, 174 Polepark rd. ; h. 80 Hawkhill 
ixon, Thomas, grocer's assistant, 18 Gardner street 
ixon, Wm,, Ltd., coalmasters, Glasgow; branch office, 24 Yeaman shore 
obbie, Archibald, shoemaker, 93 Albert st.; h. 49 North Wellington st. 
obbie, David, mechanic, 54 Provost road 

obbin, John, market gardener, Rose cottage, Fintry place,. Bro. Ferry 
obson, Edward W., hosierymaker, 129 Nethergate 



Dobson, Patrick, milloverseer, 3 Strathmartine road 

Dobson, Robert, coachman, Invercarse, Perth road 

Docherty, William, traveller, 35 Edward street 

Docherty, William A., clerk, Avonmore, Sherbrook street, Downfield 

Docherty, Mrs James, 6 North George street 

Docherty, Miss Susan, confectioner, 8 Carnegie street 

Doctor, George, bookbinder, 8 Lawson place 

Doctor, John, milloverseer, 67 Milnbank road 

Doctor, John, examiner, 30 Balfour street 

Doctor, Miss J., confectioner, 477 Strathmartine road, Downfield; ) 

10 Wellington street 
Doddrell, Miss, 1 Beechwood terrace 

Dodds, Henry W., auctioneer, 10 Balgillo cres., Seafield rd., Bro. Ferrj 
Dodds, James, fireman, 37 Lilybank road 

Dodds, J. Dickson, merchant, Box 8 Royal Exchange ; h. St Fort, Wormi 
Dodds, Robert, mason, 53 Dudhope street 
Dodds, William, bootmaker, 151 Princes street 
Dodds, William, ironmonger, 60 Strathmore road 
Doherty, Rev. John, Rosebank, 2 Lawside road 
Doig, Alexander, tailor, 42 North George street 
Doig, Alexander, Annsville, 378 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Doig, Alexander P., house proprietor, 6 St Peter street 
Doig, Alex. S., hairdresser, 7 Charles street; h. 105 Clepington road 
Doig, Annie, confectioner, 11 Constitution street ; h. 18 
Doig Brothers, butchers, 23 Bank street, Lochee 
Doig, David, milloverseer, 62 Church street 
Doig, David, Briarbank, 18 American Muir road, Downfield 
Doig, David B., traveller, 150 Albert street ; ^ 

Doig, David Millar, bandmaster, 38 Cobden street, Lochee J1 

Doig, George, late goods agent, Strath view, 11 Muirfield st., Downfiek: to 
Doig, James, bridie and pie baker, 46 Overgate ; h. 48 M 

Doig, James, mechanic, 54 Main street or 

Doig, James, calenderer, 38 Step row 0l 

Doig, James, mason, 4 Wolseley street )l 

Doig, James^ secretary, Operative Bakers of Scotland, N.F.U., house o; ^ 

call, 8 Crichton street ; h. 40 North George street ot 

Doig, James, tailor, 17 Park avenue 0l 

Doig, James, warper, 65 Ancrum road, Lochee 0n 

Doig, James S., hairdresser, 74 Church street ! ^ 

Doig, John, mason, 12 Forest Park road 

Doig, John, 3 Charles street °i! 

Doig, John L., M.P.S., of Wm. Doig & Sons, 4 Struan pi., E. Newport 
Doig, John P., tenter, 219 Blackness road J^ 

Doig, Robert, plumber, 3 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill j ^ 

Doig, Robert, calenderworker, 59 Caldrum street J ^a 

Doig, Thomas, foreman electrician, 58 Strathmore road j^a 

Doig, William, housepainter, 45 Erskine street l M 

Doig, William, of William Doig & Sons, Dunira, West Newport 
Doig, William, overseer, 2 Graham place j ^ 

Doig, William, jun., baker, 193 Perth road 'toa 

Doig, William, & Sons, pharmacists, 9 High street 

•' fan 


|)oig, William S., baker, 308£ Perth road ; h. Balhungie cottage, 

Dalhousie street, Monifieth 
i)oig, Mrs Andrew, 45 Hill street 

;)oig, Mrs D., Harbour house, Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
j)oig, Mrs James, 49 Lyon street 

i)oig, Mrs William, house proprietrix, 15 Seymour street 
!)oig, Mrs, 6 Cleghorn street 

,)oig, Mrs, grocer and confectioner, 206 High street, Lochee 
|)oig, Mrs, confectioner, 27 Small's wynd 
')oig, Misses E. and M., 3 Walrond street 

)olan, Jas., approved society secy., Blackness Hall; h. 45 Blackness rd. 
)olan, John M., general dealer, 5 and 7 Temple lane 
)olan, Mrs Wm. , tobacco pipe manuf., 94 Blackness rd. ; h. 10 Well rd. 
)on Brothers, Buist, & Co. , Ltd. , flax and jute spinners and manufacturers, 
Ward Mills, Barrack street, and at Forfar (Telephone Nos. — 
Dundee, 353; Forfar, 1731 Dundee Exchange ; Telegrams, "Don") 
)on, David, C. A., of Don & Stewart, 76 Seafield road 
)on, David, joiner, 25 Lintrathen gardens 
)on, David, general dealer, 211 Lochee road ; h. 209 
)on & Duncan, manufacturers, Mid Street Mill, and King's Cross 

Works, Lochee 
)on, John B., of Don Bros., Buist, & Co., Ltd., Maulesden, near Brechin 
)on, Robert B., of Don Bros., Buist, & Co., Ltd., Tealing house, Tealing 
)on & Stewart, chartered accountants, 2 Union st. (Telephone No. 304) 
)on, William, of Don & Duncan, Ardarroch, 3 Douglas terrace 
)on, Wm. Gilbert, of Don Bros., Buist, & Co., Ltd., Maulesden, Brechin 
>on, Mrs Jane, dressmaker, 285 Hawkhill 
Jon, Miss, 5 Inverary terrace 
>on, Miss, 6 Greenfield place 
>onachey, James, calenderworker, 38 Ann street 
>onachie, Henry, hairdresser, 51 Cleghorn street 
>onachie, John, milloverseer, 17 City road 
>onaghey, John J., chemist and druggist, 185 Overgate 
•onaghey, Miss S. J., Merino villa, 160 City road 
'onald, Alexander, postman, 5 Canning street 
'onald, Alexander, clerk, 12 Park avenue 
'onald, Andrew B., Aftonbank, 15 Ancrum road, Lochee 
•onald Brothers, jute and linen manufacturers, James' Park Factory, 

98 Albert street (Telephone No. 6 ; Telegrams, " Bonnie") 
'onald, David, clerk, 2 Victoria crescent 
'onald, David, mechanic, 41 Mains loan 
'onald, David, 15 Dallfield terrace 

'onald & Duncan, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 41 Nethergate 
'onald, Frank J., of Donald Brothers, 7 Douglas terrace, West Ferry 
'onald, Geo., plumber, ironmonger, 141 Lochee rd. ; h. 11 Westfieldlan 
'onald, George, of Donald & Smith, 17 Janefield place 
onald, George, of John L. Roy & Donald, 84 Bell street 
onald, George, tailor, 6 Melrose terrace 
onald, George R., of J. & H. Pattullo & Donald, 73 Clepington road 

(Telephone No. 1781) 
onald, James, spirit merchant's assistant, 30 Pitfour street 


Donald, James M., sawyer, 45 Lilybank road 

Donald, James P., clerk, 16 Seafield road 

Donald, John, tenter, 331 Loons road 

Donald, Samuel, F.I.C., assistant gas manager, Gas Works; h. 3 Tay- 
mouth terrace, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Donald & Smith, glass merchants and glaziers, 48 Murraygate (Tele- 
phone No. 1097), 23 Kincardine street (Telephone No. 1136), and. 
235 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Donald & Strachan, milliners and fancy drapers, 72 Gray st. , Bro. Ferry 

Donald, Thomas, wood merchant, 178 South road, Lochee 

Donald, William, of Donald & Duncan, Cora Linn, Invergowrie 

DONALD, WILLIAM, plumber, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 6 and 8 Gardner's 
lane ; h. Rowanbank, 43 Rankine street. See Adv. p. 59 

Donald, William, street porter, 76 High street 

Donald, William, tenter, Elm cottage, 15 North street 

DONALD, WILLIAM, Jun., plumber and sanitary engineer, 212 Perth 
road ; h. 43 Rankine street. See Adv. p, 38 

Donald, William B., 69a Constitution road 

Donald, Mrs Alexander, 17 Wellington street 

Donald, Mrs David, 11 Pitalpin street, Lochee 

Donald, Mrs Margaret, 20 Baxter Park terrace 

Donald, Miss Amelia, stationer, 65 Princes street 

Donaldson, Alexander, hamcurer, 88 Hawkhill 

Donaldson, Alexander, carpetweaver, 28 Pennycook lane 

Donaldson, Alexander, late bootmaker, 22 Rosebank street 

Donaldson, Alexander, gardener, 5 Blackheath place 

Donaldson, Alexander, waiter, 21 St Peter street 

Donaldson, Alexander, dresser, 45 Milnbank road 

Donaldson, Alexander, baker, 7 Annfield row 

Donaldson, Alfred, postman, 113 Victoria road 

Donaldson, Allan, of Allan Donaldson & Co. , 23 Step row 

Donaldson, Allan, & Co. , motor & general engineers, 37-41 Yeaman shore 

Donaldson, Balfour, overseer, 37 Dundonald street 

Donaldson, Charles, journalist, 9 Baxter Park terrace 

Donaldson, Charles, mate, 17 Union place 

Donaldson, David, wine and spirit mer., 209 Overgate ; h. 22 Rosefield st. 

Donaldson, David, glazier, 3 Watt street 

Donaldson, David, collector, 38 Jamaica street 

Donaldson, David A., Ianmhor, 21 Thomson street 

Donaldson, George, mechanic, 14 Blyth place 

Donaldson, George, mason, 51 Milnbank road 

Donaldson, George, plasterer, 88 Rosebank street 

Donaldson, James, bootmaker, 11 Dura street ; h. 9 Tannadice street 

Donaldson, Jane H., teacher, 44 Muirfield crescent, Downfield 

Donaldson, John, clerk, 2 Morgan street 

Donaldson, John, hamcurer, 35 Guthrie street 

Donaldson, John, pawnbroker, 109a Logie street, Lochee 

Donaldson, John, grocer, 1 Easson's angle 

Donaldson, John H., commission agt., Bowrie cot., Long In., Bro. Ferry: 

Donaldson Line, 19 High street 

Donaldson Line, 9 Whitehall crescent 


Donaldson, Martha, 44 Muirfield crescent, Downfield 
Donaldson, Peter, assist, supt., P. 0. ; h. Tulliallan, 20 Lammerton ter, 
Donaldson, Thomas D., compositor, 199 Strathmartine road 
Donaldson, William, hairdresser, 15 Princes street 
Donaldson, William, spiritdealer's assistant, 331 Loons road 
Donaldson, Mrs Charles, 4 South George street 
Donaldson, Mrs H., 27 Wellgrove street, Lochee 
Donaldson, Mrs James, Ianmhor, 21 Thomson street 
Donaldson, Mrs Joan, confectioner, 118 Alexander st. ; h. 37Strathmtn.rd. 
I Donaldson, Mrs John, dairykeeper, 8 Ellen street 
! Donaldson, Mrs William, 1 Seafield road 

I Donaldson, Mrs, British Workman Restaurant, 40 Gray st. , Bro. Ferry 
I Donn, Robert, art master, Stobswell School ; h. Blenheim, 45 American 

Muir road, Downfield 
' Donn, Robert, printer, 11a Thomson street 
Donn, Mrs Margaret M., dairykeeper, 106 Lome street, Lochee 
Donnachie, Jas., & Co., coal merchants, 10 Jamaica st. and Fairmuir Stn. 
Donnelly, George, dresser, 98 Rosebank street 

l Donnet, Alex., caretaker, St Mary Magdalene's Halls ; h. 166 Hawkhill 
I Donnet, William, vanman, 84 Blackscroft 

| Don's Road Factory, Don's road; J. H. F. Henderson Ltd., manufactrs. 
I Doran, Maggie, confectioner, 21 Ogilvie's road 
| Dorset Dairy Co. , 28 Gellatly street ; William Keillor, agent 
Dorward, Charles, mason, 68 Hill street 
i Dorward, David, draper, 85 Beach crescent, Broughty Ferry 
i Dorward, George, trawl fisherman, Burnside place, Church st., B. Ferry 
Dorward, John, joiner, 43 Ure street 

i Dorward, William, woodcutting-machineman, 7 M'Gill street 
i Dorward, Mrs Mary, dairykeeper, 19 Charles street 
Dott, David S., 17 Brown Constable street 
.Dott, James S., clerk, 74 Watson street 

jDott, John, spirit merchant, 78 Hawkhill; h. 41 Seafield road 
Dougall, James, boot repairer, 15 Constitution street and 230 Blackness 

road ; h. 46 Constitution street 
Dougall, William, fireman, 53 Dens road 
Douglas, Alexander, plater, 30 Dundonald street 
Douglas & Barry, timber merchants, East Dock street 
Douglas, Blain C., P.A.S.I., valuer, Inland Revenue, 31 Albert square ; 

h. 1 Seafield place, Seafield road, Broughty Ferry 
Douglas, David, grocer, wine & spirit merchant, 4 Crichton street ; h. 

Ivybank, 1 1 Thomson street 
Douglas, Geo. , clerk in holy orders, St Paul's Cath. ; h. 104 Commrcl. st. 
Douglas, George, assistant supt. , Postal Telegraphs ; h. 134 Albert street 
Douglas, George C, C.E., M.I.Mech.E., C.P.A., of George C. Douglas 

& Co., Craigcleuch, West Newport 
)OUGrLAS, GEO. C, & CO., chartered patent agents, consulting engineers, 
and valuers of mills and machinery, 12 Bank street (Telephone No. 
1487). See Adv. p. 95 
)ouglas, James, carter, 1 Benvie road 

)ouglas, John, manager, Dundee Courier ; h. Thorngarth, West Ferry 
)ouglas, John, joiner, 37 Dundonald street 


Douglas, Rev. John, M.A., Mains and Strathmartine U.F. Church ; hi 
505 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Douglas Manufacturing Co., jute carpet and rug manufacturers, Douglas 
Mill, 42 Douglas street 

Douglas, Matthew C, turner, 26 Forest Park road 

Douglas, M. G., jute salesman, 2 Baltic b'ldgs; h. The Elms, Longforgan 

Douglas & Smith, engravers, 15 Castle street 

Douglas, Thomas M., cabinetmaker, 28 Kincardine street 

Douglas, T. K., of J. & J. Ogilvie, Tapanui, Camphill road, Broughty 

Douglas, William, plumber, 14 New Inn entry 

Douglas, William W. , dairyman, Stannergate Dairy, 1 Stirling road 

Douglas, W. A., of W. A. Douglas & Co., Idabank, Seafield road, 
Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 79) 

Douglas, W. A., & Co., spinners & manufacturers, West Ward Works, 
20, 22 Blinshall st. (Teleph. Nos. 372, 373; Telegrams, "Mausie") 

Douglas, Mrs David, 111 Strathmartine road 

Douglas, Mrs George, 38 Whitehall street 

Douglas, Mrs J., confectioner, 116 Princes st. ; h. 1 Cunningham street 

Douglas, Mrs Robert, 157 Strathmartine road 

Douglas, Miss, 8 Balfour street 

Douglass, J. R., A.M.I.C.E., civil engineer, Harbour chambers ; h. Grey- 
bank, 22 Magdalen Yard road (Telephone No. 2105) 

Doull, Gilbert L., commercial traveller (Glasgow), 3 Blackness crescent 

Dove, Miss E. , nurse, 3 Cardean street 

Dovener, J. H., & Co., Ltd., sack and bag merchants (Liverpool), 51 
Meadowside ; and 18 Union street, Liverpool 

Dow, Alexander, mason, 71 Magdalen green 

Dow, Alexander D., assistant superintendent, 160 Albert street 

Dow, A., fitter, 40 Baldovan terrace 

Dow, David, of Cox Bros . , Ltd. , Marchbanks house, Harefield rd. , Lochee 

Dow, David M., clerk, 161 Strathmartine road 

Dow, George L. , hairdresser and tobacconist, 42 and 44 Commercial st. ; 
h. Craigard, 420 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Dow, Helen, stationer, 18 E. Dock st. ; h. Albert sq., Gray st., Bro. Fy. 

Dow, James, joiner, 5 Pitkerro road 

Dow, James, clerk, organist, Logie Parish Church ; h. 9 Balgay avenue 

Dow, James, woodturner, 37 Baldovan terrace 

Dow, John, ironmonger, 29 Scott street 

Dow, John, 44 Small's wynd 

Dow, John, housepainter, 103 Strathmartine road 

Dow, John, & Co., iron, steel, and metal merchants, 7 Commercial street ^ 
(Telephone Nos. 2256, 2257; Telegrams, "Nestor"); agents for 
Muntz's Metal Co., Ltd. (Birmingham), metal, brass, and copper 
tube manufacturers ; Lambert Brothers (Walsall) Ltd. (Walsall), 
manufacturers of steam tubes and fittings ; E. Bay lie & Co., Ltd. 
(Stourbridge), manufacturers of highest class crane chains 

Dow, John Ewan, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 10 Victoria 
chambers (Telephone No. 457 ; Telegrams, " Sacks") 

Dow, Robert, seaman, 6 Graham place 

Dow, Robt., tobacconist, 10 E. Dock st.; h. 126 Gray st., Bro'ty Ferry || 


Dow, William, auctioneer, fruit salesmen, and potato merchant, Craig 

Street Fruitmarket ; h. 47 Yeaman shore 
Dow, Mrs William, potato merchant, 18 Hawkhill 
Dow, Miss Catherine, 2 Blackness crescent 

Dowie, Rev. James, Maryfield Parish Church ; h. 37 Mains loan 
Dowie, Thomas, enginedriver, 16 South Lindsay street 
Downie, Alexander P., R.N.R., deputy superintendent, Mercantile 

Marine office ; k. 262 Perth road 
Downie, Charles, 38 Whitehall street 
Downie, Charles, warehouseman, 31 Hawkhill 
Downie, David G., clerk, 51 Taylor's lane 
Downie, James, insurance agent, 6 Annfield street 
Downie, William, butcher, 54 Watson street ; h. 52 
Downie, William, nurseryman, florist, and landscape gardener, Barn- 
hill Nursery, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry ; h. Yewbank 

cottages, Monifieth road, B.F. 
Downie, Mrs Ellen, 33 Hilltown 

Downie, Mrs James, diningrooms, 16 South Union st.; h. 21 Dock st. 
Downie, Miss Bella, confectioner, 50 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
Downton, Ernest, plumber, 44 Carnegie street 
Downton, Henry, tuner, 21 Mains road 

Doyle, John, wine and spirit merchant, 56 Hilltown ; h. 9 Ellen street 
Doyle, John, 193 Blackness road 

1 Doyle, Patrick, grocer, spirit mer., 30, 32 Watson st. ; h. 46 Bingham ter. 
Draffen, George, of Draffen & Jarvie, Limited, Riverleigh, Perth road 
Draffen & Jarvie, Limited, wholesale and retail warehousemen, 8 & 10 

Nethergate and 1, 3, & 5 Whitehall st. (Tel. Nos. 1877, 1878, private 

branch exchange ; Telegrams, "Draffen") 
Draffen, John J. , of Draffen & Jarvie, Limited, 5 Beechwood terrace 
Draffen, Wm. Stirling, of Draffen & Jarvie, Ltd., 4 Beechwood terrace 
Drever, P. K., commercial traveller, 1 Easson's angle 
Drever, Samuel, police sergeant, 321 Clepington road 
Drever, William, assistant School Board officer, 319 Clepington road 
Drever, William, 8 School road, Downfield 
Drever, William P. , grocer's assistant, 272 Blackness road 
Drever, Miss, 12 Castle terrace, Esplanade, Broughty Ferry 
Drimmie, Thomas H. K. (merch., Calcutta), Parkside, Monifieth rd.,B.F. 
Drimmie, Mrs Allan, 55 Lochee road 
Dron, Thomas, clerk, 9 Ward road 
Drummond, A., confectioner, 69 Princes street 

Drummond, George, butcher, 36 Dudhope street ; h 155 Alexander st. 
DRUMMOND, HENRY, painter and decorator, 108 Nethergate (Telephone 

No. 206) ; h. Armadale, Blacknessrd. (Teleph. No. 1629). See Adv. p. 38 
Drummond, Joan H., 89 Magdalen Yard road 
Drummond, John, jun., fruit merchant, 48 Well gate (Telephone No. 318) ; 

h. 340 Perth road 
Drummond, William, painter, 18 Benvie road 
Drummond, Mrs Peter, 1 Gibb's lane, Lochee 
Drummond, Mrs W. D., 14 Strawberrybank 
Drummond, Mrs, apartments, 15 Step row 
Dryden, David, railway canvasser, 57 Cowgate 



Dryden, D. S., chemist, 113 Albert street ; h. 4 M'Gill street 

Dryden, James, police constable, 10 Blinshall street 

Dryden, James, heckler, 14 Ogilvie's road 

Dryden, James, commercial traveller, The Croft, Nine wells 

Dryden, James, dairyman, 22 Step row 

Dryden, James, millmanager, 4 M'Gill street 

Dryden, James, mechanic, 1 Baldovan terrace 

Dryden, John R., cashier, Abertay street, Barnhill 

Dryden, John S., fruiterer, 280 Hilltown; h. 295 

Dryden, Robert, postman, 4 Wedderburn street 

Dryden, Thomas, milk purveyor, 30 Fyffe st. ; h. 3 Kilberry st. , Lochee 

Dryden, Wm., postman, Charleton, 491 Strathmartine rd. , Downfield 

Dryden, Mrs D. , dairykeeper, 94 American Muir road, Downfield 

Dryden, Mrs William E., fruiterer and florist, 37 Victoria road (Tele- 
phone No. 141) ; h. 6 Nelson terrace 

Drysdale, David, saddler, trunk and portmanteau maker, 6 Castle 
street ; h. 43 Seafield road 

Drysdale, James, ironturner, 13 Balfour street 

Drysdale, John, fruiterer, confectioner, 153 Strathmartine rd. ; h. 155 

Drysdale, John, telegraphist, Dunnimarle, 6 Muirfield cres., Downfield 

Drysdale, John, fireman, Central Fire Station ; h. 74 Ward road 

Drysdale, Miss, lady supt., Lochee Y.W.C. A., 35 High street, Lochee 

Ducat, Bruce, musician, 20 Constitution street 

Ducat, James, grocer, 20 Constitution street 

Ducat, William, caretaker, Stobswell Public School, Eliza street 

Ducat, William, grocer, 8 Clepington street 

Dudgeon, James, shipmaster, 174 Lochee road 

Dudhope Museum of Engineering, Mechanics, Physiography, Industries, 
and Archaeology, Dudhope Park; A. H. Millar, LL.D., F.S.A. 
(Scot.), Albert Institute, curator and secretary; Alexander S. 
Webster, sub- curator 

Dudhope Works, Douglas st. ; Wm. Fergusson & Sons, Ltd. , jute manuf ra. 

Duff, Alexander, warehouseman, 4 Wellington street 

Duff, Alexander, tramway car inspector, 11 Rosebery street 

Duff, Alexander, millworker, 62 Kemback street 

Duff, Alexander, yardsman, 7 Balgay street, Lochee 

Duff, Andrew P., lampman, 15 Annfield row 

Duff, Arthur, tenter, 138 Lochee road 

Duff, David, clerk, 62 Blackscroft 

Duff, Donald, joiner, 33 Provost road 

Duff, George, yarndresser, 47 Albert street 

Duff, James, manager, 15 Baffin street 

Duff, James, pharmacist, 31 Strathmartine road; h. 2 Afton place, 
American Muir road, Downfield 

Duff, John, marine officer, 52 Peddie street 

Duff, John, police constable, 86 South road, Lochee 

Duff, Robert, merchant, 14 Victoria chambers ; h. 13 Blackness avenue 

Duff, Thos., wine and spirit mer., 72 Murray gate; h. 137 Clepington rd. 

Duff, Thos., & Co., Ltd., merchs., 22 Meadowside; Alex. Wighton, secy. 

Duff, Thomas M., traveller, 27 Albert street 

Duff, William, postman, 106 Alexander street 


Duff, William D., fruit merchant, 17£ Wellington street 
Duff, Mrs John, grocer, 1 Roslin terrace 
Duff, Mrs John, Ardbeg, 84 Logie street, Lochee 
Duff, Mrs Leanus, 28 South Tay street 

Duff, Misses, of New City Loan Co., Ardbeg, 84 Logie street, Lochee 
Duffin, James, calenderworker, 12 Carmichael street 
Duffin, Robert, clerk, 8 Viewbank terrace 
Duffus, David, sailmaker, 34 Victoria street 
Duffus, George, upholsterer, 28 Balfour street 
Duffus, James, joiner and funeral undertaker, 33 Peddie street 
Duffus, James C., Ardcairn, Blackness avenue 
Duffus, John, hacklegrinder, 41 Rosefield street 
Duffus, John, painter, 11 Kincardine street 

Duffus, J. C, & Nephew, jutespinners, Garden Works, Ben vie road 
(Telephone Nos. 2334 and 2335) ; and Densfield Works, North Isla 
street (Telephone Nos. 1718 and 1659) 
| Duffus, Mary, certificated nurse, 34 Victoria street 
Duffus, Robert N., caretaker, 86 Nethergate 

Duffus, Russell, stationer, tobacconist, 93 South rd. , Lochee; h. 49 Kirk st. 
Duffus, S., frenchpolisher, 12 Annfield street 
i Duffus, William, tailor, 49 Kirk street, Lochee 
! Duffus, Miss, 2 Gowrie place 

Duffy, Rev. Alex., Maxwelltown Baptist Ch.; h. Rockno we, 50 Dalkeith rd. 
j Duffy, Andrew, hairdresser, 90 Blackness road 
Duffy, A., confectioner, 47 King street 
Duffy, John, grocer, 12 Lawrence street 

Duffy, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 57 and 58 Dock street ; h. 59 
Duffy, Thomas, assurance agent, 57 Lilybank road 
Duguid, Alexander, shoemaker, 6 Peddie street 
Duguid, Charles, blacksmith, 5 Wolseley street 

Duguid, James, mason, Edward place, Camperdown street, Bro. Ferry 
Duguid, John Johnstone, clerk, 2 Molison street 
Duguid, William, compositor, 8 Park terrace 
Duguid, William, moulder, 44 Annfield row 
Duke, Charles, yarnbeamer, 184 High street, Lochee 
Duke, William, mason, 141 Ann street 

electrical engineers, Queen street, Broughty Ferry. See Adv. p. 55 
Dunbar, George, carter, 70 Kemback street 

Dunbar, Helen, underclothing and smallwares merchant, 9 Church st. 
Dunbar, James, mechanic, 172 Hawkhill 

Dunbar, James, Dundee Valet Company, 43 Constitution road 
Dunbar, James J., watchmaker, 272 Hilltown 

Dunbar, John, chief booking clerk, West Station; h. 54 Magdalen Yard rd. 
Dunbar, Margaret, ladies' nurse, 35 Provost road 

Dunbar, S., & Son, bootmakers, 104 King street, Bro'ty Ferry ; h. 132 
Dunbar, Thomas S., merchant tailor and costumier, 5 Castle street 

(Telephone No. 2198) ; h. 1 Camperdown place, Broughty Ferry 
Dunbar, Rev. W. A., Wishart Memorial U.F. Church; h. 10 Airlie ter, 
Dunbar, Rev. W. D. ,'M. A. , assist. , St John's U.F. Ch. ; h. UBellefieldave. 
Duncan, Alexander, cowfeeder, Law farm 


Duncan, Alexander, of A. Duncan & Company, Maulesbank, Car- 
noustie (Telephone No. C. 19) 

Duncan, Alexander, harbour porter, 1 Eden street 

Duncan, Alexander, butcher, 88 Dura street ; h. 16 Mains loan 

Duncan, Alexander, plumber, 14 Forest Park road 

Duncan, Alexander, joiner, 1 Melrose terrace 

Duncan, Alexander, 2 Eoslin terrace 

Duncan, Alexander, boilermaker, 6 South Baffin street 

Duncan, Alexander, clerk, 157 Lochee road 

Duncan, Alexander, gardener, Carbet Castle, Broughty Ferry ; h. White 
Rose cottage, Camphill road, B. F. 

Duncan, Alexander, joiner, 47 Logie street, Lochee 

Duncan, Alexander, caretaker, 182 Strathmartine road 

Duncan, Alexander M., grocer, 33 Stirling street 

Duncan, Alex., & Sons, reed, camb, and heddle manufrs., 30 Hilltown 

Duncan, Andrew, 16 Seafield road 

Duncan, A. Bethune, of Don & Duncan, Graycraig, Rockfield crescent 

Duncan, A. B., of A. B. Duncan & Co., St Marys, Newport 

Duncan, A. B., & Co., manfg. stationers, letterpress and lithographic 
printers, bookbinders, paper-rulers, diestampers, 34 N. Lindsay st. 

Duncan, A., & Co., wholesale boot factors, 22 and 24 Bank street 
(Telephone No. 716; Telegrams, "Scotice"); boot stores, 21 
Murraygate (Telephone No. 716a), 119Hawkhill, 122 Albert street, 
15 Strathmartine road, 127 Perth road (Telephone No. 713) 

Duncan, A. G., butcher, 128 Gray street, Broughty Ferry ; h. Rustic 
place, Seafield road, B.F. 

Duncan Brothers & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 20 Panmure st. 
(Telephone No. 204; Telegrams, "Calender") 

Duncan, Charles, coal merchant, 55 Victoria road 

Duncan, Charles, caretaker, Albert Institute Museum ; h. 58 Peddie st. 

Duncan, Charles, clerk, 35 King street 

Duncan, Charles, mason, 9 Rosebery street 

Duncan, Charles C, of David Duncan & Son, The Knoll, Strathern road, 
West Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 47) 

Duncan, Christian, assistant supt., P.O. Telegraphs; h. Cedar place, 
Forthill road, Broughty Fei-ry 

Duncan, David, of David Duncan & Son, Bellfield, 200 Ferry road 

Duncan, David, boilermaker, 3 Victoria crescent 

Duncan, David, calenderworker, 29 Stirling street 

Duncan, David, clerk and treasurer, Dundee Burgh Insurance Committee, 
2 Union street ; h. Parkview, Balgay road 

Duncan, David, ironmoulder, 4 Lome street, Lochee 

Duncan, David, clerk, 3 Caenlochan villas, Strathern rd. , West Ferry 

Duncan, David, market gardener, 509 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Duncan, David L. , cashier, Duncraig, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 

Duncan, David, & Son, solicitors and notaries public, 41 Reform street 
(Telephone No. 781 ; Telegrams, "Duncans, Solicitors") 

Duncan, David S., spirit merchant's assistant, 8 Eden street 

Duncan, D. D., shopfitter, casemaker, 18, 40 Cotton rd. ; h. 1 Sibbald st. 

Duncan, Francis, shoemaker, 31 Crescent street 

Duncan, George, of Alexander Duncan & Sons, 17 Duff street 


Duncan, George, lorry man, 28 Polepark road 

Duncan, George, butcher, 159 Perth road ; h. 17 Union place 

Duncan, George, joiner, 2 Grove street 

Duncan, George, postman, 44 Cleghorn street 

Duncan, George, railway ex-inspector, 12 Bellefield avenue 

Duncan, George, of George Duncan & Co., The Tower, Wormit, and 

Drumfork, Perthshire 
Duncan, George, warehouseman, 11 Bruce street 
Duncan, George, jun., butcher, 244 Blackness road 
Duncan, George, painter, 13 Rosefield street 

Duncan, George B., editor, Strath view, Edward road, West Ferry 
Duncan, George, & Co., merchants, 94 Commercial street 
Duncan, Rev. Geo. M., M.A., S. Salvador's Epis. Ch.; h. 14 William st. 
Duncan, Geo., &Son, bldrs., contractors, 40 Annfield rd. ; h. 19Miller's wd. 
Duncan, Helen, fruiterer, confectr. , 1 19 High st. , Lochee; h. 22 Stewart st. 
Duncan, Hutchison, tenter, 16 Kinloch street 

Duncan, James, collector, officer, St John's Par. Ch. ; h. 3 Kincardine st. 
Duncan, James, F.S.A. (Scot.), 22 Airlie place 
Duncan, James, joiner, 90 Hill street 
Duncan, James, stationer, 87^ Blackscroft 
Duncan, James, railway guard, 6 Peddie street 
Duncan, James, butcher, 84 King street ; h. 1 Lawson place 
Duncan, James, teacher of dancing, 59 Lochee road 
Duncan, James, restaurateur, 36 Rosebank street ; h. 30 
Duncan, James, of Stephen & Duncan, 74 Watson street 
Duncan, James, gardener, 8 American Muir road, Downfield 
Duncan, James, shipping agent, 9 Stirling road 
Duncan, James, agent (Andrew Yule & Co., Calcutta), 16a Ward road ; 

h. 9 Stirling road 
Duncan, James C, ironturner, 3 Watt street 
Duncan, James N., clerk, 12 Baxter Park terrace 
Duncan, James R., joiner and cabinetmaker, 447 Strathmartine road, 

Downfield ; h. 15 Kirkton road 
Duncan, James S. , draper, 74 Church street 
Duncan, John, harbour porter, 7 King's road 

Duncan, John, of Donald & Duncan, Briarwood villas, Broughty Ferry 
Duncan, John, caretaker, Parish Council buildings, West Bell street 
Duncan, John, clerk of works, 8 Brown Constable street 
Duncan, John, mechanic, 18 Shepherd's loan 
Duncan, John, 43 Hill street 

Duncan, John, superintendent of cleansing, 28 East Dock street 
Duncan, John, shipwright, 18 Arbroath road 
Duncan, John, gardener, 17 King street, Broughty Ferry 
Duncan, John F. cabinetmaker, Briarwood villas, Queen st., Bro. Ferry 
Duncan, John K., pawnbroker, 74, 76, 78 Cowgate ; saleroom, 131 ; h. 20 
Duncan, John S., weaving overseer, 155 Strathmartine road 
Duncan, John T. , commission agent, 22 Muirton road, Lochee 
Duncan, John W., calenderworker, 7 South Tay street 
Duncan, John W., manufacturer, Woodknowe, Camphill rd. , Bro. Ferry 
Duncan, Joseph, mason, 2 Annfield road 
Duncan, J. M., accountant, Seafield Works ; h. 3 Rockfield terrace 


Duncan, Margaret, dressmaker, 79 Strathmartine road ; h. 90 Hill st. 

Duncan, Marjory, fruiterer, 25 Constitution road (Telephone No. 1929) ; 

h. 14 Garland place 
Duncan, Mitchell, milloverseer, 360 Perth road 
Duncan, Patrick F., of David Duncan & Son, The Knoll, Strathern 

road, West Ferry 
Duncan, Patrick J. , merchant, 2 Somervillebank, Camphill rd. , B. Ferry 
Duncan, Peter, watchmaker, 13 West Dock street 
Duncan, Robert, engineer, 28 Kincardine street 
Duncan, Robert, shipwright, 6 South Baffin street 
Duncan, Robert, hj'draulic engineman, 1 Seafield road 
Duncan, Stewart, painter, 28 Watt street 
Duncan, Thomas, police superintendent, 45 Milnbank road 
Duncan, William, confectioner, 33 Baldovan terrace 
Duncan, William, brassfinisher, 32 Princes street 

Duncan, Wm., butcher, 148 Hilltown and 65 Wellgate ; h. 9 S. George st. 
Duncan, William, organist and teacher of music, 68 Peddie street 
Duncan, William, late passenger guard, 142 Perth road 
Duncan, William, grocer and wine mer. , 96 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Ford's lane 
Duncan, William, butcher, 100 Logic st., Lochee ; h. 42 High st., Lochee 
Duncan, William, tailor, 12 Cleghorn street 
Duncan, William B., overseer, G.P.O.; h. 3 Balgay avenue 
Duncan, William E., slater, 33 Rosebank street ; h. 17 Bonnybank rd. 
Duncan, William Stewart, 221 Albert street 
Duncan, William S., clerk, Shore Dues office ; h. 312 Perth road 
Duncan, Mrs C, 19 Bath street, Broughty Ferry 
Duncan, Mrs David, 12 Wortley place 
Duncan, Mrs Helen C, 59 Lochee road 
Duncan, Mrs J. C, Helenbank cottage, 4 Pitkerro road 
Duncan, Mrs William M., wine and spirit merchant, The Vine, 56 and 

58 Strathmartine rd. ; h. Sunnybank, 3 Camperdownrd., Downfield 
Duncan, Mrs, Nethergate house, 158 Nethergate 
Duncan, Miss A., confectioner, 253 Hawkhill 
Duncan, Miss A. , 1 Argyle terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Duncan, Miss Bella, blousemaker, 9 Bain square ; h. 86 Ferry road 
Duncan, Miss G., confectioner, 16 Barrack street ; h. 51 Reform street 
Duncan, Miss H., confectioner and stationer, 103 Church st., Bro. Ferry 
Duncan, Miss, 10 Craigie terrace 

Duncan, Misses, drapers, 94 Annfield road ; h. 2 Annfield street 
Duncan, Misses, Woodknowe, Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 
Duncanson, A., millmanager, Edward Street Mill; h. 10 Milnbank road 
Dundas, Alexander, coal agent, Eastview, Claypots road, Bro'ty Ferry 
Dundas, David S., confectioner, 156 High street, Lochee; h. 127 
Dundas, George, moulder, 32 Baldovan terrace 
Dundas, James, jun., clerk, 157 Lochee road 
Dundas, James, sen., engineer, 274 Blackness road 
Dundas, J., assistant librarian, 151 Lochee road 
Dundas, William S., gas revenue collector, 4 Wedderburn street 
Dundas, Mrs David, shirtmaker, 41 Rosefield street 
Dundas, Mrs David, 11 Janefield place 
Dundas, Mrs David, 151 Lochee road 


Dundee Advertiser; John Leng & Co., Ltd., printers and publishers, 

7 to 25 Bank street (Telephone Nos. 655 and 656; Telegrams, "Leng") 

Dundee Aerated Water Manufacturing Company, Limited, 21 Magdalen 

Yard road ; G. G-. Ewing, manager 

Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway, secretary's office, 39 Dock street ; 

Geo. G. Hamilton, secretary. Traffic superintendents — George 

Harvey, Caledonian Railway ; and William Kettles, N.B. Railway 

Dundee Arms Restaurant, 31 High street; James Farley, proprietor 

Dundee Art Society, clubrooms, 43 Nethergate ; Edwin J. Smith, secy. 

Dundee Bedding Company, wire mattress and bedding manufacturers, 

18 Kirk entry ; John Anderson, proprietor ; h. 64 Alexander street 

DUNDEE BOILER COVERING CO., 21 North Tay street (Telephone No. 

635). See Adv. p. 39 
Dundee Bonding Co., Ltd., Scotch whisky merchants, 18 Commercial st. 
Dundee Brattice Cloth Co., brattice cloth and waterproof manufac- 
turers, Regent Works, Milne's East wynd 
Dundee, Broughty Ferry, and District Tramways Company, Ltd., 
4 High street (Telephone No. 1267); Edward Cowan, secretary; 
works, Milton, Monifieth (Teleph. No. M. 24) ; Daniel Fisher, mgr. 
DUNDEE BURIAL SOCIETY, 2 Bain square. See Adv. p. 123 
Dundee Calendering Co., Limited, calenderers, 61 Cowgate; James 0. 

Adams, manager 
Dundee Canister Co., Ltd., Wallace Works, Dens road 
Dundee Carpet Works, Clepington rd. ; Marshall & Brush, manufacturers 
Dundee Carriage Building Co., 25 Mid street (Telephone No. 1183) 
Dundee Catholic Herald, 82 Bell street ; Michael T. Hannigan, manager 
Dundee Cemetery Co. , Ltd. , Western Cemetery ; H. Robertson, super- 
intendent, secretary, and treasurer 
Dundee Central Property Co. , Ltd. , 2a King st. ; Robert Lickley, sec. 
Dundee Charity Organization Society, 7 West Bell st. ; John Dunlop, agt. 
Dundee, Charles M., printer, 37 Nethergate 
Dundee Chess Club, 7 Whitehall crescent 

Dundee City Tramways, St Clement's lane ; Peter Fisher, manager 
Dundee Combination Parish Council Office, West Bell st. (Telephone 

Nos. 1666, 1667); Robert Allan, inspector and clerk 
Dundee ConvalescentHome, Strathmore st. , B'nhill; Miss Bowman, matron 
Dundee Courier; D. C. Thomson & Co., Ltd., proprietors, publishers, 

and printers, Courier place, Albert square (Telephone No. 545) 
Dundee Curling Club, Forfar road (Telephone No. 1923) 
Dundee Dental Hospital, 6 Park place ; hon. secretary and treasurer, 

E. Tosh, C.A., 11 Reform street 
Dundee and District Aerated Water Manufacturers' and Beer Bottlers' 
Defence Association, Bottle Exchange, 21 Douglas street (Tel. No. 
33y3) ; Thomas Tindal, manager 
Dundee District Board of Lunacy ; offices, West Bell street (Telephone 

Nos. 1666, 1667) 
DUNDEE AND DISTRICT Co-operative Coal Supply Association, Limited ; 
office, 13 South Union street (Tel. Nos. 1236, 2001, 2261 ; Tele- 
grams, " Dundee Coal Society") ; dep6ts, Tay Bridge and Maryfield 
Stations, and 8 Burnside street, Lochee ; Robert Martin, secretary. 
See Adv. p. 39 


Dundee and District Economic Building Societies, 38 Whitehall street ; 
James Cram & Son, secretaries 

Dundee & District Mill & Factory Operatives Union, 2 Ireland's lane 

DUNDEE AND DISTRICT Mutual Glass Insurance Assoc, Ltd., 21 Dock st. 
(Teleph. No. 1057); Chas. M. Murdoch, manager. See Adv. p. 115 

Dundee and District Rescue Home Laundry, 18 Cobden street, Lochee 
(Telephone No. 1198) 

Dundee and District Spinners' and Manufacturers' Association, 1 Royal 
Exchange place ; Frank S. Cathro, secretary 

Dundee and District Union of Jute and Flax Workers, 31 Yeaman shore 
(Telephone No. 2073) 

Dundee Dock Warehousing Co., Ltd., The; D. Pirie, & Co., managers, 
37 Albert square 

DUNDEE DYE WORKS, THE, 222 Hilltown (Telephone No. 80); 
Stevenson Brothers, dyers, cleaners, carpetbeaters, and laundry 
proprietors. See Adv. p. 29 

Dundee and Eastof Scotland Photographic Assocn. ; clubroom, 39 High st. 

butchers, and provision merchants, 1 to 7 Erskine st., 133-137 Ann st. , 
4-10 Main st., 153 Hawkhill, 8 Glebe st., 23 and 25 Milnbank road, 
53 and 57 Victoria road, 65 and 67 Constitution road, 82 Hawkhill, 
214a Perth road, 23 Peddie street, 237 Hilltown, 14 to 18 Tannadice 
street, 3 Temple lane, 62 Provost road, 2 Forfar road, 39 Benvie 
road ; 21 High street and 51 South road, Lochee ; 327 Brook street, 
Broughty Ferry, and 9 High st., Monifieth ; bakery, W. Clepington 
road; office, 70 Seagate ; manager, William Phillips. See Adv. p. 75 

tailors, clothiers, and general house furnishers, 68 to 72 Seagate. 
See Adv. p. 75 

Dundee Electrical Stations, Dudhope Crescent road, Carolina port, 
Whorterbank (Lochee), Neish street, Docks, Larch street, Down- 
field, and Brook street (Broughty Ferry) ; Harry Richardson, 
F.R.S.E., M.Inst.E.E., general manager and engineer, and 
consulting engineer (Tele. No. 1635) 

Dundee Eye Institution, 104 Nethergate 

Dundee Fish Market, East Camperdown street (Telephone No. 527) ; 
James Walker, superintendent 

Dundee Fishing Co., Ltd., 31 Reform st. ; A. S. Cameron, jun., secretary 

Dundee Floorcloth and Linoleum Co., Ltd., floorcloth and linoleum 
manufacturers, South road, Lochee 

Dundee Football Club, Ltd., 4 Bain square 

(Telephone No. 1019) ; James Walker, super'dent. See Adv. p. 81 

Dundee Gas Commissioners ; W. M. Burke, treasurer, 89 Commercial st. 
(Telephone Nos. 335, 205, and 213; Telegrams, "Gas"); gas appliance 
showroom, 20 Barrack st. ; complaints department, Irvine square 
(Telephone No. 1048) ; works, East Dock st. ; Alex. Yuill, engineer 
and manager (Telephone Nos. 1758 & 1759 ; Telegrams, "Hydrogen") ; 
branch office and showroom, 444 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Dundee Hide, Skin, and Tallow Brokers' Co., Slaughterhouses (Tele- 
phone No. 514) ; Mungo & M 'Queen, factors 


Dundee Hide, Skin, and Tallow Market, Slaughterhouses, East Dock 

street ; W. Murray & Son, factors 
Dundee Ice and Cold Storage Co., Ltd., Carolina port, Stannergate road 

(Teleph. No. 780 ; Teleg., "Ice") ; Jas. E. Baxter, mngr. and secy. 
Dundee Industrial Schools — Boys, Strathmartine road, Baldovan ; 

James Winchester, superintendent (Telephone No. D. 4). Girls, 

Blackness road ; Miss M. Carphin, matron. Girls' Auxiliary 

Home, Kilchoan, Blackness road 
DUNDEE INSTITUTION FOR THE BLIND, basket, bedding, brush, firewood, 

firelighter, and mat manufrs. , and feather cleaners, 59 Magdalen green 

(Telephone No. 837) ; sale shop, 30 High st. (Telephone No. 761) ; 

Colin Macdonald, manager. See Adv. p. 62 
Dundee Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb, Dudhopebank, 

165 Locheerd. ; Robt. Hansell, headmaster; Miss Creighton, matron 
Dundee Burgh Insurance Committee, 2 Union street ; David Duncan, 

clerk and treasurer 
Dundee Jute and Flax Warehousing Co. Ltd. , 4 Panmure street ; Berg, 

Sons, & Co., managers 
Dundee Labour Club, Ltd., 48 Murray gate (Telephone No. 2032) 
Dundee Laundry, 40 Mains road ; Miss J. P. Guild, proprietrix 
Dundee Liberal Association, 51 Reform street (Telephone No. 1872) ; 

William Smith, secretary. Lochee rooms, 117 High st., Lochee 
Dundee Linen Works, 31 Constitution street; W. G. Grant & Co., 

Ltd., jute spinners and manufacturers (Telephone Nos. 493 and 494) 
Dundee Markets and Slaughterhouses, East Dock street; James A. 

Baxter, Assoc. Ryl. San. Inst., superintendent 
Dundee Meat Market Co., Ltd., auctioneers and meat salesmen, Meat 

market (Telephone No. 1383 ; Telegrams, "Sirloin") 
Dundee Mission to Adult Deaf and Dumb, Mission Hall, Dudhope Park ; 

R. Guy Walton, missionary and secretary 
Dundee Mission to the Out-door Blind, 23 Castle street ; Andrew J. 

Maltman, mission superintendent ; h. 19 Park avenue 
Dundee Motor Cycle Co., 160 Nethergate ; J. E. Whitehouse, proprietor 
Dundee Motor Lorry Co., Ltd., general carriers, 36-38 Foundry lane ; 

W. Raikes Bell, manager (Telephone No. 1777) ; secretary, Boyd 

M. M'Crae, 11 Murraygate 
Dundee and Newcastle Steam Shipping Company, Limited, 33 Dock 

street ; John Plenderleath, manager and secretary 
Dundee andNewtyle Rlwy . Co. , 5 Bank st. ; Herbert K. Ogil vy , W. S. , secy. 
Dundee Operative Painters' Assoc. , 14 New Inn entry ; Wm. Pinlay, secy. 
Dundee Orphan Institution, 133 Perry road ; T. M. Davidson, M.A., 

B.Sc, governor 

(Telephone No. 651); J. W. Kidd, manager. See Adv. on 

coloured page preceding title 
Dundee Police and Water Treasurer's Office, 95 Commercial street ; 

Alexander W. Stiven, C.A., treasurer and collector 
Dundee Prices Current and Trade Report; J. W. Warden & Co., 23 

Panmure street, proprietors (Telegrams, "Wardenry") 
Dundee Property Reversionary Co., Ltd., 11 Whitehall street ; W. B. 

Dickie & Sons, secretaries 



superintendent. See Adv. p. 11 

Dundee Public Warehse., 9 Meadow PI. bldgs. ; T. S. Ross & Co., mangrs. 

DUNDEE ROYAL INFIRMARY, Barrack road; Hugh E. Fraser, M.D., 
medical superintendent. See Adv. p. 129 

DUNDEE SAND AND LIGHTERAGE CO., LTD., 21 Dock street (Telephone 
No. 1057) ; Chas. M. Murdoch, manager. See Adv. p. 63 

Dundee Savings Bank, 2 Euclid street, Archibald W. Sturrock, 
actuary ; Vaness C. Baird, cashier ; John Dye, accountant ; Hill-j 
town branch, 1 Stirling street ; Eastern branch, 9 Arbroath road; 
Western branch, 181 Hawkhill ; Lochee branch, 55 High street, 
Lochee ; Broughty Ferry branch, 84 Fort street, B.F. 

Dundee Seal and Whale Fishing Co. ; whale yard, East Dock street ; 
David Bruce, 33 Albert square, liquidator 

Dundee Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., The, shipbuilders, and ship and engine 
repairers, Panmure shipyard, Marine parade (Telephone No. 84) ; 
David Low, manager; h. Rockcliffe, Wormit (Telephone No. W. 7) 

Dundee Sick Poor Nursing Society, Caird Home, 41 Magdalen Yard 
road ; Miss Milne, superintendent 

Dundee Social Union, 51 S. Tay st. ; Grey Lodge Settlement, 9Well'gton st. 

Dundee Spinning Co., Ltd., jutespinners, 14 Milne's East wynd 

Dundee Steam Forge, 64 Brown st. ; Jas. Carmichael & Co., Ltd., engineers 

Dundee Steam Laundry Co., Ltd., Tait's lane; David Don, C.A., 
secretary ; registered office, 2 Union street 

Dundee Steam Trawling Co. , Ld. , Fish dock ; Wm. High, managing director 

Dundee Stock Exchange Assoc. , 1 Royal Exch. pi. ; F. Airth Grant, sec. 

Dundee Supply Co., Ltd., Italian warehousemen and wine mers., 80 to 84 
Commercial st. (Telephone Nos. 1438 and 182; Telegrams, "Supply") 

Dundee Temperance Society & Gospel Tempce. Union, Y.M.C.A. bldgs. 

Dundee Tramway and Carriage Co., Ltd., taxi-cab and carriage hirers, 
funeral undertakers, and contractors, 188 Perth road, Westfield 
place, and Westfield ave. ; John Beveridge, secretary and manager 

Dundee Unionist Association ; hon. secretary, Henry S. Glenny, 34 
Reform st. (Telephone No. 730) ; hon. treasurer, John L. Stevenson, 
46 Reform street (Telephone No. 765). Headquarters, 51 Murray- 
gate (Telephone No. 2248) ; R. D. Livingstone, organiser 

Dundee Warehousing Co., 8 Panmure st. ; W. F. Soutar, managing partner 

Dundee Water Commissioners, treasurer's office, 95 Commercial st. ; 
Alex. W. Stiven, C. A., treasurer. Water engineer's office, 93 Com- 
mercial street ; G. S. Baxter, C.E., engineer and manager; works 
office, 12 Ward road 

Dundee Waterproofing Co., chemical proof ers and waterproof cover 
makers ; works, Pleasance works ; office, Milne's East wynd 

Dundee Weekly News, Courier place, Albert square ; D. C, Thomson 
&Co., Ltd., proprietors, publishers, and printers 

Dundee Window Cleaning Co., 3 Barrack street 

Dundee Wood Distillation Co., Ltd., wood distillers and manufacturing 
chemists, Graham st. (Telephone No. 1240; Telegrams "Charcoal") 

Dundee Womens' Suffrage Society, 27 Bank street 

Dundee Women's Hospital and Nursing Home, Elliot road, Blackness 
road ; Miss Clark, matron 


Dunkeld Diocesan Catholic Insurance Society, 41 Reform st.; Robert 
Hain, general secretary ; h. 14 Nelson street 

Dunlevy, John, yarn bundler, 2 Easson's angle 

DUNLOP, JOHN, engineer and blacksmith, 25 Rosebank street ; h. 24 
Garland place. See Adv. p. 131 

Dunn, Alexander, dairyman, 325 Clepington road 

Dunn, David, clerk, Edward place, Camperdown street, Broughty Ferry 

Dunn, George, joiner, 4 South Baffin street 

Dunn, George B., millmanager, Restalrig, 294 Strathmartine rd., D'field 

Dunn, Hugh, irondriller, 67 Seagate 

Dunn, James, printer, 30 Ure street 

Dunn, James, grocer and wine merchant, 93 Church street, Broughty 
Ferry ; h. 5 James place 

Dunn, John, mechanic, 5 Malcolm street 
'Dunn, John, B.Sc, F.E.I.S., science master, Morgan Academy; h. 

Springhill house, 9 Springhill 
| Dunn, John, postman, 31 Rosefield street 
j Dunn, John M., tenter, 161 Strathmartine road 
I Dunn, Robert, 47 Princes street 
i Dunn, T., insurance agent, 53 Dens road 
i Dunn, T. Delgaty, art master, 1 Lawside road 
! Dunn, Mrs Catherine, 8 Benvie road 

! Dunn, Miss, gamedealer, 27 Nethergate ; h. 8 Westfield place 
! Dunnet, John, engineer, 20 Baxter Park terrace 

I Dunning, Mrs Mary Ann, confectioner, 9 Benvie rd. ; h. 8 Rosebank st. 
' Dura Works, Dura street ; James Scott & Sons, Ltd. , manufacturers 
j Durham, John, & Son, wholesale stationers, printers, bookbindei-s, and 

paper- bag manufacturers, 11, 13, and 19 Overgate 
JDurie, James P., clerk, 15 Pai'k avenue 
I Durkie, David, baker, 78 and 80 Dura street, 56 Ann street, 37 Cowgate, 

18 Dudhope Crescent road, and 247 Lochee road 

| Durkie, David, jun., baker, 12 Hawkhill, 215 Hilltown, and 83 South 

road, Lochee ; h. Hazeldene, Blackness avenue 
' Durkie, James, jun., of David Durkie, Eikrud, 47 Pitkerro road 
Durkie, James D., baker and confectioner, 137 Hilltown (Telephone 

No. 1959) ; h 139 
Durkie, Mrs, Craigie cottage, 137 Ferry road 
Durlac, Mrs H., Dudhope cottage, 6 and 8 St Mary's place 
Durward, Alex., coml. mngr., Rosebank Wks. ; h. Springburn, Monifieth 
Durward, James S., postman, 28 Springhill 
Durward, John Y., machineman, 18 Arbroath road 
Dustan, Mrs W., apartments, 14 Forfar road 
Dutch, George, 44 Seafield road 
Dutch, William, joiner, 51 Crescent street 
Duthie, Alexander, guard, 10 West Dock street 
Duthie, David, 128 Logie street, Lochee 
Duthie, James S., butcher, 41 Cobden street, Lochee 
Duthie, Susan, grocer and confectioner, 88 Coupar street, Lochee ; h. 

19 Loons road, Lochee 

Duthie, William, grocer and dairyman, 14 Hill street ; h. 12 
i Duthie, William, janitor, 3 Cox street, Downfield 


Duthie, Mrs, wine and spirit merchant, 24 North Tay street; h. Gilmour- 
bank, Seafield road, Broughty Ferry 

Duthie, Miss, milliner, 84 High street, Lochee ; h. 80a 

Duthie, Miss, Post Office Telephones Exchange, 2 Cloan road, Downfield 

Duval Confections Co., Ltd., The, makers of chocolates and confec- 
tions, Craig Pier Works, 36 Murraygate, 1 Crichton street, and 
Craig Pier, South Union street ; Browne & M'Lean, managers 

Dwyer, Benjamin, ironmoulder, 11 Blackness street 

Dye, Charles, clerk, 37 Strathmartine road 

Dye, David, chimneysweeper and slater, 200 Perth road 

Dye, Donald Wilkie, commercial traveller, 18 Bellefield avenue 

Dye, George, chimneysweeper, 15 Hilltown 

Dye, James, chimneysweeper, 19 Victoria street 

Dye, John, accountant, Dundee Savings Bank ; h. Briar cottage, Moni- 
fieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Dye, John, calenderworker, 129 Hawkhill 

Dye, William, chimneysweeper, 25 Nethergate 

Dye, William, of W. & D. Dye, 107 Albert street 

Dye, W. & D., slaters, chimneysweepers, 107 Albert st. & 145 Blackscroft 

Dyer, Alexander H, clerk, 37 High street, Lochee 

Dyer, John, mechanic, 2 Gardner street 

Dyer, Mrs, Ramsaypark, Broughty Ferry 

Dykes, John, stationmaster, Lochee West Stn. ; h. 9 Fyffe's lane, Lochee 

Dysart, George, millforeman, 157 South road, Lochee 

Dysart, Mrs William, 1 Marshall street, Lochee 

Eadie, John E. , manager, Maxwelltown Works ; h. Duncraggan, 420a 

Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Easson, David, draper, 60 Wellgate ; h. Inverythan, Wormit 
Easson, E., draper, 14 Baxter Park terrace 
Easson, George G. , bandsman, 17 Blackness street 
Easson, John R., dockgateman, 108 Rosebank street 
Easson, John, & Son, cork manufacturers, 28 Barrack street 
Easson, Robert, & Sons, millers and grain merchants, 196 and 200 King 

street, Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 92) 
Easson, William, mason, 12 Lawrence street 
Easson, William, pilot, 2 Buchanan street 

Easson, Mrs David, spiritdealer, 166 Overgate ; h. 30 Milnbank road 
Easson, Miss Helen, tobac'nist,confr.,65Gellatlyst. ; h. 45 Commercial st. 
Easson, Miss N., dress and mantle maker, 45 Commercial street 
Easson, Miss, confectioner, 206 Lochee road ; h. 204 
Easson, Miss, Heathbank cottage, Hamilton street, Barnhill 
East, Albert (furniture manufacturer, Lochee), Glendalyn, 4 Farington 

street (Telephone No. 1595) 
East Brothers, Ltd., wholesale furniture manufacturers and upholsterers, 

Lochee Cabinet Works, South road (Telephone No. 664) 
East Coast Eailway Companies, 15 S. Union st.; John Renwick, dist. agt. 
East, Francis, & Co., Ltd., timber merchants, sawmillers, and patentees; 

manufacturers of dining and drawing-room furniture, Windsor 

chairs, tables, sanitary seats, &c. ; Mary field Chair and Cabinet 

Works, Clepington road (Telephone No. 328; Telegrams, "East") 


East, Frank John (furniture manufacturer. Lochee), 4 Westpark gardens 

(Telephone No. 1099) 
East Port Works Co., linen, cotton, and jute manufacturers and 

finishers, Cowgate (Telegrams, "East Port Works") 
East of Scotland Agricultural Co-operative Society, Ltd., office and 

stores, 56 Dock street ; William Barnett, manager 
\ Eastern Club, 3 Albert sq. (Telephone No. 598) ; George Silver, manager 
Eastern General Insurance Co., Ltd., 20 Panmure street (Telephone 
No. 1688) ; R. G. Forbes, manager and secretary 
| Eastern Necropolis, Arbroath road ; William Shepherd, keeper 
I Eastern Telegraph Co. Ltd. (telegrams to India, Far East, Australia, 

South America), 50 Bell street ; T. W. Smith, manager 
l' Easton, Robert, confectioner, 2 Muirton road, Lochee 
I Easton, Mrs Alexander, 39 High street 
! Eccleston, George, warehouseman, 77 Hilltown 
Eckford, William, teacher, Woodlyn, Baldovan road, Downfield 
Economic Drapery and Furnishing Stores, 81 Overgate 
Eddington, Robt. , horticultural builder, Taybank, Church st. , B. Ferry 
Edgar, Charles, compositor, 10 Cleghorn street 
Edgar, John, M.A., F.S.A., lecturer on education, University College; 

h. East Scores, St Andrews 
Edgar, Rev. John Henderson, Butterburn U.F. Church ; h. 22 Rankine st. 
Edinburgh Life Assurance Co., 56 Commercial street; W. Y. Darling, 

inspector (Telephone No. 1374) 
Edison & Swan United Electric Light Co., Ltd. ; Frains, Ltd., district 

agents, 11 Castle street (Telephone No. 143) 
Edmonds, James, tailor, Burnside place, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Edmonds, M., grocer, 59 King street, Broughty Ferry ; h. Burnside 

place, Church street, B.F. 
Edmondstone, Mrs James, 164 Lochee road 

Edmunds, G. A., The Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co., 
Ltd., and Central Insurance Co., Ltd., 51 Meadowside; h. Ryelands, 
Panmure terrace, Barnhill 
Ednie, Andrew W., engineer, 258 Blackness road 

Ednie & Mann, Misses, drapers, milliners, dressmakers., 172 Hilltown 
I Ednie, Robert, police constable, 31 Cleghorn street 
I Ednie, Miss J., of Ednie & Mann, St Ignace, Nevill street, Downfield 

I; Edward, Allan, & Co., merchants, 12 Panmure street 
; Edward, Archibald, dairyman, 63 Hospital wynd 
' Edward, A. Lindsay, outdoor assist, insp. of poor, 244 Clepington road 
I Edward, David, stationer's assistant, 3 Dens road 
I Edward, David, warehouseman, 40 Muirfield crescent, Downfield 
I Edward, David, calenderworker, 12 Cobden street, Lochee 
j 1 Edward, George C., draper, 69 Church street, Broughty Ferry 
I Edward, James, mechanic, 17 Step row 
I Edward, John, assurance agent, 12 North Ellen street 

I Edward, John, traveller, 87 Albert street 
t Edward, John, postman, 45 Ben vie road 

II Edward, J. A. , agt. , British Linen Bank, 23 Victoria rd. ; h. 9 Madeira st. 
I Edward Street Mills ; John Sharp & Sons, Ltd. , jute spinners & manufrs. 
i Edward, William A., accountant, 21 Balgray road, Downfield 


Edward, W. S. , joiner, 4 Well road ; h. 5 Nelson terrace 

Edward, Mrs Alexander, 9 Madeira strreet 

Edward, Mrs Alexander, Westfield house, Westfield road, Bro. Perry | 

Edward, Mrs John, stationer and confectioner, 12 Dura street 

Edwards, A. H., customs, excise officer, 29 Bank st. ; h. 6 Rugby ter., B.F. 

Edwards, David, insurance agent, 14 Thomson street 

Edwards, David, compositor, 42 Scott street 

Edwards, David, jun., engineer, 6 Nelson street 

Edwards, David C., hairdresser, 9 Clepington st. ; h. 147 Clepington rd. 

Edwards, David D., clerk, 8 Arthurstone terrace 

Edwards, D. & W., aerated water manufacturers, Camperdown street, 

Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 1x5) 
Edwards, Frank K. , butcher, 246 Blackness road 
Edwards, George, teacher, 26 Forfar road 
Edwards, Henry, harbour porter, 2 Craigie street 
Edwards, James, bundler, 57 Mains road 
Edwards, James, police constable, 4 Gardner street 
Edwards, John, craneman, 6 Nelson street 

Edwards, John W., of Ponsford & Edwards, 3 South Baffin street 
Edwards, Robert, cashier, 1 1 Baxter Park terrace 
Edwards, Sidney, waiter, 98 Albert street 
Edwards, William, calenderer, 31 Bald ov an terrace 
Edwards, William, mechanic, 29 Scott street 
Edwards, Mrs David, 174 Seagate 

Edwards, Mrs David, Edward place, Camperdown street, Bro. Ferry 
Edwards, Mrs James, 4 Morgan street 
Edwards, Mrs J. H., 14 Paton's lane 

Edwards, Mrs William, Edward place, Camperdown st., Bro'ty Ferry 
Edwards, Miss Agnes, dairy keeper, 19 North Wellington street 
Egan, Margaret, greengrocer, 71 Brook street 
Egan, Peter, sheriff-officer, J. P. constable, and burgh officer, 14 Union 

street ; h. 12 Paton's lane 
Eggo, Mrs George A., 1 Bellefield avenue 

Ehrngren, Miss Adele, Swedish masseuse, 4 Gladstone pi. , Brook st., B.F. 
Elder, Alexander, baker, 33 South road, Lochee, and 30 Dudhope street 
Elder, Charles, stereotyper, 281 Hawkhill 
Elder, David, millmanager, Ingledene, Blackness avenue 
Elder, George, storekeeper, 20 Mid street 
Elder, George, agent, Royal Bank of Scotland, 288 Brook street, 

Broughty Ferry ; h. Bank house 
Elder, James, coaldealer, 7 Lowden's alley ; h. 12 
Elder, James, linoleum printer, 174 South road, Lochee 
Elder, Jane, teacher, 3 Park terrace 
Elder, Magnus, auctioneer, meat salesman, Meat Market (Telephone 

No. 534; Telegrams, "Bullock"); h. 109 Arbroath road 
Elder, Margaret, stnr. & tobacnst., 33 Strathmartine rd. ; h. 7 Parker st. 
Elder, Robert, clerk, 4 Baxter Park terrace 
Elder, Robert, street porter, 76 High street 
Elder, Thomas, baker, 11a Bank street, Lochee 
Elder, William A. B., clerk, Lochlea, 95 Pitkerro road 
Elder, Mrs David, confectioner, 180 High street, Lochee 


Elder, Mrs John, 18 Muirton road, Lochee 
Elder, Mrs, 13 Seaview place, Brook street, Broughty Ferry- 
Elder, Miss H. C. , draper, 85 Milnbank road 
Elder, Miss, teacher, 15 Seymour street 

Electric Theatre, New, 122 Nethergate ; Arthur Howard, manager 
Elgood, William Alsager, sub-agent, British Linen Bank, 35 Murray- 
gate ; h. 2 Cliftonbank, Dalkeith road 
Eller, Maurice, merchant, 2 India buildings 

Elliot, Alexander, Abercromby villa, Coupar Angus road, Lochee 
Elliot, Alex., & Son, wine merchants, 123 High street, Lochee 

(Telephone No. 2119) 
Elliot, John 0., of Alex. Elliot & Son, Abercromby villa, Coupar Angus 

road, Lochee 
Elliot, Mrs Alexander, Abercromby villa, Coupar Angus road, Lochee 
Elliot, Mrs E., babylinen outfitter, 6 Crichton street; h. Erigmore, 

Dalhousie road, Barnhill 
Elliot, James, carter, 16 North Ellen street 
Elliott, F. A., clerk, 10 Bellefield avenue 
Elliott, James, superintendent, Royal London Insurance Offices, 74 

Murraygate ; h. 94 Victoria road 
Elliott, Maggie, confectioner, 102 Dens road ; h. 60 Bell street 
Ellis, George, motor engineer, 109 Lochee road 
Ellis, James, irondresser, 42 Scott street 
| Ellis, James, mason, 25 Dundonald street 
I Ellis, James, nightwatchman, 27 Rosefield street 

: Ellis, Jas. C, clerk of works, Broombank, Camphill road, Bro'ty Ferry 
i Ellis, Mary, laundress, Briarbank, Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 
j Ellis, Robert, coppersmith, 54 Princes street 
Ellis, William, hackleinaker, 40 St Mary's place 
Elmslie, Stewart, ship steward, 13 Eliza street 
1 Elrick, George, sailmaker, 13 Ellen street 
Empire Theatre, 62 Rosebank street 
| Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation, Limited,The, 33 Commercial 

street ; W. C. Nairn, district manager 
* EMPRESS HYGIENIC LAUNDRY, 79 Rosebank street (Telephone No. 440) ; 
Stevenson Brothers, proprietors. See Adv. p. 29 
Emslie, Alexander, lorry driver, |30 Long wynd 
Emslie, George, postman, 11 Fleuchar street 
i Emslie, John, carter, 58 Crescent lane 
Emslie, John, fruiterer, 469 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Emslie, J. F., & Co., merchants, 49 Meadowside 
Emslie, William, police constable, 10 Balmore street 
! England, Richard, milloverseer, 14 Forest Park road 
6 England, Thomas, painter, 27 Morgan street 

English, John, collector, 81 Strathmartine road 
Charlotte square, Edinburgh. See Adv. p. 99 
English, Mrs, confectioner, 83 Strathmartine road ; h. 81 
Erentz, Christian H., agent, 8c King street 

Erentz, Harry, wine and spirit merchant, 13 and 15 South rd., Lochee 
Srskine, Annie, 280 Perth road 


Erskine, David, bootmaker, 199 Brook street, Broughty Ferry (Tele- 
phone No. B.F. 349) ; h. 2 Gladstone terrace, Brook street, *B.F. 
Erskine, James B., clerk, 2 Baxter Park terrace 
ESPLIN & CLARK, property and insurance agents, and valuators, 14 

Cowgate (Telephone No. 203). See Adv. p. 126 
Esplin, Henry W., brassfinisher, 57 Strathmore road 
Esplin, James, water inspector, 2 Russell street 
Esplin, James, warehouseman, 44 Ure street 
Esplin, Robert, insurance agent, 4 Watson street 
Esplin, William, tenter, 22 Catherine street 
Esplin, W. C, ship's clerk and timekeeper, 79 Blackscroft 
Esplin, Mrs Mary, 20 Airlie place 

Esposito, Luigi, confectioner, 149 Perth road ; 7i. 12 Penny cook lane 
Esson, John S., storeworker, 22 Constitution street 
Evening Telegraph and Post, Courier place, Albert sq. ; D. C. Thomson 

& Co., Ltd., publishers 
Ewan, Alfred A., ironmonger, 13 Pitkerro road 
Ewan, Andrew, electrician, 34 Wolseley street 
Ewan, Mrs Alexander, house proprietrix, 2 Dalhousie terrace 
Ewan, Mrs F. M., Forthill road, Broughty Ferry 
Ewart, Alexander T., manager, 3 Cardean street 
Ewen, Alex. , gardener, Dundee Convalescent Home, Strathmore street, 

Ewen, Charles, 2 Strawberrybank 
Ewen, Charles, butcher, 4 Miller's wynd 
Ewen, Fred, motordriver, 5 Fyffe street 
Ewen, John, slater, 80 Ward road 
Ewen, Robert, milloverseer, 13 Balfour street 
Ewing, A. , draper, Whitehall House, 2 Whitehall street ; h. Bonnybank, 

8a Nelson street 
Ewing, Charles B., teacher, 302 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Ewing, George, painter, 13 Lawson place 

Ewing, Geo. G., manager, D'dee Aer. Water Co., Ltd. ; h. 3 Dalhousie ter. 
Ewing, James, dock labourer, 11 Craigie street 

Ewing, Thos. B. , sorting clerk, telegraphist, 5 Gladstone ter. , Brook st. , B. F. 
Ewing, Mrs David, 3 Dalhousie terrace 
Ewing, Mrs J. F. , 6 Clarendon terrace 

ExcelsiorCleaningCo. , expert cleaners, dyers,pressers,repairers, 83King st. 
Express Carriage Co. (Dundee), Ltd., motor hirers and engineers, 1 

South Ward road (Telephone No. 2300) ; manager, R. Menzies ; 

secretary, Boyd M. M'Crae, 11 Murraygate 

Fagan, Peter, broker, 86 Overgate ; h. 82 

Faichen, Mrs Annie, grocer and confectioner, 229 Blackness road 

Fair,Alex. R.,woodcarveranddesigner,49Trades lane; h.38 Baldovan ter. 

Fair, James, wine and spirit mer., 64, 66 Ferry road ; h. 14 Forfar rd. 

Fair, William G., 12 Shamrock street (Telephone No. 190) 

Fair, Mrs John, grocer and spirit merchant, 96 and 98 King street; h. 

Summerhill, 12 Shamrock street 
FAIRBAIRN, LAWSON, COMBE, BARBOUR, Ltd. ; Combe-Barbour branch, 

Belfast; agent, William M. Bell, 2 Baltic buildings. See Adv. p. 12. 


Fairbairn, Lawson, Combe, Barbour, Ltd., Lawson branch, Hope 

Foundry, Leeds; agent, T. M. Peters, The Grove, 1 Panmure 

terrace (Telephone No. 1616) 
Fairbairn Macpherson Leeds, branch of Fairbairn, Lawson, Combe, 

Barbour, office, 10 Panmure street ; William Brown, agent 
Fairful, David, clerk, 53 Taylor's lane 
Fairful, Mrs, waitress, 304 Perth road 
Fairley, William, boilermaker, 11 Robertson street 
Fairley, W. J. , draper, 86 Princes street ; h. 9 Baxter Park terrace 
Fairley, Mrs John, cowfeeder, 168 Arbroath road 

Fairley, Mrs Peter, wine and spirit mercht. , 43 Ann st. ; h. 19 Forfar road 
Fairley, Miss B., milliner, 153 Brook street; h. 19 Forfar road 
Fairlie, John, church-officer, St Paul's U.F. Church ; h. 145 Overgate 
Fairlie, Robert, police constable, 98 Albert street 
Fairlie, William, dairyman, 12 Balfour street 
Fairweather, Adam, hairdresser, 6 Arthurstone terrace ; h. 14 
Fairweather, Alfred, stationer, 276 Hawkhill ; h. 35 Tait's lane 
Fairweather Brothers & Co. , tobacconists and stationers, 171a Hawkhill 
Fairweather, David, glazier, 24 Hawkhill 
Fairweather, David, clerk, 30 Balfour street 
Fairweather, David, mattressmaker, 26 Union place 
Fairweather, David C, clubmaster, 61 Reform street 
Fairweather, D. G., of Fairweather Brothers & Co., 2 Bellfield street 
Fairweather, Francis A. , teller, Union Bank ; h. 1 Blackness crescent 
Fairweather, James, tobacco manufacturer, 61 Murray gate 
Fairweather, James, commission agent, 1 St Peter street 
Fairweather, James, baker, 5 Stirling street 

Fairweather, Jas., gardener, Airlie Park lodge, Dundee road, W. Ferry 
Fairweather, James G., joiner, 24 Peddie street 
Fairweather, John, 1 St Peter street 

Fairweather, John S., merchant, 49 Meadowside ; h. Elms, Meigle 
Fairweather, J. B., flour and farina merchant, 127 Cowgate ; h. Athole 

villa, 21 Forfar road 
Fairweather, Norman Lindsay, Poplarbank, 7 Tofthill, Lochee 
Fairweather, R. W., lodgings, 16 Greenmarket 
Fairweather & Sons, tobacco manufacturers, 108 Seagate (Telephone 

No. 508; Telegrams, "Tobacco") 
Fairweather, William, warehouseman, 27 Park avenue 
Fairweather, William, joiner, Ramsaypark cottages, Broughty Ferry 
Fairweather, William, dairyman, 108 South road, Lochee 
Fairweather, Wm. G., of D. R. Clark & Son, 7 St Phillan's place, Newport 
Fairweather, W. W., of Fairweather & Sons, Invercraig, Albany road,. 

West Ferry 
Fairweather, Mrs A., apartments, Nairneville, 60 Seafield road 
Fairweather, Mrs E. G., 3 Constitution road 
Fairweather, Mrs H., wine and spirit merchant, 37 Princes street;. 

h. Gladstone cottage, 1 Forfar road 
Fairweather, Mrs James, 14 Gardner street 
Fairweather, Mrs John, Ramsaypark cottages, Broughty Ferry 
Fairweather, Mrs Joseph, 105b Nethergate 
Fairweather, Miss Elizabeth, servants' registry, 146 Perth road 


Fairweather, Miss E. , tobacconist, 125 Blackness rd. ; h. 35 Tait's lane 

Fairweather, Miss, 1 Rockfield terrace 

Fairweather, Miss, shorthand writer, 105b Nethergate 

Falconer, C. M., & Co., manufacturers and ropemakers, 42 Castle street 

Falconer, James, 142 Nethergate 

Falconer, James B., of Andrew Ogilvie & Co., Hillpark, East Newport 

Falconer, John, cabinetmaker, 26 Seafield road 

Falconer, John, police constable, 9 Blyth place, City road 

Falconer, John, tramway foreman, 25 St Peter street 

Falconer, John, grocer, 10 Barrack street ; h. 6 Lawrence street 

Falconer, John Gv, draper, Hospital street 

Falconer, Robert, gas inspector, 57 Perrie street, Lochee 

Falconer, Robert C. , clerk, Gas Office ; h. 23 Panmure street, Monifieth 

Falconer, Sarah, 197 Lochee road 

Falconer, Sidney M., of Andrew Ogilvie & Co., 5 Tay ter., E. Newport 

Falconer, William, blacksmith, 2 Victoria crescent 

Falconer, Wm., spirit mer., 17 Constable st.; h. 4 Speed's ter., Tait's lane 

Falconer, William, lodginghouse-keeper, 8 St Clement's lane 

Falconer, Mrs, 12 James place, Broughty Ferry 

Falconer, Miss Helen, professional apartments, 32 Seagate 

Falconer, Miss M., 327 Clepington road 

Falconer, Misses, 142 Nethergate 

Fallan, John, boiler scaler, 87 Watson street 

Farfor, Mrs, May cottage, Seafield road, Broughty Ferry 

Fargie, James H., H.M. Customs and Excise, Customhouse ; h. Crailing, 

Durham street, Monifieth 
Fargie, Miss, Ashburn place, Claypots road, West Ferry 
Farley, James, Dundee Arms Restaurant, 31 High street ; h. 3 Castle 

terrace, Esplanade, Broughty Ferry 
Farley, John, wine and spirit mer., 91 High st., Lochee ; h. 220 South rd. 
Farley, Thomas, hairdresser and perfumer, 32 Overgate 
Farmer, Alexander, 10 Ferguson street 
Farmer, John, joiner, 35 Provost road 
Farmer, James, grocer, 26 Pitfour street 
Farningham, James, late enginedriver, 12 Parker street 
Farquhar, George, carter, 133 Victoria road 
Farquhar, James, compositor, 2 Wilkie's lane 
Farquhar, John Jamieson, letterpress machine foreman, Advertiser 

office ; h. Parksyde, 12 Jedburgh road 
Farquhar, William, insurance agent, 101 Rosebery street, Lochee 
Farquhar, Robert, currier, 9 Airlie terrace 
Farquhar, Miss H., dairykeeper, 109 Ann street 
Farquharson, Alexander, joiner, 33 Cleghorn street 
Farquharson, Alexander R., fireman, 11 Park avenue 
Farquharson, Christina, 153a Perth road 

Farquharson, David, confectioner, 7 Constitution st.; h. 2 Ogilvie's rd. 
Farquharson, David, mechanic, 4 Lawrence street 
Farquharson, David Burns, plumber, 296 Perth road 
Farquharson, George, tailor, 22 Gardner street 

Farquharson, Geo. G. , of John Farquharson & Sons, Rowanbank, Wormit 
Farquharson, James, clerk, 47 Erskine street 


Farquharson, James, head postman, 158 St Vincent street, Bro. Ferry 

Farquharson, John, & Son, plumbers and gasfitters, 151 Perth road ; 
D. M. Farquharson, sole proprietor 

FARQUHARSON, JOHN, & SONS, registered plumbers, brassfounders, gas- 
fitters, and bellhangers, 38 and 44 Barrack street (Telephone No. 
770), Wormit, and at 4 Castle road, Tayport (Telephone No. T. 34). 
See Adv. p. 16 

Farquharson, Thos., of Gibson, Farquharson, & Co., Abercraig, Dundee 
road, West Ferry 

Farquharson, Wm. , housefactor and insurance agent, 26 Castle street 

Farquharson, William R., overseer, 14 Balmore street 

Farquharson, Mrs D. M., 262 Perth road 
• Farquharson, Mrs Finlay, 93 Commercial street 

Farquharson, Mrs James, 53 Milnbank road 

Farquharson, Mrs John, sen., 153a Perth road 

Farquharson, Mrs John, 55 Milnbank road 

Farquharson, Mrs John, laundress, 21 Step row 

Farquharson, Mrs, West End Millinery Establishment, 126 Nethergate 
(Telephone No. 1696) ; h. 125 

Farquharson, Miss, Drumhaber, 79 Pitkerro road 

Farquharson, Miss, Forthill, Hill street, Broughty Ferry 

Farquharson, Misses, Ardal villa, 3 Scotswood terrace 

Farrell, Gerald A. , hairdresser, 107^ & 205 Hilltown ; h. 38 Jamaica st. 

Farrell, James, wholesale slippermaker, 225 Overgate 

Farrell, Jas. , pawnbroker, 23-33 Brook st. ; h. The Firs, 7 Inverary ter, 

Farrell, Jeannie, fruiterer, 267 Hawkhill 

Farrell, Mrs Alfred R., 1 Roslin terrace 

Farrow's Bank, Ltd., 11 High street ; Alexander Brown, manager 

Fasken, Mrs, certificated ladies' nurse, 18 Whitehall crescent 

Faulkes, William, manager, 14 Louise terrace, Grove road, W. Ferry 

Fawns, David, jun., hairdresser, 78 Annfield rd. ; h. 157 South rd., Lochee 

Fawns, George, hairdresser, 157 South road, Lochee 

Fawns, James, mason, 12 Cobden street, Lochee 

Fawns, Joseph, hairdresser, 8 Bank street, Lochee; h. 11a 

Fawns, Thomas, chauffeur, Dryburgh lodge, Coupar Angus rd. , Lochee 

Fearns, George, colliery agent, 3 Roslin terrace 

Fearns, James, of Thomson, Fearns, & Co., Ferncroft, Panmure terrace, 

Fearns, Robert, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 67 Hilltown ; h. 
Lilybank, Dalgleish road 

Fearns, Mrs A., 3 Dalhousie terrace, Barnhill 

Feathers, J. Murray, flax salesman, 4 Hermitage ter., Camphill rd., B.F. 

Fegen, Adam B. , 2 Bright street, Lochee 

Fegen, Henry, fireman, 9 Stewart's lane, Lochee 

Feathers, George F., jute merchant, Duntaw, Perth road 

Feathers, Peter, optician, and photographic stock dealer, 6 Castle 
street ; h. 1 Dalhousie terrace 

Fegan, William, carpetwarper, 14 Shepherd's loan 

Fehrenbach, C. J., watchmaker and jeweller, 24 Murraygate ; h, Rose- 
lea, Seafield road, Broughty Ferry 

Fehrenbach, C. J., jun., jeweller, 8 Paton's lane 


Feldman, E., cap manufacturer, 95 Overgate ; h. 19 Bairt square 

Feldman, George, jute and linen merch., 14 Brook st. ; h. 15 Balfour st. 

Fender, George, mechanic, 53 Milnbank road 

Fender, George, machinefitter, 9 Pitfour street 

Fender, James C., insurance agent, 30 King's road 

Fender, Miss M., confectioner, 270 Hawkhill ; h. 45 St Peter street 

Fenson, Walter, petty officer, H.M.S. "Vulcan" ; h. 7 Balgay st., Lochee 

Fenton, Alexander, grocer, 19 Black street 

Fen ton, Andrew, coal merchant, 16 Charles lane ; h. 11 

Fenton, Andrew, 14 Thomson street 

Fenton, George, clerk, 79 Blackscroft 

Fenton, George, painter, 25 Wellgrove street, Lochee 

Fenton, Henry H. , clothier's assistant, 9 Commercial street 

Fenton, James, of Andrew Hendry & Sons, Peninnah, Monifieth 

Fenton, Rev. James, M.A., Baxter Park U.F. Ch. ; h. 15 Maryfield ter. 

Fenton, John, calenderworker, 23 Church street 

Fenton, Peter, mechanic, 69 North Wellington street 

Fenton, W. S., enginedriver, 8 Blackness street 

Fenton, Mrs Charles, Leyhillock, 6 Coupar Angus road, Lochee 

Fenton, Mrs James, 17 Airlie place 

Fenton, Mrs, 25 Benvie road 

Fenton, Miss, 18 Airlie place 

Fenwick, John, harbour porter, 90 Ferry road 

Fenwick, Joseph W., machinefitter, 13 St Peter street 

Fenwick, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 103 and 105 Nethergate ; h. 5 

Bellefield avenue 
Fenwick, Robert, horseshoer, 80 Ward road 
Fenwick, Stewart, commercial traveller, 51 Blackness avenue 
Fenwick, William, jun., of William Fenwick & Son, 2 Forester street 
Fenwick, William, sen., of William Fenwick & Son, 3 Nelson street 
Fenwick, William, & Son, sanitary plumbers, 11 North Lindsay street 

(Telephone No. 1972) 
Fenwick, Mrs, 2 Tulloch crescent 
Fenwick, Miss R., dressmaker, 4 Balfour street 
Ferguson, Alexander, draper, 5 Roslin terrace 
Ferguson, Alexander, clothier, 76 Murray gate (Telephone No 2120) ; 

h. Homestead, Cedar road, Broughty Ferry 
Ferguson, Alexander, grinder, 5 Gray's lane, Lochee 
Ferguson, Alfred, shipmaster, 317 Clepington road 

Ferguson, And. ,furnituredlr.,59Cowgate; h. 1 68 St Vincent st., B. Ferry 
Ferguson, Arthur, manager, 13 Union street ; h. 6 Bellefield avenue 
Ferguson, A. J., butcher, 100 Princes st. ; h. Cloudsleybank, 15 Nelson st. 
Ferguson, Betsy, manglekeeper, 7 M'Gill street 
Ferguson, Catherine, confectioner, 10 Daniel street 
Ferguson, David, secy., Gilroy, Sons, & Co., Ltd.; h. Norwood, E. N'port 
Ferguson, David, teacher, 2 Francis street 

Ferguson, David T., joiner, Marguerite cottage, Dalhousie rd. , Barnhill 
Ferguson, Donald, tea planter, 7 James place, Broughty Ferry 
Ferguson, Duncan, clerk, 76 Albert street 
Ferguson, George, butcher, 34 Ann street ; h. 20 Nelson street 
Ferguson, George, shipmaster, Ardath, 4 Kerrington crescent, Barnhill 


Ferguson, George, butcher, 4 Lawrence street 

Ferguson, George S. B., headmaster, Hill Street Public School; h. The 
Cottage, 240 Clepington road 

Ferguson, James, engineer, machinemaker, and machinery merchant,, 
Coldside Machine Works, 360 Loons road ; h. 14 Lorimer street 

Ferguson, James, jun., mechanic, 197 Strathmartine road 

Ferguson, James R., clerk, 46 High street, Lochee 

Ferguson, John, of R. Ferguson & Sons, Norwood villa, Westpark road 

Ferguson, John, contractor, 29 Kincardine street ; k. 28 Bellfield street 

Ferguson, John, butcher, 27 Hawkhill 

Ferguson, John, clerk, Braeside, Grove road, West Ferry 

Ferguson, John, railway clerk, 62 Peddie street 

Ferguson, John G. M., accountant, North of Scotland and Town and 
County Bank, Ltd., Albert square ; h. Gordon street, Barnhill 

Ferguson, John L., machinefitter, 19.3 Strathmartine road 

Ferguson, John S. M., accountant, Gordon street, Barnhill 

Ferguson, Peter, of G. H. Nicoll & Co., The Hermitage, Queen street, 
Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F.82a) 

Ferguson, Robert, plumber, 49 Victoria road 

Ferguson, Robert, shipping agent, Fernbank, 14 Clepington road 

Ferguson, Robert, fireman, 10 Annfield street 

Ferguson, Robert, & Sons, oil, leather, flour, and farina merchants, and 
mill, factory, and engineers' furnishers ; office and showrooms, 15 
Bell street ; warehouses, 9 to 15 Royal Exchange lane (Telephone 
No. 94; Telegrams, "Ferguson") 

Ferguson, Robert W., farrier, 14 North Ellen street 

Ferguson, R. , 4 Alpha terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Ferguson, Thomas, yarndresser, 25 Stirling street 

Ferguson, Thomas, of Thomas Ferguson & Co., Eastville, Woodriffe 
terrace, East Newport 

Ferguson, Thomas, engineer, 180 Strathmartine road 

FERGUSON, THOMAS, & CO., textile engineers and furnishers, 35 Cowgate 
(Telephone No. 1081). See Adv. p. 5 

Ferguson, Thos. C, of R. Ferguson & Sons, Norwood villa, Westpark rd. 

Ferguson, William, watchmaker, 58a Wellgateand 7 Cowgate; A. Ingle- 
wood, 1a Inverary terrace 

Ferguson, William, tenter, 13 Clepington street 

Ferguson, William, tenter, 15 Lawson place 

Ferguson, William, manager, 17 Bellefield avenue 

Ferguson, Wm., grocer, spirit mer., 101 Albert st. ; h. 43 Baldovan ter. 

Ferguson, William L., tailor, 16 Gardner street 

Ferguson, William Maxwell, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, Soap- 
work lane (Telephone No. 1770) ; h. 36 Argyle street 

Ferguson, Mrs David, 18 St Ann street, Lochee 

Ferguson, Mrs James F., wine and spirit merchant, 46 and 48 Brook 
street ; h. Blackness cottage, 42 Tait's lane 

Ferguson, Mrs, 84 Strathmartine road 

Fergusson, Rev. A. W., Dundee Parish Church (St Mary's); h. The 
Manse of Dundee, Dalkeith road 

Fergusson, Daniel, railway guard, 103 Rosebery street, Lochee 

Fergusson, Duncan, 67 Perrie street, Lochee 


Fergusson, James, housefactor, 33 Park avenue 

Fergusson, James, yarndresser, 33 Hilltown 

Fergusson, James D., & Co., coal merchants, 81 Ferry rd. ; h. 33 Park av. 

Fergusson, James M. , of Fergusson & Stephen, 2 Hyndf ord terrace 

Fergusson, Robert, grocer, 10 Bellefield avenue 

Fergusson, Robert M. , of Fergusson & Stephen, 20 Whitehall street 

Fergusson, Robert M., jun., of Fergusson & Stephen, 2 Hyndf ord ter. 

Fergusson, R. A., of Wm. Fergusson & Sons, Ltd., Ethiebeaton, near 

Fergusson, R. A. A., of Wm. Fergusson & Sons, Ltd., Ethiebeaton, near 

Fergusson & Stephen, solicitors and notaries, 20 Whitehall street (Tele- 
phone No. 2005) 

Fergusson, Wm., & Sons, Ltd., manufacturers of jute fabrics, Dudhope 
Works, 2 Douglas st. (Telephone No. 359 ; Telegrams, "Forum ") 

Fergusson, Colonel W. H., of Wm. Fergusson & Sons, Ltd., TheBughties, 
Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 

Fergusson, Mrs James, 76 Albert street 

Fergusson, Mrs John, Panmure terrace, Barnhill 

Fergusson, Misses, Tayside, Dundee road, West Ferry 

Fernie, Andrew, assistant supt., Refuge Assurance Co.; h. 284 Hilltown 

Fernie, Andrew, of Fernie & Milne, 264 Hilltown 

Fernie, George, 172 Lochee road 

Fernie, George S., salesman, 4 Arklay street 

Fernie, James, 28 Wellington street 

Fernie, John, engineer, 17 Brown Constable street 

Fernie & Milne, joiners, 9 Ogilvie's road 

Fernie, Robt., clerk, organist, East U.F. Ch.,B.Fy. ;h. Ramsaypark,B.F. 

Ferrar, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 70 High street 

Ferrie, James, insurance agent, 27 Victoria road 

Ferrie, Thomas, labourer, 7 Alexander street 

Ferrier, Chas., mercht., 12 Victoria chambers; h. Firbank, Carnoustie 

Ferrier, C. G., jute yarn merchant, 84 Commercial street; h. Firbank, 

Ferrier, David H., 2 East Somerville place 

Ferrier, D. W., 2 Argyle street 

Ferrier, Euphemia, grocer, 24 Union place ; h. 22 

Ferrier, Frank G., of Graham Ferrier & Co., Beverley house, East New- 
port (Telephone No. N. 43) 

Ferrier, Gibson C, of Thomas Taylor & Co., Embden house, Camperdown 
street, Broughty Ferry 

Ferrier, Graham, & Co., jute, yarn, and cloth merchants, 14 Victoria 
chambers (Telephone No. 2071 ; Telegrams, "Looms") 

Ferrier, Hugh, M.E.C.V.S., veterinary inspector, Public Health Dept., 
West Bell street ; h. Easter Clepington house 

Ferrier, James, painter, 28 High street, Lochee 

Ferrier, James Moir, mechanical dentist, 169 Hilltown 

Ferrier, James P., of Ferrier & Son, 3 Nelson terrace 

Ferrier, John, carter. 15 Arklay street 

Ferrier, P. R., of P. R. Ferrier & Sons, 15 Exchange street 

Ferrier, P. P., & Sons, electrical cooperage and joiners, 18 Greenmarket 


Ferrier & Son, chemists and druggists, 2 Hilltown 
Ferrier, Miss M., 46 Castle street 
Ferrier, Miss, 27 Tait's lane 
Fettes, A. D. R., solicitor, 31 Reform street (Telephone No. 1703) ; 

h. Rohallion, 381 Clepington road 
Fettes, Charles, of W. & R. Ritchie, 3 Balgay avenue 
Fettes, James, superintendent engineer, 15 Baxter Park terrace 
Fettes, James, insurance manager and property agent, 31 Reform street ; 

h. Rohallion, 381 Clepington road (Telephone No. 2024) 
Fettes, James, engineer, 184 Lochee road 
Fettes, Robert, grocer and spiritdealer, 15 Dudhope street (Telephone 

No. 14y1) ; h. Douglasbank, 23 Lammerton terrace 
Fettes, R. W., potato merchant, 109 Strathmartine road 
Fibrocement Works Co., Ltd. ; sole agents in Dundee district for 

asbestos- cement fire -resisting slates and sheets, Johnstons Ltd., 

29 Dock street 
Fichlie, James, butcher, 6 Liff road, Lochee ; h. 127 High street, Lochee 
Fichlie, Mrs Mary, South Road Dining-Rooms, 60 South road, Lochee 
Fiddes, Robt., butcher, 45 Union st. (Telep. No. 161) ; h. 11 Wortley place 
Fiddes, Robert, joiner, 4 Kinloch street 

Fife and Forfar Imperial Yeomanry Headquarters, Drill Hall, W. Bell St. 
Fimister, John, hammerman, 42 City road 
Fimister, Thomson P. , of James Fyffe & Son, 280 Perth road 
Findlay, Alexander, clerk, 45 Mains loan 
Findlay, Alexander, Rock cliff, 12 Stirling road 
Findlay, Alexander, clerk, 143 Nethergate 
Findlay, Alexander, motor lorry driver, 62 Kirk street, Lochee 
Findlay, Andrew, 3 Paterson street 

Findlay, A. J., depute sheriff clerk and auditor of court, Sheriff court- 
house, West Bell street ; h. 36 Forfar road 
Findlay, David C, shoemaker, Fort st., Bro'ty Ferry ; h. Queen st., B.F. 
Findlay, George, police constable, 16 Cleghorn street 
Findlay, George E., printer, bookbinder, and manufacturing stationer, 

Victoria Printing Works, 6 Victoria road ; h. 5 Adelaide terrace 
Findlay, Geo. P. , ironmonger, 38 and 44 Overgate ; h. 97 Magdalen green 
Findlay, James, joiner, 51 Erskine street 
Findlay, James, architect, 33 Albert square (Telephone No. 510) ; h. 

Lynwood, 5 Craigie terrace 
Findlay, James, watchman, 47 Crescent street 

Findlay, James B., finishing overseer, Dunmore villa, Whinnybrae,B. Fy. 
Findlay, James Volume, shoemaker, 26 Arbroath rd. ; h. 10 Forfar rd. 
Findlay, John, contractor, Lochee and Dundee carrier ; orders left at 38 

Overgate and 14 Dock street, and at 124 High street, Lochee 

(Telephone No. 859) ; h. and stable, 61 Kirk street, Lochee 
Findlay, John, fireman, 16 Malcolm street 
Findlay, John, brassfinisher, 36 Park avenue 

Findlay, John M., mngr., W. Murray & Son ; h. Balgownie, 65 Pitkerrord. 
Findlay, J. L., merchant, 20 St Andrew's street ; h. 5 Blackness avenue 
Findlay, Margaret, milliner, 171 Princes street ; h. 22 Barrack street 
Findlay, Robert, restaurateur, 185 Perth road 
Findlay, Robert L., warehouseman, 8a King street 


Findlay, William, painter, 7 Park terrace 

Findlay, William, cashier, 22 Meadowside ; h. 10 East Somerville place 

Findlajr, William, florist and fruit merchant, 298 Perth road (Tele- 
phone No. 2126) ; h. 3 Union place 

Findlay, William, coach proprietor, Lawrence street, Broughty Ferry ; 
h. 126 Gray street, B. F. 

Findlay, William C, fireman. 3 Baltic street 

Findlay, Mrs James, laundress, 9 Wallace street 

Findlay, Mrs James, 6 Garland place 

Findlay, Mrs John, 11 Gladstone terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Findlay, Mrs Mary, 32 Seagate 

Findlay, Mrs Mary Ann, 41 Step row 

Findlay, Mrs M., dining-rooms, 181 Perth road 

Findlay, Mrs William, confectioner, 134 Liff road, Lochee 

Findlay, Mrs, fruiterer, 90 Dura street ; h. 92 

Findlay, Mrs, grocer, 22 Malcolm street 

Findlay, Miss L. B. , 5 Blackness avenue 

Findlay, Miss, 351 Clepington road 

Findleton, David, fish merchant, North Lawton 

Fine Art and General Insurance Co., Ltd., 2 Baltic buildings (Telephone 
No. 697; Telegrams, "Piquancy"); Will. C. Smith, district secy. 

Finegan, Charles, wine merchant, 151 Brook street 

Finegan, Michael, spirit merchant, 42 Overgate ; h. 20 Whitehall street 

Finlay, Crawford, tailor, 10 South George street 

Finlay, John, foreman tinsmith, 40 St Mary's place 

Finlay, John, Hermon lodge, Victoria road, West Ferry 

Finlay, John M., millmanager, Balgay Jute Works ; h. 144b Lochee road 

Finlay, J. H., & Co., Ltd., tobacconists, Tayb ridge station 

Finlay, Robert, engineer, 74 Ferry road 

Finlay, William, grocer, 63 North Wellington street 

Finlay, W. S. , tobacconist, 32 Park avenue 

Finlay, Mrs Helen, confectioner, 57 Arbroath road 

Finlayson, David, moulder, 3 Benvie road 

Finlay son, James, 24 Baxter Park terrace 

Finlayson, Mary, fruiterer, 37 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 

Finnigan, Andrew, wine & spirit merchant, 147 Hawkhill ; h. Myrtle 
cottage, 23 Ancrum road, Lochee 

Finnigan, Mrs J., wine & spirit mer., 74, 76 Hilltown ; h. 51 Blackness av. 

Firstbrook, Mrs Elizabeth, general dealer, 218 Lochee road 

Fischer, Ulrich, merchant, 2 India buildings 

Fisher, Daniel, manager and engineer, Dundee, Broughty Ferry, and 
District Tramways ; h. Rockley, Panmure street, Monifieth 

Fisher, David, assistant agent, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 

Fisher, David, skin and waste mer., 31 Kincardine st. ; h. 10 Hawkhill I 

Fisher, James, millworker, 5 Sinclair street, Lochee 

Fisher, John, hairdr'r and perfumer, 37 Perth rd. ; h. Linfield, Inv'gowrie 

Fisher, John, brassfinisher, 53 Hawkhill 

Fisher, John, merchant, 6 Panmure street ; h. 27 Magdalen Yard road 

Fisher, John W., postman, 45 Peddie street 

Fisher, Peter, manager, City Tramways, St Clement's lane ; h. Taybank, 
Ferry road 


Fisher, Peter, bookbinder, 80 Hawkhill 
Fisher, Robert, seaman, 1 Annfield street 
Fisher, Robert, surfaceman, 19 Blackness street 

Fisher, W. M., L.D.S., R.C.S., Eng., dental surgeon, 136 Nethergate 
Fisher, Mrs Alex., licensed grocer, 19 Hilltown ; h 7 Airlie terrace 
Fisher, Mrs Bella, confectioner, 60 High street, Lochee 
Fisher, Mrs Peter, house proprietrix, 11 Isles' lane 
Fisken, David, mechanic, 9 Craig street 
Fiskin, Mrs J., 8 School road, Downfield 
Fitchet, David S., teacher, 7 Park terrace 
Fitchet, George, dairykeeper, 21 Gray's lane, Lochee 
Fitchet, William, dairyman, 35 North street 
Fitchet, William, warehouseman, 118 Ann street 

; Fithie, A. Scott, of Thomson, Fearns, & Co., 11 Yewbank av., B. Ferry 
j Fitzgerald, Edward, fireman, 44 Caldrum street 
| Fitzgerald, Henry, factory overseer, 10 Lorimer street 
Fitzgerald, James, 5 East Haddon road 
Fitzgerald, John, sorting clerk, 152a Lochee road 
j Fitzgerald, Robert, butcher, 5 Church street ; h. 10 Lorimer street 
Fitzgerald, Robert, boot repairer, 3 North George st. ; h. 23 Ogilvie's rd. 
Fives, Rev. Michael, St Mary's R.C. Church ; h. 22 Powrie place 
Flanagan, Mrs A. M., 314 Blackness road 
Fleming, Alexander, collector, 109 Strathmartine road 
Fleming, Alexander M., of Fleming Brothers, 58 Forfar road 
Fleming, Alfred S., of John Fleming & Sons, 9 Panmure terrace 
Fleming, Angus, calenderworker, 5 Ure street 
Fleming, A. B., & Co., Ltd., oil refiners, Carolina port (Telephone No. 

539; Telegrams, "Batching"); T. H. Kerr, branch manager 
Fleming & Barry, Ltd., timber merchants, Camperdown Sawmills 

(Telephone No. 1617; Telegrams, "Timber") 
[FLEMING, BIRKBY, & GOODALL, LTD., belting and card manufacturers, 

Inextenso Works, Halifax. See Adv. p. 1 
i Fleming Brothers, wholesale warehousemen, 1 Bain square ; clothiers, 
drapers, hosiers, and hatters, 14 to 20 Cowgate (Telephone No. 
1716) ; Household Furnishing Co., 48 and 50 South Tay street 
Fleming, David, clothier, outfitter, draper, 125 and 127 High st., Lochee 
k Fleming, David, blacksmith, 18 Gardner street 

Fleming, Dd. A., secy.,D.H. Fleming, Sons, & Co., Ltd. ; h. 41 Reform st. 
s~ Fleming, Douglas, & Co. Jute, flax, hemp, and general mers. , 2 Baltic bdgs. 
Fleming, Duncan, riveter, 46 Kemback street 

Iteming, D. H., Sons, & Co., Ltd., spinners and manufacturers, Gray 
Street Works, Lochee (Telephone No. 878 ; private room, No. 1591 ; 
Telegrams, "Fleming, Lochee" ; Exchange Box No. 59) 
Fleming, D. M'Grigor, solicitor, 38 Whitehall street ; h. 1 Rosemount ter. 
Fleming, D. N., millfurnisher, machine merchant, and non-conductor 
boiler and pipe coverer, 26 Willison street (Telephone No. 1x2) ; 
h. Homewood, Monifieth 
p leming, Edward W., of J. & J. Fleming, Dhuard, 2 Constitution ter. 
"leming, E. A., 139 Clepington road 
'leming, George, clerk, 32 Gardner street 
leming, George (of C. & A. Danby, Calcutta), 25 Blackness avenue 


Fleming & Haxton, passenger, tourist, and shipping agents, 76 High 

street (Telephone No. 1794) 
Fleming, James, ironmonger, 17 Mary field terrace 
Fleming, James, tenter, 20 Black street 
Fleming, James, bookseller and advertising agent, Dundee Advertiser 

correspondent, 53 Gray street, Broughty Ferry ; h. 8 Taymouth 

place, Monifieth road, B.F< 
Fleming, James, mechanic, 9 Balgay street, Lochee 
Fleming, James A., of J. & J. Fleming, 41 Constitution street 
Fleming, James P., of J. & J. Gray, 142 Nethergate (Teleph. No. 607a) 
Fleming, John, of John Fleming & Sons, 9 Panmure terrace 
Fleming, John Hume, carpet, furniture, and bedding manufacturer, 

47 Yeaman shore ; h. Fairmount, Blackness avenue 
Fleming, John, & Sons, wholesale grocers, 165 and 167 Seagate 
Fleming, John S. , grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 215 Hawkhill ; h. 

Parkknowe, 21 Hillcrest road 
Fleming, John W. , of Salmond & Fleming, Balmyle road, West Ferry 
Fleming, J. Gilbert, sub-agent, National Bank, Reform street ; h. 3 

Briarwood terrace 
Fleming, J. & J., wholesale London, Birmingham, and Sheffield ware- 
housemen, and importers of French and German goods, 1-7 Overgate 

(Telephone No. 1238; Telegrams, "Fleming, Overgate") 
Fleming, Lizzie H., teacher of music, 142 Nethergate (Teleph. No. 607a) 
Fleming, Patrick P., merchant, 31 Albert square (Telephone No. 146) ; 

h. Ravenscraig, East Newport (Telephone No. N. 59) 
Fleming, Philip, of D. H. Fleming, Sons, & Co., Ltd., Ingleside, Coupar 

Angus road, Lochee (Telephone No. 878a) 
Fleming, Reid, & Co. , Ltd. , Scotch Wool and Hosiery Stores, 82 Netherg'e 
Fleming, Robert, of Robert Fleming & Co., 22 Meadowside (Telephone 

No. 597) ; h. Joyce Grove, Nettlebed, near Henley-on-Thames 
Fleming, Robert, tenter, 2 North George street 
Fleming, Robert, & Co. , merchants, and London correspondents, Scottish 

American Trust Companies, Ltd., and Northern American Trust 

Co., Ltd., 22 Meadowside (Telephone No. 597) 
Fleming, Thomas, broker, 91 Princes street ; h. 185 
Fleming, William, butcher, 86 Strathmartine road; h. 109 
Fleming, William, stationer and newsagent, 250 Perth rd. ; h. 23 Step row 
Fleming, William, mechanic, 164a High street, Lochee 
Fleming, William, grocer and wine merchant, 275 and 277 Brook street, 

Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 239) ; h. 7 Rugby terrace, B.F , 
Fleming, William, mason, 273 Hilltown 
Fleming, W. P., music teacher, 104 Nethergate (Telephone No. 40y); 

h. Westfield terrace, Newport 
Fleming, Mrs Alex. D., Broomknowe, 7 Victoria pi., Queen st., W. Ferry 
Fleming, Mrs Andrew P., Unionbank, 6 Tof thill, Lochee 
Fleming, Mrs Charles P. , 2 Adelaide place 
Fleming, Mrs James, 16 Cleghorn street 
Fleming, Mrs James, 2 Park place 

Fleming, Mrs James, 11 Castle terrace, Esplanade, Broughty Ferry 
Fleming, Mrs Mathew, general dealer, 82 King street 
Fleming, Mrs R. P., 14 James place, Broughty Ferry 


Fleming, Mrs Thomas, 11 Robertson street 
Fleming, Mrs, Vermont, Gordon street, Barnhill 
Fleming, Miss E., 76 High street ; h. Braeside, West Newport 
Fleming, Misses J. & A. , dressmakers, 93 Arbroath road 
Fleming, Miss, St Mary's place, King street, Broughty Ferry 
Fletcher, Edward, tailor, 177 Blackness road 
Fletcher, Edward, glazier, 40 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 
Fletcher, John, 24 Heron's lane, Lochee 
Fletcher, J. P., hairdresser, 142 Overgate 
Fletcher, W. R., grocer and Italian warehouseman, 238 Brook street, 

Broughty Ferry (Teleph. No. B.F. 77) ; h. Weltonroche, Barnhill 

(Telephone No. B.F. 253) 
Flett, James, grocer, 4 Hill street 

Flett, Peter G., grocer, 86 and 88 Dens road ; h. 208 Strathmartine road 
Fleuchar Craig Aerated Water Works, 44Tait's lane ; David Nicoll, propr. 
Flight, George, waiter, Station cottage, 1 Whorterbank, Lochee 
Flight, William, joiner, 23 Clepington street 

Flight, William, police sergeant, Claypots cots., Claypots rd., W. Ferry 
Flight, William S. , insurance agent, 35 Springhill 

Flockhart, Alex., licensed grocer, 31 Craigie st. ; h. 6 Cobden st., Lochee 
Flockhart, William, lithographer, 83 Magdalen green 
Floerke, W., teacher of German, 11 Nethergate 
Flood, John, calender foreman, 11 Isles' lane 
Florence, John, shoe-heel and toe-plate maker, 30 Hilltown 
Florence, Mrs William, 37 Provost road 
Floyd, Hugh, meter inspector, 21 Stirling street 
Flynn & Co. , ladies' and gentlemen's tailors, 41 Reform street 
Flynn, Gilbert, waiter, 27 South George street 

Flynn, Jas., assist, supt., Prudential Assurance Co.; h. IS Bellefield ave. 
Flynn, Pat., grocer and table beer, 22 St Mary st. ; h. 22 St Mary's place 
Flynn, Rev. William, St Mary's R.C. Church ; h. 22 Powrie place 
Flynn, Mrs William, 44 Provost road 
Foggie, Andrew R. , clerk, 2 Bellefield avenue 

Foggie, David, artist, 132a Nethergate ; h. Lucklawhill, by Leuchars 
Foggie, James K., fine art dealer, 162 City road 
Foggie, James, & Son, architects, 45 Commercial street 
Foggie, John, F.C.S., lecture demonstrator, chemical department, 

University College ; h. 4 Bellefield avenue 
Foggie, T. Kilgour, of James Foggie & Son, 37 Nethergate 
Foggie, Wni. , joinerand builder, Whittonst. ; h. Parkside, 96 Arbroathrd. 
Foggie, William E., M.A., M.D., 4 Airlie place 

Foley, Wm. , survyr. , H. M. Customs & Excise, Customhse. ; h. 50 Forfar rd. 
Follen, Martin, 15 Harriet street 
Folley, John, general dealer, 84 Lochee road 

Folley, Thomas, licensed broker, 79^ Lochee road ; h. 28 Fyffe street 
'Foote, Alexander, blacksmith, 16 Flight's lane, Lochee 
Foote, Andrew A. , secretary, Dudhope Works ; h. 24 Baxter Park ter. 
Foote, Henry W. , coachtrimmer, Myrtlebank, 3 Wellgrove ter. , Lochee 
Foote, James, cashier, 21 Airlie place 
Foote, James M., police constable, 27 Scott street 
Foote, Thomas, 16 Flight's lane, Lochee 


Foote, W., cycle agent, 99 Albert street 

Foote, Mrs Alexander A., 1 Bank street 

Foote, Mrs A. Allan, house proprietrix, 57 Dura street 

Foote, Mrs C, 1 Miller's wynd 

Forbes, Alexander, waiter, 120 Victoria road 

Forbes, Alexander, baker, 11 Strathmartine road 

Forbes, Alexander, joiner, 8a King street 

Forbes, Alexander, of M'Keran & Forbes, 23Benvieroad 

Forbes, Alexander, goods checker, 7 Thistle street 

Forbes, Alexander, grocer and spirit merchant, 53 Hospital wynd 

Forbes, Alex. R., shipping clerk, Bellefield, 4 Campfield rd., B. Ferry 

Forbes, Alex. Watt, com. traveller, Glenesk pi., Monifieth rd., B. Ferry 

Forbes, Alfred G., draughtsman, The Bield, 33 Tullideph road, Lochee 

Forbes, Alfred J., pianoforte and organ tuner, 44 King's road; h. 3 

Links place, Castle street, Broughty Ferry 
Forbes, Annabella, nurse, 310 Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
Forbes, Archibald, tailor, 31 Provost road 
Forbes, Charles P., craneman, 12 Rose street 
Forbes & Christie, calenderers, packers, and sack manufacturers, 80 

Victoria road ; office, 4 Forebank road 
Forbes, David, clerk, 213 Albert street 
Forbes, David, gardener, Bridge street, Barnhill 

Forbes, David G. , hairdresser, 106 Rosebank st. ; h. 10 St Matthew st. 
Forbes, David W., manager, Tayfield Works ; h. 33J Seafield road 
Forbes, Duncan S., Margaret villa, 15 Muirfield road, Downfield 
Forbes, D. J., M.B., 1 South Tay street 
Forbes, Elizabeth, milliner, 143 Blackscroft 
Forbes, Ellen, 96 Hilltown 

Forbes, G. D., manager, East Port Works ; h. The Oaks, 13 Duff street 
Forbes, Henry N., teacher of music, 11 Whitehall street 
Forbes, Hugh, plumber, 21 Milnbank road 

Forbes, James, dairyman, Rosefield Dairy, 179a Blackness road 
Forbes, James, confectioner, 179 Overgate ; h. 183 
Forbes, James, saddler, harness maker, 40 South Tay street ; h. 26 

Forest Park road 
Forbes, James, shoemaker, 10 Carmichael street 
Forbes, James, jun., saddler, 61 Hawkhill 

Forbes, John, sergeant of police, Police Station, Brown street, B. Ferry 
Forbes, John, 5 Norma terrace, Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 
Forbes, John, compositor, 167 Albert street 
Forbes, John, mechanic, 155 Strathmartine road 
Forbes, John, mechanic, 39 Lochee road 
Forbes, John, bootmaker, 7 Park avenue 
Forbes, John, caretaker, 3 Fyffe street 
Forbes, John R., fish merchant, 19 Baxter Park terrace 
Forbes, John S., pianist, piano and organ tuner, 35 Park avenue 
Forbes, Jonathan, com. mer., 29 Dock st; h. Greenfield house, Pitkerro rd. 
Forbes, J., of Forbes, Sons, & Co., 14J Paton's lane • 

Forbes, J. R., fish merchant, 87 Cowgate; h. 6 Nelson street 
FORBES, J., SONS, & CO., cartwrights, van and carriage builders, 19 

Magdalen Yard road. See Adv. p. 4 


Forbes, J. T. , musicseller, 44 King's road (Telephone No. 38x) ; h. 35 

Park avenue 
Forbes, Peter, Sinagoe, 132 City road, Lochee 
Forbes, Robert, shipmaster, 12 Janefielcl place 
Forbes, Robert, tenter, 19 Clepington street 
Forbes, R. G-., of Willison & Forbes, 3 Hill crescent, Wormit 
Forbes, Stanley, sawtrimmer, 104 Lochee road 
Forbes, Steven, painter, 81 and 83 Ann street (Telephone No. 1537) ; 

h. Maryfield cottage, 18a Forfar road 
Forbes, Stewart, waiter, 73 Hilltown 
Forbes, S. D., dressmaker, Bridge street, Barnhill 
Forbes, Thomas, messenger-at-arms, sheriff- officer, burgh and J.P. 

officer, 45 Commercial street ; h. 1 Aberlemno terrace 
Forbes, William, window-bill and ticket agent, 22 Kincardine street 
Forbes, William, slater, 3 Parker street 

Forbes, William M. , fireman, Central Fire Station ; h. 80 Ward road 
Forbes, William S., tailor and clothier, 13 Albert square 
Forbes, William W., provision and Italian warehouseman, 35 Union 

street (Telephone No. 184) 
Forbes, Mrs Annie, midwife, 22 Kincardine street 
Forbes, Mrs A., apartments, 33 Castle street 
Forbes, Mrs Matthew, tobacconist, 17 Overgate 
Forbes, Mrs M., apartments, 24 Garland place 
Forbes, Mrs Thomas, 19 Baxter Park terrace 
Forbes, Mrs, 9 Brown Constable street 

Forbes, Miss Margaret, stationer and tobacconist, 13^ Mains road 
Ford, Andrew, dock foreman, 2 Graham place 
Ford, D. L., salesman, 2 Liff road, Lochee 
Ford, George, of Mann & Ford, Milnbank, 17 American Muir road, 

Ford, James, hairdresser, 16 Ferry road ; h. 8 
Ford, James, wine and spirit merchant, 75 and 77 Church street 

(Tele. No. 1998) ; h. Milnbank, 17 American Muir road, Downfield 
Ford, James, jobbing gardener, 61 Ancrum road, Lochee 
Ford, James, cycle agent, 572 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Ford, John, of Kinninmonth & Ford, 240 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Ford, John, calenderworker, 70 Caldrum street 
Ford, John, milloverseer, 9 Malcolm street 

Ford, John D., merchant, 2 India buildgs. ; h. 8 Duntrune ter., W. Ferry 
Ford, Thomas, lorryman, 10 Arthurstone terrace 
Ford, William F., district agent, Scottish United Reform Friendly 

Society, 44 Cobden street, Lochee 
Ford, William S., labourer, 572 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Ford, Mrs Eliz. M., grocer, confectr., 49 Hill street ; h. 32 Mortimer st. 
Ford, Mrs H., sick nurse, 28 Ward road 
Ford, Mrs, 19 Lintrathen gardens 

Forebank Dye Works, 1 Forebank road ; William Watson & Co. , dyers 
Forebank Works, 15 Forebank road; Andrew Taylor & Co., manufactrs. 
Foreman, Charles, stationer, tobacconist, and sub-postmaster, 5 Cobden 

street, Lochee ; h. 38 Rankine street 
Foreman, James, Roslyn villa, Castle street, Broughty Ferry 


Foreman, William, shore porter, 11 Graham place 

FORESTERS' HALLS, 6 Nicoll st. ; Robert Ward, caretaker. See Adv. p. 20 

Forgan, Mrs, 7 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 

Forrest, Andrew R., engineer, 28 Springhill 

Forrest, Charlotte, 302 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Forrest, James, coffeehouse-keeper, 32 Dock street 

Forrest, John D., wholesale egg merchant, 15 W. Dock street (Telephone 

No. 769 ; Telegrams, " Eggs") ; h. Traquair, Guthrie ter. , Barnhill 
Forrest, Milne, jute salesman, 49 Meadowside ; h. Glamis cot. , Carnoustie 
Forrest, Simon, of Andrew Leitch & Co., vice-consul for Sweden, 

Craigard, East Newport 
Forrest, William, shoemaker, 53 King street 
Forrest, William, ironmoulder, 1 Ferguson street 
Forrest, Mrs Alexander, 63 Albert street 
Forrester, Alexander, mechanic, 70 Church street 
Forrester, David, of Ogilvie & Co., Clarencebank, 41 Rankine street 
Forrester, David, joiner, 9 Balgay street 
Forrester, James, 37 Nethergate 
Forrester, James, tenter, 184 High street, Lochee 

Forrester, John, director, Maxwells (D'dee) Ltd. ; h. Duneaves, B. Ferry 
Forrester, John S., mechanic, 12 Arthurstone terrace 
Forrester, J., Duneaves, Clay pots road, West Ferry 
Forrester, William, warehouseman, 7 Parker street 
Forrester, William, joiner, 225 Clepington road 
Forrester, William, mechanic, 8 Annfield street 
Forrester, Miss, 2 Bright street, Lochee 
Forret, David, watchmaker, 5 Whitehall street 
Forster, Albert E., boilermaker, 17 Baxter Park terrace 
Forster, George, blindmaker, 26 Union place 

Forster, Wm. , works manager, Blackness Foundry ; h. 27 Perth road 
Forster, William H., shipyard manager, Caledon Shipbuilding and 

Engineering Co., Ltd.; h. Seton cottage, 244 Ferry road 
Forster, Mrs, 26 Union place 
Forsyth, H. Campbell, secretary, Draffen & Jarvie, Ltd. ; h. Rocklynn, 

106 Forfar road 
Forsyth, James, waiter, 78 Watson street 
Forsyth, John, ironturner, 43 Baldovan terrace 
Forsyth, John, chemist and druggist, 17 High st. ; h. Benvrackie, Panmure 

terrace, Barnhill 
Forsyth, John C, patternmaker, 163 Strathmartine road 
Forsyth, Rev. Stephen, M.A., ChapelshadeEstab.Ch. ; h. 44 Thomson st. 
Forsyth, Thomas, sawmiller, 54 Dallfield walk 
Forsyth, William, compositor, 13 Bellefield avenue 
Forsyth, Mrs Alexander, 3 Park terrace 
Forsyth, Mrs A., 17 Bellefield avenue 

Forsyth, Mrs, 17 Step row * 

Forte, D., confectioner, 61 Dura street ; h. 4 Eliza street 
Forte, M., confectioner, 71 Strathmartine road ; h. 4 Eliza street 
Forte, P., confectioner, 139 Victoria road 
Fortune, Mrs A., apartments, 63 Gellatly street 
Forturia, L., confectioner, 124 Victoria road 


Forwell, William, 30 Stirling street ; h. Hillcrest, Monifieth 
Foster, James R., of David Barrie, Ltd., 46 Castle street 
Fotheringham, Archibald, dresser, 58 Hill street 
Fotheringham, James, clerk, 311 South road, Lochee 
Fotheringham, William, joiner, 3 Easson's angle 
Foulis, David, manager, Ann Street Works ; h. 113 Arbroath road 
Foulis, Mrs P., wine and spirit mer., 136 Victoria road; h. 1 Victoria cres. 
Fowler, A. R., district supt. , Vacuum Oil Co., Ltd. ; h. 17 Blackness aven. 
FOWLER, JAMES, frenchpolisher, 107 Victoria road ; office, 117 (Teleph. 

No. 1082) ; h. 3 Wellington street. See Adv. p. 86 
Fowler, James, milloverseer, 25 Morgan street 
Fowler, James, traveller, 50 Fort street, Broughty Ferry 
Fowles, John, clerk, Westbeach cottage, Douglas terrace, Bro. Ferry 
Fowlis, John, bootmaker, 38 Court street 
Fox, Alfred, clerk, 147 Clepington road 
Fox, James W., clerk, 26 Forfar road 
Fox, Thomas, mechanic, 1 City road 
Fox, William, butcher, 274 Hawkhill ; h. 33 Tait's lane 
Fox, Mrs John, general dealer, 64 James street ; h. 18 Stirling street 
Frain, William, A.I.E.E., of Frains, Ltd., 3 Roxburgh terrace 
Frains, Ltd., wholesale and retail merchants in china, glass, fancy goods, 

and oriental furnishings, district agents of Edison & Swan United 

Electric Light Co., Ltd. ; Frain's buildings, 9 to 21 Castle street 

(Telephone No. 143), and 12 to 18 Tindal's wynd 
Frame, A. F. , engineer and boiler inspector, 27 Baxter Park terrace 
France, Consular agent for — James M. Gray, 69 Reform street 
Franchi, J. & L., confectioners, 49 Overgate ; h. 6 Whitehall crescent 
Francis, James, late farmer, 4 Westfield place 
Francis, John, storekeeper, 11 Roslin terrace 

Fraser, Alan, of Peter M'Intyre, Ltd., 4 Rosewood ter. (Tel. No. 2339) 
Fraser, Alexander, joiner, 105 Rosebery street. Lochee 
Fraser, Alexander, bundler, 108 Rosebank street 
Fraser, Alexander, coachpainter, 2 Wilkie's lane 
Fraser, Alexander K., postman, 36 Park avenue 
Fraser, Andrew, musician, 47 Dens road 
Fraser, David, milloverseer, 4 Isla street 
Fraser, Duncan, overseer, 155 Strathmartine road 

Fraser, Evan H. , head teacher, Tay Street Public School ; h. 1 Give st. 
Fraser, George, tenter, 16 St Mary s place 
Fraser, George, tailor, 22 Union place 
Fraser, George, teeth specialist, 196 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

(Telephone No. B.F. 350) ; h. 1 Renny place, Grove rd., W. Ferry 
Fraser, Geo., insur. inspr., Hammonia, 564 Strathmartine rd., Downfield 
Fraser, Geo., & Co., wholesale fruit and potato mers., 9 and 10 Dock st. 
Fraser, Gilbert, manager, Ward Mills ; h. 1 Anstruther road 
| Fraser, G. A., clerk, 27 Park avenue 
Fraser, Henry, jute batcher, 1 Langlands street 
Fraser, HughE.,M.D., medical superintendent, Dundee Royal Infirmary; 

h. 3 Dudhope terrace 
Fraser, James, caretaker, Ann Street Public School ; A. 9 St Salvador st. 
Fraser, James, 7 Rosebank road 


Fraser, James, clothier, 153 and 155 High street, Lochee 

Fraser, James, compositor, 11 Kirkton road, Downfield 

Fraser, James K., dental mechanic, 3 Hilltown ; h. 163 Strathmartine 

Fraser, Jessie, Aftonbank, 432 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Fraser, John, engineer, 163 Strathmartine road 
Fraser, John, hatter's assistant, 3 Gowrie street 

Fraser, John, manager, mechanical dept. , Dens Wks. ; h. 5 Baxter Park ter. 
Fraser, John, gilder and pictureframe maker, 46 and 48 Barrack street 
Fraser, John, gilder and pictureframe maker, 4 Caldrum street ; h. 20£ 
Fraser, John, late moulder, 29 Hill street 
Fraser, John, 25 Stirling street 
Fraser, John, fireman, 69 Church street 
Fraser, John, gardener, 4 Earl street, Lochee 

Fraser, John, police inspector, Police Office, Lochee ; h. 39 South road 
Fraser, John, confectioner, 371 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Fraser, John C, stableman, 20 Watson street 
Fraser, John E., jeweller, 121 Hawk hill 

Fraser, John G., manager, Provident Clothing Co., Ltd.; h. 78 Lochee rd. 
Fraser, John P., fish merchant, 12 Princes street ; h. 20 Dallfield terrace 
Fraser, K. P., clerk, 49 Taylor's lane 
Fraser, Margaret, 17 Forest Park road 

Fraser, Margaret B., photographer, 134b Nethergate ; h. 23 Castle st. 
Fraser, Peter, joiner, 19 Scott street 

Fraser, Peter, detective superintendent, 58 Strathmore road 
Fraser, Robert, of A. G. Kidd & Son, Ltd., 15 Baxter Park terrace 
Fraser, Simon G., of Rough & Fraser, Abbotsford villa, 131 Strathmartine 

road (Telephone No. 1445) 
Fraser, Walter, plumber, 18 Benvie road 
Fraser, William, pictureframe maker, 14 Baxter Park terrace 
Fraser, William, draper, 96 Ann street ; h. 32 Wellington street 
Fraser, William, foreman warehouseman, 11 Roslin terrace 
Fraser, Wm., insur. agent, W. Clepington house, 129 Strathmartine rd. 
Fraser, William J., commercial printer, 62 Murray gate (Telephone 

No. 2y2) ; h. Durham street, Monifieth 
Fraser, W. W H., of Balharrie, Fraser, & Co., Ltd., 23 Blackness ave. 
Fraser, Mrs Alexander, 35 Arbroath road 
Fraser, Mrs Douglas, 4 Hawkhill place 
Fraser, Mrs D., 5 South Baffin street 
Fraser, Mrs J. C, 27 Morgan street 
Fraser, Mrs Robert, 14 Union street 
Fraser, Mrs, 153a Perth road 
Fraser, Mrs, 17 Morgan street 
Fraser, Miss, designer and embroiderer, decorative needlework depot, 

51 and 53 Nethergate ; h. 17 Seymour street 
Fraser, Miss, 14 Argyle street 
Frazer, Miss E., 6 Perth road 
Frederick, John, seaman, 40 Princes street 
Frederick, William, seaman, 36 Victoria street 
Free Labour Bureau, 65 Trades lane; James Galloway, labourmaster ; 

Robert T. Leitch, secretary 


Free Libraries, Albert Institute, Albert sq. (Teleph. No. 1707) ; Ward 

road, Arthurstone, Coldside, Blackness, St Roque's, and Lochee ; 

Art and Natural History Museum, and Picture Galleries, Albert 

square and Ward road ; Engineering, Mechanical, Industrial, and 

Archaeological Museum, Dudhope Park ; A. H. Millar, LL. D. , 

F.S.A. (Scot.), secretary, chief librarian, and curator; Alexander 

S. Webster, sub-librarian and sub-curator 
Freeman, Robert, musician, 8 Clepington street 
FRENCH, ANNIE, children's outfitting, ladies' underclothing, millinery 

and drapery warehouse, 286 Perth road ; h. Brightside, Stirling 

road, Stannergate. See Adv. p. 50 
French, William Forrest, of Little & French (Telephone No. 2213), 

The Laurels, East Newport 
Freudenfels, Hugo, Invermark, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
Frew, R.E., manager, Yost Typewriter Co., Ltd. ; h. Craigower, Tayport 
Froebel, F.E. V., foreign corresp. , Bl'knessF'ndry ; h. Daisybank, Wormit 
Fry, J. S., & Sons, Ltd., cocoa and chocolate manufacturers, 21 

and 25 Union street (Telephone No. 1394) ; W. H. Horswell, agent 
Fryer, Harry, bath attendant, 31 City road 
j Fullerton, Edward, of James Fullerton & Co., Yardley, Carnoustie 
| Fullerton, George, ironmonger, 254 Blackness road 
! Fullerton, James, & Co., merchants, 51 Meadowside 
I Fullerton, Mrs James, 7 Melville terrace 
Fullerton, Mrs, Twin cottage, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Fullerton, Misses, Norwood, Seafield road, Broughty Ferry 
Fulton, Angus R., B.Sc, A.M.Inst.C.E., lecturer in engineering, 

University College ; h. Annesley, Westmarch, Monifieth 
Fulton, Colin, compositor, Camperdown villa, 23 American Muir road, 

Fulton, Robert, clerk, "Mars " T.S. ; h. 48 Albert street 
Fusco, John, confectioner, 50 Blackness road 

Fyfe, Andrew, stationer and fancy goods merchant, 162 Ann street 
Fyfe, David, commission agent, 1 Gowrie street 

Fyfe, David, Ltd. , wholesale fruit and potato merchants, 6 Shore terrace 
Fyfe, George, traveller, 36 Rankine street 
Fyfe, Isabella, dressmaker, 150 Perth road 

Fyfe, James C, assistant teacher, "Mars " T.S. ; h. 24 Kinloch street 
Fyfe, John, painter, 1 Marshall street, Lochee 
Fyfe, Peter, shipping porter, 29 Union street 
Fyfe, Rebecca, confectioner, 168 Ann street 
Fyfe, Robert, calender overseer, 64 Walton street 
Fyfe, Robert, ironmonger and plumber, 101 Hilltown and 88 Ann street; 

h. 1 M 'Donald street 
Fyfe, Mrs Jane, fruiterer, 86 Rosebank street 
Fyfe, Miss, 1 Blackness crescent 
FyfFe, Alexander, tenter, 49 Annfield road 
Fyffe, Angus, dairyman, Rosslyn Dairy, 17 Fairfield road 
Fyffe, George M., clerk, 16 Bath street, Broughty Ferry 
Fyffe, Henry, tailor, 240 Queen st., B. Ferry ; h. Linton pi., Church st., B.F, 
Fyffe, James, lathsplitter, 10 Langlands street ; h. 29 Provost road 
Fyffe, James, coachman, 10 Cleghorn street 


Fyffe, James, yarndresser, 25 Baldovan terrace 

Fyffe, James M., of John W. Fyffe & Co., 16 Bank street 

Fyffe, Jas., & Son, plumbers, brassfounders, gasfitters, tinsmiths, heating 

engineers, 89 Nethergate and 170 Albert street; workshops, Tay 

Street lane ; also at Aberlour, Strathspey 
Fyffe, Jessie, 12 Bank street 
Fyffe, John, mechanic, 3 Church street 
Fyffe, John, joiner, 6 Kinnaird street 
Fyffe, John S., lathsplitter, 22 Nelson street 

Fyffe, John W., & Co., slaters, 14 Bank street (Telephone No. 45S) 
Fyffe, Robert, bookbinder, 4 Cunningham street 
Fyffe, Thomas, barman, 27 Bernard street 

Fyffe, Thos., grocer, 94 South rd., Lochee ; h. Rose cottage, 75 Kirk st. 
Fyffe, Thomas L., of James Fyffe & Son, 1 Richmond terrace 
Fyffe, William, teacher of languages, 48 Albert street 
Fyffe, William, overseer, 9 Balgay street, Lochee 
Fyffe, Mrs Henderson, 28 Lammerton terrace 

Fyffe, Mrs Peter, licensed broker, 21 Cobdenst., Lochee ; h. 15 Logiest. 
Fyffe, Mrs W. G., grocer and wine merchant, 38 Mains road; h. 28 

Clepington road 
Fyffe, Mrs W. S., 15 Gibb's lane, Lochee 
Fyffe, Mrs, 16 Stirling street 
Fyffe, Mrs, 41 Rosefield street 

Fyffe, Mrs, ladies' wardrobe dealer, 86 Nethergate (Teleph. No. 2048) 
Fyffe, Miss Ann, Cleveland villa, 18 Taylor street, Lochee 
Fyffe, Miss Jane L., restaurant, 122 Princes street 
Fyffe, Miss, tobacconist, 104 Dura street 

Gabriel, Daniel, coachman, Kingscross Hospital, Clepington road 
Gabriel, Robert, warehouseman, 14 Kincardine street 
Gaffney, Lawrence, porter, 28 North George street 
Gaffney, Thos., licensed broker, 65 Kirk st., Lochee, and56Rosebankst. 
Gagnon, Mrs Margaret, dairykeeper, 50 King street ; h. 18 King's road 
Gahan Brothers, painters and decorators, 57 Hilltown 
Gahan, G. Wilkie, of Gahan Brothers, Duncraig, Dalhousie rd., Barnhill 
Gahan, James, of Gahan Brothers, 16 Dallfield terrace 
Gaiety Theatre of Varieties, 52 Victoria road 

Gair, Alexander Neil, buyer, 18 Commercial street ; h. 3 South Tay st. 
Gairns, John, stableman, 22 Lyon street 
Gairns, Robert, inland revenue clerk, 31 Wellgate 
Gall, Rev. E., B.D., 178 Perth road 

Gall, James, trawler, Pine house, Long lane, Broughty Ferry 
Gall, William, lamplighter, Tay view buildings, Church st., Bro. Ferry 
Gall, Mrs John, 7 Park road, Downfield 
Gallacher, Mrs, confectioner, 16 Dundonald street 
Gallacher, Mrs, grocer, 84 Hilltown ; h. 13 Ann street 
Galloway, Alexander, mechanic, 57^ Perth road 

Galloway, Alexander L., traveller, 1 Hill ter., Hill st., Broughty Ferry 
Galloway, Archibald, assurance agent, 77 Albert street 
Galloway, David, joint district manager, British Legal Assurance Co., 
Ltd., 19 King street ; h. 11 Fort st., and Osborne cot., Carnoustie 


Galloway, David, of John Galloway & Sons, 177 Strathmartine road 

Galloway, David, clerk of works, Elsinore, Ramsaypark, Bro. Eerry 

Galloway, David B., stevedore, 2 Miller's wynd 

Galloway, David M., grocer and wine merchant, 68 Ferry road ; h. 18 
Whitehall crescent 

Galloway, D. & M., general ironmongers, 84 Gray street, Broughty 
Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. llxl) ; h. Elsinore, Ramsaypark, B.F. 

Galloway, George, enginedriver, 2 Paton's lane 

Galloway, Jas., of John Galloway & Sons, Agnes villa, 7 Elgin st., D'field 

Galloway, James, joint district manager, British Legal Assurance Co., 
Ltd., 19 King street; h. 2 Somerville place (Telephone No. 2131) 

Galloway, James, coachbuilder, 11 Forest Park road 

Galloway, John, stevedore, N. side Victoria lockway ; h. 3 Wellington st. 

Galloway, John, & Sons, ironmongers, tinsmiths, plumbers, and gas- 
fitters, 311 and 315 Hilltown ; works, Fairmuir (Teleph. No. 434) 

Galloway, Margaret, 399 Strathmartine road, Downfielcl 

Galloway, Peter, 4 Clepington street 

Galloway, Peter, bath attendant, 2 Miller's wynd 

Galloway, Robert, milloverseer, 1 Bank street 

Galloway, Thomas, bootmaker, 126 Logie street, Lochee ; h. 128 

Galloway. William, late stevedore, Cottage place, Long lane, Bro. Ferry 

Galloway, Miss Agnes, May cottage, Fairmuir street 

Galloway, Miss Jeannie, May cottage, Fairmuir street 

Gait, John, consulting superintendent, Dundee and Lochee Mission to 
the Out-door Blind, 23 Castle street ; h. 11 Peel street, Lochee 

Galvin, William, mechanic, 29 High street, Lochee 

Gamble, Frank, tenter, 229 Hilltown 

Gamble, James, carpetweaver, 57 Mains road 

Gambley, Mrs, 24 Baxter Park terrace 

Garden Works, Benvie road ; J. C. Duffus & Nephew, jutespinners 

Garden, Mrs, 27 Springfield 

Gardiner, Andrew, detective officer, 29 Gray street, Lochee 

Gardiner, David, painter, 10 Paton's lane 

Gardiner, Duncan, carpenter, 101 Victoria road 

Gardiner, Ellen, restaurateur, 143 Perth road ; h. 1 Pennycook lane 

Gardiner, Isabella, waitress, 3 Union place 

Gardiner, James, cashier, 221 Albert street 

Gardiner, James, potato merchant, 16 West Dock street 

Gardiner, John, vanman, 227 Hawkhill 

Gardiner, John H., patternmaker, 6 Eden street 

Gardiner, Peter, baker, 72 King street 

Gardiner, Robert, carter, 14 Raglan street 

Gardiner & Scott, Misses, stationers, 58 Hilltown ; h. 101 Victoria road 

Gardiner, Thomas, mechanic, 168 Albert street 

Gardiner, Tom, tailor and clothier, 52 Wellgate (Telephone No. 1887) ; 
7i. Allanbank, 25 Rankine street 

Gardiner, William, cooper, 46 Hilltown 

Gardiner, William, yarndresser, 48 Ure street 

Gardiner, William, labourer, 46| Seafield road 

Gardiner, Miss, stationer, sub-postmistress, 12 Ferry rd. ; h. 8 Arbroath rd. 

Gardner, Rev. Alfred, Gowanbank, 167 Lochee road 


Gardner, John, meter inspector, Gas Office ; h. 38 Milnbank road 

Gardyne, Miss, Struan cottage, Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 

Garland, Alexander, wholesale tobacconist, 17 Cowgate ; h. 23 Forfar rd. 

Garland, David, fitter, 27 Scott street 

Garland, John, shoemaker, 23 Forfar road 

Garland, John, marine engineer, 3 Bellefield avenue 

Garrigan, Joseph, painter, 35 Ben vie road 

Garriock, Mrs, Seafield house, Magdalen place; and Gibbleston, Scallo- 
way, Shetland 

Garthly, Jane, 83 Cobden street, Lochee 

Garthly, Robert, baker, 43 Miller's wynd ; h. 18 Kincardine street 

Garvie, Alexander, moulder, 48 Cleghorn street 

Garvie, James, joiner, 12 Rosefield street 

Garvie, James, joiner, 166 Lochee road 

Garvie, James, saddler and harnessmaker, 4 Derby place, Castle st., B.F. 

Garvie, James, printer's machineman, 44 Arthurstone terrace 

Garvie, Robert, clerk, 62 Peddie street 

Garvie, William, fitter, 68 Peddie street 

Garvie, Mrs Mary, 58 Crescent lane 

Gatherer, James, assistant overseer, 17 Blackness street 

Gaudie, William, mechanic, 2 Cunningham street 

Gaul, Duncan, mechanic, 34 North George street 

Gauld, Archibald, sackmaker, 3 Baffin street 

Gauld, John, labourer, 11 Craigie street 

Gauld & Laburn, slaters and slate merchants, Laburn street 

Gauldie & Hardie, F.F.S., architects, surveyors, and measurers, 26 
Commercial street 

Gauldie, William, F.F.S., of Gauldie & Hardie, The Haen, Invergowrie 

Gault, James, railway porter, 550 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Gault, John, late policeman, 269 Hilltown 

Gault, John H., postman, 194 Strathmartine road 

Gault, Scott, mercantile clerk, 5 Canning street 

Gavine, James R., draper, 4 Arbroath road ; h. 28 Baxter Park terrace 

GAVINE, WILLIAM, boxmaker, 9 Lamb's lane (Telephone No. 1193) ; 
k. 76 Dalkeith road. See Adv. p. 60 

Gay, John, police constable, 12 Rosefield street 

Geake, Henry, chemist and druggist, 6 Whitehall street ; h. 5 

Geake, Henry, pianotuner, 5 Whitehall street 

Geake, Miss Isabel, teacher of pianoforte, 5 Whitehall street 

Geddes, Bev. John, late minister of Presbyt'n Ch., Canada, 45 Cleghorn st. 

Geddes, John, clerk, 83 Pitkerro road 

Geddes, Joseph, porter, 281 Hilltown 

Geddes, Patrick, F.R.S.E., professor of botany, University College; 
h. 14 Ramsay garden, Edinburgh 

Geddes, Mrs James, 2 Dalhousie terrace 

Geddes, Mrs William. 10 Garland place 

Geddes, Miss E., 83 Pitkerro road 

Geddes, Miss I. L., milliner, 56 Wellgate ; h. 27 Morgan street 

Geekie, David, market gardener and dairyman, Forthill feus, Bro. Ferry 

Geekie, Donald, mechanic, 44 Dallfield walk 

Geekie, John, ironmoulder, 101 Bosebery street, Lochee 


Geekie, John, 274 Blackness road 
Geekie, John, blacksmith, 2 Lawrence street 

Geekie, Robert D., traveller, Burnview, 31 Frederick street, Downfield 
Geekie, Stewart, confectioner, 20 Craigie street 
Geekie, William, contractor, 25 Mains loan 
Geekie, William, draper's assistant, 4 Bright street, Lochee 
Geekie, Mrs William, 330 Hawkhill 
Geekie, Mrs, house proprietrix, 28 Sharp's lane, Lochee 
Geekie, Mrs, 16 Bank street 
Geekie, Miss C, draper, 78 Ure street ; h. 80 
Gellatly, Alexander, fireman, 20 Gardner street 
Gellatly, David, coachman, 34 Raglan street 
Gellatly, John, irondresser, 39 Church street 
Gellatly, J. , carpetweaver, 69 North Wellington street 
Gellatly, Thomas, carriage and motor lamp specialist, 41c Hawkhill; h. 

32 Dudhope Crescent road 
Gellatly, William, late enginedriver, 20 Union place 
Gellatly, Mrs E. H., 7 Blackness avenue 
GENERAL Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation, Ltd., 59 Reform 

street (Telephone No. 1783) ; E. H. Dick, resident secretary. 

See Adv. p. 100 
General Billposting Company, Ltd. , The, offices, 29 North Lindsay street 

(Teleph! No. 1035); warehouse, 28 Willison street ; also at Aberdeen, 

Edinburgh, Newcastle, &c. 
General Dealing Co., cabinetmakers, 40 Overgate 
GENERAL FURNISHING CO., 143 to 147 Victoria road (Telephone No. 

449). See Adv. p. 73 
GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, 33 Commercial street; B. L. 

Nairn & Co., agents. See Adv. p. 101 
Gentry, John Ritchie, analyst, Dundee Gas Works ; h 5 Castle ter. , B. Fy. 
Gentry, Thos., cashier, Caledonian Railway; h. 5 Castle ter., B. Ferry 
Gentry, Thomas A., mercantile clerk, Rokeby, Queen street, B. Ferry 
George, David, turner, 137 Clepington road 
George, David, mechanic, 66 Peddie street 
George, John, mechanic, 3 Cleghorn street 

George, J. T., Victoria Laundry, 61 Hilltown; h. 76 Lochee road 
George, William, mechanic, 76 Lochee road 
Geruier, Edward de, shoemaker, 148 High street, Lochee 
Gerrard, John R., spirit merchant's assistant, 32 Ann street 
Gerrie, Geo. Ross, clerk, Commercial Bank ; h. 6Kilnburn pi. , E. Newport 
Gethins, Miss Mary, draper, 68 King street ; h. 20 Panmure street 
Gibb, Alexander, ticket collector, 2 Strawberrybank 
Gibb, Alexander, calenderworker, 3 Craigie street 
Gibb, Alexander, jun., cashier, 4 Sibbald street 

Gibb, David, grocer and wine mei\, 70 Ann street ; h. 13 Pitkerro road 
Gibb, David, engineer, 19 Wolseiey street 
Gibb, David, cashier, 10 Martin street 

Gibb, David, & Son, cloth, flax, and yarn merchants, 31 Albert square 
Gibb, Edwin G., jutespinner, Lower Pleasance Works, Brewery lane ; 

and at Johnshaven 
Gibb, George, Bellevue, 289 Strathmartine road, Downfield 


Gibb, Henry, butcher, 30 Victoria road (Telephone No. 1914) ; h. 123 

Gibb, James, engineer, 9 Bellefield avenue 

Gibb, James, baker, 146 Albert street ; h. 19 Baldovan terrace 

Gibb, James S., friendly society secretary, 177 Albert street 

Gibb, John P. , of J. & G. Paton, Ltd. , Adderley, Monifieth 

Gibb, Mary J., headmistress, Smithfield Episcopal School, 67 Derby 

street ; h. Craigallan, Easthaven, Carnoustie 
Gibb, William G., mechanic, 19 Baldovan terrace 
Gibb, W. K., of David Gibb & Son, Inglefield, 48 Dalkeith road 
Gibb, Misses, Ashburn, Cedar road, Broughty Ferry 
Gibbons, William, commissionaire, 9 Meadow Place buildings 
Gibbs, Alexander R. , spinning overseer, 4 Gardner's lane 
Gibson, Alexander, 39 Lyon street 
Gibson, Alexander, plasterer, 63 Constitution road 
Gibson, Alexander, of Alexander Gibson & Sons, 22 Mains road 
Gibson, Alex., & Sons, grain, hay, and straw merchants, 11 Mains road 
Gibson, Andrew, upholsterer, 8 School road, Downfield 
Gibson, Professor Arnold Hartley, D.Sc, A.M.I.C.E., chair of engineer- 
ing, University College; h. Westbank, Abercromby st., Barnhill 
Gibson, A., clerk to city chamberlain, 3 Aberlemno terrace 
Gibson, David, foreman, 21 Dock street 
Gibson, David, postman, 27 Victoria road 
Gibson, David, fishmonger, 251 Hilltown ; h. 249 
Gibson, D., merchant, 18 Cowgate ; h. 262 Perth road 
Gibson, Dryden, & Co., laundry proprietors, 237 Lochee road 
Gibson, Farquharson, & Co., marine insur. brokers & average adjusters, 

26 Commercial street (Telephone No. 86 ; Telegrams, "Gibson") 
Gibson, Frederick, L.R.A.M., L.T.C.L., professor of music, organist 
and choirmaster, Gilfillan Memorial Church ; h. 30 Whitehall street 
Gibson, George, stationer, newsagent, 92 & 94 Sti'athmartinerd. ; h. 113 
Gibson, George, & Co., shipowners, and agents for Dundee and Rotter- 
dam steamers, 17 Dock street 
Gibson, James, engineer, 9 Balfour street 
Gibson, James, of Gibson & Powrie, 53 Erskine street 
Gibson, James, traveller, Beechwood lodge, Camphili road, Bro. Ferry 
Gibson, John, milksalesman, 331 Loons road 
Gibson, John, retired headmaster, 49 Forfar road 
Gibson, John, warehouseman, 3 Morgan street 
Gibson, John, foreman irondresser, 68 Peddie street 
Gibson, John, postman, 14 Rosefield street 

Gibson, John, agent, British Linen Bank, M'gate ; h. 1 Blackness ave. 
Gibson, John, of Alexander Gibson & Sons, 29 Provost road 
Gibson, John, millforeman, 53 Hawkhil 
Gibson, Joseph, Ellieslea, Ellieslea road, West Ferry 
Gibson, J. S., commercial traveller, 2 Melrose terrace 
Gibson, J. S., & Co., cyclebuilders and engineers, 72 Logie st., Lochee 
Gibson, Matthew, telegraphist, 1S5 Albert street 

Gibson & Powrie,builders & contractors, 21 Eliza st. (Telephone No. 2130) 
Gibson, Robert, minister, Catholic Apostolic Church ; h. 90 Victoria road 
Gibson, Robert, tenter, 180 Blackness road 
Gibson, Robert, lapping overseer, 42 Annfield road 


Gibson, Robert, overseer, 20 Peddie street 

Gibson, Robert, baker, 15 Hill street 

Gibson, Robert, C.E., engineer and architect, 2 India buildings (Tele- 
phone No. 1175) ; h. 41 Forfar road 

Gibson, Robert, commission agent, 31 Murraygate ; h 21 Perth road 

Gibson, Roberta 0., teacher, 15 Baxter Park terrace 

Gibson, R. J., of R. J. Gibson & Co., Dunellen, 79 Clepington road 

Gibson, R. J., & Co., jute merchants, 6 Panmure street 

Gibson, Thomas, plasterer and cementworker, 6 Ireland's lane ; h. 63 
Constitution road 

Gibson, Thomas, 7 Balfour street 

Gibson, William, overseer, 1 Seafield road 

Gibson, William, plumber, and sub-postmaster, Dundee road, West 
Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 36) 

Gibson, William, blacksmith, 78 Peddie street 

Gibson, William B., teacher, 288 Perth road 

Gibson, Mrs B. , stationer and fancy goods mer. , 177 Brook street; h. 177^ 

Gibson, Mrs John H., 18 Baxter Park terrace 

Gibson, Mrs M. D., 4 Lytton street 

Gibson, Mrs Wm., confectioner and smallwares, Dundee rd., W. Ferry 

Gibson, Mrs William, jun., Linfield, Albert road, West Ferry 

Gibson, Mrs, 46 King's road 

Gibson, Mrs, 5 Reres terrace, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Gibson, Miss A., nurse, 27 Morgan street 

Gibson, Miss, tobacconist, 56 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 

Gibson, Miss, Invertay, Victoria road, West Ferry 

Gilbert, Robert H., cabinetmaker, 29 Cleghorn street 

Gilchrist, Alexander, tailor, 132 Hawkhill 

GILCHRIST, ALEXANDER, joiner, cabinetmaker, and glazier, 17 St 
Peter street and 20 Ryehill lane (Telephone No. 2225) ; showrooms, 
5 St Peter street ; h. 132 Hawkhill. See Adv. p. 39 

Gilchrist, Alexander W., of Gilchrist Brothers, 186 Lochee road 

GILCHRIST BROTHERS, engineers and oxy-acetylene welders, 37 Benvie 
rd. (Telephone No. 2214). See Adv. on coloured page preceding title 

Gilchrist, David, baker, 24 Marshall street, Lochee 

Gilchrist, George, china merchant, 28 Lyon street 

Gilchrist, John, carpet designer, 19 Loons road, Lochee 

Gilchrist, John Gilbert, solicitor, 9 Ward road ; h. Nithbank, Wormit 

Gilchrist, Robert, joiner, 7 Ellen street 

Gilchrist, Sydney C., of Gilchrist Brothers, 28 Cleghorn street 

Gilchrist, Mrs James, 10 North Ellen street 

Gilchrist, Mrs Mary, 51 Blackness avenue 

Gilchrist, Miss, 11 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 

Gilfeather, Daniel, coal and firewood merchant, 5 St Ann st., Lochee 

Gilfillan Halls, 24 Whitehall crescent ; Fred F. Eassie, caretaker 

Gilkison, Samuel, machineman, 125 Rosebery street, Lochee 

Gill, David, joiner, Rona cottage, 28 Lintrathen gardens 

Gillj Herbert, chairmaker, 187 Clepington road 

Gill, James, foreman mechanic, 58 Main street 

Gill, John, manager, 17 Bank avenue, Downfield 

Gillan, Alexander, mason, 8 Wolseley street 


Gillan, David, enginedriver, 1 Ford's lane 

Gillan, James, inillforeman, 56 Main street 

Gillan, Patrick, painter, 1 Morgan street 

Gillanders, Robt., grocer, spirit mer., 127 Hilltown; h. 25 Bonnybank rd. 

Gillanders, Stephen, jute mer. 's traveller, 420a Strathmartine rd. , D'field 

Gillanders, William, 1 Graham place 

Gillespie, Andrew, 48 Bell street 

Gillespie, James, lapper, 28 Kincardine street 

Gillespie, Peter, general secretary, North of Scotland Horse and Motor- 
men's Association, 19 High street ; h. 22 Rosefield street 

Gillespie, Thomas, chauffeur, West Rockfield, Perth road 

Gillies, Arch. , jun.. builder, contractor, 1 Churchill pi., Castle st.,B. Ferry 

Gillies, Graham, clerk, 2 Miller's wynd 

GILLIES, JAMES, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, removal contractor, and 
funeral undertaker, 186 and 188 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
(Telephone No. B.F. 208) ; h. above shop. See Adv. p. 58 

Gillies, Mrs Ann, dressmaker, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 

Gillon, Hugh, stationer and tobacconist, 2 Brook street 

Gilmour, Alexander, 90 American Muir road, Downfield 

Gilpin, John, lamplighter, 213 Perth road 

Gilroy, Alexander, of Alexander Gilroy & Co., Ballumbie, near Dundee 

Gilroy, Alexander, & Co. , merchants, 54 Bell street 

Gilroy, A. Bruce (Gilroy, Sons, & Co., Ltd.), Castleroy, Panmure 
street, Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 4) 

Gilroy, C. E., of Alexander Gilroy & Co., The Grange, Monifieth 

Gilroy, David R., Rowanbank, Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 

Gilroy, Elliot R., 1 Douglas terrace, W T est Ferry 

Gilroy, George A. (Gilroy, Sons, & Co., Ltd.), Clatto, Cupar Fife 

Gilroy, H. B. , of Alexander Gilroy & Co. , The Croft, Albany rd. , W. Ferry 

Gilroy, Robert, 1 Douglas terrace, West Ferry 

Gilroy, Sons, & Company, Limited, merchants, jute spinners and manu- 
facturers, Tay Works ; office, 1 Lochee road 

Gilroy, W. , supt. of agents, Prudential Assur. Co. ,Ltd. ; h. 8 Rosewood ter. 

Gilroy, Miss, Rowanbank, Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 

Gilruth, Alexander, draper, 85 Hilltown 

Gilruth, Miss, millinr., 8Logiest., Lochee; h. Mossbankho., 133 City rd. 

Girdwood, George, &Co. , engravers, lithographic and letterpress printers, 
manufacturing and mercantile stationers, 53 Meadowside (Telephone 
No. 23; Telegrams, "Girdwood, Stationers") 

Girdwood, Miss, Lebanon place, St Vincent street, Broughty Ferry 

Girl's Weekly, Courier pi., Albert sq. ; D. C.Thomson & Co., Ltd., proprs. 

Girrity, Peter, Westgrove, Blackness road (Telephone No. 1221) 

Cittings, Charles C, Maule's park, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 

Gladstone, William Ewart, machineman, 18 Caldrum street 

Glancy, Philip, wine and spirit merchant, 208 Overgate 

Glasgow and West of Scotland Guardian Society, Ltd., for the Protection 
of Trade, 87 Commercial st. (Teleph. No. 1105) ; C. O.Griffith,dist. mgr. 

Glass, Alexander, sand merchant, 28 King street 

Glass, Andrew H., clerk, 16 Maryfield terrace 

Glass, Andrew P. B., secretary, Thomas Bell & Sons, of Dundee, Ltd. ; 
\. Elmwood, 25 Thomson street 


Glass, Charles C, of Anderson & Glass, 122 North street, St Andrews 

Glass, David, bobbinturner, 5 Coupar street, Lochee 

Glass, Donald, licensed grocer, 42 Wellgate ; h. 46 Dudhope Crescent road 

Glass, George G., journalist, 24 Bank avenue, Downfield 

GLASS, JAMES S., wirework manufacturer, 309 and 311 Brook street, 
Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 3x3.) See Adv. p. 58 

Glass, John A., of Abbott & Glass, 21 Perth road 

Glass, William, newsagent, 4a King street 

Glass, Mrs John, 21 Perth road 

Glass, Miss Mary, 25 Maryfield terrace 

Glassey, Thomas, overseer, 1 Lorimer street 

Glassey, Thomas, compositor, 4 American Muir road, Downfield 

Glen, Alexander, mechanic, 83^ Cobden street, Lochee 

Glen, George, confectioner, 16 Rosebank road 

Glen, James, caretaker, 85 Blackscroft 

Glen, John, vanman, 57 Provost road 

Glen, John R., mechanic, 29 Cleghorn street 

Glen, Thomas J., musician, 57 Provost road 

Glen, Mrs George, 32 James street 

Glenday, George, carter, 11 Clepington street 

Glenday, John, draper, 73 Gray st. , B. Fy. ; h. Thistle cot., 47 Queen st. , B. F. 

Glenday, John, currier, 38 Kemback street 

Glennan, Thomas, officer, St Joseph's R.C. Church; hallkeeper, Black- 
ness Halls ; h. 39 Blackness road 

Glennie, Elizabeth, teacher, 5 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 

Glennie, Mrs Ann, confectioner, 88 Blackscroft ; h. 1 South Baffin street 

Glenny, Henry S. (Reid, Johnston, & Glenny), solicitor and notary 
public, 34 Reform street ; h. 40 Magdalen Yard road 

Gloack, Miss, dressmaker, Oakley place, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 

Gloag, Charles C, wine and spirit mercht. , 106 Dura st. ; h. 4 Mains loan 

Gloak, David F., coppersmith, 3 Arbroath road 

Globe Market, grocers and provision merchants, 25 Bank street, Lochee 

Globe Parcel Express ; David Barrie, Ltd., 3 Exchange street, agents 

Glover, James, fruiterer and florist, 21 Westport ; h. 1 North Tay street 

Godfrey, C. T., of F. Rosenstern & Co., Gynack, Panmure street, 
Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 49) 

Godfrey, David, Bramblebank, Holly road, Broughty Ferry 

Gold, James, cardriver, 88 Strathmartine road 

Gold, James H., Royal Billiard Room, 36 North Lindsay street 

Gold, William, joiner, 27 Provost road 

Gold, Mrs David S., 1 Reres terrace, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Gold, Mrs William, 2 Lytton street 

Golden Crown Dairy Co., Ltd. , 71 High st., Lochee, 71 Gray st., B. Ferry 

Golden, John, postman, 53 Links cottages, Castle street, Broughty Ferry 

Golder, M., teller, Bank of Scot. ;h. Kilmar on villa, Bradbury st., D'nfield 

Goldie, Archibald, assistant millmanager, 37 High street, Lochee 

Goldie, David, registered plumber, 3 Thomson street 

Goldie, Henry, plumber, 3 Watt street 

Golding, Isaiah, carpetweaver, 78 Clepington road 

Gollan, Hector, & Son, Ltd. , wholesale jewellers, watch factors, and 
hardware mechants, 36 Commercial street 



Gonnella, Frank, modeller, 4 Cleghorn street 

Gonnella, Giuseppe, of J. Gonnella & Co., consular agent for Italy, 81 

Nethergate ; h. 1 Gowrie place 
Gonnella, J., & Co., modellers, figuremakers, and importers of Italian 

sculpture, 81 Nethergate 
Gonnella, Luigi, fish restaurant, 123 Lochee road ; h. 253 Blackness road 
Gooch, E. E., surveyor of taxes and lands valuation assessor, 29 Bank 

street ; h. Woodlyn, Perth road 
Good, Henry, grocer, 14 Bell street 

Good, James, grocer, spirit mer. , 107 Lochee rd.; 7i. 179 Blackness rd. 
Goodall, Alexander, painter, 21 Milnbank road 
Goodall, David, district secretary, Law Union and Rock Insurance 

Co., Ltd., 4 India buildings ; h. 80 Seafield road 
Goodall, Mrs Jessie, Selma, 376 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Goodall, Miss, dressmaker, 5 South Mid street, Lochee 
Goodfellow, Andrew, baker, 21 Kincardine street 
Goodfellow, David, tanner, 2 Molison street 

Goodfellow & Steven, bakers, 85 Gray st.,Bro. Ferry (Teleph. No. B.F.129) 
Goodfellow, Stewart, 183 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Goodlet, I. & M., drapers, 34 Polepark road 
Goodman, James, ropeworker, 3 Annfield street 

Gordon, Adam, joiner, housef actor, and funeral undertaker, 124 Strath- 
martine rd. (Tele. No. 1431) ; h. Glendevon villa, 286 Strathmartine 

road, Downfield 
Gordon, Alexander, tailor, 121 Hawkhill 
Gordon, A. T., insurance inspector, London and Lancashire Life 

Assurance Association ; h. 27 East Clepington road 
Gordon, Charles, of Lumsden & Gordon, 59 Wellgate 
Gordon, David, insurance agent, 40 Dallfield walk 
Gordon, David, police inspector, 66 Carnegie street 
Gordon, David, clerk, 6 Clive street 
Gordon, E. Leightou, music teacher, 14 Union street 
Gordon, Francis A., R.N., engineer commander, H.M.S. "Vulcan"; 

h, 6 Melville terrace 
Gordon, George, packer, 32 Constitution street 
Gordon, George, carter, 54 Dudhope street 
Gordon, George C, shipmaster, 5 Morgan street 

Gordon, James, house and insur. agt., 30 Reform st. ; h. 5 Dallfield ter. 
Gordon, James, 74 Forfar road 

Gordon, James, engineer, Grove cottage, 32 Inverary terrace 
Gordon, James, insurance treasurer, 16 Forebank road 
Gordon, Jane, dressmaker, 270 Perth road 
Gordon, John, seaman, 29 Park avenue 

Gordon, John, manager, Wellington St. Factory ; h. 397 CJepington road 
Gordon, John, 8 Dura street 

Gordon, John, dental operator, 73 Murraygate ; h. 8a King street 
Gordon, Ronald M., dental surgery, 73 Murraygate ; h. 2 Forebank ter. 
Gordon, Sidney R. , Bracken lodge, 582 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Gordon, Thomas, jute stower, 27 Wolseley street 

Gordon, Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant, 160 Lochee road ; h. 157 
Gordon, T. L., agent, Provident Assoc, of London, Ltd., 25 Union place 


Gordon, William, ironturner, 1 Ferguson street 
Gordon, William, railway servant, 15 Glamis street 
Gordon, Wm. J. , writer to the signet, Ferry hse. , Beach cres. , Bro. Ferry 
Gordon, William R., Glendevon villa, 286 Strathmartine rd., Downfield 
Gordon, W. L., engineer, Woodside, Maryfield road, Broughty Ferry 
Gordon, Mrs H. H., The Hut, Strath em road, West Ferry 
Gordon, Mrs James, fish merchant, 63 Hilltown ; h. 70 
Gordon, Mrs Jane, dining-rooms, 166 Alexander street 
Gordon, Mrs John, Ferry house, Beach crescent, Broughty Ferry 
Gordon, Mrs, confectioner, 12 Cotton road 
Gorrie, Alexander, mechanic, 15 North street 
Gorrie, David L., railway servant, 76 Lochee road 
Gorrie, Henry James, L.R.C.R, L.R.C.S.E., L.D.S., R.C.S., Edin., 

dental surgeon, 148 Nethergate, and Fairview, Carnoustie 
Gorrie, Jane, teacher, 105 Clepington road 

Gorrie, Laurence S., photographic operator, 10 Bellefield avenue 
Gorrie, Peter, L.D.S., F.P.S.G., dental surgeon, 148 Nethergate 
Gorrie, William, M.D. , Ch.B., D.P.H., physician and surgeon (medical 

officer of health for burgh of Monifieth), 12 and 14 King street 
Gorthy, James G., clerk, 61 Provost road 
Gorthy, John, hacklemaker, 70 Ure street 
Gorton, Miss Jane, dressmaker, 26 Gardner street 

Goudie, Samuel S., agent, Commercial Bank ; h. 5 Fintry pi., Bro. Ferry 
Gouick, R. B. , merchant and manuf . 's agent, 4 American Muir rd. , D'nfield 
Gouk, John, cabinetmaker, 153 Lochee road 
Gouk, Miss, Taybank, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Gould, George, machine ruler, 1 Easson's angle 
Gourlay, Archibald C, chauffeur, 2 Ford's lane 
Gourlay, David, fireman, 23 Union place 
Gourlay, James, collector, 35 Wilkie's lane 
Gourlay, William, detective officer, 2 Francis street 
Gourlay, Mrs, Rowan place, 337 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Govan, Robert, brickbuilder, 248 Clepington road 
Gove, David, commercial traveller, 23 Wolseley street 
Gove, James, commission agent, 42 Cobden street, Lochee 
Gove, Joseph, dairyman, 80 Old Craigie road 
Gove, Miss Mary, draper, 21 Wolseley street 
Govier, Percival Frederick, electrician, 321 Clepington road 
Gow, Alexander, shuttlemaker, 135 Alexander street 
Gow, Alexander, late clerk, 339 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Gow, Archibald, cowfeeder, 176 Liff road, Lochee 
Gow, Charles, assistant inspector of poor, 44 Cleghorn street 
Gow, Chas., grocer, wine & spirit mer. , 16 Albert st.; h. 19BaxterPk. ter. 
Gow, Daniel, of Brown & Gow, 82 Victoria road 

Gow, George R., of John R. Gow & Sons, 5 Collingwoodter., Barnhill 
Gow, James, upholsterer, 1 Bruce street 

Gow, James, grocer & spiritdealer, 160 Ann st. ; h. Oakbank, 3 Argyle st. 
Gow, James, clerk, 4 Gray's lane, Lochee 

Gow, James C, licensed grocer, 104 and 106 Albert st. ; h. 26 Forfar rd. 
Gow, James R., of John R. Gow & Sons, 5 Gowrie place 
Gow, John, joiner, 127 Blackscroft 


Gow, John, ironturner, 35 Rosefield street 

GOW, JOBN, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 225 Brook street, 

Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 13y) ; h. 146. See Adv. p. -93 
GOW, JOHN R., & SONS, gunmakers, fishing-rod and tackle manufac- 
turers, 12 Union street (Telephone No. 2127). See Adv. p. 91 
Gow, Peter R., of John R. Gow & Sons, 52 Seafield road 
Gow, William, commission agent, 1 Forebank terrace 
Gow, William, cartwright, 17 Glamis street 
Gow, William B. Thomson, shipmaster, 6 Westpark gardens 
Gow, William C, 40 Muirfield crescent, Downfield 
Gow, Mrs A. F., apartments, 20 Airlie place 
Gowans, Charles, woodturner, 142 Liff road, Lochee 
Gowans, Charles S., wholesale stationer and paper merchant, 18 

Dudhope street ; h. 141 Clepington road 
Gowans, David, of David Gowans & Son, Arnot villa, Monifieth 
Gowans, David, jun., of David Gowans & Son, Arnot villa, Monifieth 
Gowans, David, & Son, solicitors, 15 Castle street 
Gowans, George, mechanic, 10 Lorimer street 

Gowans, James, M.B., CM., Spring lodge, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Gowans, Wm. Harvey, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., L.D.S.Edin., Spring lodge, 

Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Gowans, Mrs J. H., nurse (C.M.B.), medical masseuse (London Cert.), 

7 Gladstone terrace, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Gowans, Mrs, 2 Erskine street 
Gracie, Charles, tenter, 41 Caldrum street 
Gracie, D., plumber, 23 Murraygate ; A. 11 Charles street 
Gracie, Richard, plumber and gasfitter, 11 Charles street 
Gracie, William P., hatter and hosier, 17 and 19 Murraygate (Telephone 

No. 2y4) ; h. 4 Richmond terrace 
Grady, James, butcher, 22 Morgan street 

Grady, Miss Madge, confectioner, 123 Hilltown ; h. 22 Morgan street 
Grafton, J. N., secretary, National Insurance Co. of Great Britain Ltd. ; 

h. Erigmore, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 
Graham, Alexander, commercial traveller, 17 Baxter Park terrace 
Graham, Alexander, carter, 172 South road, Lochee 
Graham, Archibald, commercial traveller, 39 Dock street 
Graham, A., enginedriver, 38 Step row 
GRAHAM, CHARLES, house furnisher and property agent, 41 St Peter 

street ; h. Ellenbank, 39 Step row. See Adv. p. 77 
Graham, Charles, labourer, 45 Arbroath road 
Graham, David, grinder, 256 Ferry road 

Graham, David H., messenger, R.oyalBank, Highst. ; h. 4 Dallfield ter. 
Graham, David S. , bottle inspector, 35 Rosefield street 
Graham, Donald, grocer and wine merch., 198-200 Brook st., Bro. Ferry 

(Telephone No. B.F. 134) ; A. Invermay, 2 Victoria pi., Queen st., B.F. 
Graham, Edward, fireman, 23 Park avenue 

Graham, Francis B., of Melville & Graham, 540 Strathmartine rd. , D'field 
Graham, Frank, labourer, 16 Crescent lane 

Graham, Jas., painter and decorator, 157 Hawkhillj/i. 260 Blackness rd. 
Graham, James, marine engineer, 42 Step row 
Graham, James, artist, 10 Seafield road 


Graham, James A., of J. A. & T. Graham, Hyndford villa, Hyndfordst. 
Graham, John, farmer, West Magdalene's Kirkton, Downfield ; h. St 

Helens, 45 Frederick street 
Graham, John, officer, East U.F.Ch., B.F. ; h. Edenbainpl. Kingst., B.F. 
Graham, John M., warehouseman, Helenslea, 144 City road 
Graham, Joseph, compositor, 84 Ferry road 

Graham, J. A. & T., solicitors and notaries public, 104 Commercial st. 
Graham, Rev. J. Miller, Park U. F. Church ; h. Northgate, 26 Dalkeith rd. 
Graham, Philip, tenter, 79 Arbroath road 
Graham, Robert D., clerk, 252 Blackness road 
Graham, Thomas, butcher, 12 Rosefield street 
Graham, William, coachman, 10 Bellefield avenue 
Graham, William, moulder, 100 Annfield road 
Graham, William, mason, 13 Gibb's lane, Lochee 
Graham, William, enginedriver, 49 Taylor's lane 
Graham, William R., watchman, 27 Albert street 
Graham, William R., fruiterer and confectioner, 297 Brook st., Bro. 

Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 367) ; h. Craigrossie place, Carnoustie 
Graham, Mrs Alexander, dressmaker, 14 Stewart street, Lochee 
Graham, Mrs G. T., 30 Springfield 
Graham, Mrs Jane, 4 Dallfield terrace 
Graham, Mrs J., draper, 82 Ferry road 
Graham, Mrs William, apartments, 74 Commercial street 
Grahame, Rev. John Alex., Victoria St. U.F. Church; h. 5Clepington rd. 
Grainger, James, insurance agent, 44 Ann street 
Granato, F., confectioner, 128 High street, Lochee; h. 196 
Grandison, Samuel, carpenter, 84 Ferry road 
Grandison, Stephen R., boatman, 80 Ferry road 
Grandy, Miss, 180 Perth road 
Grange, William, hacklesetter, 41 Victoria street 
Grant, Alexander, railway weigher, 11 Barrack street 
Grant, Alexander, foreman, 252 Ferry road 

Grant, Alex., coal agt., 181 Brook st., Bro. Ferry ; h. 59 Brown st., B.F. 
Grant, Alexander S. , Salisbury cottage, 5 Forfar road 
Grant, Allan, agent, 71 Perth road 
Grant, Archibald, joiner, 1 Pitfour street 

Grant & Brown, ironfounders, Star Foundry, 62 Bell st. (Telep. No. 27) 
Grant, Charles, moulder, 29 Clepington street 

Grant, Rev. Charles M., D.D., Edgemoor, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 
Grant, Daniel, joiner, 10 Molison street 

Grant, David, of William Grant & Son, Parkhill, 10 Jedburgh road 
Grant, Donald, carter, 47 Princes street 
Grant, Duncan R., clerk, 13 Forest Park road 
Grant, Elizabeth, 29 Seymour street 
Grant, E., commission agent, 19 High street (Telephone No. 792) ; 

h. 103 Overgate 
Grant, Forbes, 15 Seymour street 
Grant, Frank, grocer's assistant, 4 Gardner street 
Grant, Frederick, mechanic, 1 Gowrie street 
Grant, F. Airth, stockbroker, 13 Albert square (Teleph. Nos. 2155, 645 ; 

Telegrams, " Magians") ; h. A3^rebrayde, For thill rd., Bro. Ferry 


Grant, George, tenter, 25 Union place 
Grant, George, fish restaurant, 51 King street 
Grant, G. C. Lindsay, 8 Douglas terrace, West Ferry- 
Grant, Herbert S. , grocer, spirit mer. , 26 Princes st. ; h. 41 Baldovan ter. 
Grant, James, mechanic, 32 Main street 

Grant, James, solicitor, 11 Barrack street ; h. 230 Perth road 
Grant, James, tailor and clothier, 195 Perth road ; h. 193 
Grant, James, joiner, 3 Cardean street 
Grant, James, of John Grant & Sons, Ltd., Montpelier (Telephone 

No. B.F. 281) 
Grant, James, factory overseer, 155 Lochee road 
Grant, James, 13 Albert street 

Grant, James, park ranger, Reres cottage, Monifieth road, Bro. Ferry 
Grant, James, plumber, 95 Fort street, Broughty Ferry (Telephone 

No. B.F. 240) ; h. Albert place, Castle street, B.F. 
Grant, James M., boot and shoe maker, 78 King street ; h. Harlesden, 

53 Craigie road 
Grant, James S., publishers' manager, 19 Ward road ; h. 2 Newington 

terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Grant, John, draper's traveller, 4 Eden street 
Grant, John, mechanic, 96 Caldrum street 

Grant, John, of John Grant & Co. , Yewbank ave. , Monifieth rd. , B. Ferry 
Grant, John, mechanic, 27 Kirk street, Lochee 

Grant, John, manager, Pitalpin Works, Lochee ; h. 41 Pitalpin street 
Grant, John, hosepipe weaver, 28 Kinloch street 

Grant, John, & Co. , merchants, 20 St Andrew's st. (Telephone No. 1382) 
Grant, John J. , mercantile clerk, 57 Strathmore road 
Grant, John, & Sons, Ltd., millers and grain merchants, 23 High street ; 

and Craigmills, Strathmartine (Telephone No. 827 ; Telegrams, 

"Strath," Dundee) 
Grant, John S., baker, 23 Wellgrove street, Lochee 
Grant, Joseph, contractor, Margaret cottage, 350 Brook st., Bro. Ferry 
Grant, Joseph, traveller, 11 Fort street, Broughty Ferry 
Grant, Rev. J. Howitt, M.A., High U.F. Church ; h. 10 Adelaide place 
Grant, J. H. S., of Grant & Brown, 60 Bell street 
Grant, Peter, School Board officer, 43 Cleghorn street 
Grant, Peter, clerk, Inglewood, Queen street, Broughty Ferry 
Grant, Robert, M.D., Glamis villa, 46 Farington street 
Grant, William, gardener, Fernhall cottage, Dundee road, West Ferry 
Grant, Wm. G., engraver, designer, 19 High st. ; h. 16 Westfieldrd. , B. Fy. 
Grant, William M., of John M. Watson & Son, Bellevue, W. Newport 
Grant, William, & Son, butchers and cattledealers, 54 Westport and 

187 Blackness road 
Grant, W. Guillan, of W. G. Grant & Co., Ltd., Seaview, Tayport 

(Telephone No. T. 12) _ 
Grant, W. G., &Co., Ltd., jutespinners, manufacturers, and merchants, 

Dundee Linen Works, 31 Constitution st. (Teleph. Nos. 493, 494 ; 

Telegrams, " Griffon " ; Exch. Box No. 58) and Laing Street Works 
Grant, Mrs B., broker, 105 and 107 South road, Lochee 
Grant, Mrs C. , milk merchant, Whitton street ; h. 42 King's road 
Grant, Mrs G., Lomondbank, Oakley place, Queen street, Bro'ty Ferry 


Grant, Mrs Hugh, 18 Louise terrace, Grove road, West Ferry 

Grant, Mrs L, dressmaker, 202a Hawkhill 

Grant, Mrs John, 15 Bellefield avenue 

Grant, Mrs May, 54 Magdalen Yard road 

Grant, Mrs Robert, 11 Briarwood terrace 

Grant, Mrs Thomas W., 3 Taymouth ter., Monifieth rd., Bro'ty Ferry 

Grant, Mrs, 13 Benvie road 

Grant, Miss J. A., grocer, spiritdealer, 184 Hawkhill; h. Invergowrie 

Grassie, James, railway passenger guard, 9 Pitkerro road 

Grassie, William, clerk, 10 Molison street 

Gravill, Mrs, 16 Lynnewood place 

Gray, Agnes, stationer and tobacconist, 134 Brook street 

Gray, Alexander, shipping porter, 55 Ferry road 

Gray, Alexander, foreman, 167 Alexander street 

Gray, Andrew, spinning overseer, 86 Peddie street 

GRAY, ANDREW, shipchandler, oil, paint, and colour merchant, 60 

Dock street; h. Ladybank cottage, Monifieth. See Adv. p. 21 
Gray, Andrew, engineer, 22 Miller's wynd 
Gray, Andrew, foreman fitter, 21 Morgan street 
j Gray, Charles, coal, brick, lime, cement, stucco, fireclay, and common 

clay goods merch. , 40 Candle lane ; A. Hollygate cot. , 1 Chalmers st. 
Gray, Charles, builder, 22 Muirfield crescent, Downfielcl 
Gray, David, stevedore, 25 Baxter Park terrace 
Gray, David, tenter, 8 Parker street 

Gray, David, stationer, 101 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
Gray, David B., grocer, spirit mer., 192Hilltown ; h. 182Strathmtn. rd. 
Gray, David Dunn, spirit merchant, 24 Wellgate ; h. 150 Albert street 
Gray, D. J. T., & Co., merchants, 67 Cowgate 
Gray, Eliza Y., pastrybaker, 30 Strathmartine road ; h. 36 
Gray, Geo., Dundee Courier correspdt., 3 Taypark place, Long lane, B.F. 
Gray, George, clerk, Oakfield, 16 Muirfield crescent, Downfield 
Gray, James, brassfinisher, 6 Tulloch crescent 

Gray, James, fruiterer and confectr., 148 Lochee rd. ; h. 43 Cleghorn st. 
Gray, James, calenderworker, 7 Blackness street 
Gray, James, tinsmith, 2 Earl street, Lochee 
Gray, James, M.A., teacher, 40 Albert street 
Gray, James D., pastrybaker, 11 Strathmartine road 
Gray, James L., draper, 199 Perth road 
Gray, James M., of Gray, Robertson, & Smith, consular agent for 

France ; h. Taymouth villa, Carnoustie 
Gray, James W., grocer, 66 Hawkhill; h. 16 Union place 
j GRAY, JOHN, of J. & J. Gray, valuator, 20 Perth road. See Adv. p. 3 
Gray, John, butcher, 183 Princes street ; h. Rosemount, 21 Clepington 

Gray, John, of Davidson & Gray, Struiebrae, East Newport 
Gray, John, 9 Blackness avenue 
Gray, John, gardener, 1 Blackheath place 
Gray, John, joiner, 333 Clepington road 
Grray, John, butcher, 234 Brook street, Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. 

B.F. 123) ; h. 21 East Clepington road 
jlray, John C. , artist, 480 Strathmartine road, Downfield 


Gray, John Y., lecturer in engineering, Dundee Technical College and 

School of Art ; h. 4 Duff street 
GRAY, J. & J., cabinetmakers and joiners, painters and paperhangers, 

Venetian blind makers, funeral undertakers, and valuators, 18 to 

30 Perth road (Telephone No. 607). See Adv. p. 3 
Gray, J. Scott, ironmonger, 5 Greenfield place 
Gray, Peter, 36 Strathmartine road 
Gray, Peter, joiner, 60 Strathmartine road ; h. 69 
Gray, Peter, furniture dealer, 8 to 12 Derby street 
Gray, Robert, blacksmith, 56 Dura street 
Gray, Robert, butcher, 144 Albert street ; h. 48 
Gray, Robert, butcher, 90 Blackscroft ; h. 139 
Gray, Robert C. , tenter, 42 Strathmartine road 
Gray, Robert H., of Macdonald & Gray, 9 Blackness avenue 
Gray, Robertson, & Smith, solicitors and notaries public, 69 Reform st. 
Gray, R. W., agent, 164 Clepington road 

Gray Street Works, Gray St., Lochee ; D. H. Fleming, Sons, & Co., Ltd. 
Gray, Thomas, guard, 17 Forest Park road 
Gray, Thomas, teacher, 42 Muirfield crescent, Downfield 
Gray, William, enginedriver, 22 Annfield road 
Gray, William, warper, 33 Provost road 
Gray, William, cashier, 7 Chalmers street 
Gray, William, commercial traveller, 3 Bellefield avenue 
Gray, William, teacher, 14 Victoria road 
Gray, William, painter, 9 Glamis street 
Gray, William, & Son, bottlers and wine merchants, 52, 54, 58, and 60 

Fort street, Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 121) 
Gray, Mrs Alfred, postmistress, 62 High street, Lochee 
Gray, Mrs Baxter, Springbank, Hill street, Broughty Ferry 
Gray, Mrs Birrell, 7 Hunter place, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
Gray, Mrs D. J. Thomson, 9 Nelson street 
Gray, Mrs Henry, 2 Baxter Park terrace 
Gray, Mrs Thomas, 10 Mortimer place 
Gray, Mrs, 6 Annfield row 

Gray, Miss Alice J., teacher of music, 146 Nethergate 
Gray, Miss Ethel M. , teacher of music, 146 Nethergate 
Gray, Miss Flora A., L.R.A.M., teacher of pianoforte, 5 Greenfield pi. 
Gray, Miss Isabella, grocer, 129 Rosebank street 
Gray, Miss L., newsagent, 129 High street, Lochee ; h. S Gray's lane 
Gray, Miss Madge, teacher of music, 146 Nethergate 
Gray, Miss M. , music teacher, 42 Strathmartine road 
Gray, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 26 Albert street 
Gray, Miss W., Merlewood, Hill street, Broughty Ferry 
Gray, Miss, Drummore, Whinnybrae, Broughty Ferry 
Greece, Consular agent — John M. Hunter Mitchell, 39 Dock street 
Great North of Scotland Railway Co., 9 Whitehall crescent (Telephone 

No. 490; Telegrams, "Travel") 
Green, John, milloverseer, 103 Rosebery street, Lochee 
Green, Thomas Robertson, & Co., tea merchants, 12 St Andrew's street 
Green, William, dyer, 59 Logie street, Lochee 
Green, Mrs R. , stationer and tobacconist, 60 Brook street ; h. 58 


Green, Miss C, confectioner and dairy keeper, 28 Wilkie's lane ; h. 49 
Greener, John W., coal merchant, 38 Lochee road ; h. 9 Parker street 
Greenfield, William G., clerk, 2 Campfield road, Broughty Ferry 
Greenhill, James D. , chemist, 73 Overgate ; h. 12 Gillburn road, Downfield 
Greenhill, James K. , goods guard, Q6 Peddie street 
Greenlees & Sons, boot manuf s. , 72 High st. , and 218 Brook st. , Bro. Ferry 
Greer, Leonard, electrical engineer, 41 Baldovan terrace 
Gregory, Rev. E. D., S. Salvador's Epis. Ch. ; h. 7 South George street 
Gregory, Fred. S., of William Gray & Son, 56 Fort street, B. Ferry 
Gregory, F. J., of F. J. Gregory & Co., Castle cottage, Tayport 
Gregory, F. J., & Co., produce brokers, 9 Commercial street 
Gregory, Mrs C. , tobacconist and newsagent, 65 Victoria road ; h. 63 
Gregory, Mrs J. C. , Twin villa, Whinnybrae, Broughty Ferry 
Greig, Albert, machineman, 44 Blackness road 
Greig, Alexander, painter, 13 Ann field row 

Greig, David, hairdresser and tobacconist, 46 Princes st. ; h. 28 Springhill 
Greig, David, manager, Lawside Works j h. 347 Clepington road 
Greig, David, gardener, 239 King street, Broughty Ferry 
Greig, David B., telephone test clerk, 19 Brown Constable street 
Greig, D. M., CM., F.R.C.S.Ed., surgeon, 25 South Tay street (Tele- 
phone No. 659) 
Greig, George, constable, 24 Nelson street 
Greig, George, grocer and spiritdealer, 2 Hawkhill ; h. Brantwood 

villa, Invergowrie 
Greig, Geo. A., painter and art dealer, 39, 41a Hawkhill ; h. 12 Park pi. 
Greig, James, joiner, 37 Stirling street 
Greig, James, blacksmith, 46 Provost road 

Greig, Jas. S., of Cooper & Greig, Lindean, Perth road (Telephone No. 991) 
Greig, John, collector, Gas Office ; h. Struan cottage, 29Lintrathen gdns. 
Greig, John, postman, 58 Provost road 
Greig, John, cloth inspector, 91 Peddie street 

Greig, John A., accountant, Clydesdale Bank ; h. 21 Craig rd., Tayport 
Greig, John H. C, grain merchant, 324 Hawkhill ; h. 55 Strathmore road 
Greig, R. M 'Gavin, of R. M'Gayin Greig & Co., 4 Westfield place 
Greig, R. M 'Gavin, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 1 Smellie's lane 
Greig, Thomas Cattanach, clerk, 133 Perth road 
Greig, William, assurance agent, 4 Elizabeth street 
Greig, William, dockgateman, 5 Graham place 

Greig, Mrs D., grocer, 241 Lochee road ; h. Lawnbank, 158 City road 
Greig, Mrs Peter, 29 High street, Lochee 
Greig, Mrs R. M'Gavin, 5 Richmond terrace 
Greig, Mrs, Lindean, Perth road 
Greig, Miss Mary, ladies' tailor, 285 Hawkhill 
Greive, David, waiter, 106 Hawkhill 

Greive, J. G., butcher, 147 South road, Lochee; h. 59 Perrie street 
Greive, William D., coal merchant, 59 Perrie street, Lochee 
Greive, Mrs John, 59 Perrie street, Lochee 

Gresham Fire and Accident Insurance Society, Ltd., 30 Reform street 
Gresham Life Assurance Society, Ltd. , 30 Reform street ; Charles 

Scrymgeour, district agent 
Gresham Publishing Co. , manuf. publishers, 1 9 Wardrd. ; Jas. S . Grant, mgr. 


Grewar, James, shipwright, 23 Baldovan terrace 

Grewar, James, lorryman, 10 Craigie street 

Grewar, John, engineer, Kemsley villa, 306 Blackness road 

Grewar, William, harbour porter, 5 Park avenue 

Grey Lodge Settlement, 9 Wellington st. ; Miss 0. M. Barbour, warden 

Gribbin, Joseph, secretary, 39 Forebank road 

Grieve, Alex., water inspector, Water Commission buildings, 10 Ward rd. 

Grieve, Alexander R., marine engineer, 121 Hawkhill 

Grieve, David, engineer, 9 Eden street 

Grieve, David B. , clerk, 34 Albert street 

Grieve, Elizabeth J., confectioner, 61 Logie street, Lochee; h. 63 

Grieve, James, horseshoer, 69 North Tay street 

Grieve, James, blacksmith, 5 Baffin street 

Grieve, James, postman, 180 Lochee road 

Grieve, John, confectioner, 76 Ferry road ; h. 74 

Grieve, John, gardener, Abertay, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 

Grieve, Robert, clerk, 11 South George street 

Grieve, Robt. , water inspector, Burnside cot. , 23 Frederick st. , Downfield 

Grieve, Thomas, chauffeur, Dunalastair house, Hill street, Bro. Ferry 

Grieve, Walter, goods guard, 212 Blackness road 

Grieve, Wilfrid, clerk, 10 Gladstone terrace, Brook street, Bro. Ferry 

Grieve, William, shipfitter, 5 South Baffin street 

Grieve, William, confectioner, 21 LifF road, Lochee ; h. 63 Logie street 

Grieve, Miss C, 14 Rugby terrace, Esplanade, Broughty Ferry 

Griffen, Lionel, teacher, "Mars" T.S.; h. 29 Seymour street 

Griffin, James, chimneysweeper, 47 Princes street 

Griffith, C. O., F.L.A.A., accountant, 87 Commercial street (Telephone 

No. 1105) ; h. Rockville, Wormit 
Grimmond, Alexander, 95 Beach crescent, Broughty Ferry 
Grimmond Brothers, confectioners, 3 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Grimmond, Thomas, of Grimmond Brothers, 5 Brook st., Broughty Ferry 
Grimmond, James K., saddler, 8 Blinshall street 
Grimond, J. & A. D., Limited, merchants, jute spinners, and manufrs., 

Bowbridge Works, Thistle st. , and Maxwelltown Works, 25 North 

George st. ; regd. office, Bowbridge Works (Teleph. No. 258, 5 lines; 

Telegrams, " Grimonds," Dundee, London, Manchester, New York) 
Grimond, J. B. , of J. & A. D. Grimond, Ltd. , 8 Abbotsfordcres., St Andrews 
Grimond, Mrs A. M., 1 Grosvenor terrace 
Grimond, Miss, Carbet castle, Camphill road, Broughty Ferry 
Grindlay, William S., locomotive foreman, 1 Bellefield avenue 
Groat, William, grocer, 41 Hawkhill 

Groat, Mrs Margt., grocer, confectioner, 36 Taylor's lane ; h. 6 Tait's lane 
Grogan, Robert, fireman, 201 Strathmartine road 
Gron, M. E., & Son, merchants, 13 Ward road 
Grosett, Alexander, tailor, 5 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 
Grossart, Robert, governor, West Poox'house, 211 Blackness road 
Grossart, Mrs Agnes, matron, West Poorhouse, 211 Blackness road 
Groundwater, George M., superintendent, Post Office; h. 12 Forfar road 
Grove Mills, Lower pleasance ; A. P. Mathewson & Co., spinners 
Groves, David, marine officer, 1 Thornbank street 
Groves, James D., railway porter, 80 Kirk street, Lochee 


Groves, Robert D., car conductor, 101 Rosebery street, Lochee 

Grubb, David, mechanic, 113 Strathmartine road 

Grubb, David, mechanic, Windsor cottage, 5 Cloan road, Downfield 

Grubb, Henry, jun., stableman, 12 Smellie's lane 

Grubb, Thomas, foreman carter, 58 East Dock street 

Grubb, William, mechanic, 9 Bruce street 

Grund, Otto, shipmaster, Netherton, Montague street, Barnhill 

GUARDIAN ASSURANCE COMPANY, Limited (Fire, Life, Accident, and 

Burglary Insur. ) ; branch office, 18 York pi. , Edinburgh ; H. Melville 

Grey, resident secretary. Dundee Sub-Branch, 4 Panmure street 

(Teleph. No. 1978) ; Wm. Watson, res. inspector. See Adv. p. 102 
Guest, Joseph B., photographer, 13 Seymour street 
Guild, Alexander Mackenzie, of A. & J. Guild, 12 Hope st., St Andrews 
Guild, A. & J., stockbrokers, 31 Albert square (Telephone No. 590; 

Telegrams "Guild") 
Guild, David, late postman, 18 Ellen street 
Guild, Geo. S., mill and factory furnisher, engineers' factor, leather 

and oil merchant, 11a Bell street ; h. Burndene, Sean eld road, B. Ferry 
Guild, James, cabinetmaker, 57 Strathmore road 
Guild, James M., grocer and spirit merchant, 179 Perth road ; h. 19 

Strathmartine road 
Guild, John, plumber, 56 Lilybank road 
Guild, John, jun., 61 Lochee road 

Guild, John S., engineer, The Grove, Dundee road, West Ferry 
Guild, Peter, dairyman, West Craigie Dairy, Arbroath road 
Guild, Thomas, butcher, 43 Blackness road 

Guild, Thomas A., teacher, Baldovan Industrial School, Downfield 
Guild, William M., bootmaker, 8 Perth road ; h. 23 Step row 
Guild, W. K., com. traveller, 14 Renny place, Grove road, West Ferry 
Guild, Miss J. F., proprietrix, Dundee Laundry, 40 Mains road; h. 19 

Strathmartine road 
Guild, Harry J. , Collotype printer, 55 Taylor's lane 
Gunn, George, 29 Step row 

Gunn, Hugh, police superintendent, 31 Park avenue 
Gunn, James T. , tailor's cutter, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 
Gunn, John, waiter, 58 Peddie street 
Gunn, John, seaman, 16 Stirling street 
Gunn, John N. , bookbinder, 2 Graham street 
Gunn, Miss, 27 Provost road 

Guthel, Andrew, of D. & A. Guthel, 13 Muirton road, Lochee 
Guthel, D. & A., joiners, 8 and 10 Charles lane 
Guthel, William M., of D. & A. Guthel, 2 Eliza street 
Guthrie, Alexander, of J. & A. Guthrie, 2 Clarendon terrace 
Guthrie, Alexander, overseer, 15 Baffin street 
Guthrie, Alexander, carter, 110 Victoria road 
Guthrie, Andrew, clerk, 72 Bell street 
Guthrie, Andrew, powerloom tenter, 3 Reid street 
Guthrie, Henry, plasterer, 25 Rosebery street 
Guthrie, Hugh, postman, 1 Park avenue 
Guthrie, James, merchant, 10 Panmure street ; h. Hope Park, Victoria 

road, West Ferry 


Guthrie, James, ealenderworker, 22 Carmichael street 

Guthrie, John, clerk, 72 Bell street 

Guthrie, J. & A., jute spinners, Seabraes Mill, 2 Perth road; office, 

10 Panmure street 
Guthrie, J. 0., wine and spirit merchant, 100 and 102 Blackscroft 

(Teleph. No. 1684) ; h. Bin-Ericht, 105 Pitkerro rd. (Tele. No. 1694) 
Guthrie, Robert, warehouseman, 59 Provost road 
Guthrie Street Calender ; Gilroy, Sons, & Co., Ltd. 
Guttridge, S. P., Mus. Bac, F.R.C.O., music teacher, 20 Whitehall 

street ; h. 10 Kilnburn place, East Newport 

Hackney, A. , inspector of way, Queen Street cottage, Broughty Ferry 

Hackney, Charles, baker, 90 Albert street 

Hackney, Charles, clerk, 33 Seymour street 

Hackney, David, lorrydriver, 93 Cobden street, Lochee 

Hackney, Mrs Jane, grocer, 24 Hospital wynd 

Haddo, Thomas, colliery agent, 54 Magdalen Yard road 

Haddon, Alexander D., milloverseer, 10 Garland place 

Haddon, John, assistant manager, 6 Fingask street 

Hagan, Annie, grocer, 26 Carnegie street 

Hagan, Mary, grocer and spiritdealer, 245 Overgate 

Hagemann's Creameries, Ltd., margarine manufacturers (Rotterdam), 56 

Charles street ; James S. Matthew, agent 
Haggart, David, yarnbundler, 73 Church street 

Haggart, Geo., clerk, Dundee Combination Par. Council ; h. 71 Perth road 
Haggart, John, Burns cottage, 39 Mains loan 
Haggart, Peter, baker, 131 Ann street 
Haggart, Robert, baker, 33 Peddie street 
Haggart, Robert, dairyman, 170 Arbroath road 
Haggart, William, milloverseer, 18 Caldrum street 
Haggart, Mrs James, apartments, 80 Seafield road 

Haggart, Mrs Jas. D. , grocer,prov.mer. , 375 Str'thmartine rd. , D'fi eld; h. 373 
Haggart, Miss, 4 Panmure terrace (Telephone No. 2140) 
Haigh, W. No well, of Douglas Manufacturing Co., 17 In verary terrace 
Hain, Lawrence, railway servant, 8 Kincardine street 
Hain, Robert, secretary, 14 Nelson street 
Haining, George, clothier's manager, 45 Seafield road 
Halcro, Mrs, general merchant, and sub-post office, Rock cottage, 

Dalhousie road, Barnhill 
Hales, James A., patternmaker, 176 Lochee road 
Halket & Adam, manufacturers, rope and twine makers, Dundee Rope 

Works, 4 to 14 Union pi. (Teleph. No. 994 ; Exchange Box No. 56) 
Halket, W. F., tenter, 2 Annfield row 
Halkett, James, sailor, 54 North Ellen street 
Halkett, John, lapper, 1 Park avenue 
Halkett, Peter, grocer, 34 Logie street, Lochee ; h. 36 
Hall, James, mason, 182 Lochee road 
Hall, James, telegraphist, 8a King street 
Hall, James, spirit merchant, 4 Baltic street ; h. 31 Wellgate 
Hall, John, mechanic, 8 Baton's lane 
Hall, John, compositor, Rose cottage, 27 Back street 


Hall, Robert, late clerk, 62 Caldrum street 

Hall, Rev. Win,, M.A., Balgay Parish Church ; h. 4 Albany terrace 
Hall, W. H., caretaker, 9 Douglas street 
Hall, Mrs James, 1 Kerrington crescent, Barnhill 
Hall, Mrs William, 10 Rankine street 
Hall, Mrs, 21 Union place 
Hall, Miss Annie, draper, 142a Lochee road 

Hall, Miss M., stationer, f'cy goods agt., 203 Perth rd. ; h. 8 Paton's lane 
Hall, Misses A. & A., babylinen warehouse, 56 Peddie street; h. 248 

Blackness road 
Halley, A. C, of Wm. Halley & Sons, Ellenville, Camphill rd., B. Ferry 
HALLEY BROTHERS, Ltd., hacklemakers, South Ward road (Telephone 

No. 647). See Adv. p. 56 
Halley, David, wine and spirit merchant, 22 Strathmartine road ; h, 

Roycroft, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
Halley, David, of Halley Brothers, Ltd., Inverlaw, Douglas terrace 
Halley, C4eorgeH., of Halley Brothers, Ltd., St Leonards, 22 Albany ter. 
Halley, Jas. H., of Wm. Halley & Sons, Rolighed, Fairfield rd.,W. Ferry 
Halley, William, & Sons, spinners and manufacturers, Wallace Craigie 

Works, 1 Wallace street 
Halley, William W., merchant, Tighvonie, 2 Douglas terrace 
Halley, Mrs George, Broomhall, Albert road, West Ferry 
Hally burton, Mrs A., 59 Logie street, Lochee 

Hamblin, Robt., health food specialist, 256 Hilltown ; h. 2 Russell street 
Hamilton, Alex. , joiner, undertaker, housefurnisher, 80 South rd. , Lochee 
Hamilton, Alex., & Co., manuf. chemists, 13Whittonst. ; h. lOMortimerpl. 
Hamilton, Daniel, clerk, 7 Newington terrace, Esplanade, Bro'ty Ferry 
Hamilton, Frank, ironmonger, 120 and 209 Hilltown ; h. 18 Caldrum st. 
Hamilton, Gavin, gardener, Airliebank, Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Hamilton, George, electrician, 7 King's road 
Hamilton, George G. , secretary, Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway ; h. 

Clarendon, Davidson street, Broughty Ferry 
Hamilton, George S., of James Hamilton & Son, 13 Arbroath road 
Hamilton, George T., teller, Royal Bank, Westport ; h. 1 Rustic place 
Hamilton, Henry, painter, 57 Cleghorn street 

Hamilton, Rev. Jas., MorisonC.U. Ch. ; h. Seacroft, 91 Magdalen green 
Hamilton, James, licensed broker, 11 Marshall street, Lochee ; h. 7 
Hamilton, James, & Son, manufacturing chemists, specialty M.D. 

Boiler Disincrustant, 13 Erskine street (Telephone No. 516 ; 

Trademarks, "Flying Horse," " Kruna," " Hamilton's," &c.) 
Hamilton, John M., engine and machine fitter, 8 Roslin terrace 
Hamilton, J. Park, M.R.C.V.S., of Peddie & Hamilton, 125 Nether- 
gate (Telephone No. 610) 
Hamilton, William, law clerk, 78 Peddie street 
Hamilton, Rev. William, M.A., Trinity C.U. Church; h. Craigieside, 

134 Arbroath road 
Hamilton, William J., of W. J. Hamilton & Brown, 2 Nelson street 
Hamilton, W. J. , & Brown, housefurnishers, piano and organ dealers, 

38 and 40 King's road 
Hamilton, Mrs James, Oaklea, Dalhousie road, Barnhill 
Hammer & Thomson, merchants, 7 Ward road 


Hampton, David, publican, 271 Hawkhiil 

Hampton, James, machineman, 18 Ellen street 

Hampton, Mrs Eliza, confectioner, 32 Victoria street 

Hampton, Miss Robina, draper, 184 Blackness road ; h. 262 

Hand, C. W. , chauffeur, 79 Church street, Broughty Ferry 

Hand-in-Hand Insurance Society (now merged in Commercial Union 

AssuranceCo. , Ltd. ), 12 Victoria chambers; J. Thobaven, localmangr. 
Hand, Thomas F., stationmaster, Esplanade Station; h. Station house 
Handy, Mrs, 36 Wolseley street 
Hanlon, H., bootmaker, 22 Urquhart street 
Hanlon, John, slippermaker, 45 Cowgate 
Hanna, Mrs Robert, 24 Mortimer street 

Hannaford, Samuel, watchmaker, 5 Reform street ; h. 51 Crescent st. 
Hannah, James, conductor, 13 Forest Park road 
Hannah, Mary, confectioner, 9 Milnbank road 
Hannan, W., cycledealer, 20 St Peter street; h. 24 
Hannigan, Michael T. , manager, Dundee Catholic Herald, 82 Bell st. ; 

h. Cambuscathie, 54 Ferry road, Monifieth 
Hansell, Robert, headmaster, Deaf and Dumb Institution, Dudhope- 

bank, 165 Lochee road ; h. 16 Rankine street 
Hanton, George, law clerk, 46 Provost road 
Hanton, James, blacksmith, 136 Lochee road 
Hanton, Mrs George H. , 56 Provost road 
Harben, Mrs, Beach house, 294 King street, Broughty Ferry 
Harder, Blair, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 13 Panmure street 

(Telephone Nos. 623, 624; Telegrams, "Harder") 
Hardie, Alexander M., physician and surgeon, Rockfield, 4 Baldovan 

road, Downfield (Telephone No. D. 30) 
Hardie, James C, barman, 6 Cleghorn street 
Hardie, James, & Son, chemists, 68 and 69 High street 
Hardie, John M., of Hardie & Smith, Grayfield house, 62 Annfield road 
Hardie, B. L., F.F.S., of Gauldie & Hardie, Roselea, Ferry road, 

Hardie & Smith, linen and jute mfs. , Baltic Linen Works, 28 Annfield rd. 
Bardie, William, mason, 17 School road, Downfield 
Hardie, Mrs, Pitempton Dairy, 517 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Hardie, Mrs, 22 Muirton road, Lochee 
Hardie, Miss Maggie, confectioner, 33 Benvie road ; h. 31 
Hare, Andrew, of W. F. Hare & Sons, 6 Elizabeth street 
Hare, J. K., of W. F. Hare & Sons, 22 Constitution street 
Hare, W. F., & Sons, brush manuf., 101 Hilltown (Telephone No. 1S79) 
Hargreaves, Thomas M., blockmaker, 47 Milnbank road 
Harkins, Alexander D., grocer, 25 Heron's lane, Lochee 
Harkins, Charles, fruiterer, 93 Brook street 
Harley, Alexander, postman, 3 Mountpleasant 
Harley, Andrew, butcher, 60 Dura street ; h. 29 Dundonald street 
HARLEY & COX, stationers, printers, lithographers, paper-rulers, and 

bookbinders, 130 Nethergate (Telephone No. 171) ; workshops, 

North Tay street. See Adv. p. 68 
Harley, David, watchmaker, 37 Wellgate ; h. 61 1 Perth road 
Harley, George L., of Harley & Cox, Riverview, Invergowrie 


Harley, Henry, joiner, 86 Annfield road 

Harley, Horace B., agent, Robert Brown Ltd., 26 Commercial street ; 
h. Millburn, Invergowrie 

Harley, John, baker, 16 Seafield road 

Harley, Margaret, 10 Airlie terrace 

Harley & Sons, fruiterers, florists, seedsmen, nurserymen, 66 High 
street (Telephone No. 762) ; 244 Brook street and Camperdown 
Nursery, Camperdown st. , Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 10) 

Harley, Mrs D., 1 Union place 

Harley, Mrs Louis, of Harley & Sons, Fenella, Camperdown st. , B. Ferry 

Harper, Agnes, dressmaker, 213 Perth road 

Harper, William, gardener, Cidhmore, Perth road 

Harra, John, joiner, 20 Park avenue 

Harris, Alexander, baker, 14 Rosefield street 

Harris, Alexander, sorting clerk, 24 Baldovan terrace 

Harris, Archibald, joiner, 20 Shepherd's loan 

Harris, A., hairdresser, 14 Princes street 

Harris, Edward G-., leatherdresser, Hawthorn cot., 337 Clepington rd. 

Harris, George, engineer, 89 Magdalen green 

Harris, George, broker, 176 Overgate ; h. 6 Thorter row 

Harris, Graham, confectioner, 178 Blackness road ; h. 80 Hawkhill 

Harris, James, grocer's assistant, 194 Strathmartine road 

Harris, Thomas B. , 3 Inverary terrace 

Harris, William, of Burns & Harris, Hillcrest, Carlogieroad, Carnoustie 
(Telephone No. C. 5x2) 

Harris, William, road foreman, 178 South road, Lochee 

Harris, Mrs, 19 Springfield 

Harris, Mrs, 110 Logie street, Lochee 

Harris, Miss, 3 Inverary terrace 

Harrison Line Steamers to West Indies, New Orleans, Galveston, Vene- 
zuela, Colombia, Mexico, Central America, and north and south 
Pacific ports via Colon and via Tehuantepec ; Bermuda, Natal, 
Maceio, and Pernambuco ; M. Langlands & Sons, agents, 39 Dock st. 

Harrison- Rennie Line, 19 High street 

Harrison, Thomas, postman, 67 Ure street 

Harrow, Mrs G., grocer, 1 Coupar street, Lochee 

Hart, David Y., assurance agent, 19 School road, Downfield 

Hart, John, bar manager, 364 Loons road 

Hart, Mrs David, 1 Kirkton road, Downfield 

Hartley, William, musician, 1 West Bell street 

Harvey, A. M., stampcutter, 8 Blyth street 

Harvey, Charles, carpenter, 33 Commercial street 

Harvey, David, engineer, 34 Baldovan terrace 

Harvey, George, dist. traffic supt. , Cal. Rly. ; h. Craigie hse. , Craigie ave. 
j Harvey, William, journalist, 4 Gowrie street 

Harvey, Mrs, 110 Logie street, Lochee 

Harvey, Miss Jane, dairykeeper, 29 Park avenue 

Haslam, Rev. John, Victoria Road Wesleyan Church ; h. 96 Victoria rd 

Hastie, David, shipplater, 54 Dudhope street 

Hastie, Peter, caulker, 10 South George street 

Havard, Edgar, ladies' tailor, 117 Nethergate 


Hawkins, Mrs Henry, confectioner, 193 Victoria road 

Haxton, James G., engineer, Viewbank, 7 East Haddon road 

Haxton, Thomas, millmanager, 9 Airlie terrace 

Haxton, Thomas, tenter, 18 Muirton road, Lochee 

Haxton, William, of Fleming & Haxton, 1 Albyn villas, 32 Forfar road 

Hay, Andrew, jun., shuttlemaker, 34 Ben vie road 

Hay, Andrew B., clerk, 2 Gibson terrace, Mains loan 

Hay, Burnett, 20 Whitehall street 

Hay, Charles, builder and contractor, 239 King street, Broughty Ferry 

Hay, David, machine merchant, 44 and 46 Long wynd (Telephone No. 
1332) ; h. 36 Magdalen Yard road 

Hay, David E., fish merchant, 191 Victoria road 

Hay, George, seaman, 14 Nelson street 

Hay, George, pilot, 150 Ferry road 

Hay, James, mason, 11 Roslin terrace 

Hay, James, carpetbeamer, 4 North Wellington street 

Hay, James, joiner, 110 Victoria road 

Hay, James, mechanic, 10 Wolseley street 

Hay, James, furniture dealer, ISO Ann street ; h. 7 William street 

Hay, John B., builder and contractor, 21 Reform st. ; h. 1 Windsor ter. 

Hay, Robert, commissionaire, 8 Parker street 

Hay, Robert F., clerk, 20 Whitehall street 

Hay, Thomas, of Thomas Hay & Sons, Ninewells 

Hay, Thomas, & Sons, joiners, Ninewells 

Hay, William, of Wm. Hay & Son, Elmbank, Claypots rd., West Ferry 

Hay, William, commercial traveller, 7 Cox street, Downfield 

Hay, William, & Son, restaurateurs and confectioners, 47 Murraygate 
(Telephone No. 1671) 

Hay, W. S., commercial traveller, 7 Bonnybank road 

Hay, Mrs T., Albion place, Castle street, Broughty Ferry 

Hayes, James, overseer, 2 Cochrane street 

Hay ter, David, carter, 60 Lilybank road 

Hayward, A. W. , organist, 5 Pine terrace, Brook street, Bro. Ferry 

Hayward, Eardley, journalist, 14 East Kerrington crescent, Barnhill 

Hazel, James, woodturner, 109 Clepington road 

Hazell, Wm. , & Son, grocers & wine mers. , 10 Castle st. & 29 Exchange st. 

Hazell, Mrs, 4 Reres terrace, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Head, William, signalman, N.B.R., 18 City road 

Headrick, James, merchant, 3 Seagate ; h. Panbride house, Carnoustie 

Hean, William D. , representative, Belfast Ropework Co., Ltd., View- 
field, Blackness avenue 

Hean, Mrs A., 202 High street, Lochee 

Hean, Mrs William, Tay cottage, 35 Step row 

Heath, Christopher B., 37 Albany terrace 

Heath, Rev. Edwin, 2 Tay terrace, Panmure street, Broughty Ferry 

Heathfield Works, 73 Hawkhill; Thos. Bell & Sons, of D'dee, Ltd., mfrs. 

Heggie, David L., coal agent (Taylor Brothers), 132 Gray street, 
Broughty Ferry ; h. 9 Union street, B. F. 

Heggie, D. J., grocer and wine merchant, 120 Ann street; h. Rock villa, 
Reres road, Broughty Ferry 

Heggie, D. & J., coal merchants, 31 Miller's wynd 


Heggie, George, joiner, 32 William street 

Heggie, Geo. Davidson, tailor and clothier, 186 King st., Bro. Ferry ; h. 190 

Heggie, James, toolmaker, 3 Millar's lane, Lochee 

Heggie, John, woodturner, 43 Cleghorn street 

Heggie, Robert, mechanic, 15 Coupar street, Lochee 

Heggie, Robert R., fireman, 49 Gellatly street 

Heggie, Thomas, mason, 8 Ben vie road 

Heggie, Mrs Alexander, Rait cottage, Grove road, West Ferry 

Heggie, Mrs John, Rock villa, Reres road, Broughty Ferry 

Heilbrunn, Ferdinand, of Samson & Unna, 24 Springfield, and Lundie 

Castle, Forfarshire 
Henderson, Agnes, 21 Mortimer street 
Henderson, Alexander, vanman, 32 James street 
Henderson, Alexander, tenter, 1 Blackness street 
Henderson, Alexander, caretaker, 14 Balmore street 
Henderson, Alexander, 15 Renny place, Grove road, West Ferry 
Henderson, Alexander, engineer, 3 Methven street, Lochee 
Henderson, Alexander, carter, 43 Pitalpin street, Lochee 
Henderson, Alex. Sinclair, of Alex. Henderson & Sons, Seathwood, 

Perth road 
Henderson, Alexander, & Sons, jute spinners and manufacturers, South 

Dadhope Works, 50 W. Henderson's wynd and 11 Smeliie : s lane 
Henderson, Andrew, factory overseer, 37 Rosefield street 
Henderson, Andrew, hairdresser, 5 Elizabeth street 
Henderson, Andrew, compositor, 185 Strathmartine road 
Henderson, Andrew C, of Henderson & Kirk, 133 Victoria road 
Henderson, Arbor, buyer, Arborlea, 386 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Henderson, Archibald H. S., traveller, 54 Magdalen Yard road 
Henderson, Arthur, shipmaster, 15 William street 

Henderson, Arthur, Queen's Cinema, Bellfield st. ; Britannia Picturedrome, 
39 Small's wynd ; Wellington Palace, 49 Nelson st.; h. 28 Springfield 
Henderson, Arthur, jun., cinematograph operator and manager, Brit- 
annia Picturedrome, 39 Small's wynd ; h. 1 Mountpleasant 
Henderson, A. G. , commission agt. , 54 Bell st. ; h. Rose villa, Tayport 
Henderson, Charles, police constable, 13 Baxter Park terrace 
Henderson & Co., merchants, 10 Victoria chambers 
Henderson, C. Frederick, of Alex. Henderson & Sons, Nyoora, Perth road 
Henderson, David, flaxdresser, 134 Lochee road 
Henderson, David, overseer, 9 Mortimer street 
Henderson, David, carpet salesman, 14 Bellefield avenue 
Henderson, David, confectioner, 4 Hawkhill ; h. 30 Long wynd 
Henderson, David Greig, office messenger, 8 Nicoll street 
Henderson, D., agent, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lochee ; h. Bank house, 

2 Bank street, Lochee 
Henderson, D. C, supt., No. 2 Bond, 81 Seagate; h. 17 Strawberrybank 
Henderson, Elizabeth, confectioner, 250 Clepington road 
Henderson, George, clerk, 8 Park avenue 
Henderson, George, collector, 22 Wolseley street 
Henderson, George, patternmaker, 59 Provost road 
Henderson, George, woodturner, 97 Peddie street 
Henderson, George, goods guard, 6 Park avenue 


Henderson, Harry, waiter, 6 Tulloch crescent 

Henderson, Harry, bleacher, 465 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Henderson, Henry, 5 Gowrie place 

Henderson, Henry, fish merchant, 13 Brook street 

Henderson, Henry, shipsteward, 52 Dura street 

Henderson, Henry, carter, 3 Charles street 

Henderson, Rev. Henry F., M. A., Ogilvie U.F.Ch.; 7t.l2 Constitution ter. 

Henderson, H., & Sons, leather, tallow, and oil merchants, boot factors, 
and millfurnishers, Ladybank Leather Works, 6 Victoria road 

Henderson, James, hairdresser, 196 Seagate ; h. 200 

Henderson, James, clerk, 2 Maryfield terrace 

Henderson, James, fruiterer and confectioner, 52 Strathmartine road 

Henderson, James, porter, 7 Park lane 

Henderson, James, stevedore, 29 Baldovan terrace 

Henderson, Jas. , plumber and gasfitter, 105 Church st. , Bro. Ferry ; h. 109 

Henderson, Jas. R., C.A., of Henderson & Loggie, C.A., 11 Dudhopeter. 

Henderson, James T. , porter, 61 Lochee road 

HENDERSON, JOHN, blacksmith, vanbuilder, and cartwright, 9 Gellatly 
street ; h. 31 Exchange street. See Adv. p. 40 

Henderson, John, of Henderson & Co., Crescent house, Windsor street 

Henderson, John, irondriller, 5 Wallace street 

Henderson, John, moulder, 23 Stirling street 

Henderson, John, compositor, 1 Roslin terrace 

Henderson, John, packer, 98 Dens road 

Henderson, John, spinning overseer, 16 Step row 

Henderson, John B., wine & spirit mer. , 34 Dock st. ; h. 51 Hospital wynd 

Henderson, John, & Co., merchants, 12 Panmure street (Telephone No. 
391 ; Telegrams, " Midas") 

Henderson, John C. , compositor, 1 7 Union place 

Henderson, John F., taxidermist, 3 Barrack street; h. 165 Victoria rd. 

Henderson, John G., of John Henderson & Sons (Dundee), Ltd., 24 
Windsor street 

Henderson, John R., of John Henderson & Sons (Dundee), Ltd., 11 
Dudhope terrace 

Henderson, John, & Sons (Dundee), Ltd., jute spinners and manufac- 
turers, Lindsay Street Works, N. Lindsay st. (Telephone No. 1261) 

Henderson, J. H. F. , Ltd. , manufacturers, 4 Don's road 

Henderson, J. Lindsay, of H. Henderson & Sons, 1 Balgillo crescent, 
Seafield road, Broughty Ferry 

Henderson & Kirk, coal merchants, 97 Arbroath road 

Henderson & Loggie, chartered accountants, 20 Whitehall street 

Henderson & Mackay, silk mercers, dressmaking specialists, 
ladies' tailors, milliners, and ladies' and children's complete out- 
fitters, 28 to 34 Whitehall street (Telephone No. 121) 

Henderson, Mary, apartments, 11 Whitehall street 

Henderson, Robert, printer, 17 Constitution street 

Henderson, Robert C, of John Henderson & Co., 1 St Johnswood terrace 

Henderson, Thomas, hairdresser, 40 North George street 

Henderson, Thomas, clerk, 9 Eden street 

Henderson, Thomas C, tailor, 7 Lawson place 

Henderson, Walter, joiner, 6 Eden street 


Henderson, Walter, painter, 4 Forebank road 

Henderson, William, firewood merchant, 21 Fairfield road 

Henderson, William, stonecutter, 6 Annfield street 

Henderson, William, mechanic, 132 Hawkhill 

Henderson, William, fruiterer, 55 Princes street ; 7*. 53 

Henderson, Wm., of Alex. Henderson & Sons, West Park, Perth road 

Henderson, William, mechanic, 54 Provost road 

Henderson, William, factory manager, 172 Clepington road 

Henderson, William, tailor, 22 Union place 

Henderson, William, overseer, 27 Rosefield street 

Henderson, William, reader, 61 Reform street 

Henderson, William, yarndresser, 8 Lorimer street 

Henderson, William, mason, 13 Forest Park road 

Henderson, William, labourer, 38 Lilybank road 

Henderson, William H., insurance agent, 33 Hilltown 

Henderson, William P., commission agent, 5 St Mary's terrace 

Henderson, W. K., inspector, G.P.O. ; h. 8 Maryfield terrace 

Henderson, Mrs Agnes, Craigower, 15 East Haddon road 

Henderson, Mrs D. M.. children's outfitter, 211 Brook street, Broughty 
Ferry; h. 41 Church street, B.F. 

Henderson, Mrs E., 1 Minto place 

Henderson, Mrs James, 23 Step row 

Henderson, Mrs James, apartments, 12 Victoria chambers 

Henderson, Mrs John, 2 Paradise road 

Henderson, Mrs J., 1 Argyle terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Henderson, Mrs J. H. F., 9 Adelaide place 
( Henderson, Mrs Richard, 11 Dudhope terrace 
;| Henderson, Mrs Samuel, 9 St Mary's road, Downfield 
li Henderson, Mrs Wm., stationer, 26 Dimdonald st. ; h. 1 Wolseley st. 
rt l jj Henderson, Mrs, apartments, 143 Victoria road 
24 j| Henderson, Mrs, 193 Blackness road 

Henderson, Mrs, confectioner, 34 Forfar road 

Henderson, Miss Isa, 6 Shore terrace 

Henderson, Miss Jane, 89 Hospital wynd 
j ac .l| Henderson, Miss M., dressmaker, 14 Hospital wynd 
ljll) Henderson, Miss M., fruiterer, 118 Hawkhill 

Henderson, Miss, apartments, 12 Cobden street, Lochee 
eB t.| Henderson, Miss, Craignordie, Strathern road, West Ferry 

i Henderson, Misses A. & J., bakers and confectioners, 166 Blackness 
road ; h. 11 Blackness street 

(Henderson, Misses Kate W. and Jane P., 4 Aberlemno terrace 
j.| J Henderson", Misses, fruiterers and confectioners, 43 Guthrie st. ; h. 41 
' wl j. Hendry, Andrew, of Andrew Hendry & Sons, 5 Clarendon terrace 
J Hendry, Andrew, & Sons, solicitors and notaries public, 39 Murray gate 

Hendry, Charles, mechanic, 27 Provost road 

Hendry, David, undertaker, 28 Hunter st. (Telephone No. 1525) ; h. 30 

Hendry, David, fireman, 2 Cochrane street 

Hendry, David, mason, 3 Garland place, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Hendry, George B. , grocer, 94 Victoria road 

Hendry, James, carpenter, 6 North Ellen street 

Hendry, James, lithographic artist, 21 Scott street 


Hendry, John, engineer, 33 Baldovan terrace 

Hendry, John, fireman, 120 Nethergate 

Hendry, John, fireman, 64 Dura street 

Hendry, John M., of Andrew Hendry & Sons, Bryans, Dundee road, 

West Ferry 
Hendry, John R., grocer and spirit merchant, 158 Bi'ook street ; h. The 

Shielin', 36 Princes street, Monifieth 
Hendry, Peter S.,'4 Viewpark cottages, Gardner's lane 
Hendry, Peter W., coffeehouse-keeper, 156 Brook st. ; h. 41 Guthrie st. 
Hendry, Robert, gardener, 12 Forfar road 
Hendry, Stewart B., tailor and clothier, 110 Victoria road 
Hendry, William, joiner, 118 Ann street 
Hendry, Mrs Charles, apartments, 110 Victoria road 
Hendry, Mrs Robert M., 11 Gillburn road, Downfield 
Hendry, Mrs, 262 Perth road 
Hennessy, James, pawnbroker, 6 and 8 Peter street and 17 Meadow 

street (Telephone No. 1496) ; salerooms, 63 Murraygate, 5 and 7 

Peter st., 132 Brook st., 177 Hilltown; h. Eden villa, 83Clepingtonrd 
Hennessy, Mrs, wine and spirit mer., 126 Brook st. ; h. 101 Pitkerro rd 
Henry, Andrew, carting contractor, 59 Trades lane ; stables, Dundonald 

street ; h. The Cottage, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
Henry, A. & S., & Co. , Ltd., manufacturers and merchts., 60 Victoria rd 

(Telephone Nos. 1122, 1123, 1124 ; Telegrams, " Henrys ") 
Henry, David L., Maryfield Laundry, 21 Mains loan (Telephone No. 1893) 
Henry, Geo. M. , assist. Council officer, City chambers ; h. 48 Bell street 
Henry, John J. H., clothier, 1 Aberlemno terrace 
Henry, William, confectioner, 287 Hilltown 
Henry, W. H. , coaldealer, 222 Overgate ; h. 214 

Henry , Mrs J. , dairy keeper, confectioner, 88 Peddie st. ; h. 226 Blackness rd 
Hepburn, Alexander M. , engineer, 28 Baldovan terrace 
Hepburn, Helen P., 44 Ure street 
Hepburn, Thomas, fine etcher, 7 Bonny bank road 
Hepworth, J., & Son, Ltd., clothiers, 94 High street 
Her Majesty's Theatre and Opera House, 7 Seagate ; Robert Arthur 

Theatres Co., Ltd. ; H. W. Ramsay, acting manager (Telephone 

No. 10; Telegrams, "Arthurian") 
Herald, David, butcher, 206 Seagate ; h. 99a Ferry road 
Herald, R. J., clerk, 323 Clepington road 

Herald, Miss A., confectioner, 14 East Dock street ; h. 99a Ferry road 
Herald, Miss, teacher, 26 Forfar road 
Herbert, George, of W. Herbert & Sons, 4 Smith street 
Herbert, J. M., watchmaker, 105b Nethergate 
Herbert, W., & Son, iron and metal merchants, 80 James street 
Herbert, Mrs Archibald, apartments, 105b Nethergate 
Herd, David, postman, 60 Magdalen Yard road 
Herd, George, coal and firewood merchant, 17 Craigie street ; h. 15 
Herd, James, milloverseer, 1 Mountpleasant 

Herd, James F., sorting clerk and telegraphist, 60 Magdalen yard road 
Herd, John, draper and clothier, 3 Barrack street ; h. 2 Park terrace 
Herd, John, fitter, 15 Gibb's lane, Lochee 
Herd, Thomas, of James Watson & Co., Ltd., 8 Cra terrace 



Herd, Wm., stationer & sub-postmaster, 76 Hawkhill; h. 13 Balfour street 

Herman & Bendon, variety agents, 48 Murraygate 

Heron, Alexander, joiner, 9 Roslin terrace 
| Heron, Hugh, factory overseer, 54 Provost road 
i Heron, John, spirit merchant's assistant, 9 Roslin terrace 
! Heron, Thomas, wine and spirit mer., 52 Lily bank rd ; h. 53 Lyon st. 

Heron, William, joiner, 118 Albert street 

Heron, William, bootmaker, 158 Ann street ; h. 159 
, Heron, Miss, 71 Church street, Broughty Ferry 
! Herschel, Richard, 188 Lochee road 
IHibberd, Mrs F. J., Craigielea, 87 Pitkerro road 

Higgins, Mrs, confectioner, 2 Tannadice street 
: High, A. Y., clerk, 10 Baxter Park terrace 

High, David, porter, 2 South George street 

: High, David, funeral director, 121 Victoria rd. (Tele. No. 1577) ; h. 123 
i High, John, dental mechanic, 19 Bain square (Telephone No. 1287) 
I High, John, carter, 28 Charles street 

High, John P., funeral director, 105 Victoria road (Telephone No. 1347) ; 
A. 2 Forebank road 

HIGH, WILLIAM, fishsalesman and auctioneer, steamtug and trawler 
owner, Fish dock (Telephone No. 1192); fish merchant, 9 Wellgate 
(Telephone No. 1190); h. 13 Windsor street (Telephone No. 1070; 
Telegrams, "High") See Adv. p. 76 
,High, William, coal merchant, 22 Dudhope street ; h. 13 
| High, Mrs John, 29 Seymour street 

i Highland Games & Athletic Assoc, Ld., 61 Reform 3t. ; L. Melville, sec. 
! Hill, Alexander, assistant overseer, 29 High street, Lochee 
| Hill, Alex. L. , grocer, wine mer. , 46 Blackness rd. ; h. Dunholm, Perth rd. 

Hill, Alexander S., lithographic artist, 3 Step row 
jj Hill, Charles, dockmaster, Earl Grey Dock ; h. 9 Brown Constable st. 

Hill, Colin, tailor, 14 Forest Park road 
I Hill, Daniel, late butler, 77 Sandeman street 

Hill, David, mechanic, 16 North Ellen street 

Hill, George, tailor, 7 Morgan street 

Hill, George, 1 Dalhousie terrace 

Hill, George, 184 High street, Lochee 

Hill, George F., clerk, 44 Scott street 

Hill, Howard, of Ladywell Cal. Wks. Co. , Moyness, Grove rd. , W. Ferry 

Hill, James, blacksmith, 21 North street 

Hill, James, coal merchant, 50 Crescent lane ; h. 49 Dens road 

Hill, James, clerk, Hartington place, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Hill, Jas. T. , stationmaster, Magdalen green ; h. 2 Speed's ter. , Tait's In. 

Hill, John, milloverseer, 16 Loons road 

Hill, John, horseshoer and blacksmith, 117 Highst., Lochee; h. 63Logiest. 

Hill & M'Gregor, solicitors and property agents, 42 Barrack street 
(Telephone No. 1984) 

Hill, Matthew, tenter, 29 High street, Lochee 

Hill, M. & C, Ltd., spinners, West Dudhope Mill, Anchor lane 

Hill & Penny, flax merchants, 2 Royal Exchange place (Telephone No. 2 ; 
Telegrams, "Rennet") 

Hill, Thomas, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 


Hill, Thomas, joiner and caretaker, 3 Larch street 

Hill, Thomas, housefactor, 1 Urquhart street 

Hill, Thomas, clerk, 18 Muirton road, Lochee 

Hill, William, coal salesman, 9 Erskine street 

Hill, William, driller, 42 Constable street 

Hill, Wm. F., of Hill & M'Gregor, Aftonbank, 434 Strathm. rd., D'field. 

Hill, William F., joiner, 35 Constitution road 

Hill, William L., house and insurance agent, 42 Blackness road ; h. 

Craigmore, 1 Blackness terrace 
Hill, W, Howard, 2 Gibson terrace 

Hill, Mrs James, billiard- saloon keeper, Panmure Hall, 6 Bain square 
Hill, Mrs Martin, 184 High street, Lochee 
Hill, Mrs William B., 486 Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Hill, Mrs, 9 Pitkerro road 

Hill, Miss M. S., Inverlea, 5 Church street, Broughty Ferry 
Hillbank Linen Works, Hillbank rd. ; Jas. Scott & Sons, Ltd., manuf'rs. 
Hillocks, Burton, mason, 8 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 
Hillocks, George, mason, 17 Step row 
Hillocks, Jessie, fishmonger, 146 Hawkhill 

Hillocks, Wyllie, caretaker, Prudential Assur. buildings, 31 Albert sq. 
Hillside Works, 112 & 114 Hilltown ; T. L. Miller & Co., manufacturers 
Hillson Asthma Necklet Co., 16 Wortley pi. ; Jas. L. Cumming, manager 
Hilltown Christian Mission, Lome Hall, 15 Hilltown 
Hilltown Fruit Bazaar, 140 Hilltown 
Hilton, Anderson, & Co., cement manufacturers, Portland house, Lloyd's 

avenue, London, E.G. ; agents, Johnstons Ltd., 29 Dock st. ; 

stores and yard, King William dock 
Himsworth, Thomas, cashier, 420a Strathmartine road, Downfield 
Hinchcliff, William, ship's draughtsman, 13 Arbroath road 
Hinchliffe, James, A.R.C.M., music teacher, organist and choirmaster, 

Willison U.F. Church ; h. 1 Tay square 
Hinchliffe, John, A.R.C.O., organist and choirmaster, St Paul's (South) 

Parish Church ; h. 1 Tay square 
Hinton, Joseph, officer, Catholic Apostolic Church ; h. 25 Bonnybank rd. 
Hinton, William, draper, 3 Gibson terrace 
Hipps, Ltd., tailors, 44 Murraygate ; C. E. G. Taylor, manager 
Hird, Alex. P., commission agent, 4 Ryehill lane ; h. 40 Union street 
Hird, John, painter, 3 Church street 
Hird, Mrs Henry S., 3 Rustic place 
Hirst, Samuel C. , teacher of music, 11 South Tay street 
Hoare, Marr, & Co., merchants, exporters, and manufacturers, 14 Victoria 

chambers (Telephone Nos. 498 and 499 ; Telegrams, "Hormar"); 

and 26 and 27 Budge row, Cannon street, London, E.C. 
Hobin, Mrs John, grocer, 21 , 23 Wilson st. , Lochee ; h. 1 Park pi. , Ancrum rd. 
Hobin, Miss, teacher, St Mary's Infant School, St Mary's lane, Lochee 
Hobson, Henry, moulder, 41 Loons road, Lochee 
Hobson, Wright, wine and spirit merchant, 79 and 81 King street, 

Broughty Ferry ; h. 3 Lawrence street, B.F. 
Hodge, Alexander, stationer and tobacconist, 33 Constitution rd. ; h. 69 
Hodge, Alexander M., painter, 28 Raglan street 
Hodge, Charles K., watchmaker, jeweller, 2c King st.; h. 31 Park ave. 


Hodge, David, joiner, 188 High street, Lochee ; h. 184 

Hodge, E. , grocer, 200 High street, Lochee 

Hodge, John, chemist and druggist, 249 Overgate ; h. 48 South Tay street 

Hodge, John, enginedriver, 17 Forest Park road 

Hodgkinson, F. A., & Co., general shipping, insurance, and forwarding 
agents, 2 Commercial st. (Telephone No. 450; Telegrams, "Lanac") 

Hoepfner, P. , dist. superintend'^ Pearl Assurance Co. ; h. 44 Cleghorn st. 

Hogan, John, tobacconist, 50 Murraygate ; h. 13 Strawberrybank 

Hogarth, Miss Annie, 183 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 

Hogg, Caroline, 436 Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Hogg, George, Edenbain place, King street, Broughty Ferry 

Hogg, James, commercial traveller, 420a Strathmartine road, Downfield 

Hogg, James, foreman plumber, 2 Rosefield street 

Hogg, James, 4 Gardner's lane 

Hogg, James, shipkeeper, H.M.S. Unicorn ; h. 63 Lochee road 

Hogg, William, brassfinisher, 3 Watt street 

Hogg, William Bell, slater, Union cottage, 26 Union street, Broughty 
Ferry (Telephone No. B.F. 186) 

Hogg, W. Edward, of Johnstone & Hogg, 33 Bonnj'gate, Cupar Fife 

Hogg, Mrs Alfred, grocer and wine mercht. , 63 Seagate ; h. 8 Park place 

Hogg, Mrs William, 210 Strathmartine road 

Hogg, Mrs, 22 Airlie place 

Hogg, Mrs, stationer, 34 Lilybank road 

Holburn, Hugh P., math, master, Harris Academy ; h. 10 Aberlemno ter. 

Holder, Right Rev. Monsignor, Provost, St Joseph's R.C. Church ; 
h. 42 Wilkie's lane (Telephone No. 1955 ; Telegrams "Holder") 

Hollis, C. A. J., music teacher, 105a Nethergate 

Hollis, Edward, plumber, 68 St Andrew's street 
! Hollis, John, customs official, 105b Nethergate 

I Holman, William, gardener, Tarvit cottage, Long lane, Broughty Ferry 
; Holmes, John P., letterpress foreman, 165 Strathmartine road 
| Holmes, Mrs, 2 Richmond terrace 
! Home and Colonial Stores, Ltd., The, tea and provision mers., 7 Wellgate 

: Homelight Oil Co., Ltd., producers and distributors of Homelight 
Petroleum; local depdt, George Will, Ltd., 18 Candle lane (Tele- 
phone No. 65; Telegrams, "Homelight") 

Home Weekly, Courier pi., Albert sq. ; D. C. Thomson & Co., Ld.,proprs. 

Honeyman, John F., compositor, 151 Lochee road 

Honeyman, Robert, moulder, 52 Ure street 

, Honeyman, Misses B. & J., grocers, 310 Hawkhill 

, Hood, Alexander, spiritdealer's assistant, 3 Pitfour street 

jHood, Alexander, jun., porter, 3 Pitfour street 

IHood, A., ship's officer, 15 Castle terrace, Esplanade, Broughty Ferry 

Hood, Daniel, wine merchant's assistant, 35 Victoria street 

Hood, David, barman, 47 Erskine street 

IHood, James, tailor, 5 Bruce street 

'Hood, James, packer, 4 Annfield street 

Hood, James, commercial traveller, 16 Rosefield street 

Hood, James, brush manuf., 30 and 32 Barrack st. ; h. 27 Perth road 

Hood, James S., of James S. Hood & Co., One Ash, Camphill road, 
Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. 190) 


Hood, James S., of Smith, Hood, &Co., Ltd., Lynwood, 1 Camperdown 

road, Downfield (Telephone No. D.l) 
Hood, James S., & Co., coal merchants and colliery agents, 18 Yeaman 

shore (Telephone No. 551), and Mary field Station (Telephone No. 

39y) ; 181 Brook street, Broughty Ferry (Telephone No. 190) ; and 

Station road, Carnoustie 
Hood, John, naturalist, 20 Mid street 
Hood, Robert, lorryman, 2 Erskine street 
Hood, William, coal merchant, 48 Union street ; h. 11 Norwood, 

East Newport (Telephone No. N. 5) 
Hood, William, brassfinisher, 14 Wilkie's lane 
Hood, Mrs James, Summerlea, 3 Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
Hood, Mrs William, 2 Gladstone place, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Hooper, L. C, civil servant, 31 Bank st. ; h. 11 Castle ter., Bro'ty Ferry 
Hopkins, William, tenter, 3 Gibb's lane, Lochee